oh how i miss the ponds


10th: “Hello!” *gif*

4th: “Oh hi!” *gif* who are you?”

10th: “Wait a minute.. It’s me.”

Martha Jones: What do you mean?

12th: “You! Me?” *twelfth staring at eighth*

8th: “Excuse me, but look at those shoes!” *pointing at tenth’s shoes*

11th: “Rose, Rose Tyler!” *sees Rose Tyler and hurries to hug her*

Rose Tyler: “H-how you know my name? Who are you?”

11th: “Don’t you..oh of course you don’t. Stupid me. I’m the Doctor! and this is my..companion Amy Pond! Oh and Clara. There’s Clara!”

Clara Oswald: “Hello!” *smiles*

Rose Tyler: “You pretty! nice hair.”

Clara Oswald: *gif*

Rose Tyler: *gif*

River Song: “Hello Sweetie. Miss me?”

11th: “River! What are you doing here?”

Donna: “Can someone please explain what’s happening here? What the hell is going on?”

10th: “Do you remember the day, when i told you about my different faces..”

Donna: “Yes..”

10th: “You can see those now. Please don’t freak out.”

Donna: “Okay..I’m trying not to.” *taking deep breath*

River: “Haha, spoilers!”

11th:  “So..I never going to be ginger..”

12th: “Nope. Sorry!”

For @poemfreak306

Sorry for late request,I really hope this was worth it!

Fandom GPS

No but imagine one where you could alternate fandoms each day;

Supernatural Fandom GPS Day:

Bobby: “Ya, idjit, go another half mile and turn back around.”
Castiel: “I don’t understand. There is a store called ‘Winchester Gear’? What do they sell? Salt shotgun shells?”
Crowley: “I run Hell and I don’t even want to go to this place. Why exactly do you want directions there?”

Harry Potter Fandom GPS Day:

Snape: “Take exit three hundred and ninety four.”
McGonagall: “Turn left now, you babbling, bumbling baboon.”
Luna: “If you look out your window more often, you’re much more likely to spot a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.”

Sherlock Fandom GPS Day:

Mycroft: “If you could manage it, a left turn this century wouldn’t be your worst decision ever.”
Mrs. Hudson: “I’m not even your landlady, dear, but if you want my directions, you’ll go back home and have a nice cuppa.”
Lestrade: “Right, what you want to do here is look out for the lane changes, because the traffic can be murder.”

Doctor Who Fandom GPS Day:

Amy Pond: “Ya bloody idiot, what ya wanna go that way for?”
River Song: “Oh, are we going somewhere? How exciting!”
Clara Oswald: “Drive. Drive you clever human. And remember to always wear your seatbelt.”

Lord of the Rings Fandom GPS Day:

Legolas: “My elf eyes see that you’ll need to turn west in 3 miles.”
Gimli: “Increase speed when you get off the interchange. Nobody cuts off a dwarf!”
Gollum: “Turn right here, Precious. Yes, right here! Gollum!

Marvel Fandom GPS Day:

Nick Fury: “I recognize that you missed the turn, but given that it was an important turn, I’m going to need to recalculate now.”
Loki: “You missed the turn. Well, I’m not exactly shocked. You must not be truly desperate to reach your destination.”
JARVIS: “May I say how refreshing it is to finally see you on the right course?”

Once Upon A time

Pairing: Fem!Phan (Cinderella!Dan/Princess!Phil)

Summary: Dan spends a magical night falling in love with Phil, who neglects to mention she is actually Princess Fiona. You know how the story goes from there. 

Notes: A simple fem!Phan Cinderella AU, because I’ve been wanting to writing fem!Phan for a while now. I’m posting this late on February 13th because this is also my submission for phandom valentines.

(Let me know if you notice any mistakes- it was hard to remember to use female pronouns the whole time so I might have slipped up.)

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“it’s a story about an emo dude who is the most popular guy in his small town. men want to be him, women throw themselves at him. The entire year people plan for a party that he heads up which ends up being this elaborate amazing night. But it’s not enough. he whines and mopes around about how something is missing. He leaves town to find himself and stumbles into another small town. There’s a guy who’s just like him in this new town. The whole place worships this other guy. Our emo protagonist decides he wants what this guy has. So he steals his identity with catastrophic results. He upsets and hurts a lot of people and in the end is just like "oh well that dude will fix it, I guess I’m good at being the big fish in my small pond, I’ll just keep doing that. oh ps i guess i’ll like this girl who I’ve been ignoring and speaking over the entire time while she was trying to warn me that i was being an asshole" 

-John Sweeney on the plot of The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

My farewell song for Eleven. He will always be the Doctor to me.

I’ve had my TARDIS for the traveling then
But I’m heading home today
And I’ve finally found forgiveness for myself
Oh, I’m leaving to go find Gallifrey

When I’m gone
When I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

You better run when I say so
And then I shout Geronimo
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

I never die I just regenerate
My face will change to Doctor Who?

I’ve got Clara I’ve got River
I wish things could stay how they were
But Christmas is coming I’ll miss you

When I’m gone
When I’m gone
I’m gonna miss you when I’m gone

This body dies away
some new man saunters away
I’m gonna miss you when I’m gone

Amy pond called me her raggedy man
maybe I’ve raggedy too long
I’ll go out there on my own
To make my way back home
To say goodbye I’m singing you this song

When I’m gone
When I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

You’re gonna miss my cool bowtie
But it’s time to say goodbye
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

When I’m gone
When I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

leaving you fills me with woe
I never want to go
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

I seem to be developing a case of Hank Green syndrome, as I wrote this over a month ago. Hope you liked!