oh i just love ray so so so much

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  • First impression - Honestly, he only had to sing two lines and I was done for. I remember just thinking how pretty the tune was, and how lovely Alfred’s voice was, and then…oh no, he is cute, he is so so so cute, how can anyone be this cute and it pretty much went from there. To this day, He Ho Professor remains one of my favourite numbers.
  • Impression now - My One True Love, An Innocent Ray of Light and Goodness, Actual Cinnamon Roll, Too Precious For This World, The Bravest, the Sweetest, the Most Well-Meaning, A Pure Being Made of Sunshine, The Incarnation of Hope and Love and Good Intentions. Protect Him. Defend Him. Give Him the Happy Ending He Deserves. 
  • Favorite moment - So many. Too many. We’ll be here all night. But if I had to pick two at random: his steadfast devotion and determination to overcome his fears during Für Sarah, and the incredible expressions he makes when Herbert kisses his palm during Wenn Liebe. 
  • Idea for a story - Alfred retired to the English countryside and lived a safe, happy, quiet life in the sunshine for the rest of his life. The end. 
  • Unpopular opinion - I agree with writer Michael Kunze that Alfred is not bisexual. Extremely inexperienced, curious and even intrigued by the Count and his son…yes. But anything more than that, I don’t quite buy. 
  • Favorite relationship - Any kind of platonic Alfred/Professor interactions make me so happy. Alfred/Sarah is depressing as heck, but it’s also lovely seeing Alfred so desperately happy and in love. And I actually adore the Alfred/Herbert dynamic, when it’s done well and remains one-sided..gentle, nervous, innocent vampire hunter vs. flamboyant, enthusiastic, utterly besotted vampire = great, great things. 
  • Favorite headcanon - During Das Gebet, Alfred prays as hard as he can that he and Sarah will spend the rest of eternity together. He doesn’t realise how true that will come to be. Brb gonna go cry now…

@alfrette thank you for this!

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Ok to be honest, Im not upset anymore if anyone tells me that mcr is never going back together. not bcs i dont like them anymore but bcs i just love every single of them so much. look at gerard. he works on comics now. isnt that what he loves. frank? oh man his solo project is MY LIFE. Mikey? man, he and his sports and his wife is just fucking goal. never forget about the man with the plan, Ray. Man, his music is what the world need. the guys are not lying, he is fucking genius.

I totally and completely agree with this!

I loved the stuff they did together, but like the stuff they’ve done on their own?

It’s so unique and just so inherently special.

Maybe one day they’ll reunite, but for right now they have their own work to do. (If that makes sense)

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Hello~ Can I request a scenario where DK is your teacher? smut maybe? Thanks, I love your blog :0

hiii to the beautiful anon whose requested dk as your teacher. :>> do you mind if we twisted it up a bit? read on to find out! i really really really hope you’re satisfied with it, i’m not really proud in my works, but i will do my best to improve, btw it was all admin kenvy’s idea! :D i just wrote it up ehehe, i personally enjoyed writing this tbh, it gives off a different side of our shining ray of sunlight dk,  REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY IT LIKE DFJKGHJJGDFLGLG IM SO NERVOUS YOU’LL HATE IT, never the less, thank you so much for requesting! we hope to hear from you again, any feedback is very much appreciated. :* WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.

-admin kate x 

i’m so awkward oh my god, kill me now.

Here it is bby: Desire.

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Hey! I just wanted to say thank you being such an actively positive blog. Seeing so much hate in the fandom is exhausting, I don't even know how those people can keep it up. So, yeah, I can't wait to see that pretty gifset including both SQ and CS. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine. 💕

Wow! thank you so much for this nice message. It certainly is exhausting, I agree. But it’s worth it in the end when you get to receive support like this from such lovely people like you!
Oh god I hope I won’t disappoint but anyways, thank you again💛💛
(I love all your edits btw)

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You're so cute and sweet. I just want to hug you. I don't think you're even real like ???? Someone like ??? You ?? So rare omg. Well, I hope you're having a good day/afternoon/night because you deserve nothing but love and happiness, u ray of sunshine. Tumblr is Blessed by your existence, thank you for being here !!

oh my…. i’m smiling so hard right now this is the sweetest thing ever ?? ur such an angel, i hope ur having an amazing day as well, thank u for being so sweet and making me happy <333