oh how much i missed your face little boy


“Got it memorized?”
“I’m not gonna give up now.”
“At last, our moment is here.”
“I said, hands off!”
“Such confidence.”
“You understand so little.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Surely, you must’ve known that this was going to happen.”
“Look sharp!”
“We meet again, boy.”
“You up for this?”
“You’ve got to pull it together.”
“No one would miss me.”
“Do you hate me for taking your friend away from you?”
“The rest is up to you.”
“How am I going to face everyone?”
“And just who were you trying to fool?”
“Don’t you go off and die on me now.”
“Oh, you’re so much fun to watch.”
“I’m not gonna break the toy. I’m not dumb.”
“Oh, it’s important to you? Ten seconds ago, you didn’t even know what it was?”
“Predictable response.”“Giving up already?”
“Lemme know if I’m getting in the way. You know, of something that’s more important.”
“I don’t remember ever asking you to rescue me.”
“There you are! What’s going on?”
“You gotta think for yourself.”
“The light doesn’t suit you.”
“What’s to become of us?”
“Leave my friends alone!”
“Oh, grow up.”
“I’ll be asking the questions.”
“At last, you see clearly.”
“I’m looking for someone.”
“Man, you’re slow.”
“Hey, I feel like we’re friends already.”
“We’ll go together.”

You smiled (and then the spell was cast)

Prompt from mimozka : Oliver, Connor and their daughter are visiting Felicity at the office.

Hope it makes you feel better my love

Warning : cavities inducing fluff 

Title from Etta James ‘At Last’

Gerry gave a brief knock on her office door.

“Mrs Queen, your 11 o'clock appointment is here.”

Felicity raised her head, frowning. ”What ? I don’t have an 11…”

A smile stretched her face at the little boy that suddenly appeared behind Gerry.

“I’m your 'appotment’, Felicity,” he exclaimed excitedly with a toothless grin.

“Oh my God, of course, how could I forget?”

Connor giggled and ran to her, practically knocking her off of her feet as he jumped into her awaiting arms. With a laugh she let herself fall on the floor, the boy in her lap as she peppered his face with kisses.

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