oh i hate tagging actual fandoms

honestly? i’m not the type of person that writes what they’re thinking about on tumblr but after all this discourse happening i had to let this out.

when i started watching voltron i didn’t know i would’ve liked it this much, i didn’t know i would’ve considered it my favorite show ever. I’ve always liked mechas and seeing one being so well made and with so many good characters and amazing plot made me completely and utterly astonished.

seeing all this hate, all this bad stuff is making me incredibly depressed as i really love this show and i want to give it a better name. 

i am a multishipper, although i have a preference for klance and i consider it my main ship (or the reason i’m breathing,,, i’m not going to go on or this will take forever), but i ship literally everything else in this show.

AND I WILL ADMIT IT! I do not like sheith that much but i like the idea of it and the dynamic they have, i like going in the tag sometimes and see the artwork because it’s amazing!! like seriously go on the sheith tag because the art is fantastic wtf???
but do i get in the tag to spread hate or make the shippers feel horrible? no, no i do not, because if people did that with klance i’d feel bad. More than bad, horrible.

what i’m trying to say here is that there’s a big difference between not liking a ship but respecting people and not liking a ship and harrassing others that do actually like it. 

I just want this fandom to be better for everybody, i don’t want people to be afraid to say “oh yeah i ship this!!”

so, please, if you don’t agree with my words then ignore this post, scroll down and forget you ever read this

but if you do agree please spread the positivity around. We desperately need it.


The fic itself is a bit much for me, but the basic premise of “Mini Clones” is a straight shot directly up my alley, because shrinking is actually my favorite fandom trope second only to de-aging :Dc

The armor is still pretty half-assed, but at least it’s half an ass better than nothing but phase I shinies. Edit: Aaaaand I put Fives in Echo’s armor. Smooth.

Emptiness v.s. Famiy - KakitoSougo - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Lance has a bad day… actually bad doesn’t even begin to describe it. Unfortunately, it takes a while for the team to help. But honest to god they never knew it was this bad.

I want to make it clear the team does not hate Lance in any form or fashion. They are just slow at realizing that how they say things hurt a lot more than intended.

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I just wanted to say that when I was going through the tags, I saw your name first and my first thought was "oh. it's another anti who is tagging in the tag" and I was pleasantly surprised that you aren't one!

I think you would be surprised that there are actually a lot of supercorp fans who don’t hate chris wood! I’m not sure how many are like me that don’t mind mon el or karamel either but I am sure there are more neutral people out there. 

I really do understand your side of the fandoms frustration with this super aggressive hate thats going on and it is honestly making me dislike the supercorp ship itself. It saddens me to make this parallel but the supercorp fandom is starting to look a lot like the blarke fandom. Sounds crazy but I hope people can hear me out. Bellarke in itself is not terrible, like people ship friends making eye contact all the time! But the thing that makes a lot of people hate bellarke is because the fandom often refuses to collect their homophobic trash so no one hears the regular, respectful fans. Right now, supercorp fans are making the same mistake! Now we aren’t homophobic but a ton of people literally harass the cast and writers, have driven two actors off social media and wish death upon chris! Instead of calling them out, those people are often rewarded with likes and reblogs. 

Anyways my point is I hope more supercorps can help collect our fandom’s trash before we turn into our own version of blarkes. 


Since your fellow shipper @snowleyton felt the need to establish the “difference” between Westallen and Snowbarry shippers, I’m going to go ahead and take a few minutes to let everyone know how wrong she really is. I’m referring to this post btw. Let’s dive in, shall we?

I actually see a lot of SB shippers who like Iris, post things about Iris, are genuinely invested in her character and defend her if it’s necessary“

Oh really?

@caityallenxoxo on twitter is an sb fan who continuously sends racist tweets to candice and the cast… what was that you said about “defending Iris if necessary” again?

“if you see ‘hate’ from SB shippers it’s always about how WA fandom is treating us, how disrespectful they are towards us, how they call our ship ‘snowboring’,”

“how they spam our tag with anti sb things EVERY SINGLE DAY, how they send hate to Danielle“

To debunk your first point, I saw this post in the westallen tag. Also, people use anti tags specifically in every fandom out of respect so the post does not appear in the actual SB tag.

And as for shippers hating on cast members well…


This doesn’t even include the nasty comments snowbarry fans put on Candice’s Instagram that lead her to put a disclaimer on her photo. She actually had to tell people to leave her out of shipping wars because SB trash continuously attacked her.

“how they constantly tear down Caitlin’s character, just to benefit Iris”

you mean like this

what was that about tearing down characters? sounds familiar…

These are just a few examples I quickly put together. This doesn’t include the Facebook fans continuously praising Caitlin and tearing Iris down. It also doesn’t include the multitude of snowbarry tumblr users who not only want to erase Iris as Barry’s wife and the mother of his children, but also try to  dismiss the racism within their own fandom, after receiving countless examples. This is something Westallen fans see daily, so the fact that you are calling our fandom problematic is ludicrous. I’m sure you’ll act as if this post never happened, as will the rest of your fandom, but in the meantime I’ll sit back and sip on this tea, doll. Hot, ain’t it?

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so glad that most of the charinina haters quit the fandom! that way, I don't have to deal with hate and negativity in the main tag✨

Right? In some way I think that is good for people who actually does not like to see that kind of stuff in the main tag, but there are still people who talk shit about our favorite couple and the characters that are implicated so… Oh well, at the end of the day, no matter how many people “hate”, dislike or do not like charinina as the endgame, that fact is not gonna change. ;) 

As a neutral fan of this anime, I do think it is a bit sad the fact of some people are giving up because of a couple, especially when you remember it was obvious since the PVs and forget about many things that this anime is offering us, but oh well, let them enjoy of mediocre animes with mediocre stories, and let us enjoy about this amazing work! ;)


for kiryome (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) casually inspired by this post in particular

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honestly this tag hate is the worst. if you make a post like "i hate character x" or "this is why character x is awful" i can skim it, ignore it or unfollow/block or blacklist if i please. but this shit in the tags? that is unrelated and petty af? i hate it. it's always out of nowhere and completely ruins the post and your mood. you can't block shade or the worst glee about someone else being better. sorry for the rant

oh don’t worry, i love this rant!

and yes omg, exactly! i’ve actually been thinking about this myself like, okay. i unfollowed adamant clary haters, i got xkit, i blacklisted “anti clary” but? lmao that’s not enough? because shitting on her character is like the most popular activity in the fandom now and everyone just assumes that everyone else hates her too? like okay, i understand not liking her but people go out of the way to remind you that they hate her and will mention it on the most unrelated posts and twist the members’ of the cast words to make it look like they hate her too and it’s just becoming so gross and unnecessary? and you can’t even go into the edit tags anymore because occasionally someone will make a gross ass gifset using an actual villain’s words to make clary look like the bad guy while she’s having the hardest time of her life? ugh. and yeah the tags on that post weren’t like actual hate tbh but it was shade which is still annoying and kinda ruined the post for me tbh. like, how the hell are you going to make an alisha edit about your hate for clary? it makes no sense. it’s just really draining because this shit is everywhere and you can’t hide from it. rip.


Seriously, if you don’t like something, block the tags, block/unfollow people who blog about it, don’t make side blogs completely dedicated to hate and drama. It is not worth your time.

I don’t care which side you’re on. As long as you’re not hurting anybody, you should be allowed to do whatever the hell you want in your fandom. This exists so we can have fun. It does not exist so we can start policing and bullying each other.

I hate that so many people are divided because they disagree on a fictional relationship. A FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIP THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO AFFECT ON REAL LIFE UNLESS YOU TAKE IT TOO FAR.

Clearly, we’re all passionate about our fandoms. We cherish these character, these stories, and we get emotional when someone disagrees with us. That’s normal.

But we should be coming together as a fan base that loves the same thing instead of arguing over something so stupid. Because it’s obvious you and the person you’re arguing with know a lot about the same subject. You could rejoicing over that instead of tearing each other apart over personal opinions.

I will gladly talk to you about your favorite pairing, even if it’s not something I ship. I’d love to hear your opinion! I’d love to have a discussion about these things. But too many people get too aggressive and take it too far and that’s why it’s been a blocking day for me.

TL;DR: basically y’all need to calm the fuck down and respect your fellow fans (this also applies to non-shipping related discourse)

Doomsday: Rose makes a offhand comment about not caring if the universe is destroyed if she can say goodbye to the Doctor properly.

Fandom: Oh my god Rose Tyler is the worst ever, so selfish I hate her.

Wedding of River Song: River actually destroys the universe and uses it to blackmail the Doctor into marrying her.

Fandom: Yeah, River’s alright.

Are we just pretending as a fandom that series 6/season 32 never happened? Because I’d be okay with that.

Lana Parrilla/Fandoms and actors

Hoooollyyy shit. I’m off Tumblr for 2 days and all I see in the Swan queen tag is anti Lana and anti Swan queen. What. The. Actual. Fuck. Happened?! Geez all she said was she read fanfic and it was sexy. I heard zero bashing of other ships come from her lips. She is ALWAYS respectful of other ships. You like Captain Swan? Awesome. Oh, you like Outlaw Queen? Awesome.
Like damn, this fandom is brutal to actors. If it’s not Lana, it’s Jen. Or it’s not Jen, it’s Colin.
Hell now Sasha Alexander is getting some hate because she posted bts pics with Maura and a guy.
They. Are. Actors/Actresses. They PLAY characters. The actors/actresses have their own god damn husbands/wives/gf/bf. They really don’t give a shit who ends up with who because at the end of the day, they go home to the real world. With real problems.
I am a shipper. Swan Queen, Rizzles, etc. But you all who bash actors for a fucking ship really need to get back in the real world. It is a show. It is not real. Some of these things that you’ve tweeted Lana are disgusting and unacceptable. Hell even the tweets for Colin and Jen are unacceptable and I don’t even ship Captain Swan.
These are real people. Yeah they may be actors, they may be rich, they may be “living the life,” but they have real feelings.
Have you ever thought that Jen and Colin are introverts or have anxiety in front of literally tons of people? Or that Lana is an extrovert? Or Sasha is giving us pics bts because she is directing and it is a big deal and she wants to show us all the cool things that’s going on?
Bottom line: Fandoms need to grow the fuck up.
Yeah I’m expecting some major hate from this…..don’t care

Before you jump on a bandwagon, reblog someone else’s rage, send hate, or contribute to a call-out;

  • Check the evidence - the article, the interview, the original post, whatever there is; look elsewhere on the web, not just on tumblr
  • Consider alternative interpretations of what was said (believe me, you’ve said some douchey things at times as well; you just have the luxury of saying ‘I didn’t mean it like that’ and your friends understanding)
  • Wait an hour before you start reacting. Genuinely, I see people an hour later saying ‘oh, I checked it out, and maybe this person isn’t actually irredeemable scum forever after all, they might have been quoted out of context…’

This can be such a great place to be, and we need the conversations. But conversations don’t need kneejerk vitriol and tags spammed with hate by people playing telephone with the facts.

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What is with people coming into the tag saying Kabby is platonic? Or they are irrelevant? Why even tag that kind of nonsense? What did we do to deserve this hatred?!?!


All right, kids, strap in, Kabby Mom has A LOT OF THINGS TO SAY.

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A Word With You All

​I just wanted to point out something I found interesting. Within the Once fandom on Tumblr, things have almost exclusively become Swan Queen vs Captain Swan and it’s pretty obvious as to why. CSers essentially bullied themselves to the top so to speak, and oh how I wish I had receipts. There were death threats, hate messages left on anon. People were told to kill themselves and unfortunately we have lost real lives, because some people actually did. It was like every time you logged into Tumblr you were opening yourself up to harassment.

​ And I say that because I’m really disgusted by it. I go into the spoilers tag to find out about Rumple and I am literally bombarded by things about Hook, but what bothered me was seeing over and over, “If you don’t like Hook, if you don’t accept Captain Swan, get over it or get out [insert insult here]”

I mean that’s how the Swanfire fandom died. And believe me when I say I saw some pretty sick stuff, at one time, there was a picture circulating of two figures one labeled “Captain Swan” and one labeled “Swanfire” and the CS figure was slitting the SFers throat. If that doesn’t spell it out for you, I honestly don’t know what will.

All that said, I’ve got to hand it to you Swan Queen. Throughout all this, you guys have stood your ground and refused to back down and that takes some type of courage I assure you.

I just worry that Adam and Eddy are actually dumb enough to go through with CS and honestly, I don’t want to see you guys hurt by this. I don’t. You guys seem to be fighting for representation and adequate storytelling, Even if I don’t always agree with Swan Queen (I have my feelings about Regina) I don’t want to see the same thing happen to you that happened to the Swanfire shippers after Neal was killed off.

Stay strong friends.

Henry Has Two Moms and other stuff I'm thinking about.

Swan Queen is more than a ship, it’s a movement. We’ve been saying this since the idea of Emma ‘Swan’ and the Evil 'Queen’ came onto our television screens not long after a fun (disturbing) film about a ballet dancer and her slightly over-enthused mother (played by Hershey and how loudly did we squeee about the subsequent OUaT casting choice on THAT little matter) and also not long after we all sort of sat down and said…

…well, Henry does have two moms…they look at each other like they want to rip each other’s silk shirts to shreds and at the end of the day, HENRY HAS TWO MOMS and that ain’t no joke. And if Swan Queen isn’t endgame? They’ll have made a joke of same-sex headed families. It isn’t a joke, not when studies show how healthy female headed households are. Not when same-sex couples are fighting so hard for their rights, not when women are still paid less than men, not when gender is still at the absolute centre of the Euro-Western colonial system, leaving anybody outside of the gender binary in such a vulnerable and dangerous place while also letting us know that yes, people outside of the binaries of gender and sexuality are also speaking to the heart of an oppressive system while re-creating a new world, based on new stories (or old ones depending on your history) and new visioning for the world we live in. (and btw, LOL, because HENRY HAS TWO MOMS isn’t about divorced cis gender men attacking me on a message board by saying 'I hate my ex wife and Emma deserves Captain Hook therefore’ bc WTF the two things don’t have anything to do with one another???) HENRY HAS TWO MOMS cannot end in any way other than for Emma and Regina to be together, as co-parents and yes, that includes a deep, loving relationship with one another because at the end of the day, THAT IS THE STORY THAT #OUAT IS TELLING US and has been since the pilot episode. I’m shouting bc I feel like I’m Mugatu shouting about Zoolander a LOT these days. I’m not shouting out of anger. Just imagine a person in a very wooly sweater with a small dog shouting 'They’re all the same look!!!!’ I will not stop making this joke. 

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Words Left Unspoken (2/?)

Part One

Oh boy. It took a month to finish this. I hate how rusty my writing muscles are. it takes forever for to get thoughts and feelings out when your mind is obscuring the words. (Which is why I never actually posted any of the drabble I wrote for previous fandoms. Because I no think good). But I love MMFD so much, my narcissism took over and I had to contribute! ^_^

Anyways, a few people asked to be tagged when I posted the next part. Here it is, in all 4,600 plus words of glory. Yes, I already have part 3 in the works. No, I don’t know if that will take me ANOTHER whole (let’s hope not). Let me just celebrate finishing this one, and let me know if you want to (or don’t want to) be tagged in the future. kneekeyta thisissomefreshbullshit rinncincin tinakegg endemictoearth thecrushingblack finleyquietkindspecialnelson curvygirlonabudget busstop luvs-jade ch1darkcy learningacceptanceme areyousad8118 lametwentysomething pingucaz42

Finn had every intention of finishing his cuppa, but Richard had shoved the car keys, a fresh jumper, and his shearling lined-coat into his hands and hurried him out the door before he had the chance. It was a particularly cold and dark winter morning, and only just past six when he started his drive back to Stamford. He was glad for the early hour because it meant the motorway was rather empty and free from distractions, except from the occasional pair of headlights that passed by in the opposite direction. It also meant that he could get away with driving more than a few kilometers (or 10, actually) above the posted speed limit. If Finn were lucky he could finish the drive back to Stamford well short of the usual two hours, and maybe even catch Rae at home, before she went off to college for the day.

It was still quite a long drive, though, which meant that he still had plenty of time to think. About all the things he hadn’t said before he’d left, and what he ought to say now that he was going back. Well was he even going back? Maybe this was just a mad errand to declare his undying love for a girl who might want nothing to do with him. But maybe, just maybe, this would be a chance for him and Rae to start over. They could talk about what went wrong before and how they could do better. They could be open and honest and unafraid of saying what they really felt, because they’d gone through the agony of being apart. At least, that’s what Finn hoped would happen. Because he knew now, with blinding certainty, that she was the one person he wanted to be with always, if only she would let him. 

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I am so done with the Klaroline fandom. It’s the third account I do and this time I won’t do the same mistake as before. Having a dash filled with hate. I have only watched some TVD episodes I like it but I don’t go crazy about it so I don’t really know much about that but what really disturbs me is that my dash was always filled with hate and mostly about Phoebe Tonkin and Hayley. The last days it was also filled with Steronline hate. It made me sick. I can’t anymore.

While I saw Hayley/Klayley hate on my dash I was wondering why so I went to their tag and what I saw ? NOTHING! The people spend their time making interesting theories about their ship, oh and there were also jumping out hateful texts from KCers.

What really made me mad was they said that the KH fandom searched for drama and started the whole shipwar. Ehhhhh no…YOU GUYS DESTROY MY DASH SINCE THE MOMENT KLAYLEY SEX HAPPEND. You start the freaking drama and have no point for your hate.

You hate Hayley ?

Sorry but as far as I know Katherine did a lost worse things then Hayley. As far as I know Hayley set 12 Hybrids into a massacre to get information for her parents. YEAH SHE SET THEM SHE DIDN’T KILLED THEM! It was Klaus who killed them. It was his choice to kill them. Hayley set them but it was Klaus final choice to kill them…hmmm You seem to forget that….After all Hayley didn’t even do the half of what Katherine did but we are standing here where people hate Hayley and adore Katherine…..NONSENSE HATE!

And everytime a Klaroliner wants to explain why he/she hates Klayley it ends up to Hayley having sex with Klaus. Oh and there is a crazy coincidence. The Klaroliners who hate Klayley/Hayley are the SAME stydia shippers who hate Malia/Stalia

So be careful when you call the Klayley fandom pathetic. BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY LOVE AND SPEND TIME LOVING THEIR SHIP! If you go to their tag it’s filled with amazing theories that I actually like to read even if I don’t watch TO, oh and there are also edits. AMAZING EDITS with even a theory behind or filled with art. For their small fandom they truly awesome people and don’t spend their time hating on other ships.

 Klayley makes more sense then Klaroline.

Klayley started not with hate but more they were rivals. Rivals who have much in common. They share a similar past. Yet they were alone in a room and BOOM a daughter, was created. A DAUGHTER WHO WILL HELP BOTH OVERCOME THEIR PAST!

AND YOU KLAROLINERS HATE A SHIP THAT HAS REAL CONNECTION AND POTENTIAL! I MAY NOT WATCH TO BUT WHEN I SEE SO SICK HATE I GO TO THE TAGS AND YOUTUBE TO WATCH THEIR STUFF. You really should shut up for such a big fandom you lose every fight with the Klayleyers because they have real arguments, good points to defend their ship. You are the “bad” ones here who can’t move on and therefore you have nonsense hate mostly against Hayley.

And even If I wasn’t  a Klaus fan I started watching TO just because I was amazed by their theories and I am really curious what this show and it’s ships rely on.

Okay I needed to take it out. My dash was filled with hate since Hayley did it with Klaus. I couldn’t take it anymore. Sorry

( When I say here Klaroliners I mean the ones who hate there are a lot of them but not all, the ones who hate know who they are and they should be ashamed, If you are a Klaroliner I won’t even bother to answer  )