oh i nearly forgot

I,,, may have drawn a draw the otp meme,,

This one to be exact! 

credit to the original artist for the draw the otp meme ;w; 
@croxovergoddess !!!

2017 is the year in which all of my favorite things get adapted into other mediums - and more. I can’t wait for American Gods, Maddaddam, His Dark Materials, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Runaways. What is happening. I cannot process this.


Another visit to my allotment today with my mum. We harvested more broad beans and onions and picked all the peas. The beans and peas are now in the freezer. I made a shepherds pie and threw in a courgette we grew in the back yard and a handful of broad beans. Oh and I nearly forgot I picked 6 medium sized apples off my tree 😀😀😀👍👍👍

Oh, I nearly forgot to upload this >_>

That was my entry for the Fanart-Competition at the Aninite-Convention, Grell and William in “Little Red Riding Hood” ^-^ I didn’t win anything, unfortunately, but it was still fun to do and I’m actually really satisfied with how the picture turned out c:
Except…the handwriting…I tried but it still doesn’t look as good as I wanted it to v_v aaaaah nevermind 

Done with watercolours, black ink and gel pens

anonymous asked:

Makoto... You should talk to Taka about what happen.

Ah, that’s right. He did seem like he was a little huffy after that.

I’m gonna go ask what’s up and if he’s doing okay. He should be in his room right now from what I remember. *goes to the Dormitory Area and knocks on Ishimaru’s door*

*answers* Yes?

Oh, Naegi-kun! It’s you. Is there something you need from me?

Actually, Ishimaru-kun, I wanted to check up on you and… talk. About before with Ikusaba-san. Are you feeling okay?

…Oh. Right, I nearly forgot. Well, I’m fine, so there’s nothing to talk about. *tries closing door* Thank you for stopping by, but I’m okay–

*pushing door back open* If you’re okay, then why are you in such a hurry to close the door in my face?

Because there’s nothing to talk about, Naegi-kun! There isn’t anything that’s bothering me, so please leave!

*sighs* I’d really hate to use this card, but… Ishimaru-kun, let me in so we can talk. That’s an order from your technical boss.

Ah– !!!!!!!

Darn it! …Fine. *lets Naegi in* Come on in and say what you need to, Naegi-kun.

dude i asked my friend jokingly if he had a crush on solid snake and the kid next to me said “wouldnt that be awkward if a boy has a crush on a boy video game character……………………………….oh wait  i forgot! gay marridge, thats a thing.” and i nearly shit myself


We were doing blocking for the “Left Behind” (which I’m obvi not in), I’m just sitting off to the side of the stage and director is talking to some people about what their motivations are for the scene. Chris, the actor playing my dad just turns to me and says “Do you think Alex (the director) will let me yell ‘I LOVE MY DEAD GAY SON’ during this number?” and that’s when I knew Chris was a treasure. 

OH MY GOD I NEARLY FORGOT. I saw a guy with such a nice fucking ass in the bus. Like it was so huge. God answered my prayers. He was with his gf tho :/

i done got taggled in a meme!

I was tagged by @vapegenji

relationship status: taken AF
favorite color: hhhhhhhrghhh red?
lipstick or chapstick: like i guess chapstick
last song i listened to: seems to be on my mind by suburban kids with biblical names
last movie i watched: i watched sleepwalk with me and then i watched two mike birbiglia stand up specials so that was fun
top 3 tv shows: um right now i’ve been watching daredevil with my girlfriend so i want to put that up there, orphan black, and uhhhhhh fuck it anyone remember abc family’s the middleman? cancelled too soon rip m8
top 3 characters: very difficult why do this to me but commander shepard, beth childs, and chloe price
top 3 ships: pricefield, shepard/liara, CLEXA shit i nearly forgot
books i’m currently reading: oh fuck i was reading ragnarok by ari bach i should get back on that…

tag ur it: @whoaretheliars @adjit @captaindawnmist @bassproshopsofficial @fakegamerboy and anyone else who wants toooooo

Oh, I nearly forgot. I took this at Winco. The fabled “granny candy”. You can by them in bulk. You can also find them online. Just search “strawberry Bon bons”

Oh, I nearly forgot. I had this happen to me last night at the store and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

I was at a LARP event about a week ago, during which I took a whack to the arm, which left a nice dark bruise just above my left elbow that hasn’t completely faded yet.

So I was out doing some grocery shopping in the evening (fewer crowds, no checkout lines) and this older lady approaches me in Produce and just flat-out asks, “Do you want me to call someone?”

And I’m like “Excuse me…?”

And she points very emphatically to my nice purple battle wound and says, “Honey, Jesus loves you. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. Do you want me to call the cops for you?”

Right about then, I had the jolting realization that she thought I was in an abusive situation and was, in her way, trying to offer some help. Which was nice and all, but that’s not where the bruise came from.

I laughed and explained that no, no, I was completely fine, I’d been to a re-enactment with live combat and got a little banged up, thanks for your concern, but it’s nothing to worry about.

And she plants her feet, looks around the EMPTY Produce section, and does this dramatic stage whisper and says, “Honey, is he HERE? You don’t have to lie to me, that didn’t come from no re-enactment, don’t let him do this to you.”

So now I’m getting just a little bit irritated, like okay, it’s nice that you’re trying to help, but I’m also resenting the overbearing nature of this conversation and the fact that you’re quietly edging into my personal space and trying to touch me and grab my hand, sooooo…

We went back and forth for an extremely uncomfortable two minutes before I finally whipped out my phone, pulled up Facebook, and showed her a photo from the event that shows me in my armor, in combat, with boffer swords. Then she finally left me alone, but not before she insisted that I deserve better and pushed a card on me for a Christian support group for battered women.

Now, I live in an area where re-enactments are so common that it’s a big part of the local economy. Anyone who’s lived there for more than a week would know that. I can understand that victims of physical abuse smile and try to laugh off or hide their bruises, but…I just feel like when a full-grown woman in an arm-revealing top is telling you, “No, I have a hobby that involves bumps and bruises, really I’m FINE,” you might listen instead of cornering them against a shopping cart to push your pitch for Jesus.

I just…I was weirded the fuck out. Like yay, you’re looking out for victims of abuse, but my experience was anything to go by, why are you cornering them in public places, coming into their space, and TALKING OVER THEM? That just seems invasive and counterproductive to me.