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trr crack theory: the KING is the traitor

look i know i kNoW but hear me out:

  • canonically, prince liam and prince leo are half brothers, which means the king is their father since he’s the one carrying the royal bloodline
  • we know this because king > queen title-wise (this some sexist bullshit but w/e), that’s why irl queen elizabeth’s husband is only a crown prince
  • since neither of their mothers are alive, this means that queen regina is the king’s third wife
  • so…… wtf his first two wives are BOTH DEAD? two dead queens??? 
  • and his kids are like in their 20s (leo could technically be in his 30s but I think that’s pushing it since they JUST tried to marry him off)
  • SOOOO there can’t have been a lot of time in between these first two marriages since liam and leo aren’t that far apart in age
  • which w/e like maybe he’s just a shady man hoe ok this happens all the time look at prince charles, scum of the earth
  • BUT!!!! this comment to queen regina changes the game:
  • “i remember being young once” uhhhh sir didn’t you marry this woman like a few years ago tops
  • look at this old ass man he was NOT young when he married regina so what is he talking about
  • UNLESS regina and this fuckin king met when they were young and she has been his mistress ever since
  • he couldn’t marry her because he needed the other two wives for like diplomatic reasons??? idk this part of the theory needs more work
  • anyway so the wives find out and threaten to expose his lyin ass
  • he had to dispose of his wives somehow so he could be with his side chick!!!!!!
  • ok now sidebar: 
  • drake’s dad died trying to “protect the royal family” (which apparently was a shit job to have since both queens died anyway)
  • read: the king had him murdered
  • why tf u think savannah ran away???? she accidentally found out about it at a beaumont party 
  • who have motive to threaten savannah and would also be in attendance at a beaumont party HMMMM LETS CHECK THE RECEIPTS
  • OH IS THAT SO KING??????? InTeReStInG
  • so clearly he’s like “get out or i will take you out”
  • she couldn’t tell drake or he would also be in danger she just had to flee and leave no trace
  • THE KING KILLS HIS WIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • this is why he needs to marry off his sons ASAP to get them off his back
  • so why is he stepping down from power?? WELL technically leo fucked up all his plans because he didn’t marry madeleine who is clearly the chosen one
  • like they let her into LIAM’S competition even so wtf????? they want her as queen for some reason

fall: a word which here means MURDER

  • maybe she’s related to regina and is the key to keeping their power????
  • this some most wanted book one realness here i am living
  • anyway except why is the king suddenly acting fake af to MC and being all “ah yes you love my son” CLEARLY he has a plan
  • or maybe HE sent tariq and he plans to sabotage MC at the coronation and then use liam’s broken heart to convince him to just marry madeleine since obvs the royal fam knows best right like look what that American girl did to u and look what this other American girl made leo do


  • moral of the story: murder king

Happy 2yr Mythical Beast Anniversary to me!!! (^//o^/)~ 。:*☆

(( i cant believe its been two years already since i discovered these two mythical dads )) <3

To celebrate, I decided to draw a little screenshot thing from GMM #548 ((Will it Cereal?)) as it was the very first gmm i watched!!! (( the exact date is 2/16/15, yes i remember…)) :3

Hope this turned out ok for a celebration drawing, and im really happy to have discovered them, as they are a big happiness and inspiration in my life now!!! Here’s to many more years of being a mythical beast!!! <3

((also bonus cause the very first time i remember seeing them but without knowing who they were, was in Youtube Rewind 2014 omg…..))

my guess at my first thoughts when seeing this scene :” who the heck are these old dorks” omg past me if only you’d known haha……

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ok well sorry to bother but i'm a little sad bc of the fandom and i wondered if you got anything (from meta abt anyone and anything to just happy smiling lance pics), please? bc you're literally one of the only vld-focused blogs (if not the only) i can follow and actually enjoy and i really need something to remind me why i love this show, please.

oh man oh man do i know the feeling - this fandom can be rough sometimes, it’s like there is always something to complain about even about stuff that hasn’t even happened yet :’D but god i just genuinely love this show and i’m totally willing to try and cheer you up!! some happy lance pics coming your way~~

y’know what?? we should do a “why i love vld” round, tell me about why you decided to stick to this show out of all the choices you had, no negativity allowed :D

stardust and incandescence; her fire shone bright || a jyn erso fanmix

“There are a very few people whose will and ferocity are so great that they pull other people in their wake… Jyn, I think, never knew the effect she had on others–never realized the intensity of her own humanity or the presence she brought to a room. She was, as expected, troubled and quarrelsome; she was also impossible to ignore or forget.” (8tracks, playmoss)

i.thistle and weeds||Mumford and Sons||it’s getting dark darling, too dark to see ii.landfill||Daughter||throw me in the water, don’t think about the splash i will create iii.skeletons||Of Monsters and Men||lost my name, love left dry iv.i went too far||Aurora||i’m left behind with an empty hole v.the lonely||Christina Perry||i’m a ghost of a girl that i want to be most vi.hallelujah||Jeff Buckley||all i’ve ever learned from love was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you vii.elastic heart||Sia ft. The Weeknd, Diplo||i walked through fire to save my life viii.artificial nocturne||Metric||an outsider’s escape for a broken heart ix.salt skin||Ellie Goulding||you’re sharp as a knife x.hopeless wanderer||Mumford and Sons||we tried so hard to live in the truth xi.sugar in a bowl||Of Monsters and Men||found a fire in your shadow, i know you are born to be wild xii.find it hard to say (rebel)||Lauryn Hill||your lives are so incomplete xiii.hope in the air||Laura Marling||in the end, we are waiting to be lit xiv.problem||Natalia Kills||that girl is a goddamn problem xv.hurricane||Halsey||i’m the violence in the pouring rain xvi.burn||Ellie Goulding||we got the fire, and we’re burning one hell of a something xvii.one girl revolution (battle mix)||Superchick||some people see the revolution but most only see the girl xviii.i will never die||Delta Rae||you can bury my body but i’ll never die xix.my heart is a storm||Aurora||you’ll see me shimmering like crystals in the stars

Every single line Dallas said to/about Johnny (in chronological order)
  • “How about y’all? Two-Bit? Johnnycake, you and Pony wanta come?”
  • “Huh?” this was in response to Johnny telling him to leave the girls alone fyi
  • “Okay, kids, whatta ya need me for?”
  • “Good for you”
  • “Oh, shoot, kid” “I was in the bedroom” can’t tell if that was directed at Pony, Johnny, or both, so..
  • “Well, wait a sec and I’ll see what I can do about this mess.”
  • “Here” “the gun’s loaded. For Pete’s sake, Johnny, don’t point the thing at me. Here’s fifty bucks. That’s all I could get out of Merril tonight. He’s blowin’ his loot from that last race.”
  • “Git goin’!” He messed up Johnny’s hair. oh geez my heart.
  • “Take care, kid.” He said softly. I’M CRYING THIS PART IS SO CUTE.
  • “Gotta cancer stick, Johnny?”
  • “The fuzz won’t be lookin’ for you around here,” “I’ve got Buck’s T-bird parked down the road a little way. Goshamighty, boys, ain’t you been eatin’ anything?”
  • “You’re both pale and you’ve lost weight. After this, get out in the sun more. You look like you’ve been through the mill.”
  • “But don’t you kids get to pickin’ up my bad habits.” Yes, I know this was mostly a response to Ponyboy, but it clearly says kidS, so I’m putting it on the list.
  • “Do y'all want somethin’ to eat or not?”
  • “Well” “I’ll give you a ride for your money” I should probably specify just in case that he means a ride in his c a r. Don’t ever take this line out of context, I am begging you, don’t ever do that.
  • “Glory” “You don’t need to make like every mouthful’s your last. I got plenty of money. Take it easy, I don’t want you gettin’ sick on me. And I thought I was hungry!”
  • “I didn’t tell y’all something,” “The Socs and us are having all-out-war-fare all over the city. That kid you killed had plenty of friends and all over town it’s Soc against grease. We can’t walk alone at all. I started carryin’ a heater…”
  • “Don’t worry,” “it ain’t loaded. I ain’t aimin’ to get picked up for murder. But it sure does help a bluff. Tim Shepard’s gang and our outfit are havin’ it out with the Socs tomorrow night at the vacant lot. We got hold of the president of one of their social clubs and had a war council. Yeah” – “just like the good old days. If they win, things go on as usual. If we do, they stay outta our territory but good. Two-Bit got jumped a few days ago. Darry and me came along in time, but he wasn’t havin’ too much trouble. Two-Bit’s a good fighter. Hey, I didn’t tell you we got us a spy.”
  • “That good-lookin’ broad I tried to pick up that night you killed the Soc. The redhead, Cherry what’s-her-name.”
  • “Yeah” “She came over to the vacant lot the night Two-Bit was jumped. Shepard and some of his outfit and us were hanging around there when she drives up in her little ol’ Sting Ray. That took a lot of nerve. Some of us was for jumpin’ her then and there, her bein’ the dead kid’s girl and all, but Two-Bit stopped us. Man, next time I want a broad I’ll pick up my own kind.” yeah he’d pick up his own kind, cause he’d be picking up Johnny. B Y E. also Johnny just says, “yeah”, so I’m just waiting for them to pick each other up. just saying,,,
  • “She said she felt that the whole mess was her fault, which it is, and that she’d keep up with what was comin’ off with the Socs in the rumble and would testify that the Socs were drunk and looking for a fight and that you fought back in self-defense.”
  • “That little gal sure does hate me. I offered to take her over to The Dingo for a Coke and she said ‘No, thank you’ and told me where I could go in very polite terms.” I honestly have no idea if he’s been talking to both or not in this part but I already typed all the dialogue so oh well.
  • “Man, this place is out of it. What do they do for kicks around here, play checkers?”
  • “I ain’t never been in the country before, have you two?”
  • “What?” heads up this is just after Johnny said he’s turning himself in
  • “You sure you want to go back? Us greasers get it worse than anyone else.”
  • “The boys are worried,” “Two-Bit was going to Texas to hunt for you.” omgggggg it’s That Part of the book again brb screaming
  • “No,” “they didn’t. Blast it, Johnny, what do they matter? Shoot, my old man don’t give a hang whether I’m in jail or dead or in a car wreck or drunk in the gutter. That don’t bother me none.” I’m too emotionally weak for this part aaa. Literally even Pony says he could have cried at this part I’m not even kidding.
  • “Blast it, Johnny,” “why didn’t you think of turning yourself in five days ago? It would have saved a lot of trouble.”
  • “Johnny,” Dally said in a pleading, high voice, using a tone I’d never heard from him before ”Johnny, I ain’t mad at you. I just don’t want you to get hurt. You don’t know what a few months in jail can do to you. Oh, blast it, Johnny” – “you get hardened in jail. I don’t want that to happen to you. Like it happened to me…” oh my goodness. Dally, no. my poor bby. aaaaa brb I’m gonna go cry now.
  • it’s not actual dialogue but I would like to point out that at first Dallas just kind of like,,, cussed out Pony and Johnny for going to the church, but didn’t actually go get them or anything. Yeah, great job making sure Johnny doesn’t get hurt, man.
  • “We gotta win that fight tonight,” “We gotta get even with the Socs. For Johnny.” psa this falls under the about Johnny part I mentioned in the title of this post kthanks.
  • “Come on!” “We’re goin’ to see Johnny”
  • “I was crazy, you know that, kid? Crazy for wantin’ Johnny to stay outa trouble, for not wantin’ him to get hard. If he’d been like me he’d never have run into that church. That’s what you get for helpin’ people. Editorials in the paper and a lot of trouble…. You’d better wise up, Pony… you get tough like me and you don’t get hurt. You look out for yourself and nothing can touch you…”
  • “Johnnycake?” “Johnny?”
  • “We won,” “We beat the Socs. We stomped them – chased them outa our territory.”
  • “They’re still writing editorials about you in the paper. For being a hero and all.”
  • “Yeah, they’re calling you a hero now and heroizin’ all the greasers. We’re all proud of you, buddy.” aaaaaa this saddens me so much because this is the last thing Johnny would ever hear from him, this is the very last thing Dallas got to tell Johnny even if he still had other things to say or not.
  • “Never could keep that hair back … that’s what you get for tryin’ to help people, you little punk, that’s what you get…”
  • “Damnit, Johnny…” “Oh, damnit, Johnny, don’t die, please don’t die…” I normally would have censored this but I decided not to because that would have ruined it imo, so you’re especially welcome for that. now brb gonna go regret typing that first and fourth word.

so there you have it, I actually went through and found every single line from the book, in chronological order, that Dallas says either to or about Johnny. with some extra commentary, oops. you’re welcome. 


I predict this relationship won’t last...

So my cousin comes over this evening to introduce me to her new bf. He’s parking the car and she comes in ahead. She takes a look at my mantle (pic for ref) and asks why I haven’t started decorating for Halloween yet which is a legit q because I’m a fanatic. 

Enter her new bf: “Hi, I’m blah blah, nice to meet you. Oh, I see you’ve decorated for Halloween already.” 


Guys, there are two types of people in this world. 

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Among all the relationships presented in Diabolik Lovers, do you think Ayato and Yui's the healthiest? Because, even though they kissed under water and I ran yelling in my bedroom afterwards, I am not sure it is the healthiest in the anime... (Not counting the "end" where Ayato falls asleep for years (God knows how) and wakes up asking Yui to marry him (doh my shipper heart!) )

Oh my god i hate myself. I already typed a long ass reply to your message but accidentally closed the browser and now it’s gone. SIGH back to work.

I’m sorry for this late reply, dear, but I actually avoided to answer this message, I think you can guess why. I’ll probably get some shit for this.

I don’t know very much about other characters but Ayato and Reiji, so I can’t give you a detailed comparison, but I do have a good overview of the brothers, so I’ll do my best.

Now let’s be VERY honest, none of the relationships in the game are healthy. At all. The boys have psychologically problems, which are so deeply rooted, they should get some psychological help first, before getting into a (serious) relationship. And I don’t mean the “vampire instincts” like killing or sucking blood (and maybe torturing their prey), but their mental health. Their issues are caused by traumatic events, a poor childhood and/or neglecting parents. Vampire or not, these things would affect anyone. I am not saying that it’s completely impossible to have a healthy relationship after suffering such a childhood, but the problem is more the brothers personality that evolved from such treatment. While relationships can be beautiful and warming, some people tend to forget that they also need to be maintained. Relationships can be extra mental stress and with the psychological issues our boys got going on, the last thing they actually need is any more mental burden and weigh. Especially if you’re dealing with extreme jealousy and possessiveness. AT LEAST in reality.

DL is just a game, and it plays with the fantasy to heal those sad boys with the broken smiles just with love. I mean, that’s the reason why I’m in lol. Who doesn’t want to be that special person, who can turn a super bad guy into a caring good boy, just with the power of love?! And let’s be real, that ingame jealousy and possessiveness makes you feel wanted, desired and being the only one for him. And that rough vampire manhandling is sexy as hell. It is just a fantasy, and that’s totally fine. But if you convert that into real life, it’s not healthy at all. If I would ever meet a guy like the boys in real life, I’d run far and I’d run fast. Real life doesn’t work like otome games and the “power of love” doesn’t erase complex psychological issues. Enjoy the game as much as you like, but keep it mind that it is not realistic and please don’t go and try to find yourself a dark, mysterious and violent guy. Possessiveness ingame is totally hot, irl it can be exhausting and even dangerous.

The game fails to convey, that you should always love yourself first, and the most. It may sound selfish, but that’s the way to keep yourself sane. You can’t love someone else properly if you don’t love yourself, and I even dare to say that how a healthy relationship should work. If that person makes you unhappy, hurt or uncomfortable, leave. You won’t be able to help others if you can’t even help yourself. You yourself are the most important person in your life, your safety, happyness and mental health always comes first.

why are niggas on this site so rude to each other about how they experience/cope with  their mental illnesses. “hey i do this to heal myself! how bout u guys try it too!” “uhm you obviously dont have clinical [mental illness] sweatie :) stfu”

like wat does that really do except show u only see mental illness through your own self absorbed eyes that if anyone does it in any way slightly different than you theyre faking it. 

and stop pushing the self destructive idea that we can’t ever learn to heal or find healthy ways to cope, stop the horrible idea that you cant ever be healthy in your own way because it is always possible, when you deny yourself happiness you will never find it

Give me a fic in which Sherlock loves John, but John doesn’t love Sherlock back in any romantic way, and there is no miscommunication, no confusion on John’s feelings; just 100% pure unrequited love, 100% Sherlock pining, and added bonus if John is in love with someone else

He strolls up to me with his hands in his pockets and a cocky smile on his lips. He’s a stranger; yet a type of boy that I already know oh-so-well.

“Are you taken, baby?” He slurs drunkenly.

“Yes,” I reply with a sour tone. “For granted.”

—  Play the Player

Pst, ehi, help me take a picture on top of the counter. I have to send something to mamma as proof of life, and this will piss her off.

[Can you hear it? His cackling, on the inside? Actually, it’s a little bit on the outside as well–pure delight.]

Oh my god, I can already hear her furious typing. No, but, seriously, help me.

[He isn’t on top of the counter yet, but he has the full intent of doing so, which is the only reason why he’s beaming like this.]

Another thing not related to my previous post

I will never never make any Most to Least lists. Why? Because despite the fact that I can put a comment before hand saying this is just my opinion, SOMEONE WILL BE CRUSHED.

Imagine reading that list and immediately seeing a description that is so YOU it seems like a blessing. And it’s for your favorite group! And then, as you look, you see your bias - the person who gives you happiness and excitement and thrills - is at the fucking bottom. They are - in the opinion of the blogger - the least likely to be attracted to someone like you.


And making ideal types for idols! OH MY GOD! I already have to live with a certain realization that I wouldn’t be someone’s ideal type, I don’t need to see someone telling me straight up that hey, you aren’t fit for them.

I am not saying that people who write them or anything shouldn’t - people love reading them and I won’t lie that I’ve been caught looking at them too. My point is that I will not write them. Ever. I want this to be as inclusive as I can, and telling someone I have this view on the idols they love.

i actually love making friends you know when you first meet someone and you already have a good vibe off of them and you just get along really well and then they tell you about their past and you have to complete their personal mission in order to gain their approval and loyalty for the final boss quest so you can complete the game