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This Love (Hiddleswift Pregnancy AU) Chapter 1

Summary: Post breakup Hiddleswift. Everything is on good terms for them and when Taylor finds out she’s pregnant they decide to see how to work whatever their relationship will be now with a baby.

A/N: I’ve formulated this story after thinking about the movie Notting Hill. This will be a romantic comedy with no angst.

Rating: Teen (for now)

Taylor is in the kitchen, in her house in Nashville, making batter for Snickerdoodles cookies to take her mind off what was really on her mind. Abigail was coming over with some pregnancy tests. She didn’t notice the symptoms until after the concert in Texas a few days before and also it was almost Halloween so maybe her mind was playing tricks on her but she was late.

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Meeting the grandparents

“Are you recording us?” Taylor glances at me and I smile at her. “Daddy is recording us. Yeah, he’s silly baby.” She cooed, looking down at the pink bundle in her arms. Born yesterday, Scarlett Grace Wiles had us wrapped around her finger already. She had me wrapped around her finger ever since Taylor told me she was pregnant but now, finally getting to see her face, see how gorgeous she was, much like her mother, was absolutely breathtaking and I had never felt so much love for anyone than I did for my daughter and I had never loved and admired my wife as much as I did right now. She was so strong, so beautiful and radiant. She had given me my daughter, our daughter and I could never be more thankful for that.

I laugh. “I’ve have to capture every moment I can. This is something special.” She grins at me for a while before returning her gaze to our little adorable daughter.

“She’s so beautiful.” She whispers and I come closer to her sitting on the bed beside her, wrapping my free arm that wasn’t holding my phone around and flip the camera towards us. I kiss her cheek.

“She’s all ours. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?” She nods her head at my words. I turn the camera off, placing my phone on the chair that sat next to the bed. “My mom and dad landed a few minutes ago, they should be here soon. They’re so excited.” I tell her. I had talked to them earlier on the phone, they were coming to visit and meet their grandchild for the first time.

“That’s great. I missed them. We should go back to Scotland when Scar is a little bit older, maybe in a few months.” She suggests making me smile.

“That’s a good idea babe.” I press my lips to her forehead.

“My parents said they were coming today. So it’s a parents get together party.” She laughs, leaning her head on my shoulder. I rub my daughter’s cheek and she yawns making us both smile widely. “She’s so cute. Oh my gosh. I can’t even.” She squeals quietly.

We stay in silence for a while just looking at our baby, admiring her. It was hard to believe we had made that and I couldn’t wait so we could go home, away from the hospital so we could really begin this new chapter of our lives.

I lean down to press my lips to Taylor’s. “I love you.” I whisper and she pecks my lips.

“I love you more.” A knock on the door takes our attention away from each other. After I tell whoever is out here to come in, the door opens and Andrea, Taylor’s mum comes into the room followed by Scott and my parents. “Hey!” Taylor greets them all with a smile. I stand up walking to where they are, giving each of them a hug. “You came just in time. She’s probably going to nap in a while.” She laughs a little as I return back to my place next to Taylor.

“Oh let us see our granddaughter.” Andrea says making everyone laugh. Taylor leaned so they could get a better view.

“Mom, dad, Pamela and David meet your granddaughter. Scarlett Grace Wiles.” She smiles at them. My mum and Andrea both have tears in their eyes and my dad and Scott are trying hard to keep in theirs.

“Oh my god, Taylor. She’s so adorable.” My mum cries out. “Congratulations, mommy and daddy. You did a great job.” She hugs me and I laugh.

“Thanks, mum!” I squeeze her hand.

“Oh I’m so proud of you, honey.” Andrea kisses Taylor’s head. “How does it feel?”

“Unbelievable. I never felt anything like this.” I nod my head as she speaks. “Do you want to hold her? You guys can take turns?” My wife giggles and hands the baby over to her mom. “Be careful.” She murmurs.

“Don’t worry, mommy. I raised you. Your daughter will be fine.” Andrea laughs and I wrap my arms around my wife. “Hi, Scarlett. I’m your grandma.” Andrea says to our daughter. “You’re so adorable. You look a lot like your mommy when she was born. I think you have your dad’s nose though.” Andrea kisses Scarlett’s forehead. “Too adorable. Here, Pamela.” She hands her over to my mum, when she notices her eagerly waiting.

After rounds of cooing over our daughter, she fell asleep in Taylor’s arms. She was a mommy’s girl, I could tell. She would immediately relax in her arms, I could get her to fall asleep in mine but with Taylor it was almost instant.

“If you guys ever need babysitters. You know where to find us.” Scott tells us and we laugh. I hug him goodbye and he then hugs Taylor. “Alright well. We’ll leave the new parents alone now. Goodnight.”

“I love you guys.” Andrea hugs me and Taylor before making her way out the door. My mum and dad left a little earlier so they could go get settled since they had just arrived and now we were alone with our sleeping daughter.

“They were so excited. It’s amazing.” Taylor murmurs against my shirt, as she rests her head on it.

“Let’s wait until our friends come by to actually say the word excited. Charlie probably bought half a baby a store and I’m sure Burns isn’t far from that either. Also Karlie is the godmother so we both know she’ll go all out.” Her giggle his music to my ears.

“You’re right.” She hums. “I’m so happy. I thought I was happy before but this has just surpassed any happiness I ever had.” She sighs contently and I pull her a little closer, wrapping my arms tighter around her.

“I know. This is crazy. It’s the best thing in the world and I’m so thankful for you and our family. Thank you for giving me our daughter, babe.” I kiss her head and she giggles, looking up at me.

“I couldn’t have done it without you.” She puckers her lips and I smile, bringing her lips to mine. I couldn’t be happier.

honestly I cant describe how proud I am of mino right now. not only he slayed, but he gained recognition, from all the judges to every other contestants who applauded him and, black nut said “indeed, mino’s good” with a thumb up. this only is amazing enough to make me proud, but he really, really did well tho. he was confident, had a real stage presence, his lyrics sounded good as far as I could understand, he impressed so much all the judges wanted him on their team, and its so great it feels so good oh my god…
to those who didnt understand why jay & loco team failed him before he even started to rap, I think it was ‘cause he took a lot of time to begin. and at the end of it jay said he was sorry and if he knew he would’ve passed him so anyways it’s an all pass for song mino :)

Im so happy for him. I feel like a proud mommy. you go son. get them all.