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Dead cold hands.

Done… FINALLY … I don’t have to stare at this anymore… ohwait this is my business card design for the upcoming convention.. nvm….  눈‸눈

Idk why people always portray Alfred as such a righteous and selfless guy like guys I need a fic where he is willing to sell out his friends just because someone gave him a shit load of money. I NEED A FIC WHERE AT FIRST HE SEEM LIKE SUCH A GOOD GUY BUT THEM THIS HANDSOME BUT VERY BAD PERSON COMES UP AND SEDUCES HIM and not with his good looks but WITH MONEY

When Yami Marik gets portrayed as a multifaceted, three-dimensional character with his own likes, dislikes, goals, and motivations

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When Yami Marik gets portrayed as a homicidal maniac, and nothing else

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"There's only... one bed." Nico gulped and felt her cheeks getting warmer as she turned to Maki. "Guess Nico-chan will be sleeping on the floor."

you can feel it more if you listen to this

I swear, next time someone says how Gafou is an abusive ship because of the manipulation scene (no shit, Sherlock), I’ll write some dumb crackfic of Gaston giving up the mob to braid LeFou’s hair or something.

protecting the earth, and our Pride

get you a gem that can do both

edit: Thanks to a lovely person informing me, I now know that’s @latieraeve doing this stellar cosplay!


It’s a dangerous scene when you’re e i g h t e e n


Remington (my OC)


Root/Shaw Parallels: 4x11

‘Die for something that you love’

There’s no such thing as a dying man,
we’re alive till the moment we’re dead.
and a drowning man is just a living man,
who hasn’t run out of his last bit of breath”

you’re like a rare rainstorm that falls in California. many welcome it, others may find it irritating; I think its beautiful. especially if it’s late at night, and the sound of rain drowns out the freeways and cars driving by. the air is cool and crisp, a very comfortable 62° F.

you’re like the feeling of listening to the rain with your partner, warmth and love radiating from each other. you two fall asleep in each other’s arms, your heartbeats synchronised to the gentle pitter-pattering rhythm of the rain. nothing could be more perfect.

after the rain, you can definitely smell petrichor. the sun is rising through the trees, just barely peeking up past the horizon. the birds chirping welcome daybreak. you’re the feeling of waking up with the sun, having a nice breakfast with your partner. slow, gentle, easy morning talk. eating eggs, French toast, hash browns, a little orange juice and coffee or tea, or maybe just a simple cereal and milk or oatmeal. and you and your partner start your day, whatever you’ve set out to do today.

((we don’t get much rain here due to the drought, but it certainly is beautiful when it happens. or, at least I think it is. I’m also not a very breakfast type of person but I do enjoy it.))

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fuckin. holy shit. dude. i don’t even know what to say. this is so gd beautiful.