oh how much i love them


I was gonna do a lyric one but since that failed I decided to just do gifs of the dynamic duo. I love how they are with each other honestly, they have a really cute close friendship with each other.

Jak and Daxter are pretty much like Yin and Yang, they bounce off each other pretty well and I just love how awkward or dorky they can be around each other.

Like you almost forget they’re still kids (like 17) at the end of the day and they’re doing such a dangerous journey that could result in death and yet during it they can like smile and laugh.

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did you like the new video? were there any special parts?

oh my god yes, i’m shocked we got the follow-up so soon but i loved it just as much as yesterday’s??? a lot of the same thoughts apply here–dan being so proud, phil being so happy about dan’s praise, both of them bonding over the music from classic games, dan’s interest in phil’s childhood and wanting to know all of these details about how phil made it and how his friends reacted, etc. some standout moments for me: 

  • i mean obviously the angel threesome. what even. i feel like the point i’ve worn out to death on here about phil is that he’s been pushing back on the innocence trope for some months now, and has been increasingly comfortable w sexual comments/innuendo/teasing (and not innuendos that are made in a way where he seems to not be aware of what he’s saying.) and yet i was still hashtag shook to see him discussing threesomes so casually and giggling about it, and honestly weirdly startled to be reminded that phil was just like any other sex-crazed 14 year old boy lmao. i loved that whole bit so much. i love that they kept it in despite the break with phil’s mostly g-rated commentary. i laughed so hard at the way they were trying their best to make it seem innocent with those “tea party” comments,, but there was just no salvaging it. i was obsessed with the way dan was rendered nearly speechless, and how phil just stayed completely calm and was being super cheeky and kind of teasing dan for his reactions. also .. interesting that it was a MMF threesome rather than phil just wanting the main protagonist to have a threesome w two of the angels .. hmmm. then phil saying that alex would be worn out after the second round like …… .. i think i actually blushed wtf
  • the part when they were walking through the space maze and you could see little bits of the sky and phil pointed at one of the stars and said “we’re there, i can see our house” and dan went “awww” and i started to cry lmao. the way phil’s mind works is so beautiful i dont’ even get it ,, like he was just looking at the space background and thought to make this cute af remark that kind of acknowledges the sheer enormity of space but that he and dan exist in that space together, in one home wtf?? ? ? and he said it just to make dan smile??? ? ? and it was so casually done as like a throwaway comment that probs anyone would’ve missed amidst this 40-min behemoth of a video but they kept it in anyway and it was so sweet :( i was rly fucking emotional about it  :( also “our house” in general in any context,,, pls 
  • “this is tumblr we’re talking about, they need that gay shit.” uhhhhh. interesting comment from dan. it hit me in a strange way bc like,, i’ve heard this exact thing said about tumblr way too much by The Straights™ as a way of criticizing this platform and also a way of criticizing the driving force of a lot of fandom (which is obvi a need for more queer representation across all media basically.) but it’s interesting bc it’s also kind of a joke-y thing that people on tumblr and inside of those fandom spaces say a lot (like, ‘gimme more of that gay shit’ lol) and they (we) sort of own up to in a self-aware and humorous way. it’s interesting to me that dan decided to make that comment bc from the most objective evaluation it honestly comes across as derisive/rude/offensive, but he’s sort of implicitly asking us to view him as a Tumblr Resident himself (or even a queer person himself lol) and interpret the comment in a humorous way, rather than a critical one and that seems important to me. like a (hetero) outsider can’t rly make that comment without being completely offensive and horrible but dan felt like he could make it, and in so doing, he sort of puts himself on the same level as us in a way? idk. i need to think about this more 

just generally these two videos have given me so much to think about regarding phil and also dnp’s partnership. both videos felt like such a soft and lovely reminder of exactly why i love them so much. the level to which they are able to celebrate each other and demonstrate how much they have in common, how much their senses of humor align, how much they value each others’ opinions and minds, it’s all just so incredible to watch. and phil… like. this was such an important reminder to me of just how deep his creative talent probably runs. if he was making this at 14 (with all the time and effort and dedication and complex thought that that required), i can’t begin to fathom what he could make now, at 30, with 16 more years of knowledge and experience and exposure to all kinds of films and games and books. i feel like phil could make almost anything he wanted. he probably has innate writing talent and ability, and he clearly has the capacity to imagine and construct original characters and worlds. it brings me back to a central question i’ve always had about phil which is why he doesn’t exercise this creative energy more and why he is happy making things for AP that are, to be frank, somewhat formulaic and frequently just vlogs about his own life. i could ramble on that subject for a while as there are a few ideas in my mind for why he put himself into the AP box (security probably foremost on that list) but i’ll save that for another time. i’m just so happy they chose to make these videos though. it was so incredibly original and refreshing and beautiful to see them have so much fun and share in their love for each other. some of the best dapg content ever, for sure.

(mark of oxin 2

What I Would Love to Have Happen At the End Of Next Episode: Emma is put under a sleeping curse, Hook returns, kisses her awake, gives her a speech about how wrong he was and how much he loves her and believes in them as a couple, he re-proposes and they kiss again.

What Will More Likely Happen With the Way This Season’s Been Going: Hook returns and Emma says “oh hey there you are. You didn’t run away after all. Cool.” They shake hands. Next episode we are informed that they talked things through and the engagement is back on- all this happened off screen. 

Thought I had last night - what if narumitsu was less ‘Oh no, gay thoughts!’ and more…. any reason why one of them might be going ‘but I can’t feel like that about him’ is entirely due more to things other than the Gay Panic Trope (which I see as unnecessary in Ace Attorney)?

So, for instance, 'but I can’t be falling in love with Edgeworth, he’s just - he’s Edgeworth. He’s just there.’

As in… they’re so used to the idea of the other person in that particular place in their life that the idea of there being romantic feelings just plain does not occur to them.

They might be perfectly a hundred percent at ease with their sexuality (or lack of sexuality) and still be like ‘him? why am I having these feelings about him? why?’.

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Top 6 Flinthamilton moments

  1. The FOREHEAD TOUCHING. I could go on for days over how much I loved that moment between them (seriously I could, ask @figmentof, they had to put up with it) 
  2. The kiss, how both looked nervous and wary and then just melted into each other, how Thomas smiled a little before going in for the second kiss.
  3. Thomas’s look of sheer joy and relief when he set eyes on James for the first time in several months.
  4. Thomas’s face softening for no reason at all considering he is just asking James to talk him out of a Bad Idea.
  5. Thomas’s “Oh the lieutenant doesn’t speak Spanish” and the way his eyes kept flicking back to James despite the fact he was talking to Miranda (also headcanon: Thomas was teaching James Spanish in that bedroom scene and he just said he loves James and that’s why James is turning around to look at him and Thomas stops reading to smile)
  6. “Everybody needs a partner” and James’s giggly response to that.

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By part 2, I meant more headcanons for father 2p italy Sorry for not being more specific also thank you for answering my questions <3

Oh it’s okay love! I might not do as much because I put most on the first one

-knows exactly how to style hair. French braids are his favorite
-will give adorable nicknames for his little girl
-loves taking her to art museums
-‘papa where do babies come from’ 'toys r us. ’ 'really? I never see them’ 'they’re in the back’
-won’t tell his daughter about sex till she’s at least 28
-reads to her every single night
-known as the 'cool dad’ with her friends
-is still over protective

I hope you like these!

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6&12 for Aza! :0

What’s your OC’s favorite animal? Least favorite?

How patient is your OC? How hot-headed are they?

A: “Sincerely, I love them so much, but they act like such children when they’re together! Fighting and screaming like there’s no tomorrow…I have to act like their parent!..

I don’t know what i would do or be without their antics or childish acts, though…”


aza has a special place in their heart for booker n ian…they r super close…like a family

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how amazing your writing is! The last few weeks were pretty hectic for me so I didn’t get much of a chance to read or review anything but I still wanted you to know how much I loved all of your work! So prepare for, like, an embarrassing amount of gushing down below.


Oh my gosh, how did you manage to make a story about human sacrifice so freaking funny? Like, it starts out pretty somber. Ray says her final goodbyes to her family (all the while attempting to remain strong for them) and is then left in the woods all by her lonesome to await her fate. Though I loved how Ray decides she rather not wait around to be killed and snuffs out her candle herself…and then promptly regrets it when she realizes her demise is now imminent instead of tortuously drawn out (which I think is more impactful than her remaining steadfast until the end.) And there’s this great build up of Ray catching only glimpses of Zarc before he shows himself completely to her. Then the story takes an unexpected comedic turn when she notices that instead of eating her Zarc is feeling her up. And I loved the mentions not only of how off-setting Zarc’s appearance is but how strange his body feels as well (i.e. the texture of his skin, the sharpness of his spikes, etc.) And it was amusing how Ray wanted to make sure Zarc was the real deal before letting him continue. In general I loved the mutual confusion the both of them shared over the other’s seemingly inexplicable behavior. And I just adored that while Ray was trying to figure out why Zarc hadn’t killed her yet Zarc was concerned about why she wasn’t responding to his advances (like he genuinely wanted her to enjoy this night as much as him which is surprisingly sweet for a god that kills a girl nearly every year). And I loved how Ray’s first instinct after realizing the flower mix-up is to correct Zarc as soon as possible before it hits her that this is her one chance to survive and then she practically jumps him. And it was amusing how Zarc was beginning to think that maybe the village was trying to pawn off the local weirdo on him but still willing to roll with it. And I loved that in her fumbling Ray presses up against a, um, certain body part accidentally. Honestly though the awkwardness of the whole encounter was what made the smut is so great and memorable and by the end I’m glad it ended up being pleasurable for the both of them with Zarc already anticipating a repeat performance. Great work!


Oh, I loved how you interpreted the prompt! What really made it special (at least for me) was the unique spin you put on Ray’s character. Ray as lovesick (and lustful!) young woman with a bad habit of romanticizing was an absolute delight to see explored. I always love the humor you pack into your writing and this piece was no exception. “It was like an arrow had pierced her heart.” That line made me smile. All of Ray’s internal monologue did. It’s just so over the top and melodramatic that even Ray tells herself take a chill pill. And I loved that while she was biting at the bit to talk to Zarc at the coffee shop when she actually gets the chance to speak with him one on one she has absolutely nothing to say. And poor Ray. First, the duel spirits totally rat her out to Zarc and then her crush turns out to be a complete weirdo (because of course he doesn’t bother to hide that he can communicate with the spirits and instead makes a big production of it) and a cocky bastard to boot. Like, way to destroy all the goodwill your pretty face racked up in four sentences or less, Zarc. The boy seriously needs to brush up on his social skills because that’s not how to talk to a pretty girl (or anyone really.) And I really loved that by the end Ray was ready to fucking annihilate Zarc in the ring. Truly, he made a powerful enemy that day.


Oh man, from start to finish this piece was a hoot (Ray’s reaction at the end is basically my reaction). Zarc’s bafflement over what practical purpose each item in the store served was both funny and strangely endearing. It was also sweet that he knew Ray so well he could immediately deduce which aisle she was in. But he’s still such a troll showing her the ribbon underwear just to see her reaction (but then really warming up to the idea of her putting it on). And the name he came up for the pasties was great. He calls them as he sees them (much to Ray’s mortification). And I liked that, ultimately, Zarc brought and tried on the “nipple stickers” because Ray’s “challenged” him (and because he thought he’d get to see Ray in sexy underwear). And it’s a good thing too that Zarc seems completely incapable of being embarrassed because otherwise if he didn’t already want to curl up and die after inadvertently waving ribbon underwear in that employee’s face then he certainly would when the “nipple stickers” end up stuck to his chest for the foreseeable future.


This pieces was amazing! I liked how tired Zarc’s own monsters were of his whole talking to his cards shtick. And of course Zarc is the type to toy with his opponents and draw out his matches for as long as possible which makes it even funnier when he ends the duel in such a quick and anti-climatic way. And I loved how Zarc basically used Clear Wing as a taxi and how Clear Wings kept pestering Zarc with questions about the whole human reproduction thing (he really is Yugo). And I loved how palpable Zarc’s frustration was during his mad scramble. You really captured the feeling you get when you’re in a rush and everything else seems to be moving too slow. And I lost it at “imagine, the baby comes out and he’s already high.” Even in situation like this Zarc can’t help but run his mouth off. And I loved how supportive Zarc was of Ray throughout the whole delivery, giving her a hand to squeeze and then showering her with kisses afterwards. Basically I love that while there are still some comedic moments, such as Zarc’s confusion over why their baby is so ugly since they’re both so hot (don’t worry Zarc, he’ll grow up into a pretty person) the overall mood of the scene is sweet because it is evident that both Ray and Zarc are overflowing with love for their baby, ugly or not. It honestly warmed my heart.


Ah, this AU is so precious! This Sleeping Beauty tale, while much more grounded in logic and bringing up some very valid concerns (like whether the princess and her “soulmate” would even be compatible personality-wise), still manages to feel very fairytale-like! And once again you’ve made me feel bad for Leo even if he does take his security measures way too far (who could seriously make it pass all four dragons?). I mean, his only daughter has been asleep for years and with each passing day it’s looking more and more like she’ll never wake up! But your Zarc is who really stole the show for me! He’s so starved for human contact that he carries on one-sided conversations with the sleeping princess (and longs for her to respond). He tries to picture the color of her eyes. He seems to be staying not just because Leo is paying him to but out of a moral obligation to protect Ray while she’s in this comatose state. In addition to all of that I loved (and was saddened by) how he didn’t consider himself worthy of Ray. So much so that he beat himself up for simply thinking about kissing her (and even planned on asking his dragons to knock some sense into him before going through with it). In fact, he’s so convinced he’s wrong guy for her (despite the evidence to the contrary) that his immediate reaction to waking her up is to apologize and promise to get her a better suitor. But the ending makes everything better, especially this line “… you’re more handsome than I thought you would be.” Oh Ray you’re so forward! As well as Zarc finally getting to see the color Ray’s eyes for himself. Beautiful work!


What a wonderful continuation of the first prompt! Especially of how hard it is for them to find their footing in this strange new world. First things first though, I loved how you wrote Yoko. The first time she saw Zarc he was this rampaging beast bent on destroying reality but she isn’t afraid of him. In fact she threatened him to respect her rules before taking him in. That takes guts. But you also show us her softer taking-in-every-stray-she-sees side through her relief that Zarc isn’t sleeping the whole day away anymore, inviting him to join the rest of the Sakaki family for breakfast or how she ruffles his hair affectionately before letting him go (even if Zarc isn’t sure how to take the attention). And I loved that Zarc’s assumptions about Ray’s “perfect” life were finally dashed and he realized that she’s grappling with her own issues (that are strikingly similar to his own) even if she doesn’t bring it up. And as sad as it was to hear about Himika’s blunt rejection from Ray (which I guess is understandable since Leo abandoned her and Reiji to resurrect her but still) her even letting that slip is a good indication of how close they’ve gotten (on Zarc’s end he even briefly considered asking Ray for advice on the whole breakfast situation). And I liked that Zarc isn’t the only one who’s bitter. Just as Zarc is envious of Ray because he (erroneously) believed she could effortlessly get everyone to adore her Ray is envious that the Sakaki family is reaching out to Zarc even though he’s done nothing to earn it. And I liked that when Zarc realizes how whiny he sounds he at first tries to defuse the situation through humor before (clumsily) asking her to breakfast. And I loved that while Ray is sincerely touched by the offer (since it speaks volumes about how Zarc really feels about her) she doesn’t accept right away. And I loved that Zarc then offers to go to an Akaba family dinner (such an awkward image) so she’ll feel less left out if she agrees to come to the Sakaki family breakfast. And I loved the conclusion! Ray hugging Zarc and Zarc surprising himself by liking it. And the closing dialogue was the best! You do banter so well. All in all an excellent story to end things on!

Bellua Chapter 6

I loved, loved, loved this chapter!! The opening really drives home what big a brat Zarc is (throwing shoes at people’s heads is not the proper way to express irritation!). But I was impressed that Yuya stood his ground long enough to get the full story behind the prisoners from Zarc. And I was relieved to learn Zarc isn’t planning on making Ray any more miserable than he makes the rest of the castle’s inhabitants (if only she knew that though, it would save her a lot of anxiety later on). And I liked that her crying hurt his sensitive ears. He deserved it. And I was especially intrigued by the line, “Nothing could keep her there nor compelled her to…” and I wonder if it’s alluding to how the curse affects the counterparts in particular. And poor Ray, waking up in her cell and thinking of all the lonely days and nights to come. And it was doubly sad that Ruri and Ray got off on the wrong foot too. It’s completely understandable. Ruri, like all of the kids, is excited at the prospect of meeting someone new after living so long in isolation but for Ray this castle is her prison and Ruri seems to be making light of it. And I liked the mention that under normal circumstances they could’ve gotten along. And I liked that when Ray is introduced to the rest of the counterparts she tries to look for ways to tell them apart. And I loved how all of the bracelet girls (aside from Yuzu) seem lack any social graces. I mean, Serena gets right up in Ray’s face and immediately brings up the previous prisoner (and I loved how Yuya tried to run interference since he knows he’s her father) and Rin just stares at her and badgers her with questions. Oh and Yuri’s cryptic answer as to what exactly their role in the castle is further intrigues me. Like Ray I’m left wondering if not servants (well, besides from being servants) what are they? And I loved that no matter how annoyed Ray got by the counterparts’ constant ogling and questioning she was still mindful of the fact they were children and they were more or less in the same position as her. Oh, and I loved how Yuto avoided looking at Ray the entire time. The guilt must be eating him alive (I guess that’s something he shares with Leo.) And slightly random but I found it adorable how elated Ruri got when she finally learned Ray’s name. And I loved that brief, but sweet fruitshipping moment where Yuzu gives Yuya a peck on the cheek to cheer him up and the small appleshipping moment where Yugo defends Rin’s cooking even if by all accounts it’s godawful. But man did that ending break my heart. Leo forced to wander aimlessly in the wilderness until he stumbles across a landmark he recognizes. And when he does get home everything serves as a reminds Ray (leaving the gate unlocked, preparing fish to welcome him back home, etc.) and how she’s gone forever and it’s all his fault since she forfeited her freedom for his and now their final farewell won’t stop replaying in his mind. So of course I expected him to try to rescue her but I was also pleasantly surprised he wanted to save the counterparts as well (even if it’s probably going to end disastrous for all involved since this is Leo). All I got left to say is Zarc better watch. Great work as always!! <3 <3 <3

So thank you for everything you’ve written and continue to write and for sharing it with everyone else! One of the best things about the Arc-V fandom (for me) was discovering your stuff. Every piece was a treasure. That’s all I wanted to say. I hope you have a wonderful week!

ok I’ve been staring at this for a good few hours and like.. I wanna cry, I actually did kinda cry - you’re so sweet and nice and thank you so much <3

I’m really happy that you enjoy my fics so much. I loved writing them and it’s just… aaaaah, I don’t have enough words I’m just really happy ;-; thank youuuu

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Saito is such a cute person omg I love him so much I can not get enough of that bean

yES oh my GOD Saito Kenshin is SMOL & ADORB & ALSO A LIL CLOWN HES HILARIOUS & I LOVE HOW HE PORTRAYS WATARI TBH HE DESERVES SO MUCH MORE APPRECIATION & RECOGNITION!!!!! pls look @ these quality kenshins sbdhbsdn hes so underappreciated thank u for appreciating him



Positive things about the SU fandom

- Low quality screenshots of a character in the background captioned ‘reblog if u agree’

- Those harmless ships that get little attention but have a few super dedicated fans

- Random posts at 3AM that just say “i love [character] so much??” like they were sitting there thinking how much they love that character and made a post about it. So pure

- The livebloggers

- Old fans interacting peacefully with new fans

- THEORIES. The simple ones, the complex ones, the ones that open your eyes, the ones that are really reaching – they all had thought put into them and you know that each one had that ‘oh!’ moment where they realized something new

- Fans with differing OTPs supporting eachother

- The pro-redemption crowd

- That strangely peaceful steady stream of content during a hiatus

- The entire community getting super excited on the day a new episode is gonna air. Like you can just feel it radiating around you

This fandom has it’s fair share of demons, but at the end of the day, there’s really somethin’ special about this fanbase.

Listen I know we all love bilingual Lance and boy oh boy guess who’s here with some bilingual headcanons!!

•Lance used to speak fluent spanish as a child, but when he started going to public school, he just … Lost that ability.
•Lance can understand some words and phrases in spanish but doesn’t really know how to form sentences. (he knows all the cursewords and tries to use them as much as he can bc that’s Cool™)
•He can understand enough words to get the gist of what people are saying.
•Lance started to feel kind of detatched from his family since he couldn’t speak spanish and basically everyone else (save for the younger kids) could.
•His family doesn’t put any effort into teaching him spanish bc they want him to be more American than Hispanic (a sad truth that I unfortunately experienced)
•Lance starts to take spanish classes seriously when he gets to high school. He slowly learns how to form proper sentences, and he’s at the top of his class bc he wants to connect with his family language-wise. He tries hard, and grasps the language without any help from his fluent-spanish-speaking parents.
•One time, he had to do a project in spanish class, but he didn’t know how to form the sentence he wanted. So, he goes to his parents for help.
•Big mistake.
•His parents are from different regions of south america, so they speak different forms of spanish. Whatever he’s learning at school is. Not. The same.
•He had to go back and forth from his dad to his mom for one goddamn question like holy crow.
•"No, no! Your father is wrong! I speak PROPER spanish!“
-That was an actual quote from my mother it’s legit.
•His father ends up being right. At least in terms of School Spanish.
•Lance’s teacher ended up taking points away anyway bc she knew he wasn’t capable of speaking in such eloquent, complex spanish.
•He once went over his vocab list with his fam since he forgot his spanish dictionary at school. Another mistake. Don’t ask your different-spanish-speaking parents for translations when they’re in the same room.
•They spent more time arguing about the translation than actually translating.
•Mom: “Aficion? I’ve never heard that word in my life! It doesn’t exist!”
•"It means ceiling fan, mom.“
•M: “Oh! Then you mean ‘hincha’!”
•Dad: “Hincha?! Are you trying to teach our son slang?!”
•"Wait, that’s slang?!“
•"Well, ya-”
•D: “Aficion es the tiki tiki.”
•M: “No. La tiki tiki es la hincha!”
•They slowly seep into full spanish and Lance is watching on in amusement.
•He ends up texting his aunt about the right answer, and she tells him that it’s aficion.
•Mom loses the argument.
•He has a presentation in class for an oral test. He knows he has a great accent and great understanding of spanish, but when he goes up to speak, he can’t say anything.
•Everything comes out slow and stuttered, but he still gets an A+ bc his pronunciation is on point.
•There’s a non-hispanic/latinx kid in his class. They get straight A’s and speak faster than Lance. Lance is jealous of them. It’s not fair that a person who isn’t surrounded by latin culture can speak it so well, while he can’t.
•They’re the top 2 in the class, but Lance is always second. He’s always second in everything.
•Eventually, Lance learns enough Spanish to understand full sentences. He gets a giddiness in his chest when he can understand EXACTLY what is being said in spanish. He loves it.
•Even when his parents are scolding him in spanish, he tries his best not to smile bc he UNDERSTANDS!! •He tries to get his parents/family to communicate with him in Spanish more bc he’s so proud that he can FINALLY understand them. He feels connected to them again, and loves the feeling of embracing his heritage at last.
•Then … His family asks hin why he never talks back in spanish.
•Lance is still shy and insecure about his spanish, bc sometimes he makes mistakes. And sometimes, fluent speakers are not the nicest when it comes to that. He’s afraid they’ll make fun of him bc he’s still learning.
•He goes to a restaurant that has people who only speak spanish in it. He then has to order from the menu.
•He asks for a soda. When the waitress leaves, his entire family is beaming at him. He asks why.
•They gush about his perfect pronunciation and format. They’re proud of him. They had no idea he knew it so well.
•Lance is almost brought to tears bc his family is just as proud of him as he is - especially on something so important to him.
•He talks and laughs with his family at dinner again after that.
•When he gets in space, he tries to keep himself knowledgeable in spanish. He doesn’t want to forget again.
•He listens to old spanish radio shows and songs all of the time. He listens to sports, no matter which kind, in spanish.
•He tries to teach the other paladins Spanish. He grins when they start cussing under their breath in spanish. Sometimes, the paladins will just slip into it and they’ll forget that they’re speaking another language bc it’s so second-nature to them.
•But Lance notices, and it feels a little more like home.

If you aren’t sick to death of these, for “Earth is space Australia” please consider… the ocean.

Idk why but I’m super into the idea of humans going out and exploring the galaxy and becoming well-known interstellar travelers where Google Maps now has a Google Universe page and we’ve digitally recreated entire planets so that humans who can’t or don’t want to leave Earth can explore them in VR… but we still haven’t explored more than like a quarter of the ocean floor

And like some plucky alien marine biologist from a planet where the water never gets deeper than like 2000 meters is planning to study on Earth because holy shit have you seen how much WATER they have?? And her human friend asks what she wants to study and she replies “Oh, well, I’ve heard the deepest place in your ocean is over five times deeper than it is here, I’d love to find out if anything can still survive under such pressure and so far from sunlight.” And their human friend looks at them in sort of distressed admiration - “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” - and is just like,

“Oh, things can survive alright. Freakish things from the depths of hell.” And that’s how plucky little alien sits up all the night eye getting steadily wider while their human friend shows them pictures of things like the viperfish and the pelican eel and the blue ringed octopus and oh did I mention we’ve barely explored a fraction of the ocean so like we know there used to be this prehistoric shark that grew up to 20 feet long and was one of the biggest predators of all time but honestly “used to be” is an optimistic statement because that thing could still be lurking in the depths of the ocean and we just don’t know

Alternatively, hostile alien species arrives and claims our oceans because we aren’t using them, leaves screaming within a week


clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #2 - isadora smackle & riley matthews

you do always look for the good in people, riley. // isadora, i don’t think there’s anybody we respect more than you. 


let the flames of your passion grow.