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So have the Four “Power Couples” in aesthetic form because I got an Aesthetic app and I’m so happy might just make a sideblog 

Diamonds: Ace of Diamonds Antonio Fernandez Carriedo x Duchess (10) of Diamonds Romano Vargas

Hearts: King of Hearts Ludwig x Jack of Hearts Feliciano Vargas

Spades: King of Diamonds Alfred F. Jones x Queen of Spades Arthur Kirkland

Clubs: Queen of Clubs Elizaveta Hérdérvary x Jack of Clubs Roderich Edelstien 

I am having so much fun making this au you have no idea it’s wonderful

So this pretty lady over there is Seychelles from Hetalia. She’s pure and innocent and she did nothing wrong. She’s just sitting there smiling, being totally cute BUT STILL she’s probably the most hated character in the whole series. Same with other many female nations. Why .·°*~Please appreciate them~*°·.

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  • Prussia: hey guys, wanna see me with awesome yet terrifying Halloween make-up~?
  • Hungary: oh really, let me see- GAAAAAAAHHH!!! OH MY GOD ITS TERRIFYING!!
  • Austria: THATS HORRIFYING!! Why didn't you warn us beforehand, geez!!
  • Prussia: ... I haven't put on the fucking make-up yet you assholes.

APH Hungary: Oh, Roderich, your toe! You really hurt yourself, didn’t you? All for us too.

APH Austria: Aw, shucks, it’s nothing. I just-

APH Hungary: Nonsense! You need to lie down.

APH Prussia: But, Erzsébet, it’s just his toe!

APH Hungary: Well, his toe needs to lie down so the rest of him will just have to go along with it.

Gossip with Hungary and Belarus #2
  • Belarus: do you really need proof? is it not obvious? anyway, meanwhile, GREECE AND JAPAN STILL ARENT AND NEITHER ARE AMERICA AND BIG BROTHER AND THAT IS PISSING ME OFF.
  • Hungary: but I thought you wanted to 'become one with mother Russia'?
  • Belarus: yeah but I want him and America to 'become one' more... and anyway, I have liech
  • Hungary: oh yeah right I totally forgot about that
  • Belarus: duh