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Oh I forgot to post this whoops. The Adventure Zone’s got me on a creative kick (which I’ve been in desperate need of) and I’m working on some animatics! Gotta make this degree I’m finally getting next month worth it, even if this isn’t full animation technically

Audio is from chapter 8 of the The Eleventh Hour arc (ep 48 overall)

Voice Accent Tag thing :^)
  • Voice Accent Tag thing :^)

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After….so long, I’ve finally done this! And uh here it is! Enjoy my voice I guess? I had to cut out so many random noises, “wowww”s, and long silences.

Oh yeah, if ur at the drinking age heres a fun drinking game! Take a shot every time:

  • I say - and, like, uh/uhm, great, I guess
  • Theres a loong silence
  • I mumble, slur my words, or stumble over words

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hey could you rec some sad as hell dramas? i love pain

omg i usually don’t watch sad dramas on purpose lmao but here we go w/ some that made me cry:

  • marriage contract :)))) kill me
  • fated to love you
  • it’s okay that’s love
  • oh my venus
  • queen in hyun’s man
  • splash splash love

and then also a werewolf boy and always are two movies that will always make me weep have fun w/ the pain my friend

Oh geez, I forgot to finish this and I apologize

Anyway, I got tagged by @gloster so thanks!

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1). Relationship status?: Single and happy

2). Lipstick or chapstick?: Chapstick, don’t really use lipstick at all

3). What’s the last song you listened to?: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

4). Top three shows?: Yuri on Ice!!!, Voltron Legendary Defender, Shadowhunters

5). Top three characters?: Perseus Jackson is a gift honestly, Harry James Potter because he needs love, Lance (still unsure of his last name) because he’s just precious.

6) Top 3 ships?: Drarry will forever be among the top, Patrochilles because what can go wrong, right? *tears*, and Snowbaz for sort of obvious reasons.

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Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. 

(Also you should totally click for full res to see all the detail that took me two weeks to paint *weeps on the floor*)

Perfect high school student Chrom falls in love with bancho/delinquent Robin, who doesn’t react too enthusiastically about it. But who knows, maybe she’ll fall in love too…

Psst, sorry for being away. I’m still on indefinite hiatus… but I wanted to upload this to let ya’ll know that the high school AU is still alive in my heart. Anyway, I’m off. Been busy with other things lol…;;

170223 BTS - Aladdin Fansign

- Jimin said he’s about 60kg.

- Jungkook looked at his white bunny Kook doll and said “Oh it’s me!?”

- Namjoon said he usually rides a bike to Yangjae Citizens’ Forest. (a park in Seocho, Seoul)

- Hoseok said he will work hard to compose music this spring.

- Yoongi said his ear has basically all healed.

- Seokjin said the thing he wants to do the most this spring is winning the lottery.

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memories // panic! at the disco


Ganz and Error requested by anon!!!

It’s such an honor to know that Golzy is also a Malaysian, I hope I can meet her someday qvq

As for CQ, I’m really happy to know her as she’s the first blog I ever know and follow, and she’s is one of the people that inspired me to start Tumblr too.

I’m just so glad I met these amazing artists qvq

Anyways, sorry for rambling. Hope you like it!

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