oh i like the colours here!

The Impossible Therapy Session

The whole scene is so weird but let me pick out just some observations. 

  • The carpet(s) are looking like a puddle of blood. Red is an unusual colour for an animal skin. 
  • Eurus is using the John/Sherlock phrase “It is what it is.” So far John has only mentioned universalities, his being better, Rosie being perfect, Sherlock being back to normal. I assume he has not mentioned these words to Eurus. And then the phrase comes out of nowhere. So she either overheard them talking at 221b (Moriarty or Mycroft style) or she is not real. 
  • “I’m sure the therapist who actually lives here wouldn’t want blood on the carpet. Oh, hang on, it’s fine. She’s in a sack in the airing cupboard.” We are meant to believe that Eurus killed the real therapist, right? But she is using her house for at least the second time. John visits her at least twice and his words about himself feeling better and Sherlock recovered show that time has passed since his last visit. If Eurus killed the therapist before his first visit, someone should have grown suspicious by now. Or found her corpse. 

This does not make sense without EMP. 

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Oh my god I don’t care about him at all, not even a little bit.

His eyes are the wrong colour and he doesn’t taste like you, his hands on my hips make me nauseous, his breath on my neck just stings, his mouth doesn’t fit on mine properly and when he looks into my eyes I don’t want to look back into his

Oh my god I don’t care about him at all

But he’s here, and you’re not

He’s always here, and you never are

—  come back ~ blue-delusion

I have made a remastered version of the tarot cards I have made up to this point. Here’s half or so of them. The others will appear soonish!

Basically what has changed is that I increased the saturation and tweaked some of the colours here and there. I hope you like them!

Ho-Oh - The Hanged Man

Latios and Latias - The Lovers

Kyurem - The Fool

Jirachi - The Star

Xerneas - Justice

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres - The Wheel of Fortune

Giratina - The Devil 

Celebi - High Priestess

Yveltal - Death

Mewtwo - Judgement

my boyfriend’s mum gave me a huge set of Sakura coupy pencils for Christmas, (which was really touching as Christmas isn’t really a “thing” here besides a date night for couples) so I wanted to draw something with them that I could send to her as a thank you. 

I ended up putting more work into this than I anticipated… and it made me remember why I’m so bad at colouring, lol. oh well. I think it turned out pretty cute regardless. I think Little My is my favourite part.

hope you like it, happy holidays everyone~

pixiv: メリークリスマス | teru on pixiv

Here is my secret santa gift for @mintowls for @tsukyamgiftexchange ! I am so so sorry for not having done any of your cool aus like im so inept its horrendous :(( 

I hope you still like this gift tho ;; v ;;;)/ … Happy new year!

I can’t be the only one who’s mind eventually went [there].


Hey Guys! Just a sketch I made - once again at school (mostly). It’s Gorillaz! :D I’m so excited they are getting the band back together! :D I’m so excited! Also I couldn’t decide whether I likde the colourful or the B/W version more… so here - have both.

Oh and btw I recently ( like 2 weeks ago ehm ehm ) surpassed 200 followers! So thank you guys so much! If you have anything you’d want me to draw, feel free to ask ^^


More fluff but this time with Goth and my oc Kaiti, it’s sibling fluff, i just like the idea that goth like’s to poke fun and make short jokes constantly, because he’s finally taller than someone, but Kaiti turns it around to remind him that, he’s still pretty short himself.

Goth: *pokes cheek* so how’s the weather down there small-fry?

Kaiti: i don’t know you tell me short-stack.

Goth: … i hate you.

That and they sometimes nap in a pile.

Goth belongs to: @nekophy
Kaiti belongs to: me
ShiningTale belongs to: @bioio


Commissions Info

Taking a short break from rendered portraits (not entirely but these little busts are so fun) I’m still saving up for a graphics card so I’m hoping to drum up some funds to fix my computer (Its holding in there for now, fingers crossed!) I do pretty much anything that isn’t mech or furry (oh boy am I bad at those) I specialize in mass effect, dragon age, etc. Want a cute piece of art to share with your significant other? A preemptive portrait of your Ryder?


Full Colour   15usd

Sketch   8usd

If you would like to order a bust please email me at finleydea@gmail.com or message me here with references and any information I may need. (reblogs help me out a lot!!)

Thank you!



So, Black Widow 9 is here and it is EVERYTHING.

First off, it took me, like, 5 minutes to calm down and actually read the thing through because I was so damn excited, but when I finally did, oh boy it was worth it.

This was seriously my favourite issue yet (psh, no bias or anything): the interactions between Natasha and Bucky, the EXPRESSIONS of the characters (Samnee is SO GOOD at those), the colours, the movement - especially the fight scenes, the dialogue, some of the larger stills… urgh. And let’s not forget about that end! THAT END!

I will say nothing more, but seriously, if ANYONE wants to message me and just scream with me about this, I am totally down for that.

Warning: six large images under the cut (my very favourite BuckyNat moments of the issue). Spoilers, obvs.

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disclaimer this pic belongs to @honeybumzz don’t worry she gave me permission to reupload it and bumzz THANK YOU FOR FINDING THIS casue it provides so much lore hinting

first  off let take a good look at creek for a sec

his hair is a mess

he looks some what grey

…..his FACE oh god it just hurts me I cant belive I’m feeling sorry for this dude now doesn’t he look familier?…..need a hint he looks like branch

grumpy, depressed,…….alone

and another thing? HIS GLITTER FRECKLES ARE NOT THERE with branch since his colour drained he lost his glitter freckles to and during true colours they came back

so here’s my theory…..what if this takes place…AFTER he rolls out of the castle with chef?….I mean like we all say in “get back up again” poppy escaped easily from the same monster so creek clearly did the same….but he had no were to go…..he cant go to Bergen town or the tree so he goes back to the villige……and he’s all alone…..no friends, no family no nothing and he picks up the cow bell…….with mixed thoughts…….

sadness, anger, loneliness, numb,………………………………..guilt

he sold them out…..now he has nothing

Rajigaze Nov 18

(Unexpected Mail) 

Kai: “Last year, I went to an izakaya with my sister and my friend, and they brought out salted cabbage for us. We were all eating it normally and then suddenly my sister starts going like ‘m–!! m-!! m—!!’ and it turns out there were rubber gloves the same colour as the cabbage in the bowl and she had put them in her mouth. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing cause it was just such a weird turn of events…” And she even sent in a picture of it.

Uruha: Oh, she has proof? *looks at photo* Ehh–!!

Kai: (laughing) It does look like cabbage tho 

Uruha: Yeah like the white part

Kai: Like I wouldn’t think “oh u know what this is probably rubber gloves” 

Uruha: Did they tell someone?

Kai: Yeah they did, it says on here. 

Uruha: Actually, a while ago – just recently, I went for sushi, and I was eating maguro or something when something crunched

Kai: Eh!?

Uruha: I was like, ow! 

(Kai giggles)

Uruha: And I took it out of my mouth, and there was a piece of glass in it.

Kai: What!? That’s scary!!

Uruha: Well I don’t know if it was glass or plastic, but it was this square, clear, hard thing. And I’m like what is this? So I called someone over and I was like, uh, this was in my sushi, and they just looked at it like they had no idea [how it got there] 

Kai: (laughing) Yeah yeah yeah

Uruha: They’re like, “there’s no way that could have been in there.” 

Kai: Ahhh!!

Uruha: It was scary.

Kai: Yeah yeah yeah….!!

Uruha: And then later they brought me melon. They were like, “this is on us.”  

Kai: I really don’t get why the staff is like that.

Uruha: If they just owned up to it, I would respect that. 

Kai: Like, for example I – this is just an example – I go to eat ramen, and something that’s usually in it is missing from it. Right? And I’m thinking like, ahh it’s not there, and I eat a bite. And then, and then I call someone over and I’m like, “excuse me, this thing is usually in [your ramen], do you not put it in anymore?” If they were like, “Oh no, it should have been in there,” all I can say is like, “Yeah no it wasn’t,” you know? So like, just apologize! Like, don’t pretend it was in there… (*his voice got real high I think he is v passionate about this topic)

Uruha: But they usually do apologize. 

Kai: Yeah they usually do. But to say like, “oh it should have been in there,” it’s a poor way to deal with customers. 

Uruha: Write about it on Tabelog then. (*it’s like Japanese Yelp I’m crying)

Kai: (laughs) Well, you know, I’ve had a lot of customer service jobs. And you have to just keep your opinion to yourself, and not try to cover up your mistakes from the customers. [A lot of people I guess?] don’t admit when they mess up. 

Uruha: Well, they’re probably embarrassed, you know? 

Kai: (laughs) Yeah probably. Like yeah, they must think they’re gonna get in trouble if they admit it, but if you don’t it’s bad customer service. 

Uruha: But even if I go to a restaurant and something like that happens, I can’t get mad. Like, if I pointed something out [that was wrong] and they were like, “No, I don’t think so,” I start putting myself in their shoes, and I think like, you know what, if I were them I would probably have said the same thing. 

Kai: You’re so nice!

Uruha: No, no– I’m not, I just – (giggles) well…yeah….I don’t know, I just can’t bitch them out or anything. I just think about how they must feel in their position.

(I don’t get what Uruha says here)

Kai: Well I mean, I wouldn’t like flip out at them or anything. 

Uruha: Right? When you think about the other person, you can’t. 


Oh hey look I edited my precious Alistair! HHHH-my handsome boy!<3
I was debating whether he’d have long or short hair, then I pondered what a loose side ponytail would look like so this happened. I like this!
I did some colours of what he’d look like with different unit’s hair colour. If requested, I may do a seperate post with how he’d look like other fatesona’s hair colours (Male of female sonas I don’t mind ;3) !
… Now that I think about it he looks like a genderbent me. ._. Eh I’ll try to let it not bother me.

Here’s some info about my bby

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[ 🎨 Colouring ] Oh Boy! September 2016

“I’ll give you… fifty cans of cat food!”

A continuation of this post. Unkar Plutt is the one-eared cat that runs the junkyard and wants to trade Rey the Racoon for Bee-Bee-Ate the Mouse.

Oh, and I drew some others:

@saiyan-scholar said Finn should be a dog, so I made him a lab. Here he is, realizing Jakku really sucks and there isn’t a waterbowl in sight.

Poe the fox (the… STAR fox???) and Bee-Bee-Ate, his mousey helper, who only has one eye but is very capable.

Kylo Ren, sullen coyote. 

Extra sketches. I liked the Poe sketches a lot better than the final colour version.