oh how i love that gif

I learned a new thing on PS so ofc I have to make something dumb like this.

But hey heY HEY BOKUTO CAN FLY!! ୧( ‘̀ ᗩ ‘́ )୨ 

My dear and beloved brothers and sisters from the Yuri!!! on Ice Fandom, WE´VE BEEN BLESSED!!

Because, no matter of how you look at this, THEY ARE KISSING! I mean, look at the way the anime makers emphasized their lips, the way Yuri looks so caught off guard, at how Victors eyes flutter closed, and how his hand grabs Yuris nape!!! And let´s not forget…

Please escuse me, I´ll go and fangirl a little more over this. I need to recover for next week episode where we will see…

Oh yeah, how I LOVE this anime.

has this been done yet?

Imagine: You are a new exhibit at the museum and yo are a Egyptian queen once the wife of ahkmenrah. And when you awake that night you come face to face with your husband.

Ahkmenrah: (y/n) my love you are here oh how I have missed you

Y/n: and I missed you. Its been hundreds of years and now we are together again *kisses ahkmenrah*