oh how much i love tumblr

Cas finds tumblr
  • Cas: Dean there's this interesting website called tumblr
  • Dean: Cas, stay away from there
  • Cas: *confused head tilt* What is Destiel Dean? It seems popular
  • Dean: Cas no-
  • Cas: Dean I don't understand... what is fanfiction?
  • Dean: *gets up and goes towards Cas* Come on Cas... give me the laptop buddy
  • Cas: The laptop's warning me of smut. What is smut?
  • Dean: *tries to grab the laptop*
  • Cas: *dodges Dean and starts reading* This... this is very explicit. How do they know all this?
  • Dean: Cas we don't talk about that!
  • Cas:
  • Dean:
  • Dean: Wait a minute I don't understand
  • Cas: It's like they've been spying on us Dean
  • Dean:
  • Cas:
  • Dean:
  • Cas:
  • Dean: *eyes widening* Oh Chuck... SAM!
  • Sam: *trying hard not to laugh* What? People like it!
random aus i havent seen
  • ‘you are sitting next to me at the doctors watching me freak out. oh, i just am deathly afraid of needles and need to get a shot’ AU

  • ‘i’m a librarian and i see you have a bunch of books about depression and suicide in your hand, hey buddy, want to talk to someone? i’m here if you need me’ AU

  • ‘you are talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you are going to fail. need help there? i just so happen to major in that subject. oh shit, you’re really cute’ AU

  • ‘you play guitar every day during our lunch hour and no one knows what song it is but I do and i love that band, lets talk about how amazing they are.’ AU

  • ‘i have a garage sale every year at the same time and you always show up but never buy anything and just flirt with me but i have never seen you any other place’ AU

  • ‘i’m in a band and i jumped into the crowd but no one caught me and i accidentally crushed you oh my god im so sorry here come backstage to rest. wow, you’re actually really cute’ AU

  • ‘you’ve been in Bed, Bath and Body Works for hours everyday and all you do is smell everything’ AU

  • ‘i met you on social media but we both don’t speak well in each others languages, wow i really like you and need to figure this out’ AU

  • ‘i’m a guest on your talk show and you’re flirting with me, do you do this with everyone? oh your audience is swooning over us, sure, i’ll come back on your show soon’ AU

  • ‘i collect snowglobes and i just need one more from your country, you own an antique store, wanna help me find it? oh shit i forgot you don’t really speak my language’ AU

  • ‘i’m the principal of this school and you’re an administrator and you catch all the kids trying to sneak off and send them to me. i’m impressed and you’re also really hot in that vest.’ AU

  • ‘you write amazing fanfiction on tumblr and i send you anon messages everyday. oh shit, that wasn’t on anon, my cover’s blown. well, may as well message you and talk about how much i love [insert ship here]’ AU
You. Oh God, how I wish things turned out differently between us. I still believe that everything that we had was real, against the very notion that all of that were mere illusions and our minds tricking us to believe that it was “love.” Because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t hurt me this much. You told me this isn’t love; this is not what real love looked like. That we were just two teenagers on the internet who fell in love with the “idea” of each other. But my heart’s too stubborn and kept on denying and rejecting such notion.
Maybe you didn’t love me just as much as I loved you or maybe you didn’t love me at all. Maybe you fell in love with the idea of me and I fell in love with you wholeheartedly. I was important to you, and you were so much more for me. And it wasn’t your fault. It’s not your fault that I choose to love you.
—  the story of us // one (s.j.)

Why can’t i be appreciated and loved for the girl I am? Everybody I show care and support for…rarely does in return. I try to make everyone that is close to me feel warm and in that moment blissful. If it means me cracking a joke or sharing something sweet. I ask more than just ‘how are you’ or about your day….it’s just weird that i’m overlooked. I give so much. oh well.

my favorite thing about the cask of amontillado meme (which I LOVE) is that it displays, yet again, how difficult millennials on the internet are to predict. oh, giant company, you want your advertisement to go viral? well this week the kids are obsessed with a short story written in 1846 good fucking luck


ladies and gentlemen may I present to you my latest and greatest creation, transformers_pri.me

anonymous asked:

But like, the most endearing thing in this vid in my opinion is the Buffy part? Like how cute is Phil's obsession? And the fact that it was somthing that stucked with him for so long, and like, Dan probably has no problem listening to Phil ramble about it. And i just imagine them talking on Skype, and Phil probably tried not to talk about it because he knew that he could get a little too excited when talking about Buffy. But then feeling safe with Dan and letting his obsessions fly free 😢

Oh god I know I love it so much, I love how Buffy was legitimately his prevailing obsession and how it got brought up. Phil definitely made Dan watch Buffy really early on, Dan actually made a lot of posts on tumblr about what characters he liked. 

This ask also made me remember this clip from Super Amazing Project where they play charades and Phil is like, mentally drawing up divorce papers because Dan can’t guess BtVS - and Dan’s holy fuck I am stupid reaction when it does come to him. 

My dear trans or nonbinary kids, 

I’ve gotten some questions along the lines of “What if I don’t want to completely change my birth name?” or “What if I’m afraid to change my name?”, so I decided to write a letter about this topic! 

1. First of all and most importantly: Feeling that way doesn’t make your gender identity matter any less or make it less real. There are many possible reasons why you may feel that way - and even if you can’t pinpoint one exact reason, that’s okay! You’re allowed to feel that way, you don’t need to justify it. You’re not less trans or less nonbinary for not jumping with joy at the idea of choosing a completely different name.  

2. A big change is always a bit scary. Give yourself time to think about it why you may feel this way. Do you genuinely like your birth name and that’s why you want to keep it? Do you feel negatively about your birth name but are afraid of the things that come with a new name (having to explain it to people, changing your birth certificate etc.)? 

3. If you like your birth name: What do you like about it? The length? The letter it starts with? The number of syllables? The meaning? Try to research names that fit that category! Is there a masculine/feminine/unisex version of your name? Can you make your birth name masculine/feminine/unisex by changing or adding some letters? Don’t be afraid to play around with it and use your birth name as a “starting point” in your search for the perfect name! 

(3b:  If you plan to legally or physically transition (changing the gender marker on your passport, surgery etc.), you may be expected or required to pick a (entirely) new name, may not be allowed to choose a unisex name etc. It’s a good idea to research if there are any guidelines where you live, so you don’t choose a name you end up not being allowed to legally change your name to.) 

4. If you don’t actually like your birth name: Don’t feel like you need to cling to a name that makes you unhappy. You may feel like it’s easier to do what number 3 says but if you feel negative about your birth name (and especially if it makes you dysphoric), it’ll in the long-term be easier for you to live with a name that doesn’t remind you of pain. A big change is scary but every big thing is made of a lot of little steps. “Oh my gosh, i need to do all that” is always much scarier than “Okay, this is the next step I’ll take”. Research, plan and don’t be afraid to break it down into tiny tasks if necessary. 

5. Did I already tell you I’m proud of you? It’s confusing and scary but don’t forget how beautiful it is, too. You’re choosing a name that represents you! Wow! I’m excited for you and so happy and proud! <3 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 


One thing that constantly baffles me: how people who claim to be oh so open-minded and tolerant at the same time can be so hateful and judgemental.

Newsflash: it’s only a tv show filled with fictional characters. It’s not a documentary, it’s not obliged to show you anything. It’s not supposed to depict *perfect people* or *perfect relationships*. It’s not - in fact - an international show made for an international audience. It’s a show financed by Scandinavian tax payers created for a Scandinavian public. It reflects Scandinavian youth culture. It doesn’t owe an American/international audience anything. Julie Andem (shock I know) does what she wants. It’s her writing, her creation. She’s not going to be persuaded into writing something which isn’t her vision by some haters on Tumblr or YouTube.

Furthermore, no matter how many hateful things you write you won’t change my mind. For instance, I won’t start hating William or Noora just because you tell me so. You will never persuade me or convince me. Taste and preferences don’t work like that.  (For some reason this doesn’t seem clear.) If anything, the more you spew your hate, the more protective I will probably feel of certain characters/relationships and love them even more. 

And you won’t win me over by making up stuff either. No matter how many times you’ll repeat the tired phrases “abusive” or “toxic” (words thrown around like candy on this site they have started to lose both their impact and meaning) I won’t see it that way since the writing on the show obviously doesn’t support it. 

Skam is a teenage show with characters who are all (yes, all) flawed. No character is perfect. No character is pure. No character is 100% good. No character is 100% bad. No relationship is without its problems. No dynamic between two characters is without its flaws. Why? Because that would boring af. And create zero drama. Moreover, it wouldn’t reflect reality. We humans are complicated and our relationships often messy. That’s just how we are - and that’s what I want to see reflected in good writing. If I would want easy and 100% good vs evil I would watch Disney.

But I don’t, I watch Skam with characters who are both immature, insecure, manipulative, jealous, angry, vengeful and demanding - and at the same time warm, loving, interesting, complex, intelligent, deep, caring and oh so funny. They are all of that - and so much more! - and I love all of them.


People need people.

Alt er love. ❤️

Act like it.

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #28

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Secret of the Blood by exclamation
Words: 30,685 (WIP 13/?)
Author’s Summary: AU version of season 2. When Keith and Shiro were thrown from the wormhole, they crashed by the Blade of Marmora headquarters and were captured. When the Blade reveal the secret of Keith’s heritage, Keith must decide if he can trust these people… and if he can trust himself.
My Comments: Really well-written canon-divergence AU. I love all the things that change because Keith meets the Blade of Marmora before he and Shiro can warm up to the idea of there being good Galra out there through Ulaz. It makes a HUGE difference, for them and for everyone else as well, and I love the way the idea is being explored.

The Color Of Our Planet From Far Far Away by LonelyGirlInSpace
Words: 13,942 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: A story in which Lance and the team has a lot of difficulties, because they don’t sleep and sometimes make poor choices as a result and others are forced to suffer more than they deserve due to those poor choices. Or Lance gets hurt because the team didn’t listen and everyone desperately wants to fix it.
My Comments: Lance is a little too perfect and the rest of the team is a little too mean for my tastes, at least in the first chapter, but this is a well-written and poignant hurt/comfort fic, and it’s gen, and the third chapter almost made me cry, and I’m very, very hooked. Can’t wait for more.

with quiet words I’ll lead you in by strikinglight for goukyorin (sashimisusie)
Words: 5,216
Author’s Summary: “You were screaming,” Keith tells him. “I heard you through the wall. ”That wall, Lance wants to point out, is supposed to be soundproof. It shouldn’t let you hear anything, no matter how hard you listen. What he says instead is “I can’t breathe.” “Take it slow.” Keith’s voice is steady, but as Lance’s eyes struggle to focus his face is a blur. The image goes shaky and then comes clear, shaky then clear, like looking into water. “Pretend it’s low tide. Tell me about the ocean again.”
My Comments: Klance, but reads platonic to me. Really lovely hurt/comfort fic about kids caught in a war far, far away from home.

Disappear Completely by Bandity
Words: 7,053
Author’s Summary: Lance knew something was wrong with him. He thought it would pass on its own eventually, but as time went on, and the pain continued, he realized that something inside of him must be very broken.
My Comments: Possibly my favorite fic this week. So far I’ve read it three times. Lance’s trauma is so awful and visceral, and the aftermath is realistic and carefully handled. There are no easy solutions, but things do get better, and everyone is doing their best to help.

Space Mall Take 2 by CondensationOnGlass
Words: 3,618
Author’s Summary: Shiro won’t stand for the Paladins looking like no-good troublemakers. And with the Galra Empire so spread out and with such a gripping hold, they may need more than what they have. And for some reason the mall seems like the place to get it. And it seems like a great place to have more trouble pop up. Aka: Where Shiro has to play the big brother and apologize for the others making a great big damn mess, and nearly has another one on his hands for picking today of all days to do it.
My Comments: Equal parts comedy and hurt/comfort, and a joy to read throughout. Poor Lance.

Nomenclature by Awkwardly_social
Words: 7,885
Author’s Summary: It took almost five months to find Lance after the wormhole. And when they finally do, they’re stuck on the planet until the castle can come get them. Lance takes the opportunity to teach the team a little about the planet and a little bit about himself along the way.
My Comments: Lance has had a rough time, and the gradual way the others find out is really well-handled. Plus the worldbuilding is just really neat. Also read the sequel for some great aftermath and Lance with PTSD.

It Is Enough by nadagio 
Words: 1,020
Author’s Summary: Nowhere near close to finding Shiro and uncertain what he should do now, Lance spends some quiet time with the Blue Lion.
My Comments: Really sweet fic with Blue helping Lance deal with his grief and figure out what to do next.

mostly void, partially stars by dakhtar
Words: 9,403 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: Werewolves can’t be astronauts,” Derek’s annoying voice had grumped. “Werewolves can’t be pilots. Werewolves can’t be fighter jet pilots, Lance, for God’s sake, Werewolves can’t pilot giant space robot cats that join together to become a giant space robot man and fight an evil purple bat-cat empire!” Well, he hadn’t said that last part, but Derek totally would’ve. (Alt title: seawolf)
My Comments: Teen Wolf crossover, but I haven’t seen a single episode of that show and I’m enjoying this fic very much. The worldbuilding is really cool, and I love this take on Lance and the relationships he wants and needs and is trying to build.

Going Up! by Olive_theCat
Words: 2,373 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: When Sendak is chosen over Shiro to pilot the main engine test of the new Kerberos shuttle, he’s got to take up an offer that Matt gives him: To be a camp counselor at the Galaxy Garrison summer program!Of course, herding five super-smart teenagers through some simulated astronaut training can’t be all that bad, right? What could go wrong? Well, with the help of a malfunctioning little robot named Beezer towards the end of the summer…It turns out a lot can.SpaceCamp AU (movie and real life), constructive critisism is welcome!
My Comments: Space Camp was one of those movies I watched over and over as a kid, and I can’t wait to see what my favorite space kids do in that setting. The author is having a lot of fun with it, and I am too.

Trust Fall by Pidgeon_Online
Words: 2,869
Author’s Summary: Pidge usually dealt with her issues on her own. No one needed to be bothered with her problems when she could easily deal with them herself. Especially when it came to this. There was no way she would ask anyone for help with this. Because she was fine. She didn’t need help.or
Pidge definitely needs help before her body turns completely against her.
My Comments: Poor Pidge, but I wish I had a whole team of adorable boys trying to help when I felt like this, so also not poor Pidge at all, I am jealous.

Uninvited Guest by YukiSkyes
Words: 3,375
Author’s Summary: The most interesting stories about Glasycus Mountain, said to be the gateway between Earth and the Abyss, were the ones about the black dragon that guards it. There was no end to the people stupid enough to try to find Shiro and Keith would do anything to protect him and help hide his existence. One evening, Keith comes home to someone already inside.
My Comments: This is the first of a series of nine stories so far, with the paladins in a fantasy AU, some of them not human anymore. It’s really fun, a lot of great worldbuilding, and some great character interactions. I’m really enjoying it, and I subscribed to the series.

The Once and Future Snore by hufflepirate
Words: 980
Author’s Summary: Allura and Coran think about the past. Coran can’t figure out how to tell Shiro he’s as welcome to affection as all the younger paladins. Everybody ends up in the same nap pile anyway. (Note: Everybody (on the main team) is in this, but I only individually tagged the people who do something besides trap Coran in the middle of a nap pile while he’s too asleep to know how they got there.)
My Comments: Absolutely ADORABLE cuddle puddle fic focused around Coran. And can I note how wonderful it is that cuddle puddle fic is practically a genre in this fandom? Because it is.

The Home You Make by rednight16 for psyraah
Words: 1,304
Author’s Summary: Sometimes the ones that end up close to you are the people that you least expect.
My Comments: It’s so wonderful for Shiro to have friends who he is not responsible for, who can just talk to him as adults and have conversations that don’t have anything to do with saving the world. Yet another reason I would have been happy to have Thace and Ulaz stick around on the show.

shades of blue by behestha
Words: 1,104
Author’s Summary: Eventually, Shiro’s scales reach a tipping point. OR the one where Shiro has a panic attack and Lance gently helps him.
My Comments: I love these two supporting each other in any situation, and this is lovely. Hinted Shance at the end, but reads as gen to me.

Trap by macShitFuck
Words: 1,272
Author’s Summary: Alt title: Hell or High Water You don’t consider the amount of pain and panic an animal must go through when they’re caught in a leghold trap until you’re in one yourself.
My Comments: Oh man, Hunk whump. This is brutal, but I love how he tries to calm Lance down even while he’s in horrible pain.

Turnabout is Fair Play by CondensationOnGlass for taylor_tut
Words: 7,623 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: Iconic pranks, blistering fevers, and fair play.Or, where some of the Paladins pull a joke and then get slammed with guilt about 8 hours later, and for others it is much more immediate.Based off a tumblr post by @taylor-tut. Might change the title. Multichapter, and in progress. I’m slow to update.
My Comments: Probably my second favorite fic on this list, and yes, I read what’s available twice already. It’s a very indulgent kind of hurt/comfort that I adore, and I can’t wait for more. The prank the others pull on Lance really was harmless and cute more than anything, but he just happened to be in the middle of developing a terrifying and dangerous fever, so yeah. There’s some guilt there, poor babies.

Swallow the Sun by valkyriered
Words: 1,934
Author’s Summary: Shiro has a panic attack. Kolivan tells him a story. Very background Shiro/Ulaz.
My Comments: The worldbuilding here is freaking GORGEOUS, holy smokes. Just read it.

Defying the Odds by Mists
Words: 13,562 (4/?)
Author’s Summary: *Voltron Season 3 AU* Also known as: The Continuing Adventures of Space Dad Cat! Let’s just say, a certain cockpit is not quite as empty as the paladins believe… “Highly improbable. Especially for this reality,” he haughtily said with a self important air. “The odds of which being: one trillion, seven billion, eight hundred thousand, point three, two, eight, five-” SLAV! New chapter now up! The Voltron Paladins play “Dungeons and Dragons!” Poor Hunk tries to save his campaign from Lance and Pidge. While Keith and Shiro are helplessly along for the ride. Let the craziness begin! Deep character exploration. Friendship, Humor, Team as family!
My Comments: Crack alert! This story is super fun, and I’m not just saying that because the most recent chapter has the kids playing DnD with Lance as a bard and Pidge as a rogue, nope, not at all.

The Pizza One by taylor_tut
Words: 1,268
Author’s Summary: Like four people requested an AU where Lance is a pizza delivery man and delivers a pizza to the other paladins (modern, college AU) while running a very high fever. They make sure he gets taken care of.
My Comments: This author just uploaded a whole CATALOGUE of Lance sickfics, so yeah, definitely check the author profile if you’re in the mood for a whole bunch of short fics featuring Lance injured, sick, feverish, or otherwise in need of care. I certainly enjoyed reading through the whole bunch. Picking this one out as my favorite for the way the others take in lonely, sick Lance who is just working way too hard and needs someone to look out for him. I love it.

Senmō by TheOtakuWithHazelEyes
Words: 4,399
Author’s Summary: While under the effects of an alien fever, Shiro dreams of another time when he was sick. Confused and ill, he cries out for the only person he thinks can aid him- his mother. (A moment of Shiro bonding with the paladins stemming from him being sick, and a look into his thoughts.)
My Comments: Really sweet hurt/comfort for Shiro, and some backstory that is poignant and lovely.

Day at the Beach by JackieNeedsMoreSleep
Words: 1,804
Author’s Summary: The team takes the day off to go to the beach but Pidge has to deal with Lance and some other asshole’s shit.
My Comments: Really cute, fun teamfic.

Intrinsic by buttered_onions
Words: 1,219
Author’s Summary: The first time Shiro felt the Force.
My Comments: Miss Onions just writes the BEST AUs, gah. This is full of powerful moments. I’m so proud of wee Padawan Shiro.

Lost in the Fog by oldmythologies for melonbug
Words: 2,395
Author’s Summary: Each one of them gives him something on his way back to them.
My Comments: Great take on what happened to Shiro in the S2 finale and how the others get him back.

Allura’s Twelve by windscryer
Words: 2,217
Author’s Summary: The Paladins learn that while there are a great many differences between Earth and Altean culture, movie genres are not one of them. Some things are just universal.
My Comments: Cute, fluffy teamy goodness. Just a pleasure to read.

Part of the Team by wingedflower
Words: 3,785
Author’s Summary: After a training session gone terribly wrong, Lance finally reaches his breaking point. Luckily, Coran knows exactly what to say.
My Comments: I just really really really love downhearted Lance and supportive Coran, gah, just give me all of it, just pour it over me, it’s SO GOOD.

Sweets at 7am by JackieNeedsMoreSleep
Words: 1,223
Author’s Summary: Keith walks into the kitchen to find his friends baking.
My Comments: Really cute, fluffy teamfic.

Emergency Lessons by Kalira
Words: 3,210
Author’s Summary: Pidge, Lance, and Keith land in several ‘emergencies’ and pull each other through them.
My Comments: Really lovely teamfic with a trio you don’t usually see put together. The second chapter was my favorite, but it’s all absolutely delightful.

Five Times: Keith and the Dads of Marmora by EdgarAllenPoet
Words: 4,816
Author’s Summary: [Bonus, one time it literally saved his life and he really didn’t have a choice but to roll with it]. So actually, this is a 'seven times’ fic, but that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.“ 'If you want to rest more, I will stay. You are safe.’ Keith wondered quietly how the person talking to him now was possibly the same leader he’d met at the Blade of Marmora.”
My Comments: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Parts are funny and parts are poignant, but it’s all good start to finish. Favorite line: “Antok, listen. Listen, Antok. They are toddlers.”

and yet by achieving elysium (Ogygia)
Words: 1,194
Author’s Summary: After the Castle of Lions is reclaimed from Sendak, Coran finds himself left alone to his thoughts— guilt and sorrow for children who do not belong in a war. written for voltron angst week on tumblr | day one: smile
My Comments: Oh man, Coran angst always gets me in the throat. Really good stuff.

7 Times They Noticed by the_unoriginal_fox
Words: 5,549 (WIP 5/7)
Author’s Summary: Lance was alright. He was happy. He was fine. Except when he wasn’t.“Listen. Are you alright?”
“Uh…are you alright?”
“Are you okay buddy?”
“Are…are you in good health, paladin?“
Are…are you okay, paladin?”
“Hey. You okay?"His team mates, his second family - they noticed.
My Comments: It’s a genfic with Lance being supported by his entire team. I love it.

The Great Escape by Eastofthemoon
Words: 2,619
Author’s Summary: Keith did not like being cold, but he hated being chased by the Galra even more.
My Comments: The latest installment in one of my favorite Voltron fanfic series. Read it all if you haven’t before.

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shizukablogs  asked:

I was at the Steven universe panel at kawaii kon in Honolulu yesterday and deedee and zach mentioned you and how talented you are! I got really excited and told my friends "omg I know who she is!! I follow her on tumblr!!" :D

Oh my gosh really??? 😭 That just made my day, I love them so much!! I didn’t realize that the con was today, I am so jealous! I have been to Hawaii before and it is so so beautiful, everyone is so nice and everywhere you drive it smells like flowers 😭 I only went to Oahu though, never gotten to go to Honolulu, so I hope to visit one day!!! Thank you so much for telling me!! I hope you have fun the rest of the weekend!

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, how did you and Witty become friends? Tumblr or real life? (Because your friendship is so damn amazing)

Once upon a time, witty and i were filthy homestucks.

Witty wrote fics for one of our fave ships, i found them and read them and i loved them so much to the point where i did a shit ton of fanart for her. I drew a looot of it, so she eventually remembered my screen name and i felt so honored every time she commented on my art lmao (because wow my fave author complimented me oh my god!!) that kind of thing.

Never got the courage to just message her like a normal fucking person tho. At one point life happened and she stopped being on tumblr for a good amount of time, i thought that she was permanently just gone. THen she came back and i just instantly drew art for her again lmao i was so excited to see her back.

We then got on to a joined fandomblog where we then finally got access to each others skype and that’s where we actually started talking talking. 

It legit took us like, 2 years of hiding behind the screen screaming at eachother before we got over ourselves and started talking.

puppy646  asked:

What is your favourite Bottom! Dean, Top! Castiel headcanons? (BTW, love the blog! One of my favourites on Tumblr!)

First of all THANK YOU so much! This blog is fairly new and I love how people embrace it! And oh wow that’s hard (pun intended). I always ask you guys for your headcanons..i have so many..here are my favs! 

  • Dean loves being held down while Cas fucks into him, telling him how pretty he looks 
  • He is a total slut for Cas’s fingers and loves it when Cas tortures his prostate until he’s a blabbering mess 
  • The first time Cas rims him, he isn’t expecting it at all and feels dirty, wanting him to stop, but then Cas grabs his thighs and pulls him closer, licking into him and making him screm until Dean can’t even think anymore 
  • Dean fucking going nuts when Cas presses his head into the mattress 
  • He would also love having his ass grabbed and spanked while being pounded into 
  • What am I missing? Oh yeah 
  • he’s also a mouthy power bottom sometimes. Teasing Cas, asking him weather that’s all he’s got, flipping them over and riding that dick hard

anonymous asked:

hiiiii! okay so, i follow you both here and on your instagram, and i was wondering, how do you post digital art on your instagram, since you can't post from the website? i've been taking screenshots from my tumblr, and posting it that way, but that reallllyyyy messes up the quality--how do you do it? i love your art soooo much btw, it's one of my major inspirations :)

oh you just have to send the image to your phone first :o

it’s kind of annoying but there are several ways like bluetooth, google drive or other sharing sites etc, personally I just upload the image as draft on gmail, then download it to my phone from the gmail app and reshare it to IG ((but IG isn’t really good for digital art what with the jpg conversion, resizing and stuff so there will be quality loss anyway;)

thanks a lot! <3