oh i just love ray so so so much

jbird5016658 asked:

yo just a reminder that you are super pretty and cute and beautiful and rad and stuff and pls never say otherwise or else i will bap ur nose bc u are litterally a shining ray of sunshine in our lives so pls never forget dat

oh my goodness sweetie thank you so much u lil muffin??? i love u so much????????  how r u even real????????  ur amazing ily thank u <3

Thoughts about Arrow:

Still pissed about Sara.  So pissed.

But oh goodness I love Felicity so much.  She’s squeaky and girly just like me and she’s so awesome.

Also are we supposed to like Ray.  I think he’s supposed to come across as like, an adorable puppy with too much money, but he’s pushy and creepy, and I want to pepper spray him every time he buys Felicity something. 

anonymous asked:

Christiana, I wanted to take the time to properly thank you. You put so much positive energy onto tumblr every day and even though I do not know you in real life, I know that you put just as much positive energy out into the real world as you do on here. You are a ray of sunshine. I appreciate you and your blog because it never fails to keep me in bright spirits. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Stay sweet, strong girl. We believe in you. <3

Oh my gosh. Thank you so, SO much anon <3 You are so amazing, and I appreciate this more than anything. I love you lots, and am sending you lots of love. Thank you again <3