oh how he loves us


“You could slowly start to resume normal physical activity.”

“Hey.  Hey, Danny.  You awake?”

Head nestled into his pillow, Danny is much too snoozy and satisfied to answer.  He’s just drifting off when familiar hands land on his back, fingers poking in a quest for attention.  With a grunt, he gives in and blinks his eyes open.  “What, babe?  What, what?”

Steve looks delicious, all rumpled, his hair a mess and a goofy smile on his face.  “I’m really grateful that you asked.”

The message of the bible is simple. 

God is creator of all, sovereign and eternal, compassionate and full of love. His son, Jesus Christ, came to the world and laid down his life for the sins of all so that any who believed in him might live forever. His word is truth. And faith in him is the only hope for the world. 

Don’t let things complicate this wonderful message of the gospel. 

Sas Nahn

I talk a lot about the part in TWoK that affected me so strongly that on my first read I threw the book across the room and didn’t touch it for a few days - I mean, I talk about that it happened that way. I was sideswiped. I threw the book. I let it lie there for a while. I don’t talk about That Chapter.

So, now I’m rereading the book, and got to Sas Nahn this morning. It’s been years and several rereads. I try not to look at it when I’m not doing a full reread, because of how it affects me.

But today, I was steeled for it.

And I finished the chapter. (More after the cut.)

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Mr and Mrs Shades (pt. II)

(Shades Alvarez x OC)

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“Honey, I’m home.” She called out as she filled the two glasses. Picking them up she turned around, smirk plastered on her face.

Taking a sip from her own glass as she held the other out.

“Well welcome home Mrs Alvarez.” Said Shades taking the glass from her offering hand.


“Still with the Bourbon I see. Although it has clearly gotten more expensive.” Shades remarked swallowing the two fingers worth she had poured him.

Sighing at the comment, she rolled her eyes and tossed back her shot. “We here to play catch up or talk business?” She asked pouring herself another shot.

“Well I thought it might be nice to know what my wife has been up to since she abandoned me to rot.” He said casually setting his empty glass on a side table.

His words set her spine straight and her grip began to white knuckle around the tumbler. “I abandoned you?” She asked anger seeping into her tone as she turned to look at him.

Standing there he ran his right hand over his left rubbing the tips of his right fingers over his left ring finger. Making a frown with his mouth his eyebrows raised over the tops of his glasses and he shrugged.

Huffing and shaking her head at his gesture she tossed back her second shot, slamming the empty glass down. “What do you want Hernan?”

“Like I said, to know how my wife has been?” He remarked finally taking off the glasses and putting them in his breast pocket.

“Cut the shit.” She seethed. No one on earth could actually piss her off. Sure she would pretend to be angry when a client would make a stupid remark, but honestly she could care less.

Hernan ‘Shades’ Alvarez though? He could enrage her with a look. And oh how he loved to use that look on her.

Sighing he complied “Fine, as usual you win.” He smirked rewarding himself with another eyeroll. “You’ve been hired to kill Diamondback.” He walked around the room. “I work for Diamondback.” Shades turned his back to her as he walked looking around the parlor. “He wants me to kill you before you kill him… so.” Shades drew his gun but when he turned she was gone.

“Andreanna!!” He yelled out. From her spot in the hall she listened to him storm the house. Creeping down to the hall table she reached under it. ‘Shit’ she thought to herself, he found it.

Making her way to the spare room she hoped he hadn’t found all of her hiding spots. Entering the room she shut the door quietly before heading to the wardrobe in the corner. Opening the doors she removed the false bottom to reveal the safe underneath thanking God, she used her thumb to open the lock and pulled out two Smith and Wesson 9mm’s, and screwed on their suppressors. Shoving the extra magazines into her thigh holster for her knife. She got ready to stand when she heard movement from above. He was in the room upstairs.

Listening carefully she pointed the guns at the ceiling. 'Step step, stop.’ She fired four rounds from each gun up to the room above. When she stopped firing she was met with silence. A moment of sadness began to settle in as she thought she had just killed him but when she looked up through the holes he was looking down gun in hand.

She ran out of the way just in time as he rained his shots down from above. Running to the kitchen she listened with her ear to the wall for him to come down the stairs.

Anticipating her move he fired at the wall as he came down the stairs. Running she dodged the 12 Guage blasts as they came through the wall.

Halting his assult Shades listened for life.

Catching her breath she spoke up “I see you found my shotgun?”

“Yeah it’s nice. Little heavy in the butt, but it seems to help in a way.” He commented.

Lifting her head she saw the barrel pointed at her through on of the holes in the wall. Ducking quickly as another blast shot over her head. Rolling back down the wall she stuck her gun through another one of the holes and fired.

“Ahh!” Shades hollered out dropping the shot gun and holding his arm where she grazed him.

Peaking through the hole she just shot through she expected to see his body, but was met with an empty stair case. Huffing her disappointment she stood and began to creep around the house.

Using the shadows and his dark suit to his advantage Shades moved easily around the house. Watching out for where she may be. From the dining room he saw movement out the corner of his eye. Drawing his gun he stepped forward. “Ya know I gotta give it to you Dre, I didn’t think you had it in you.” He said. Causing her to take a sharp breath at the use of his nick name for her.

As a child everyone always used her full first name it wasn’t until she started high school and met Hernan Alvarez had anyone thought to shorten it. Only he called her that, ever.

Closing her eyes she tried to gather herself, unprepared for what emotion the sound of his name for her would bring up when spoken from his lips after all this time.

“You always seemed like the type to love and never let go. But you did let go. Didn’t you?” He knew that would push her and cause her to act out.

It worked.

Turning from her position she slid across the hall into the living room firing down the in his direction. Only he wasn’t there. As she slid into the living room she was met with a small grenade rolling towards her. Her eyes went wide and she leaned back kicking her legs out from under her and at the small bomb, effectively knocking it into the fireplace across the room.

Scrambling to her feet she looked for her guns just as she heard steps approaching from behind. Ripping the rope from the curtains she stepped back.

Walking in, gun raised, Shades looked around the charred room only to have his gun knocked from his hand. Using his disorientation to her advantage she jumped on his back wrapping the rope around his neck. She held tight as he tride to fight for air.

Shades ran backwards slamming her back into the wall. Once, twice, on the third blow she lost her grip and he spun her over his shoulder and to the ground. Landing one, then two kicks. On his third strike she caught his foot, twisting his ankle causing him to fall onto his back on the floor.

Quickly, she climbed on top of him strattling his chest. She drew back and punched him. Jab, Jab, cross. Jab, Jab, caught.

Shades grabbed her wrist pulling her down and flipping them over. Practically nose to nose he pinned her arms down over her head. Panting he couldn’t resist looking down to her lips then back to her eyes. Neither one seeing the others action as she too did the same.

“It would appear you found all my toys.”

“It was just a little bomb baby.” He smirked

“And this is just my little knee.” She smirked back, at his crinkled brow. Drawing her leg up she kneed him right where it would hurt.

Groaning he fell forward releasing her arms. Now free, Red elbowed him across his cheek and pushed him off of her.

Groaning as she rolled over she spotted one of her guns on the floor and crawled to it. Shades tride to catch his breath from the shock of the low blow he had received.

He saw something black and shiny just infront of him. Crawling over he picked it up. It was one of Red’s 9mm’s. Checking the mag he saw two rounds and turned to stand.

Just as she turned and stood. Facing off they each held a gun on the other. Wanting nothing more than to end this, Shades squeezed his gun but couldn’t do it when something gold caught his eye.

Somewhere in the fight the mesh of her dress had torn and out fell a gold chain. With a gold men’s band hanging over her breasts, hanging over her heart.

Seeing him notice it her eyes began to gloss over.

“I can’t… I can’t.” He said dropping his gun.

“No!” She yelled thrusting her gun forward. “Pick it up!” He stared into her blue and red rimmed eyes shaking his head no. “You don’t get to leave me then act like you give a shit a decade and a half later you son of a bitch! Now PICK IT UP!”

He couldn’t do it. After all he put her through she still carried a torch for him just as he did for her.

Stepping forward the barrel of her gun touched his throat. She kept the gun on his neck even as he stepped closer. Wrapping his large hand around the back of her soft small neck he tangled his fingers in her silky onyx tresses. The cold barrel dug in as he pulled her to him and he crashed his lips to hers.

Melting into the man that she has waited nearly 15 years for felt like nothing short of a long lost dream. Dropping her gun to the floor she wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands made their way to her ass. Squeezing he lifted her up and slammed her into the wall behind them.

Both still frustrated over unanswered questions, but too caught up in the moment to ask them. They took it out on each other.

Biting down hard, Red caused a growl to leave his chest and blood to drip from his lip. Pulling her back he slammed her into the wall again, harder than before. Forcing a picture to fall from its place and shatter to the floor.

Pulling her from the wall again he slammed her down onto a side table just inside the hall way. Reaching down Shades grabbed either side of the slit she had cut in the cab to allow her to fight freely, and pulled it apart. Ripping the dress in half.

Taking a moment to look down at her he saw shear nude colored lace covering her chest and black lace boy shorts down lower. She was just as perfect as he remembered her. It was as if time stopped just on her so that he could have her as she had always been in his memories. Wrapping her legs around him she pulled him to her as he ripped off his suit jacket.

Reaching between them she forced open his shirt, buttons flew every where. Pushing him back a bit she looked down at his sculpted body the same way he had admired hers. He was all seemingly smooth lines but to the touch he was all hard, with edges.

Giving her a moment to appreciate him he met her eyes as she drew her gaze over him and back up. Once they locked stares he applied his hand to her throat and pushed her back against the wall, kissing her fiercely. Tangling the fingers of his other hand in the black lace of her underwear, Shades ripped it from her body.

Her fingers worked at his belt and slacks pushing them down so he sprung free.

Before she could even touch him he slapped her hands away and grabbed ahold of himself. There was no teasingn no few pumps of his hand, or a check if she was ready. He just lined himself up to her center and thrust forward. “FUCK Dre” He moaned.

Feeling the power of him shock through her body a tear slipped from her eye. Weather it was from finally being with the one person she had ever loved after all this time. Weather she just had debris in her eye from the fight. If it was just that powerful of a thrust, she didn’t know but she did know she wasn’t letting it go again.

Looking at her face leaned back he wiped a single tear from her cheek never letting up his pace. He rocked into her hard and fast. Watching her bite her own lip to keep from screaming out drove him to an edge he had not reached in 15 years.

Picking her back up she wrapped herself around him. Walking while still inside of her she would lift her hips to slide along him as he made his way to the spare room of the downstairs hall, where just moments before they had tried to kill one another.

Entering the room he threw her off of him and onto the bed. Kicking off his shoes and shoving down his pants the rest of the way he watched her. She rolled over and watched him finish stripping as she bit her lip and pulled off what was left of her dress and her bra.

Once the tattered material he once called a shirt was finally gone he dove for her.

Seeing her there layed out on the old quilt of the bed. Her hair fanned around her, her beautiful eyes looking at him the same way they had their last night together over a decade ago. He couldn’t help it. Running his fingertips over her cheek and his thumb over her lips he mumbled “I still love you.”

Tears filled her eyes as she took a shaky breath “I never stopped.” She whispered out.

Kissing her slow and deep he pulled away and pressed his forehead to hers trying and failing to catch his breath he panted. “I am so sorry baby, I am so damn sorry. Fuck, I love you.” He sounded so lost and broken as he positioned himself to enter her again.

Sucking in a ragged breath when he thrust forward. She let it go with a barely audible “I love you.”

This time taking it slow and savoring the moment he took still strong, but slower, deeper strokes while he worked his lips and toung over every bit of her they could reach.

She tasted like a life thought to be lost to him. He felt like a life long awaited by her.

They loved and returned to one another long into the night before collapsing into the first real nights sleep either one had been able to have in half a lifetime.

To one the most loving, loyal, hard working and inherently good bean in the world, thank you for always making me so happy just by being you. Happy 22nd Birthday Oh Sehun!

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Hmm, well since you were already asked about him how about Roxas?

Oh darling yes let’s sit down and talk about Roxas.

My bae in Kingdom hearts

My reason for even giving KH a chance to be the awesome shit that it is~

put a character in my ask

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

I love Roxy so much you have no idea. He’s suffered so much and it hurts my heart whenever I think of what DiZ did to him like fuck you asshole I’m glad you’re dead I hope you never come back. I don’t care if he’s sorry…I’m just sorry Roxas didn’t send y0 ass to the shadow realms that’s the place where he and Aqua are I like calling it that lmao

ship with: Oh oh oh I ship him with Sora!!! SoRoku all the way! I also ship him with Naminé because awwww that ship is sooo adorable -sniffs- and I ship him with Riku too! I’m not sure when that started but one day I thought to myself “Dang Riku and Roxas sure had a weirdly yaoi moment oh NO I NEED FANFIC” and that ship was born lol. I don’t ship him with Axel tho’–idk that ship rubs me wrong maybe because, to me at least, I didn’t see Roxas return those feelings Axel obviously had for him? Meh idk I brotp it tho’ so there’s that.

general opinions: Roxas deserves better. He deserves the world after everything he’s been through. Out of all the KH characters I swear Roxas is the one that suffered the most–got the short end of the stick. And I’m not talking about returning to Sora I swear him doing that saved him from more misery and disappointment. I…I don’t know…his entire existence had been a lie–fabricated by the Organization and he was manipulated again and again by nearly everyone he made contact with. Whether it was from OrgXIII to Riku and DiZ to his virtual Twilight Town–everything he’s ever known was a lie. The only thing that was good, for a moment, was Xion and Axel and their little ice cream breaks up on the tower–but even that ended tragically and when Axel tried to save him it just…it just pushed Roxas away. I swear the only thing that wasn’t a lie to him–that he felt was right–was Sora and trying to find him. He wanted answers hence why he left and it’s for that reason he found Sora and it became okay again. Ugh and my heart hurts because KH3D had Sora telling him what no one had ever told him before.

And I can never ever forgive DiZ or anyone that hurt this precious bae–hurt him so much that Sora could feel the pain and had to make it right again.

Because you know Sora is the only right thing in Roxas’ lonely world.

Oh gods Imma cry now wtf

kinda proud of this actually

might do more lineless things like this in the near future

look at snas he’s in his happy place were he can just sit and look at the stars i freaking love this nerd help me

He is jealous for me
Love’s like a hurricane, and I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy
When all of a sudden,
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory
And I realize just how beautiful You are and how great Your affections are for me 

And oh
How He loves us oh
Oh how He loves us
how He loves us oh