oh i meant


Guess who I finally collected yesterday

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Because you said we'll see "everyone's" scars. Insinuating that everyone in the ask blog has some type of scar.

[[oh i see! i meant to say you’ll see “everyone who has scars” scars

great explanation cye 10/10]]

Happy Anniversary @ask-drunk-chara !!! This is still my favorite UT blog (along with *FTC) and it has influenced me a lot! Added Core!Frisk cause I miss their bday ;;

Core!Frisk belongs to @dokudoki


#HappySehunDay 🐥🎉 [ ver. 1 / ver. 2 ]
↳ Happiest birthday to EXO’s cutest baby boy who’s simultaneously the unlikely and the obvious maknae! You are so loved, so precious, so talented and an absolute sweetheart who deserves the world, my dear. I hope you know each day of you waking up is another day of you becoming the best version of yourself; we’re already (and will always be) so proud of you. Thank you for being you and keep smiling, Oh Sehun!


“…whoa, Keiji, I don’t think I’ve seen you this mad since Kuroo teased you about the Valentine’s telegram I sent you!”


Hardison and his cute hat in The Future Job

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people