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So what do you think Loki's plan was for when Thor got back? If Thor had let Skurge properly announce him? I'm thinking changing and putting the play away.

I wonder if the plan wasn’t just “cancel the play and run for the hills.” Like…I figure Skurge was supposed to warn Loki that Thor was coming, and Loki knows Thor would probably wise up pretty fast based on how well he knows both Odin and Loki. and he probably figures there’s no way his going “oh hey! I’m alive and also I took over Asgard and sent Odin to Earth, haha surprise” would go over well. 

like, there’s really not an explanation for that one where Loki comes out looking good.

but I do have to wonder, because he does try initially to play it off - but then, that’s possibly because he has to at least try. and he did manage to do a pretty convincing Odin at the end of The Dark World, so maybe with a little time to prepare he’d be able to pull it off better. 

on the other hand, I can definitely see Loki just bolting because “HAHAHAHA NOPE SCREW THIS” 

  • Death: “You did. Oh, we don’t blame you. You were just trying to save your friend. Seems like there is a bit of me in everyone. The ability to take another’s life. but as long as there’s justification …… You really don’t remember, do you? I could never make up my mind if you did or didn’t. YOU killed Torvic, Doctor; and by rights, you should have been mine. You should have been the Master and he should have been you, but well…. others had plans for you and so I had to make you an offer. I came to you that night as you lay there dreaming childish thoughts. I came to you in those dreams, and we made the deal. I let you make the choice. You….or him. You could live with the guilt and the torment and let it eat away at you until you became mine forever… Or.. you could be free and give your closest friend to me, and can you remember what you said?
  • Theta Sigma: (Childs Voice echoes) "Take him..”
  • 7th Doctor: “It’s…not …true…”
  • Death: “ Oh you know it is! You created the Master when you were merely a selfish child, and you’ve been paying for it ever since. Can you smell the blood on your hands?”
Scandal , S07E07 - Questions
Scandal , S07E07 - Questions

@letspurpleme​ saidLook here Mama Pope has a beautiful apartment, gourmet food and cable.  And may I add amazing PJ’s.  Mama Pope is happy for now.  Remember when she was being held in prison.  Her condition with David Rosen was a TV with cable in exchange for information.  So Mama Pope ain’t goin no where.  I have the feeling everyone is in on this game to bring Olivia back.  Don’t think that Fitz doesn’t know what’s going on cause in my theory he’s been informed.

Drastic times call for drastic measures!  I think Charley was left out so that it would seem authentic.  This is just my opinion.  I could be wrong.  I believe Quinn is being held by Papa Pope and she’s been comfortable, why, cause Papa Pope has someone to cook for again.  So he’s happy and Quinn and baby are happy too.

Oh yeah, Quinn knew the plan too that’s why she approached Liv at the monument the way she did.  They all set her up.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the President of Bashran and his niece were still alive as well.  Again this is just my opinion.  And, “No”, I don’t think Quinn is dead.  Why?  Because Papa Pope has mellowed and is playing on the same team as Jake and Fitz.  Remember Jake was telling Papa Pope that Liv has gone beyond what he thinks she’s capable of.  They’ve all been trying to pull her back from the brink.


Dang I made this like months, weeks something ago, just a sketch how Hob looked like as a baby bones, was planning on colouring it but other things got in the way so have the sketch <:

He was such a happy and cute kid, too bad it didn’t last…

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45 for eraserhead and present mic?? Oh and I honestly loooved sticky notes so much!!! Are you planning on continuing it? Even if you dont i still love it as it is btw

hksjdfhjsdhf I’m so glad you loved Sticky Notes! Thank you so much! Also I have some vague plans for what my fiance and I have lovingly dubbed “Side Notes” which are scenes from Sticky Notes from other perspectives, small side stories in the universe, and another… um… biggish fic. When will these be written??? no idea. Right now I’m getting back into the groove of fanfiction with these lovely ficlets and then I have a few Haikyuu fics I have promised to complete. After that I have a fic that I want to write for myself for my birthday in January that is a stand alone fic unrelated to anything I’ve written so far and then after that I have a long long long list of fics that I have planned so I’ll work more Sticky Notes content in between other stuff. I hope that you can be patient with me and that you enjoy some of the other content I produce in the meantime! Speaking of other content…

45. pretending to hate each other au for erasermic

Shouta’s head is killing him, but that’s usually what happens when someone hits you over the head with a large metal object. He went down like a bag of rocks in the most undignified way to the sound of Hizashi crying out his name. Not his real name, that would be unprofessional and Hizashi is anything but that. He called out “Eraser” like he does basically any time they’re in public. Protecting Shouta’s identity, just like Shouta wants him to.

Honestly, Shouta wishes that he had passed out from the blow he took to the head but he had just lain there feeling tingly all over, sound going in and out while he tried to get his vision under control. Hizashi had been fairly easy to take down with Shouta as dead weight and now they’re bound together, back to back, and Shouta has the mother of all headaches.

Oh well, time for plan B.

“You’re the absolute worst,” he says.

“Shut up,” the villain guarding them says.

Shouta gives him a dead-eyed stare. “I wasn’t talking to you.”

“Eraser…” Hizashi trails off, confused. Shouta wishes he could make direct eye contact with Hizashi so that he would know what Shouta is trying to do.

“You can’t even take down a few simple villains,” Shouta sighs. “I don’t know why I work with you, we don’t work well together at all.”

There’s a moment of silence as Hizashi processes his words and Shouta almost holds his breath. He can feel Hizashi behind him, warm and solid against him, and he hopes that Hizashi remembers the relevant conversation.

“Well I’m not the one who got hit in the head,” Hizashi says and he sounds angry. “I should have just left you to die. Forgive me for trying to do the right thing.”

Shouta scoffs, relieved. “The right thing or the marketable thing?”

“Hey, fuck you,” Hizashi says and Shouta is almost taken aback. Hizashi sounds actually angry and Shouta hopes that he remembers that this is all an act. “My radio show isn’t about marketing.”

“Isn’t it?” Shouta asks, his throat feeling thick. “I was pretty sure it was just an attention grabbing marketing scheme from some annoying fast talker.”

Hizashi trashes against him, knocking his head back into Shouta’s and making him wince. “Take that back, you bastard.”

Shouta gets his feet under him and pushes back. “Why would I take back the truth?”

“Knock it off, you two,” the villain watching them says.

Hizashi must have his feet under him now too because he’s giving back as good as he gets and Shouta’s shoes slide on the concrete floor. “Better to be a fast talker than some self-centered angst machine.”

“I said knock it off,” the villain says, stepping within striking range and Shouta grits his teeth, jumping and falling backwards onto Hizashi’s back. Hizashi grunts under the weight but he holds steady as Shouta sweeps his legs through the air in a bastardized butterfly kick. He catches the villain in the jaw and the villain goes down with an aborted shout.

Shouta breathes heavily as he slides forward. He’s still bound back to back with Hizashi but at least now they’re standing and no longer being watched. 

“A self-centered angst machine?” Shouta asks.

“Yeah,” Hizashi says. “Like Batman.”

“I am not Batman,” Shouta says.

“You’re kinda like Batman,” Hizashi says and he sounds like he might be laughing.

Shouta sighs. “Hizashi, you know I love your radio show, right?”

Hizashi leans his head back and drops it onto Shouta’s shoulder. The angle is awkward but this way he can almost kinda see Hizashi’s smile. “Yeah, I know.”

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time-viking replied to your postAt least murder son did a good plan for once in…

Well yeah, that means it’ll be even better when the good guys win because they’ll have to work harder to overcome it. Plus Ultra tight?

i mean i can understand that this is sorta like the Bellamy Effect (one piece) for Izuku (presumably) to punch Shigaraki in a satisfying way after he’s finally become a Terrifying Villain or whatever and Izuku has Beaten True Evil

but like i already want him to get punched in the face so this is gonna be a long and grueling ride of frustratedly wanting to see him get punched

V Route Replay (11/19/2017)

Oh, heads up to my lovely MysMes followers (and anyone else who finds this post lol) who love V and are interested in replaying his route!

@cherieofthedragons and I have been playing (replaying, in my case) all of the routes in MysMes and are planning on starting Another Story this Sunday (11/19/2017) at midnight (Sunday because we’re the least busy then and so can hit up those hourly chatrooms in day 1).

If anyone is interested in joining us, feel free to! We can all scream together in happiness and pain as the story continues. :) We’ll be using the tag “V route replay” for all of your blacklisting needs (I checked and it’s currently empty), and you can also post in there to find us, or just mention us directly.

We’ve got two “rules” for joining us. One is pretty straightforward: Be nice to each other. No hating on people. We should all be old enough to do that, right? And secondly, no spoilers, even if it’s just in the tags. Cherie hasn’t played the route and has been pretty meticulous about avoiding spoilers, so let’s not ruin that now at the last minute, yeah? If you want to scream about something that happens later and is a spoiler, my inbox is open and so are all of the main tags. Just don’t put it in the “V route replay” tag. :)

Obviously, there’s still a bit of time left before this starts. This is just a heads up a few days in advance. I’ll be reblogging this post a few times as the day gets closer to catch more people.

Anyway, back to your scheduled tumblr blogging.

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i wanted to meet dan and phil i paid $373 for m&g and i know i shouldn't have spent that much but on the other hand that's life and i'm fucking ecstatic for the night of awesomeness I am about to experience.

Oh man! Youre gonna have so much fun tho! I bought two tickets to two different m&g’s so i feel your pain lol. I was just planning on going to one but somehow i have no self control anymore

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Wow you’re fucking talented can you do some reddie for one of those moodboards cause wowza im in love with all your other edits!

oh my god thank you so much! it means a lot to me!
and yes, I’ve had plans for doing reddie a long time already, especially since it was already requested, so… you just have to wait :)


Playing with a lazer and a cat – Voltron level

WELL, @klanced made me do this sketch ; and then @loveanimationfan came up with this idea and…

Here is the Lance & Blue comic I promised !
Omg I spent way too much time on this …
I really LOVE to draw Lance & Blue <3 My fav paladin & Lion.
(And yes, Paladins playing with their lions would be the cutest thing.)
(I will definitely draw more lion stuff.)

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I’ll report you to the Diamonds! All of you! You’ll all be shattered!

some adhd Moods
  • having a new tab open for a half hour bc u went to look smth up and then forgot what the fuck you wanted to look up
  • subsequently going thru ur dash/feed backwards trying to trigger the memory of what u were gonna look up
  • forgetting ur adhd meds for like 4 days in a row bc u have adhd
  • wanting to do smth (read, watch a certain show, ect) and immediately losing interest after 2 minutes
  • Tonight I’m Going to Rearrange My Entire Room and Move My Life Forward and Achieve My Goals
  • nm i just moved my dirty clothes pile from one corner to the other
  • i have 10 fics open in different tabs
  • i had this great idea for school/work that i just have to tell- oh nm it’s gone now
  • leg
  • leg
  • getting bored halfway thru posts like these even tho u had some other points planned bye


sorry I was so late for this cause up until now i still don’t know who’d take Navy’s place for the next perilette & paper lazuli ‘episode’ HALP

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal