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Attempted painting a Hidari-style Alfonse

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28 “Keep your eyes on me.” - for ichiruki

“Eyes on me, Rukia,” he says, and he lifts himself onto his palms. He looks down at her - her head thrown back and eyes closed as he moves within her. 

She arches beneath him, and Ichigo spares a glance down the length of her body, eyes catching on how her breasts quiver as she breathes, how the tension in her core makes her stomach muscles jump and then down to where they are joined, before he looks back up at her face again. Colour rides high on her cheeks, and she’s biting her lip almost bloodless. 

“Rukia,” he says again, and she opens her eyes and meets his gaze. Violet framed by sooty lashes, lit by her internal moonlight and heated by the embers at her core - the embers he is stroking into a conflagration with every thrust. Ichigo wants to lose himself in those depths, wants to drop forward and fall in, and let her catch him, let her hold him, let her shatter him. 

Rukia’s hand slides from her shoulder to his face, and she cups his jaw. Like this, it’s almost like a feedback loop, like he’s developed touch telepathy in the last 0.5 seconds, because all of a sudden everything turns up to eleven and his nerves sing with pleasure that sinks and coils into a heated pool at the base of his spine. He groans, and nearly breaks her gaze, but something in her eyes dares him to keep holding on. 

Rukia’s nails are clawed into his shoulders while Ichigo’s hips roll into hers, the slick slide of their bodies together the only sound in the room. He can feel her getting close in the telltale tremble in her thighs and see it in the arch of her spine. Rukia’s eyes flutter shut again, and Ichigo shifts his weight onto one hand so he can reach up to trace the line of her jaw. 

Look at me,” he husks, “don’t close your eyes.” She nods, eyes once more locked with his and Ichigo snaps his hips forward, driving her up the bed.

“Again,” she pleads, lifting her hips to meet his, “again.” Her eyes never leave his and Ichigo watches as they dilate and haze, watches as she struggles to keep them open when they want to flutter shut, watches as they widen when she comes. She goes taut as a bowstring under him. His name shatters on her lips, and Ichigo is swept up in the tide of her pleasure.  

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Against the Odds

Inspired by this photoset and the fact that I spent half my morning writing about baby clothes. Just a short AU for “Per Manum”. 

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“It didn’t take, did it?”

Mulder has spent hours trying to come up with the right words for each outcome. He walked through her kitchen as if taking inventory. As if the fact that she owned three sizes of coffee cups meant anything at all, made any kind of difference. The last hour he spent here, on her couch. A familiar spot. The lumps and indentions fitting his body perfectly as if he belonged there. So he stayed. Stayed and let his thoughts run wild. There were only two outcomes. Two. It’s either one or the other; success or failure. Whatever news she carried with her, though, he knew he needed to be prepared. He fell asleep halfway through thinking up his speech for when it didn’t take. He didn’t even get the chance to consider the idea that it might have worked. Still, Mulder dreamed of blue-eyed babies with auburn hair that laughingly called him daddy when he heard the click of the door, the rattle of the lock.

He’s barely awake, his thoughts trying to cling to the child in his dreams. It waves, runs away. Mulder gets up, tries to put on a smile. His heart beats far too quickly, but he knows he can’t get his hopes up. Hopes that shatter the moment his eyes find Scully’s. Tears. It’s all he sees. It’s all he can think about.

“It didn’t take, did it?” He’s never wanted to be wrong this badly. Tell me I’m wrong, Scully. Tell me, tell me, tell me. He blinks, hopes there are no tears. Not yet. This is about her. This was her dream first. Scully sniffs once, glances at him. All the words he came up with earlier, right before he fell asleep, they’re gone. Vanished like the little blue-eyed child.

“It worked.” So lost in his own disappointment, in his quest to find the right words to comfort her, he doesn’t hear it at first.


“It did take, Mulder. I’m pregnant.” The tears remain, but her lips curl upwards. She’s not crying because she’s sad. She’s crying because she’s happy. She is pregnant. There’s a child growing inside her, part her and part him. The words register slowly in his brain. The child runs back to him, giggles, calls him a silly daddy and he grins at Scully. He didn’t have time to come up with anything to say if it did take. There is nothing to say. Who is able to put joy into words, anyway? Instead he engulfs her in his arms and she squeaks; a sound he’s never heard before and that he instantly falls in love with. He holds her so tightly against him that there’s no telling where she ends, where he begins. Her tears dry against his neck, against his shirt and she clings to him just as desperately.

“There are still so many things that could go wrong, Mulder-” As much as he doesn’t want to, he loosens his grip on her so he can look into her eyes.

“We already beat the odds, Scully. We already beat them.”

“We?” The word doesn’t materialize, remains silently waiting on her lips. Mulder doesn’t repeat it, decides to make her understand in a new way, a better way. He kisses her. Takes the question from her mouth and turns it into an answer.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” he reluctantly lets go of her lips and nearly forgets again when he sees her mouth still half open, waiting, glistening with want and need, “I, uhm, have something for you.” He lets go of her to run over to his coat. He searches through it; how it fit inside his coat pocket at all is a mystery to him. The tiny plastic bag rustles and he smiles.

“This is for you. Well, for the baby.”

“Mulder, what if…”

“Nothing is going to go wrong, Scully.” He assures her, but she’s his Scully. She wants to see it, wants to look inside the bag, but she’s skeptical, and scared. Mulder, the grin on his face a permanent fixture, reaches inside and takes out a small piece of clothing.

“Oh my god.” Scully whispers when she sees what it is.

“I had to buy it. I didn’t know – I mean I hoped. I don’t know what I would have done with it had it not… but look, Scully.” Mulder hands her the tiny baby garment. Scully touches it as if it were made out of glass, ready to break any second. He watches as her finger follows the contours of the comic UFO that takes up half the front.

“Mulder.” She whispers, laughs. At least he hopes it’s a laugh.

“I knew he had to have it.”


“Or she. I know any child of ours will make up their own mind, but look,” Mulder voice is full of excitement,“ ‘I believe’”, he reads from the baby onesie, “'you’re my favorite human’. I know your – our - child will love you more than anyone else in the world, Scully. And I… well, I share the sentiment.” Scully lifts her head and there is the same look again. The one he misinterpreted earlier. He will never make that mistake again. This time it’s her who closes the distance between them, decides that they no longer need words. They hold on to each other and the small onesie between them, ready for the future.

I Miss You

Anon request: Hello lovely! Can I just say how much I loved closer?? Can you do an imagine where it’s the summer holidays and Draco and reader write letters to each other? :) preferably the letters are really fluffy, thanks so much!!!

Of course Anon, I have tried my best :) ALSO - before anyone reads, I’m considering writing a part 2 because it is quite short, so holla at this post if that’s something you’d like, and I’ll add it to my list of things to do :)

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Babysitting & T-Shirts

Author’s Note: Y’all don’t know how hard it is for me to write Jonathan because my go to ST character is Steve. Like wowza. Anyways, like always, I hope you like it!!!  Also, I wrote in first person for a change.

Prompt: 57-“Is that my shirt?”  65-“ Did you do something different with your hair?” 36-“I’m so in love with you.”

Paring: Jonathan Byers x Reader

Word Count: 1208

Warnings: probably just cussing

The wind started picking up, blowing my hair across my face as I made my way up the Wheeler’s driveway. Pulling my black coat tighter around my chest, I  knocked on the door wishing Nancy would hurry up and let me in. Damn, it was freezing tonight. Whatever, I just needed to get inside and out of this cold. I’d warm up in no time if tonight’s babysitting gig is like the last one, which went a little like me chasing Dustin and Lucas around the house as they tried keeping the “final roll” dice from Mike.  God, I wished Nance didn’t have a date with Steve that night, I really needed an extra hand.

The door swung open pulling me from my thoughts, Mike’s face falling when he realized I wasn’t one of the party.

“Oh, come on in y/n. Nancy’s upstairs if you wanna let her know you’re here.” the young boy shut the door behind me as I started for the stairs.

“Mike! Lock the door before you head back to the living room!” I called out over my shoulder, running up the stairs to Nancy’s room.

“Hey Nance!” I announce my arrival, plopping down at the foot of her bed.

“Hey! Hope you don’t mind, I invited Jonathan over too, to help with the kids.” She kept her focus on the history book in front of her, “Steve told me that Dustin told him that Will was getting a little distant again and I figured he might feel more comfortable ya know? With his brother here and all.”

“Aw man, sucks that he’s getting like that again.. But yeah good call. But dammit Nance you should’ve given me a heads up! Now he’s gonna see me all-”

“Woah! Did you do something different with your hair?! I mean obviously you did, but what did you do?” her eyes nearly shot out of her head as she eyed my new hairdo. I nearly forgot I even got it done.

“Oh uhh yeah. I went for my hair trim today and my stylist, you know Jen. Well anyways, she wanted to try out this new coloring thing she had so I let her at it. It’s not too bad right? Oh god, I hope Jonathan doesn’t think it’s bad.” I rambled on and on about Jonathan so much I’m surprised Nance hasn’t snapped yet. I guess it’s because she knows I listen to her rant about Steve, so we’re practically even.

“Would you cut it out?,” She groans, rising from the bed as we heard voices coming from downstairs signaling more of the kids just arrived. “I swear y/n, you can’t see it but he likes you too. Hell, he probably loves you just as much as you love him. You’re both just too blind to see it.”

She leaves through the door before I even had a chance to process what she just said. There’s no way Jonathan likes, let alone loves, me back. Ugh, this is all too much. I just want to babysit a bunch of twerps playing D&D and get paid.

By the time I got downstairs the whole gang was here and already had their games set up and running. Jonathan was with Nancy in the kitchen so I decided that’s where I should go.

“Hey y/n!” Jonathan smiles as I walk over to him.

“Hey.” I smile back, shifting my gaze to Nancy who was currently looking between Jonathan and I, raising an eyebrow at me.

I roll my eyes and make my way back to the living room to hang my coat, I hadn’t even realized I was still wearing it. Jonathan and Nancy followed suit and took seats on the empty couches.

“I rolled a three! That means I’m safe!” Max shouted, oh god here we go…

“No! That means yo-”

“Lucas told me it means I’m safe! You can’t just go changing the rules Mike!”

I can’t help but shake my head at their bickering. Those two will be the end of me. Turning back around I decide to interject my own opinion.

“From the looks of it, seems to me that Lucas is the one who was actually in the wrong here.” I raise my brow at Lucas, who’s now being stared down by both Mike and Max. “But! Who actually cares since this round doesn’t count. So shut it.”

“How does she know it doesn’t count?” Will asked, brows furrowed together in confusion.

“Oh I told her. Yeah, she pays attention more than you guys think. I think it’s kind of cool.” Dustin sends you a wide grin, “But she’s right. It doesn’t count do can you dipshits stop yelling and just continue the game?”

Walking past their game, I take a seat next to a wide eyed Jonathan.

“Wow, you really know how to take charge with them, huh?” He questions, laying back into the couch.

“Yeah I guess. I don’t know, they’re all great kids. They just need a firm authoritative figure when things get a bit shouty.” I laugh, turning to see his brows furrowed in confusion. With this expression, him and Will look so alike.

“Is that my shirt?” He points to The Clash t-shirt I was wearing.

“Oh yeah, I think so. I was spilt cherry soda on myself the other day when I was watching the kid’s and Will gave me it to wear.” I felt the blood rush to my face, embarrassment making it’s way in, “Sorry, I probably should’ve given back by now. It’s just super comfortable and one of my favorite now.”

I tried to laugh it off as Jonathan joined me.

“It’s cool. Looks nicer on you than it did on me. You should keep it,” his hand settled on my arm. “I wasn’t sure if you listened to The Crash or if it was mine.”

“Oh don’t let this fool you. I love The Crash so I really lucked out with this one.”

Despite me thinking it was impossible, Jonathan’s smile grew even wider, “God I’m so in love with you.”

The moment those words left his lips my eyes shot wide open and my mouth hung agape. Registering what he just said, Jonathan slaps a hand over his mouth, his eyes shooting as wide as mine.

“Oh my.. Y/N, I’m sorry I don’t know why I-”

“I think I love you too Jonathan.” Cutting him off, I took his hand in mine and laid it on my lap.

“Y/N, you don’t have to say that just because I said it.”


“Wait, y/n and Jonathan are in love?!” Max’s voice cut off the current arguing about who’s owlbear was better. Suddenly all eyes were on you two, your hands still intertwined on your lap.

Clearing his throat, Jonathan spoke up. “Uhh, yeah I guess we are.” He let out a breathy laugh, turning towards you then back to the group.

“Well, I’m just glad you guys finally picked up on it.” Will stated, turning back to the cards in his hand.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go 3

A.N. - Hi guys, I would like to let you know this is the last update of 2017. My health has not been great the last few weeks and my writing has slipped. I write a few chapters ahead so I knew it would get posted but I am struggling to finish the latest chapter. Calling it writer’s block is the easiest solution. I am planning on taking a few weeks off to catch up on my writing and also allowing my body to heal from the latest flare-up.

This applies to all my fanfics as well. But there is a Dacre/OFC and a Power Rangers Jason Scott/OFC coming up in the new year.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year.

Love Z xx

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Hawkins, Indiana - January 5th, 1985

Song = Warrant - Cherry Pie

Billy Hargrove


The morning sun came through the window and stung my eyes. My body hurt after the beating it took last night. I know I had a cut on my cheekbone and a bruise on my jaw they were hard to hide but the worse was my ribs. When he had knocked me down last night I struggled to get up so he kicked me in the chest. I could breathe still and I didn’t think anything was broken. I grabbed some Advil from my secret hiding place. If he found it he would take it away claiming that I deserved to be in pain.

I tried to do some more work to take my mind off the pain, I had slept quite late and only had an hour to kill before I’d leave for the diner. I checked the house but it was empty so I grabbed a quick shower which helped soothe my muscles. Shrugging on my denim jacket, I managed to leave the house while everyone was still out.

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things i am looking forward to seeing a n i ma t ed


-everyone getting a healthy dose of Character Development

-todoroki’s small ‘Midoriya, thank you” in chapter 40

-Ojiro’s tail frantically wagging

-Shinsou vs midoriya

-the finger flick in the shinsou v midoriya match

-Endeavour getting wrecked

-todoroki’s highkey worried faces for midoriya




-bakugo acknowledging uraraka

-izuku’s fucked up right hand after his match with todoroki

-tetsutetsu and kirishima’s match

-tetsutetsu and kirishima’s arm wrestling match

-basically the whole fucking manga amirite

-this f u c k i ng  sc en e:


-oh my god i nearly forgot about this scene:


…and more

Sub! Seungcheol!!!

Sub! Seungcheol

* u guys really like this

* so most of y'all see him as a dom

* but he’s really a switch

* he wants to be dominated

* so he really likes being teased in public

* Imagine this w/ me ok

* Your at the dorm watching a movie w/ the members

* so clichè i kNOW

* you slip your hand under the blanket that magically appeared

* And brush your hand over his bulge

* He shudders and gives you a pleading look

* You quickly make an excuse saying your feeling sick

* Seungcheol says he’ll drive you

* The members know he’s gonna get y'all gonna have sex

* Idk where I was going w/ that
* But he LOVES to be tied up and teased

* Stroke his cock until he’s about to cum, then pull away

* The feeling of being so hopeless and on the edge makes him harder

* oh wait



* that looks like a mind fuck omg

* ok but Imagine this

* Seungcheol moaning out your name as he cums in your mouth

* His eyes squeezed shut in pleasure

* But snapping open when you begin to lick his tip

* He would begin whining and moaning for you to stop, that’s it’s to much

* continue, he wants you to

* His thrown back, teeth gritted as he tries to hold in his moans and cries

* “Let me hear your moans baby”

* With that he’d let out the most harmonious moans and whines

* He would strain against the constraints

* He’s a very obedient sub. He wouldn’t misbehave often

* But when he did

* Ohhhh the punishment he got

* You would edge him over and over until he was in tears, begging you to let him cum, his cock painfully hard in your hands


* woah it’s getting hot in here

* He likes the vibrating ones ;)

* Imagine this

* You slipping it onto him, he begins to thrash against his restraints

* The pleasure unbearable after being denied orgasm

* He’d thrust his hips up trying to get some more simulation from you

* He’d be begging you to take it off and just fuck him

* and being a good mistress you agree

* You slip it off of him and before he can register it, he’s already inside of you

* He throws his head back, begging for you to move

* As you begin bouncing he lets out short, yet loud screams of pleasure

* As you both reach your orgasms, he screams out your name in complete pleasure

* you roll off of him and lay next to him panting

* He nudges you with his leg
* “babe u still gotta untie me”

* and u look at him before registering his words and ur like

* “oh shit sorry, why are these so damn tight?”

* “Y/N you tied them”

* fucking smartass

* u kinda glare at him before u untie his restraints

* he rolls over and begins to cuddle u bc he’s tired and just wants to sleep

* damn

* i need to take a shower to wash away the sin

* maybe go to church

* so hot in here wow

* Well Seungcheol as a sub has fucked me over

* damn

~ Admin Cutie


Gilly: Otter, can I come in?
Otter: Sure…
Gilly: What’re you watching?
Otter: Just finishing the movie Mel and I were watching. She fell asleep halfway through so I moved her to the bed where she’d be more comfortable. I figured you’d be going out tonight anyway. Did you want something?
Gilly: No. No more working late. No more partying. I don’t … I want to be there more for Mellow, I just … how do I do that? How do I make her … not hate me?
Otter: She doesn’t hate you. It’s not rocket science Gilly, you just be there for her. Put her first, even before work. She’s almost a teenager, it’s a rough time for her right now.
Gilly: Right, I’ll definitely try to do that. No, I will do that.
Otter: I’m glad to hear that. Listen, if you’re really serious about this, you could always do something with us for her birthday. Becoming a teenager is kind of a big deal apparently.
Gilly: Her birthday? Oh my god it’s nearly her birthday! I completely forgot! Oh god, I’m such a bad mother! I forget her birthday!
Otter: Calm down. You’re not a bad mother, you’re just … you’ve been focused on the wrong things. But you can fix that; start with her birthday and go from there. Baby steps.
Gilly: Ok … ok. I know! I can throw a party for her and all her friends! She’ll love that!
Otter: Uh, maybe something a little less social? Mellow is … she doesn’t have many friends.
Gilly: What? She doesn’t? *groans* Oh god, see I didn’t even know that! Why doesn’t she have a lot of friends, is there … something wrong with her?
Otter: Of course not! There’s nothing wrong with her at all Gilly, she’s just not interested in a lot of the things most little girls are interested in. She likes science, and space, and working with her hands; things like that. She has no interest in talking about boys, or shopping for clothes or anything other little girls like.
Gilly: Alright then … birthday … something small. Just the three of us maybe? Ok I’ll … I’ll figure something out.
Otter: Sounds like a plan. Wanna finish watching the movie with me?
Gilly: *smiles* Yeh, I’d like that.


OH I nearly forgot to post this up!!! This was for my storyboarding final which needed to use AE (I’m vERY new at it but I learned a lot)!! We record our Masks sessions so I thought I’d use a tiny clip of it to make this one. The voice in this one is our fantastic GM, Jason!! 

More (Agila) Gravy here!

Some fave frames (featuring the other good Diamond Boys Marshall, Neffy, and Spencer who belong to @a-little-short-for-rebel-scum, @myselfsquared and @cocksilver in order of appearance!):

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for that big list of aus do you think you could combine 10.iv and 10.v with reddie ???? with Eddie being the one obsessed with Christmas and snow bc it just sounds adorable okay and your writing is amazing

You are too kind. This ended up really long, my bad.

Richie watched the snow fall from his seat, the white clumps gathering at the base of the window before flying off back into the abyss. A smile curled at the corner of his lips, he loved snow, probably more than any of his friends. It had a purity to it, a sense that their sins would wash away with the new blanket of fluff. He preferred it around Christmas, but he would settle for its early arrival.

“Okay you got Bill’s new roommate’s name down right? You aren’t going to embarrass me right?” Stan asked flatly from beside him. Anyone who gave him a second look would think that the boy was 60 rather than 23. He wore pressed pants, a cardigan, and carried a sense of arrogance that only people with years of experience in life have. Not to mention his granny reading glasses and Sunday newspaper that he insisted on bringing along with them for their trip. They were complete opposites. Richie had more of a punk rock vibe, choosing torn jeans over pressed ones and a leather jacket over a cardigan anyday. How they ended up best friends was beyond them.

“Yeah, yeah. Eddie. I got it the first time you told me.” He replied, huffing in annoyance. “Doesn’t he have his own family to be with for Thanksgiving? That place is already going to be crowded with Mike’s new girl coming.”

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  • Liechtenstein: Iceland, it’s nice to see you today~
  • Iceland: L-L-Liechtenstein! U-um, it’s nice to see you too… um.
  • Liechtenstein: ah, it’s Mister Puffin~ He looks super cute today~ Oh, I nearly forgot to ask, but are you coming to the meeting?
  • Iceland: um… I don’t think so…
  • Liechtenstein: hmm?
  • Iceland: there’s really no point for me to go. I mean, if I’m hardly on the European map, then I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t notice me not being there anyways-
  • Liechtenstein: Iceland, don’t say that! You’re a wonderful country; fun and friendly! It’s a mystery why they wouldn’t notice your wonderful presence~ oh, I know, why don’t we sit next to each other this time? And if the others do their usual loud ranting, we can do our own little rant together- Iceland?? Why are you steaming red? Are you okay??
  • Iceland: u-u-u-u-u-u-
  • Mr Puffin: ya probably broke him.