oh i missed drawing this two

“The space you used to fill it’s now this great black hole
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You’re out of sight but not out of my mind

And it hurts like hell
To be torn apart
And it hurts like hell
To be thrown Around

We were born to be together
Torn apart
Torn apart”

- “Torn Apart” by Bastille

A quick little sheithy thing before going to bed :3 Damn I just love drawing in purple and pink hues at the moment (maybe it’s because I missed last year’s Huevember :p).

I listened to the acoustic version of this song. And it reminded me of these two.
Here’s the link if you’d like to hear it -> https://youtu.be/UxoUcso3hAE

Have fun! :3

Beautiful in New York
  • The concert started 45 minutes late because a fan had a medical emergency and they stopped letting people in for like half an hour.
  • Kihyun getting too hype and Changkyun and Minhyuk yelling at him to calm down.
  • They talked about Hyungwon the entire time tbh he was the first and last thing they mentioned.
  • Every time they had a ment they asked us how we liked the songs they did right before it.
  • They said they were gonna take it to medium speed and instead took it to the slowest song they have.
  • No one danced to No Exit, just Shownu.
  • “Please safe be” “I was touch-ed” I love Son Hyunwoo
  • They made us wait literally forever for the encore
  • We met some hella awesome people in line and in the venue
  • Back mezzanine seats and I was too tall to see the screen most of the time but it’s okay bc i could see their faces perfectly fine anyway that’s how small the playstation theatre is
  • Kihyun got so lit he started beatboxing
  • They sang a bit of Empire State of Mind
  • Kihyun did From Zero with Wonho but he didn’t sing
  • Kihyun and Jooheon fucking tore it up with their song I’msoimpressed
  • I didn’t see any of the ab flashes I am boo boo the fool
  • They didn’t do Shine Forever in their Shine Forever promotion clothes which confused me
  • “The chair won’t move!” because the bench doesn’t turn properly with five grown men sitting on it Changkyun
  • The story video is the c u t e s t thing
  • Minhyuk and Wonho taking selcas on fan phones and collecting drawings and letters
  • i got the full x clan album at koryo books and opened it when i got back to find a fucking KIHYUN PHOTOCARD, MINHYUK POSTER, AND WONHO DISC
  • it was a great night
  • michelle passed out like two seconds after we got to the hotel

I might post more as I remember but oh my god tonight was amazing i love mx so much and i hope they come back but at a better time for them aka not in the middle of promotions and not when a member is sick

“..I don’t know how to make this any more clear..”


im trying to start drawing again and im just so in love with this anime♥ like, its so super cute and its honestly just genuinely heartwarming ♥ ♥ ♥

i really want tohru and kobayashi to kiss in the finale tomorrow!。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。


Author: @dylan-trash-tbh and @golddaggers

Pairing: Dylan O’brien x Reader

Words: 1829

A/N: So, I wrote this a week ago and I absolutely hated it. I was about to delete it, honestly .. But my lovely Piggie @golddaggers saved my ass and turned shit into gold. THANK YOU (also for always keeping me company while I’m working the night shift) ! I love you so much 🐷💖🇩🇪🇧🇷 


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Raise A Glass To A Blowjob {Jung Hoseok} ~Ceasefire~

Prompt:  Request! Hoseok’s first time receiving a bj and it’s with reader ^.^ tysm

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warning: oral sex, drinks, peeping Taehyung

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Hi, Robyn! If you feel like it, would you write a story in which Kara wants to ask Lena on a date, and she does it like a game? Every day she'd leave a clue with Lena's coffee (Lena knows she's Supergirl and Kara's gotten the habit of bringing Lena coffee every morning, so when she gets out of her 1st meeting it'll be still warm and waiting for her on her desk) and 5 days later Lena ends the meeting early and she is there when she sneaks in to leave her coffee and even more cuteness ensues?

Hi there!! That’s kinda specific, so how about this

Kara wants to say something.

Usually when she’s reading, Kara will doze against her, all but falling asleep until she clicks off the lamp.

Now, Kara’s wiggling around in the sheets. Rolls over to her back and groans up to the ceiling.

She waits before asking, waits for Kara to have her thoughts together.

(It’s almost fun.

How well she can read someone else. Their mannerisms and wants and oh, it’s like clockwork.

She loves being able to say she knows Kara.)

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mcsmc day 2: Assembly Required

“Thanks for coming back, Lukas. I mean that.”

I’m behind a day or two oh well. This episode is PACKED with so many great things like characters being introduced and new places being explored but I just love the goofy moment thinking that you and Reuben just died cause you missed a jump and then Lukas coming down right after you into the ender pit


A/N : This takes place after Clarke is reunited with everyone (somehow) but before she’s had any real talk with Bellamy. Just some Bellarke fluff (476 words)

also on ao3 

“I don’t belong here, Bellamy,” Clarke whispered, her eyes drifting over his features. 

“What are you talking about ?” Genuinely confused, Bellamy drew closer, ducking his head to look her in the eyes. “You do belong. With us. We’re one people, remember ?” 

Clarke smiled at his attempt to lighten the mood. “And I get that. But you guys… you all have your lives. And that might be very selfish but - you went on without me. And you were right to do so,” she added when she saw him ready to launch into an argument. “You were right to move on. And I need to get over that.” 

She started turning away from him, only to be stopped by a warm hand closing around her wrist, drawing her back in. “I’m very curious,” he confessed, “as to what makes you think I’ve moved on.” 

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Day 14- 18



and sooooooooooooooooo i wanted to make up for it and get back on track straight away

also there was a surge of kamisero on my dash and i was like oya oya best bois??? also like sero looks way better in b &w tbh or it fits him more? idek

also jirou a very good girl

and the last two are ocs the edgy one is mine and her gf belongs to an amazing bean on Amino who normally goes by noodles

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This should probably be down the line for the pregnancy promts but when Mercy goes into labor it should be when Hanzo and Mcree are looking after her while Genji is away on an errand. Panicking uncles :)

This prompt has been sitting in my inbox for over a month. It is time.

Also whoops this ended up super long. *cough* like 6k words *cough*

Fighting an omnic ninja assassin sent to kill your brother counts as an errand right?


Symmetra snickered a little as she watched Genji at Athena’s keyboard, continually switching between different security feeds of the watchpoint. Genji glanced up. “What?” he said.

“You’re antsy,” she said with a smirk.

“I am not ‘antsy,’” muttered Genji, continuing to flick between different feed channels.

“Is this your way of nesting?” said Symmetra, tilting her head.

“Angela and I will be in Switzerland for three months,” said Genji, standing up and glancing away from the screen, “I don’t want anything to happen to this place while we’re gone.” He paused and then quickly turned his attention back to the screen and flicked through all the security feeds again.

“We will manage just fine,” said Symmetra, “You should relax. Go… meditate or spend time with Angela or whatever it is you do. It won’t be long until you don’t have any time to yourself.”

“Hm,” Genji seemed unconvinced.

Symmetra sighed, constructed a seat of hard-light, and sat down. “To be honest, while I believe you and Angela should do as you see fit and I understand your reasoning, Switzerland is awfully far away.”

“Well, Doctor Haberlin is one of the world’s leading obstetricians and a good friend of Angela’s, and Angela’s uncle’s old house is lovely and out of the way but not too far from Thun and—”

“I know, I know,” said Symmetra, “And I know you two will probably be terribly busy with the little one, but do try and stay in contact. Fareeha will want pictures immediately and—” Symmetra’s prosthetic made a low-pitched buzzing sound and Symmetra raised an eyebrow and brought up a projection of one of her sentry turrets. The projection suddenly turned red and blipped out of sight and Symmetra’s brow furrowed.

“Turret destroyed,” she said it mostly as a knee-jerk reaction at this point.

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Now that I Found You

Title: Now that I Found You

 Prompt: This is for the Angst Appreciation Day!!!  Inspired by Allison Kraus’ “Now that I Found You”.

 Summary: You love Dean Winchester with all your heart. And you thought he loved you too. But now that he has been turned into a demon…you aren’t so sure anymore.  

 Warnings: Angst. Death. Betrayal.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

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You looked at the screen and held your breath when Dean looked up at the camera.  He was here, he was alive.  You had thought he had died, but now…  Your breath came out as a choked sob when he blinked and gave an almost predatory grin, and his eyes opened to reveal only black.  

He was a demon.

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Flower Prince

Requested?: Nah :3

Words: 3.3k

Group: Wanna One

Member(s): Daehwi (feat. Somi)

You sigh as your best friend, Somi, try to convince you to go to a flower cafe for her birthday. It’s not that you are against the food, you’re just not the type to go to a place like that…somewhere pastel, cute, and filled with pretty boys. Somi mentions that a friend of hers works there and that she feels like you two would get along.

“Come on, please? It’s my birthday, your best friend’s birthday…plus, I think you and Daehwi should meet. You guys are my best buddies,” Somi pouts as you cross your arms against your chest.

“Somi, you know I wouldn’t fit into a place like that,” you reason, “I mean, just look at me! I’m wearing all black and you know how awkward I am with other people.”

“Please? Just once, for me? I promise I won’t force you to like Daehwi too. I just want my two best friends to meet.”

You sigh, there is no way anyone can deny Somi’s cute face anyway. You wave your hand and shake your head as a sign of agreement. Hopefully, you won’t regret this choice. It’s for Somi anyways, she’s always there for you so you decide that you have to repay her some way.

Somi’s birthday approached sooner than you had thought it would. You groan as you take a quick glance at your closet before flipping over in your bed so that you faced the wall instead. Just as you are about to doze off again, your door is rudely slammed open and you know exactly who it is.

“Somi…why are you here so early and how did you get in?” you groan without looking at her.

You hear her footsteps approach your window and suddenly, a beam of light shot down onto your face. You hiss at Somi who just giggles and skips over to you. She tosses the covers off your body and shakes her head. You finally open your eyes and peek at her.

You raise a brow. Somi is more dressed up than usual, but still just as pretty as she normally is. You notice that she has curled her hair and painted her nails. She has also put on some more makeup. What stood out to you, however, is the giant plastic bag she holds in her delicate hands. You dread what is inside.

“Up you go, (y/n). Your mom let me in, by the way. Also go take a shower, you kind of stink,” Somi crinkles her cute button nose and you roll your eyes.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be out soon. Don’t you dare mess with my stuff,” you huff as you slide down the side of your bed and roll into the bathroom.

Once you re-entered your room, your eyes immediately notice the addition of color on your bed. Somi has laid down a few brightly colored outfits. She beams at you and you slap your forehead.

“Somi, don’t tell me…”

“(Y/n), you have to wear it, otherwise they won’t let you in,” Somi replies, firmly.

“Ugh, fine. I’m completely trusting you on this though. As you obviously know, I only work in black.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take great care of you,” Somi wiggles her neatly drawn brows. You chuckle and roll your eyes, preparing yourself for the transformation.

“First of all, I think…you would fit lace. Also, I know you don’t like ruffles, “Somi holds out the ruffle-filled outfit and tosses it back into the bag, “so bye bye to that dress.”

“You know me too well,” you laugh.

Somi strikes up a conversation with you as she continues styling you. Sometimes you wish you could be just as gorgeous and free as your best friend, but you are who you are. You nod to what Somi is saying, but you aren’t really listening too closely.

“And…done!” Somi squeals as she bounces away from you.

You turn around and gasp a little. You almost didn’t recognize yourself as you are no longer in all black. Your hair is brushed and pulled back into a neat braid. You twirl around and watch as the pastel, lace dress you have on, poof out. You blush a little and cup your face.

“Do you like it? I can tell you do,” Somi smiles softly at you.

“Huh?” you are knocked out of your trance by Somi’s soft voice, “I-I mean…it’s alright.”

Somi chuckles at your shyness and you let out a small smile. You cover your face and swirl around to face your stylist. You thank her quietly before admiring yourself a little longer. It has been a while since you had dressed up.

“Okay, stop checking yourself out, let’s go before the cafe gets too busy,” Somi pulls your arm and drags you out of the room.

“Here we are,” Somi links her arm with yours as she proudly stands in front of a flower covered, pastel building.

“Flower Cafe…pick your…boy? Wait, what?” Somi drags you in, ignoring your question.

As soon as you step a foot in, you notice all the staff’s eyes are on you and Somi. They all greet you and you hide behind Somi, hoping that no one will notice you. Obviously, that technique doesn’t work because a cute boy with silver hair starts gliding towards the two of you.

“Happy birthday, Somi! I’m so glad you could make it,” the boy grins widely at your best friend.

“Oh, and hello, a pretty girl like you cannot be missed,” you watch a little horrified as the boy lightly kisses your hand.

You draw your hand back awkwardly and nod back at him. You lightly squeeze Somi’s arm, signaling her that you feel uncomfortable. Somi grins at you, calming you a little.

“Thanks, Hwi. This is (y/n) and (y/n), this is Daehwi,” Somi introduces, “I wanted my two best friends to meet.”

“Of course, it’s my pleasure to finally meet you, (y/n),” Daehwi smiles angelically at you.

“Um…yeah same,” you chuckle nervously, wiping off the sweat that has formed on your palms.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ll show you to your seat and give you the menus. I apologize for the wait,” Daehwi chuckles.

“Haha, no problem, Hwi,” Somi giggles along.

You nod your head a little to show some response as Daehwi leads the two of you to a table for two in the corner of the cafe. A small vase filled with pretty flowers that were neatly and strategically placed in the vase stood at the center. Daehwi pulls out Somi’s chair and quickly moves over to your side to pull out your chair, but you stop him.

“Uh, it’s fine. I can do it,” you stiffly reply as you mechanically pull out the cushioned chair and plop down.

“Okay, I’m sorry,” Daehwi apologizes as he places hastily places down the leather menus in front of you and Somi.

Somi sighs a little as Daehwi once again glides away. You look down, slightly embarrassed. You know it is his job to do things like that, but you got shy and refused the help.

“(Y/n), that was really awkward,” Somi snorted, straining on the “really.”

“Yeah, I know, but you know I’m just like that,” you roll your eyes.

“Pfft, you’re too cute,” Somi laughs, “Anyways, do you want some recommendations? Everything here is pretty good.”

“Yeah, that would be nice. I mean everything on this menu has such weird names. I don’t even know what is what,” you skim over the fancy text quickly.

As Somi quickly gives you an overview of the foods and drinks, you can’t help but feel a pair of eyes on you. Deciding to ignore it, you try to decrypt the menu. You flip through, gazing at the few pictures. You look up at Somi, making her stop explaining.

“Maybe we should just get everything,” you look at her seriously.

“What? I know you have quite an appetite, but that’s a lot…and it’s expensive,” Somi purses her lips.

“I know. Besides, I’m paying because it’s your birthday…and I’m probably going to eat all of the food,” you set the menu down.

“Hmm, okay then. No pretending you forgot to bring your wallet when you see the price,” Somi gave you an amused look.


Somi waves over at Daehwi and you sigh, wishing she had chosen someone else. That wasn’t your choice, however, Daehwi is also Somi’s friend, you try to reason with yourself. You clear your throat a little just as the silver-haired boy reaches your table.

“You ready?” Daehwi smiles sweetly.

“Oh, totally. But are you ready? (Y/n) and I decided on quite a bit of food.”

“Hmm, I was born ready. You know that, Somi.”

“Well, I hope you memorized the menu because we’re ordering everything on it,” Somi smirks and you giggle a little.

Daehwi lets out a shocked expression before swiftly transitioning back to his usual, glowing smiling expression. He takes a quick glance at you and you look away as soon as his soft, brown eyes meet yours.

“Challenge accepted. I will personally make all of your food without looking at the menu,” Daehwi states confidently.

“Good luck then!” Somi laughs as she Daehwi skips off. For once he isn’t gliding.

“…and here is the last thing we have on our menu, ‘Saved In Your Heart’. Take a bite out of this fluffy, sweet cheesecake and you’ll know what I mean,” Daehwi carefully places the last dish in front of you and Somi.

“Wow, that’s impressive,” you mumble to yourself.

“A-ah! Thanks,” a shy laugh comes out of Daehwi and you look up.

“Uh, you weren’t supposed to hear that,” you blurt.

“It’s okay, we can keep it a secret between us,” Daehwi winks at you.

You cringe slightly, but you understand that he probably has to do this. Maybe that’s the reason he’s one of the top servers here. Somi had explained that people don’t only come here for the food. People come here to vote for the top servers. Daehwi has been at the top for quite a while now.

“Uh-huh, sure…” you shrug before taking a deep breath, absorbing the sweet smell of cake and coffee. It was a cafe, after all, you weren’t really expecting anything besides dessert.

“Thanks, Hwi. I thought you were going to forget something, but I honestly don’t know because I don’t have the menu memorized…you better not rip us off, “Somi playfully glares, “You’re such a weirdo.”

“Hey, it’s my job! That’s also why I give the best recommendations. I know everything on the menu and I only need to know my customers’ taste,” Daehwi brags.

“Whatever, let us eat. Thanks though, really,” Somi grabs her fork and licks her bubblegum pink lips.

“Just wave me down if you need me,” Daehwi bows slightly before rushing away to the next customer.

“Ugh, I’m stuffed. I can’t believe we actually ordered that much,” Somi groans a little, patting her now slightly puffed out stomach.

“It was actually really good though,” you nod in agreement.

“True,” Somi waves Daehwi over, “but I don’t think we should order this much food ever again.”

“I mean…I don’t know,” you laugh.

A shadow appears and covers the empty plates laid out across the small table. You look up, only to find a smiling Daehwi by your tableside. You jump a little, shocked to find him so close. He seems to notice and scoots away a little. His ears are a little red, but you assume that it was because it was warm in the cafe. He had been moving around, balancing a tray full of desserts after all.

“How was your meal, ladies?”

Somi nods a little, “I kind of regret ordering this much, but (y/n) seemed to enjoy her stay.”

“Yah, don’t stretch my words…it was okay. I came for the food and because I’m a nice friend,” you huff.

“Haha, since it’s Somi’s birthday and lovely (y/n)’s first time here, it’s on the house. It’s free.”

A moment of silence passes after Daehwi lets those unbelievable words slip out of his dainty lips. You shake your head and open your mouth to speak. Out of you and Somi, you are the first one to be knocked out of shock.

“No, that’s expensive. Besides, I already said I would pay for all of this for Somi,” you deny the offer.

“Oh, no…I insist,” Daehwi gives you another dazzling smile, but you don’t waiver.

“Haha. Nice joke, bro. I’m paying,” you start to pull out your wallet.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to pay with money then. You can pay another way,” a wink was shot your way.

You feel a soft hand place itself on yours to stop your actions and you look up. You give Daehwi a light glare before shaking his hand off yours and slam some money onto the table. You watch as Daehwi jump a little, shocked at the power you put into the slam. Honestly, part of you has no idea why you are doing this. You look over at Somi who sighs a little and reaches for your arm.

You can feel all eyes on you and you shudder a little. You feel slightly disgusted that Daehwi had mentioned “paying another way”. You didn’t know exactly what he meant, but you are sure it isn’t something good. To be honest, you were warming up to Daehwi although it might not seem like it to other people. You actually really enjoyed his presence, but just those few words twisted your views on him.

“Somi, let’s go. I’m sorry,” you refuse to look over at Daehwi and snatch Somi’s arm and storm out.

“Daehwi, I’m sorry! I’ll text you!” Somi manages to yell at Daehwi before you shove her out the small, cozy building.

“Look, I’m sorry I ruined your birthday. I really am…I don’t even know why I did that,” you nudge the birthday girl next to you.

“Hmm, it’s fine,” Somi sighs.

“I know you’re mad. I’ll make it up to you, what do you want me to do? I’ll do anything,” you practically beg.

Anything? That’s tempting,” Somi raises a brow, “in that case, I want you to go back to the cafe with me.”

“…Yeah about that…” you trail off.

“You said anything, remember? Also, I know those words gave you the wrong idea, but Daehwi really means well. Trust me,” Somi stands up and hugs you.

You awkwardly pat her back before humming in agreement. Anything for Somi. She’s done a lot for you…

This time, Somi didn’t make you dress up and kept you in your all black outfit. She stops right before the door and spins around to face you. She gives you a hug before pulling away, looking right into your eyes.

“Please, give Daehwi a chance?” she pleads with her puppy eyes.

“I know, I know. I will,” you grunt in response, shying away from her cute face.

You prepare yourself as Somi opens the door. A greeting came from the staff once again, but this time, all eyes are on you when you enter. To be fair, you are the only one in dark colors. The cafe’s palette contrasted strongly with yours.

You notice Daehwi’s slightly confused expression as he cautiously approaches the two of you. He greets the two of you with a slight bow before offering you a table. You look down as Daehwi leads the way. This time, you let Daehwi pull your chair out for you and Somi gives you a proud look.

“I didn’t expect you to come back,” Daehwi looks down, fiddling with the apron loosely tied around his slim waist.

“Well, (y/n) had a change of mind. I need to use the restroom,” Somi smoothly excuses herself.

An awkward pause started as soon as Somi left. Both you and Daehwi look away from each other, refusing to make eye contact. Just get this over with, you give yourself a light pep talk. You open your mouth to speak.



“Oh, you first,” Daehwi finally looks your way.

“Um…I wanted to apologize for the way I acted last time,” you sigh.

“I should be the one apologizing, I should have worded my sentence differently. I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding,” Daehwi begins rambling, “Really, I actually wanted to ask you out as a payment, but I guess it came out a little weird, huh? Um, Somi actually talks a lot about you and I began to like you more and more and I wanted to meet you. I–”

“Hold up. What?” you practically screech, “You were going to ask me out?!”

“Uh, did I say that?” Daehwi messes with his dyed hair.

“Yeah,” you look down, shyly.

“Well, you see, I don’t want you to think it’s creepy. It’s just that I was really intrigued and you seemed like someone pleasant to be around, which you are…I’m just really awkward. Please don’t think I’m a creep,” Daehwi cries.

“Stop, you’re rambling again,” you hold a hand out, “It’s fine.”

“Can…can we start over?” Daehwi meekly suggests.

“Um…I guess. That’s what Somi would want, right?” you ponder on whether you should shake hands or not.

“Yeah. Friends, for now?” he finally lets out a small chuckle.

You nod and Daehwi holds out his pale hand. You stiffly grab it and shake it mechanically as physical touch just isn’t your thing. This causes Daehwi to laugh a little and you finally let out a small laugh of your own.

“I hope we can get to know each other better!” Daehwi states, brightly.

A few months later…

“Wow! Is that a bit of color I see?” Daehwi teases.

“Ugh, shut up, you and your little cafe are just really rubbing off me,” you roll your eyes as you stir your tea.

“But, it looks really cute on you~” your boyfriend of two months coos at you.

“Oh my gosh, please,” you look away, tossing your hood over your head to cover your tomato red face.

“Haha! You love it though,” Daehwi winks at you and leans closer.

“Yeah, yeah. You’ve got another customer asking for you. Go away and leave me be,” you joke.

“Mhm…don’t miss me too much, okay? I love you, flower,” Daehwi gives you a small peck on the cheek.

You squeaked in response, leaving Daehwi satisfied with the reaction. You hide your face, hoping nobody notices your bright red face. Slowly, you spread your fingers slightly and peek at Daehwi’s furthering figure.

After you had made up with Daehwi that day, you slowly became a regular at the cafe. At first, you came with Somi, but over time, you started to come by yourself. You had really bonded with Daehwi and when he asked you out, Somi made sure that none of his customers would mob you.

You are glad you listened to Somi and made up with Daehwi. Never had you expected to be dating someone practically the opposite of you. The two of you balance each other out perfectly though. He warms you up with his bright smile and lovely personality. On the other hand, you make sure he takes time off to himself so he doesn’t stress out too much. You take a small sip of the sweet tea and you smile a little.

I love you too, Daehwi.

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