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things you said over the phone

Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 579

It was the middle of the night. You had been asleep for a few hours before your ringing phone woke you up. Normally, you would’ve been pissed at your beauty sleep being disrupted. But you knew that it was your boyfriend calling you from his mission.

Reaching over, you quickly unplugged your phone from its charger on your nightstand to answer it.

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Imagine play fighting with Chris. (Part 2)

A/N: So I recently bought a Yankees’ cap (why? ‘Cause I’ve always liked the New York Yankees even though I don’t really follow baseball) and I feel like this would be how Chris would react if his girl wore anything that didn’t celebrate his Bostonian roots. I’m doing this as a part two to the first play fight one, where they 'argued’ about the Patriots jersey Y/N had on.

“Can you hurry it up?” Chris called from the front door as you finished your smoothie in the kitchen. “I know it’s only nine, but it’s quite a drive and I don’t know what traffic’s going to be like.” You made some noise with your mouth full to tell him you’d heard him. “Tick tock, Y/N!” He called louder, trying not to laugh when he heard you make a frustrated sound with your throat. “We don’t have all day!”

You and Chris were driving to the other side of town to pick up a gift for your best friend’s baby shower which was in a few days. You’d ordered the top of the market baby stroller she’d been talking about for a while now; it was in the exact same baby blue color she’d painted her nursery, as well as engraved with the name her and her husband had chosen for their first born son. It was the perfect gift, the only problem was that instead of having it delivered- you’d accidentally chose the option to pick it up yourself at the branch on the other side of town. You’d tried to correct your mistake, but it was too late- your personalized stroller was waiting for you three and a half hours away. You were lucky your husband loved you and your best friend as much as he did otherwise you would’ve had a huge mess on your hands. He offered to drive, turning the mistake into a fun road trip instead.

“I’m coming!” You called back with a frown as you washed your glass. “We’ve still got plenty of time. Even with traffic, we’re going to make it. The store doesn’t close till eight, so can you just relax?” You grabbed your phone and cap, tugging it over you head as you made your way to the front door.

“Honest to God, you’re such a-” He cut himself off when he saw you. His jaw dropped and he stared at you with absolute horror, “oh my God.” His comment made your eyes narrow in confusion. You were about to ask what he was going on about when he asked, “what the hell is on your head?”

“Um…” Your eyes darted up towards your cap. “A cap?” You’d completely forgotten you’d grabbed the Yankees hat Sebastian gave you for your birthday, the one Chris had made you swore you’d never wear because it was a 'betrayal’ to him and your marriage; he was an extremist, that one. “I don’t under-”

“You’re fucking wearing a Yankees cap,” he cut you off with a chuckle. “Seriously?” He asked as you confirmed his accusation. “Are we seriously going to do this again?” He tried not to smile when he remembered how the last play fight went; you’d worn a Falcons jersey courtesy of Octavia Spencer and you’d both ended up in the pool. “Take it off.” He told you when you’d tugged it back over your head. “We’re not going anywhere with you in that piece of trash.”

“Okay,” you laughed. “You need to calm down, mister. This was a birthday present from Seb and it’s one of my most comfortable caps. So no, I am not going to take it off because you can’t handle seeing merchandise from teams that aren’t yours.” He pressed his lips tightly together, squinting at you evilly. “Let’s go, weren’t you worried we weren’t going to make it in time?”

“Yes, but I can’t take you anywhere in that hat.”

“Chris,” you laughed and pinching his face in one of your hands. He tried not to laugh as you squished his cheeks, “it’s only cute when I’m in the mood. I’m not changing my hat, okay?” He scrunched his nose at you and you chuckled. “What’s wrong with the Yankees anyway?” You quizzed as you dropped your hand. “They’re a good team.”

“How. Dare. You?” He punctuated each word, emphasizing his shock and horror.

“Let’s just go, you dork.” You slipped your hand in his and pulled a laughing him out of the front door. “I don’t even know why you’re so offended.” You told him as he locked the front door; he glanced back at you with a face that said it all, making you laugh. “It’s not like I support the team, I don’t even like sports.”

“She says to her husband who is a sports fanatic,” he said monotonously in a teasing manner; you laughed. “It’s offensive because you’re married to a Bostonian and you should be supporting The Patriots and The Red Socks.” You rolled your eyes at that. “Just so you know, my mom would kill you if she saw that on your head.”

“She has and she didn’t.” You told him as you walked towards the car. His eyes narrowed because he didn’t believe you, and you teased him as you both got into the car, “not everyone is as petty as you, Evans.”

“True, but I know my mom and she’s as petty as me.” That wasn’t true. “C'mon, where do you think I get it from?” He joked as he turned the key in the ignition; the engine purred. “We got into a huge argument after I had to wear a Yankees hat for Nanny Diaries. Huge,” he emphasized, “Y/N.”

“That’s a fake story,” you laughed and he bit back his smile as he pulled the car out of the driveway. “You may be able to trick interviewers, Christopher.” He chuckled as he took your hand in his, bringing it to his lips. “But I’m your wife and I know everything about you.”

“Then you should know not to wear that hat,” he mumbled into your skin and you yanked your hand away, rolling your eyes. “God.” You both burst out laughing when you caught each others’ gazes. “You’re lucky I love you more than I hate that team.”

“You’re ridiculous,” you laughed.

“About as ridiculous as you in that hat.”

“Oh my God,” you laughed harder, causing the corners of your eyes to crinkle which made Chris smile. “Are you honestly that annoyed by this hat?” You asked and he nodded. “Okay,” you chuckled. “If were wearing said hat when we first met, would you have approached me?”

“I’d like to say yes,” he winced and you laughed. “But the answer’s probably not.”

“So you would’ve been willing to miss out on this incredible life all because of a hat?”

“Funny,” he glanced at you with a cheeky grin, “I was just about to ask you the same thing.”

“Once again,” you shook your head, laughing, “you’re ridiculous.”

“I know,” he chuckled and you smiled. His ridiculous and childish behavior was part of his incredible charm; you’d never fallen for him if he wasn’t exactly the way he was. “Now aren’t you glad we met at a fancy Vanity Fair party where tasteless caps weren’t part of the dress code?”

“Goooooood,” you groaned loudly and he joined in. Both of you were trying not to laugh as you feigned annoyance because you both found your partner and everything they did adorable. “I should have never married you, Chris Evans.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, nodding. “But it’s too late now,” he winked as he wiggled his ring finger. His platinum band shimmered under the sunlight and you felt the smile on your lips grow even wider. You’d been together for four and a half years now, yet you still woke up each morning feeling like you were living in your wildest, happiest dreams. He took your hand, squeezing it tightly before entwining his fingers with yours. “You’re stuck with me, kid,” he said with a handsome grin.

“Bummer,” you teased, winking. “But hey, since we’re stuck with each other- Let me make things a little easier on you. You don’t like seeing this hat on me, right?” He made his 'duh’ face and you laughed as you pulled it off and placed it in your lap, straightening your hair with your free hand. “Well I love my husband and I don’t want to upset him, so- I’ll oblige.”

“Thank you,” he smiled.

“But I still need a hat, so-” you pulled his NASA cap from his head and he chuckled as you put it on yours. “But then-” you tried not to smile too wide as the hand in his tightened its grip, and the other prepared to yank Chris’ worst enemy on his head. “So do you.” You saw Chris realize what was happening before it happened; his eyes widened and he shook his head. “Ah, perfect.” You tugged it onto his head and he almost lost control of the car. “My handsome Yankees man. Navy blue suits you, baby,” you teased.

“Are you insane? Don’t do that while I’m driving, I could’ve gotten us killed.” He laughed when you did. “My instant reflex is to slap that piece of shit off my head,” he told you and you laughed harder. “Okay,” he chuckled. “You’ve had your fun, now get it off my head. You go ahead and wear it all you want, but don’t make me wear it. I swear it’s like burning my skin.” That comment made your stomach hurt from laughing too much. “Y/N, I’m serious!” He tried not to laugh but he couldn’t help himself. “Give me-” he tried to pull his hand from your grip but you tightened it. “Give me my hand!”

“No,” you giggled. “I like you in that cap, you look so dignified.”

“You’re going to get it when we get home,” he playfully warned with a smirk.

“You promise?” You bit your lower lip, smirking as flirtatiously as he was.

“You bet your ass I promise.”

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As requested, here’s the gif from Twitter that was made for Matty’s story, The Predator. ^^ 

There are also other fanarts that I will post next week. Here are the previous edits.

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 9 (woohoo wow)

a/n: hey there this is another part and it’s NOT the last one. the last one will be part 10, because i got an incredible idea for the ending and i really want to realize it!! and i uh thought it would be better if the last part was an even number not 9 :) this is continued right after the 8th part and this is shorter than usual

characters: JOKER ; READER

warnings: guns; gun use; swimming if that’s a warning; not really a joker-like behavior; smut; oral on a female ; )))

Once we were finished with the pancakes - which I ate most of - J took me to the basement of the house. It was cold, huge and filled with weapons all over the walls. Any kind of gun you could think of, it was here. 

My lips parted in amazement at the sight as I stood there. I bet J had a satisfied smirk set on his features, standing next to me. 

“Wow.” I said. “There are so many.” I walked over to the big ones, hesitantly touching one. It was cold, it felt… heavy without even holding it. J took my wrist and moved it away from the weapon.

“Now, now…” he spoke with a chuckle, “let’s start with the small ones, princess.” I looked down in embarrassment with a shy smile. His hand raised my chin up, making me look at him. “Don’t be ashamed, everyone’s a little curious.” He said. “Now, let’s start with your lessons.” J walked to the other end of the room and picked something from the wall. As he turned around, his hands held a white hand gun. My lips parted, it was really pretty. He walked closer and I saw golden details on it here and there. 

“Can I take it?” I asked.

“Carefully.” He replied, handing it over to me. Without hesitation, my hands wrapped around the small, heavy weapon, my fingers touching the golden parts. “Do you like it, baby girl?”

“Yes, it’s really pretty!” I exclaimed with a smile and my head nodding.

“Good, good. Let’s start the shooting, yes?” J asked with a smile, lowly laughing after. I nodded. He took my hand and dragged me out into a hallway that led into another room. It was with good acoustic. I turned my head right and saw 4 carton dummies in the shape of half a human body (a/n: if you dont know what dummies are - they are the cut outs people shoot at training, like deadshot did when they gave him a gun at belle reve ok yeah just for ya knowledge babes) at the end of the room. There was a mattress-like-thing behind them, probably so the bullets don’t come back to the shooter.

J walked over to a shelf and returned with ear mufflers in a form of headphones and gave them to me. 

“Won’t you need them, too?” I asked, hesitantly taking them from his hands. 

“I can take it, doll. I’ve shot so many people the bullets flying is like a song to me.” He said, I let out a giggle. 


“Now, take the gun correctly in your hand.” He commanded and I raised the gun up, holding it with both of my hands. “Good, very good.” J said, his tone stating that he was impressed. I smirked. “Here,” he spoke, handing me 5 bullets, “do you know how to load your gun?”

“No.” I said. 

“Alright, I will teach you that later.” J said, taking the gun from me and quickly putting the bullets in. His hands worked like a professional’s, he was one. He gave it back to me and I raised it up again. “So first, we charge the gun. We do it like this. Place your left hand on the slide.” I did. 

He placed his hand on top of mine, the other resting on my waist. Controlling my hand, he slid it towards myself, the upper slide moving along. It made a few clicking sounds and our hands slid it back in place. J removed his hand from mine and placed it on the other side of my waist.

“Now, stretch out your arms and aim. Do you know what is your target?” He asked. I looked at the dummy, there was a red spot in the middle, the middle of a person’s lungs. 

“The red spot.”

“That’s right. Now, close one of your eyes - it will help you concentrate on the target - aim and shoot.” J instructed. I put the ear mufflers on my head. I closed my left eye, pointed my gun at the red spot and guided my pointer finger to the trigger. Oh God. Was I ready for this? I’ve never fired a gun in my life. I was quite scared, to be honest. My breath was quite, ragged. I hope J didn’t notice that, he would cancel all this if he did. 

Get yourself together, I told myself. I let out a sigh and tightened my grip on the weapon. Counting to three, I was breathing faster. At three, I pulled the trigger. My eyes closed at the impact and I felt my body move back a few inches. The shooting sound was quiet thanks to the mufflers. I looked at the dummy I shot - the bullet had made a hole in it, ruining half of the red spot. I let out a breath with a smile, taking off my mufflers.

“Good job, baby girl.” J said in my ear. “That’s really good.” 

“I didn’t know I would do so well.” I said. 

“Do you want to try it again? So you would shoot the target?” 

“Yes, yes..” I put the mufflers on again, repeating my actions, only concentrating more on the red spot. I pulled the trigger, closing my eyes and letting the bullet fly. I opened my eyes and looked at the dummy, there was no red spot. I had shot it. I turned around to J, my gun still in hand and wrapped my arms around his neck. 

“Yay! I did it!” I cheered. J pulled back, pleased growling coming from him.

“You’re such a good shooter, princess.” He said with a smile, both of us chuckling. “Do you want to continue or do something else?” J asked, taking my mufflers off, letting them fall to the ground. 

“What would be something else?” I questioned. He took my arms from around his neck and took one of them in his hand. We made our way back to the gun room, where he placed my gun back in its place.

“Maybe swimming?” J suggested.

“Yes! Right now?”


“Okay. Let’s go change, then.” 

We got upstairs to our bedroom to change into swimming clothes. I took my swimsuit and went into the bathroom, telling J to not bother waiting for me. I wanted to make this a surprise, because the swimsuit I was putting on was one he hadn’t yet seen. 

Once I had changed, I looked into the mirror - it fit me perfectly. It was a black one piece - that barely was a one piece - it covered only my breasts, my butt and a little bit of my stomach and back. To join the upper and down part, it had two crosses - one over my back and the other over my stomach. A zipper was on the cross on my back. I really liked it and hoped J would like it, too.

I put my hair up in a messy bun and exited the bathroom. I walked down the stairs, through the house to reach the beach. I saw J’s green hair and white back in the water and made my way over to the water. I was just a few steps away from the dark water when J turned around. He practically melted once seeing me. Did I look that good?

“Baby girl…” He trailed off and walked through the water, black swimming trunks hanging on his hips. “You look…” he made a dramatic pose, flinging his arms around, “…wonderful!” I bit my lip before laughing.

“Oh, thank you!” I replied. He was standing right in front of me, his hands on my waist and eyes holding a lustful stare. 

“I see you got a swimsuit I’m seeing for the first time.”

“I did.” I smiled. 

“I like it on you,” J whispered in my ear. “But I bet it would look even better not on you.” I giggled and blushed at his compliment. “That’s some plans for later.” He spoke and his grip on my hips tightened before throwing me up in the air. I felt cold water hit the skin all over my body, taking my breath away. He threw me into the water. 

Once I had kind of situated myself in the water, I couldn’t find ground beneath my feet. I was really deep. I opened my eyes under the water - it wasn’t that dark. I couldn’t see anything else for my body was pulled out of the water. I inhaled deeply and loudly, opening my eyes to see Joker above me. I laughed and cleared the water off of my face with my hand. He was smirking.

“Why did you do that? It was scary.” I said to him, laughing.

“Thought it’d be fun.” He replied before leaning down to place his lips on mine. I chuckled into the kiss and straightened myself up, I wasn’t too comfortable. 

“Can we like, actually, go swimming?” I asked, pulling back. J growled, pulling my legs around his waist and I put my arms around his neck, so I wouldn’t fall into the water.

“Of course, doll.” He said. My lips grew into a smile and he, once again, threw me into the water.

After some time of fooling around and actually swimming, we decided to go back inside. The sun was starting to set, so I  we spent a long, long time in the water. 

His hands were on my waist, tickling me softly with little giggles erupting from my mouth as we slowly walked out of the water. J suddenly turned me around and flopped me down in the sand on my back, hovering over me. A small smile played on my lips as he stared down at me. His lips attacked my neck with kisses, making small moans and giggles fly out of my lips. 

His hands found the zipper of my swimsuit and started zipping it down, while his lips trailed down my stomach. My hand went into his hair, softly caressing the roots. The swimsuit was off me in seconds, J’s lips and hands were all over my body.

“We’ve reached ‘later’, haven’t we?” I asked in a moan.

“Yes, we have..” he growled as his lips trailed down my stomach, stopping right where I ached for him the most. He kissed all around but there, teasing me into hell. 

“Please, please, please, Daddy…” I whimpered. J hissed at the nickname, but kissed up the inside of my thighs.

“What, princess?” he asked.

“Please, don’t tease me, please, please….” I begged, hoping he would listen. He growled, kissing my thigh one last time. 

His lips moved down to my centre, placing a kiss there. I couldn’t help but let out a low moan, my head rolling to the side at the sensation. If only there were sheets I could take in my hands… 

He ghostly kissed up and down while his hands slid around my thighs to hold my shifting body in place. I felt his tongue come out and lick up a stripe, a whimper coming past my lips.

“Y-yes, yes, yes, like that…” I moaned out and put my hands in his hair. He licked up again, only with his tongue flat out against my core. I knew I wasn’t far from reaching my peak. 

I whimpered and moaned as his tongue continued to work wonders on me. Just when I felt like I needed something to get me off faster, his tongue entered me. I released the most high moan I'd ever heard in my life as my back arched up from the sand. 

“Do th-” I didn’t even get to say what I wanted, J’s tongue went in again, moving in and out at a fast pace. My body was quivering and shaking while I was whimpering, my fingers holding his hair tightly. 

If it wasn’t already enough to drive me insane, his two fingers also entered me. I lost my breath for a moment, but then regained it, releasing another moan. How was he such a professional at this? I was shaking in pleasure.

“Come on, princess, cum for Daddy..” J growled. That was all it took for me to reach my high and come undone. I breathed heavily as I felt my juices pour out of me. “Mmmm, baby girl, you taste so sweet.” He said, cleaning me up with his tongue. My breathing was slowing down as I saw him come back up above me. To say I was tired was an understatement.  

He placed his hand on my cheek and turned my head to face him. 

“Are you tired now, baby girl?” J spoke. I nodded in response, not being able to speak. He stood up and I felt my body being lifted from the sand. “Alright, let’s rest now.”

a/n: wELL THIS ESCALATED QUICKLY. :D anyway, i hope you like this part but i’m not 100% percent happy with it but meh. the last part will be better, if this one was shit :) i promise. btw, does anybody watch stranger things? cUZ FRICK I LOVE THAT SHOW SJHGUDV 

Please Don’t (part 3)

Part four will be up soon! Feed back is greatly appreciated and thank you guys for reading my new series. Thank you, loves.
P.S. Sorry if part 3 is kinda short, but I’ll make up for it later!


“Y/N! Wake up, baby! Wake up!” Dean screamed. You were so far out of reach and it was all because of him. If he hadn’t pushed you away. If he didn’t hurt you. If he hadn’t broke you into pieces, you’d still be here. You’d still be breathing and alive. But right now that was all on the line and out of Deans hands.


“Mr. Winchester?” The doctor calls out to the people waiting in the lobby. Deans’ head shot up. “Yes! Yes, that’s me. Is she okay? Is she alive? Is she-” he got cut off by the doctor. “She’s stable. She won’t be able to go home for another couple of days, but she’ll be fine.” Dean looked over at Sam and shook his head.
“Thank god. Can I see her?” He asked with a shaky voice. “Absolutely.”

The doctor opened the door and Dean pecked in. Your body looked lifeless. Cuts and bruises covers your face and legs.
You were so vulnerable.
You were broken and torn apart because of him.
You were here because of his stupid mistakes.
You were here because he hurt you in ways he can’t fix.
You were here because of him.

Sam watched his brother stare at your body. He could see the guilt pulsating off his body. He knew Dean was blaming himself for this happening to you. He knew he never forgive himself for putting you here.

“Dean, you know this isn’t your fa-” “Don’t. Sammy. Just don’t.” He shut Sam up. He stood over you and touched your hand. He could still feel that warm spark that spread throughout his body when he made contact with your skin. He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on you lips still feeling the passion and the love you both shared for each other. That spark. He felt it.

But he was so scared to get near you. After everything he had done. After all of it, he couldn’t push you away an further. He was scared.

“I’m gonna get us some coffee.” Sam said as he walked out of your from and closed the door.

Dean pulled the chair closer to your bed. He stayed quiet and listened to your soft breathing and again lost in his own thoughts.

‘Look at her. Look. Look at what you did. This. This is your fault. She’s here because of you. She’s broken and hurt because you decided push her away. You did this! You killed her!’

“I’m sorry!” Dean yelled. He realized he could have woken you up so he just sits there. Dean puts his head down trying to think of something else but his thoughts seemed to not want that.

‘Sorry isn’t ever going to be enough and you know it. She’s not going to look at you the same way and she’s never going to love you again. She’s not ever gonna forgive you! She will never-’

“Stop doing that, Dean.” Deans’ head shot up to see your beautiful eyes look at him. You were awake.

“Y/N.” He whispered as a smile spread across his cheeks.

Dean stood up and cupped your cheeks.

You couldn’t help but to stare at his beautiful green grass eyes. The beautiful eyes that told the thousands of stories of how much pain and love he held within his heart. All the passion and strength. The eyes that looked into your soul and made you feel like the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. The eyes that made you feel infinite.
But it’s those same eyes that hurt you and made you build up those walls that broke them down in the first place. The same eyes that took your heart away, and then tore it into pieces and left you feeling like nothing. Absolutely nothing.

“You’re awake, sweetheart. Oh my god, I thought I’d lost you-” he stopped talking when he felt you pull both his hands away from your face.
“You did lose me, Dean.”

He pulled away and stepped back. “I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I-” “You think 'sorry’ is going to fix this!” You yelled at him. He stopped talking and just stared at you.
“You think that after everything. Everything you did to me. After all those years of breaking down those wall I had built up. You told me, Dean! You told me you would never hurt me! Y-you think-” your voice was shaking and you couldn’t speak because you knew you would break down. And you didn’t want him to see you cry. You didn’t want him to see you at your weakest.

“Y-you think just because you"Y-you think just because you show up here, it’ll all gonna be okay? Am I really that stupid to you?” You questioned.
“What? No! Not once did I think you were stupid.” Dean tried to get close but you flinched. That broke him.

“You cheated on me, Dean.” You spoke softly. He could hear how broke you were.
“Baby-” the door opened.

“Sorry to interrupt, but the doctor says you can leave now. She has to stay in bed though. No fun for either of you.” The nurse joked.

He turn to you after the door closed again.

“Sweetheart, listen-” Dean stopped. “Just take me home, Dean. I just wanna go home.” You looked away from those eyes.
Missing them already.


Two weeks later

You and Dean hadn’t talk since you got back from the hospital. And in total honesty it was killing both of you.

You both missed each other’s touch and the closeness. You both missed how amazing your lips tasted and the fire that arose from the warmth of each other’s skin. You both missed the slow but beautiful sex and then cuddling against each other while whispering sweet nothings into the others ear. You both missed how good it felt to be wanted and seen by the other.
You both missed each other. But that will never be the same. Never.

Dean meant a lot to you. He made you feel things you’d never felt before. He made you want things you never thought you’d ever want. He made you see that even in a world of evil and pain, there is still love and hope. He made you feel beautiful in every way possible. He broke down those wall you built up.
He cared for you.
He held you.
He kissed you.
He touched you.
He spoke to you.
He wanted you.

He loved you.

It was about 2 in the morning when you were walking out of your room to get water from the kitchen.
The cold floor working its way to the rest of your body leaving you in chills.

You open the fridge and grab a bottle of water and sit at the table just staring into nothingness.
Now your thoughts fills the quiet room.

'You’re so weak. No wonder Dean cheated. You can’t even be in a quiet room without thinking about him. Thats pathetic. You’re pathetic. Look at yourself. You’re not beautiful. You’re not at all attractive and god you’re fucked up. He cheated because he wanted to look at someone who wouldn’t make him gag. You deserved this.’

“Stop!” Tears streaming your face and you escaped your thoughts.
“Sweetheart?” Dean’s soft voice brought you back to reality.
“Sorry, Dean. I-I didn’t mean to wake you up. I’ll just go back to bed.” You got up and before you could walk out of the room he grabbed your arm. “Don’t apologize, baby.” You put your head down and sobbed.
Dean picked up your chin and looked at you. He wiped off the tears and leaned down to your ear.
“By the way, Dean says hi.”
You were confused. You looked up.

Black eyes.

______________ (Should I keep going?)

Underwear - The Door To Opportunities

Alternate meeting between Oliver and Felicity. Texting and Tommy and swooping through women’s underwear involved.

Two long ideas popped upon seeing this. This is the first one. Let’s hope you like it. Also, shout out to ellefraser17​ because she wanted this. 

Oliver looked down at the text on his phone, completely confounded, for the third time in a row. And every time he did, it did not become any less amusing. And it was surprising because amusement was something he had stopped feeling a long time ago, along with a lot of other things. But he was amused now. He looked at the text again. 

UNKNOWN : So, my friend’s bet me to send you this text because I have had the crush on you for the longest time and I think I might be a bit tipsy  because I am actually doing this, and OMG! I cannot believe I am actually   doing this. And I did it. Yup. Pressing send in 3, 2, 1. 

As the owner of Verdant, he was used to having women send him all sorts of messages at all times of the day and night. Hell, as Oliver Queen, he was used to having women send him all types of messages. But never, ever, on his personal number. And how this woman had gotten his private number, he didn’t know. 

He hesitated for a second, looking at Tommy making his rounds downstairs. Though they worked in the club together, and the entire city still believed them to be nothing but playboys they had been a few years ago, the truth was far, far from it. They had both changed, both grown up into men. Tommy had committed himself to his relationship with Laurel and to Verdant since his father had cut him off. And Oliver had done a complete 180 since he came back a few weeks ago from the ‘dead’. No one knew the extent of that 180. 

He reread the text again, feeling the words amuse him for some reason and quickly typed back a reply. 

ME : You won the bet?

He hit send and waited, looking down at the full club, at the throngs of people grinding against each other when his phone buzzed again. 

UNKNOWN : Oh yes! Tonight is on her. Plus she’s gifting me a pair of heels I have been dying to buy. So, it’s a win win. I hope I didn’t weird you out. Well, of course I did. Sending what i send you would be weird. Maybe a little creepy too. 

His lips twitched slightly at the tone of the message and he settled weight in his elbows on the railing, and replied for some reason. 

ME : It didn’t weird me out. How did you get my number?

The phone buzzed instantly. 

UNKNOWN : I borrowed some information off some servers. But I won’t distribute it or anything, don’t worry. Well, not unless you want me to. But if you wanted to, wouldn’t you do it on your own? Anyways, I’ll keep it to myself. Not like stalker- keep, just you know ‘I-have-a-crush-on-this-guy-and-his-number-is-lying-in-my-contacts-innocently keep. Oh boy, that got long.  

A chuckle left him the moment he read it and curiosity about a stranger assailed him for the first time. 

ME : Are you in the club?

UNKNOWN : Are you going to throw me out? *biting nails*

“Who are you texting with such a goofy smile, dude?” Tommy’s voice made Oliver look up at his best friend. Oliver shrugged, not wanting to share it for some reason. Tommy raised his eyebrows. 

His phone buzzed. 

UNKNOWN : So, either you are thinking of a polite way of telling me you are throwing me out of the club or well…..I don’t know. Anyways, I’ll get out of your hair. Which is really sexy, btw. But I meant it not literally of course. Not that you are no sexy, which you are. That I meant literally. Fuck, I am shutting up.

Oliver chuckled out loud, pushing Tommy’s face away as he tried to peek. 

He replied quickly, making a decision. 

ME : I want to meet you. 

The loud music pumped through the club as he waited for her reply, with bated breath, his heart slowly pounding. He knew in his gut something was different here. He just didn’t know what. 

Her reply came. 

UNKNOWN : I broke your glass. From the shock. I just thought you should know. You can totally bill it to me, btw. Not that you would because you are a billionaire and I don’t think a broken glass is going to make a big dent in your account anyways. Hell, it wouldn’t make a big dent in mine. 

She had totally gone in a completely different tangent, and for some reason, he found himself even more curious. 

ME : I want to meet you. 

UNKNOWN : Look, crush or not, I don’t really meet strange men like that. If you want to just get in my pants, I’ve already left them in your lost and found section and don’t ask why. Actually, it was another bet, the one before sending you the text one. Anyways, there are quite a lot of collection of underwear you have there. You can totally open a store of underwear. Although, why would you. Anyways. Ciao! 

Oliver’s heart raced as he read the text, blood rushing through him. He had to meet her, just once. And rereading her message, knowing how much she loved bets apparently, he felt the rush of a challenge seep through his veins. This was going to be good. 

ME : I want to make a bet with you. 

He waited, hoping she would reply, and she did. 

UNKNOWN: Okayyyyyy

Oliver grinned, ignoring Tommy who was giving him looks. 

ME : If I successfully find your underwear in the lost and found, you meet me. Is it on? 

“Ollie, who is this girl? You are smiling way too wide for this to be normal.”

“You’ll know in a second,” Oliver said, willing his phone to buzz again. It did. 

UNKNOWN: It is on. 

Oliver grinned and started to walk towards the lost and found area downstairs. How many underwear could be there for him to chooses from? Not much, hopefully. 

“Where are you going?” Tommy followed him, nodding to people here and there as they made their way down. 

Oliver kept looking around, trying to see the women, trying to put a face to the tone in the messages. Women and girls of all ages stared unabashedly at him and he sighed, his blood still high from the challenge. 

The moment he reached the lost and found, he stopped. 

There were stacks and stacks of only bras and panties of all shapes, sizes and colors. How the fuck had he never seen this place before? In his club?

Baffled, he looked at Tommy. “What sort of a business has a lost and found that is just full of women’s underwear?”

Tommy furrowed his brow. “Um. The best kind?” 

Oliver sighed. “How the hell am I supposed to find one of a women I don’t even know in this?”

“Oh, so that’s what that was about?” Tommy asked, grinning devilishly. He punched Oliver in the shoulder. “Quit getting your broody face and just ask her for a hint. It’s only fair.”

It was. 

ME : A hint? Please?

He added the please for good measure, thinking it’d improve his chances. She replied back. 

UNKNOWN: It’s only fair given how many you have there. Hmm. Hint. It’s not black. 

Not black. Oliver looked at the pile and nodded. Okay. He could work with that. 

He looked up at Tommy, raising a brow at his friend’s expectant face. 

“What’s the hint?” 

“It’s not black.”

Tommy nodded and dived into the pile, removing the black ones to a side and all the others to another. Oliver just raised his eyebrows but joined him. He figured a little help wouldn’t hurt anyways. 

“So who is this girl?” Tommy started, still sorting one side while Oliver did the other. 

“I don’t know. But I want to find out,” Oliver replied, focused on the task. God, how many typed of underwear did women even have? Silk and net and cotton and thongs and things he didn’t even know the names of. 

“And you got interested because?” Tommy persisted and Oliver glared at him, before seeing his grin and sighing. 

“She sounds different.”

“Different how?”

Oliver threw a pair at his friend and heard his chuckle before straightening and taking measure. Okay. So there were almost two dozen non-black panties in front of him. Fuck. 

His phone buzzed and he looked down. 

UNKNOWN: Done sorting, big boy?

Was she watching him? Oliver narrowed his eyes, looking around the club and trying to place her. But there were just too many people. She could have been seeing him from anywhere. 

He replied again. 

ME : Done. But still too many. Another clue?

UNKNOWN: You do realize that I am literally laying a trail of breadcrumbs leading to the fabric that covered my lady parts this evening, right? 

She was going commando. Fuck. Oliver closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, his senses inflamed like they hadn’t been in a long, long time and he hadn’t even seen her. 

ME : Yes. Next breadcrumb?

UNKNOWN: It’s not satin.

“It’s not satin,” Oliver muttered to Tommy before going back to the sorting. Tommy cleared his throat. Oliver looked up. 

“You know, I can tell a lot about women’s underwear from the way they talk,” Tommy began, extending his hand. “Maybe I should take a look and I’d be able to help you better.”

Tommy’s eyes were glinting with amusement and Oliver sighed. He did not want Tommy to read the messages for some reason. 

His phone buzzed and he looked down. 

UNKNOWN: FYI, if Mr. Merlyn reads the messages the bet is off. I’ll be too embarrassed to come face to face, and technically, if he helps you now, he is the winner, anyways. :P

Oliver didn’t know whether to grin or be impatient at her for delaying it. But he was enjoying it.  

“Nope,” Oliver replied to Tommy, waving his phone to make sure she knew if she was watching that he was declining it. “Can;t do. You just stand there or go away. I’ll have to sift on my own now.”

Tommy scrunched his face. “Damn it. I wish i could have gotten my hands on her underwear before you.” 

Chuckling at Oliver’s narrowed eyes, Tommy waved at the bar and left Oliver to his own devices. 

Taking a deep breath, Oliver got through sorting the non-satin and satin and finally had a tiny pile of ten panties. Ten. Six of them were bright but solid colors. Two of them had patterns and dots. One was embroidered and one had multi colored swirls on it. 

He quickly typed another text. 

ME : Down to 10.

UNKNOWN: Three guesses? 

Oliver looked down at the ten options and thought for a moment before replying. 

ME : Pink and white stripes?



He removed the pink and white one aside and looked closely at the rest. 

ME : Polka dots? 


His pulse spiked and he felt adrenaline hit his system. Last guess. If he got this wrong, she’d walk out and he’d never know who she was. He needed to know who she was.  

Taking a deep breath, he typed, his hand hovering over the send button before pressing on it. 

ME : Embroidered?

He waited, tapping his finger against his phone, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he waited. 


His heart sank and chest tightened. It shouldn’t have, but it did. He barely even knew the woman and yet the thought of not being able to meet her, of knowing he had lost his chance after trying so hard, was burning like acid through him. He exhaled loudly, hanging his head and closed his eyes, a life time of wasted opportunities, of wasted chances, weighing down on him, settling upon him again now that the momentary buoyancy she had provided was gone. 

Maybe it was better like this. What the hell could he have given her anyways?

Maybe it was not. Maybe, he could have given her something. Maybe. 

A life time of maybes. 

“It’s this one.”

His eyes flew open to see a small hand with pink nails holding the panties with the colorful swirls on them. The heat he felt rising in his chest was unlike anything he had known before. The hope the rose after being squashed was something he very rarely felt. 

Taking a deep breath, he turned around to see her, finally, and faced her as she stood a little behind him. And he blinked. She fit perfectly with those messages. Perfectly. Her blonde hair was tied back in a high ponytail and she wore big, rectangular glasses framing such beautiful, blue eyes. Her mouth was lush and painted bright red and she wore a red dress that fell to just above her knees with tall heels. And even with the heels, she was tiny and shuffling awkwardly as she faced him. 

“You never asked me what I would get if I won the bet,” she began in a soft, feminine voice that somehow fit her, waving the hand not holding the underwear. “I got to meet you. Plus you tried so I figured you deserved to at least see me. And just stare. Which you are doing and it’s kind of freaking me out because you are just staring. Why are you staring?”

Oliver stared a little more, unable to help himself, and extended his hand to her. “Oliver Queen.”

She raised her eyebrows, looking down at his hand. “This is surreal. After sifting through gazillion panties to look for mine, you’re actually offering me your hand?”

Chuckling, she placed her small, soft hand into his, and blinked up big, blue eyes at him, reeling him in harder. “Felicity Smoak.”

Felicity. Her name fit too. 

And following instincts like he always did, Oliver dropped a soft kiss on the hand he held, smiling at the flush that covered her face. 

Oliver, for the first time in a long time, felt good.

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word count : 1,158

AU: You suck at math and you’re assigned to a tutor

Luke AU- Math class


I sat impatiently, glancing at the clock wavering over my teachers head. Only 4 more minutes until I’m out of here and on my way to pizza and a Teen Wolf marathon. I tap my fingers rather impatiently as my teacher recites our homework and a review on what we learned the lesson. Boring.

The bell finally rang and I hopped out my seat as fast as I could. Just as I approach the door I hear my teacher say,

“Y/N, may I please have a word with you?” So close.

“Yes Mr. Collins?” I replied with as little annoyance as possible. To be frank, he creeps me out and happens to teach the worst subject on earth, math.

I hear a sigh emitted from him before he started the speech I knew was bound to be told sometime soon.

“Y/N I’m not going to sugar coat this for you. You’re obviously intelligent and have a very high IQ. I’ve seen your grades in your other classes and you’re extraordinary. How come you’re struggling so much in math?”

I looked down ashamed. I knew I wasn’t doing well and that this speech was coming up sooner or later. I was just hoping for the later.

“I apologize for my lack of effort Mr. Collins. Math has never really been my strong point, but I promise I’ll study harder and get my grades up.”

“There’s a small problem in your plan Y/N and that small problem happens to be the fact that you’re behind on work and failing. I have already contacted the office and they’ve assigned you a tutor from the grade above-”

I cut him off as soon as I heard the word tutor. Extra homework I could deal with but never in my life have I been told that I need a tutor nor do I need one.

“Whoa, whoa. Listen Mr. Collins, I appreciate that you’re helping me in this and I am grateful. I truly am. But a tutor will not be necessary.” I argue calmly.

“It’s for the best Y/N. His name is Luke and he happens to be waiting in the office right now. I hope you don’t mind staying another hour in the library. Finals are coming up and you’ll need to get back on track as soon as possible if you don’t want to fail. Good day and I will see you on Monday.” Mr. Collins says as he packs up his briefcase and I storm out.

Who does he think he is telling me I must stay another hour with some senior who’s probably either laugh at how horrible I am at Math or not even bother helping me.

I quickly make my way to the office and look around for my supposed tutor. Though the only other person in sight is this guy who is a bit shorter than me and looks like he’s aging 10 years with the amount of anxiety reeking off of him. Though the whole situation pissed me off to a whole new level, he seemed quite nice and I didn’t want to put him off with my grumpy mood so I smiled slightly and approached him.

“Hi! I’m (Y/N). I’m guessing you’re Luke? My math tutor?”

“No actually that would be me.” I turn my head towards sound of the deep voice and came face to chest with an extremely attractive blue eyed male.

“O-oh hi, I’m Y/N and you’re tutoring me in math but I’m guessing you knew that and yeah.” I rambled as I feel my cheeks burn a cursed red. Luke chuckled silently and held out his hand.

“Hi Y/N, I’m Luke but I’m guessing you knew that.” He shot a wink at me which didn’t help my burning cheeks. “Okay, so come on. Let’s go get started.”

We made our way towards the school library in silence and found a quiet table in the far corner of the building. I sat down next to Luke and took out my book, calculator, and pencil. I opened up the book to correct page and we started working.

I must admit, it’s pretty damn hard to think when you’re sitting next to Luke. He has these beautiful blue eyes that I tend to stare into for a bit longer than normal. If I get something correct, he’d always grin showing his prominent dimples. And his lip ring. His lip ring makes me contemplate stabbing myself with a pencil and then run into a concrete wall. When he takes it between his teeth it makes him look so kissable I can’t help glace at his lips.

“Hello? Y/N?” Luke waved a pencil in front of face and I jumped in surprise, not even realizing that I was zoning out.

“S-sorry, what were you saying?” I licked my chapped lips as he chuckled at my distant behavior.

“I was saying maybe we should  get to know one another a bit more. I’d like to know who I’m tutoring… Also because I don’t think you’re really paying attention to my tutoring anymore. We could just finish up these papers tomorrow if you have time.”

My heart started picking up its pace slightly at the mention of us hanging out tomorrow. I know it’s only tutoring but hey, let a girl dream would you?

“Umm sure, I don’t mind being interrogated.” I told him with sarcasm which caused him to chuckle. And in that moment, I swear, the world simultaneously died. I cleared my throat and adjusted my seat so I’d face him. He brought his chair closer to mine and began to question me.

“What’s your favorite song?”

“I don’t have one. It depends on my mood.”

“Good answer. Okay, when’s your birthday?”


“Hey! I’m older than you!!”



"You do realize that you’re a senior and I’m a junior right? You’re a year older than me.”

“Well, yeah. But- I don’t know. Maybe you got held back?”

I laughed at his awkwardness and scooted closer to him. I think he noticed because his eyes darted down to the small space parting our chairs.

“Okay, what’s your biggest fetish?” I arched my eyebrows and looked at him.

“Definitely blue eyes.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah… I find them gorgeous.” I said not even ashamed that I was staring straight into the never ending depths of his clear blue eyes.

“I quite like Y/E/C”

“Do you now?”

“Yeah… I find them gorgeous.” He said staring into my own eyes. His trailed down ever so slightly to my lips before looking up again and swiftly closing the gap between us.

The kiss was gentle and sweet. His lip ring poking slightly at my lips as we kissed. It soon turned into something a bit more yet he still managed to keep it soft. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his pull me closer to him. A small thump made us jerk apart and we both look up to see a bashful looking librarian.

“Oh don’t mind me. I’m just putting away these history books.” The lady said as she turned around the corner but not before winking at us and saying “Just make sure y'all act smart alright? Remember; you can’t go wrong if you shield your dong.”

I coughed and stood up awkwardly, grabbing my stuff in a messy haste. Luke’s laughter got me to look up him smiling like the goofball he is.

“So, you still up for tomorrow?”


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