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10 songs, 10 mutuals

tagged by @park-jimizzle (thank you b~ it was interesting to go through your playlist~) i dont rly have a playlist but these are the songs i’ve listened to lately

Weight in Gold- Gallant
Bawling- Oh Hyuk
Half Moon- Dean
Sometimes- Ariana Grande
Spending My Time- Roxette
I Can Love You Like That- All 4 One
Back At One- Brian McKnight
Scars To Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara
TT- Twice
I Choose You- Sara Bareilles 

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Oh-Hyuks-Eyelashes’ 30 day K-Pop Concept Crossover Challenge!

How about a fun drawing challenge?

Ive been thinking about how it would be cool to see what idols would look like if they had tried concepts done by others and thought, “why isn’t there a challenge for this?” and, “where was this when I had art block?” So I made one!

The rules are simple:

  • Choose an idol or group and draw them how you think they would look in the concept listed.
  • For example, what would GOT7′s Jinyoung look in VIXX’s Error concept? or how would KNK’s Inseong look in Red Velvet’s Automatic concept?
  • You don’t have to stick to one person or group for each concept! feel free to do a different person for each one!
  • Go out of order if you like! Try your best to do 30 of them! You’ll feel super accomplished afterwards. If you can’t, thats fine too! At least you drew something, right?
  • If you don’t like a concept and have a different one you’d like to try, go ahead and do it instead! This list is really just a base of interesting or unique concepts I’ve seen in different MVs. Plus some are purely self indulgent because who wouldn’t want the chance to draw their bias in EXID’s Hot Pink concept or After School’s First Love, I mean c’mon.
  • Try to link back to me if you don’t mind! I’d love to see what other people come up with!

The point of this is to have fun and try drawing new things. Plus I meant for it to serve as a prompt list to get me out of my art block. So good luck and have fun everyone! I’ll try to post any that I finish here as well in case you want an example!


mutzine x Art  •  Park Songlee: Pink is the Warmest Color

Park Songlee practices visual-therapy. A bright, comforting, color-scheme connects her work throughout various mediums. In this piece she introduces us to the materials she works with, her creative space, her sources of inspiration, and how her goal of spreading joy through her artwork came about. 

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