oh i mean not* gomen

‘—Kuroo on the armrest of Tsukki’s armchair—’
i drew this while rereading @sturlsons’ jaywalkers series for the 3rd time + wiping tears ,,, no lie dudes i’m in too deep i can’t even see daylight anymore help

chocobunnn  asked:

Hi hi pears senpai! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ do you ever have trouble paneling your doujin? I'm drawing a BL and I'm confused about the best way to make a page flow! I don't mean to bother you ;3; gomen

oh god yeah
to me, it might be actually the most difficult part of making a doujinshi x A x;

but i guess a good way to get over this is

  • reading a lot of works which you like and which have the same mood as your planed story, because paneling has a heavy impact on the mood in your douji
  • look at all the different kinds there are to paneling, like how many are there on a page, is it better to make them horizontal or vertical or a square or really slim etc
  • what do you want to show in a panel? do you want to focus on the person’s face or his clothes or his gesture? and dont forget about important backgrounds to give the story a better feeling of an actual place. and play with the perspective! try out different angles
  • be a little creative and watch out not to make two identical pages (it can be small changes, like is the panel at the border of the page or does it end at the inner panel border lines or do a straight vertical line or rotate it a bit to the side
  • i like to make smaller panels which show a fluent movement, like 1. head down 2. head up 3. open eyes or something like that, but it’s often better for shortstories or situations you dont want to drag out that long to make a skip to another motive in the next panel
  • as always: practice. it’s real hard at first. when I started layouting “remorse” I did like 2-3 pages on a good day, but at the end as I got the feeling for it back the rest of the doujinshi was done within two days

just so you can picture it better, see for yourself

hope that helped! ´v `;