oh i nearly forgot

Attempted painting a Hidari-style Alfonse

things i am looking forward to seeing a n i ma t ed


-everyone getting a healthy dose of Character Development

-todoroki’s small ‘Midoriya, thank you” in chapter 40

-Ojiro’s tail frantically wagging

-Shinsou vs midoriya

-the finger flick in the shinsou v midoriya match

-Endeavour getting wrecked

-todoroki’s highkey worried faces for midoriya




-bakugo acknowledging uraraka

-izuku’s fucked up right hand after his match with todoroki

-tetsutetsu and kirishima’s match

-tetsutetsu and kirishima’s arm wrestling match

-basically the whole fucking manga amirite

-this f u c k i ng  sc en e:


-oh my god i nearly forgot about this scene:


…and more


Sub! Seungcheol!!!

Sub! Seungcheol

* u guys really like this

* so most of y'all see him as a dom

* but he’s really a switch

* he wants to be dominated

* so he really likes being teased in public

* Imagine this w/ me ok

* Your at the dorm watching a movie w/ the members

* so clichè i kNOW

* you slip your hand under the blanket that magically appeared

* And brush your hand over his bulge

* He shudders and gives you a pleading look

* You quickly make an excuse saying your feeling sick

* Seungcheol says he’ll drive you

* The members know he’s gonna get y'all gonna have sex

* Idk where I was going w/ that
* But he LOVES to be tied up and teased

* Stroke his cock until he’s about to cum, then pull away

* The feeling of being so hopeless and on the edge makes him harder

* oh wait



* that looks like a mind fuck omg

* ok but Imagine this

* Seungcheol moaning out your name as he cums in your mouth

* His eyes squeezed shut in pleasure

* But snapping open when you begin to lick his tip

* He would begin whining and moaning for you to stop, that’s it’s to much

* continue, he wants you to

* His thrown back, teeth gritted as he tries to hold in his moans and cries

* “Let me hear your moans baby”

* With that he’d let out the most harmonious moans and whines

* He would strain against the constraints

* He’s a very obedient sub. He wouldn’t misbehave often

* But when he did

* Ohhhh the punishment he got

* You would edge him over and over until he was in tears, begging you to let him cum, his cock painfully hard in your hands


* woah it’s getting hot in here

* He likes the vibrating ones ;)

* Imagine this

* You slipping it onto him, he begins to thrash against his restraints

* The pleasure unbearable after being denied orgasm

* He’d thrust his hips up trying to get some more simulation from you

* He’d be begging you to take it off and just fuck him

* and being a good mistress you agree

* You slip it off of him and before he can register it, he’s already inside of you

* He throws his head back, begging for you to move

* As you begin bouncing he lets out short, yet loud screams of pleasure

* As you both reach your orgasms, he screams out your name in complete pleasure

* you roll off of him and lay next to him panting

* He nudges you with his leg
* “babe u still gotta untie me”

* and u look at him before registering his words and ur like

* “oh shit sorry, why are these so damn tight?”

* “Y/N you tied them”

* fucking smartass

* u kinda glare at him before u untie his restraints

* he rolls over and begins to cuddle u bc he’s tired and just wants to sleep

* damn

* i need to take a shower to wash away the sin

* maybe go to church

* so hot in here wow

* Well Seungcheol as a sub has fucked me over

* damn

~ Admin Cutie

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Oh and I nearly forgot, my good friend Sam nearly burnt down the Home Ec building with her sweet and sour pork. Basically put oil on stove, got distracted by teacher and nek minnit VOOMPH whole thing has gone up in flames. Teacher grabs fire blanket and throws it on flames only for it to melt.... luckily the South African janitor was walking past and saved the day. I still have her recipe sheet to this day, splattered in oil and singed. I really should have it framed...

Treasure it like a trophy

I Miss You

Anon request: Hello lovely! Can I just say how much I loved closer?? Can you do an imagine where it’s the summer holidays and Draco and reader write letters to each other? :) preferably the letters are really fluffy, thanks so much!!!

Of course Anon, I have tried my best :) ALSO - before anyone reads, I’m considering writing a part 2 because it is quite short, so holla at this post if that’s something you’d like, and I’ll add it to my list of things to do :)

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Attached (Newt Scamader)

Warnings: None

Newt was back on the streets of London. After resting quite a bit and trying to lay low in case news of his adventures in America caught up to him, he was back doing what he did best - chasing his Niffler pell-mell through the streets of London in the dead of night.

He was trying to remain inconspicuous, but the looks that the few muggles on the streets were shooting at him was telling him that wasn’t possible. So he picked up the pace, whistling and calling out. 

“Come on,” he whispered to himself, “you’ve got to be around here somewhere.”

He crouched down when he saw something shiny on the ground. It was a coin, beyond which were a few more coins scattered about in a sort of trail. Excited, he sprinted around the corner, his eyes lit up and coat billowing behind him. 

“There you are, you little - oomph!”

He’d crashed into something, falling to the ground on top of something soft. His case was knocked out of his hands, his coat flew up over his head, and he grabbed whatever it was in front of him as tight as he could. When he opened his eyes, they were met by another’s. They weren’t a spectacularly unique color or anything, but they held a soft sparkle that, when illuminated by the nearby shop’s light, seemed to look like starlight. 

“Oh, I- I’m so- so sorry!” He exclaimed, jumping off of the woman he’d landed on and offering a hand out to her. 

“I-I’m Newt. Newt Scamander.”

She took his hand, letting him help her up off of the pavement. After brushing herself off, she smiled up at him. 

“Hello Newt, Newt Scamader. I’m Y/n.”

Newt smiled a small, crooked grin as he looked into her eyes. He watched as she leaned down to retrieve something. 

She held his case, her brow furrowing as she read the words ‘muggle worthy’ imprinted on a keyhole near one of the latches. She nearly gasped in realization. He was a wizard. She smiled to herself.

“Your case, Mr. Scamader?” She held it out for him to take. 

“Please, call me Newt.” He took the case, inspecting the latches before holding it by his side.

He smiled at her again, the same lopsided grin and sparkling eyes taking her breath away, before he snapped out of whatever daze she’d put him in and leaped away. 

“Oh! Oh my- I nearly forgot!” He mumbled to himself. He turned to the woman once again. 

“I lost my- my d-dog. He’s s-small, resembles a - a platypus? Of sorts, and- and - well, have you seen a dog around here?” Newt managed to stutter out. 

The woman laughed a bell-like laugh. 

“A dog that resembles a platypus? Why no, I can’t say I have.”

Newt began to turn away. 

“Oh. Well, thank you, and I’m so so sorry, again, for bumping into you, and I-″

She cut him off. 

“I am, however, looking for a Niffler that stole my bracelet. Perhaps he’s yours?”

Newt stood, mouth open and eyes wide. 

“I have a few of my own as well,” She smiled at him, They’re obnoxious, aren’t they? I’d put a location spell on yours, if I were you. He’s a tricky one.”

“I-I would, if - if he’d be in one p-place long enough for me to c-cast one.” He responded, a confused and shocked look still on his face. 

“What, never seen a female wizard before?” She asked, her eyes sparkling with humor.

“I-I-” Newt stuttered.

“Well come on then!” She called, grabbing Newt’s wrist and pulling him along behind her. 

“We’ve got a Niffler to catch!”


Newt opened the door to his flat, exhausting the last ounce of his energy trying to pull his keys from his pocket. Realizing he’d probably left them inside, he glanced around before taking out his wand. 

“Alohomora” he whispered. 

The door swung open, allowing him to stumble tiredly inside, before shutting the door closed and nearly collapsing against it.

He flopped down onto a couch nearby, setting his case opposite him. He ran a tired hand through his hair, sending a look towards his case. 

“You’re a handful.” He’d been directing the words toward his Niffler, but realized that everything inside was just as tiring. 

With a groan, he got up to begin feeding his beasts. He set his case down in the middle of the floor, before descending into it. 


It had probably been a few hours. He didn’t really know how long it had been, as time seemed to be nonexistent in his little world. 

He heard a voice. 

He stopped talking to the Occamy in his hand, setting it down into its nest. He listened carefully, before hearing it again. 

“Hello? I-Is someone there?” He pulled his wand out, holding it in front of him in case he’d need to use it to protect himself. 

The voice seemed too distant to be in his case, so he walked slowly towards the stairs. 

He opened the trapdoor carefully, peaking only the top of his head and eyes out to see who could possibly be in his flat. 

It was her. 

She was wearing less; her coat was gone and her shoes were different. Her hair was wild and she was shifting around anxiously, but it was still Y/n.

“Newt?” She called again. 

Newt began to climb out of his case.

“Oh!” she jumped in surprise, “hello.”

Newt, once standing out of his case, turned to her with a confused look. 

“Y/n? What are you doing - how- how are you here?” He asked, pocketing his wand. 

“I’m so sorry for intruding. Apparated.” Her eyes shifted around the room frantically. 

Newt, however confused, nodded in understanding. 

“Why?” He asked.

“My Leaflet,” she said urgently. 

“I’m sorry?” He asked, his brow furrowing. 

“Sorry. I have a Bowtruckle that I carry everywhere - attachment issues, it’s not uncommon for the youngest Bowtruckle in a group - and she’s not in my coat and I couldn’t find her anywhere and I thought maybe she got confused when we bumped into each other and maybe you have her and I’m so sorry but I’m worried sick-”

“Hey,” Newt said, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder to calm her down, “I haven’t seen her, but I’ll look in my coat, shall I? Follow me.”

It was Newt’s turn to carefully take her wrist, leading her down into the case.

Newt’s workshop in his case was crowded with more than one person, but he tried to keep a socially acceptable distance away from her while he searched through his coat pockets. 

“Here’s one,” he mumbled, pulling Pickett out from his breast pocket. 

“Pickett, have you seen another Bowtruckle around? Her mummy is here, and she’s dreadfully worried.” Newt spoke to the Bowtruckle slowly. 

Pickett seemed to look towards the woman, who was standing in the corner and biting her nails. 

Pickett pointed towards Newt’s pocket. 

Newt turned to Y/n.

“Can you hold him while I find your Leaflet?” He asked, presenting the Bowtruckle to her. 

She nodded, smiling softly, as she took Pickett. 

“Hello, Pickett, is it?” She asked as Newt began to search for Leaflet. 

After a few moments, he held out his hand. Leaflet sat perched on his palm, reaching out to her owner. 

“Oh, Leaflet! You’re a naughty one, aren’t you?” She asked, taking her Bowtruckle carefully from Newt. 

Both watched seriously at Pickett greeted Leaflet by giving her a strange hug-like embrace. 

“I haven’t seen that before.” Newt whispered, looking up at Y/n. 

“Neither have I.” She smiled, returning the eye contact. 

“Looks like they’ve become attached to each other,” Newt whispered. 

And both wizards would be lying if either said they hadn’t gotten attached to each other as well. 

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Come to think of it, how about you give your gift now Hajime?

Oh, yes ! With all this I nearly forgot about it. Nagito, give me your hand.

My hand? Here. *Gives him his hand*

*puts the gift on his hand* You can open them now.

*opens his eyes and looks down* A locket?

Hum hum. You can open it.

*opens it* T-That’s…

Yes. On one side I stuck a four leafs clover that Naegi helped me find and on the other side I asked Jataro-kun to carve the number 4. I know you are always worried about your luck but with this locket, you have a symbol of good luck and another one of bad luck so they should cancel themselves and protect you. What do you think?


You don’t like it?

N-No. I love it…Thank you Hajime…*starts to cry*

*laughs* You are not supposed to cry, you know? Here, let me help you put this on…

(For japanese, 4 is unlucky because it is sometimes pronounced shi, which is the word for death, it’s like our 13 for them.

-mod lili)

Valentine's Day 2 ❤

NOTE: This story has a NSFW section to spice it up from last years Valentine’s Day story, but I also added a SFW ending for those people that don’t like that kind of stuff. Enjoy! : D

The 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, one of Nicks favorite days. With a day that was totally devoted to love, how could he not think of his cute bunny Judy? Even though that’s what he did EVERY day. He was determined to give Judy the best Valentine’s Day he could, which was why the fox was taking Judy on a nice date to a restaurant by the beach. 

But that was later, right now Nick was sitting in his apartment, flipping through the photos of him and Judy. A large smile spread across his face as he flipped to a photo of the pair kissing. Nick wished that Judy was sitting next to him, so he could just grab the bunny close and feel her soft fur. Nick felt a strange feeling going through his veins, causing him to shiver. The fox wondered what Judy was doing right now. 

At Judy’s apartment, the rabbit was laying on her couch and looking at her phone. Judy smiled as she looked at a picture of Nick nuzzling her. She hugged the fox plush in her hands, wishing it was Nick, holding her in his arms. Judy was so happy that Nick was taking her on a date later, she practically squealed when he told her. It would be great to have a Nice romantic dinner with the fox, who was going to be pulling out all the stops to make this day special. Judy felt something, she knew she loved Nick but this felt different somehow. Was it possible that she wanted to… suddenly the alarm on her phone went off and Judy rushed to get ready for their date. She put on a long red dress that was made out of the same shiny material as gazelle’s outfit. She thought about putting on makeup, but then she remembered that Nick preferred her natural beauty rather than some beauty product. But she put on some perfume, knowing that as a fox Nick had a strong sense of smell. 

“He should enjoy this” the rabbit thought. “It’s blueberry scented" 

Nick was busy getting ready as well, putting on a nice suit and spreading some carrot scented cologne on his face. He combed his fur and straightened his tie, before grabbing his keys and heading out the door. 

“Time to make this a night that Judy won’t forget,” Nick said to himself as he hopped in his car and drove off. 

As Judy was straightening her fur using a technique that Fru Fru taught her, a notification came up on her phone. It was from Nick and said, “I’m outside”. Judy quickly finished up and raced outside to where Nick was waiting. 

Nick’s heart fluttered and the fox sighed as he saw Judy standing there in her beautiful red dress. The garment looked like it was made of numerous small rubies that created a flowing surface. 

As Judy hopped in the car she couldn’t believe how handsome Nick looked. He must have spent a lot of money on that suit, just so he could look good for her. 

“Hi Nick, thanks for taking me on this date" 

Nick quickly snapped out of his trance. 

"No problem carrots, I’m just glad that you agreed to come with me" 

Judy laughed "of course Nick. I wouldn’t miss it for the world" 

Nick smelt something coming from Judy, it smelled like… blueberries. The bunny noticed Nick sniffing the air. 

"Glad to see you like my blueberry scented perfume" 

Nick nuzzled Judy’s face, making her giggle. 

"Isn’t that the perfume I gave you?" 

"Yes, it is. Thanks again by the way. Say do you smell carrots?”

“That’s my carrot scented cologne, carrots,” Nick said. 

“I like it,” Judy said, petting Nicks snout. 

Nick was barely able to stop a whine from escaping his mouth. 

“Oh, I nearly forgot,” Nick said pulling out a small box. Judy took the box and opened it. It was a beautiful necklace, with a shining silver, two-dimensional bunny head hanging from a gold chain, with small purple gems creating the rabbit’s eyes. 

Judy gasped “it’s beautiful Nick!” She hugged the fox. Nick hugged back and used this moment to continue smelling her perfume. 

“Oh! I got something for you as well!” Judy said grabbing a small box. Nick opened it and inside was a watch that was shaped like a fox. Its face was painted on behind the hands, and there was even a small pair of ears built into the watch. Nicks tail wagged as he saw the item. 

“Do you like it?” Judy asked

“I love it!”

Nick hugged Judy again and kept wagging his tail. 

Judy enjoyed the smell of Nicks carrot cologne as they hugged. 

“I’m glad you like it" 

"You know what I like carrots,” Nick said, starting up the car and driving off. The ride was mostly uneventful, besides the pair catching quick glimpses of each other’s beautiful outfits. 

Soon they arrived at a restaurant near the beach. Beautiful vines grew up the side of the structure, and music played from speakers. 

“Reservation for Wilde,” Nick said to the mammal at the entrance. 

“Ah, right this way,” the animal said, leading the couple to a table out on a wooden deck over the beach. 

Nick pulled out Judy’s chair for her and they sat down as the waiter handed them menus before leaving. 

“Do you know what you want to drink?” The waiter asked. 

“Yes, iced tea,” Nick said. 

“I’ll have the same please,” Judy said. 

The waiter nodded and left. 

“This is so Romantic Nick!” Judy said excitedly. 

“Anything for you carrots,” Nick said gripping Judy’s paw. 

Then the pair heard a voice coming from a table nearby. “Freaks”

Nick and Judy turned towards another pair of mammals, one of which was covering his face in embarrassment. The other animal had a sly smile on her face. 

“Excuse me, we’re trying to enjoy our evening,” Judy said.

The female mammal opened her mouth to say something before her companion spoke up. “Honey, please stop" 

"No I won’t, they’re…" 

Suddenly she was cut off by an employee nearby. "Ma'am we have guests here, if you keep bothering them I’m going to have to ask you to leave" 

The woman grumbled it herself and turned back towards her boyfriend. 

"Just ignore them,” nick said, his ears down. 

“As long as we have each other we’ll be alright,” Judy said, smiling slightly. Nick smiled back as the waiter came and placed drinks and bread on the table. 

“Are you ready to order?" 

"Uh, I’ll have the fish,” Nick said. “With a side of blueberries" 

Judy looked at her menu "I’ll have the carrot salad" 

The waiter wrote down the order, took the menus and went to tell the chefs. 

Nick and Judy clinked their glasses together and then buttered some bread. 

"What do you want to do after this?” Nick said, taking a bite of bread. 

“We could walk along the beach,” Judy said, following Nicks lead and having some bread. 

“Whatever you want, beautiful carrots" 

Within a few minutes, the waiter came back and placed the plates of food down on the table. Judy took a fork and began to eat the salad, which was full of carrots and green leafy vegetables. 

Nick’s dish was a large fish steak, a few small coconut shrimp, and a small bowl of blueberries. The fox took some of the blueberries and sprinkled them into Judy’s salad. 

"Thanks, Nicks,” Judy said smiling, then placing some carrots on Nicks plate. While she did that Judy managed to swipe a coconut shrimp from Nicks plate.

“Sly bunny. I’ll get you back” Nick said with a smug smile as he cut his fish. 

Judy spiked some carrots and greens on the fork before putting them in her mouth. 

“This is so good!” Judy said forking more pieces of the salad. 

“Mm-hm!” Nick said having some blueberries and a coconut shrimp. “I knew this was a good place”

The pair slowly ate and talked about random things, from their job to anything that was bothering them. 

Soon their plates were empty, and Nick was tossing blueberries up in the air and catching them in his mouth. 

“Open up,” nick said. 

Judy opened her mouth and the fox tossed in a blueberry. 

“Two points!" 

The waiter came back and refilled the ice tea glasses. "Would you like anything for desert?" 

"What do you want carrots?" 

"How about the blueberry and carrot ice cream cake?" 

"I think that would be good" 

"An excellent choice, that’s one of my favorites,” the waiter said taking the plates away. 

He came back with a cake that had a big scoop of ice cream and chocolate syrup on the top. Small orange and blue spots were peppered throughout the cake. 

Judy picked up a spoon and scooped up some cake, but before she could eat it Nick grabbed the small piece of cake with his mouth and sucked it off Judy’s spoon. 


“I told you I’d get you back,” nick said smugly. 

Judy laughed before scooping up more cake and ice cream. Nick did the same, wanting to get as much of the sweet treat as he could, before Judy. 

Soon all the cake and ice cream was gone, with Nick and Judy having slight brain freezes from eating so fast. 

“Ready to go carrots?” Nick said, taking out some money. 

“Let me pay for half” Judy said also placing some cash on the table. 

“Well, I’m not complaining carrots. Thanks” Nick laughed, planting a kiss on Judy’s cheek

After paying for their meal, the couple walked along the sandy beach as the sun set. Bright, color rich streaks of orange and red painted the sky as a bright yellow orb slowly sank towards the water surface. 

“It’s so beautiful!” Judy said, gazing out at the sunset. 

“Nothing can be as beautiful as you” Nick hugged Judy and passionately kissed her. 

Judy closed her eyes and the pair enjoyed the moment of bliss. After they broke the kiss, the couple took out their phones and tried to snap a picture of them in their beautiful outfits, standing in front of the sunset. Luckily another mammal was passing by and offered to take the picture. 

“I’m setting this picture as my background,” Nick said, doing just that as he gasped at the beautiful sunset behind his cute bunny. 

“Let me do that to,” Judy said, she couldn’t believe how handsome Nick looked in this picture. 

After watching the sun dip beneath the ocean waves, Nick and Judy got back into the car and started to drive home. 

“Want to sleep over at my place tonight?” Nick asked

“I’d love that Nick. I left some clothes over at your house so I’ll change into those" 

After a few minutes of driving, Nick pulled the car into the parking lot of his apartment and the two headed upstairs. 


The fox and bunny went into Nicks apartment and Judy opened a nearby drawer and took out some light fitting clothes. She walked into the bathroom and started to take off the red dress. 

"You should stay in that dress,” Nick said from outside. “You look beautiful in it" 

Judy beamed "thank you, Nick" 

"Cute bunny" 

After changing, Judy exited the bathroom and put her dress by the door so she wouldn’t forget it. Nick went into the bathroom and changed out of his suit into more comfortable clothes. He put his suit in the closet and then met Judy in the bedroom. The couple climbed into bed, pulled the blankets up and nuzzled each other close, smelling the perfume and cologne that was still on them. 

"I had a great time tonight,” Nick said, feeling Judy’s soft fur. “This was the best Valentine’s Day ever”

Judy rubbed Nick’s snout. “Thank you again for tonight. I wish every day could be like this”

“It will be Judy,” Nick said smiling as the couple slowly fell asleep. 


The fox and bunny went into Nicks apartment and Judy opened a nearby drawer and took out some light fitting clothes. She walked into the bathroom and started to take off the red dress. 

Nick grabbed some clothes and started to undo his suit, unbuttoning his belt and loosening his tie. The fox didn’t know that Judy was already in the bathroom, and he assumed that he had just accidentally left the light on. 

He opened the door and was greeted by Judy, who was in the middle of changing and only dressed in her underwear. Nick stared at her for a second before Judy yelled in surprise. 

“sorry!” nick said quickly backing up, but the rapid movement accidentally caused his pants to fall down, revealing a large bulge in his underwear, one that Judy clearly saw before Nick retreated out of her view. 

The couple was surprised by what just happened, but Nick managed to crack a joke to lighten the mood. 

“You know, you could have asked me for help changing if you want" 

Judy laughed. "Have you got a carrot pen in your pocket?" 

Nick chuckled and then there was a long pause. 

"Do you want to….” Judy began

“…do it?” Nick said. 


“…yes, yes I do. Do you want to?”

“I do. Let’s mate”

Judy exited the bathroom and the couple walked to the bedroom. The two slowly undressed and threw their clothes on the floor. The pair blushed and chuckled as they looked over each other’s naked bodies, but they wanted this.

“What do you want to do first?” Judy asked seductively, striking a sexy pose to tease the fox. The scent of Judy’s bunny hood filled Nick’s nostrils.

“Well, I’m a fox,” Nick said, putting on a fierce look, with his claws and teeth out. “I used to eat bunnies, and I could do that again" 

"Start whenever you’re ready. Be careful with your fangs” Judy said as she laid on her back on the bed and spread her legs. Nick poked and rubbed her entrance with his snout before licking the bunny with his long fox tongue. Judy moaned and closed her eyes while Nick went to work. Then the bunny sighed in bliss as her eyes fluttered and she gripped the bedsheets. What she was feeling right now, felt like heaven. 

Nick gripped Judy’s crotch in his mouth and entered her with his tongue. Judy could feel Nicks teeth on her stomach and she moaned loudly and held onto Nicks’ head. 

“I’m gonna…” the rabbit orgasmed and a smug look spread across Nicks’ face. 

“I like the taste of bunny,” he said slyly. 

“This bunny likes being eaten by a fox" 

"Well, would you like the taste of fox? Want to return the favor?" 

Nick sat on the edge of the bed and Judy knelt on the floor. She began to lick Nicks red pawpsicle. The fox moaned and sighed as he rubbed Judy’s ears. 

Judy moaned as Nick rubbed her sensitive ears. 

"This is my favorite kind of carrot,” Judy said as she put the whole thing in her mouth and continued to suck. 

“But it’s bright red, like a pawpsicle" 

"Do I need to hustle you to get this pawpsicle" 

"Not today” the fox moaned loudly as Judy kept sucking. 

“The tables have turned,” Nick said through pants of pleasure “now the bunny is eating the fox. Just watch it with those sharp teeth" 

The bunny nodded. "I’m the predator now, and I’m hungry” Judy chuckled as she continued to suck. Then Nick was pushed over the edge and he came in the rabbit’s mouth. 

“Enjoy that sweetheart?” Judy said, smiling cutely. Nick nodded and let out a sigh of relief. The fox laid back on the bed. 

“Ready for the next part?”

Judy nodded and positioned herself above his fox hood. 

“It’s a little big,” she said, starting to move down and sitting on the tip. “I’ll just take it slow”

“Well, please hurry because I can’t hold back anymore" 

Judy gasped as Nick entered her and she started to move up and down. 

"Tell me if it hurts” Nick grunted

“It’s fine, it actually feels very good" 

The size difference caused the pair to reach their peaks very quickly, and they both orgasmed.

"Ahhhh….” Nick said in bliss as Judy lied down on his fluffy chest. 

“How did you like that,” the fox said petting Judy’s head. The bunny smiled smugly and looked at Nick. 

“You’re a lot bigger than any bunny” she played with the fur on his chest. 

“You’re nice and tight,” Nick said. “I’m glad I’m dating someone smaller than me" 

"You might be bigger, but I can still beat you”

“Don’t get too confident. This sly fox has a lot of tricks" 

Judy laughed. "Let’s do it again,” she said, getting on her hands and knees on the bed. Nick knelt behind her and slowly slid into her tail hole. Judy gasped before sighing in pleasure and Nick started to thrust. 

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” Judy moaned

“we could just hang out in here. Watch TV, maybe do more of this” Nick panted

“I would like that,” the bunny said seductively. 

Nick gasped and came, causing Judy to moan in pleasure before collapsing on the bed in bliss. 

Nick laid back and pulled Judy into a loving hug. 

“You have a cute butt,” he said smiling. 

“You can do more with it later,” the bunny said, trying to look as seductive as possible. 

“I can’t wait,” Nick said, passionately kissing the bunny. 

“That was great Nick" 

The fox licked her face. "I’m glad you had as much fun as I did. We should do it more, I know bunnies like to multiply" 

Judy laughed. "Let’s just hope you can keep up”

“Don’t underestimate me” Nick said, smiling seductively. 

“I’m going to remember this Valentine’s Day for a long time,” Judy said, massaging Nicks’ shoulder. 

“So will I, sweet Judy” nick said, kissing her forehead before the couple drifted off to sleep together. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🦊💞🐰or should I say Zalentine’s Day!?

Adam went to sleep alone for first time in nearly seven months, shivering as the coldness that Nigel usually kept away came across the back of his neck and over his pajama shirt. He held the blanket closer to him, his eyes pressed tightly together as he struggled for sleep, remembering Nigel’s text that he’d ‘be home late’ with no explanation.

 He woke to a kiss on his cheek, a warm whisper, “Adam, wake up,” as he struggled against Nigel’s shaking.

 “I’m sleeping, it’s nighttime Nigel. I’m too tired for sex.”

 A kiss to his chin, “Not sex, darling, wake up. I have a surprise.”

 Adam blinked, staring at him with a glare. “Tell me tomorrow.”

 Nigel pressed his lips to Adam’s ear and whispered, “Look up,” gently pushing him onto his back.

 Adam gasped at what was above him.


 Lots and lots of stars.

 He was wide awake now, sitting up as he stared and he felt Nigel kiss his neck.

 “You like them?”

 “Yes. It’s beautiful,” he looked at Nigel, “When did you do this?”

 “While you slept,” Nigel kissed his mouth lightly, “I felt awful, Star, but it’s not a surprise if you’re aware of it. You wouldn’t leave the house today, despite my telling you a million reasons to.”

 Adam frowned, “The pandas in the zoo showing off their baby is not something I wanted to see.”

 Nigel’s hand came around his back and pulled Adam close to him, the warmth settling there making him snuggle closer. “Obviously. If I’d known of a star exhibit I would’ve fucking taken you there, but I couldn’t find a damn thing worth seeing.”

 “You told me to go look at the birds. I hate birds, they’re noisy and dirty.”

 Nigel kissed behind his ear, “You love me,” he teased, “I’m quite noisy and very, very dirty.”

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All That Glitters- 1

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Summary: When the last person you ever wanted to see again comes strutting back into your life, you swear you’ll keep your distance. It becomes much harder to do when you start to remember why you loved him in the first place.

Word Count: 1,913

Warnings: Language and Lance Tucker.

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AN: Yeah I have no idea why I did this to myself. This is a mini series, 7 parts. I was (un)surprised to discover most Lance Tucker pieces are smutty one shots which, makes sense because the guy’s a f*cksickle. But, I wanted to try something else. So here’s some T(F)ucker love. 

Side note, you don’t have to have seen The Bronze to read this, but there will probably be spoilers if you know absolutely nothing about the film. 


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Weddings were the worst. You stood by that from the very first time you’d ever gone to one and not once changed your mind since. Standing between the bar and the dance floor, you sip on the cheap tap beer and lean on the polished wood, your best friend standing beside you and doing the same.

“When can we leave?” You ask her, eyeing her over the rim of the plastic cup. Hope shrugs, downing the rest of hers.

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“You been to Twiikkii Island, Pete?”

“Uh, no. I keep promising to take Sam one day, but we haven’t got there yet.”

“Oh, you should go! Candy and I honeymooned there. It’s awesome” Junior said, perfectly replicating the local greeting. 

“Baby, we should probably go home soon. Check on Sophia.” Candy interrupted.

“You’re probably right.”

“That’s too bad” Peter interjected. “I was hoping we could finish the interview for my article on your father.”

“Oh, that’s right. I nearly forgot” Candy replied.

“We can postpone for another time.”

“You go ahead and stay, Candy Cane. I’ve got Sophia.”

“Are you sure, Baby?”


“Alright. I won’t be long.”