oh how wrong she was


It’s a dangerous scene when you’re e i g h t e e n

Science Fair
  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *enters, holding his daughter; excited* Guess who won first prize in a science fair?
  • Baby Holmes: *chewing a winner's ribbon*
  • Molly: *reading; looks up, smiles* Hi.
  • Sherlock: *kisses her cheek* Hi *gestures at the ribbon* First prize. My clever little girl *kisses his daughter's cheek*
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* You managed to find a science fair...for babies?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Babies, children. She entered, she won.
  • Molly: *folds her arms* She's four months old.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *digs in his pockets* And a five hundred pound voucher! *removes the money; waving it slowly*
  • Molly: *trying not to smile*
  • Sherlock: *innocent* Love you.
  • Molly: *sighs* God help me, I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *smug*

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Honestly though Dahlia is one of my favorite characters. What an inspiration

I don’t think I appreciated her enough the first time I ever played t&t but now I’m all about her like the shit she got done and was still actively messing with people from beyond the grave like A+ villain material 

Amélie heard their cries and moved away from her post, darting across the naked rafters. She stopped when she saw your child being dragged around, cornered by three Talon agents.

Her eyes narrowed as she crouched down, watching them. At first, they seemed to be teasing the child, but their movements were cruel.

Should I go down there? They seem to be in trouble, she asked herself when the child called your name.

The agents only laughed, believing you were on a mission.

Oh, how wrong they were.

Amélie knew you were near when she heard the thundering of footsteps. Grinning, she leaned back and decided to watch the show. Out of the corner of her eye, she was smoke billowing all around as Reaper appeared. He folded his arms over his chest, staring down at scene below.

Though she couldn’t see his face, she knew he was smirking.

“What are you doing?” A steady voice called from the hallway, and every head turned toqard you. Your eyes were narrowed, fists clenched, and the two up in the rafters knew you were not happy. “That is my child you are putting your hands on.”

The agents shrank away from you, clearly afraid of how calm you seemed. You approached, taking your child away from the corner.

“My child will not be one of your damn test subjects. Either you keep your hands off of them, or I’ll remove every finger. Do you understand?” You asked through gritted teeth, glaring at them.

When they said nothing, you lifted your head and stepped forward. “Do you understand?”

“Y-yes. We understand,” the leader stuttered.

“Good. Now, go.”

They scampered off, and you turned, kneeling down in front of your child. You brushed back their hair and smiled softly, your anger dissipating. They weren’t scared, their focus steady and on you, and you lifted them into your arms.

As you walked away, Amélie whistled, and you looked up at them. She gave you a wink, her smirk sharp.


“Hurry up and come. We’ll squash you to death!”

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Claire! You've been too peaceful for too long! M!A - Unleashing Claire's righteous anger. She's suffered, and she's forgiven, but now it's time for her to release the rage she's held in for so long!

You are CLAIRE FANTAI. You are… or WERE…. THE MINDLESS. Somewhere in another universe, you took everyone’s advice. Everyone who said you had every right to be angry. Everyone who said you should vow revenge…

Well now you did… and when Lulith confronted you that night, she expected the kindness you had before you were tortured. She wanted you to fight back, but something in the back of Lulith’s mind knew you weren’t going to.

But oh, how she was wrong….

You didn’t just fight back, you DETHRONED her. You were full of such hate, such anger. You wanted her DEAD. You wanted her BEGGING.

And that’s what you got. You spared her, for now, in exchange that she give you everything.

Her ship, her dignity, all but her life.


And you’ve run out of kindness.

(This is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE Claire! Everything will be tagged #AU when RPing with this version of Claire. NONE of it will be canon. Please be aware of this when interacting with this beast!)

You Have A Bad Life At Home + Harry Finds Out

Harry didn’t question it.

Y/N’s life at home, he means.

She answered his texts and his Skype calls and talked about her room and her books all the time with Harry—he didn’t think anything was wrong.

There were no bruises or scars that littered her body, no speck of even something wrong in her eyes when she would see him at school.

Harry didn’t question it.

It wasn’t necessarily his fault, either. Y/N never told him about it. She didn’t want him to know, and worse of all, she didn’t want him to look at her with those eyes. Those pity eyes. No. She sealed it up instead, thinking this would prevent Harry from ever knowing.

Oh, how wrong she was.

He found out on a Saturday afternoon. Precisely, half-past three o’clock. Y/N couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t continue bottling up these emotions, or she knows she will take it out on herself, or worse, Harry. So she did what any therapist or self-help website would tell her to. Write it all out.

So she did.

She wrote down everything.

Her emotions to her thoughts. Everything that has been suffocating her for the past 17 and more years of her childhood.

Then she thought it wasn’t safe that it was on a Google Doc. What if her father used her computer when she was gone and saw this? He knew her email password, after all. And if he saw this, what would he do?

She cringed.

Realising her father might have access to the Doc immediately made Y/N copy it and paste it on a new page in Notes, instead. Not technically safe, but at least she could always access it. And besides, her father wouldn’t go on Notes. And she could always delete it without any trace that it was ever there.

As you may have guessed, Harry found this letter.

Well, not exactly find, but came to take possession of, this letter.


Y/N was skyping Harry that afternoon, after storing her letter with her father safety away. He was making her laugh—just like normal—and she didn’t tell him how much that helped her mood, better than any book or TV show could.

Then something he said reminded her of this quote, and she went to look it up on her computer.

Right when she was about to paste it, she pasted her letter instead. Without thinking, she hit enter. And it was out there. Harry saw it. By the time she finally deleted it, he already read deeply into it.

He knew.

Y/N slammed her computer shut, after that. She turned off her phone and buried both her phone and her laptop in her closet.

She didn’t want to see his response.

She might see his change of eyes through his messages.

But then that night, her father was yelling again, and her mother was doing nothing to stop it. Her sister, always stubborn, didn’t choose to stand up with Y/N—and sat by the sidelines instead.

Y/N voiced her opinion, and it got slammed down by a loud scream from her father.

She rolled her eyes and calmly walked to her room—trying to make it seem as if this didn’t bother her on any level besides annoyance.

But on the inside—secretly—she was so tired of it.

She was so sick of it.

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She could still hear their conversation from her room—curse their thin walls—and she needed her music. Her phone.

She almost forgot about Harry’s response, and remembered only shortly after turning on her phone again.

His response was clear on her lock screen, before she could swipe it away. Her eyes read the words, even though her heart told her not to.

harry: tell your parents that you’re going to have a sleepover with your friend, Harriet, and take a cab to my house, okay? my parents are out of town.

And that was all he said.

No pity message, no ‘I’m so sorry’, and certainly no 'is there anything I can do to make this better?’

Just a request.

A simple one indeed.

He clearly intended for her to get that message earlier, right before the parents could start bickering again.

But risking it is better than hiding out in her room all night.

“Oh, I forgot, I have a sleepover with my friend, Harriet.”

Her mom blinked at her. Her sister jumped to respond. “Oh my God, do you have to go? It’s so late!”

Fucking God.

Her mom nods, pressing her lips together.

Y/N want to strangle her sister.

Such a spoiled brat.

She know her parents weren’t going to let her go, but she had to try. For Harry.

She say the only thing that will push their buttons.

“I can take a cab and go by myself!”

Her dad immediately responds, his face still hot with fury, “Fine fine, I’ll send you.” His teeth are gritted, and this is the part where she’s supposed to refuse—judging by the looks her mom and her sister are giving her. But she doesn’t.

Y/N just wordlessly walks back into her room, stuffs a change of clothes into her bag, packed with a tooth brush and toothpaste, and walks back out to meet her dad, who obviously thought she was joking.


When she arrived at where Harry lived, he wasn’t waiting outside for her, but she could tell by how the lights were on that he was waiting inside.

“Well goodnight,” was all she said to her father before grabbing her bag and knocking at Harry’s door. Harry quietly and quickly opened the door to let her in, closing the door behind her—immediately scooping her up in a warm embrace.

“You know,” Y/N starts, fisting his sweater. “If both of your parents are out of town, you have to let the school know. You know…safety reasons.”

Harry laughs. “But I’m not alone, so it’s okay.”

He didn’t mention what she sent him and she was thankful for it.

“Snuggle + Movie or Pizza + Movie?” Harry asks, setting down her bag on a chair.

Y/N smiles as soon as she inhales the scent of her favourite pepperoni pizza coming from his kitchen. “Pizza + Movie + Snuggle.”

Harry shakes his head, “Rebel, my love. Rebel.”

She laughs. “Now you’re just quoting my favourite books to make me happy.”

He combs her hair back and tilts her chin up to face him. “I would do anything to make you happy.“

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“Sleepless” (I.M Fluff)

: Sleepless

Featuring: I.M (monsta x) and you

POV: Third person

Rating: PG-13 (some suggestive making out)

Summary: After watching a scary movie together, I.M tries to help you sleep.

Requested by anon. If you’d like a Halloween/Autumn scenario, go here!

She sat on the couch with her feet curled up under her, hands wrapped around Changkyun’s arm, pulling him closer and closer with every tense scene on the screen. When he’d suggested a horror film for the night, she smiled in agreement, not knowing what she was in for.

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Imagine reader is caught near a massive explosion and she's got injuries all over her broken bones deep cuts a headache just everything is hurting. It takes months to recover and she's left with both physical and mental scars. She can't sleep anymore and she hates all the scars and hates herself. She believes nobody would ever want to love her and how broken she is but oh how reader is wrong because Poe has been in love with her and wants to help her but doesn't know how

Poe starts off with checking in with reader every day with simple How are yous, How you doing?, and How was your day?. Reader was caught off guard at first but now they really appreciate it. Then Poe starts asking if they need anything or need someone to talk to. This really hits reader and they have a big breakdown laying everything out: how they feel so ugly and broken. Then Poe just hugs them tells them how wonderful, smart, and beautiful they are.

clary you’ve had ONE friend throughout your entire life and you don’t even know where he is, sit the hell down

@curtainedknives​ cont’d from [ X

    Oh shit, had she typed in the wrong number? How did she managed that? 

    [ text ] : Oh what seriously? Sorry!
    [ text ] : But to answer your questions… No the hospital is for weak people.
    [ text ] : But, uh, wanted by them specifically? No. That’s not the case.
    [ text ] : My names Loni though, and honestly I typed the wrong number. 
    [ text ] : So thanks for humoring me…? (What’s your name?) 

    Ignore the cute compliment, smooth Loni. 



She had left her brother for him. She had given him everything. And he had broken her.


Bae was right, Peter was a monster. But he had never shown it to her before. He had always been kind and caring, smiling at all the right moments. Bae had known. Bae had seen. But she had been blind. She had told him to leave Neverland without her. He had promised to come back for her one day, but she had said that wasn’t necessary. Her life was there.


How wrong she had been.


“Oh (Y/n) dear”


She shivered, listening as his footsteps approached her cage.


“Go away” she spat.


“Now is that anyway to talk to me” he chuckled, clutching at the bars “Remember your manners and I may let you have dinner.


“I don’t want anything from you” she hissed, shuffling as far away from him as she could get in the enclosed space “You’re a monster”


“It’s a shame you didn’t notice sooner” he smirked, winking before strutting off.


He’d shown his true colours a week ago. He had told her he didn’t love her in any way. He was incapable of love. It had all been a trick.


She remembered her whole body aching. Every word cut and burned her precious, happy memories. She was broken, numb.


“I will get out of here” she sniffed “You’ll see. I’ll escape. I’ll get strong again. And then I’ll break you too”


She did. She finally escaped one day due to dumb luck, finding her brother in a place called Storybroke. Mary Margaret took her in, caring for the girl like a mother. Which was strange, because they would have been roughly same age – she might have even been older than the princess – if things like the curse and Neverland hadn’t gotten in the way.

And she spent a few good months with them, Regina helping her with her Magic which she had inherited from her father. Speaking of her father, she had even managed to patch things up with him. There bond grew stronger every day. And so did she.

However, the person she loved most was Henry. Because they were roughly the same age, she spent a lot of time with her nephew. He showed her things about his strange world and she told him stories of his father.

Everything was almost perfect.

And then he was taken from her.

When she found out where Henry had been taken she knew it wasn’t just fate. Peter was trying to hurt her again. Well she wouldn’t let him.


(Y/n) watched her sleeping friends, leaning back against a tree for support. She was on watch, the all too familiar noises of Neverland making her skin crawl, nostalgia almost sickening.

“Oh wow” Peter chuckled “They are cute. Looks like you’ve managed to worm your way into another family”

“These people are my family, Henry is family” she snapped, turning to face him “And they’re more than you ever were”

He feigned hurt, placing his hand over his heart.

“You were so cold when I first met you” he chuckled “Lonely, desperate. I suppose that’s what happens when you live with the dark one. You were adopted, so I had no problem making you believe that I was in love with you”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh don’t you know?” He smirked “Rumple’s my son”

“You’re disgusting” she spat “We kissed”

“Ah but we aren’t related in any way sweetheart” he shrugged “No your real parents didn’t want you. Just like everyone else. That’s why you always felt so alone. Deep down you knew you didn’t belong”

“I was never alone”

“Oh really” he smirked “Because that was your first confession when you fell into my web of lies. You told me how awful you felt, how cold you were inside. You thought you were a heartless monster, the child of the dark one”

“Stop it!”

“But in fact, you were nothing more than an orphan that no one ever loved” he smiled “Bet you’re wishing you were related to that monster now”

“You’re the only monster here Pan”

“Wow, maybe you are heartless” he taunted.

“I don’t care what you say about me anymore” she shook her head “I’m here to get my nephew-“

“Not your nephew-“

“And then I’m going to break you. Just like how you broke me”


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        Helga knocked at the wooden door, the authoritative rapping muted by aged leather. She frowned, hard eyes glaring at the slab of stained and varnished wood that kept her on the outside of the office.

        Oh, how she despised Miskatonic University. Something felt… wrong about this place. So very thoroughly wrong. Normally she had no problems with institutions such as this; academics were relatively harmless and mostly easy to take down in the event that changed.

        But the air around the University was off. The way people held themselves… the architecture itself. The grim fog and gray sky and- 

        Wait, she thought. That’s just Massacussets. Do not blame the university for the sins of the location.

         She knocked again, putting a greater force behind the action. So much so that the nameplate rattled.

        Damn it, Carter, I know you’re in there,she muttered. I don’t have time for your bullshit.

"She loved him. She loved him with all her heart. She thought he loved her just as much but oh how wrong she was. He never felt love, just lust. And the difference between the two is extremely vast."

– excerpt from a book I’ll never write #18 // rose

She loved you, you know.
She truly did.

You were the light of her life, and for a while, she thought that you were the best thing that could ever happen to her and when you left she started thinking that maybe no one comes after you. You were too good, too great, too amazing that life had exhausted all her luck. No one was next because you were everything, because you had it all.
But she was wrong, oh how she was wrong.

For she did love again, and it was true this time. She had closed herself off and let herself grow into this magnificent creature that you failed to see. She was everything and you were merely a boy who thought she was nothing; just another girl who would do as you pleased.
When she had mastered the art of how to forget, all you could do was regret.
Because truthfully, you had it the other way around: she was the best thing that ever happened to you.

You were just too dumb, too stupid, too young, and too foolish to realize what was right there in front of you.

—  d.b. 03/07/16