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Hello! How would Kihyun, Minhyuk, Wonho and Hyungwon react to their gf wanting them aka their gf being horny at with them first no knowing what is happening LOL

Hi! This is a fun one, here you go~

Girlfriend is horny and they have no idea (Kihyun, Minhyuk, Wonho & Hyungwon)

Kihyun; Kihyun would be in the kitchen, cooking dinner for you two, and you’d be sitting by the table, staring at him. ‘He looks so sexy..’ You’d think to yourself and stand up, slowly walking behind him and wrapping your arms around him. Kihyun would smile a little, continuing to cook. “Just a little more, baby. Almost there.” He’d mumble, and you couldn’t help but think dirty thoughts when he said that. “What if i can’t wait any longer..?” You’d bite your lip and caress his sides gently. “.. Well, you’ll have to. I’m not letting you order junk food again. “ He’d chuckle, oblivious to what you were hinting at. You’d frown a little, “.. Really, Kihyun? Can’t you see that i’m horny?” You’d mumble, and he’d turn around to look at you, all puzzled. Soon though, both of you would burst out laughing when the realization hit him, “I’m sorry baby, i was too focused on cooking..” He’d kiss your forehead and grin, “If you wait a little longer, i’ll reward you once we’re done eating.

Wonho; You two would be in bed, ready to go to sleep, but you couldn’t help but feel horny. You’d look over at Hoseok, watching him close his eyes slowly, his chest rising up and down. You would scoot closer to him and rest your head against his chest, “Hoseok-ah..” You’d mumble and take his hand in yours, placing it on your waist. He would smile a little and wrap his arms around you, thinking you wanted to cuddle. You’d sigh when he didn’t get it and you would try again, “Hoseok, i’m not sleepy.. Can you help me and make me tired?” You’d whisper, and he would pull away to look at you, “How? Should i continue teaching you our dance?”. You would face-palm in your head and sigh, “Oh my God.. I’m horny. How about we have sex instead of dancing?” You’d roll your eyes and he would raise his eyebrows at you, trying his best not to laugh. “.. Oh. Okay then.

Minhyuk; He’d be playing a video game on the couch with you by his side, watching him. You soon got bored though, and a little horny. You’d be thinking of ways to get his attention, watching him as he bit his lower lip in concentration. You would shift closer to him, resting your chin on his shoulder while your hand slipped under his shirt. Minhyuk would pay no attention though, continuing to play the game. “Oh, fuck you!” He’d yell at the TV screen when he lost and sigh dramatically. You’d smirk and caress his torso, “How about you fuck me instead..?”. All you’d hear from his was a laugh, since he thought you were joking around, and he’d start the game again. You would sigh and take the controller from him, pausing the game. Before he could protest, you’d straddle him and press your lips against his, grinding down against his crotch slowly. Once you pulled away he’d gulp, “..Oh, you weren’t joking..” He’d chuckle and place his hands on your butt. 

Hyungwon; You two would be sitting on the couch, with Hyungwon practicing his singing. You’d be staring at him, and couldn’t help but think about how hot he looked. “Your voice is so sexy..” You’d comment and bite your lip, watching him smile at you in return, “I know. I’ve been practicing a lot recently, it’s gotten much better hasn’t it?” He’d ask and you’d nod. “Don’t you want to practice your voice in other ways?” You’d ask and he’d raise an eyebrow, “Well.. I already did, like five minutes ago, this is the last step for practicing.”. You would sigh and think about how much of an idiot he was not to get what you’re hinting at. “I meant other ways.” You’d mumble and scoot closer to him, pressing your lips against his neck while your hand slid down to his crotch, making him moan out. “.. Oh, you meant this kind of way..Alright, this works too.” He’d chuckle and pull you on his lap.  


‘Hopeless’ Romantic

A/N: An anon request where Spencer x Reader are getting married and she wants to do pieces of the last dance from Dirty Dancing at their wedding. Spencer can’t dance for shit and he knows it, so Morgan and Garcia help him learn. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha @lukeassmanalvez @rmmalta


“Babygirl,” Morgan said as they walked down the hallway toward his desk. “Chill-” He was about to go off on a tangent about how Penelope needed to either ask Kevin out again and accept that he was going to move on when Spencer emerged from the elevator looking green. Spencer was about 10 minutes from hurling on the floor. “Wow, Pretty Boy…what’s wrong?” 

Spencer walked blankly to his desk with Morgan and Garcia following closely behind. “Did you and Y/N get into a fight or something?” They were supposed to be getting married in six months, so they sure as hell hoped not; Spencer had never been happier. Y/N was a light in his life.

“No, no,” Spencer replied. He shook his head out of the bad daydream he’d just been dwelling in. “Nothing like that.”

“What is it then?” Garcia asked, sitting at his side. “Come on, you know you can tell your friend Penelope anything.” With a smile, she pinched his cheeks and waited with bated breath for her friend to tell them what was troubling him. 

Spencer glanced between them over and over again. After a momentary bought on confusion, his eyes widened; something had dawned on him. “Y/N wants to dance a very particular dance at our wedding…I can’t dance. Choreography? I’m FUCKED!”

Morgan threw his head back and laughed at Spencer’s supposed misfortune. “Kid, that’s what you’re freaking out about?”

Spencer whispered loudly as he stood up at his desk. “Have you seen me run? Have you seen my chase down unsubs and fall? I have two left feet Morgan! She wants to do the ending dance from Dirty Dancing! I am a thousand percent screwed.” He sat back down, his arms folded on the desk as he repeatedly beat his head into his hands. “What am I supposed to do? Y/N has been thinking about our wedding non-stop for the past six months and I want everything to be perfect for her, but I can’t fucking dance!”

As Spencer continued to beat his head against the desk, Morgan and Garcia exchanged knowing glances. “Garcia and I can dance,” Morgan said, slapping his friend on the back in an attempt to comfort him.

“Thanks!” Spencer exclaimed, his muffled voice emerging from his hands. “Rub it in! That’s great! You two can dance, but I’m going to fall on my feet in the middle of my wedding reception.”

Garcia snorted and lifted his head up. “For a genius, you sure are slow. He means, we can teach you how to dance.”

“Really? Oh. Can you? I’m probably a hopeless case.”

Morgan slapped him on the shoulders again. “You love Y/N, right?”

“Of course I do! That’s why I’m panicking!”

“Then all you can do is try.”


After one more minor (see: major) meltdown on Spencer’s part that he was going to have two left feet and fall all over his bride on their wedding day, he calmed down enough to focus on the instruction Morgan and Garcia were able to provide. 

Although they didn’t know the choreography either, they just needed to teach him the basics so that when he and Y/N went to a professional dancing instructor he didn’t make a fool of himself. Over and over again, they drilled bits and pieces of the dance that they could get a hold on themselves, and repeatedly, Spencer ended up stepping on his own feet or Garcia’s. “I suck at this!” Spencer screamed, clenching his fists in the air and gritting his teeth in anger. “She’s going to be gorgeous and floating across the dance floor and I am going to fall directly on my ass!” As if to prove his point, he fell backward onto the floor, exasperated.

“Kid,” Morgan laughed, extending his hand and pulling him up off the floors of his apartment. “You are putting way too much thought into this. Technically, you can do this. You have an IQ of 187 and an eidetic memory. If you watch the dance over and over again, you could probably nail it, the big part is confidence.”

“Exactly,” he replied. He threw his hands toward the ceiling. “I have none! Why do you think I got my ass kicked when I was a kid? Because I am wiry, and have no rhythm and all I have is my brain!”

“Hey!” Garcia yelled, slapping Spencer’s hand and pointing a disapproving finger in his face. “Don’t talk like that about yourself or I will smack you again! You have more than your brain. Sure, you’re a genius, but you are also kind, funny, and full of love, especially for Y/N. Do you love her?”


“Are you or have you ever been uncomfortable in front of her?”

Spencer glared at her confused. “No, of course not.”

“Then stop focusing on how you are going to look in front of everyone else and focus on her when you dance. If you pretend she’s the only one that exists and then add that to your technical intelligence; you’ll be golden. Now, shut up and put your hands on my waist. Let’s go.”


Four months before the wedding, Spencer and Y/N were supposed to start professional dance lessons, so Morgan and Garcia made it their mission in their free time to train Spencer enough that he wouldn’t make an ass out of himself in front of the professional dancer, as well as Y/N, who definitely had more natural rhythm than him. 

At least twice a week, the three got together at Morgan’s apartment (considering it was the biggest of the three of theirs) and attempted to perfect Spencer’s dancing skills. “Stand up straight!” Garcia exclaimed as she smacked Spencer’s shoulders.

“Hey! You’re a mean teacher,” Spencer laughed. “And surprisingly strong.”

“This dance is going to require you to spin your beloved a lot, so let’s start with that.”

For two months, they helped Spencer learn to hold his posture. He also learned how to dip his new bride, and twirl her to her heart’s content. The lift at the end of the dance was going to be the hardest. Opposite his childhood, he wasn’t weak by any means, but his balance…well, that could definitely use some work. “The professionals will teach you the rest, Reid,” she said happily. “You can do this. Just remember. Focus on her.”


At the start of their professional classes, Y/N was taken aback by her finance’s sudden coordination. “Babe,” she exclaimed, smiling from ear to ear after the instructor had them run through the first couple beats of the song. “You have rhythm. What happened?”

Spencer blushed, making sure to keep his secret as such. He didn’t want to let her know just yet that he had been getting together with Morgan and Garcia for some desperately needed instruction. “I guess you inspire me,” he laughed. “But I’m still exceedingly nervous.”

“That’s okay,” she replied. “Just focus on me. We can do this. It’s going to be the best first dance ever.”

Over the next four months, Spencer perfected the dance save for the lift. That damn lift was going to kill him. “Oh my god, I can’t do this,” he muttered, knocking his head against her shoulder. “I don’t want to drop you.”

“You won’t,” she replied. “If we can’t get it exactly, then we’ll substitute it for a different type of lift.”

As they picked up again, drilling the dance until Spencer was pretty sure he wanted to throw up the Dirty Dancing song, he prayed to himself that they’d be able to do this. Y/N had been wanting to do this dance at her wedding since she was a little girl and disappointing her was at the forefront of his mind.


Spencer couldn’t have been happier; Y/N was his wife. Her dress had been stunning, but her even more so, and now they were in the middle of their dance. Although he did as Penelope had instructed and focused solely on his new wife, he reveled in the gasps from his friends and others at the wedding who were surprised at his apparent skill on the dance floor. Just a week before the wedding, they had nailed the lift for the first time. Subsequently, every time they practiced he lifted her, not easily, but he did it. She said they didn’t have to do that lift if he wasn’t comfortable with it, but he wanted to do it, and now she was across the dance floor, gracefully running toward him. He could do this.

Her beautiful, flowing, short white dress as she approached him. God, she was so beautiful; he felt like the luckiest man in the world. When she got to him, he grabbed her by the waist, she arched, just so, to keep herself balanced, and he smiled up at her as the wedding guests cheered. The second he lowered her to the ground, he led her in a bit of a free dance, something improvised instead of following the movie’s dance to the letter. “We did it,” he whispered. 

“You did it,” she said, pressing a kiss to his lips before he twirled her out and brought her back in. “Thank you so much for doing this for me. I know dancing isn’t your thing.”

“I would do anything for you.” As he twirled her again, Spencer caught sight of Morgan and Garcia, both of whom were clapping furiously. “I actually had Morgan and Garcia help me before we even started classes.”

A look of surprise flashed across her face as she made eye contact with them and blew them a kiss. “You’re amazing, Spencer Reid.”

“Only for you.”

Mom saw Moana today for the first time. She really loved I am Moana :’) She was also fact checking every. Single. Thing.

“Oh, that’s not how we make our baskets!”

“The grandma dances so gracefully.”

*sees man climbing coconut tree* “Your father used to do that regularly……until he fell and broke his arm. That’s why he holds your ukulele funny.”

(during scenes where Moana interrupts the village meeting) “Ooh, see if we were home and she did that, she would’ve gotten beaten up by the old people.”



“Make it rain” & “Raindogs” - Tom Waits live

at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2011

The nite’s too quiet
Stretched out alone
I need the whip of thunder
And the wind’s dark moan

Oh, how we danced and we swallowed the night
For it was all ripe for dreaming
Oh, how we danced away
All of the lights
We’ve always been out of our minds

Dancing with Myself

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

As requested by @xawesomeangel :The many times the reader and bucky have walked in on each other dancing where they end up joining each other for a dance

A/N: I know you said many times. but i only just did it as a one time for both of them. [shrugs]

Originally posted by teenager-stuff

You loved music. Music portrayed so many different types of emotions and you loved it. You loved how much music made you feel. But you also loved dancing. Dancing was just a hobby that you did. It wasn’t anything special. Just made up moves to impress your imaginary audience. It wasn’t uncommon for the rest of the Avengers team to walk by your room and your music blasting and the room creaking from your constant movements. You did it as much as you can. Bucky, more than any other team member, always walked into your room to find you dancing.

Bye bye Don’t want to be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two
You may hate me but it ain’t no lie
Baby bye bye bye
Bye bye
Don’t want to make it tough
I just want to tell you that I’ve had enough
It might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie
Baby bye bye bye

You were too busy doing the signature dance to this song to realize that Bucky opened your door. Your back was facing him as you danced to the lyrics. He began dancing behind you waiting for you to turn around. You continued to dance and sing to the song:

You just hit me with the truth
Now girl you’re more than welcome to
So give me one good reason
Baby come on
I’ve lived for you and me
And now I really come to se-BUCKY!

You ran over to your phone and stopped the music. He was standing there laughing, “You got quite the dance moves, doll.”

You put your hands on your hips and gave him a disapproving look, “You should’ve knocked.” 

Bucky copied your movements, “I did. Anyway, just wanted to know what this song is. It’s catchy.”

“Bye Bye Bye by N’Sync.”

“Cool. Thanks.”

“Wanna listen to it from the beginning?”

“Are you gonna teach me some of those dance moves?”


Bucky shrugged, “Let’s do this.”

You were tired. Soooo tired. Your body ached from getting your ass kicked by Nat during your training session. You just wanted to sleep. When you came walking down the hall to your room, you heard some music. You creaked the door open slightly to see Bucky dancing with his hoodie as his partner. You opened the door wider and Bucky stopped. His face flushed pink.

You giggled at the sight, “Nice dance partner.”

Bucky nervously chuckled and threw his hoodie onto the bed, “What brings you here?”

“Your music. Glenn Miller’s Into the Mood, right?”

Bucky’s eyes widened, “You know it?”

You nodded, “One of my favorite songs honestly.”

“Want me to show you how we danced?”

“Oh, back in your day?”

“Yeah, when it was real dancing. I don’t know what you kids are dancing to nowadays. What the hell is twerking anyway?” Bucky took your hand and pulled you into the room.

I don’t even know what twerking is. Anyway, Bucky, I’m kinda tired and a bit sore.”

“I’ll change it then.” He when to his iPod that Steve gifted him for his birthday. The upbeat song then turned to a soft slow one. Bucky rushed back to you. He moved your hands to his shoulders and put his hands on your waist.

“Moonlight Serenade. Also by Glenn Miller. Also another favorite. Also redone by Frank Sinatra.”

You two swayed across the room, “Yeah, I listened to some of Sinatra’s songs. I like ‘em.”

You rested your head on his shoulder as you continued to sway. The movements were starting to make you sleepy, “If you want to be introduced to more music. Just let me know. I have music from every decade.”

“How about tomorrow?”

You nodded sleepily, “That could work,” you mumbled.

Bucky smiled and said lowly, “Sounds like a date.” He felt you start to sag in his arms. He softly chuckled, “You falling asleep on me, doll?”

You nodded sleepily again, “Sorry. So tired.”

“Alright. Come here.” Bucky lifted you and set you gently on the bed. He pulled the covers over you.

“Stay with me.” you mumbled.

Bucky hesitated. Should he? Should he not? He wanted to though..he reeeeaaallly wanted to, “Fuck it.” He mentally said and he slipped into the bed with you. You scoot over and rested your head on his chest.

“Wake me up in two hours. ‘Kay?”

“Not a problem, doll.” You heard Bucky say. You then felt him kiss your head. You found yourself stupidly grinning before you drifted off to sleep.

What A Lie (Mark) Part Two

Originally posted by ayegrons

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,445

Summary: Sometimes people start to notice how much they need something, once it gets taken away from them.

A/n: Thank you for everyone who requested this, I hope you enjoy it. ~J

Part One//Part Two//Part Three

“Hey Ashley? Can you pick me up? I want to have some fun tonight.” Mark says.

“Of course sweetie I’ll be right there” She replies back.

I watched as he got into the car of another woman.

“What a lie” I chuckle to myself as I let the tears escape.

I started to wipe my tears and headed to our bedroom, collecting all the clothing I could find that Mark owned. Even discovering women articles of clothing that I knew I did not own, disgusted with the fact he did it on our bed I decided to go sleep in the guest room.

I was awoken by rings on my doorbell and the banging of the door, I walked down and saw Mark and Jackson at the door. Mark smiled and gave me a kiss, I pushed him away.

“Hey babe, I realised I overreacted and got a bit jealous but I want to apologies and forget that this ever happened.” Mark said smiling.

“You know I’m glad you overreacted Mark” I say smiling.

“Why is that babe?” Mark asked looking at you confused.

“Because if you didn’t leave the house then I wouldn’t have been able to find this” I say, pulling out the pair of underwear.

“You found your underwear?” Mark asked confused.

“Their not mine.” I yell.

“Babe why would I cheat on you?” Mark screamed.

“That sounds like something you should ask yourself” I told him throwing the pair of underwear to him.

“Do you have other evidence of me cheating on you?” He asks crossing his arms.

“Actually I do, last night after our fight you said you were sleeping at the dorms but who picked you up was clearly not one of the boys.” I tell him.

“She’s just a friend.” Mark says “babe are you-”

Someone knocked on the door, and Mark just stopped so I went to the door to open it. It was Chanyeol he was smiling and holding coffee, and some breakfast.

“Hey Y/n, I’m here to pick you up!” Chanyeol smiles.

“Oh great, I’ll just get my bag and we can leave” I smile back, walking to the couch to get my bag I start to head to the door only to get my arm grabbed.

“Wait Y/n we’re not done talking yet.” Mark says.

“Yes we are, I took the liberty to pack all of your stuff it’s all upstairs in my room.” I tell Mark.

“You’re really doing this Y/n? You sure you won’t regret it later on?” Mark asks.

“I’m sure of it.” I tell him closing the door.

Chanyeol and I walked to his car and got in, I looked at the window seeing Mark looking at the window clearly glaring at Chanyeol and I.

“Hey so what happened while I was gone?” Chanyeol asked starting to drive.

“Last night Mark and I had a fight, he thought I was cheating on him with you, but I wasn’t then he called a girl and cheated on me.” I told Chanyeol.

“Oh I’m so sorry” Chanyeol says.

“It’s fine, it’s good now that I found out.” I tell him smiling.

When we arrived we walked into the university together and people were discussing the year end party, that a group of people were having.

“It’s going to be so big” One of the girls in my university exclaimed.

“Yeah I’m bringing my boyfriend to the party, we’re going to be the couple of the party.” Another girl replies.

“Not if Y/n brings her boyfriend Mark.” The other girl smiles.

“Oh you’re right darn” The girl looks down.

“Don’t worry about it Mark is not going to the party” I tell them smiling.

Chanyeol pulled me to class and we sat down, he smiled at me and I smiled back.

“So Y/n now that you’re not dating anyone how would you like to be my girlfriend?” Chanyeol asked putting his hand over my shoulder.

“Look Chanyeol, Mark and I broke up not even for a day I’m not going to be ready for a relationship for a while.” I tell him honestly.

“Alright but promise to be my plus one to the party?” Chanyeol asked.

“I guess but as friends” I giggle.

“Yeah yeah” Chanyeol grins.

Chanyeol and I worked together all class and finished our project, we were just hanging out and joking around.

“Let’s go out to celebrate finishing first” Chanyeol grins.

“Alright where do you want to go?” I asked.

“Let’s go clubbing!” Chanyeol says.

“Let’s invite others so it’s a funner time, you can invite all of your friends and I’ll invite all of my friends.” I grin.

After convincing all of my friends to go we all went to my house to get ready, tonight was the night I let go of all the stress and enjoy the night with friends. We were in my bedroom and we were picking dresses for me to wear, I chose my cute navy long sleeve dress that stop near mid thigh. Curling my hair I decided to put just a little make up, some mascara and foundation with some lipstick.

“You look great Y/n, for someone who broke up with her boyfriend this morning you sure are a lot more happier than others.” My friends smiled.

“Well Bora, I think I would be giving Mark a compliment if I was actually sad of breaking up with him.” I joke.

“You’re right he doesn’t deserve your tears” Bora says.

“Let’s go have some fun tonight!” Choa screams in excitement.

We all walked in and saw Chanyeol’s group of friends, Bora smirked.

“His friends are cute” Bora whispers into my ear.

“The cutest one there is the one with red hair” I whisper back into her ear.

“You mean Chanyeol?” Bora says.

“Of course I mean Chanyeol.” I smile to her.

We walk over and we start to talk to all nine boys, Bora seemed to really enjoy talking to Lay but of course she enjoyed talking to Lay he was gorgeous and had a funny personality. I was sitting by the bar with Chanyeol we both ordered drinks and started to talk.

“You look gorgeous Y/n, not that you don’t look gorgeous all the time.” Chanyeol blushes.

“Awe thank you Chanyeol” I smile.

We were talking and enjoying ourselves until Bora came whispering into my ear.

“Mark is here” She whispers, my eyes widen.

“Y/n what did she say?” Chanyeol asks curious.

“She says that my ex is here” I tell him.

“Oh, how about we go dance together?” Chanyeol asks, I smile.

“I would love to.” I tell him as he grabs my hand and leads me out to the dance floor.

Chanyeol and I dance until I feel a tap on my shoulder I look back it’s Mark.

“Look at you already moved on, I mean I might have been the one who cheated on you but at least I don’t get into relationships a couple hours after.” Mark glares.

“First of all if you’re not in a relationship who’s she? Also I’m not dating Chanyeol though I’m sure he would treat me better than you’ve ever.” I glare back.

“Oh Y/n I guess it’s time you meet Ashley the girl I’ve been seeing since the last seven months we were dating.” Mark smirks.

“Nice to meet you Ashley, how does it feel to be known as only his booty call?” I ask her, her smirk turns into a frown.

“Look Mark you’ve already cheated on Y/n, she broke up with you get over it.” Chanyeol starts “honestly leave my Y/n alone.”

“Your Y/n? What a joke you’re just a rebound” Mark says.

“That’s enough!” I yell taking my cup and throwing it all over Mark “we broke up so I’m a free women now, I can date who I want and you should just leave me alone.”

“Let’s go Y/n” Chanyeol says pulling me to his group of friends.

“Man I wish I got that on camera” Chen laughs.

“Forget about him Y/n, he’s nothing but trouble.” Suho says.

“Oh don’t worry I’ve already forgotten him.”

                                                (Mark’s p.o.v)

I can’t believe what had happened, Y/n poured her drink all over my clothes.

“Oh babe do you want some tissues?” Ashley panicked.

“Don’t touch me” I growl “let’s go guys I want to go back to the dorms.”

The boys follow me to the car, Jaebum starts the car and everyone gets in. Once we get closer to home Jaebum looks at me.

“What are you going to do now that Y/n left you?” Jaebum asks.

“I’m going to show her that she needs me.” I tell him smirking. 


Invocation to Dionysus on the Great Dionysia

Oh, Dionysus,

Son of Zeus; Son of Semele; Son of Lethe;

He who grants us divine madness and ecstasy,

He who revels in our wild nature;

We honor you in this Great Dionysia!

We give You our poetry, our plays, our song,

For from You, comes our inspiration which pours from our fingers and tongues like honey now.

We give You our libations, a share from each cup we toast,

For it is You we find in the sweet aroma and heavy tannins.

Hear our prayers to You, taste the wine from our lips, and see how we dance for You. 

Oh, Dionysus, take these gifts we offer You now, and bless us with Your favor!

(none of the images are mine, I grabbed them off google image search)

EXO Reaction when they find their GF is a master of pole dance

Do you dance? Anything? Ballet, hip hope.. etc? Dancing is beautiful. Hope you like it, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *Tries to act normal but is pretty excited on the inside* “Oh it’s cool babe, I know your legs get stronger with it” *Can’t look at you in the eyes because he feels you’ll notice the pervy thoughts he just had*

Kris: *Talking to the boys about it and being really casual, like it’s something of everyday*

Sehun: *Ready for the action* “Start dancing now!”

Tao: *Not sure what that is* “Why do you have to dance with a stick if it doesn’t move?”

Kai: “You see this here… it’s ready for you” *Turned on af*

Xiumin: *Teases you* “Really? Well I know some good moves too, you know?” 

Baekhyun: *Feels, there’s no other way to explain it*

Luhan: *Frustrated* “You should have said it earlier girl! I have some good ideas involving a pole, you and me”

Chen: *Enjoying the private dance you give him* “Oh yes jagiya! Keep moving like that”

Kyungsoo: *Creepy Soo* “I can be your stick if you want”

Lay: *Can’t stop thinking about it and have really pervy thoughts* “Oh my girl… we need to dance together”

Suho: *Doesn’t know how to take it. He is innocent af but loves your naughty side so much* 

  • [Christmas Eve]
  • Yoongi: *casually walks up to Hoseok* So, you know what today is right?
  • Hoseok: Of course hyung, it's Christmas Eve!!
  • Yoongi: *scratches head* Well that's true, but today is another holiday.
  • Hoseok: .....
  • Yoongi: It's kinda an important day
  • Yoongi: *sadly pouts and starts to walk away* Never mind
  • Hoseok: *gently grabs Yoongi's wrist and pulls him close, kissing him on the lips* I will never forget the day I first fell for you. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOONGI HYUNG!! *screams*
  • Yoongi: Why are you so loud?! *laughs while embracing Hoseok and snuggling against his chest*

“Laughter is key. Dancing a must. Because oh, how we do love both things! But most importantly, possess the ability to be present, be true to your deepest wishes, intentions. Do good unto others, to yourself. Being true to yourself is one of the greatest attributes. Happiness ensues. Be present. Be kind. Be patient. Be honest. Find moments to be silly. The results will always be rewarding.”