oh i just love ray so so so much

Have you ever liked someone so so much, but in the most innocent ways? Like, to you they’re just a ray of sunshine when they walk into the room and you find it impossible not to gravitate toward them. You can’t help but smile when they smile because their smile is the most resplendent thing you’ve ever see and, oh my, when you are the reason they smile, the whole world seems to shine as brightly as they do. Every little thing they do, every tiny favor they offer, all the mannerisms you find so - you tuck it all away in the space in your heart reserved for them in hopes you might never forget.

The most bittersweet thing, though, is that even when you hold that person in such high esteem, adore them wholeheartedly, and look up to them in sincere and boundless awe, you know they will never see themselves the way you see them. They will never notice all those things you noticed, and if they do, they’ll probably label them as flaws. You want to tell them. You’ve always wanted to. But the words don’t come, because you’re not the most eloquent, intelligent, or special. You’re just the admirer.

But, oh, if only you could show them what you see…

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pssst hey can you do a Tyler x Reader where he's introducing you to his friends/family ?

  • you being nervous because like “oh gosh what if they don’t like me???” 
  • and him like holding ur cheek so u guys meet eye to eye “babe, you’re my ray of sunshine, you make me so happy, you make so many people happy, they will love you i promise! besides i’ve talked so much about you that it’s like they pretty much know you”
  • him still being a little nervous because he wants things to go just right and knows his friends can say some weird things plus anxiety is a thing and even tho he knows realistically nothing bad will happen he still worries
  • him suggesting if you two should somewhat match your outfits and u consider it but decide to not be too mushy for first impressions
  • the night before you meet his family you catch him chugging tea and says that he read that it’s suppose to help u relax
  • you join him in stress drinking tea to relax
  • the tea didnt help but you two ended up watching vine compilations and laughing really hard and you both relax and feel safe together
  • you two listen to disney music loudly on the car ride there and you both are so giggly singing the songs together
  • his family meets you and they welcome you and you feel like they’re your own family and you feel like all the worrying you felt was a waste because his family is great, tyler is great, and you guys are all happy

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You're such a lovely ray of sunshine in this fandom :D Your art is so sweet and makes me so happy when I see it on my dash, thank you for making and sharing such lovely work <3

sd;lkavj;lsdja~!!! (O ///w///O);; oh my! thank you!!! thank you so much! i really just want to make other people happy with my work~ so hearing that makes my heart feel so good!!!! (-^    O ^-) thank you so much!!!! i hope you have an amazing day full of nice moments! <3 <3 <3 <3 *HUGS*

do you ever get slammed in the face with just how much dan and phil love each other and it’s one of those things that you know and you’ve always known and it’s obvious but sometimes it really hits you how much love there is there and how dan looks at phil like he’s the fucking moon and the sun and all the stars combined and dan treats phil so delicately and with so much care and phil looks at dan like if dan weren’t there at that moment he would drift off into oblivion and he needs dan there to be his anchor and he’s a ray of sunshine in phil’s life and a constant source of happiness and they both need each other so badly and there’s is so much genuine love and it doesn’t even matter whether it’s platonic or not at this point they just love each other so fucking much and oh my god i need to sit down