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I’ve lost him once, I can’t lose him twice (Newt x Reader)

Pairing: Newt Scamander/Reader

Words: 3063

Warnings: Kinda angsty I guess

A/N: First imagine, I hope you to enjoy it  English isn’t my mother language so sorry if there are grammatical mistakes

Request: Nope, this is because I’m trash

PD: God, I got a lot of trouble and I had to erased the original account where I post this and made other, so stressful, but here it is again! (Sorry for the ones who read and comment the original, love you peaches )

It was like you were the world’s favorite joke.

Like, how many chances are to fall head over heels for your best friend, twice?

Maybe one in a million, and you had to be the one, funny isn’t it? Yes, it isn’t.

Or maybe you didn’t fall in love twice, maybe you just never stopped loving him. Newt Scamander was the cute loving Hufflepuff;  with floppy cinnamon hair, beautiful hazel eyes and a sky of freckles that played along with his breathtaking shy smile; you got the luck to met in your first year at Hogwarts, and you became best friends really quickly, it was almost like a click. You two lived uncountable adventures like escape to the forbidden forest or hide a Niffler in his dorm.

He was your happiness, and you was his. An unbreakable friendship, or at least that was what you thought until third year. It was suppose to be wonderful, finally you’ll be able to receive Care of Magical Creatures, just you and Newt and a whole world of your beloved creatures.

That was the idea, but then, Leta Lestrange came into your life like a tornado, unexpected and destructive. At first you didn’t want to make it a big deal,  trying to be a good friend and not to “monopolize” Newt, besides, by that time you were a little reluctant about your more than friendly feelings towards Newt, so you wanted to take it easy. The problem began when it wasn’t so easy to ignore how your escapes to the forbidden forest became hers, or when your dozens of hours of talking with Newt about whatever, became dozens of hours talking about Leta.

And it hurt, it was like feeling a Crucio curse over and over again, and after almost two years in the same situation, you couldn’t take it any more, and you two started to distance, and he became more and more attached to Leta, while you were suffering because of the realization that you had fell in love with your best friend, and you just lost him.

It was the beginning of the sixth year when Newt and you talked again, all the cabins at the Hogwarts’ Express were full, except for one, one you got to share with Newt, apparently Leta decided to spend the Christmas break at Hogwarts. At the begging there was a uncomfortable silence and a lot of stolen glances, then you started a really weird conversation,  but it ended in laughs, like the beautiful old times… But you had to screw it.

Maybe you weren’t in all your senses when you brought up the subject of you two, and then Leta, you just couldn’t stop talking, it was almost a confession about your feelings, telling him how much you had miss him, and how Leta seems unfair with him sometimes, that she was just breaking your friendship, but you felt relieved because you were you, and Newt was Newt, and he would never get angry at you, right?


He didn’t yell at you, but you could felt his distressed icy voice stabbing your heart.

“For Merlin’s Beard Y/N, you can’t just dump me whenever you want and then return telling me that my, actually true fiend, is taking advantage of me. Can you please, I’m begging you, let me be happy, can you?”

A silent tear fell from his cheek while he abandoned the cabin in a race, you really didn’t notice the tears rolling down your face without any control until the Express’s whilst wake you up, until it was too late to run after Newt.


It was the last time you talked to him, you even didn’t see each other, it was officially over, he didn’t care about you, and you didn’t have to either, but you couldn’t help but care, far, far away you kept an eye on him, to make sure he was fine, sometimes you would find him sleep in the library and put a blanket over him, or a hot coco in his desk, although, he always thought it was Leta.

And you’re fine with that,  looking after him in silence. But you must break that silencie when you found out he was being expelled. So you run.

You run as fast as you could. Even when the salty water blur your eyes, you kept running, trying to catch the train whose whistle started to announce its departure.

“Newt! Newt”

His head pop out of a window, his teary eyes widen at your picture, running out of breath after him.

“I never dump you! I never stopped caring! I will always care!”

A small smile appeared in his sad face, his soft eyes were seeing directly to yours “I will owl you!” He said before disappearing from your vision.

“I love you…”


And you didn’t see Newt for years, sometimes you owl each other, but it wasn’t constant, you just know he had became a Magizoologist, and you’re so happy for him, actually you worked in the same department as him in the Ministry of Magic, but you entered by the time he was already in some sort of trip, so you never saw each other.

Until you got a new work, apparently someone in your division who was writing a book of magical creatures, make some “minor” disturbances in New York during his trip, your assignment was to assist and monitor him.

Big was your surprise when you found out that your new coworker was no one but Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, your best friend, your first love, the one you have “recovered from”.

“Newton” you said with a high pitch of surprise.

“Y/N” he smiled with gleaming eyes “You can call me Newt, you know?” A playful shy smile was painted in his freckled face.

And from that moment there was that “click” again, but this time, you will do it the right way, you wouldn’t fall for him, so you wouldn’t lost him.

Except that you didn’t do it the right way.

You actually fall for him, again.

But how could someone not fall for the caring, loving, handsome, shy, fantastic, quirky and absolutely adorable Magizoologist?

And that’s why you couldn’t blame Tina for falling for him too.

Apparently Newt has the same feelings for her. So the story was repeating. But you’re going to be strong, and do it the right way, you couldn’t get distant with Newt, again, you couldn’t lost him.

But nooo, you suck doing the right way in this too. You sight as you see the hot coco in your mug.

“Oh hun, please stop.” Said Queenie, the poor legilimens who has been all the week listening to your useless thoughts because you have been remembering your story with Newt all over again.

Maybe it was because you sure was losing Newt again!

“Maybe you should talk to him.”

“I don’t know Queenie… you know I have already lost him… And I don’t want to do it again…” The blonde and you had met in your Hogwarts years, but only by letters, you got involved in a funny event where you send an owl randomly and you met someone new from every part of the world, Queenie received yours, since then you had been owling each other.

You were surprised but mostly glad when Newt returned to New York with you to make a visit to the Goldstein sisters, and find out that this Queenie was actually the Queenie you knew, because it didn’t matter if you haven’t met her in person until that day, to you, Queenie Goldstein was your best friend.

“Oh dear, you’re my best friend too! How sweet!” You blush slightly and chuckle, the bubbly character of Queenie always cheer you up.

“Newt will be jealous if he finds out!”

Your face fades a little, sure he was going to, but just because of friendship.

“Oh hun! I’m sorry I didn’t meant to… You… Well, I insist you to talk with Newt.”

You look at her, maybe she was right… Queenie was right most part of the time. The legilimens laughed. “Well thank you!”

“Yeah… Maybe I should talk to Newt about this, even if he doesn’t see me the way I see him, also some time together could bright me up!”

“Yes! Now got into that case!”

Now you laugh, it was feeding time anyway.

“Thanks Queenie! You’re the best!” you said before going into the case, jumping a little.

“Oh, I know” Queenie smiled, suddenly her face went pale and her smile faded.


You were in Newt’s small shed, rolling up the sleeves of your working shirt, when someone open the door that separated the comfy room from a fantastic world full of the creatures that you utterly love. The handsome magizoologist made his appearance being completely adorable.

“Hi!” you greeted smiling “It’s feeding time! Also, can I talk to you about something?”

“Um, sure” his lopsided smile appeared in his face. “But, erm, it’s just that I’ve already feed the animals, with Tina.”

With Tina.

“Oh…” by the corner of your eye you could see Tina behind Newt, holding hands with him.

“It’s okay right? It’s just, I needed to talk some stuff with her and… Merlin’s beard, a-are you mad?”

You were staring directly to the floor, trying to hide your face. “Oh… Oh no, Newt, i-it’s fine” you forced a smile to him “Honestly I’m like super glad, I was too tired today! Now that I don’t have anything to do, I will go up an rest. Bye!” You climb up quickly and run out of the building just to collide into Queenie, who was in the front door fixing her scarf.

“A-Are you going out?” You said cleaning your tears, it was useless to lied to her, she was a legilimens.

Queenie nod with a sympathetic smile. “I’m going to MACUSA for some papers, and then I’ll visit Jacob, do you wanna come?”

“I sure want to” you link your arm with hers and you to stared to walk, you really needed distraction.


The walk with the blonde really helped, you were amazed by the architecture of the MACUSA building, and Jacob’s pastries really helped lighten your mood, the owner of the bakery decided to walk you home.

So the five of you were currently having dinner in a, little, uncomfortable silence.

“You know? Y/N went with me to MACUSA!” Queenie exclaimed out of nowhere, you lift up your face with curiosity.

“Oh nice! Did you like it?” Tina smiled at you excited.

“Oh, yes, the architecture is very catching” you said shyly playing with a baby carrot in your plate.

“Well Y/N just looked  interested in architecture, but some Aurors looked more interested in Y/N” Queenie said with a playful demeanor.

Your ears went red.

“Queenie!” you scold ashamed.

“Oh! And then, at the bakery, a bunch of no-majs were thinking a little bit loud about Y/N too!”

Newt seemed to flinch, you looked at him with curiosity, why did he reacted that way…? Your mind managed to create a lot of theories and conspiracies.

Then you see it.

Tina’s arm had brushed Newt’s. That was why he flinched, because he was shy and cute, and skin contact with another human affected him in such a beautiful way…

“Yeah… I-It was funny” you smiled a little “Jacob’s delicious creations has already satisfied my appetite, so sorry” you excuse yourself and went to Newt’s and yours bedroom.


You went down into the case, just to stopped to see Leta’s picture, it still hurts that Newt has a photo of Leta but none of you…

A sigh scape from your mouth as you went to the Niffler’s cave, the little pest was so nice at you. The furry animal curled up at your chest when you carry him in a hug.

“Hey there buddy…” you said rubbing his belly, he made content sounds making you chuckle. “You know? I wish I could be a Niffler, to stole Newt’s shiny golden heart…”

You see the small creature as a tear rolled down to your sad smile.

“Why was Leta a better Niffler than me?” You sit against the Niffler’s habitat cooing him. “I mean, I understand that Tina is a better Niffler, she is so cool and badass and just… I dunno, although Leta was badass too… Maybe it’s because I’m clumsy sometimes? Or do I cry too much?” you looked up to the sky “I’m a terrible little pest… Maybe I should have stayed away from Newt, I would like to run away…”

The Niffler make a little squeak, afraid of losing you.

You chuckle hugging him more “But I have you… And all the creatures, the case… Everything… Newt…” you sight while your voice cracked “Newt… Why did I had to fall in love with him…?” you cried, stressed “At Hogwarts I thought It was just a crush, but all this time, I never move from him, what does that means? That I will love him forever?” You lift up the Niffler trying to figure out an answer.

“I certainly hope so…” a well-known voice said behind you.

You froze.

Slowly, but like, really slowly, you turn around to see Newt’s head pop out behind the Niffler’s tree.

“O-Oh my god… I didn’t, I-I wasn’t… I… I…” you covered your face trying to hide your shame, the Niffler run into his shiny cave, like giving you two some privacy.


You looked at him, making the effort to not break at his sight “I-Im so sorry, I-I didn’t meant to ruin our friendship, and I don’t want anything to change! I know you would never liked me back and that’s why I never told you! We can just pretend you didn’t heard anything!” you smiled, in an attempt to be strong.

“I’m tired of pretending, Y/N…”

Your heart broke a little, the fear running through your veins.

“S-So… Y-You want me to disap-”

Newt interrupted you abruptly.

“I’m tired of pretending I’m not in love with you, Y/N.”

Your eyes widened as you opened your mouth in surprise. “Y-You… You what?” Were you dreaming?

“I’m completely in love with my best friend, with you.”

“But you and Tina…” in your mind, this wasn’t making any sense.

Newt sigh walking in front of you, he helped you stand up holding you close to him.

“Yeah, that’s true, I was attracted to Tina, and also to Leta, but it’s not like what I feel for you, and I thought they could make my feelings go away… But they couldn’t, and I didn’t notice how much did it hurt you…” you could notice the glossy regret in his eyes as he caresses your cheek. “I… Queenie show me your letters to her… The ones were you told her how sad you were when Leta came, and how you cared about me in silence even though I always thought it was Leta, I also notice the marks of tears in the paper…” he sighed “Oh Y/N… I’m so sorry, I was so… So confused, and mad, because when I decided to tell you my feelings you started to get away, and I thought it was because you’re tired of me, and that you could never love me… But I didn’t realize I was the one that was pushing you back…”

You wanted to say something, but all this information gathering into your brain was to much to stated an understandable sentence, so you just stared directly at Newt’s eyes, at those beautiful green sea eyes that shines with a hint of ambar like a sun.

“And I didn’t notice either that it was happening again… I don’t love Tina… She is a really good friend, she was helping me to get over my feelings with you because I couldn’t take it anymore and I didn’t wanted to lose you…”

Newt looked directly in to your eyes, you move your hand softly and stroke his cheek, then in a delicate movement you pinched his cheek.

He flinched at the sudden attack. “What was that for?”

“I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming…”

A little smile spread across your face as Newt’s thumb cleaned away your sad tears.

“Y/N I-”

You cut him off, brushing your lips against his in a subtle, sweet movement, like an invitation for a dance, which Newt gladly accepted when he placed his hands around your waist, pulling you as closer as he could and shutting down his eyes to concentrate in the feeling of your lips, as the beat of your hearts started to race, the rhythm of the dance became more passionated, you and Newt had a perfect synchrony, the perfect match.

As the dance finished and you two pull out to breath, it was everything understood. You and Newt smiled to each other in a silent agreement. He pull you into a hug, ready to live the love you two have deserved for so many years.

Neither of you were going to lose each other, never.

You and him, started dancing again.

The end.


“Why don’t you have a photo of me like Leta’s?”


Newt sight as he searched for something in his peacock blue coat, the he suddenly take out a A6 sized album full of photos of you two and just you.

“Oh…” you blushed.

“Wait, I think I have other photos here” he searched again, making you chuckle.

“Oh! You really love me, don’t you Mr. Scamander?”

“Just a smidge” he said with a happy flattered smile.


Omg it’s my first fanfic ever xD I hope that it was okay and you had enjoyed it, pls tell me what I could do better! Thank you guys I really love this fandom! (Yeah, I’m kind of new in HP community, but so far it’s beautiful ) Be a limited edition in this world full of cheap copies! And remember, your existences matters.

Pretty Boy - Soulmate!Au Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by pandasubaru

Summary: Soulmate!Au - Your soulmates first words appear as a tattoo on your body. Imagine (Y/N)’s reaction when her tattoo reads ‘Welcome to Starbucks, may I take your order?’.

[Prompt from this link!]

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1.2k was suppose to be shorter but oh well

A/N: Requests are open! Send me some requests ❤️
This fic is a small cute one to make up for the few days of inactivity - a fluffy requested fic for bucky is coming up along with a Loki one soon! (; yay!



‘Welcome to Starbucks, may I take your order?

Written perfectly on her arm, she traced her fingers over the ink before sliding her sleeve back down. She loved knowing the fact that she knew where to meet her soulmate or what their job is but every employee is made to greet their customers that way. That makes it almost impossible to know who she was destined to fall in love with unless they point out their tattoo.

'I fucking hate it! I hate it so much, I hate how it gives me an advantage but at the same times gives me such a disadvantage!’

She took a sip of her caramel frappe in front of her before setting it down and leaning back in her chair. She couldn’t help it, she always found her way to Starbucks. Whether it was after school or right before they close, her legs found their way there. There wasn’t a street in her town that didn’t have one, and so she’d visit them all.

She was desperate to find her soulmate because she had never experience love or any relationship before. Most of the girls in school grew up with an hourglass figure and a slim body. Her? Not so much. She was big in the wrong places and small in the wrong places. She hated herself, but she loved the fact that somewhere out there, there is someone made for her. Yeah, having a pointless high school relationship would have been cool and a way to boost her ego but deep down she knew that her soulmate would have to accept her. Nobody else did, but she knew they would have to.

Sure, they made look at her like she was a mutant rat but they were soulmates, two people destined to fall in love. No one can just avoid that.

She sat there staring at her cup, clearly in deep thought as a man ran into the store out of breath and panting.

“I’m so sorry, Steve! I know I’m 20 minutes late and that you had to stay over but my car broke down and I had to run here.” He quickly ran behind the counter before picking up a green apron and tying it around him.

“Save it, Buck. My family needs me, I have to go.” The mad friend, apparently named Steve, forcefully ripped the apron off his body before setting it onto the hook and proceeding to walk out the door.

“Yeah, I hope everything’s fine. Sorry again.” The ding from the bell above the door went off as Steve walked out. Once again, the store was quiet. She was the only one there, sitting in the corner waiting for her friend to arrive. As if on cue, her phone went off. The mans eyes wandered to the back corner when he heard the ringtone, staring at the woman sitting alone.

“Hey, Nat.”

“(Y/N)! Hey, the traffic out here sucks but I’ll be there in a few minutes, mind ordering my drink? By the time I get there, it’ll be done and I’ll pay.”

“Sure thing, love. See you soon, bye.”

Buckys eyes were still focused on the mysterious woman, eavesdropping on her conversation. He had to admit, his heart dropped a little when he heard her call the person on the phone ’love’. Yeah, he didn’t know her but he was somewhat attracted to her. He figured the person on the phone was probably her boyfriend or girlfriend so he left it at that.

She adjusted her body in her chair, cracking her back before standing up. The moment she shifted in her seat he turned around and pulled out his phone as a distraction, he didn’t want her noticing that he was staring at her. She walked up to the counter before leaning on it and realizing the man wasn’t paying attention.'Late and absent minded. Employee of the month.’ She thought to yourself.

“Hey, pretty boy! Here to take an order.” Her voice echoed as he silently cursed to himself and turning around with a smile.

“Welcome to Starbucks, may I take your order-” His words suddenly stopped in shock as his eyes widened. Utterly confused, she felt her forehead wrinkle as her eyebrows furrowed together. He heard that before - not because someone has said it to him before - but because he read it on his arm his entire life.

“What-” He knew what this meant, or what it could possibly mean. Was it possible that she was his soulmate? Before finishing his sentence he stared her down, staring at every perfect curve on her body from up close. He soon realized she was staring at him in a creeped out and confused way, so he quickly finished his sentence.

“Wh-What did you say?” His voice completely stuttered making her confusion grow even more.

“I said I’m here for an order.” Her arms found their way to each other before crossing.

“No, before that.”

“Why does that matter- oh my god.” Her hand found their way to her mouth as she realized what was happening. A smile lit on his face, that could only mean one thing.

“So you are!” His voice gained volume from the excitement and adrenaline pumping through his veins.

“No fucking way, no fucking way. Holy shit this can’t be happening.” They both rolled up their sleeves and flashed the inked words in the others direction.

'Hey, pretty boy!’ It was printed clear as day on his arm. His gaze connected with hers as huge smile appeared on his face. Surprisingly, he held out his hand for a shake. She giggled before slowly accepting.

“James Barnes, but please call me Bucky.”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N). I get called a lot of things but I prefer (Y/N).” His face was in awe as he stared down every feature displayed on her face.

“Wow, can I just say that I hit the jackpot? You’re absolutely beautiful.” Her cheeks began to turn from her natural skin tone to a bright pink color.

“I-I uh, thank you.”

Before he could respond, the door bell dinged and Nat walked through.

“Hey, (Y/N)! Sorry I’m late, I guess that means we’re even because remember that one time you were late to my surprise birthday party? Yeah, the one you planned for me.” Nat laughed before walking up to (Y/N) and giving her a hug.

“Wow I didn’t know my soulmate was such a bad friend.” (Y/N) playfully leaned across the counter and slapped his arm. “Hey! Ow!” His arms raised up in defense as he laughed at her.

Natasha was standing there with her arms crossed, a huge smirk across her face as she watched the two. “Soulmate, huh? Maybe we should meet up another day, huh (Y/N)? Seems like you already have plans.”

“Yeah, I guess I do.” (Y/N)’s eyes wandered back over to the smiling man before mirroring his reaction. “But do you want to come over tonight? I have no plans. I can’t just exactly bail on you right now.”

“Hey you, blue eyes. Have any plans tonight?” Natasha completely ignored (Y/N)’s question and looked up at the Starbucks employee.

“Uh wha-?” He cut his sentence off short before staring at her in uncertainty. “I mean, no? no I don’t?”

“Now you do! See you tomorrow (Y/N)!” Before she could say anything, Nat snatched the drink out of her hands and gave her a wink. She took a sip from the cup before walking out the front doors.

“Did she just ask me out for you?”

“I guess she did, pretty boy.”

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The Martha Washington, Fashion Queen Post

Okay, so I feel I have to address an issue, I, as a thoroughly ignorant Brit, didn’t know until now.


Now, granted, I’ve not had much exposure to American history, outside of my gran showing me Gone With The Wind, and the little I gleaned growing up from Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Simpsons, and National Treasure.
Watching Turn and having international friends who are enthusiastic about their history was a massive epiphany for me. Wait, there’s a whole new arena of history I haven’t explored? Sweet!

But on of my pre-conceived notions from all that pop-culture was that Martha Washington was a Founding Grandmother. You know…

Looks like little Red Riding Hood’s granny…

Look, granny! Carries knitting in one hand (possibly patriotic knitting. After all, Betsy Ross doesn’t just get dibs.)

Why Grandmamma, what big 1780s caps you have! (all the better to be First Lady with, my dear…)

From the paintings and iconography of Martha Washington, I’d have been very surprised if she didn’t own a rocking-chair. And I’m sure, in later life, she did. But that wasn’t ALL there was to Martha….

Wait, THIS is Martha, too?!

At first, there seems nothing to connect the staid, sensible-looking old lady in the first few portraits to this reconstructed painting of young Martha Washington, or the “Widow Custis.”

One of the first things I was struck by was that for a long time, Washington wasn’t really “George Washington” pre-Revolutionary War. He was the ‘Widow Custis’ husband’.

Now, according to Wikipedia:

“Martha Washington has traditionally been seen as a small, frumpy woman, who spent her days at the Revolutionary War winter encampments visiting with the common soldiers in their huts.”

I think the Widow Custis’ rather fabulous wardrobe would beg to disagree!

See the colours up there? Blue - especially that deep indigo blue - was tradionally one of the most expensive dyes available. No-one who could afford indigo is EVER going to be accused of being frumpy by 18th century peers.

Also - I could write a whole essay about Martha Washington and the colour yellow.

This particular shade, known as “Imperial yellow” ,was a big thing in both 18th century East and West. Like the fad for Chinoiserie that was prevalent at the time, this was a cultural fashion import from China.

According to an article by the University of Nottingham,

“Yellow, as one of the five colours derived from the Five Elements Theory surpassed the other colours when it became the emblem of emperor. It was thought that the emperor was located in the centre of the five directions and the centre was represented by the element earth and the colour yellow. “

The idea struck a chord with the 18th century west, and yellow became an increasingly popular colour in gowns for the upper class, gradually filtering down to the middle classes towards the end of the 18th century. Back in the 1750s when Martha was the young, attractive, fiery Widow Custis, this would have made one heck of an impact, especially in the colonies. It showed her wealth and status in one go as well as - her ability to source fabrics from the other end of the earth.

I’m also going to add that when marrying Washington, Martha’s wedding gown of choice?

Imperial Yellow. Plain and frumpy this ain’t. Martha’s practically wearing a solid gold dress.

(Reproduction on display at Mount Vernon)

And, keeping up that ‘indigo blue/purple’ is one of the most expensive dyes around theme?

May I present the First Lady’s extremely sassy wedding shoes? In purple silk and gilt thread - and with that ahem, ‘imperial yellow’ silk lining peeping out there?

to quote the excellent @americanrevolutionhotties, these were the ‘Manolo Blahniks’ of their day. And they certainly say “you are one LUCKY man, Georgie boy” in spades (although George was by no means a shabby dresser himself, the gorgeous red-haired dork.) Martha was 27 when she married him, a young, attractive widow  and businesswoman with two children and an incredible inheritance from her previous husband. This must have been the powerhouse wedding of the century!

Being an absolute costume nerd, I did a bit more research into Martha Washington’s wardrobe. What else did this fashion forward woman have in her linen press?


This gown’s an absolute confection! Pink, embroidered satin, muslin and fine lace sleeves - and don’t froget, touch of yellow in the florals there. Martha still kept her style!

It’s sometimes incorrectly named her ‘inaugural ballgown’, as it’s part of the Smithsonian’s First Ladies Inaugural Gown collection. Martha strongly disapproved of George being President and actually didn’t show up for his inauguration. She was at home, busy ‘packing’. (So you can add strong-willed and independent to the list of amazing things Martha is, too)

There’s also this rather fantastic gold brocaded ballgown. The colours have faded, but you can see traces of the original colour in the bodice -and can you imagine it glittering by candlelight at a dinner table?

In her later years, Martha adopted a simpler transitional 1790s style that’s mostly commonly shown in the portraits of her as an older lady; practical, in keeping with her status, but a little more restrained (as befits a sober older lady, by the standards of the time) Still, amazingly classy in silk…

(Also, plus-size, and still rocking it. You go, girl!)

Loving the button detailing, very chic.

Sadly, these are the only gowns that survive intact from Martha’s wardrobe. Martha was nothing if not practical and a lot of her and George’s clothes were cut up and distributed to admirers and friends. But luckily, Mount Vernon has a great collection of these remnants of finery, so I’m going to post the “scraps of history” here, with a few thoughts on what they might have been…

Gorgeous red brocade with blue and gold trailing flowers! You can still see the folds where it was pleated, probably into a robe francaise. According to Mount Vernon, the little circle you can see cut-out is too small to be an armhole. It was probably used by her granddaughter to make a pin-cushion.


And this lovely green damask - hey, there’s something that probably looked like the gown Martha wears in Turn! Full points, costume designers!

AMAZINGLY similar lace, saved from Martha’s wedding gown. The exquisite lace sleeves would be re-used on other gowns as an accessory. Again, 10/10, Turn costume designers!

one of my favourites out of the Mount Vernon collection. The peach and white and brown… oh, would look stunning on a brunette!  I can only imagine this in an open robe, or a robe francaise, or anglaise, or… *grabby hands at fabric* 

well, look who’s rocking 18th century fuchsia and imperial yellow together! DAMN IT MARTHA, GIVE ME YOUR FASHION SENSE.This is my other favourite, in case you couldn’t tell…

and finally, this gorgeous white handpainted silk. You can only imagine what this must have looked like in a gown.

Fashion history lesson over, kids. Spread the word. Martha Washington was an outrageous, daring, fabulous fashion queen.

Taehyung As Your Boyfriend

Originally posted by mvssmedia


Oh boy here’s my smol child pray for me a little~

Meeting Him:

  • Ok I see it going two ways to be honest
  • Either he’s blank Tae and you think he may slightly hate you but then you see him with his friends so you think he needs to warm up to you. 
  • OR
  • He is super nice and sweet and he pays attention to every word you say so you can’t HELP but think ‘wow I’m falling for him’
  • He texts you the most random stuff and you can’t help but question his sanity
  • Perfect for super duper duper deep conversations at like 3 AM
  • SUCH a good listener like I look up to him for how much eye contact he shares
  • Also good for when you need to hype up and you both jam to music weallknowwhatheslikeduringcypher
  • But will sing to you. Anytime anyday #blessed
  • Sarcastic af
  • You never know when you two go to far
  • He’ll fake being sad and pout all the time when you are sassy
  • He’s like a big brother tbh. I can see the big brother vibesss
  • But also a giant child

Asking You Out:

  • Ya’ll are just chilling outside one day and he just looks at you deeply and he just flat out says it. Maybe you notice his sweaty palms holding yours and his wide eyes and nervous lip bite holycow but you know you already say yes
  • Or you ask him out. Tbh you probably are both really clingy so you just flat out say you like him. 
  • PDA
  • Literally he looks at you like you’re his world
  • Talks about getting a pet to share
  • “Do you think that cars ever want to rest and for us to take them somewhere”
  • “What the heck Tae it’s 3 AM”
  • He will definitely send you a derp picture every day on tour
  • Late night video chats too
  • OK BUT I can see a flour fight when you two try and bake something cus you’re both children 
  • Him snuggled as close to you as possible
  • Cupple’s outfits YAS

First Kiss And Such:

  • Ok but-
  • I don’t see Taehyung as kissing you a lot in the first place
  • BUT BUT BUT the first one is probably just an innocent peck before he pulls away grinning like a kid
  • Eskimo Kisses for those who don’t know that’s rubbing your noses together it’s ok I didn’t know that at first
  • Hand kisses to because why not
  • Probably kisses you dramatically you know like he does with the camera sometimes
  • Tbh I don’t see a lot of making out and stuff with him unless you’re super far in your relationship
  • Dates though
  • Very very spontaneous
  • Like “hey it’s winter and 1 AM but I can’t sleep let’s get ice cream”
  • In the freezing cold
  • Playground dates on swings hooooomyGOD
  • Will always remember your anniversary and you will be treated RIGHT sister
  • I can see him buying some expensive stuff for his girlfriend lets be real
  • Also carnival dates
  • Cloud watching
  • He cups your cheeks alot
  • Fort building is a daily I would love to make a fort with him omg
  • Spontaneous races to see who can do something faster
  • Just a really open relationship 
  • I see him shutting down and being quiet if ya’ll fight
  • But if he yells oh boy you both will regret that
  • Will need some time to himself when angry or stressed
  • Gets quiet when jealous or sUPER CLINGY LIKE WOW
  • “Y/N let’s go to the store” he says as he pouts tugging on your sleeve to get you away from the guy who is flirting
  • But when you guys go to the store you both will buy every junk food there especially if it has cute packaging
  • Did I go in depth on this one? No? Well anyWAY he’s such a soft cutie pls love him

A/N THANK you~ for reading this I put a link to my Jimin one up top but if it doesn’t work let ya girl know ya know. I’m no expert on writing but pssshhh and this is my POV so please give feedback if you have time

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How about a simply ridiculous prompt? Winteriron, with the first time Tony farted in front of his bf. And he's mortified- Bucky is his first boyfriend, who is more experienced with the dating scene but who is sticking with Tony for some reason?? And Tony is sure that he's screwed this up now, that Bucky will be beyond disgusted. Ofc Bucky is no such thing and reassures Tony (after laughing his ass off/some other reaction). XP

This work can be found on my Ao3 here. Guess who deviated from the prompt again!!! Who is surprised tho. With some side Stevetasha because apparently I ship that now. Watch out for under the cut!

“When did Natasha start farting in front of you,” Bucky asked, frowning, as he fiddled with Steve’s oil pastels.

Steve slapped his hand away, setting down a red pastel and grabbing a gray one instead. “Stop it. I have those in the order I want.” He turned back to his easel. “And Natasha doesn’t fart in front of me.”

Bucky stared at him in disbelief. “…You’ve lived together for three years.”

“I’m not even sure she poops.”

“What the fuck, Steve.” Bucky turned as the door to Steve’s apartment opened. “Natasha, you poop.”

Natasha paused in the act of pulling one of her ballet flats off, still halfway through the door. She instead chose to stare at him silently in a mixture of disbelief and offense. Bucky could admit that it was not exactly unwarranted.

“Steve wasn’t sure.”

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The Curls

Y/N had always hated her hair, ever since she was kid. She hated that people would touch it, run their dirty hands through it, she hates that she couldn’t brush it or else she would have an afro. She hated how much she had to maintain it, so when she turned fifteen she started to straighten it. It gave her more room to do things with her hair, it allowed her to run her hands through it and not create a mess, it allowed her to brush it every once a while. 

She had gotten into the habit of dedicating two hours of her life to straightening her hair, at this point in her life people hardly ever knew she had curly hair. When they found out it was like someone had just told them Santa was real, they got all excited, confused, asked to see it. It was annoying. 

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“If I Could Tell Her” Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: “Hi, can you do a fic based off “If I could tell her” from Dear Evan Hansen with a fluffy ending please 💕” ~ @actual–hobbit

Warnings: Fighting, Guilt, The death of Alex Summers :(

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL, Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: Ok, @actual–hobbit! I’m a theatre kid myself, but I’ve never seen Dear Evan Hansen. Needless to say, I did some research after getting your request and I LOVE the story and this beautiful song. I may have changed some things up (Alex wasn’t really abusive, like Connor) and I don’t think I made it fluffy enough at the end, but I really hope you like it! Thanks for requesting (and introducing me to a fantastic new musical <3) ) and have a groovy day!

(P.S. It sounds just as incest-y in the song. I promise. Beautiful song, though. Give it a listen. )


SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7h7c_L_Yp4

Peter felt like he was begging for a distraction. He wished that he could just sit down and read like a normal person. Instead, he paced the room with his History book open and his attention snagging on everything in his line of sight. He let out an exasperated groan and stuffed the book inside his backpack. Maybe, Y/N could help. He never had trouble focusing on her. She always grabbed his attention. That was part of the reason why he was failing history.

He knocked lightly on the door, to no response.

“Y/N?” He pushed the door open and looked around the room. No one.

“Damnit.” He whispered, plopping down in her desk chair. He scanned the walls and shelves pensively. He was in her dorm all the time, but he’d never really looked around that much. He was always there to watch movies and things like that. Not to mention Y/N was typically in there with him, meaning his level of attention to things other than her was pretty limited.

It was a home-y little room, filled with little decorations and pictures of her family and friends. He stood, picking up a picture from her shelf. Jean and Y/N in front of the Statue of Liberty. He smiled and grabbed another. Him and Y/N laying out on the grass in front of the school. It had only been a few days after the battle with Apocalypse. Peter still had his cast on. It had been a long couple of days and everyone was beyond exhausted. They’d fallen asleep by the lake and Jubilee managed to capture the picture before they woke up. As he propped the photo back up against the shelf, a loose photo fell from the back of the frame.  He grabbed it just before it hit the floor. It was an older photo, dusty with bend corners. Captured in the frame was Y/N, her bothers, and an older man and woman. Her parents. He remembered seeing them at her brother’s funeral. She had written on the bottom of it. Summers’ 1975.

He studied the family, feeling a churn in his stomach. Alex Summers had died the day Peter evacuated the school during an explosion. Turns out, he had missed someone.

Alex was a friend. More importantly, he was a good person. Peter had never forgiven himself for overlooking him. Five months after his death, and Peter still felt nauseous at the thought of it. He should have gone deeper into the blast. He may have been able to get him out in time. If only he had gotten there just a little bit sooner. Alex deserved to make it out, not Peter.

He swallowed thickly. He was never fast enough. Not when it mattered.

He rested the photo up against the back of the shelf trying to erase it from his thoughts, but he couldn’t get the tightness out of his chest.

Suddenly, a distraction presented itself. A muffled door slam echoed down the hallway followed by quick footsteps. Y/N flung the door open and throw her bag down on the bed, tears in her eyes.

Peter stood, “Y/N?”

She jumped and flipped around.

“Oh, God. I’m sorry, Peter. I didn’t know you were in here.” She wiped the tears from her cheeks with the back of her sleeve and sat down on the bed, trying to gather herself. Peter joined her on the bed, hesitantly.

“What happened to you?”

Y/N took a deep breath. He could tell she was trying her hardest not to cry.

“Scott…He hates me… Alex hated me to.”

Peter frowned. Y/N loved her older brothers more than anything, but she wasn’t really that close to either of them. Alex had been gone a lot with the school and the X-men while she was growing up. That, in itself, had its effects. Every time she talked to him, it was as if they barely knew each other. Presumably because, they did barley know each other. They had both wanted to be closer, but neither of them knew how to get there. Scott, on the other hand, was with her everyday, growing up. They never left each other’s side until Alex died. After the funeral, they stopped talking and started fighting.

The tightness in Peter’s stomach returned.

“Scott doesn’t hate you, Y/N. And Alex didn’t either. He thought you were awesome.”

Y/N scoffed turning away from him.

“He thought I was awesome? My brother?” She whispered, intrigued by the comment. He followed her eyes, climbing over on the bed so that she was looking at him again.


“How?” She seemed to cling to his words. Like, it was the only thing left that could prove her wrong.

“He’d talk about you all the time, Y/N. He thought it was so funny that you’d fill out those quizzes in magazines…And you know how your mom gets angry when you draw on the cuffs of your jeans when you get bored…he knew all about that.” Peter paused, seeing the tears in her eyes. She gave him a watery smile.

“He loved your smile…” Peter whispered, “He said you’d never know how great it makes people feel when you smile”.

Y/N looked down at her feet. She would’ve killed to hear Alex say those things. Any of them.

“Did he say anything else?” Peter was caught off guard.

“A-about you?”

“Never mind, I don’t really care anyways-“

Peter grabbed her shoulder, still fumbling to hold her attention, “No, no, no—just, no, no—he said—he said so many things, I’m just—I’m trying to remember the best ones.”

Y/N laughed and caught a tear that was rolling down her cheek.

“Remember in middle school? When you put indigo streaks in your hair?”

Y/N nodded, remembering. She had begged her mom to let her dye her hair over the summer. It had taken her weeks to convince her, but she was entirely too happy when she finally caved.

“He thought it was really cool, when you did that.”

“He did?”

“Yeah! And whenever you danced at Jubilee’s birthday last year, he said you danced like the rest of the world wasn’t even there!”

Y/N laughed as Peter sat up on his knees, grabbing her hands. She sighed and looked over at the family photo on her nightstand. She took it, running her fingers over the glass pane.

“Hey…” Peter tilted her chin up to look at him, “Don’t worry about Scott. He’ll come around.”

She nodded sadly.

“You’ve both had something…something terrible happen to you. Sometimes, being there for someone is the best thing you can do. “

Peter could feel the pit in his stomach begin to return. 

Y/N looked back at the picture, “It just seems like he’s so far away. It’s like I don’t know anything.”

Peter felt short of breath. If only he could tell her how much sleep he lost at night. If only he could tell her how he’d never forgive himself. If only he could tell her about how her smile seemed to make the sick feeling in his stomach go away for a while. That sort of subtle, perfect, real smile. If only he could tell her it was him who loved her blue hair and her stupid dancing and her magazine quizzes and the cuffs of her jeans. It was him who lived for her smile. It was him who loved her.

If only he could tell her.



Check “The MIND vs The HEART” video first, please! 0:25 to 0:44 and I think it will made this a little more funny ^^

Logan poured himself some coffee and picked up his new book, “The Ultimate Trivial Pursuit – Question & Answer Book”. He was halfway through it and so far he could proudly announce that he knew the answers to most of the questions, even BEFORE reading the book. So satisfying. He exited the kitchen and was heading to his room when he heard an enthusiastic scream through the front door.

“Logic! Logic, look what I have! Just look at it!”. Morality crashed in around the corner and was rushing his way.

“Morality, slow down! You’ll-!”


“Oh my Gosh! I am so, so sorry!”, Morality shrieked, lifting himself up from the floor. Logan lay on his back, after running into Patton, completely covered in fresh coffee. In a panicked gesture, he lifted his book high above his head, saving it. It was, however, the only thing not drenched in coffee.

“I told you to slow down”, he exclaimed, throwing his head back in irritation.

“Oh, don’t be mad… I’ll help you”, Patton pleaded reaching out his hand, which Logan took with a sigh.

“Give me those things, I’ll throw them in the washing machine immediately. Come!”. Patton, still holding Logan’s hand, pulled him in the direction of the bathroom.

“I’m terribly sorry, I just wanted to show you the new onesies I’ve found. I have them here!”. Patton shook the bag, staring at Logic, who seemed distracted, he still didn’t really know how to react.

“I’m also covered in coffee, we need to take these cOFFee!”. Morality, fast as lightning, undressed himself to his underwear, threw them into the washing machine and faced Logan, who stared at him with an open mouth.

“C’mon silly goose, undress”, Morality giggled, grabbing the sleeve of Logic’s shirt and pulled it off, shifting his glasses slightly.

“Morality, for the love of-… I can undress myself” he answered, troubled. He felt a blush coming up and, without discussion, took off his trousers.

“Y’know, I don’t have anything to wear here, I don’t want to go flaunt naked throughout the whole house-“

“Oh that’s fine! It so happens that I have something suitable!”, Morality announced, taking out a kitty and a unicorn onesie from the bag. “Aren’t these the most adorable thing?!”

“If you insist…”, Logan gave in, he didn’t consider them ‘the most adorable’ considering the circumstances. “Fine, hand one over”, he announced resigned. He was startled when he realised how soft and comfortable the unicorn onesie was. Morality happily pulled on his kitty pyjamas and they both finally left the bathroom. Logan immediately snuck off into his bedroom, repressing the tenderness he felt in his chest. He didn’t know what to do with it so he decided to try to calm down a bit first. He sat in silence, for a couple of minutes but, after a while, someone knocked on his door.

“Can I come in…?” Morality’s hesitant voice sounded from behind the door.

“Go ahead”, Logan responded. Dad came in with remorse shown on his face and 2 steaming mugs.

“I made you some coffee, considering you spilled yours because of me…”

“Thank you, you can place it on the desk” he replied. Patton set the mug aside and was heading for the door, when Logic stopped him.

“You can stay a while, if you want” he said. Morality turned around, hopeful. One strand of hair falling in front of his eye. “I can read you a couple fun facts from this book. It’s truly fascinating”

“Sure! I’d love to!”, he called out happily as he sat on the bed adjacent to him. Logan read and Morality lifted the mug to his lips….and disappeared. Logic didn’t even notice, too absorbed in his lecture and reading out loud, when suddenly he found himself in a different ambiance.

Again HUGS, credit and thanks to @beholdagay for translating this! I’m so happy!

Why?| Bucky Barnes X Reader. (Part 7)

Summary: Reader started to question their relationship and then walks in on something she never expected.

Pairing: Reader x Steve, Reader x Wesley, Reader x Michelle

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 1000+

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(Tim Drake x Reader)

Summary: You didn’t expect Tim’s surprise to be so surprising 

Requested: yes, by a fabulous anon 

Request: 27, 29, 43 please gorgeous with Timmy

Prompts: 27. “You did what?!” 29. “You seriously got a tattoo?” 43. “Soo… Sex?”

Warning/s: mention of sex

“You did what?!” You shouted over the phone at your boyfriend Tim. You thought Jason was this dumb but not your Tim too. 

“I got a tattoo. It’s pretty sweet.” Tim said casually. Your eye started to twitch as you gripped your phone tighter, “Where are you?!”

“Oh I’m still at the tattoo salon.”

“Get home. NOW!” You screamed at your phone, “Okay sheesh miss grumpy pants.” You rubbed your temples, trying to ease the headache that was forming.

After thirty minutes you heard the apartment door opening and closing. “TIM!”

“Oh God (y/n)! Don’t scare me like that.”

“Scare you?!”

“Yes you scared me.”

You took deep breaths, counting to ten so you could calm down and not kill this idiot you call your boyfriend. “Hey, check my tattoo.” He said, rolling his left sleeve up. “You seriously got a tattoo?”

“Yeah, check it out.” He said as there were your initials painted in the black paint on his shoulder. “Tim… Why?” He looked at you confused, “What do you mean why? I love you (y/n) and I know you’re my soulmate.”

“Awww Timmy, I love you too,” you blushed, feeling the same bubbly feeling you always get when you’re with Tim, “But I’m still mad.”

“Yeah I figured you’d be,” a silence covered the room in the matter of seconds, “Soo… Sex?” Tim said with a little smirk that seemed hidden but was clearly visible to you.

You glared at your boyfriend so hard you could make the most innocent and adorable puppy run away from you, whimpering. 

“Soo…. that’s a no, right?”

The next day Tim had to walk around with a black eye on his right one, no one can piss you off and not pay for it.

Singled Out//Stiles Stilinski - Part 2

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Noah Stilinski, Reader.

You took Emma over to Stiles, the three of you were going to spend the day together. You and Stiles catching up, and Emma and Stiles getting to know each other.

“There is something I have to tell you.” Stiles says as you walk in the door. “Like right this minute.”

“What’s wrong?” You sit Emma’s diaper bag down on the couch.

“After you left..I started dating Lydia?”

“I uh…okay?” Emma fusses and you bounce with her.

“We’re engaged.”

You feel your heart fall. “Okay..”

“And she’s pregnant.”

You feel like you might pass out. You’re in shock, but he can’t know it. “Well..good for you guys.” You smile. “Does she know?”

“About Emma? Yeah, she actually wants to meet her.”


“Well, she’s home now..”

“Oh, okay..” You nod.

“Hey, Lyd!” He shouts up the stairs.

“Yeah, babe?” You hear her respond. Babe. Your heart hurt even more.

“Come downstairs.”

You hear her approach as Emma holds onto you tightly. You kiss her forehead and smooth her hair back.

“Hey, Y/N.” Lydia smiles when you see her. She looks about five or six months. You wonder if he proposed because she’s pregnant of if they were already engaged.

“Hi.” You smile. Emma hides her face in your neck. “Say hi, baby.” You laugh as she looks at Lydia.

“Wow. You look just like your daddy, don’t you?” She smiles at Emma.

“Do you want to hold her?” You ask

She holds her arms out to Emma and takes her. You catch a glimpse of her ring, it’s huge. You’re glad that he’s happy. You never expected him to stay stuck on a high school girlfriend, but it was still hard.

She holds Emma for awhile before handing her off to Stiles. “I’m going to go over to Kira and Scott’s for awhile. I’ll see you later, babe.”

Stiles kisses her before she leaves. “So, to the park?” He asks you.

You nod and grabs your keys. “Let’s take my car. I have the car seat.” You take Emma from him and take her outside before buckling her in. He gets in the passenger side.

“So what do you do?” He asks as he puts his seatbelt on.

You start the car, “I’m still in school. I’ve been doing school online since I left Beacon Hills. There’s just no way to be a mom and school while affording to live on your own with a baby.”

He sighs, “I could’ve helped with that.”

The problem was that you knew that. You knew all of the advantages of having Stiles help raise Emma. You felt like you would ruin his chances of a successful career. You could have Lydia’s life. That could be you with the huge ring, and the nice house. You could be having your second baby right now.

“I know.” You say simply.

“Are you working?” He asks.

“Yeah, I um….I hope you don’t think this is weird, but I’m doing pre-FBI online. I know we both got accepted to George Washington, I just couldn’t let you know…” You sigh. “I work at the station with your dad.”

“What? Does he know?”

“I haven’t started yet. I start next week.”

“So, you’ll work with me. I’m getting my years of experience at the station.”

“Seriously?” You raise an eyebrow.


“Well, co-parents and co-workers.” You joke. “Anything else?”

He chuckles, “This is going to take some getting used to.”

Emma and Stiles get along really well, it was obvious both of them knew they were missing something.

Things with Stiles were great. You missed having him around. Even though he was with Lydia, neither of them treated you like you were imposing.

You walk into work, your first day. You take a sip of your coffee as you walk into Noah’s office.

“Y/N! I didn’t realize it was you starting.” He stands up and hugs you.

You smile, “It’s nice to see you.”

“I’m going to have to meet Emma, you know.”

“Oh, but of course. She’d love you.” You smile and show him a picture.

“Oh, she looks just like Stiles.” He grins. “She’s precious.”

“I’m taking her to Stiles’ tonight if you want to swing by.”

“Oh I will. You should meet your partner.”

“Jensen, get in here!” He shouts.

A tall dark headed man walks through the door. He’s wearing a button down with the sleeves rolled up, his muscles look like they could bust his shirt open. The facial hair spread across his face makes you weak in the knees.

“Hey, you must be Y/N. I’m Brady Jensen.” He reaches for your hand. Holy Hell.

You take his hand and shake it, “Y/N Y/L/N. Nice to meet you.” You smile.

“Brady will set you up, help you get to know everyone. Let me know if you need anything.” Noah nods.

“Thanks, Noah.” You smile and follow Brady out of the office.

“Noah seems to like you a lot.” Brady observes.

“Oh, I dated his son in high school.” You nod.

“You dated Stilinski?” He laughs. “You seem a bit out of his league.”

You bite your lip and laugh, “Oh, thanks.”

“So, this is your desk. Right next to mine.” He nudges you and winks.

“Okay.” You smile and sit your things on your desk.

“Y/N!” Stiles shouts as he walks up to you.

“Hey.” You smile.

“I didn’t know you were with Jensen.” He nods.

Brady pats your back, “I’m a lucky guy.”

You blush, Stiles giving Brady a look. “Well, when you bring Emma tonight can you pack extra diapers? She’s not used to going at our house so..we had issues.”

You laugh, “Yeah, of course. I think your dad said he wanted to come by and see her.”

“Oh, I’ll talk to him about it.”

“Who’s Emma?” Brady asks.

“Our daughter.” Stiles says quickly.

“I thought you said you dated in high school.” Brady raises an eyebrow.

“We uh…we did.” You nod.

“Oh, you had your baby in high school?”

“Actually my freshman year of college, but yeah.”

“Wow, that’s really tough. My mom had me in high school. She’s always been someone I look up to because of how much she grew up.”

Could this guy get any better?

You smile up at him, “I’m so glad someone understands. Most people make assumptions about you right off the bat.”

He nods, “Teen mothers sacrifice everything.”

Stiles rolls his eyes, “I’m going to let you get set up here. I’ll see you at five.”

“Okay, bye Stiles.”

Brady gives you the rundown and introduces you to some cases. After work you pick Emma up and take her home.

You feed her before taking her to Stiles’. You’re about to knock on the door when you hear yelling.

“What, Stiles? So you’re telling me you only proposed because I’m pregnant?” Lydia shouts.

“Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying. You were just a rebound, I never meant for it to go this far!” Stiles replies. You knew that one must’ve hurt.

“A rebound? Are you kidding me? I hate you, Stiles.“

You knock before it’s too late. “Hey, Y/N.” Stiles opens the door, he looks distraught.

“Hey. Emma’s fed. I’ll pick her up at eight.”

He nods and takes her. “Okay. I’ll see you then.”

Lydia pushes past the two of you and gets in her car, flying out of the driveway.

“Is everything okay?” You ask.

“Yes and no. Nothing to be worried about.”

“Okay, well I’ll see you later.” You get in your car and pull out. Maybe Lydia’s life wasn’t all you made it out to be.

Speak Now, Part 4 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Imagine: You take Jughead, the secret love of your life, to pick up his tuxedo in preparation for his marriage to Betty Cooper.

You strolled with Jughead down the sidewalk of one of the most expensive shopping districts in Greater Riverdale. The streets were lined with finely manicured trees and each shop was either a fancy boutique, café, or bakery. Wealthy women with large sunglasses walked their tiny dogs along the street, glaring at you and Jughead like white blood cells targeting bacteria.

“Do you come here often?” You asked with a skeptical heightening in your voice.

Jughead chuckled. “Oh, God, no. Betty and Veronica love it here, though. And when Betty wants the best, she gets it.” He winked good-naturedly, opening the door to the tux shop. The bell on the door dinged as it opened.

You entered the store, Jughead following. Mannequins stood on platforms of varying heights, wearing tuxedos in the latest and greatest styles, alongside some classic ones.

“So is it going to be the silver, or the powder pink?” You joked, picking up the sleeves of one with two fingers.

“If there’s one thing I get in this whole wedding thing, it’s that I get to wear black.” Jughead quipped back. The old man standing behind the counter handed him a swath of black fabric sheathed in clear plastic.

“Please try it on so that we are sure you are satisfied with your fitting,” the salesperson wheezed, gesturing to a fitting room.

Jughead headed to the fitting room, stopping. “You okay with a few minutes without me?” He joked.

“Yeah, of course,” you said, voice shaking.

Weirdly enough, you weren’t even sure anymore.

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anonymous asked:

Can u do a cute n fluffy au of hoseok from monsta x and a plus size reader? It can be whatever u want it to be. I loved ur jaehyun one

hey hey hey i plan to write a full fledged wonho x plus sized reader one day but for now i’ll just do a short au

• wonho is one of the sweetest people in the world he rlly sees the good in everyone??
• and i don’t think he’s a very closed minded person when it comes to his s/o’s body type, weight, race, sexuality, etc
• he’s a v open and accepting person like he loves everyone lol
• he’d see you right away and have like immediate heart eyes bc??? you have the prettiest hair and your cheeks look so round and cute
• wonho is tugging on kihyun’s sleeve like don’t look to your right but look to your right and tell me that person isn’t the cutest person you’ve ever sEEN KIHYUN
• and kihyun’s like “the only person i see is an old woman,,, i rlly hope you don’t mean her”
• and wonho whips around like ???? oh no :((( where’d they go??!!!
• you kind of have a lasting impact on him,,, wonho just wants to see you again,,,, maybe pluck up the courage to talk but who knows????
• the next time he sees you it’s when kihyun is dragging him into this record store wonho has never heard of
• and you’re behind the counter
• kihyun is like “hello y/n!!”
• wonho is like pulling kihyun away and whispering harshly into his ear “that’s the cutie! you’re friends with the person i saw the other day!!”
• kihyun is confused like “y/n? i thought you two knew each other? haven’t i brought you here before?”
• wonho is like no that was mINHYUK but i would appreciate it if you brought only me here during every visit you make until you die
• nd kihyun’s like don’t be dramatic i’ll introduce you
• wowowow wonho’s hands are sweating
• but you have a rlly sweet disposition and your smile has wonho’s ears turning red like,,, he’s rlly crushing on a stranger isn’t he
• you introduce yourself and give him a little wave “what are some of your music tastes, wonho?”
• and wonho doesn’t even notice but kihyun has left him alone w you
• and you’re leaning across the counter to hear him better
• and your perfume smells like lavender and wonho is staring at you with no words coming out of his mouth like he’s so!!! nervous!!!
• “coffee?” he says
• and your eyebrows furrow cutely “i’m sorry? your music taste is coffee?”
• “no, no,” wonho scratches the back of his neck bashfully, “i meant to say,, do you want to get coffee w me?”
• ofc you said yes :’)
• and once they two of you are officially friends wonho is probably the clingiest friend in the world
• a lot of this is because he has a crush on you but a lot of it is also bc he’s just an affectionate person
• and wonho compliments you all the time sometimes it’s just teasing and fun like dang girl you look good in those jeans *wriggly eyebrows* but other times it actually means something like “sometimes i look into your eyes and i swear i can see actual galaxies in there and you’re just so beautiful you remind me that there are so many more galaxies to be explored.”
• those comments make you blush a lot tbh
• but wonho has to be rrrrlllllllllyyyy sleepy to say deep stuff like that
• which is how he confesses to you
• it was one night after practice and he had just taken his shower,,,, all he wanted to do was go to bed
• but you were at the dorms hanging out w kihyun
• and he gets extra extra clingy when he’s sleepy so he immediately gravitates towards your warmth and like hugs you rlly tightly
• and you get nervous bc you still aren’t used to wonho’s affections and what if he feels your rolls and gets weirded out and all these worries circle your head but wonho just,,
• “you’re so soft and cozy. i love that about you. i love a lot of things about you, actually. i think i’m in love w you, y/n.”
• and you look down in surprise at his sudden confession,,, but he’s already fallen asleep against your shoulder,,,
• ahh cute

Your safe now//Ian Gallagher

Request: Yeah! Can you do one where the oc is Ian’s twin sister & it’s back in season 3 when they all get taken from the house. she gets separated from ian & she’s put in a really bad home where she gets hit & when they are reunited again he’s really protective & its all cute & stuff?😂 sorry if its not the usual types of requests you get.

Warnings: abuse, swearing, self-harm

Word count: 1520

A/N: I didn’t watch every episode of shameless so i’m kind of behind and lost. I watched little clips of season 3 when the kids got taken away so most of this is based off of what I think happened.

(Y/N)’s p.o.v

“yo carl, pass the soda” I hollered.

“sure thing”

carl picked up the 20 liter and handed it over. i opened it and started chugging it from the bottle not bothering to pour it into a cup.

out of the corner of my eye i saw ian scowling at me.

“what?” i questions while whipping my lips with the sleeve of my shirt.

“you’re gross” he said. i only smiled.

“love ya too twin”

ian rolled his eyes but chucked.

knock knock

everyone stopped what they were doing and looked towards the door.

knock knock

there it was again. i slowly stood and walked towards the door. i opened it and saw this women standing at the door wearing dress pants and a blouse.

“umm, may i help you?” I questioned.

“are your parents home?” The lady questioned.

“oh- u-um yeah?”

“who’s at the door (y/n)”

“i don’t know”

“may i please come in?”

i gave the lady a look but moved aside anyway. she smiled and walked in past me.

“may I please seek to Monica Gallagher?”

i scoffed at the mention of Monica “she doesn’t live here” Fiona said stepping in.

“Oh. Then who’s watching all her kids?”

“That would be me” Fiona replied again.

“Do you have legal rights?”

ian and I shared a look, know where this was going.

“Umm no, moni-”

“Well if you don’t have legal right of the children DCF has the right to place them into foster care”

“WHAT?” Debbie screeched.

“You can’t do that!” Ian bellowed.

“I’m sorry but, it’s how it works, now if you all please follow me to the car so we can get you arranged into your new your home”

I stared at her baffled. She was going to separate us.

“NO! I’m not leaving” I said seethed.

“You don’t have a choice, now don’t be stubborn let’s go”

The lady then had the audacity to put her hands on me and push me out the door.

“Get your dirty ass hands off of me bitch!” I heard ian laugh at me.

I didn’t. I was then pushed in a car along with the rest of my siblings.

“What the fuck is happening?” Carl asked.

I rolled my eyes “we’re being placed in a foster home, no more Fiona, no more Monica, and no more frank”

“Oh” was all he said. I sighed and placed my head Ian’s head, he was the only thing keeping me sane at the moment.

“We’ll be ok” he mumbled while kissing my forehead.

“I hope so” I mumbled.

We all stayed silent until we reached our new home.

The lady came and opened the back door. Ian was about to step out when she stopped him and said.

“Only one person, your all getting split up into different homes”

“WHAT!” I screeched.

“I’m not leaving my siblings!” I continued, standing my ground.

“You don’t have a choice, lets go. Now!”

“You can’t make me” I argued.

It was obvious I had pissed her off but I didn’t expect her to yank me out of my seat.

“I have been nothing but nice, the least you could do is be cooperative!”

“Cooperative? You do know I’m a Gallagher right? Being cooperative isn’t in my dictionary”

I heard everyone trying to stifle their laugh.

“That’s it!”

She then started pushing me to words the beat down house. I started thrashing my legs refusing to go.

“Let me to you creep!”

The more I thrashed the easier it made for the witch to pull me towards the house. When we made it to the doorstep she knocked on the door and it was soon opened wide.

A woman wearing a boat load of makeup obnoxiously smacked her gun and pulled down her dress-heck, if you even could call it a dress.

“Hey Maddison!” The stank said

I rolled my eyes “hello Lori, this is (y/n) Gallagher the child who you will be watching until she gets put in the system and gets adopted”

I blew my hair out of my face and yanked Maddison’s arms off of me.

“Yeah whatever” I mumbled.

“I’m not going in there without my brother so try as you may just know I’m not leaving”

Maddison didn’t even get a chance to respond. Lori pulled me in he house and slammed the door.

“WHAT THE HELL BITCH! LET ME GO!” I yelled out of shock.

“I am you mother! You will not speak to me that way” Lori said.

“Fuck off”



My hand came up to my cheek as I rubbed the place Lori had slapped. I was in a dazed state to even pay attention to what she was saying.

I soon felt another hit. But this time, to the nose. I held my nose and squeezed it to prevent it from bleeding anymore. I then doubled over in pain when i felt pain in my lower abdomen.

I fell to the floor curling up on a ball while Lori threw throws allover my body.

“Now as I said before you will go in the kitchen and make me dinner, I’m leaving. But by the time I get home dinner better be hot and ready and the house must be clean understood?”

I nodded “yes ma’m”

I walked to the kitchen and started off by cleaning the table and floor. I heard the door slam meaning that Lori had left.

I wiped my tears and looked for some things to make dinner. I had never cooked a meal in my life, but hey. There’s a first time for everything.

I found some spaghetti. So I cooked some and cut up some onions tomatoes and garlic and mixed it in.

It didn’t look as good as I wanted it to be. But oh well.

I set up he table and placed he food on plates and filled up a glass with water.

I then went around the house picked up things and sweeping.

By the time I was done I was too tired to function so I fell asleep on the couch.


It’s been three weeks and everyday Lori would wake me up at three and have me clean the whole house and make her food.

She then leaves and leaves a long list of things for me to do. When she does come home it’s usually With a guy. They fuck all night and I never get any sleep.

Today was the day I was going to court. To either finalize Lori being my mom or moving back in with Fiona and my siblings.

I was praying to God- a thing I never do. That Fiona had a good case, and lawyer.

I put on a oversized sweater and shorts. I then let my hair down to cover some of the bruises that were on my neck.

I laced up my shoes and walked out the car and to the door and waited for Lori.

When she came we got in and she told me to tell the judge that I was happy with her and that everything was fine.

But I had other intentions.

We soon arrived at the court house and I rushed in, excited to see my siblings, especially Ian considering he was my twin.

I opened the doors and ran over to my family. I enveloped Ian in a huge hug.

“Why are you wearing a sweater? It’s like 68 degrees out” Ian asked.

I gulped. “I’m… sick?”

He only rolled his eyes, “don’t lie to me”

I sighed and pushed my hair back only to end up regretting it.

“Are those bruises?!” Ian asked being in his hands up to rub over them. I flinched, some of them were new and still hurt.

“Who he fuck did this!?”

“No one ian” I whimpered.

“(y/n)” he warned.

I sighed “it was Lori, she’s been abusing me for the past weeks and here’s nothing I can do about it” I said on the verge of tears.

He sighed and pulled me in a hug resting his chin on my head.

“I’m never going to let anyone hurt you again, I promise”

He mumbled into my head while kissing the top.

And she that’s what he did, he kept his promise. He never let anyone hurt me again.

Fiona won and we all ho to go back home and ian and grew stronger.

Chapter 5: Peanut Butter and Jealous (Spider-boy - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

A/n: Liz is also a sophomore in this story, not a Senior. Also, the Y/n character is not the usual girl next door kind considering the fact that she’s a Stark, she’s somehow the Blair Waldorf in her own world, but ya know… with an MCU twist (kinda lol)




Y/n scrambles to her feet helping Peter stand up from where they were laying. You fix your hair and put on your silk robe.

Peter can sense the horror-struck feature on your face. Y/n grabs Peter by the arm as the two of you head upstairs to your room.

“If you think my dad is scary, you should meet my mom. She can be quite hypercritical, so don’t hold it against her if she says something harsh. That’s why she’s friends with people from Vogue, they’re both just as horrifying.” Y/n explains as the two of you enter your room.

“Does May know that you’re here?” Y/n asks Peter.

“I told her I was going to crash at Ned’s place.” Peter replies.

“My mom is on her way up, I can’t let you just hang inside my room the whole time she’s here.” Y/n says.

“I know! Can’t you just distract her something? I’ll try to run to the elevator as fast as I can.” Peter reasons out.

“I don’t think you understand how elevators work. They make a sound whenever someone enters or leaves.” Y/n snaps.

“I better go check if my mom’s here.” Y/n tells him before opening the door.

“Don’t leave until I come back here okay?” You remind him before you hear the familiar elevator sound. 

The footsteps of your mom’s heels click against the marble tiles.

“Helena, tell Y/n to hurry up. Today’s the annual Stark Industries brunch. Plus, Eloise and Nicholas are waiting for her inside the car.” Y/n’s mom’s commanding voice echoes in the foyer.

“They’re here for the weekend as well?” You run downstairs to see your mom standing by the main entrance.

“Why aren’t you dressed? The brunch is starting in 30 minutes.” Your mom scolds you

“Good morning to you too, mother.” Y/n greets the Impeccably dressed French woman who removes her sun glasses the second you get to her.

“Hello, sweetie! You look exhausted. Did your dad bore you to death with all those inventions he’s been making?” Y/n’s mom asks, opening her arms wide open as she hugs you.

“I went to a party last night, actually.” Y/n corrects.

“I know… Happy told me everything.” She says as the two of you pull away from the hug.

“Everything?” Y/n eyes shot wide open.

“He told me that you got drunk and passed out before he could fetch you.” Denise states.

Y/n lets out a sigh of relief after realizing that Happy didn’t mention the part with Peter. 

“Yup! That’s what happened.” Y/n replies nervously.

“Gotta go freshen up a bit. Be right back. Brunch at the Plaza, right?” You inquire before quickly running up the stairs.

“I’m actually planning on leaving now.” Y/n’s mom’s stern voice echoes.

“Why don’t I just catch up with you guys there? I just need to bathe and change. Bye!” You run up to your room to see Peter standing in the middle of your room, half naked.

“Oh my god! Peter put on some clothes!” You cover your eyes.

“I don’t know where my clothes are! I can’t remember where I placed them. I have to go home, I forgot your dad’s brunch is today” He panics.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure my brother has spare clothes in his room. Okay, did everyone receive a secret message about the brunch but me?” Y/n grumbles, grabbing Peter by the arm as the two of you head to Nicholas’ room.

“You have a habit of grabbing me by the hand, you know that?” Peter asks, chuckling.

“Oh please, we both know you love it when I hold your arm.” Y/n sneers.

You roll your eyes and open the closet to see your brother’s collection of Prada Long sleeves. 

“Excellent!” You grab the Prada white button downs and Navy blue blazer, and your brother’s favorite Ralph Lauren Cotton Chino pants.

“Since you liked our teenage night scene so much, it’s time to spend time the adults of the Upper East Side at brunch. Suit up, Parker.” Y/n hands Peter the outfit.

“What about my shoes?” Peter asks.

“Say no more. I’ve got you covered.” Y/n reassures him.


The hall is filled with food, from croissants and scones of different flavors to mixed fruits, the freshest yogurts and multiple choices of drinks, from juices to Moet champagne battles.

“Don’t draw attention to yourself. Stick with me, okay?” Y/n reminds Peter.

“Mr. Parker! I thought you didn’t want to attend… What are you doing here with my daughter?” Tony walks towards the two teenagers.

“Hi, dad.” You kiss your dad on the cheek.

“Sweetie, why don’t you go talk to your siblings for awhile? I need to talk to Peter.” Tony tells Y/n who is unsure.

“I won’t harm your pet, don’t worry.” Tony reassures his daughter before she walks away.

“What are you playing at, Parker? I thought you had feelings for someone else name… Liz was it?” Tony inquires, putting an arm around Peter.

“Sir, I can assure you, Y/n and I are just friends. She actually convinced me to go here actually. And how did you find out about Liz?” Peter furrows his eyebrows at Tony.

“I got it from your suit and that is beside the point. If I could prevent Y/n from growing up, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’ve seen how boys look at her, how you look at her. She got all her good genes from me, not from her mother.” Tony explains.

“I can see that, Mr. Stark.” Peter just nods in agreement.

“I know everything, Mr. Parker. I also know that you tried to make a move on her at some party.” Tony says sternly.

“Tony!” A male voice calls him.

“We’ll continue this discussion later.” Tony walks away.

Shit. I knew this was going to get messy. I just didn’t think it would get messy this quickly.’ Peter thinks to himself.

“Peter! Hi!” A voice interrupts his thoughts.

“Finally, someone normal.” He mutters.

“Oh hey!” Peter smiles at the person who called him.

On the other side of the room:

Y/n is about to walk towards the Stark table when the three friends stop her.

“Thank god we found you.” Tina sighs.

“Why? What’s going on?” You ask.

“It’s kinda coincidental that we were talking about Liz last night when…” Eliza doesn’t finish her sentence, instead looks at what’s behind Y/n.

You turn around to see Liz and her mom talking to someone.

“What is she doing here?” You ask, facing your friends.

“His father owns a Salvage company that works with your father actually. I’m kinda surprised she’d be here.” Tina states.

“I think Peter has a thing for her. I need you girls to distract him for me. I’ll go talk to Liz.” Y/n tells the three girls whose eyebrows are raised.

“What? He has a thing for Liz and you know how we operate.” Y/n sneers.

“Looks like we’re a bit late with the plan.” Maddie tells Y/n.

You turn around the third time to see Peter and Liz talking, smiling at one another.

“Unbelievable.” Y/n mutters and walks towards the two.

“Hi, Liz! I’m so glad to see you! What are you doing here?” Y/n exclaims and hugs Liz in the process.

“My dad couldn’t go, so I was kind of forced to come today. Your family brunch is still glamorous as always.” Liz smiles at you as you let go.

“Thank you! I do hope you’re enjoying everything. By the way, the girls are also here.” Y/n looks at Tina, Eliza, and Maddie and signals them to walk towards Y/n, Peter, and Liz.

Peter can sense the tension radiating from Y/n. His phone vibrates and sees Ned’s text about the Falcon and his men are stealing equipment from a truck.

As much as he loved spending time with Y/n, he can feel the socialites glaring at him, probably wondering whose kid he is or why he walked in with Y/n Stark. Ned texting Peter about the Falcon is the perfect excuse to ditch the brunch.

Tina, Maddie, Eliza, and Liz start to converse.

“Can I borrow Y/n for a second?” Peter asks the girls.

Y/n smiles at Peter as he holds her arm and they move towards the door.

“I uhh… I have to go.” Peter tells Y/n.

“Now? Peter, you haven’t even eaten yet. I can call your Aunt May for you.” Y/n replies.

“I know, but I never told her that I’m going to the brunch today. She’s going to freak out.” Peter lies.

“You could’ve just told me you that you didn’t want to go here in the first place.” Y/n mutters, crossing her arms.

“Y/n… I’m so sorry. It’s just…. Our lives are so different. I can live without the fancy brunches, sports cars, and New York socialites, you can’t. I’m really sorry. I’ll talk to you soon, okay?” Just like that Peter leaves brunch, leaving Y/n disappointed and mad.

And nobody wants to see Y/n Stark when she’s mad.

“So Peter’s crush, Liz is the daughter of Mr. Toomes? New York is getting smaller.” Tony puts an arm around his daughter.

“Come on, you deserve a healthy breakfast.” Tony leads his daughter away from the door, knowing that Peter won’t come back after storming out.

Y/n releases herself from Tony’s hold and walks away.

“It still feels like a television show when I’m with her.” Tony whispers seeing his daughter stomping towards the family table. He couldn’t have his daughter any other way.


“Y/n!!” Tina calls you as she approaches the table, holding her Stella McCartney coat in one hand and her phone in the other.

“Unless you have something that is related to our math homework or anything that concerns my well-being. I’m not interested.” Y/n replies.

“Even better. A little birdie tells me that Liz is throwing a party tonight at her place.” Tina sits beside you, handing you her phone with a photo of the invitation.

“Hold on, Liz Allan? As in, Peter Parker’s crush, Liz Allan?” Y/n asks.

“Are we talking about Liz again?” Maddie chimes in, as she and Eliza, join in on the conversation.

“A little birdie told me she’s hosting a party tonight.” Tina tells them.

“Didn’t we just go to a party last Friday night? Why are we going to Liz’s place when she lives in Queens, oh and it’s a Wednesday night!” Eliza clarifies.

“Well, Think of it this way. Peter’s surely going to be there because of Liz. I say we crash her party.” Maddie shrugs her shoulders.

“Looks like our monthly dinner at The Plaza is postponed until further notice. Anyone up for a party in Queens?” Y/n smirks at her friends.

“I’m totally dreading the fact that Liz lives in Queens but I’m so in.” Eliza returns the smirk at Y/n who is looking down at the invitation.

“Wow, Liz never told us her house is huge.” Maddie sighs, looking at the bright lights coming out from the Modern house.

“Ready to crash the party?” Y/n asks the three girls who are all glammed up more than ever, ready to make a statement.

You and your friends walk in to see the party in full swing. The boys are starting to take notice, which is what you wanted in the first place, but the only boy you’re looking for in this party is Peter Parker.

Liz and the rest of her friends are seated on the floor and look like they’re playing spin the bottle.

“Oh my god, this party is just like the one we had in 7th grade. They’re clearly just looking for a reason to play 7 minutes in heaven.” Eliza mutters.

“Well well well! If it isn’t the Queen B of the Upper East Side. What, did you guys get bored at your 2-storey apartments and Prep school boys?” Flash looks up from where he’s seated.

Liz eyes shoot wide open upon seeing her four former friends from Spence.

“Cool party you got here Liz.” Y/n smirks at Liz who stands up to welcome them.

“Y/n, girls! What are you doing here?” Liz smiles at the four of them awkwardly.

“We were supposed to have dinner at the Plaza, but we wanted to stop by to our friend Liz’s place, surprise surprise, you’re actually in the middle of a party.” You reply.

You look at your friends and raise your eyebrows at them slightly, signaling them to bombard Liz. It’s your time to find Peter.

You see Peter holding a red solo cup, standing beside Ned who is wearing a weird hat. Instead of making your presence known, you hide behind the wall that separates the kitchen and the walkway.

“So when are you going to ask Liz to homecoming?” You hear Ned ask Peter.

“I don’t know…. She’s THE Liz Allan, I’ve been longing to ask her out since freshman year and then there’s Y/n who is so amazing-” A smile forms on your lips upon hearing Peter’s words.

“-But I just can’t handle the pressures of liking a Stark. Liz is the girl of my dreams, you know that right?” Peter sighs.

It’s time.

“That’s not what you told me when you kissed me last Friday.” Y/n sneers, interrupting Peter and Ned’s conversation.

Ned’s eyes widen, looking at both you and Peter.

“I’m gonna go…. polish my hat.” Ned runs away slowly.

“Y/n, I can explain.” Peter sighs.

“Explain what? You already made it very clear that I’m nothing compared to THE Liz Allan. I already lost the guy I liked because of Liz back when she was still at Spence, now it’s come back to haunt me again, and this time I thought I actually had a shot.” Y/n bites her lips to stop herself from crying.

“Thank you, Peter. Thanks for bringing me back to those days. I always have been just second best after Liz Allan.” You storm out of the house.

“Y/n wait!” Peter runs after you, grabbing you using his web, you spinning into his arms.

“I like you, I really do. I’m just…. confused. This whole Spiderman thing just made things difficult for me.” He holds you tight in his arms.

“Let me make it easier for you then. Enjoy your homecoming, Peter.” You push him away, heading towards your car.

Get out of Liz’s house. We’re done.’ Y/n texts the girls.

Peter Parker won’t know what hit him.

When They Meet

Katara and Zuko have been in a long term, long distance relationship. After so long, they finally take the time to video chat with one another.

“Katara? Katara can you hear me?”

Static hung in the background as Zuko turned the dial on his speakers back and forth.

“Ye-” he heard faintly. “Yeah!” this time his speakers were on full volume and he had no time to brace himself for the deafening sound of her voice.

“Oh, haha. Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Zuko groaned, rubbing his ear as his long distance girlfriend appeared on the window of his computer screen. 

She was smiling at him, eyes as blue as the ocean. She was beautiful. Zuko took a glance at the small window next to hers to make sure he didn’t look ridiculous. After almost a year of chatting online and on the phone, Zuko would finally see the face behind the girl he fell in love with through random friends on social media. Granted, he had seen plenty of her posted photos but none held a candle to her real life beauty. If she didn’t take his breath away before, she sure as hell did now.

His grin was so big, he didn’t even consider how much of a kid it made him look like.

“I like you face.” she chuckled, eyes bright as she studied his features on her computer screen.

“I-I like yours too.” he laughed nervously.

“Oh, really. What do you like about it?,” Katara tucked a stray hair behind her ear and adjusted herself in her seat, propping her knee up so she could place her hands on it to rest her head. She was wearing a light blue sweater that fell over one shoulder with a pair of white shorts. Her hair was put up in a messy bun and she wasn’t wearing make up like she did in the pictures she sent him. Zuko preferred her without it.

“I-uh” he faked a cough, a blush forming on his cheeks. “I like your eyes.”

“Uh-huh?” she encouraged with a teasing smirk.

“And your cheeks.”

“These.” she gave an open smile and poked at both her cheeks with her fingers. “What else?”

“Your ears.”

She flicked her ears and gagged. “These giant things? Can’t say they’re meant for flying”

Zuko shook his head shaking with laughter. “Your nose.”

She crossed her eyes.

“I hope that’s not your orgasm face.”

“No. This is.” Katara kept her eyes crossed and flicked her nose with her tongue.

“That’s attractive.”

“Yeah, I turn plenty of heads. So, what have you been up too?”

“Nothing much. Aside from work I just sort of hang around home.”

“Wow! That’s wild!” 

“You think that’s wild, you should see me practice my juggling.”

“That is, indeed, wild. You know, I was told to stay away from bad boys like you.”

“You don’t like bad boys?” Zuko raised his brow.

“Oh, I love ‘em. The stay-at-home amateur juggling type has always twisted my panties…”

“Glad I’m your type.”

“…if I were wearing panties.”

“This conversation just went in a whole new direction.”

“As long as that direction is up, then I know I did good.” She said in a sultry tone, moving her eyebrows up and down.

“Hah, innuendo. Good one.”

Katara covered her mouth with the sleeve of her sweater as she giggled. “You are adorable, Zuko.”

“I like bad boy better but I’ll accept the compliment.” he smirked. He loved Katara’s open personality. He wasn’t very good at being social. He often came off as angry and uninviting when in actuality he was awkward and misunderstood. But not with Katara. She made him feel like he could truly be himself around her without worry. The only issue was the distance. She was all the way in the South Pole and he, in the Fire Nation. It would only be a few more days before they would meet face to face.

“You almost ready to see me? I will warn you, when I snore, I sound like shark-whale during mating season.”

“I already find you arousing,” he rolled his eyes. “you don’t need to sell yourself out.”

“Then I won’t hold back.” she slumped in her chair and huffed.

“What’s wrong, Kat.”

“I want to be there now.” she pouted.

“Soon. We’ll be spending everyday together from then on out.”

They were silent for a moment , Zuko eyed her twisting the ring on her finger. She hummed, lips pursed, and then gently brushed the diamond with the tip of her index. He could see scattered boxes in the background of her apartment.  Averting her eyes back to the screen, she gave him a smile that made his heart jump. “I love you, Zuko.” she said sweetly.

Zuko knew this was all a risk. Things could easily go wrong no matter how long they’ve talked and no matter many times they said they love each other. But when he found that ring, so plain and simple yet so uplifted with beauty just like her, he knew he wanted to do something big with her. And she said yes. If there was ever anything in his life he doubted more than anything, this he knew he never would.

“I love you too, Kat.”

A/N: I am so sorry I haven’t posted a drabble in a while on tumblr. Between work, my kid starting wrestling and my other fanfics, not including my fics for upcoming Zutara Month, I have been overwhelmed. I will try to post at least twice a week until the holidays are over.

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95 Aaron and Robert "come cuddle"

“Come Cuddle”

“I am so sick of this,” Robert said, and all his energy has left his voice, he just sounded tired.

“I know,” Aaron said and sighed. “But there is nothing we can do about it.”

“I didn’t want her getting mixed up in this,” Robert said, walking over to the living room from the kitchen, putting the two cups down on the table.

“She has her own mind, you know that,” Aaron said.

“I know, but she shouldn’t mess with the Whites, you know what they’re like,” Robert sighed and sat down.

“She didn’t seek them out though,” Aaron said. “Chrissie basically attacked her on the street. And Liv got a hot temper, she would never have taken that, no matter what.”

“Why can’t they just leave us alone?” Robert asked. “It’s hardly my fault Rebecca ran away from Ross.”

Aaron couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Oh, really? Because if I were a White I would blame you for everything, too. So much easier.”

“Ha,” Robert said humorlessly. “but okay, well, they can blame me then, but Liv has nothing to do with it. No reason for Chrissie to call Liv out on it.”

“I love that you’re so protective, but seriously she’s fine,” Aaron said. “She doesn’t care and she is gonna protect you, too.”

Robert just sighed and shook his head.

Aaron tugged at his sleeve and opened his arms wide.

“Come cuddle,” he said with a grin and Robert actually had to let out a small laugh as he leaned over and buried his head in the crook of Aaron’s neck as Aaron wrapped his arms around him.

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I'm not saying that Gabe refuses to allow his s/o buy their Halloween costumes from the future equivalent of Wal-Mart... but Gabe definitely refuses to let his s/o buy their Halloween costumes.

“Gabriel give it back!”

Gabe made a disapproving ‘tsk’ in the back of his throat as he thumbed through the ‘Nocturn Halloween Catalog’, sneering and scoffing as he flipped through the pages begrudgingly. You hadn’t heard the man as he snuck up behind you, quite the feet for someone who insisted upon wearing steel reinforced boots, but as soon as he saw the magazine you had been excitedly flipping through it was out of your hands. He paused on the pages you had dog earred, side eyeing you for a brief moment before continuing onto the jwxt page.

“Really”, he asked as he finally closed the book, still holding it just out of your grasp. “Please dont tell me you were actually going to buy something from this joke of a costume provider. The stitching is atrocious, the fabrics are ghastly and don’t even get me started on the designs and patterns. They’re horrible.”

“But my office is having a pre- pre- Halloween get together because half of them have kids”, you sighed, reaching up to grab it only to have him yank it away again. “So I need a costume like yesterday! And if I don’t come in costume, I swear to god I will never hear the end of it from Linda. 'Oh you’re bringing down office morale’, blah bla-+”

“Which outfit did you like best?”

“Huh”, you asked, stopping mid-rant as Gabriel looked you up and down.

“Which one did you like best”, he repeated, rolling his eyes as you blinked owlishly at him.

“Well I love the sorcereress but you don’t have to buy that for me”, you said, heat flooding your cheeks, feeling flattered and bashful all at once.

“Oh I’m not buying that garbage”, Gabriel said simply, rolling up his sleeves and beginning to walk from the room. “I’m gonna make it. Now come on, we don’t got all night.”

You brow furrowed as you stood, following the man to his room and watching as he opened his closet and revealed a small sewing nook.


((I’m going off the assumption this is their first year together. You also win best costume in the office))


Molly Hooper

Just hanging out with my favourite chap 🙂

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The consulting detective didn’t know what was worse; the fact that the event had even taken place or that his brother hadn’t even tried to hide it. Sherlock had paused searching through his brother’s files to stare at the screen, Molly Hooper’s Facebook page open and displaying a picture of the petite pathologist cosying up to Mycroft, the fat smug git concealing a grin behind his large collar. When he realised the page had caught Sherlock’s attention, Mycroft looked up from his phone, an eyebrow lifted.


Oh, good. The pompous sod was mocking him. The bastard had opened the page deliberately, challenging Sherlock to question their ‘hanging out’. Sherlock refused to give him any satisfaction and merely shrugged, returning to his rifling, albeit with slightly more force. The last straw came with the continuous buzzing of Mycroft’s phone and an unrestrained giggle from the British Government. He seized the document and stormed out of the cramped office space without another word.

Favourite chap.

Favourite. Chap.

Sherlock pondered their perplexing relationship in te back of the black cab, his hands steepled. Why were they visiting some sort of castle? Has Molly’s hair always looked so incredible when windswept? Mycroft didn’t even have Facebook…did he? Was it possible he joined to court the tiny but fierce morgue dweller? The thought made Sherlock’s blood boil and, by the time he reached Bart’s, he was ready to strike whatever body she’d prepared for the day.

“Oh, Sherlock,” Molly gasped as she almost collided into the taller man on his way into the morgue, “I’ve just finished with Mr. Samson…”his eyes were drawn to the phone in her hand, still open on the message from a certain ‘Mikey H’, “is something wrong?”

Sherlock finally looked up at her face, her wrinkled brow and neat ponytail - what did she see in a cake-loving, penicl-pushing, goody-goody desk monkey? He shook his head.

“Nope. What could possibly be wrong?” He shed his coat and took care not to throw it onto the bench, betraying his fury.

Molly persisted, stepping closer, “well, it’s just your brother-”

“Oh, yes, the two of you are soooo close, how could I forget,” he sneered, wrenching his shirt sleeves to his elbows, “spend a lot of time together, do you? Tour the country on the back of his tandem?”

Molly folded her arms, wincing slightly at the force of the first blow he delivered to poor Mr. Samson - no doubt the elderly painter would be feeling it in the afterlife.

“Mycroft,” she ignored his cold laughter at the use of his brother’s name, “and I are friends. I don’t have to run everything by you! We have a lot in common and…I actually really like him.”

“It won’t last, Molly,” he punctuated his words with vigorous swipes at the body, “he is married to pastry. You can’t compete.”

“What is your real problem, Sherlock?” She asked boldly, stepping closer to the bench, pleased he’d temporarily halted his assaults, “why don’t you like me hanging out with Mycroft?” She bit her lip, tilting her head slightly, “is it possible you’re jealous?”

The speed at which Sherlock turned to face her told Molly she’d gone too far, “don’t be ridiculous, Molly. I have far more important things to worry about than your social life. My only concern is that you are not here when you are needed. For work…”

Molly nodded, feeling her temper rising, “because that’s all that matters…” he said nothing, only laying into the corpse harder, “fine! Have it your way; I’m going home. Your brother’s coming to dinner a-and I’m baking a cake…and you know what?” Again, Sherlock didn’t reply, didn’t even look her way - however, his knuckles had turned white from the force with which he was wielding his crop, “I’ll even let him lick the spoon!”

Molly stormed out of the morgue, heels clacking furiously on the tiled floor; the sounds of the aggravated and rapid thumps only caused her to smirk. Rounding the corner, she whipped out her phone and sent out a text to the cause of her bickering with Sherlock.

I think you’re right, you know. Mollyx

It didn’t take long for Mycroft to reply, her smirk only widening as she read.

Give him time, Miss Hooper. Won’t be long now. Mikey H

molly and mycroft doing the future siblings-in-law bonding thing. is that too much to ask?