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  • Zen: [to MC] So where you from? Heaven?
  • 707: Yeah, she's a ghost. She died fifteen years ago, just like that pickup line.

2/ favourite fictional characters → CHO CHANG

“obviously, she is feeling very sad, because of cedric dying. then i expect she’s feeling confused because she liked cedric and now she likes harry, and she can’t work out who she likes best. then she’ll be feeling guilty, thinking it’s an insult to cedric’s memory to be kissing harry at all… and she probably can’t work out what her feelings are towards harry anyway, because he was the one who was with cedric when cedric died, so that’s all very mixed up and painful.”


“I had to buy him some time and had to tell me, you know.”

  • Cassian: Boyfriend? I don't want to be Jyn's boyfriend.
  • K-2SO: Well, what do you want then?
  • Cassian: I don't know! I just want to be with her all the time. I want to hear about her day and tell her about mine. I want to hold her hand and smell her hair. But I don't want to be her stupid boyfriend!
  • 707: *calls MC* I had the craziest dream that you married me!
  • MC: I did marry you. It happened 3 years ago. It's like 3 in the morning rn. Stop calling me when we're right beside each other. gO TO FUCKING SLEEP, SAEYOUNG
Don’t forget how hard seventeen was. That year took more than it gave, but one thing it did give was empathy. At the very least, you can understand people’s suffering now, and you have learned that suffering is relative. Don’t forget that you’re still allowed to have rough days, but remember to help out others who are also having a rough day. And if you ever feel seventeen again, just remember with a smile all that happened at eighteen.
—  What I learned from being eighteen
  • 707: urgh... I don't feel so good...
  • Zen: Whats wrong dude?
  • 707: I feel all nauseous and I've got goose bumps all over.... and my face keeps getting all flushed...
  • Zen: [laughing] Sounds like you're in love....
  • 707: What do you mean I'm in love!?! HOLY SHIT IS IT CONTAGIOUS!?!?

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In your opinion, how did Lydia fall in love with Stiles?

I’m gonna quote John Green but I honestly feel like it was slowly and then all at once.
Like it was so slow she hardly even noticed it. She may have noticed some feelings bubbling up (confirmed canon at the 3.11 kiss) but it was still like a simmer. She knew she was jealous of Malia but she convinced herself she just missed his presence, not that she was jealous over a romantic relationship someone had with him. It kept growing subtly until suddenly he burst through those doors at Eichen House and he told her to shut up so he could save her life and she was like “oh…oh wow” and it’s like everything just fell into place.

If you tell a boy whose hair is curly and wild and who dresses in faded holey t-shirts that smell like worn cotton and home that he should comb his hair down for you and dress up nicer for you, then you are slowly killing him and replacing him with what you think he should have to be…for you. Do me a favor. Dont. This world needs more boys with wild hair and worn cotton shirts and if you cant appreciate him, let him go, because he does not need to be told that his comfort and style is wrong. He should be loved by someone who thinks that wild hair is beautiful, and that he is stunning in a suit or worn cotton or nothing at all, because that is what love is. Healthy love is accepting them as they came, with all their flaws and problems and quirks. You should not have to “fix” someone you love at all, if they are right for you, you will be able to grow together into better people. They might adapt around you as time goes on, and that is normal, growth and change is good and natural, but forcing change is brutal and mean. He deserves to be loved just the way he came to you, because someone thinks he is beautiful, and if you can’t do that, let him love someone who will.
—  Thoughts of things 
When MC first joined the RFA
  • MC: What are your strengths?
  • 707: I fall in love easily.
  • MC: Okay... and what are your weaknesses?
  • 707: Those cute eyes of yours.

OH, MISTAKE!! » Shukashuu vs. Rikyako


“Hey Zeldris… I bet you’re cursing me in your seal, aren’t you?”
“There’s nothing to talk about”
“Even I yearned to be like you. So tell me… How was it you thought up something so incredibly fun?” 

NnT Week Day 3: Family/Bonds