oh i should have posted this earlier but i forgot

let us not forget that enjolras is human

this guy is twenty-two years old and is completely willing (eager, even) to sacrifice his life for the liberation of an entire country’s people

he understands the inner-workings of the french government better than the majority of the members of the government do

he manages to keep a group of rowdy twenty-somethings in line: he may become exasperated with them but he does not give up; he spends a very large amount of his extremely valuable time searching for their redeeming and useful qualities and tries to place them in areas where they will prosper; he is always weighing the options of what is best for the amis, the people of france, and the revolution as a whole, and (just as anna has pointed out recently) continually exhibits an inordinate amount of patience with regard to the amis and should be admired for how much shit he puts up with (especially from grantaire), not vilified.

i am still amazed at how much criticism is thrown at enjolras, especially when it comes to him being blamed for the amis’ deaths or depicting him as some sort of unfeeling monster who treats all of the boys like shit. enjolras is one of the most admirable, selfless, thorough, and dedicated characters within the entire story.

cut him some slack.