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Isaac!!! <3 Hope you've been well buddy! I saw you have prompts open so I have to ask! What are your thoughts on werewolf!derek who wears glasses but merely for the sake of appearing human. One day he's picking up his little boy from preschool and his glasses fall off his face and teacher!stiles picks them up and realises 'oh, the lenses are fake?' I can only imagine blushing derek ensues~ :)

Ruebin my friend!!!! I hope you like this lil thing I wrote ^^ It’s kinda short but sweet too, you feel? 

(Thanks to @drgrlfriend for making this ficlet SO MUCH BETTER)

Also here on AO3 

Title: Make Me Go Blind

Stiles likes to think that he is, in general, a professional. Sure, he has moments where he gets frustrated – whenever one of the kids gets into a fight again, or pees in their pants – but he usually keeps his calm. Kids are, after all, child’s play (pun intended) compared to some of the adults in Stiles’ life. Toddlers are generally more likely to follow Stiles’ orders than adults, in any case.

There’s just one teensy thing that always throws a wrench in Stiles’ professional facade – Derek Hale.

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Reaction (BTS): When another member walks in on you guys having sex

Jin: “You better get the hell out Namjoon. I’m finishing whether you’re in here or not.”

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Namjoon: “Oh god Yoongi, why did you have to bother me now.”

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Yoongi: “You better J-hop your way out of here Hoseok, before I kill you.” 

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Hoseok: “One night Jimin. All I ask for is one night, and you have to walk in on me doing my thing with my jagiya.” 

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Jimin: “GET THE HELL OUT TAE!!!” *when Taehyung doesn’t leave, Jimin hits him* “I’m serious you little shit.”

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Taehyung: “Of all the things to catch me doing Kookie, this is not the one I was hoping for.”

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Jungkook: *to you* “Maybe if we act like we’re not here, Jin eomma will go away.” 

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oh yeah holy shit i had my birthday two days ago. i treated myself to dying my hair pink again and reflected on my 20s and how i don’t actually feel like i’ve “wasted” my youth or am “too late” for most things and am in fact just now really putting together all that i’ve learned to get better things off the ground and that’s fine. thanks for all your support, and i hope i’ve helped you in big ways or small, even as little as giving you a laugh. take care y’all

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Hi! I've been considering making some stickers/prints for myself and was wondering if you have any advice about how to go about it file-wise? I'm sort of at a loss what canvas sizes I should use for this kind of thing and what would be too small or too big to get decent quality when printing stickers and stuff. Please ignore if you consider this a sort of trade secret or you're not comfortable answering! Oh, and I hope you're feeling better!

This got long so I’ll put a break here!

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Levy McGarden~

For the lovely and cutest little thing… @lillitheamazingotaku3393 im so sorry for ignoring you and I know it was like pulling teeth to get you tell me what character you wanted but I feel so much better for doing this. I hope you like hun.


cuz tumblr is weird about picture limits. but anyways, enjoy the levy~

BTS REACTION: To their gf having really bad period cramps to the point where he ends up taking her to a hospital

Rap Monster: I think he’d stay quiet by your side, but always holding your hand and whenever you need something he’d get it at the same time.

“I now it’s hurts, but just relax and soon it’ll pass jagi, I promise”

Jin: His objective would be make you, at last, a little more animated, Jin would buy flowers, food and other things to you; would even try to make you laugh with his bad jokes.

“come on jagi, I’ll cry with if you stay like this”

Suga: “oh jagi… it must be hurting… I’m so sorry for you, when we get home we’ll cuddle for the rest of the day, I promise”

J-Hope: another one that would stay by your side all the time, he’d be very mature and would give a lot of support until you finally get better.

“poor baby girl, I hope you get better soon.”

Jimin: He’d ask if you want something or if you’re okay every five minutes and when you’re sleeping at the hospital would talk to the doctor, just to make sure that you’ll be fine.

V: At firt he woudn’t know very well what exactly do to help you, would call one of his hyungs and ask for some ideia, but in the end would just be by your side, hoping the meds make effect.

Jungkook: “is it hurting this much jagi? should I bring you a blanket? or tampons… I can try buy it”

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

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Heeeeeey~ don't wanna bother you but I felt like complaining a little (I do that a lot which is one of the reasons I lost a lot of friends recently) since I'm really sick right now. Just two days ago I was already sick, throwing up every 30 minutes or so. The day after I was good... and today I feel like crap again but I can't throw up! Which I kinda which I could do cuz I'd feel better after... so yeah. Thanks for reading.

Oh my, I’m so sorry hon! That sounds absolutely awful. Sorry I replied late, I hope you’ve at least gotten a little better. And I get the complaining thing, I literally do it all the time xD if you need to talk more, I’m always up for a chat. I wouldn’t mind you just unloading on me, promise <3

Manhunt - KBTBB Fanfic Chapter 2

Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7

A/N: Voilà, here is the second chapter of Manhunt!

Thank you all so much for the positive feedback and love yesterday, I have to admit I was a little bit overwhelmed but overjoyed at the same time, haha. :’) Thanks to that my creativity and motivation just boosted itself to space and I was able too write a lot of words today!

Oh and just FYI I’m not planning on updating the fic everyday since the girl’s also got other obligations. But I’ll try to update it as many times as I can.

Tagging @annamreed since she wanted to see where this whole thing is going!

I hope you all enjoy this chapter! ^^


I had a wide grin plastered on my face. The excitement and the look on his face getting the better of me. I felt my shoulders shaking lightly as I was trying to suppress laughing out loud.

He looked like a fish opening and closing his mouth without a sound coming out.

Finally, he was able to open his mouth and while he was not able to form a decent sentence he at least was able to form words.

“(Y/N)?! Princess? Wha- I mean… How?” I squinted looking at him trying to figure out what language he was speaking with me, and even though I was able to speak multiple languages it was none of the ones I was able to understand.

“Baba, calm down. What do you exactly want to ask me?” I put my hand on his shoulder. And as if this was giving him the green light, he pulled me into a tight embrace, that felt like he wanted to squish my organs out of me.

I put my arms around his back and patted him gently. He slightly buried his face in my hair, capturing the smell of my hair, and muttered “(Y/N). I never thought I was going to see you again. I missed you so much. How long has it been?” he let me go and looked my face up and down. He had such a kind, gentle look in his eyes, if I didn’t know him I wouldn’t believe that he could be such a flirt.

“15 years, Baba.” I answered matter of factly.

“What?! So it has been that long since…” I just nodded signaling him that I didn’t want to hear the rest of his sentence.

“Anyway,” he said, “here is not the place to catch up, come on we can go to the penthouse and talk!” before I could even agree or decline he took me by my arm and stormed out of the bar.

I almost fell face first on the floor because Baba yanked me by my arm with the force of a god damn truck. Somehow I managed to stay on my feet and followed him into the elevator.

In the elevator he took out a card and put it in a slot in the elevator and pressed the button to the 51st floor. “Oh so to have access to the penthouse you need a keycard?” I looked at him questionably. Of course I knew that there was a keycard needed. But I still asked hoping to get more information from Baba than I got from Kiyoko.

“Yes, and there aren’t many people that have one it’s kind of hard to get the boss to trust you.” he answered with a smile. “So if you ever want to visit me you would need to find me first.” he exclaimed and winked at me.

For the rest of the elevator ride we didn’t talk much, it was a pleasant silence nothing awkward.


“Ladies first!” The elevator doors opened and I giggled at Baba’s gentlemanly gesture. After I stepped out of the elevator Baba followed suit and was now walking next to me.

The hallway was big, no, huge. Wine red carpet, beige walls and lamps that were hanging parallel on the wall. When the hallway already looks so beautiful how was the penthouse going to look?!

It was really chic and I noticed that I walked more elegant and stiff than I normally would. Baba took notice of that and began laughing “You don’t need to be so stiff. Relax.”

I looked up at him bewildered and laughed nervously “Sorry. I’m not used to such elegant looking hallways. This thing is bigger than my apartment!”

Suddenly we came to a halt in front of a big, heavy looking door. “Maybe I need to introduce you to a couple of people that are also living here.” Baba whispered with a reassuring smile on his lips.

Opening the heavy door, I was met with a beautiful room. It had a high ceiling with white walls, that brightened up the room even more than the big chandelier hanging from the ceiling already did. It also had a shiny, marble staircase with a red, fleecy carpet rolled out.

I was brought back to reality by Baba’s cheerful voice. “I’m home and I have brought someone that I would like to introduce you to!”

There were sitting two men in the corner. where a red couch and navy blue armchairs were standing. One of the men was Ota Kisaki. He was laying on the couch, sketching something on his notebook with a steady hand.

Wow. He was even more beautiful in person than on TV or pictures. Now I understand why everyone was calling him the “angelic artist”, he truly looked like an angel.

The other man was sitting on the armchair that was the nearest to the window, smoking. Actually I wouldn’t really consider that position “sit”. He was more or less hanging in the chair. He had dark grey hair and a goatee, and goddamn he’s just as handsome as Ota! Does Baba only have handsome friends?

“Oh, hello Baba! Wow, you have never introduced one of your women to us. Usually you keep them for one night. Do you plan on keeping this one longer?” Ota looked up from his sketchbook with wide eyes and when he saw me his eyes widened even more. But soon after saying that he had a devilish grin plastered on his face.

The smoking guy, no pun intended, just kept a sleepy look on his face, leaned forward and put the cigarette out in the ashtray.

“What are ya lookin’ at, kid?” he snapped at and glared holes into me.

“I-I-I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to be rude.” I stammered under his cold glare as a shiver ran down my spine. Which was weird since I was used to such cold gazes, but his eyes had something even more intimidating in them. Okay, note taken I don’t want to fuck with this man.

“Aww, Mamo! That’s not a way to treat a lady and old friend of mine!” Baba remarked in a faked hurt tone. “Well anyways. This is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I’ve known her ever since she was a little girl.”

I bowed to the two men and heard a somebody snorting. I looked up and saw the man that Baba called “Mamo” cover his mouth. He blurted out; “Friend my ass! As if the greatest womanizer himself, Mitsunari Baba, would just be "friends” with a girl.“

"I’m sorry for his behavior, princess.” Baba looked at me apologetically. “It’s fine. I kind of understand where he’s coming from. I mean you kind of are a big flirt.” I teased him.

He frowned a little and put his hand on his heart pretending to be hurt. “Ahhh, princess you hit it right where it hurt!” I laughed a little at his bad acting as he returned to his normal posture.

“Princess, these two men are Ota Kisaki, the ‘angelic artist’” He pointed at Ota. “and this right here is Mamoru Kishi, believe it or not he’s a detective.”

Now it was my turn to blurt out in laughter, forgetting the coldness he showed me a few moments ago. “Pff, this man is a detective?! Haha very funny Baba and I’m the pope.” Mamoru stopped laughing and glared at me once again. But this time it sent an even colder shiver down my spine.

Fuck. His death glare was on point. If looks could kill I would be killed more than once now and my body would have disposed itself.

“Mamoru. Stop scaring her don’t you see that her tail is between her legs? Poor Koro.” Ota said in a teasing tone and one side of his lips turned once again into that devilish grin from before.

Tail? What tail? And Koro? Who the fuck is that? “Uhm… excuse me, Mr. Kisaki? My name is (Y/N), not 'Koro’.”

“Just call me Ota. And I’ll call you Koro because you remind me of my dog that I had when I was a child.”

I knew it! My assumptions were right. But I didn’t think that he was that twisted and would name me after his, what I assume is now dead, dog. Ugh, what kind of people does Baba associate with? Not that I was especially surprised by that, he was always around weird people even back then when he worked for my father.

“So why’s the kid here in the penthouse with ya?” Mamoru asked.

“We met in the jazz bar by coincidence and I brought her here so that we can catch up in peace. Why do you care about that anyway Mamo? Normally you never care about what other people do.” Baba stated, raising his eyebrows in a teasing way.

Mamoru put his hands in front of his mouth, a light blush creeping on his face and mumbled something that I couldn’t quite hear. Something about a 'goddamn nosy’ somebody.

“So Baba, are we actually going to catch up or are you going to keep teasing Mamoru?” I decided to interfere. Otherwise Baba would probably make Mamoru angrier and angrier by every word that slipped out of his mouth.

“Yeah, you’re right, princess. I can always tease him some other time. Please sit down. I’m sure they want to hear some stories about you or me when we were younger.”

And with that we sat on the couch and began catching up.

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thank you so much for tagging me, @shrlockwatson!! it means so much to me that you thought of me, i hope you’re having a lovely night <3 

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relationship status: single, and for the first time in my life, i’m relatively okay with that?
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last song I listened to: A Different Corner - George Michael
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top three tv shows:
1) Doctor Who
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1) Belle
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1) Belle and the Beast/Adam
2) Elizabeth and Darcy
3) Whouffle/Whouffez/Whouffaldi 

i tag: @trippsykes, @lydiastilinsxi, @impossibly-c1ara-oswald, @hereforbiclara, @thexfiles, @captainskysolo, @thegirltobreakthespell, @devoutdean, @thebeatles-and-applepie and @whennothingwasbroken

another unfinished dirkjake

You meet him at a panel on robotics. He introduces himself as Dirk Strider.

“Like the movie director?” you say without thinking.

“You wouldn’t believe how often I get that,” he says dryly, but lightly enough that there’s no real rancor behind it. He has a good handshake and his gaze is very intense. His skin is a warm, soft brown and he has a collection of freckles splattered across his cheeks.

He asks you what brought you to the panel. You tell him a little about working with your sister to develop better prosthetics, after learning about the prices that a friend was complaining about. You were hoping to hear some thoughts on small movements and precision, but the discussions ended up being more on the computerized side of things.

He listens thoughtfully, and asks if you’d like to talk more, maybe over a drink or a meal. Apparently he’s done some freelance robotics work over the years.

You agree and walk to a good place nearby, listening to him explain a little about some current research into recreating animal behavior in robots. It’s very interesting. You’re a little distracted. People as lovely as him should come with a warning label, you think in a state of mild despair.

where this was going to end up: they date and it’s great for a while but ~~dirk has secrets~~ therefore tension etc and it culminates in jake accidentally meeting Famous Movie Director dave strider when dave shows up to try and be a good parent/brother. then dirk was going to be sad and they were going to fix their relationship. yep. there’s the plot. 

auronlu replied to your post “Oh, such a week, such a week. Little Sis finally managed to break free…”

Wow. I didn’t realize all this was happening. Best of luck to your Sis; sounds like a nightmare but at least she has you pulling for her so she’s not alone :(

fabricati-diem-pvnc replied to your post “Oh, such a week, such a week. Little Sis finally managed to break free…”

                   Jesus, that’s rough. I’m glad she got out, though, and hope she will recover from it soon. Sending good thoughts to you and your family.      

iamanathemadevice replied to your post “Oh, such a week, such a week. Little Sis finally managed to break free…”

                   jesus. I hope she gets better after this, poor thing                

Thanks, everyone who replied. I usually keep the Realest Life stuff away from here, as this is my happy fandom place, but sometimes things get really stressy and need to be vented!

If anyone out there does not believe a girl can be in an abusive relationship with another girl, my friends, I have news for you

The thing is, Little Sis has an ASD combined with a moderate learning disability, so while in many ways she is extremely capable, she is also painfully vulnerable - plus she was suffering from post-natal depression - and this girl took full advantage. It has been a steady downward spiral for over a year, there were so many red flags, such controlling, isolating behaviour from the other girl (who comes from a criminal family well known to the police and social services), but there was nothing we as a family could do to intervene, all we can do is support her now she has finally made the break - and hope she doesn’t give in and go back…which is not impossible, this girl has such a tight hold on her, psychologically, and has now been released without charge

Just keep all fingers crossed and pray for a positive outcome

Guardian Angel AU

At first, Alec’s too excited to notice his van is unlocked. He’s just returning with his newest prize, so he’s a little high on adrenaline. Plus he’s spent a better part of the night setting this whole thing up and hacking away happily. So it’s only when he opens the back door to get some of his stuff, when he’s parked outside his place, that he notices a person curled up on the floor of his Lucille.

He looks around cautiously, hoping there’s no one around to accuse him of kidnapping, then leans in a bit. “Hello?” The unexpected passenger, a young blonde woman, appears to be… napping.

“Hey, wake up!”

The woman sits up instantly, blinking at him. “Oh. Hi!”

After am awkward staring contest, she remembers: “Ooh! Right! People skills, sorry! Meant to say, thanks. I like your van.”

“So you just …decided to sleep in a random guy’s van?”

“Don’t be like that! You’re not random,” the woman reassures, unaware how creepy it makes her sound. “I just needed some sleep. It’s exhausting getting down here!”

“Look. I don’t know who you are and I don’t want any trouble so just…” he steps aside, making enough room for her to go.

“I’m your guardian angel. You can call me Parker,” she says, dead serious.


“And I can’t leave. We have to go get Eliot. He’s the one in trouble.”

Part 1 of my leverage fairy tale AU

Part 2 of my leverage fairy tale AU

Part 3 of my leverage fairy tale AU

Part 4 of my leverage fairy tale AU | and there’s a fic to go with it

Part 5 of my leverage fairy tale AU

Part 6 of my leverage fairy tale AU

jammedina17 replied to your post :

jammedina17 replied to your post : Hello how’s…

Oh! good to hear, I’m glad to hear you’re improving from before! Trust me I think we’ve all been in a position like it before. (Some possibly worse) BUT It’ll get better, it just take time and try to see more of the positive in life. It’s hard, but when you think about it, there’s so many things that people see little of and that’s the simple little things to be happy for! Also hope you can finish the art, you need to rest to after all! You need sleep like everyone else

Just finished, i’ll probably get something to drink and pass out :P

Yeah, it’s getting better…at least better then it used to be.

Thank you though, means alot to me. <3

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(Suicide anon from before) sorry about being annoying, i don't to ask so much of u like that im just not coping so well from a recent attempt myself and im really lost, nothing seems to be working for me lately anyways thanks for putting up with that haha

Oh anon, you weren’t annoying me at all! I don’t know you personally, but as someone who has also struggled with suicide and other mental illness related things, i want to tell you that life gets better. I know that it is very hard to imagine some times that life can go up from rock bottom, but if you just hang on a little while longer I promise that you will see the day where life is better and things go the way you plan them too. If you ever want to talk to me I’m always willing to listen, and i might not give the best advice, but i hope that anyone struggling and just needs someone too listen to them, will come to me! I’m sending lots of love and happy vibes your way anon.

If you want to talk to someone who has professional training and will never disclose any personal information about you or your situation to anyone these lovely websites have helped me a lot in the past.


Meeting Day

Chapter 1 of my ReaderxSans fic series, which will be called “Sans days” until I figure out a better title. Post true pacifist ending. Gender neutral this chapter, PG-13 minus some swearing I guess, just meeting Sans and setting up future fics if you guys like it.

[Sans Days] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]

Warnings: Bullies, swearing, little blood mention, and bumps to the head. Semi spoilers for True Ending.

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oh god i just have to tell somebody that! i am an international student at a uk uni and theres this cute girl in my lectures, i love looking at her and we talked a couple of times and shes really nice and i have such a little crush on her okay but i was always a bit shy to approach her BUT i found out she is from the same country as me! and she speaks my first lang and I am half really happy and half mad that i didnt try to get to know her better earlier, but im def gonna approach her now! yay

This is so cute!!! Keep me posted if you like, I love that you have a language in common and I hope things go really well ❤️❤️❤️


Sounds like someone is a little insecure about something… Can’t quite put my finger on what it might be though…

Reading Your Comments #1


Hi sweetheart! Can I ask for a selca ship with BTS please? I’m a little shy, until I know the people better and I open myself. I don’t like to see the people I love sad, so I try to do my best to see them happy. Oh, and I LOVE horror movies. I hope this description helps! TYSM ❤

I Ship You With: Hoseok

Originally posted by jeonsshi

You Guys Would:

  • Jin introduced you guys, at first your put off by Hoseok’s bright disposition, but you became comfortable around him and the rest it history 

  • Cheering him on during performances, no matter where you were, you watched

  • He would thank you in his acceptance speech

  • Lots of kisses, and cheek pinches
  • Laughing as he got scared during a horror movie

  • Spending afternoons walking around holding hands, and eating ice cream 

  • Surprise birthday parties
  • Cheering each other up

  • Cheering each other on 

Hope you like it! Feel free to request other things on my blog! Sorry if you didn’t get your bias~


Pairing: Steven Stone/Wallace (Originshipping)

Rating: T

Summary: Steven and Wallace head out for a morning jog.

Author’s Note: I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any Origins, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things because I really missed these guys! I hope you’ll enjoy my little way of easing back into writing these two! And get ready for more Origins in the future, of course~

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