oh how i've missed that smile


I finally get it now. I’m the spawn of satan, and I can’t escape my powers. I’ve always been afraid of facing, or even acknowledging them. But that was wrong.. This is me. This is also who I am 

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Oh how I've missed you 😧 (life is hard dude) , for the prompt thingies could you do 46, 60, 72 with Steve pls? 😊😊

A/N: CJjjjj!~ I’ve missed you too!! I haven’t seen you around in a while!~ (Also, I changed ‘I’ to ‘It’ in prompt 60 bc it made more sense)


46. “It was a joke, baby. I swear.”

60. “Are you going to talk to me?”

72. “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

Warnings: Clowns, Fluff-ish stuff, and this was baaarely proofread tbh

Word Count: ~981

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It had to be frickin’ clowns.

You had just gotten home from a mission halfway around the world, more than ready to take a hot shower and curl up in bed with a certain super soldier for the night. Instead, you were met with an apartment full of clown mannequins and creepily slow circus music on loop through FRIDAY’s speakers. The real kicker for you was that not all of the clowns had been mannequins.

In fact, your usually wonderful boyfriend and idiotic friends had been interspersed throughout the apartment decked out in clown gear as well. They came around the corner screaming bloody murder and you knocked each and every one of them on their ass in seconds. As soon as you realized who they were, you chewed them out and stormed off, mad enough that you left the Compound entirely.

You took a car to the city and marched right into the Tower where you still had a room. Tony was going to question why you had shown up out of the blue, clearly still in your mission gear, but thought better of it after you gave him the glare of the century. Sure, you knew perfectly well that you overreacted by storming out and escaping to the city but clearly no one thought to look up the details of your last mission.

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so I will live my life
knowing I’ve got just one chance to make it right
hope will be on my side this time

I will live what I am dreaming of.

—what i’m dreaming of, trading yesterday

Here is my contribution to the Happy Tony Stark project! My assignment was the loveable, floppy-haired EMH!Tony. And of course I slipped in a bit of superhusbands in there, because that’s how I roll. We love you Tony! :)

|| cont. [x]


   A sly smile played itself on her face as she rolled her eyes in false annoyance to his guarded response. Oh please, she wanted to say with a teasing attitude, but bit her tongue as she settled her hands on her hips.

   “I’m leaving for a solo assignment,” she paused, an uncertain hum resounding from her as she cast her eyes away from him and to the side,”but it’s rather far and directed through notably “dangerous” territories.” She spoke of the danger like it was child’s play, knowing fully well that she could easily avoid or handle it herself. And yet here she stood in front of the swordsman, eyes hesitantly looking up at him with great curiosity.”I’m proposing the idea of your involvement. I’ll pay you half of the earnings.”

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          “ which dress suits me better? or more importantly, which one will get me the most attention? there’s no use in going to a ball and not being the centre of attention- unless, of course, you are trying not to be noticed. oh i’m rambling aren’t i? i’m just so happy to be doing something elegant for once, all this fighting is driving me stir crazy. ” 

yvette could hardly smile wide enough. for once she and ariella were going to be together for something other than killing darkspawn and other grotesque beings out in the wastes. it was good for them- allowed more time for bonding and getting to be people rather than a hero and her sidekick for once.

  • Ruby, sitting at a chair in an inn, deep in a Mistrel forest: Ahh. Jaune and all of them went to sleep. Goodness. Hmph. Little dorks.
  • A familiar voice: You know, you need sleep you dolt.
  • Ruby, jumping up and whipping around: WEISS!?!
  • Weiss, smiling brightly at her leader: You think I'd let you have this adventure all on your own?
  • Ruby, jumps into a big hug, gripping tightly onto Weiss: I've missed you so much oh my goodness!!!
  • Weiss, acting all cool: O-Oh Ruby come on! Stand with some dignity! You dolt!! Rubyyyy!!!
  • Ruby, holding very tight, looking up to Weiss's (now blushing) face: How'd you get here? How'd you get away from your father? How'd you find me? How'd you know i was on a journey? How did you-
  • Weiss interrupts Ruby with a kiss, very much to Ruby's extreme shock, after Weiss finally pulled back: Relax...Ruby. I'm here now...that's all that matters.
  • Ruby, still in a trance: That....my....first kiss....
  • Weiss, now realizing what she'd done: O-Oh Ruby!! I'm so sorry, i don't know what came over me, i just haven't seen you in months, and I've missed you so much, and it took me so long to find you, and i just-
  • Ruby, smiled brightly and quickly gives a kiss upon Weiss's lips very briefly: I'm glad you're here. And...I'm glad you were my first kiss.
  • Weiss. Shocked, almost mindlessly: I love you...
  • Ruby, wide eyed, blushing immensely: I....I love you too.
  • Nora, with a sleeping mask on, awake (???): It's about time....

Swaplock AU: Molly Hooper as the consulting detective, Mary Morstan as the veteran blogger, and Sherlock Holmes as the consulting criminal. (Remake of this post)

“So this is it.” Slowly, she glanced back at the man stood a short distance away. “The final problem.”
The lapels of his coat fluttered slightly as he grinned and moved forward. He peeked over the ledge.
“Oh,” he murmured. “It is rather high isn’t it?" His hand hovered at the small of her back, and her breath caught. She could feel his smile, sinful and playful in equal measure.
"Yet you’ve always been fond of extreme pleasures. Haven’t you, Miss Hooper? The thrill of the chase, the blood pumping through your veins…” He chuckled. “Blood is such a nicer word than heroin.

  • Sherlock: *sulking in the lab*
  • Sherlock: *turns to Molly's empty desk; sighs*
  • New Pathologist: *entering* Well, if it isn't the sunshine of Bart's. Didn't expect to see you again *grins*
  • Sherlock: Mmm.
  • New Pathologist: *mock pouts* Why the frown?
  • Sherlock: Kindly remember you're no longer working in paediatrics.
  • New Pathologist: *laughs* Sorry, love, it's hard to stop. Anyway, here's the test thingy you wanted *waving the paper*
  • Sherlock: *snatches it; reading* Hmm.
  • New Pathologist: What?
  • Sherlock: Molly used to circle the anomalies, she'd also include a note at the bottom informing me of anything she might have found in her autopsy. Or if she'd needed to run more tests. She always finishes with a smiley face, too.
  • New Pathologist: *raises an eyebrow*
  • Sherlock: *frowns* I don't miss her *storms out*
  • *via Skype*
  • Molly: *smiles* How's my replacement?
  • Sherlock: Like a children's TV presenter on acid.
  • Molly: *giggles* For some that might be considered a good thing.
  • Sherlock: *smiles at her for quite a while; quickly clears his throat* Um, I miss...well, it's not the- the...Bart's is empty without-
  • Molly: *softly* I miss you, too. And, um, everyone else.
  • Sherlock: *hopeful* Come home?
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* I've only got a week left.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Right, yes... *awkward* Listen, I was thinking...when you get back, we should-
  • *knocking at Molly's door*
  • Sherlock: *narrows his eyes* Are you...expecting someone?
  • Molly: *grinning* Oh, yeah, that's Ryan. He's taking me to dinner tonight *jumps to her feet, revealing a lovely dress*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *bites her lip* I'm sorry. We'll talk later, yeah?
  • Sherlock: Well, I-
  • Molly: *blows a kiss* Thanks, Sherlock, I'll see you later *closes her laptop*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *sighs* ...have dinner *closes his laptop*
Old Friends, Feelings and Fireworks! (Part 1)

You were on your way to your parents house in Cheshire. Visiting them for the weekend was something you loved doing, on a Friday after work you would always drive to their house. This time, they had friends over for a few drinks and dinner, something they did regularly.

You pulled up in your mum and dads driveway and turned your car engine off. Sighing, you heaved yourself out of the car, achy legs from work that day. Walking up to the side gate into the back garden, you saw the family dog Blue standing at the gate, patiently waiting to greet you. He was 8 years old and you remembered just how much you missed being home.

‘Hello, I’m home!’ You called out, Walking through the back door and into the huge kitchen.

'We’re in here,love’ your dad called from the dining room.

Walking into the dining room, you saw Anne and Robin and Anne’s son Harry at the table. You knew them for years, they were practically family.

You smiled at them, glad to be home, to see some friendly faces. 'Hey guys’ you smiled.

'Oh it’s good to see you love, I’ve missed you’ your mum fussed, hugging you.

'You remember Anne and Robin and Harry Don’t you?’ Your mum sat back down, finishing her meal.

'Of course I do, but it’s been ages’ you plop yourself down next to harry, feeling 14 again. Turning to smile at harry, he gives you a cheeky grin back. Your parents (and step) always did this. Family meals, pool party’s, holidays. You knew harry and his sister Gemma who couldn’t be there tonight.

'Oh love, we haven’t seen you since the pool party last year!’ Anne smiles.

'I know, and you were all together at Christmas’ you say.

'How was work darling’ you dad asks.

Sighing, you tell him all about work and how well you’re enjoying it.


After dinner your parents and Anne and Robin went into the lounge for coffee. You and Harry were washing up at the sink, Harry drying the dishes.

'So, how’s touring and being a pop star then’ you smile over at harry. You two were close, him being a year older then you and generally just spending so much time together. You clicked and became friends.

'It’s been great but just miss being home, how’s your work going’ he looks at you, taking the glass out of your hand.

'Ah it’s ok, hard work. Working at a riding school though, it’s what I’ve wanted to do forever’ you smile.

Harry admired you for that, he knew you always wanted to work at a riding school, eventually own your own and teach people how to ride. He would listen for hours to you talking about what you wanted to do, your plans. You did the same for him too. In your bedroom at the age of 15, That’s when he knew he liked you, maybe even love. He always had, christmas party’s, birthday celebrations, dinners. He would always go along, to see you. He never stopped liking you.

'I know, we used to talk about it for ages’ he chuckled. You missed that, his chuckle and the way his dimples would pop if he laughed extra hard. The way it was easy to talk with him, how you didn’t even need to say hello, because it never felt like you said goodbye. You just picked up where you left off.

'Well, I would talk you would listen. I remember you fell asleep once, must have bored you to much’ you laugh, drying your hands on the tea towel.

He laughed, leaning against the kitchen counter. 'That was only once! But I haven’t seen you in almost 8 months and you haven’t even hugged me yet!’ You chuckled, going to hug him. 'Nope, I’ve not forgiven you. You can’t hug me now!’ He pulls a serious face, crossing his arms and moving away. You could see the hint of a smile on his face.

Poking his sides, he jolts to the left, giggling. 'Hey!’ You laugh, putting your arms around his waist with your cheek against his back. 'I’ve missed you, it’s been ages since I’ve had a harry hug’


It was late at night and you were all sat on the deck in the garden with wine. You were waiting for your siblings to come in from being teenagers, missing them was the hardest, you loved annoying them.

'I remember these two, running around when they were about 8. They did not bother with clothes!’ Anne laughs, pointing to you and harry, sat on two garden chairs next to each other. Around the big table.

You and Harry both laugh, remembering your childhood is something that made you instantly happy.

'I remember going swimming in our garden, harry wore nothing!’ You laugh, turning to a bright red harry.

'Hey guys I’m home’ your now 16 year old brother comes through the garden gate, back from his college party.

You smile, jumping up and surprise hugging him. He hugs you back, he didn’t hug his other siblings or his mum or dad, he didn’t even show emotion that much, but he hugged you, because you understood. Harry watched you, interacting with your siblings. He loved watching you, just from afar where he could admire.

'I’ve missed annoying you, how’s college. Got a girlfriend yet?’ You bug him. Your brother chuckled, 'No girlfriend sis, how’s your boyfriend?’ He laughed.

Harry’s heart dropped, he knew you had, had a boyfriend when you last saw him but, seeing you again after 8 months brought back old feelings.

'He is fantastic, he’s currently in a stable. Munching on some hay, Ya know’ you winked, you loved horses and they became part of your lifestyle.

'Oh my goodness, please get a life’ he shook his head.

Harry smiled, knowing you hadn’t changed after all these years.


Everyone had gone inside, to be next to the fire. You and Harry decided to stay outside, you first went and got a jumper each, now huddled on the cushioned swinging bench with a hot chocolate. You always did that.

'So how have these past 8 months been?’ He turned to you.

'They’ve been alright, broke up with me boyfriend, how have yours been?’ You sighed.

'What happened, you said you were happy? Amazing, but I don’t want to talk about that. I’m harry, from Holmes chapel today’ he had furrowed his eyebrows, making him look adorable to you.

'I was, he wasn’t. He cheated, guess It wasn’t meant to be. I know, that’s how I like you’ resting your head on his shoulder.

'He’s a prick then isn’t he. You didn’t deserve him’

'I know, I thought I loved him. I was stupid’ you sniffled.

'Hey, don’t get upset, I promise you you are worth so so much’ he kisses the top of your head.

'Thank you, I have really missed you’ you snuggle further into his side.

'You want to know something?’ He says.

'Yeah’ you say excitedly..

'Our mums are watching us out the kitchen window’ he chuckles.

'They have always wanted us to get together.. They ship us’ you giggle. That’s when his heart beats faster and the butterfly’s set off in his tummy. He wants that.

'Maybe we should kiss’

Let me know if you would like part 2 and if i should make a series! :)