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Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 4)

(Sorry, everyone! I know I usually post something by now, but it’s been a rough morning! Have some adorable, Ego domestic life!)

It’s lunchtime, and some of the Egos are already gathered in the kitchen in search of sustenance when Mark walks in. To say they all stop what they’re doing to stare is a bit of an understatement. Silver actually drops his freshly baked pie, and Bim pours milk until his glass is overflowing in his hand.

The Host steps in behind Mark and sighs. “Not again, Silver.”

The superhero Ego finally stops gaping at Mark and looks down at his ruined pie. “Oh, I guess I wasn’t really paying attention.” He leaves to get the mop and bucket.

Bim finally stops pouring milk and looks down at the soiled cuff of his suit before sighing and setting the glass aside. “You didn’t bring Amy with you, did you?”

Mark shakes his head a little. “Sorry.”

Wilford, head stuck in the refrigerator, stands suddenly. There’s a muffled bang when his head hits the inside of the fridge before Wilford spins around. “Who ate the last of my lasagna?”

“You ate it yesterday, Will. Remember? No one else would touch your food.” Bim pulls a box of Poptarts down from the pantry and starts nibbling on one while he sips his milk. “I’m afraid we don’t have much in the way of food.”

“It’s fine,” Host says, pulling Wilford away from the refrigerator by his suspenders. “I’ll make something.”

This has quite the effect on the other Egos, Mark notices. Bim’s eyes go wide. “Are you going to make enough for everybody?”

Host shrugs. “Sure, I don’t see why not.” The Host gestures towards Bim. “Get the skillet. I don’t know where it is anymore.” Bim runs to find the skillet. Usually they have to hide if from Wilford after he watches “Tangled,” so it’s most likely in Google’s office. “And you,” Host gestures to Wilford, “get me a big bowl, some milk, two eggs, and the cinnamon. I swear if you try to snort it again, I’ll let Red incinerate you.”

Wilford starts rustling around for the necessary ingredients, and Mark stands back as Silver reappears with a spatula to scrape up the pie and the mop. “I’ll take that,” Host says, plucking the spatula from Silver’s hand, “Please, don’t use my spatula to scrape food off the floor.”

Host narrates softly as he searches for something and then smiles triumphantly when he finds a loaf of bread. “How do you feel about French toast?” he directs the question towards Mark.

“It’s… good?” Mark answers, not meaning for it to come out as a question.

“Good,” Host says. Wilford hands him the bowl full of ingredients, and Host begins carefully mixing them together. Bim sets the skillet on the oven and turns up the heat. Without even asking what he turned it on, Host reaches over and turns the eye down a bit. “Bim burns everything,” he explains to Mark before he can even ask.

Silver finally gets the remains of the pie cleaned up before Wilford can start eating it off the floor. “Can I be of any assistance, Host?”

Host starts soaking the pieces of bread in the bowl and nods towards the formal dining room off the kitchen. “Sure, go set the table for everyone. I can hear the Doctor coming now.” Host places two pieces of bread carefully in the sizzling skillet, avoiding burning his fingers. “And don’t forget the syrup! Keep it away from Wilford until I get the toast done!”

Wilford makes a face at the Host’s back. “I can sense you doing that, Wilford. Go have a seat while I finish up.”

Mark laughs a bit to himself as Wilford stalks off, and he grabs some plates for Host to put the French toast on when it’s done. “Is this normally how lunch goes around here?”

Host shrugs. “We don’t always have breakfast for lunch, if that’s what you mean.”

The Doctor walks into the kitchen a moment later. “Host, French toast, really? That’s not very healthy.”

“It’s got eggs in it,” Host argues. “Besides, you can put fruit on yours, if you want.” Dr. Iplier shrugs and goes to find a spot at the table.

Mark watches him go and then looks back to the Host. “I didn’t know you could cook, Host. This is impressive.”

“If you want extra pieces of toast, you can just ask. No need to butter me up,” the Host replies flatly as he begins to plate the food. “Speaking of butter, grab some, will you? And please,” Host says, flipping a piece of toast in the skillet, “don’t eat it.”

Mark gasps a little in surprise as he reaches into the fridge for the butter. “Host! I didn’t know you watched my videos!” He can’t even imagine how the Host would watch his videos, but he thinks it would be rude to ask.

The Host shakes his head. “Shut up and sit down before you make me burn this.” But as Mark leaves, he sees the little smile on Host’s face, and it makes him smile, too.

Dear Journal,

Hey it’s Teddy. Today we had lunch with James Sirius’ parents. My dads are coming home tommorow morning and I was excited to see them. I have to admit that I missed them a lot. James and I woke up early and shared a shower. I was shaving my “baby hair moustache” and James was sitting on the counter with a towel around his hip.

“You’re staring..” I said, a smirk on my face.

“Sorry..” He laughed, getting blushy:


I gave him a kiss and he chuckled. We walked back to my room and he dressed up.

“Tell me what should I wear.” I said, showing him my options.

“You look good in everything!” James Sirius said, kissing my cheek.

“Thank you love but it doesn’t help me at all!” I laughed.

I decided to wear my dad’s grey jumper. It was so comfortable and it looked good with my light brown hair. James and I walked to his parents house, hand in hand. I was a tiny bit nervous but I knew James and Lily since I was a baby so I was okay.

“I asked them not to be embarassing!” James laughed.

I know that James and Lily love me like their own but I still wanted to make a good impression as James Sirius’ boyfriend. Arriving at the house, James knocked and entered.

“Hello? We’re home!” He yelled, removing his boots.

“Oh hi honey! Look at you two! You are so adorable!” Lily said, giving us a big hug.

“Is dad here?” James Sirius asked.

“Oh yes, he’s in the backyard cooking on the barbecue. Do you boys want to sit? Dinner will be served in a few minutes.” Lily smiled.

James Sirius and I sat down next to eachother. Harry came in and sat down at the table with us.

“Hi Ted!” Harry waved.

“Hey! How was your date with Ella yesterday?” I smirked, making James Sirius giggle.

“Oh hum.. it was great really. She’s lovely.” Harry said, awkwardly.

“Good! I think she likes you!”

“You think so? She loves quidditch and we have a lot in common! She’s very nice. Oh I hum.. i’m sorry this is weird.. she’s your sister after all.” Harry said, brushing the back if his neck.

“That’s okay harry.”

A few minutes later, James entered the house with his barbecued steaks. He kissed aunt Lily and noticed us.

“Oh hi Teddy! Have you seen the quidditch game yesterday? It was awesome!” He said.

“I did prongs! It was indeed pretty awesome!” I said, smiling to myself, rememebering yesterday’s game.

We ate and talked. We talked mostly about James Sirius and I. Questions were asked about how we were going to handle being seperated in two years, since I won’t be at Hogwarts anymore but Jamsie will. We’ll work it out, i know it. But I still had one last year after all! One year of James Sirius and I sneeking in eachothers dorms, of study dates that turn into makeout sessions in the library. Quidditch games against eachother where we would send eachother winks here and there… I couldn’t wait to go back.

After dinner, we watched a movie and hanged out in James’ room. I was going to sleep over at his tonight. We were playing a game of wizards chess and he was beating me. He’s the absolute best at that game! Sometimes he let’s me win and he thinks I don’t notice it, but I do, and it makes me smile. I can’t wait for my dads to get home tommorow. I miss them.

July 1st 2014


I ended up getting really busy at my desk and barely got up. I could have gotten a lot more steps but I went to bed early instead. I do not regret that, I got so much sleep! John made the most amazing burgers last night. I only ate one but it was a lot more calories than I was hoping for. 


Yesterday’s Goals:

  • Make it through the audit. ( I still haven’t gotten to my portion of the audit.)
  • 10,000+ Steps
  • 80oz water
  • Get up from desk every hour. 
  • Make Autumn’s gift list. 

November 7, 2017 Goals:

  • Make it through the audit. Oh please let it be today for me. 
  • 10,000+ steps
  • 80oz water
  • Get up from desk every hour. 
  • Work out. 
Crazy ever after


It had been going on for almost half an hour, and was starting to worry about how safe I was. I kept looking around the room we were in and figuring out exit strategies. I was trapped. He was pacing back and forth between me and the only door…. back and forth, and back and forth, with one hand constantly running through his hair and his nostrils flared as he unpicked everything- and I meant literally everything- that had somehow gone wrong in the last 16 hours.

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Arashi Are You Happy? Live Tour Tokyo 12/28 Report

But first, a reminder. Final chance to enter my giveaway which will end TOMORROW December, 30th at 11PM JAPAN time! I started this in October and thought two months is a long way to go, but wow time flies because we’re already at the end! Please enter if you want ^^ I updated a fresh note at the beginning too so please read it!!

Okay, onto the report. Mostly MC parts. It will be under the cut~ I won’t be commenting on EVERY song btw!

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