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“I love you Lexa” - #clexa

Clarke: *casually,yet nervously walks passed the guards and goes up to Lexa holding a note in her hand*  Lexa? Can I have your help translating something? It will only be just as second.

Lexa: *tilts her head to the side like a confused puppy*  What is it Klark? Is everything okay?

Clarke: Oh no, everything is fine! It’s just….Octavia wrote this down in Trigedasleng and I was hoping maybe you can tell me what it says…?

Lexa: Of course Klark. May I see this note?

Clarke: *nervously hands the note to her and stands there silently*

Lexa: *takes the note and reads it before translating* Ai hod yu in Leksa Kom Trikru. It says “I love you Lexa of the tree people.” 

Clarke:…..*gives Lexa a small smile*


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  • someone: how are you?
  • me, internally: i have a question, it might seem strange. how are your lungs? are they in pain? cause mine are aching, think i know why. i kinda like it though, you wanna try? oh would you be so kind as to fall in love with me? you see, im trying i know you know that i like you but that's not enough so if you will please fall in love, i think it's only fair, there's gotta be some butterflies somewhere, wanna share, cause i like you but that's not enough so if you woul
  • me: fine
Scars, lovers and a bath - Bruce Wayne x Reader

#1 counting each other’s freckles/beauty marks/scars/etc, #17 calling each other by a pet name and #19 taking a bath together. 

Well look at that, two post in the span of a few hours, I felt inspired today…Starting with Bruce, might do Logan later. So I mixed all the prompts together, and here’s the result, warning slightly NSFW and also language yow, I really hope you like it… :

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


You lived for those alone time with your Bruce. It happened so rarely…

Actually, you couldn’t even remember when was the last time you had a bath with him. It must have been at least over three years ago. You had a lot of showers together, every morning in fact…but a relaxing bath ? Didn’t happen in years.

Bruce was caressing your arms ups and down lovingly, and was just enjoying the moment, humming lowly a song you didn’t recognize. 

You grabbed one of his hand and traced a soft line from the tip of his fingers to his bicep, where you laid your palm. His arm was so big and muscular that your hand couldn’t even wrap itself around it.


You took him away from his daydreaming with your word. Raising your head so you could see his face, he just couldn’t help but smile at you.

-What was that sweetheart ?

-Twelve. You have twelve scars on this arm.

You let go of it, putting his right arm back in the water, and then took his left one in your hands. Both your tiny hands could barely wrap around it…You ran a finger on it tenderly, counting his scars.

-One…two…three…oh this one is huge…five….

He shivered under your touch, and you smiled some more. Oh the effect you had on him. He pressed his lips to your neck lightly, his free hand on your thigh.

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highlights of 4x06
  • Clarke and Niylah <3 <3 <3 
  • Clarke’s freshly fucked look 
  • honestly those two are so hot 
  • dad!Kane giving his adopted daughter Clarke a hug 
  • Luna helping and comforting Raven 
  • Clarke immediately knowing what’s troubling Bellamy 
  • “What is she doing?” “Being Clarke" 
  • Murphy botching Trigedasleng into "a horny mistake" 
  • Sassy Bellamy and Roan on the road trip of their lives 
  • Roan should have been in Mad Max 
  • Bellamy and Clarke saving each other literally though LOOKS 
  • Flashback to Lincoln’s death….literally killed me oh my god 
  • "She’ll come around and see how S P E C I A L YOU ARE" 
  • Bellamy looking at Clarke like she’s his whole word 
  • "Clarke, if we don’t see each other again.." 
  • "We WILL" 
  • He was about to confess his love I know it
  • Raven is trying so hard my little baby she needs help!!!
“Why Did Bellamy Fall in Love with Clarke?”

So I recently got an anonymous message asking me this question and I was preparing myself to answer with the typical “because she’s supportive and he respects her and trusts her and blah blah blah” response which definitely isn’t WRONG, and are definitely reasons why I ship Bellarke, but I also feel like it goes a lot deeper than that. 

I haven’t written a good, solid meta in awhile, I feel like, and this question hit me really hard for some reason, so I am going to answer it separate from the ask in more depth. And, since I’m feeling extra, I’m probably going to make another post answering why Clarke fell in love with Bellamy because - yes - this ship goes both ways and I am sure as hell going to take every opportunity I get to prove that.

To start off, I don’t really think that there is one particular reason why Bellamy fell in love with Clarke. You can’t really go about it by saying “well, Bellamy really likes this trait and this trait and this trait - therefore, he loves Clarke because she encompasses all three” because I don’t think that’s really how love works. I do think that she has traits that Bellamy really likes and respects, and I think that’s how they became friends. But then he fell in love with her and it wasn’t just about those traits anymore. Because love isn’t selective. He doesn’t just love some parts of her and not the others. He loves Clarke as a whole, as a person. He loves all of her pieces and parts and fragments. He just loves her.

But why?

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Privileged (19/?)

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“With their new found relationship, *yn* and Bellamy are forced to refocus on getting their friends out of Mount Weather which includes going behind Abby Griffin’s back. When they are reunited with Lincoln, things are definitely not what they expected.” 

Warnings: Fluff, hinted smut, violence, death, swearing

Notes: Based on 2x06 ‘Fog of War’ of The 100.

Series Masterlist

For the first time since *yn* could remember, she woke up on her own accord. She wasn’t disturbed by shouts from outside the tent, or someone rousing her because of an emergency, by searing pain, or more commonly - by her own demons. 

This time as she stirred all she heard was the faint voices of the Ark citizens starting their days within the camp outside. *yn* raised a hand and groggily rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she twisted around in the bed sheets.

A small smile found its way onto her lips as her gaze settled on Bellamy’s sleeping figure. She remained motionless for a while as she admired his features and just how peaceful he looked which was a contrast to the usual frown and clenched jaw that was painted on his face. 

She scooter across the bed and leant forward to place her lips to his left cheek before proceeding to his right cheek, then his forehead and then the tip of nose. She grinned and moved back as his face twitched and his eyelids began to flutter open. Once he was coherent *yn* moved forward and pressed her lips against his softly. 

“Hi.” He smirked as she rested her forehead against his, his voice thick and husky from sleep.

“Hi.” She whispered back against his lips, smiling softly. 

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Heartlines Part III: Oh, wish you were here

Summary: Y/N is dead and she left three soul mates lost in their life. 
Word Count: 8040 
Pairings: Clark Kent x Reader, Barry Allen x Reader, Bruce Wayne x Reader.
WARNINGS: LOTS OF ANGST, swearing, making something against someone’s will (don’t know if that counts as a warning, but just in case)
A/N: Sooo sorry for keeping you waiting, but ‘Good things come for those who wait!’ and here you have a little over EIGHT THOUSAND WORDS. I’m so proud of myself. ENJOY THE ANGST, DEARIES!

Part I   Part II   Part IV


“No chance there”.

Clark couldn’t keep your voice out of his head, just repeating time after time:

“No chance there”

You didn’t trust him, you didn’t think he would be there, you lost the faith you once had on him… and it hurt like hell to know that you were right to lose your faith in him. The video of your torturing and… eventual death had really affected him. When he saw your death… he couldn’t stop crying because he had saved thousands of unimportant girls falling off buildings but he wasn’t there to save you, the love of his life, his true soulmate.

He loved you and that was so clear at the beginning of your relationship, he just couldn’t understand how it stopped to be clear. He used to show you much he adored you, how much he loved you… until Lois appeared. He didn’t blame Lois, of course he didn’t; he blamed himself.

You were a miracle, that much he always knew. He used to think that he would never find his soulmate in this world since he was from another one; no matter how much Martha had insisted on how the color of the heartline clearly stated that his soulmate was alive, he didn’t believe it. He thought he was condemned to be alone for the rest of his life, until you came into the picture. One day you just fell in the middle of the street and no one but him, offered to help you get all of your papers back into their folders.

“Thanks” you smiled to him when he gave you the last folder.
“No problem, miss” he answered with a smile, too.
“I’m on a bit of a rush now, but I feel like I should really give you something in exchange for your help, so would you like to go get a cup of coffee sometime?” you mumbled this under your breath, afraid of him rejecting you… but there was no way in hell he could reject someone as cute as you.
“Although I don’t think you need to thank me anymore, I would love to have a cup of coffee” he smiled, hearing to your heartbeat going faster.
“Oh!” you answered surprised and then smiled the way he would soon just love “Well, the name is Y/N and…” you said while placing down all of your papers carefully just to take a blank sheet of paper “Do you have something to write with?” you asked and he desperately searched in his pockets for his pen, to finally give it to you when he found it a minute later “Thanks!” you said whilst you scribbled something down on the paper. When you finished, you gave him both the paper and the pen. He took them a little bit confused and watched you as you took your folders from the floor “And that is my phone number… um, sorry, but what’s your name again?” you asked a little embarrassed. He found you to be extremely fascinating.
“Clark, my name’s Clark Kent” he stretched his hand as a reflex.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Clark” you said while grabbing his hand.
The moment your hand touched his, you both felt like an electric current going down your bodies. You both looked down to your laced hands and saw how one of your heartlines from your right hand illuminated, while his left one shined as bright as yours.
“Seems like the pleasure is all mine, Y/N” he smiled, still holding your hand.
“It also seems like that coffee is going to be moved to right now” you answered with a glint in your eyes.
“I thought you were in a hurry?”
“I was just going to meet my publisher, no big deal. We can meet tomorrow after I learned everything about my new found soulmate” your smile was making his heart jump.
“I would love to tell you everything about me, if you correspond” he said being a little flirty. In reality, he would wait a couple of months to tell you his secret. After all, he wouldn’t want to scare you.  
“You just got yourself a deal” you winked at him while grabbing your phone to tell your publisher you wouldn’t make it.

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Stranger things through the eyes of dustin

Chapter 1: Nancy Wheeler’s a bitch

Chapter 2: Who is she and oh my god she’s taking off hER CLOTHES

Chapter 3: She can do things with hEr mINd

Chapter 4: Yeah take that Troy you pussy

Chapter 5: I love you Mr. Clarke and yes I’m a fucking genius I know how magnets work

Chapter 6: Eleven is a fucking badass

Chapter 7: Mr. Clarke’s the fucking plug

Chapter 8: Fuck you lunch lady Phyllis I knew you were hoarding the pudding

Happy (belated) 4th of July - Clark Kent x Reader

“Can I request one for Clark? Where the reader kinda lived next door but Clark and her have been best friends since the kents found him. And he told you his powers before anyone else because he trust her and loves her more than Lana?” for @brooke-supernatural16

First. This Clark is the one from Smallville because it was requested like so, and because fuck yeah Tom Welling was a great Clark Kent. Second, I wanted to write something for the fourth of July but I was SO NOT feeling it on that day...so here we are, a day later, I found something to still write about the fourth even though we’re not anymore and boom. Anyway. I hope you’ll like it and blahblahblah : 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


The day Clark arrived on Earth, you were looking at your bedroom window. 

Of course, you were way too young to understand what was going on, being only but a one year old child. Already at that early age, you were curious about everything, and had stood up in your crib to look out the window when you saw a light going through the sky…Pretty.

Though you were only a small toddler, this memory somewhat stuck with you, and you often referred to it as your earliest memory, though you never really knew how to explain it…So you just went with : “My first memory ever is of a shooting star in the sky. The most beautiful one I’ve ever seen”. 

Only a few days after this “incident”, you first met Clark. 

You couldn’t remember that day, but according to yours and his parents, it instantly clicked between the two of you. So far, you refused to play with any other kids at the day care where your parents had to leave you because they both worked…but with Clark ? You brought your favorite toy to him and, though at first he was a bit confused, he quickly warmed up to you. 

Conveniently, you were his next door neighbor, though “next door neighbor” in Smallville meant that your house was a bit less than a mile away from his. Oh the many times you ran to his house, or he ran to yours…Sometimes, you’d meet in the middle, having had the same idea to go see each others. 

You two were so close, that you were the first and only person, besides, obviously, his parents, to whom he talked about his powers. You guys were seven when he described to you what he could do, and at first, you thought he was joking, until he took a piece of metal and broke it in half…Wow. 

Being the comic nerd you already were, you got overly excited. Of course, you’d never talk about it to anyone, but Hell, sometimes, you’d just ask him to go “super” and do something cool, just for the sake of it. 

When you were sad, instead of comforting you with his clumsy words, he would lift tractors or something. Strangely, it always worked, no matter what, it would always bring a smile to your face. And though he’d never admit it, making you smile made him incredibly happy. 

You were pretty sure you spent at least three quarters of your life in Clark Kent’s company…Well, up until you both turned seventeen. 

You were his first friend, and though Pete and Chloe joined rather quickly, as the years went by, you became his best friend…but of course, as it happens many times between such best friends, someone came in and ruined everything. 

In your case, that someone was called “Lana Lang”.

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hedaoftheskaikru  asked:

Are you taking prompts? It's totally cool if you're not, but if you are, that sex toy prompts list also had "✥ this sculpting class is the bane of my existence and for the final project (where i’m supposed to use a non-clay medium) i’m going to troll my teacher and make a bunch of silicone dildos. will you donate your dick to my cause?" And that just seems like such a Bellarke situation.

Alright, I finally did it! It turned out a lot less smutty than the prompt suggests though and a lot more fluffy, I hope that’s okay. Thank you for prompting this - and yes, I do take prompt, always! 

[also on ao3]

“You need what?“

Bellamy can’t believe what he’s hearing. To be honest, he’s not entirely sure he isn’t hallucinating this entire conversation, tired as he is. The last few weeks have been brutal, and he’s barely managed to make the deadline for a paper that could make or break his career. So when he comes home after finally sending it off and then having to teach three classes back-to-back and reassure a bunch of panicking freshmen that they’ll get an extension on their own work, it seems perfectly plausible that he is in fact imagining it when he opens the door to find his best friend standing outside and exclaiming:

“I need your dick.”

It doesn’t sound any less crazy the second time, and Bellamy closes his eyes and pinches his arm, hard. But when he opens them again, Clarke is still standing outside his door, wearing tight jeans and a light grey, v-necked shirt and looking at him pleadingly. Not a hallucination then, even if the combination of that expression and that request – more like a demand, really, because Clarke is bossy as hell – seems to come straight out of one of the more vivid dreams he’s been having recently.

The thought must be showing on his face, because Clarke gasps and goes beet red.

“Not like that!” She pushes past him, smelling like the perfume he and Octavia chipped in together to buy her for her last birthday, and Bellamy takes a deep breath and then immediately feels pathetic.

“Well, what else would you need it for?” He snaps, a little defensive now because it’s hard to keep his cool around Clarke when he’s at his best, but dealing with her when he’s exhausted and she’s making nonsensical demands is damn near impossible.

“My sculpting class,” Clarke huffs, as if that would be sufficient explanation, then spots what he’s sure is a less than intelligent look on his face and keeps going. “We’re supposed to do a piece in a non-clay medium for our final project, and I want to piss my professor off.”

“The smug sexist one?” Bellamy asks, because even when his head feels like it’s filled with cotton balls, he apparently still remembers all the times Clarke ranted about the professor teaching her “Introduction to Sculpture”-class.

“Exactly. You know how he’s always showing us his “phallic art pieces” that are just plaster casts of his dick and making everyone uncomfortable?”

Bellamy nods. That habit in particular is one Clarke has been fuming about all semester.

“Well, I figured I’d give him a taste of his own medicine and make him look at someone else’s dick for a change. Or perhaps a whole bunch of dicks. A bag of dicks, so to speak.” She giggles a little at her own joke, then grins deviously. “So obviously, it’s got to be a better dick than the one he keeps shoving in our faces.”

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I love this scene so much. You know that in Clarke’s mind it’s like

I’m going to get us all out. Just have to keep looking like I’m having this bullshit. How will I start th..”

*has first bite*

“HOLY SHIT THIS IS SOOO GOOOOD. OH MY GOD I FORGOT HOW REAL FOOD TASTES. WHAT IS LIFE… Ehm.. I meant. Gross. I hate it. I have to get us out….”

justice league thoughts - SPOILER HEAVY

PSA: these are all my personal opinions. don’t reblog this post with your “well, actually” because i don’t really care. make your own post to express your own opinions. 

- superbat: amazing incredible fantastic show shopping clared my skin watered my crops paid all my bills. i loved them so much. the movie straight up and super explicitly draws a parallel between diana coping with steve’s death with bruce (not) coping with clark’s. diana is literally like “dude u gotta move on” and bruce is like “listen when YOU lost the love of your life you went into isolation from mankind for a centurty so!!! leave me be!!!”. they were seriously like “yes these two relationships are the same and there’s no difference at all between them”. it was amazing. after they save the day and for a hot second it looks like clark and victor didn’t make it, bruce literally GASPS and shouts “clark!” and i just. he was so worried that he had lost clark again after getting him back i cry 😭😭😭 bruce is just in general SO IN AWE OF CLARK and clark finally gets to know bruce for who he is and they just CLICK INSTANTLY as soon as they are both in the right mindspace. bruce is made soft by clark’s softness in a way i didn’t dare to imagine even in my wildest dreams. i can’t believe i got to see that in the actual movie. i’m blessed.

- clois: lois and clark share a bond that is simply too profound to describe with words, and so, so tender. lois was underused in the movie, it wasn’t really about her like half of bvs was (the whole thing with lois being the key doesn’t come to play here at all, maybe they’re saving it for future movies, or maybe i can explain it as in “she’s the key to make clark see reason after he’s back to life” but idk it’s not explained in any explicit terms, it’s my idea), but anyway clark’s loss fucked her up in a very realistic way, and her relationship with martha kent was really really sweet.

- w*nderb*t: for various reasons i’m not a fan of this ship in general and particularly of the dceu version, and some comments by affleck made me fear the worst. but nothing happened between them at all, there was just some teasing from alfred to which bruce responded mostly by rolling his eyes. they also have a couple of disagreements, and the whole league but diana especially roast bruce until he’s extra crispy on all sides. it was great. drag him. also there’s a scene where diana sees bruce really hurt and helps him fix his shoulder, then they talk about some of diana’s issues and have a drink. it’s very sweet, but not romantic at all, imo. i kinda went “oh no” at first, but in the end i was very happy with the way it played out. ymmv of course, but i loved how their friendship was portrayed (i.e.: as a friendship)


- clark was so good and soft and i love him. the way he came back to life doesn’t really agree with how bvs ended (except if maybe the end of bvs was just a way to hint to the fact that he COULD be brought back. idk.) but i loved him so much. his chest hair? wow. 

- jason momoa as aquaman was amazing, and he got a couple of bullshit whedon lines but nothing too ugly. his scene with mera was incredible. would i let them both do unspeakable things to me? [maybe so meme]

- victor stone: my fave. very good emotional journey and very satisfying character development. especially cute are his scenes with diana and clark. he struggles a lot with what happened to him, but in the end he’s the key to saving the day, which i loved. so so so much love for him and ray did an amazing job.

- barry: i liked ezra in the role, but 90% of his lines are jokes. literally. only his scenes with his father aren’t played for laughs, and maybe one with batman (but still barry jokes throughout it). i had hoped to get more development out of him. kind of a pity tbh.

- diana: VERY good journey imo and i liked how they wrapped up her development with bvs and ww. her bigger issue comes from not being ready to lead a team, to tell people “fight for this, die for this” (very relatable and credible imo, even if she was trained as a warrior she never led an army) and is very beautiful how she comes to terms with it, the way she can still grow.


- joss whedon: i’m an ex whedon fan. i watched firefly, buffy, angel, avengers and age of ultron, and i progressively realized that this was a sexist prick, not a feminist writer. we have all made mistakes. anyway. i know the whedon. i recognize the whedon when i see it. i hate the whedon. there’s a scene where barry finds himself with his face in diana’s boobs. he gets up super fast while she’s still lying on the ground and barely realizes what happened. @ joss that shit wasn’t funny when you pulled it on bruce banner and natasha romanoff in age of ultron years ago, and is still not funny now. stop doing it???? stop fucking doing it, goddammit. what is wrong with you. (so many things are wrong with him.)

- the jokes: this is linked with the joss whedon problem. too many, most of them not particularly funny, some of them inappropriate, a lot of them just there to ruin the fucking moment.

- the ass shots: there were a couple, which were a couple too many. all clearly from the whedon reshoots. also: the whedon reshoots are really noticeable, and really really obvious.

- the colors: the beautiful snyder colors i personally ADORED are gone. no one looks particularly bad tho, except clark. clark’s suit looks awful. AWFUL. it was kind of lucid and really just. just no. 

- the movie is so CLEARLY, PAINFULLY, HEAVILY cut. most of the scenes from the trailers aren’t in the movie at all. victor talking about the batman and “i’m real when it’s useful”, bruce and diana’s “more more or more less?” scene, a lot of material about victor and barry, “don’t engage alone, we do this together”, the “age of heroes” speech, batman’s “my turn”, parts of lois’ “dream” of clark, bruce staring at clark’s hologram, SO MUCH STUFF WASN’T IN THE MOVIE AND I’M SO FUCKING PISSED. i really really hope they release an extended zack snyder cut of the movie because i want those scenes back. i was promised those scenes and i want them back. wb and whedon need to stop fucking over my mans zack.

- the amazon costumes: all that wank about the amazon costumes? it’s absolute bullshit. those skimpy outfits are nowhere to be seen in the actual movie. amazons still fight in wedges (not even patty jenkins would change that, and just WHY IS EVERYONE IGNORING THAT ?? that shit is not good) but they wear armor largely similar to what’s in wonder woman. there’s some armor that leaves their belly exposed but there were similar outfits in wonder woman too and they weren’t in an active combat situation while they were wearing those (the situation develops into combat, but unexpectedly so). i want everyone to apologize to zack snyder now lol.

TL;DR: joss whedon and wb are pieces of shit, zack snyder is a genius and i love him, superbat is real, i enjoyed most of the movie, i wish a lot of things were different but overall it could have been a lot of worse so. i’m okay. waiting to gif the hell out of it and reading all the beautiful fics!!!!


Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Seven)

David’s memories of the episode, from Doctor Who Magazine #375:

“Very cold nights on location.  It snowed.  They Cybermen were fairly overwhelming. And the Tyler family all together - a nice place to be. I’d never met Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler) before, but he quickly became part of the clan. He’s a lovely guy.”

From the DVD commentary with Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), and Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler)

Camille: Do you think he does make it up as he goes along?

Noel: Partly, yeah.  And I think the good thing that David brings to the Doctor is that old eccentricity where he kinda is winging it, winging it. […]

Camille:  Oh I love David’s choices as an actor.  He’s so commanding, isn’t he? You believe that this CyberLeader would…

Noel: Would listen

Camille: Absolutely

Noel: It’s really clever how the Doctor can sort of figure things out without letting you know that he’s figured them out.

Other posts in this set [ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ four ] [ five ] [ six ]
All of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here ]

You know who I fucking love?

Meriwether Fucking Lewis and William Fucking Clark.

And more than that, I just love their total fucking love for each other. I mean they’re just totally soulmates, platonic or otherwise. I mean, I read their diaries and the whole fucking trip is just “today mr lewis told me this” and “today mr clark did that.” And Lewis is all young and fay and probably gay and thats complicated, and he’s super into plants and flowers and shit, and totally the smartest person in jefferson’s service. And then there’s Clark, and he’s a total military officer, he’s all sturdy, and he’s got this whole woodsman vibe going on, and he’s just super sensible and oh he just thinks that Lewis is the smartest fucking dude. Just smart and funny and he’s just there like “oh my god, look at this cute short person, he can tell these two completely identical ferns apart, and thats so cool.” And then Clark is like “that way is north,” and low and behold it totally is. And then he’s like “it will rain tomorrow” and it totally fucking does. And Lewis is just there like “Oh my fucking god dude, if you tell me how to do this we could make a lot of money.” And they just think that the other is as good as humanity is ever gonna get.

And they are just so fucking in love with each other, and I love it. 

I’m still holding out hope for Clarke, because I really think she’s reached her bottom and there’s only one way to go from there. Also guys, please keep in mind, this isn’t out of context behavior for Clarke:

Season 1: It was Clarke’s idea to create the Ring of Fire that wound up killing 300 Grounders.

Season 2: It was Clarke’s idea to irradiate Level 5 (even though Monty made it possible and Bellamy helped her pull the lever).

Season 3: It was Clarke’s idea to enter the City of Light and pull the lever knowing that she would permanently kill all of those who had died in the City of Light.

And she makes those decisions every Season to keep her people safe just like she always! They haven’t ruined Clarke at all.

You know what’s different about Clarke’s actions as compared to other Seasons? For once, the narrative is not supporting her. Previously when Clarke would say things like “I had no choice.” or “I bear it so they don’t have to.” she was painted as a tragic heroine. But this show has always been about learning from your mistakes and has Clarke learned?

I didn’t intend for this ask to turn into a character study but it has. The very first time we hear the phrase “I have no choice.” is in the pilot episode spoken by Marcus Kane (” In that case, given your confession, in my role as Chancellor pro tempore, you leave me no choice but to find you guilty.”) to Abby Griffin, whose response, here is the conversation:

Kane: “In that case, given your confession, in my role as Chancellor pro tempore, you leave me no choice but to find you guilty.”

Abby: “We always have a choice, Kane. You chose to press charges against my husband, your friend, even though you knew he would get floated for it. You chose to include my daughter in those charges, and now you’re choosing this. Hiding behind the law absolves you of nothing.”

Kane: “Be that as it may, in accordance with penal code one, because all crimes committed by those above the age of maturity are capital crimes, you are hereby sentenced to death. Execution is set for the morning, and I choose at every turn and at any cost to make sure that the human race stays alive.

Abby: “That’s the difference between us, Kane. I choose to make sure that we deserve to stay alive.”

Continued under the cut because I really got into this

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