oh how wrong she was

RWBY Musical Theatre AU

This idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while and while I don’t feel like writing a fic about it I’m just going to dump out my ideas:

-Ruby is in charge of building sets and/or props. Yang keeps trying to get her to audition for the cast but she’s shy and also happier backstage where she gets to build things. She’s also on crew. She prides herself on being the only one she knows who can rap “Guns and Ships”.

-Blake is definitely the stage manager who is done with everyone’s shit. The only cast members she likes are Yang and Pyrrha. Yang brings her coffee every day and Pyrrha’s too nice to hate but other than that she’s a massive pile of salt. (This is true of most SMs. The last show I called half our conversations between cues were just *deep sigh* “Actors”)

-Weiss is the prima donna who nobody really likes because she’s a snob, but they tolerate her because she’s a fantastic leading lady. Super high strung and stressed out and everybody wishes she would just chill it’s just a high school production please Weiss calm down.

-Pyrrha is a supporting character/Weiss’ understudy? in the cast, and she’s totally the cast Mom. Like the one who brings in Timbits on weekend rehearsals and enough tea to fill an ocean during show week so that no-one gets sick

-Yang is an ensemble member who sometimes gets bigger parts, usually comic relief stuff. She’s always super up-beat, and that one person who goes around talking about how she feels like the whole cast is one big family and it’s super cheesy but people love her anyway. She’s also a fantastic dancer.

-I feel like Ren is the choreographer just because of that one chibi episode. He’s a bit of a slave driver but everyone knows he’s damn good at his job (they’re all so screwed when he graduates)

-Nora…honestly I’m not sure what Nora would do. Makeup? Costumes? She mostly got involved ‘cause Ren was involved and those two are inseparable in any AU

- Jaune walked into auditions by accident and somehow landed the lead he doesn’t know what he’s doing and Pyrrha might be brainstorming ways to take out Weiss so she can stage-kiss Jaune and he’s so confused send this poor boy help.

Anyways listen I will talk about rwby theatre kids until I die so if you wanna know more (or even if you don’t idc) hit me up

Ambiguous Love

Hi friends! I spent so much time with this story and love it very much. Hopefully you will too. 
Songs that inspired this incase you wanna listen to them: 
-Aint Me by Kygo
-Attention by The Weeknd
-Comes & Goes by Greg Laswell

Request: Kinda, it’s about H being jealous but the main plot is from me. 
Warning: Mild curse language and lots of heart break. 

Gif isn’t mine and I would probably melt if he were to look at me like this.

A sour taste on his tongue combined with foul thoughts clouding his mind was what let him know that something was very wrong with him.

Harry was aware that his eyes weren’t supposed to stare at the guy standing close to Y/N as if he was murdering him in his head over and over again, even when that was just what was going on. With narrowed eyes he watched the foreign male touch his hand to her back in a far too intimate gesture as he laughed at something she’d said. How dare he do that?
Harry sat with his back to the kitchen as he watched her where she stood in the living room. He made a mental note to remind Jeff not to invite this guy again next time he held a small get together at his place.
Harry’s jaw tensed. Y/N was his. He was the only male she should give her attention to. The only one who should have his hands on her.

The guy wasn’t anybody Harry knew by name and he was sure to never bother to learn it either. He knew the guy was somebody who’d come around to these kind of parties a couple of times already and every time he was lingering around Harry’s Y/N the moment he had the chance. Harry did not like that one bit. Hot jealousy rushed through his body and with one last sip from his beer he got to his feet.

This needed to stop. He knew that it was him who caused Y/N to be alone and without a boyfriend and he wasn’t oblivious to how upsetting that was to her at times. This was unfair he knew but somehow Harry couldn’t find it in him to feel guilty. Other guys weren’t blind and found Harry gawking at the girl they were trying to chat to more than just intimidating, so with the majority of them one glare sufficed for their hands to pull away and leave Y/N’s smooth skin.
Harry felt like his behavior was justified. There was no way he could let his Y/N fall for a man who surely wouldn’t adore her enough. Harry wouldn’t ever allow Y/N to have a male’s hands on her body who couldn’t possibly be as tender with her as she deserved. If this meant Y/N would be alone and have no-one but Harry to love on her then so be it.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and began to walk over to where she was, his mind busy trying to come up with an excuse to steal her away. The unknown guy noticed Harry’s presence before Y/N did and like the rest of the flirtatious males he withdrew his touch from her almost instantly.
Harry didn’t say anything, not even when the guy greeted him with a polite smile. Instead he took hold of Y/N’s small hand, giving her fingers a tight squeeze before he began to pull her away from the bloke and towards the kitchen where he knew they would find some peace and quiet.
Slowly Harry relaxed. Feeling her warm skin in his palm and being able to just pull her closer and into his side where he could breathe her in… it had a smile pull at his lips.

With quick feet the girl hurried after him.

“What’s wrong?” her kind voice wondered once her friend pulled her into the deserted kitchen and she gasped quietly when his hands forced her up against the counter.

With discomfort written all over her face she pressed her hands against his chest so he would allow her to move away from the cold counter and closer into him.

“Ouch,” she complained quietly, “What the matter, Harry? Are you okay?”

„Who was that?“ Harry’s words were spoken was rough and lower than he intended and both of his hands balled into fists at his sides.

Y/N’s expression softened. “Harry, you can’t tell me that you don’t like Craig either. You haven’t even spoken to him. He’s quite nice, you know?”

„Quite nice?“ Harry repeated, stepping closer to her body, pushing her right back against the counter, „Huh? Was that bloke quite nice to you then?”

„Yes,“ Y/N tried to argue, her hands brushing up against his shoulders in an attempt to calm him, „And I don’t like how you always make me feel as though I need your approval when I talk to a guy.“

Harry swallowed hard. With a sigh he raised his hand and her body relaxed when his palm touched her cheek gently.

„You don’t need my permission. Of course you don’t.” He sighed before shaking his head, a deep frown on his forehead as he tried to figure out what he wanted to say. The words were right there on his tongue.
“S’just… I don’t like it, you know? You with another guy.”

“Why?” Y/N wondered, her hands squeezing his shoulders, “I wouldn’t let anybody treat me badly, you know that. There’s neither reason to be protective nor worried.”

At that he rolled his eyes. Oh how wrong she was. As wrong as one could be. “That’s not what’s bothering me. How could anybody mistreat you?”

And he meant it then. How could anybody hurt the girl standing in his arms? She was so utterly kind without ever demanding anything in return. Her heart beat for the people she loved and it melted his own when she looked at him like he was all she could see.
That was what he was so afraid of losing. Losing to somebody else.

“Not with you gawking at every move either of us make, no,” Y/N giggled, again not understanding just how deep the meaning behind his words was.

With a sigh rumbling through his chest he stepped closer, his hands finding her wrists and she whined when he forced her arms up with a gentle but swift yank so they would wrap around his neck. A satisfied hum escaped his lips and he closed his eyes. Catching on to what he wanted she wound her fingers through his soft curls and pressed a loving kiss to his cheek when he stepped close enough for them to be embracing tightly. Y/N laughed quietly.

“Harry, love, how much did you have to drink?”

“A beer,” he grumbled truthfully, a frown forming, “Can’t a man get some love from his favorite girl without being accused of anything?”

“Of course he can,” she replied in a whisper, her heart beating so fast she feared it might fly right out of her chest and away into the sky. She tightened her hold around his shoulders and shivered when he moaned at the sensation of her fingers scratching the back of his neck.

Harry pressed his mouth to her neck. “Do we have to go back?”

“To the party? Yes,” she giggled against his jaw, “But we don’t have to stay that much longer.”

This pleased him. “Good. Don’t want you near Craig.”

“Hey, you just said that you agree with me not needing your permission for what I do.”

Harry pulled back and looked at her with arched brows. “So you want to do-”

She groaned and shook her head rapidly with her eyes squeezed shut. “No, I don’t want to do anyone so don’t even start.”

Reluctance gnawed at his insides but he forced himself to step out of her hold anyway. She was right. He needed to let her have space. Y/N gave him a warm smile before leaning up to press another kiss to his skin, this time his cheek.

“Harry, please…” she spoke softly, her lips brushing his cheek, “I really want to finally meet somebody, you know? And maybe Craig is going to ask me out so… don’t scare him away.”

There was nothing he could say.
Harry’s heart sank when he watched her step away from him and walk back into the living room where he knew Craig awaited her already. And sure enough when Harry followed, discomfort flooding his body, he saw the male he already disliked greatly smile and hold out a hand for Y/N. Greedily he grabbed her fingers and brought them to his wet lips, a sight that made Harry’s stomach turn. Surely Y/N didn’t like this behavior either, he thought and true enough Y/N’s smile wasn’t all honest. The guy squeezed her shoulder before saying something that made her laugh and for a moment Harry could actually feel himself wanting to punch the guy blue. A feeling Harry was not used to at all.
Harry wasn’t a fighter. He was a lover. But oh if Y/N didn’t provoke a side out of him he hadn’t known before.  
Fuck it.
Harry’s feet carried him towards his Y/N before his mind could catch up and in few quick strides he reached her. His hands found her shoulders, squeezing and rubbing them soothingly to get her to turn around and face him.

“Harry?” she wondered, surprise and confusion written all over her features, “What’s wrong now? Are you okay?”

“Sorry, Craig.” Harry breathed the words dedicated to the male standing behind Y/N but his eyes never left her lovely face.

They heard Craig ask what Harry was sorry for but neither of them got to reply before Harry leaned down and connected his mouth with Y/N’s warm lips. It took a lot of bravery not to pull away when he felt the girl gasp and her entire body go rigid. His heart beat so heavily in his chest and his head was dizzy but he refused to stop kissing her and instead continued to move his lips against hers with as much pressure as he dared. It was when he felt the soft touches of her hesitant fingers agains his neck that he knew he’d won. Sure enough she began to return his kiss, moaning and whining against him quietly whilst she allowed her arms to wrap around his neck.
Harry could have rejoiced.
Y/N’s lips were soft, warm and fitted so perfectly against his own he wondered how he hadn’t kissed her before. Her body cuddled into his as if she were his missing puzzle piece and he liked how well his own arms wrapped around her waist. She gasped when his tongue poked into her mouth and he sighed deeply upon getting to kiss her properly. His hands grasped her neck, the back of her head before letting them drop to her backside where he allowed himself to hold onto her in the least groping way he could.
His heart swelled when he heard her giggle softly and he moaned upon feeling her hands move across his shoulders.

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Soulmate AU for Richie and Eddie. Eddie's mom is horrified when on eddies arm is written some sort of "your mom" joke, or lots of swearing. "Fucking hell you're cUTE what's your mom doing later though?" or something along those lines. Or maybe on Eddie's arm is one of Richies "Voices" and he's confused as heck. Idk man but Soulmate AU!

- you only get your soulmate message on your body the day your soulmate says it so one day eddie wakes up with this shit all over his arm

- “hey, kaspbrak, what’s your mom doing later, other than me?” 

- eddie is fucking horrified

- so is mrs k tbh

- “whoever they are should be ashamed! they’re no soulmate of yours if they say things like that

- oh how wrong she was

- eddie glares at everyone, just waiting for them to say something, but no one says anything until lunch when he meets the losers 

- “i got my message” eddie says grumpily whilst the others all congratulate him 

- richie appears out of nowhere, loudly and without regret

- “hey guys, i got my message! i wonder who they’ll be…hey, kaspbrak, what’s your mom doing later, other than me?” richie got confused when everyone went dead silent


- richie freezes before pulling his sleeve up to reveal that sentence written on his arm

- bev, ben, bill and mike are so shook

- stan however just mutters “of course they’re soulmates” and then bill looks down at his arm

- and when mike pushes up stan’s sleeve to reveal bill’s stuttered “you’re always right” stan nearly faints

The First Time

The first time James saw her, she was frowning. Stood by the Hogwarts Express, with her her fiery red hair plaited haphazardly into two braids, she appeared to be arguing with a blonde girl who he guessed must be her sister. He watched as the aforementioned blonde- who was wearing a particularly sour expression- sneered something at her and stormed off, leaving the red-head’s shoulders to slump as she hugged her parents goodbye. James wondered if her sister was always that stroppy.

The first time she laid eyes on him, he was laughing. Stood outside the compartment she was sat in with Sev, his hair a haphazard mess as he chatted with an aristocratic boy who looked liked he belonged to a rich family. He wore expensive robes and rounded glasses like her father did, but that didn’t fool her; she knew by their smirks that they were troublemakers- boys her mother warned her to stay away from- and Lily hoped they wouldn’t sit in her compartment.

The first time they scowled at each other, she was filled with pride as the hat called GRYFFINDOR! and he watched her hurry over to the table he was sat at. He wondered if she’d come and sit by him, but from the way her nose wrinkled as their eyes met, he figured she probably wouldn’t. Strange, he thought, as she glared up at him from the table. No one had ever disliked him before. He glared back anyway.

The first time they smiled at each other, they had just stopped Mulciber from hexing a Hufflepuff boy in their Care of Magical Creatures lesson. Who knew two first years could pull off a Twitchy-ears hex on a third year? As he ran off, red-faced and clutching his ears, they couldn’t help but share a smile. They knew payback would most likely be coming, but they couldn’t help a small moment of victory.

The first time they argued with each other, it happened in the middle of the Gryffindor common room, and had something to do with Severus. No one really understood what had happened over the spitting of insults between the pair, but they couldn’t understand how James Potter wasn’t afraid of the furious red-head, (though he was secretly marvelling at the pretty girl who was surprisingly as sharp-tongued as Sirius). When wands were drawn, it was Remus who split it up.

The first time they laughed with each other was in third year. After two years of rivalry, it came as a shock to the whole of Gryffindor when Lily Evans and James Potter both burst out laughing at an apparently ‘hilarious’ expression Sirius Black was wearing. The disgruntled victim thought they’d been hit by a cheering charm, which only made the pair laugh harder. They went back to their feud the very next day.

The first time they were partnered up together was in potions class. She decided he was a ‘big-headed idiot’ as they bickered over which ingredients to put in the potion, and he refused to let her stir. He concluded she was a ‘right know-all’, but he couldn’t deny he liked her sarcastic streak- not that he’d ever tell her that.  A row ensued when their potion exploded all over their desk, and Slughorn decided he wouldn’t pair them up again.

The first time he asked her out had been in fourth year. It had sort of- somehow- slipped out mid-argument, and after surprise had flashed in her eyes she’d replied ‘never in your wildest dreams’. To cover up his disappointment, James had made it a running joke from then on, though his pride had been hurt for at least a month.

The first time they pranked someone together, their victim was Bellatrix. It had to be- it was, of course, her last day, and she definitely deserved it. The bucket of maple syrup and feathers had been James’s idea, but the finishing touch of the Tarantallegra charm had been Lily’s. James had stated she’d done a “Good job, Evans”, rather begrudgingly. She’d held back a grin.

The first time they snuck out together, it was to collect chocolates for Remus on his birthday, in fifth year. Lily had once stated she’d “never go under Potter’s invisibility cloak”, which he happily reminded her of multiple times on the journey. They may or may not have eaten some of the chocolate on the way back, but Remus didn’t mind. In fact, Lily had never seen him happier.

The first time they cried together was the sixth year, just before they left for Christmas, when James’s father had passed away. She’d found him by the fire and sat with him until morning, both pretending they weren’t scared of this war as they clutched hands. Lily visited him for the first time that holiday, with a bouquet of flowers for his mum.

The first time they got drunk together they played exploding snap in Lily’s dorm until three a.m. The game ended when Sirius and Marlene started making out a little too ferociously, and Peter passed out on the floor, snoring. Remus and James helped carry him back to their dorm and Lily went to bed with her heart beating quickly and a smile on her face.

The first time they went on a date, it wasn’t planned. Well, not by them at least. Their friends abandoned them, leaving them red-cheeked when they cottoned on. They’d gone to the Three broomsticks anyway, and laughed until they cried over a pitcher of butterbeer. James couldn’t help but feel he was falling completely, and Lily decided that maybe her heart had thawed a little for the boy she once loathed. Their friends wore smug looks for a fortnight afterwards.

The first time they kissed, it was Lily who initiated it, surprisingly. They’d been skipping around each other for weeks, and she finally had the guts to do it at a celebratory quidditch party when she was (more than a little bit) tipsy, and decided she had nothing to lose. It was sloppy and haphazard, but Lily thought her insides might explode. James wouldn’t stop grinning.

The first time he told her he loved her, they were seventeen. She was sprawled on the grass, a book in her hand and her hair fanning out behind her. He’d known it for a long time, he realised, looking at the concentration on her face. It seemed to slip off his tongue so easily that he didn’t even realise it had been said. Lily whispered it back as she entwined her hands around his neck and their lips connected.

The first time they had sex it was awkward and embarrassing, but pleasant at the same time. It wasn’t anything like they’d seen in muggle movies; there was giggling, (mostly on Lily’s part, much to the annoyance of James), and low murmurs of encouragement, but by the time they were done both were smiling. The second time was much, much better.

The first time they saw their baby, they were twenty years old. Lily never thought she could love someone as much as she loved James, but oh, how wrong she was. As they held their son between them, she never thought she could love anything quite as much as her two boys, with their messy dark hair and beautiful hearts. She thought her own heart might explode with the strength of her love.

The last time they saw each other she was cradling their little baby in her arms. And, as the wand was pointed at his face, no one could know how James wished he’d turned to look at her just one last time before she’d left the room- even though he didn’t really need to. As his eyes closed, a picture of her was burned into his mind, as bright as the sun.

Until they saw each other again.

in which flash lives in a fancy house and peter and michelle are far too dorky for their own good.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine (THIS ONE!)

  • okay, so like. mj always knew that flash was wealthy, you know. he drives a really fancy car and he wears an expensive watch. his hair is always styled in that…rich dude way. but she’s never really had to face how wealthy he truly is until she’s driving deep into the suburbs, surrounded on either side by houses that keep getting larger and more grandiose.
  • ned is in the back just, gawking. “that house is the size of my apartment building!” “oh my goodness, is that a fountain?” “that car has a rolls royce just parked in the driveway!” and ned’s gasping breaths are the soundtrack to their car ride because peter’s phone died and they don’t know the radio stations this far out of the city.
  • when they finally pull up to his house, there is a large driveway that leads up to an even larger house. cars are lined up and down the block and they seem some people from school walking up the driveway. mj parks around the corner and takes a deep breath. she turns around to look at ned and betty and smiles, “ready?”
  • when she looks back at peter, he has the odd look on his face that she doesn’t really want to deal with right now. “ready, loser?” she asks him. and before he can answer, she opens the car door and stretches. when she walks around the car, peter is waiting for her. “ready as ever.” he answers.
  • she can’t help it so she wraps her arms around his shoulders and he wraps his arm around her waist. they walk like that to the party, peter snug under her arm and him pulling her close.
  • she ignores the smug look on ned’s face when he wiggles his eyebrows at her. she just turns and looks straight ahead, allowing herself to enjoy the feel of his fingers squeezing at her waist.

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protecting the earth, and our Pride

get you a gem that can do both

edit: Thanks to a lovely person informing me, I now know that’s @latieraeve doing this stellar cosplay!

unexpected things from s3 that still make me really really happy and smile: isak and sonja’s conversations, whether it was in the minutt for minutt clip or via their texts, all throughout episode 10.


Sketches of my friends! Some of us were talking about possibly changing to Au Ra near expansion!

 I sacrificed my back to draw these, but I’m glad I did.

w/ @denden-days@maipie @currys-paeon

(Flowers are a free tone available in medibang btw! If anyone’s interested!)


Alright! You guys asked for it. Boatsex oneshot. I wrote this from Daenery’s POV. This has major spoilers for Season 7. 


Daenerys sat looking out of the window in her cabin in the queen’s chambers on the ship. The ship Rhaego was sailing north towards White Harbor. The journey would be a long one going up North from Dragonstone, long and cold. They were going to sail to White Harbor, and then ride for Winterfell from there. Dany wasn’t looking forward to the biting cold that would await her and the rest of her army when she arrived. She wasn’t looking forward to another war, one she didn’t know could be won. Not just another war, The Great War. She thought.

Arriving in Westeros all those months ago, she never expected things would turn out like this. White Walkers, Night King, and dead ice men come to lay icy death to the place she was trying to liberate with her flames? She had merely come with the notion that she would be facing a Mad Queen, Cersei Lannister. Cersei Lannister proved to be a formidable foe, and the battle had only just begun when Jon Snow came to Dragonstone declaring the world was going to end because ice zombies were marching on some magical wall.

She thought he was a crazy northern fool when she met him. This man proclaiming himself King in the North. A kingdom that belonged to her. This man who refused to call her Queen, bend the knee, and even had the audacity to call her a child. This man who came in asking for her children, her armies, and her loyalty for help fighting these ice zombies, and he would give nothing in return. She’d be a fool to trust him. Oh, how she was wrong. She brought dragons back to life, walked through flames, and liberated hundreds of thousands of slaves, but she didn’t believe him about the army of the dead?

She didn’t know when she had begun to trust him. Was it when she let him mine the dragon glass, and he asked her if she believed him about the army of the dead? Tyrion saw fit to keeping him here as an ally. Was it when he showed her the paintings in the cave drawn by the Children and first men? She had pledged to fight for the north, or did she pledge to fight for him? Of that, she didn’t know. At the time. Was it when she came back on Drogon’s back to Dragonstone after burning the Lannister army to the ground? Jon has been standing right in front of her child and showed no fear. Did he have the blood of a dragon? Drogon had let him touch his snout. Was it when she saw the ice zombies herself when she came to rescue them from their icy deaths? Daenerys had seen many things, but these creatures symbolized death itself. Was it when he fell into the lake off Drogon’s back, or when Viseron fell from the sky? That she didn’t know either.

She realized then when he returned on his dead uncle’s horse, that she had trusted him all along. She believed him before she even saw it for herself. To say she was relieved when she saw Tormund and Gendry carrying him back in the castle at Eastwatch-by-the-sea would be an understatement. It took him a week to recover, and she was there by his side every second of the way. He told her he would bend the knee after she pledged herself to fight the White Walkers, and end her war with Cersei. For now.

I’d bend the knee but…” He said. He physically couldn’t bend the knee, as he was injured almost to the point of death. He was lying naked in a cot. Daenerys didn’t mind the sight.

“What about those who pledged to you?”, she asked.

“I will tell my people what happened here, and how you risked your life and your children to protect me and my men. The Great War is here, and there is no need a squabble over lands that may lie in ice and ash when the war is done.”

“I don’t want you to bend the knee. When the war is over and we defeat this Night King and burn Cersei Lannister to the ground, The North is yours.”

She didn’t know what compelled her to let the North have their independence after all was done, if there was a North left to rule. She hadn’t realized it until she left his room that night.

Daenerys was a stubborn, hard headed woman. She had lost the ability to feel when her sun and stars was taken from her by that evil witch. She had respect, pride, and admiration for those closest to her. She had love for her children, of course. She even felt lust when she had Daario in her bed back in Essos, although she felt nothing when she let him go.

“He wasn’t the first to love you, and he won’t be the last.” Tyrion’s words echoed in her mind. At the time, just mindless hope from her hand. Daenerys never thought the fire in her could ever be truly lit again. That is until she met Jon Snow.

He was stubborn and hard headed just like herself. He was demanding and self-righteous. He fought with her every step of the way, but he had an intensity and passion for his cause that made her admire him. She had grown to respect and trust him in a very short amount of time. She even heeded his advice when she rode Drogon into the battle at Highgarden.

She knew that she lusted for him from the start. He was handsome, after all. It had been so long since she felt a man’s touch. As she got to know him, that admiration and lust turned into something more. The fire that hadn’t been lit since Drogo had come back with not just a lingering spark, but an explosion. This fire was different from the one she shared with Drogo. Drogo had lit a flame in her that was dim and soft, and she had sometimes felt her love for him was forced. The fire Jon lit within her was burning, piercing, a fire that was as hot as the one that Drogon spewed from his mouth. She had seen that same fire, in his eyes, when she walked towards him in the cave full of dragon glass. He felt that fire too. That much was clear.

It wasn’t until that fire burned in her so hot when he fell from Drogon’s back. That fire could have melted the Night King’s heart.

As she thought of the memory, that was when she realized she didn’t just have a flame for him.

She loved him.

Daenerys was pulled from her thought when there was a knock at her cabin door. She wasn’t expecting anyone this late at night. She only wore a thin black dress, like the ones she wore back in the hotter days in Essos. Her hair was loose and framed her face, she didn’t feel the need to look regal anymore.

She crossed the cabin, and opened the door.

She let out a surprised shock to see Jon standing at her door in the middle of night with nothing but pants and a thin shirt on. His hair was loose, falling out of the bun he usually wore on his head. He looked like he had just walked through the flaming desert in the Red Waste. He had a wild look in his eyes, and she found it hard to look into them. His eyes had shined with a fire she had never seen in any man before, not even her sun and stars. Her breath stopped short.

“Jon?” was all she could say. You couldn’t cut the tension between them, even with Ser Beric’s flaming sword. Daenerys could only stare at him. The fire exploding through her stomach and down to her thighs. She felt like a young, inexperienced girl who had never been touch by a man before, not the powerful queen she had become. No man had ever made her feel like Jon Snow did.

She opened the door to the cabin and he stepped in still not saying a word. He just strode toward her like a wolf coming for its prey.

She didn’t know who kissed the other first. All she knew was that his lips were on hers, and she had never felt more alive. He bit her bottom lip, and entered his hot tongue into her mouth. She almost exploded just from that. He cradled her face in his hands, and her hands glided through his hair and untied the bun. She didn’t realize he had such beautiful curls. His hands roamed her body, and she a burned every time he would touch her exposed skin. Was this some kind of dream? Would she wake up in her bed alone, sticky and dripping with sweat, from the sweetest dream she’d ever known?

He backed her against the cabin wall with hard thud. She knew this was no dream.

He kissed her deeply and harder than any man had ever before. She kissed him back with just as much passion. His lips moved from her lips down to her neck and collarbone. She moaned in pure pleasure.

It all happened in a blur after that. He ripped her dress off her body, and threw her on the small bed. She ripped his shirt of him when he came on top of her. She saw the jagged scars that covered his chest. So, this was what Ser Davos meant when he took a knife in the heart for his people.

She slowed their movements. Tears swelling her eyes. She looked at him.

“How could they do this you?’

He said nothing, but his demeanor had softened and he wasn’t the wolf anymore.

He wasn’t a king then, nor was she a queen. Just Dany, just Jon.

She flipped them over, and kissed her way down his chest, not missing any scar.

She looked into his eyes, and saw that they swirled with nothing but desire, and dare she say it? Love.

Daenerys had always been a woman who loved to be in control when it came to making love. She loved the feeling of a man losing control underneath her as she rode them as fiercely as she rode her dragons.

Jon flipped them over, and Daenerys was the one to lost control.

He entwined her hands behind her head and looked deep into her eyes.

Gone was the stoic, brooding king. He was just Jon now.

He kissed her again all over her body, and then kissed her there. Something Missandei told her about when Greyworm had made love to her. “The Lord’s Kiss” she had called it.

It was a feeling she never wanted to go away. She screamed in pleasure and clenched her first into the furs.

When they finally came together, she saw stars. White, hot, burning pleasure filled her body. The flames had burned their way into her soul.

When he finally collapsed next her, and she calmed her breath. She looked at him.

He was staring up at the ceiling with a dazed look on his face.

She has never seen anything more beautiful in her life.

He winded his arm around her, and she settled into his chest.

She could feel his wild heartbeat, and the sound was more beautiful than any song she’d ever heard.

She loved him with her entire being. She knew that now. She wondered why it took so long for her to see that.

She didn’t say anything to him as she drifted to sleep.

She felt the ghost a kiss on her forehead.

Even though death was surely coming upon the world, she had never felt more safe.

Baby Bu

I asked @momolady could I write a little sfw au of her tentacle boyfriend as was given the go a head and made this little gem where you raise a little plant tentacle monster instead of bedding them.

There was a local street market that came around every few weeks. Most of the time she went she enjoyed perusing the wares of both human and monster alike. A safe colorful community. She had come so often that she had became close with some of the sellers, which was fun because it meant she got a bit of a discount.

Currently walking through the somewhat heavily trafficked main strip of the market when something caught her eye. A stand selling strange brightly colored plants. How could she not have a closer look, they were so cute.

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It’s a dangerous scene when you’re e i g h t e e n

Undeserving Part 1 (Auston Matthews)

Song: “No Promises” - Shawn Mendes

“Luke told me today he’d still take you if you want to go” your friend Cassidy looked over her shoulder from her spot in front of the mirror outside of the dressing room.

“No” you shook your head eyes glued to your phone.

“You’re talking to him?” She questiond moving the dress around to fit her shape better.

“When isn’t she talking to him.” Your other friend malia mocked two dresses in her hand.

“Actually.” You spoke finally looking up. “I’m talking to his mom.”

Your two friends exchanged looks and smiled “She’s in with the whole family now.” Malia nudged Cassidy to take the dresses out of her hands who laughed along with her.

“Yep.” You glared at them not really bothered but blushing nonetheless.

“(y/n) we’re just joking, how’s auston?” Cassidy asked as she returned to he dressing room and malia took a seat next to you.

“He’s good.“you simply replied noticing a text from his mom to confirm all of your flight information.

“That’s it.” Malia asked trying to look over your shoulder. “You'be been talking, no practically dating for over a year and that’s all we get.” You shrugged not wanting to tell them because as much as you loved them, you knew they wouldn’t understand.

“I don’t believe it.” Malia snatched your phone out of your hands and moved so you couldn’t get it back.

“Malia!” You snipped trying to get your phone back.

“You talked on the phone for 2 hours and 45 minutes.”

It started with him snapchatting you after a particularly bad game. Then he claimed the only way he’d feel better is if he heard your voice which lead to you talking on the phone. Talking to Auston was always simple so it was easy for you both to loose track of time and talk for longer than anticipated. Even if the conversation was innocent enough that didn’t stop your parents from teasing you the next morning when you walked into the kitchen with bags under your eyes and only an hour of sleep in your system. After you got off the phone with Auston you couldn’t go to sleep, you were way too happy to. So you layed in bed for the rest of the night looking up at the ceiling.

“Stop.” You pouted embarrassed by the length of time.

“Does he know about your surprise?” Cassidy shouted from the dressing room.

“Nope he still thinks I’m going with Luke.”

“That’s sweet. Invite me to the wedding.” Malia joked.

You laughed “I have to be his girlfriend before I’m his wife.”

“Seriously if he doesn’t ask you out soon I’m going to beat him up.” Malia was completely serious.

“I don’t think you’re going to hurt him, but okay.”

“Hey don’t miss judge these babies.” She said pointing to her biceps. “They have a reputation.”

“For what looking like noodles?” You laughed as Cass came out dress in hand.

“Shut up, I’ve punched someone before.”

“Yeah me in kindergarten” You stood gathering your purse. “But that didn’t exactly hurt.”

“You cried.” Malia pointed out standing as well. You both followed Cassidy to the register.

“That’s because not even five minutes later your brother ran over my foot with a scooter because you told him to.”

“Oh yeah those we’re the good old times.”

“Hey, don’t say that we weren’t friends yet.” Cass reprimanded pulling out her credit card and handing it over to the cashier.

“Fine.” You ended your conversation just as Cass was handed her bag and her credit card back.

“Let’s eat.” She smiled leading the way to her car. You stopped at a Burgatory before heading home to do some last minute packing.

“You have everything you need?” Your mom asked standing in the doorway of your room.

“Mhm, everything except-”

“Except the sweatshirt he gave you, it’s in the dryer.” Your mother knew the one thing you wouldn’t leave that house without.

Auston had given you one of his old sweatshirts during the summer a year ago when you were at a bonfire at his house. You had worn jean shorts and a tanktop forgetting a sweatshirt at home, but Cassidy assured you it wouldn’t get that cold and there would be blankets. Oh how wrong she was. It was freezing by the time the sun set and you didn’t even want to think about sitting outside. That’s when Auston offered you his sweatshirt from when he was 15 and played on a travel team. Matthews was on the back along with the number 19 and on the front his teams name. You stayed warm the whole night getting lost in both the sweatshirt and the way Auston played with your fingers as you sat on his lap a blanket draped over the two of you.

“Thanks mom.” You smiled zipping up your suitcase. It was hard to convince your parents to let you go see Auston especially since they wouldnt be going and you weren’t dating. But after showing that you’d pay for all your expenses including the plane ticket and that it would only be for the weekend they agreed.

“Just make him your boyfriend soon, that’ll be thanks enough.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” You laughed as she placed a kiss on your head.

Mrs. Matthews picked you up at 3:30 in the morning to get to the airport. The car ride was a comfortable silence due to the fact that you weren’t truly awake yet. She helped you out of the car and into the airport leading the way to the gate you needed to be at for your 5:30 flight.

“Are you excited?” She asked as you both sat side by side.

“Very.” You nodded taking a sip of your coffee.

“He’s excited too. He even went to bed earlier so you’d get there sooner.”

You laughed butterflies taking over your stomach. “I’m excited for his birthday.”

“Me too. I’m going to need you to distract him during the say so I can make him a birthday dinner.” Ema explained her plan taking a sip of her own coffee.

“Whatever you say boss.” You smiled as she nuged your side laughing.

Your flight number was called and you boarded for the first of two. It went very smoothly considering you only went to California for your layover. The second was more difficult. A women had her two newborns with her and they wouldn’t stop crying. The poor women was clearly overwhelmed and panicking. That’s when Ema stood up and politely took one of the babies out of her arms and began bouncing back and fourth not too long after one of the cries stopped.

“Here.” She said handing you the baby “keep bouncing him.” You did as directed while cooing at the small bundle in your arms. She took the second from the women and did the same silencing the cries. The women was so happy she looked like she could’ve cried.

“Both Alex and Auston were like this.” She told you. “It took everything in me not to start crying myself.”

You held the babies for the rest of the flight allowing the mother to get some sleep and giving the rest of the plane an easier flight.

“Goodbye handsome.” You cooed to the baby in your arms before placing him in the stroller.

“Thank you again.” The women smiled brightly at Ema as you all three moved through the airport toward the exit doors.

“My kids were the same way. It just takes practice and patience.” She advised.

“Is this your daughter?” She looked from Ema to you.

“One day hopefully, but right now she’s my son’s girlfriend.” Your heart jumped that’s the first time anyone has referred to you as Auston’s girlfriend. You knew it was just because it was easier then explaining the whole situation, but still.

“Well I hope you both have a wonderful time here thank you again.” The women smiled one last time before directing the stroller out. You followed suit toward the car Ema had rented. Auston’s game would start soon so you had no time to stop by his apartment. You changed into his jersey in the car and fixed your hair and makeup as well.

“Ready?” Ema asked as she parked the car. You nodded the fact that you were actually here starting to sink in.

“There’s Auston.” She pointed him out on the ice for warmups. Even if she hadn’t pointed him out you would’ve known which one he was from the build.

When the game got underway you were completely focused on number 19. Auston scored twice and both times you cheered loud. The final score was 2-4 and you knew a win would mean a happier Auston. You followed Ema to where you came in and waited patiently for your guy.

You’d wish someone would’ve taken a picture of Auston’s face when he saw you because it was priceless.

“What are you doing here?” He asked pulling you into his large frame.

He smelled good from his shower and you couldn’t help but admire his build.

“Surprising you.”

“Well i’m surprised.” He kept you in a firm grip but was able to look down at you now. “What about homecoming? you were nominated for queen.”

“I wouldn’t have won anyway.” Everyone knew Danielle Stapleton was guaranteed to win mainly because her older sister had two years before.

“But still. Cassidy told me how excited you were to go.”

You simply shrugged “it wouldn’t have been fun without you.”

“So you ditched your senior homecoming where you were nominated to win queen to fly half way across the world with my mom to spend time with me.”

“You like your surprise?”

“I love it.”

You stand in each others arms smiling at one another unaware of the people moving around you and the fact that Ema had left you alone.

“You’re the best you know that?”

You giggled “you’re just now figuring that out.”

“Why aren’t you my girlfriend?” Auston questioned aloud.

“you tell me.” You didn’t miss a beat with your reply.

“Because I don’t deserve you.”

The conversation is always the same. Auston hasn’t asked you out cause he doesn’t deserve you, that’s the sweet endearing joke between the two of you.

“And because you’re way smarter than me, and more capable, and going on to be super successful.” One finger wenr up after another as he listed off his reasons.

You simply shook your head and rolled your eyes up at the giant goof.

“I hate to break it to ya kid you’re out of my league.”

“Well you’re insanely hot, really freaking good at hockey, and going on to be a successful NHL player with hot girls throwing themselves at you all the time.” You took your time listing off your items about him. “Hate to break it to ya kid you’re out of my league.”

“I guess will just have to say neither of us deserve each other.”

“And that’s why we’re not dating.”

Auston smiled, but it’s obvious it’s forced and you mirror. “Let’s go I want to spend as much time with you as I can.”

“What about your mom?” You asked once you got in the car and begin adjusting your seat belt.

“I texted her.” Auston looks up from his phone and places it in the consol. “She’s going to dinner with some of the other families. So we have the place ourselves.“

“You know what that means?“ You asked a sly smile placed on your face.

“What does that mean?” Auston backed out of his spot driving with the hand that wasn’t holding yours.


“Lots of it.”

“Of course.” You nodded. Your head rested against the seat admiring the sites around you as Auston drove.

When you get to his shared apartment he opened the door and allowed you in first.

“I’m going to change. The living rooms through there though.” Auston directed.

You first kicked off your shoes then move to the living room where you sat down on the couch and took in your surrounding. Before you can reach for the remote auston entered with a huge blanket. He sat down beside you and pulled it over the both of you.

“Any preferences?” He fliped through the dvds he’d brought with him downstairs.

“This one.” You picked up the movie you have come to love over the many years and times you’ve watched it.

“Are we ever going to watch a diferrent movie?” Auston got up and put “some kind of wonderful” into his DVD player.

“No, probably not.” You smiled. This was the movie you watched in jack Linder’s basement when you hung out for the first time.

“Great.” He sat back down beside you wrapping his arms around your waist.

You don’t watch the movie, but rather auston. The way his large chest moved up and down with each breath and how small your hand looked in his. His thumb ran over yours repeatedly. You admired all the way from his hair to the silver chain that he never takes off from his neck.

“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” His voice broke your thoughts and brought you back to reality.

Your cheeks burn bright from being caught. “your handsome.”

Auston turned so he was looking down at you his head resting against the couch. That’s how you remain the both of you looking at each other the movie playing in the background. Auston’s hand found the side of your face and let it rest there before he leant down to kiss you. The kiss was slow and romantic. It was the type that made your legs go weak and your heart race faster. When you pulled away everything seemed hazy except Auston he was in complete focus.

“How was that?”

“Good.” You softly smiled. “really good.”

“better than last time?” The last time You and Auston had kissed was before he left for the season. You were laying in his bed just talking when he leaned down and kissed you.

They’re all great.“ You mumbled.

“You want to see if I can make this one better?”

You nod closing your eyes as Auston Matthews pulled you back into him. One kiss turned into two which turned into three which turned into you making out. Auston gently lifted you onto his lap and placed his hands on your hips. Your hands found the back of his neck and his hair.

He rubbed your back and played with the ends of your hair. Your lungs began to burn and the only sound you could make was a wimper mixed with a moan. Kissing along your jaw and neck Auston got the hint. However it didnt take long for him to return to your lips and start kissing away.

The door opened and closed loudly followed by an apology it caused both of you to jump. You leaned back into the couch hoping it wasn’t obvious how breathless and lightheaded you were. Auston sent you a lazy smile only making you want him even more.

“Hey guys!” Ema called coming into the room a brown bag in one hand her purse in the other.

“Hey mom.” Auston greeted and you waved.

“I brought take out.” She held up the bag glancing at the screen. “Oh I love this movie!”

“(Y/n) loves it too, she chose it.”

“Isn’t it just so sweet?” Ema commented a fond smile taking over.

“Mhm” you looked at the screen seeing the movies already almost over.

“Well I’ll take the food to the kitchen. Come in and get it whenever.” Ema walked into the kitchen leaving you alone once again.

“I could eat right now.” You stated taking the hair tie from your wrist and putting your hair up.

“Um” Auston cleared his throat. “Can you get me something?” He glanced down at his lap where the blanket is covering and you went red, but noddsd nonetheless.

“Sure.” You smiled standing up “I’ll grab you an egg role.”


Title: Loveless

Pairings: Jimmy Darling x (F) reader

Warnings: implied cheating, angst but fluffy.

A/N: This is super short.

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Tears cascaded down his cheeks, silent cries escaping him. The only sound in the room was the occasionally sniffle and wheeze for air. Waves of sadness crashed over him, each as powerful and heartbreaking as the last. He fisted the blanket beside him, squeezing his chocolate eyes shut. The agonising pain only seemed to grow and spread, impossible to escape.

No one could soothe him, no one could dull the tremendous pain he was suffering with. She had done this to him, but that was never her intention. She never meant to hurt him, that’s the last thing she wanted.

Y/N threw her head back, laughing at what the boy had said. He showed kindness her, something she hadn’t known in so long. His own laughter was music to her ears, she missed the sound of laughter. It seemed like it had been years since she last laughed or was truly happy. She was happy with him, he made her feel alive - exhilarated.

Y/N’s grin slowly disappeared when she noticed Jimmy walking into the busy diner. Jimmy’s dazed smile also dropped from his face when he saw Y/N, her hands resting on another man’s forearm, but her eyes locked with his. The last trace of her smile dropping from her face, leaving her emotionless. Jimmy’s heart sank further into his chest, he gulped - Adam’s apple bobbing - before turning on his heels and marching out.

Y/N scrambled to her feet, grabbing her bag from the floor and sprinting after him. His long strides put him at least three metres ahead of her.

“Jimmy,” she called out, but he ignored her, climbing onto his motor bike and speeding off, leaving her stranded, “I - I.” She broke down in tears.

By time Y/N trudged back to camp, the sun had long set and her hair and clothes were soaked with rain. She had refused her male friend’s offer of a lift back to camp, as she didn’t want to make things worse with Jimmy. The rain pelted against her face like tiny knives. Her eyes stung with exhaustion and her nose was painfully red, as were her cheeks, hands and ears.

The grounds were quiet as all the ‘freaks’ had fled to their caravan’s to avoid the downfall. Y/N grudgingly trudged to her and Jimmy’s joint caravan, pushing open the door cautiously. Her movement stopped suddenly when she registered the sound of sobs, coming from her bed that she shared with her lover - Jimmy. She guardedly crept towards him, her heart clenching when she saw him. His nose tinted pink, his eyes blood shot and glossy with tears. He was in complete pain, Y/N had only seen him like this after Ethel had died. His brown eyes trained on her, his hand squeezed in a fist. She staggered towards him, placing her hand on his thigh, kneeling before him.

“Jimmy, baby, I didn’t mean to upset you..” She rasped, but he flinched away. He couldn’t bare to have her hands on him, after she touched another man. The idea, which had once made him feel warm and fuzzy inside, made him sick to his stomach.

“You did though, even if you didn’t mean it…” Jimmy croaked, “you touched him, you’ve barely touched me in months, barely breath a word to me. When you say that you love me, I don’t believe it. Why have we drifted apart? I only loved and cherished you, but these past months we’ve been like strangers. I don’t want to lose you - the thought makes me feel sick - but if you no longer love me, please - I beg - do not pull me along. I’d rather be without you and know you’re happy, then for you to be with me and be unhappy, stuck in a loveless relationship.”

The speech broke her heart into millions of pieces, she wanted to scoop him up in her arms and tell him he was wrong - oh how he was wrong - she loved him more than anything on this god forsaken world, he was her reason for living.

Y/N shook her head, her own eyes glazed with tears. She reached up, stroking his cheek. His eyes subconsciously fluttered shut, it was so familiar. She stood up, slowly, bowing her head and planting soft kisses along his hairline. Her tears dripping off of her chin, into his hair. Jimmy nuzzled his head into her stomach, his own tears staining and dampening the fabric of her shirt. Jimmy pulled back, looking up at her.

“I love you more than anything, Jimmy, I swear it. And our relationship is sure as hell not loveless.” Y/N promised, keeping eye contact.

“Then why were you with him?” He sniffled, wiping his nose and eyes on the back of his hand.

“Because you’ve been grieving you’re mother’s death and I didn’t want to invade your space. I know that you prefer being alone when you’re grieving. But I got lonely and he was nice to me, unlike everyone else, he didn’t call me a freak and we became friends - that’s all. I would never cheat on you or even think of another man when I have you. You’re the only man I will ever need.” Y/N sighed, sitting down on his lap, her legs on either side of his hips.

She traced his cheeks, wiping the tears with her thumb. She placed a chaste kiss on his temple, inhaling his familiar scent - a scent she hadn’t smelt in so long. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. Jimmy sighed and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her even closer.

“Forgive me, baby?” Y/N pleaded, bumping her nose against his neck. “Only if you still want me and love me…”

Jimmy sighed, nodding his head. “I’ll always love you.” Jimmy admitted.

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Prompt #54: She almost didn’t recognize the city she had once called home. Who knew so much could change in 200 years.

A/N: I changed it from 200 years to 70 years to fit this pairing.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: She thought Bucky and Steve died in 1945 but oh how wrong she was. Leap forward to 2016, a whole 70 years later and she will come face to face with them. Here’s the kicker, no one knew about their relationship or that the three even knew each other. (it was nowhere in any of their files)

Warnings: Obviously OOC. Also set in Brooklyn, including Stark Tower so fight me about it.

Word Count: 1655

Originally posted by thesazzerdazzer

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The Princess and the Pirate [Pt. 3] (Harry Hook x reader)

Words: 2,284

Warnings: some bullying, character development ;)

A/N: Hi! I’m sorry it took so long to post this part! I finished it but then deleted like half of it bc I saw a way to write this that would kind of tie some things together. I really hope you guys enjoy! As always, feel free to send questions, requests, and comments! <3 (also, yes. I did make the daughter of Tiana and Naveen have a fear of frogs, but think about it! Wouldn’t you be freaked out knowing that your parents had been voodoo-ed into frogs? Bleh!)

When y/n woke up the next morning, she turned, expecting to see Harry still snoring beside her. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed to find that he wasn’t there. She begrudgingly stood, deciding that she should get dressed for school that day. She froze. School. She was going to have to escort Harry Hook, one of the few kids from the new group invited to Auradon, to school on his first day. She mentally kicked herself. How could she forget? She had been too wrapped up in all that had happened in the past few days that it just slipped her mind.

She rushed to the kitchen after hurriedly dressing,  skidding to a halt when she saw Harry and her dad casually talking over their plates of eggs and bacon. She shot her mom a confused look, but Tiana just shrugged and handed y/n her own plate.

Harry turned and smiled at y/n. “Mornin’, sunshine. Yer dad was tellin’ me all about yer fear of frogs.”

“Dad! That’s secret, remember?”

Naveen laughed, holding his hands up in surrender. “My mistake! In my defense, it was Harry to asked for ridiculous stories.”

Y/n sat down between her father and Harry. “So, Harry. Are you ready for your first day at Auradon Prep?”

Harry frowned through his mouthful of eggs. “That’s today?”

“Please tell me you at least read over your schedule.” Y/n pleaded, rubbing her temples. The day had barely started and she was already getting a headache.

“Was that the piece of paper with all the times and stuff on it? I left it on Uma’s ship.” He admitted, taking a gulp from the cup of milk that Tiana poured for him.

“Wow, okay. Good to know.” Y/n rushed to finish her breakfast and tapped Harry’s shoulder to signal to him that they needed to get going.

“Thank you so much fer breakfast. It was wonderful.” Harry thanked Tiana, grabbing his red leather coat from off of the back of his chair. “I look forward to hearing more of yer stories, sir.” Harry called to Naveen as he exited the kitchen.

“Take care, kid,” Naveen called back. Tiana gave Naveen a look. He smiled. “Is it wrong that I like that kid?”

Harry listened carefully as y/n explained to him how Auradon Prep worked. He was, of course, very confused. He couldn’t seem to understand why kids would want to be in class on time. Back on the Isle, being late was a good thing (in a bad sort of way). She explained that people didn’t take kindly to being threatened. Harry decided to pretend he didn’t hear that bit.

“Harry, I’m serious. You can’t-” y/n stopped walking. They were almost there and Harry’s mischievous grin seemed to grow more and more dangerous looking as she explained what not to do. “You know what? You’re just going to stick with me for the day.”

“Am I?” He asked, sounding much too innocent for y/n’s liking. “You’ll probably regret that.”

Y/n knew he was right, but she would never admit it. “No arguing. It’s not like you know where you’re going anyway. “ She pointed out. “I’ll just be your unofficial tour guide. Maybe I can meet some of your friends from the Isle!”

Harry’s eyes darkened. “No,” He snapped. He glanced over to see y/n’s reaction. He realized how stupid it was of him to snap at her. “I mean, you probably wouldn’t like them. They’re…a lot to handle.”

“Oh come on, they can’t be that bad.”

Harry tilted his head to the side, a smirk on his face. “You do remember that Uma abducted your king, right?”

“You did too.” Y/n reminded him. “There. Welcome to Auradon Prep!”

Harry gaped at the school. It was a castle, tall and elegant, lined with gold and surrounded by lush grass. At first, he was awestruck, wanting nothing more than to explore every inch of the place.

Y/n grinned at his expression, happy to see that he was impressed with it. Then she saw his expression change. It was like he closed himself off. His mouth turned down in a frown, he took his eyes away from the wonderful castle. “Let’s go. I don’t wanna be late fer class.” His frown was slowly replaced with a mischievous grin as he spotted Gil from across the courtyard.

What y/n didn’t realize was how bittersweet it was to be there. Seeing something that amazing formed a knot in his stomach. Back on the Isle, they got scraps. He wanted nothing more than to see how the kids here would react to the school back on the isle. It disgusted him that they were treated with the worst things just because of what their parents did.

Determined to complain about the goodies with someone, Harry decided that Gil would be quick to agree with his opinions on the privilege of hero’s kids.

Harry turned to y/n, putting on his best ‘excited’ face. “That’s Gil! Would ya mind if we caught up? We haven’t seen each other since I was cheated by that shadowy pig.”

“Oh, okay! I’ll see you in class?”

“Right. See ya there.”

Y/n, still unsure of why his demeanor was changing so often, decided that seeing someone he knew from the Isle might help him adjust. Oh, how wrong she was.

Y/n stomped down the halls, practically boiling over with rage. She threw the door to the principal’s office open, jabbing her finger at a rather pleased looking Harry Hook.

“You had one job, Harry. One. Job.” She turned to the receptionist and slammed a piece of paper down on the desk. She had to write a note explaining his current living arrangement so they could figure out where he would be once he was suspended. That’s right. Suspended.

“Calm down, princess. It was just a prank.” He laughed as y/n dragged him out the doors and towards her home. She dragged him halfway through the forest, her feet kicking up loose rocks on the path.

She whirled on him suddenly, catching him off guard. “A prank? Harry, you set Ben on fire.”

Harry held up his hands. He was quite amused. It was the first time he had seen y/n this mad. “He just happened to be in my personal space bubble. Yer supposed to respect those here, aren’t ya?”

Y/n, now really mad, stomped on his foot as hard as she could.

“OH BLOODY-WHAT WAS THAT?” Harry howled, bending down and massaging his toes.

“That, Harry Hook, was for you being such a selfish pig.” Y/n screamed at him before turning and stalking off towards her house.

“Is this about the frog thing? I didn’t have anything to do with that.” Harry called after her.

She froze, letting a cold, harsh laugh out. “Oh, really? So it wasn’t you who signed your name in my locker and put a giant toad in there?” She reached into her bag and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. She stomped towards him and jabbed it in his face. “That wasn’t you?”

Harry stood and took the paper, looking really, really confused. “No, of course not. That’s not my handwriting and I don’t even write in…blue.”

He stopped talking and took a deep breath. “Uma.”

Y/n was so angry at that point that if looks could kill, the whole of Auradon would be nothing but ruins. “Uma. She did that? She humiliated me in front of my friends?” She turned to Harry, her eyes desperate. “You had nothing to do with it, right? You didn’t plan it?”

“Y/n, love, I may not be a good person, but I don’t want to see you upset.” He replied. “I’ll talk to Uma about this. Oh, and y/n?”

She turned and faced him. He was taken aback by how she had switched from being a burning ball of hatred to looking so hurt and frail. Y/n had only tried to help him adjust and he had told her secret to the least trustworthy person he knew. He desperately wanted to make her feel better but knew that she probably already hated him. As if she didn’t hate you before, he thought to himself.

“I’m sorry.” He meant it too. No one was really allowed to have feelings that extended past toleration for another person on the Isle. What he felt for her was different. It was like how he had described the Isle. Wonderfully horrible, because he had no clues as to what he was feeling other than the fact that it was strange and dangerous. Horribly wonderful, because he felt like she saw him as another person and not as just a villain kid. He just wanted to be near her all the time. He wanted so badly to hear about what life was like for her, growing up in a place like this. He wanted to learn all about the things she loved and the things she hated. He wanted to know it all.

“Harry?” He looked up at her, seeing the sad smile on her face. “I forgive you.”

Hesitantly, he opened his arms. He wasn’t sure how the whole ‘hugging’ thing worked. His dad used to wrap Harry in his arms, but it was always followed with Harry being thrown about.

Y/n couldn’t help but laugh at his confused gesture. She walked into his embrace anyway. “I don’t think you meant to hurt me.” She whispered against his chest, just loud enough for him to hear. “I think you trusted the wrong person.” After a pause, “I’ll admit that setting Ben on fire was kind of funny.”

Harry laughed. The sound made y/n grin, laughing against him. A warm blush appeared on her face. She pulled back and wiped the frustrated tears from her eyes. Harry tensed before pulling her hands away from her face and replacing them with his. He wiped her tears away.

“Princess, I’m so sorry. I’ll make sure Uma leaves you alone.” He promised. It suddenly became very clear to him how close they were and how intimate that gesture was. He backed away suddenly, rubbing the back of his neck. “Uh, right. I should probably go…be suspended now.”

“No, you’re not suspended.”

Harry gave her a look. “Y/n, I’m pretty sure that I am.”

She shook her head. “No, I know that. I mean I’m going to fix,” She waved her hands around vaguely. “This.”

Harry chuckled. “I don’t doubt it. Yer quite fiery.”

“Harry Hook. Tell me that wasn’t a pun. Please tell that wasn’t a pun at King Ben’s expense.”

He shrugged before walking away towards her house. “I’ll be here. Come get me once you’ve bailed me out.”

Y/n shook her head, laughing despite all that had happened that day. She turned around and began walking back towards the school. She was going to have to come up with an excuse to let Harry stay, and she knew she needed a good one.

Harry hid in the shadows as he watched y/n walk back towards Auradon prep. He knew something was up, he just didn’t know what. He cut through the trees and made his way back to the school via a different route so that y/n wouldn’t see him. Peeking through the gaps in the trees, he saw a familiar head of aqua braids.

“Uma!” He moved closer to the edge of the trees and called out her name. He watched her cautiously approach the trees, her hand searching for her sword which she had been forced to turn in when she entered the school.

“Harry? Is that you?” She stepped within his reach. He grabbed her arm and yanked her into the trees with him.

She twisted out of his grasp, a cool grin on her face. “So it is you.”

“Why did you do that to y/n?” He asked, desperately wanting to believe that she had a good reason.

With a scoff, she crossed her arms over her chest. “Why? Because she’s trying to keep you from seeing us, from seeing me, again. You’re one of us, Harry. I was actually making an effort here for you, but knowing that she’s manipulating you? It just set me off. No one messes with my crew; except for me.”

“Manipulating me? Uma, she saved my life. I told you that! She wanted me to go and catch up with Gil, to find my friends from the Isle!” Harry stopped suddenly, getting a hunch as to what was really going on. “Who told you she was manipulating me?”

Uma hesitated. “Drew Facilier.”

The name hung in the air before Harry spoke.

“He’s here. Of course, that’s why he was in the forest. Ben chose him to come to Auradon?” Harry glared at Uma. “You believed him over yer own best mate?”

“Well, can you blame me? Harry, you’ve obviously got a thing for the girl. Forgive me if I’m a bit worried about your judgment when she’s involved!” Uma snapped.

“Okay,” Harry held his hands up in defense. “I can see where yer comin’ from, but trust me. This girl has done nothing but good things for me. Drew attacked me a second time, did you know that?”

Uma blinked. “No.”

“Did you know that y/n saved me from him?”


“Alright. Do you trust her now? I mean, come on Uma. Drew has only ever wanted to make everyone around him miserable. He played you.”

Uma was clenching her fists so hard that her knuckles were white. “Oh, he’s gonna pay for that.”

Harry smirked, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and leading her deeper into the woods. “There’s my Uma. Now, let’s go plot our revenge.”