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Hi. Can I please request that you have a nice weekend? Full with good things and wishing that you're well? Btw, thanks for the amazing blog. I always have a lot of fun reading it, really love it.

Oh, thank you!! I actually can’t remember my weekend so far? Maybe it was cause I slept all day? I think I’m going to the cinemas tomorrow though so that’ll be *hopefully* good!!

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06: What he likes about your flat.

This one isn’t v good but i have nothing to write. - on that note requests are open.


Dan likes the aesthetic, the fact everything goes together. He likes the fact it’s tidy and loves your sofa. He loves it’s squishiness you sink at least a foot deep when in browsing mode. When you cuddle with him there was a high chance you’d fall asleep the sofa had a cold a comforting feel about it. He liked the way you always felt welcomed and he always felt at home.

One day when you were out he secretly snuck in to then decorate one of your office walls with pictures of him, you and Phil. Little trinkets and memories covered the wall, he even remembered the cinema tickets from your first date and put them up too.

You returned to your flat to see Dan guiltily standing in your kitchen.

“Dan what are you doing in my flat is something wrong?”

“Oh no nothing’s wrong Y/N. I just brung you a surprise.” He smiled clearly showing dimples.

“Oh okay.” You smiled walking into the office to hang up your jacket before you were shocked as your gaze was drawn to the surprising decor. Photos, memories and little things scatter the wall, Dan had spent hours, he was always very beautifully creative and this was evident of that.

“Surprise. What do you think Y/N?”

“I think that there are no words to explain how much this means to me.” Dan looked at his feet blushing at the compliment.

You stood still staring at the wall for minute before Dan’s arms draped over your shoulders pulling you back into his chest. You smiled at him, you loved it whenever he’d surprise you, this one was especially your favourite.


You were allowed animals in your flat.

Sometimes you doubted that Phil only loved you for the hamster that lived in your flat, but that wasn’t the case.

You can remember the first time Phil visited your London home.

You sat on the sofa one day just waiting for something to happen before your phone buzzed snapping you out of a daydream. You answered it.

“Hey y/n it’s me Phil.”

“Well thanks for telling me because caller ID thought you were Leonardo Dicaprio.”

“Haha, so I was wondering if I could come and hang around at your house because Dan’s on holiday, please?” You could hear how nervous he was.

“Yes of course you can, Phil, you can come around whenever you want.” You smiled down the line, you could almost picture him smiling and blushing with embarrassment.

Not much later you heard a knock at the door. It was Phil, you opened the door to then spend the next forty minutes wondering your apartment. He particularly loved the hamster, but he liked your things too. He made himself feel very at home, it warmed you knowing he was comfortable in your flat, soon the one you shared, you, Phil and the hamster.