oh how do i feel about my shoes


  1. Do you even know how many times you have been arrested?
  2. I don’t know all the answers, sweetheart. I just do my best to pretend.
  3. Like many things in life, it started great and ended in disaster
  4. Oh, come on guys, who steals trash cans?
  5. I could barely find a decent one-bedroom for under one grand
  6. I still do believe you owe me dance
  7. Dee, your stupid ass Irish boyfriend isn’t answering his phone… Call me.
  8. “Shit, I didn’t realize how tall he is…”
    “Kick him to the knees!”
  9. “Jimmy’s whore house, how can I help you?”
    “It’s me. Can you stop answering like that?”
  10. Kicking people in the head didn’t give out a great impression to be honest
  11. I don’t know where the fuck you learned to whisper, but fucking hell…
  12. Could you stop sending me creepy pictures of yourself with no context?
  13. “You need to talk to your brother.”
    “The brother who tried to kill me with a phone book last christmas?”
  14. “Are you crying?”
    “The walls are thin, sweetheart. Are you okay?”
  15. “Is he gonna pay for that?”
    “Don’t worry, buddy. We’ll send somebody to go through the damages.”
  16. Don’t set off the alarms, this is our only change
  17. If Iain calls, deny everything and tell I wasn’t involved
  18. “You’re crazy, woman!”
    “How come? Was it me who put a gun against a six-year old’s head, huh?”
  19. You’re many things but not a failure
  20. Is it weird being back?
  21. “Who are you hiding from?”
    “Matthew. You?”
    “The blonde guy.”
  22. She was friends with people who can help me
  23. It’s scary how bad you are handling money
  24. “Do you see double?”
    “Can you even see out of that eye?”
  25. “Are you crazy?!”
    “I could be. Did you know my brother spend half of his life in asylum? Oh, and don’t even get me started with my mother.”
  26. Mrs. Gill wants her house painted again, when should I book her up?
  27. Can you stop laughing like this is something you enjoy?
  28. “Don’t you worry about money?”
    “I have you doing that for me.”
  29. I majored in kicking rich brats to the nuts
  30. It’s amazing if she spares you from beating after this
  31. “Are you okay?”
    “I didn’t see anything for fifteen minutes because you mazed me!”
  32. I slipped on a condom today! I’m not fine!
  33. You are fine, tovarisch.. You’re just fine.
  34. Can you not put the cards into a straight pile?
  35. I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m alive
  36. Alana, darling, let me sleep
  37. “Shut up! We are all in trouble, mate”
  38. “I’m trying my best!”
    “I know.”
  39. How late do I have to be to make him realize that I don’t give fuck about this date?
  40. “You son of a bitch -!”
    “No, no, no! Jimmy, calm it!”
  41. Okay, your aunt screwed up and now she’s going to go before your mom and dad find out what happened and kill me.
  42. Oh God! I think I killed him! Oh God… He’s fine.
  43. I’m armed with concussion
  44. “What happened to your arm, kiddo?”
    “There may have been a small – very controlled – fire at the garage.”
  45. Don’t wear that in public, please
  46. “I can’t date anybody who owns a yacht”
    “Why? Obviously he has ton of money. “
  47. “What on your to do list today?”
    “I have to bride a cop and then make sure that the fire on 9th street isn’t blamed on Ian. You?”
  48. Did I make this awkward? Sorry, I’ll go
  49. “Don’t trust me.”
    “Whatever you do… don’t trust a thing I say. I will get you killed and that’s blood on my hands.”
  50. “I didn’t do it! I swear, I didn’t!”
  51. Deny everything. Deny until you have no other choice than to slightly admit to it.
  52. You think this was my first choice of career? I wanted to be a dance, own an auto shop?
  53. Her face turned from sad to anger in a second
  54. He called me wifey material and I don’t know how to feel about it…
  55. I have gone fourteen years with only four pairs of shoes. 
  56.  Oh god dammit.. Where the hell did he come from? Get rid of him!
  57. Dad, why are you wearing superman suit?
  58. You scared me. Oh God.. Are you okay?
  59. Let me at least walk with you
  60. I ain’t the greatest listener, but I’ll give it shot with you.

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It’s My Fault: Tom Holland x POC

Tom and Reader have been married for 3 years and are 4 and half months pregnant. (It’s crazy, I have an exam at  8am and I am up at 2 in the morning writing this. Smh)

**Taking requests***

Warning: Sadness, Angst,…


“Please be careful love.” Tom urged as you walked into a small puddle by the fridge. He escorted you out of the kitchen and walked back tto clean the mess up. “Tom I’m fine.” You laughed. 

“I don’t want you or my child getting hurt.” He walked back over to you and kissed your lips. “I’m so excited to find out the sex.” You sighed, rubbing your belly. “I think it’s a boy.” He grinned handing you a plate of food. “Oh yeah it’s definitely a boy.” You said sarcastically. 

You looked at your plate and frowned, “Hon, I’m not a rabbit. You could’ve at least put a piece of chicken up there.” You said looking at his plate. HE sighed and slide his piece onto your plate. You smiled, “Thanks.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever. Did you take your vitamins?” He asked walking back into the kitchen. “Shoot, not today I forgot.”

“You can’t keep forgetting babe. We want this one-” He stopped and saw your face change. You stared at your plate and felt tears welling in your eyes. He ran back over to you, “Baby, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. You’re right. I need my vitamins.”

“So does this dress look alright. I mean with the baby and everything. I feel like I look like a beet.” You said observing yourself in the mirror. “You look wonderful.” He said holding your hand. “You’re not wearing those heels are you?” He asked. “Only for a bit.” You shrugged. “Fine. Just be careful.” You two were on the way to a Christmas party. 

You mixed and mingled and reluctantly asked questions. “So did you find out the sex yet?” Chrissy asked. “No, not yet. We find out in a couple days.” You grinned. “Maybe this one will be a girl.” She said. Your heart dropped and you looked at her. She gasped and tried to apologize “I’m so sorry Y/N!” 

“Forget it.” You stormed off and ran to the bathroom. You splashed cold water on your face to hide the tears and looked down at your belly. You pressed your hand careful against it and cooed, “It’s alright baby! Momma’s here.”

After recollecting yourself you walked back into the crowd and felt familar hands wrap around your waist. “How’s my girl?” He whispered in your ear. “I’m doing fine.”

“Not you.” He said. You turned around and looked at him. “Excuse you?”
“I’m talking about the baby.”

“Oh so now you think it’s a girl?” You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled. “Eh.” He smiled and pecked you on the lips. 

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cable & deadpool #001-002 ( 2004 )

  • “ look out, buttercup!”
  • “ nice haircut, ___”
  • “ hello? is anyone there?”
  • “ i’ll pass.”
  • “ it pays a lot.”
  • “ so… how much money?”
  • “ guns n’ ammo are easy to come by. even in france.”
  • “ i’m itchin’ like nuts – you mind if i take my face off?”
  • “ you must be yourself before you can be one.”
  • “ yeah. okay. don’t do that. preach. don’t. i WILL gouge eyes and stuff.”
  • “ so you ain’t freaked out by this?”
  • “ okay, now see, I’M grossed out!”
  • “ keep the motor runnin’ in case this place freaks me out too much.”
  • “ okay, first of all, i haven’t taken the job yet.”
  • “ am i on star trek or somethin’ – ‘cause i can do the shatner-roll if i have to.”
  • “ doctors say it ain’t contagious.”
  • “ sounds rough.”
  • “ i was EMPTY inside. as are so many of us. as are you.”
  • “ madness or genius?”
  • “ hah! you ARE humorous.”
  • “ a regular riot once you get t’know me.”
  • “ exactly what is this job?”
  • “ jerk.”
  • “ i must be hungry.”
  • “ you haven’t eaten any of your food.”
  • “ i wanted to get to know you.”
  • “ don’t get agitated. i wouldn’t like you when you’re agitated.”
  • “ what choice did i have?”
  • “ you could have learned to control your abilities.”
  • “ i don’t cause, i END.”
  • “ do i get the story?”
  • “ so, is this going to be, like, a testosterone thing?”
  • “ i’m here to help.”
  • “ ah, c’mon! you got my shoes!”
  • “ sorry. i feel terrible! how come this stuff we swallowed isn’t affecting you?”
  • “ notice anything strange yet?”
  • “ i can’t find my keys!”
  • “ look where you always lose them!”
  • “ idiot. every day, same thing.”
  • “ how about you try earning some money?”
  • “ oh, have you been earning money? i hadn’t noticed!”
  • “ aagh! i’m hit!”
  • “ say you love me. say it.”
  • “ whud time– ah-hmhhm… what time is it?”
  • “ time for you to help me.”
  • “ so, i was HIRED to find this stuff, ___. what’s YOUR excuse?”
  • “ so basically, it’s a very dangerous weapon.”
  • “ i prefer not to be so cynical.”
  • “ and exactly how would that be a good thing?”
  • “ believe whatever you want.”
  • “ so since my job is ‘bring back safe and sound’ an’ yours is ‘search and destroy,’ i guess kicking your butt is inevitable?”
  • “ don’t make me laugh while i do this.”
  • “ no, because this stuff is going to kill you in fourty-seven seconds.”
  • “ i know. relax. i can take the pain away.”
  • “ ‘systems don’t work, people work.’ i only wish i could be sure that people really DO work.”
  • “ you have no clue what changing a world REALLY requires.”
  • “ youth doesn’t excuse stupidity. but it does give you a second chance to get it right.”
  • “ where were you an hour ago?”
  • “ all that soda, y’know. then there was this soccer game on, an’ someone left a crossaint basket out, with all the little jellies and… ah, i can talk ‘til you’re all blue in the face– and soon, you will be!“
I’m going to add my 2 cents to all this drama of ep 13.

I’m going to start by saying that I haven’t played the episode but for all I know thanks to the spoilers I get the whole idea behind this episode and I would like to share my thoughts. (Quick note: if something is worded funny or written wrong, excuse me, english isn’t my first language).

Warning, if you’re someone that gets offend easily, save yourself and your time, I’m gonna be a little bit rude on some parts of this because really, all this drama is quite ridiculous for me (though, this doesn’t mean I don’t understand it since I do but also I do see beyond that) and I’m going to explain why under the cut. (Second warning, this is loooooooong)

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Smoking Hot

Originally posted by marauders-scrapbooks

Warning: sexual implication

Request:  oh, sorry! is a conversation: “Motivate me to do homework” “Do all your homework and I’ll have sex with you”

Notes: I didn’t really use this very well but I hope you like it nonetheless

I hate smoking. I hate it with a burning passion. And I just found out my boyfriend Sirius Black loves to smoke.

“You smoke.” I whispered.

“Dammit how’d you find out?” Sirius asked.

“You smoke!” I exploded.

“Yes, and?” He asked.

“You know how I feel about smoking Sirius Black.” I said.

“Do I?” He questioned.

“I hate smoking!” I screamed.

“Oh Miss Goody Two Shoes hates smoking what a surprise!” Sirius bellowed.

“What did you just call me? This is what I can’t deal with this kind of bullying from you, you did it before we were dating and now you’re starting it again!” I screamed. I couldn’t deal with this again.

“Maybe there was a reason I did it before!” Sirius shouted.

“Are you joking?!” You just tried to make yourself feel better for verbally abusing me!” I screeched. “You made me so mad Sirius Black, you made me so upset!”

“Well then why did you agree to go out with me?” Sirius questioned.

“Because I had a massive crush on you! Did you want me to say no then?!” I squealed.

“Maybe I wish you did now!” Sirius screamed.

“Well. Maybe I should’ve said no then.” I whispered, before walking out of Sirius’ dorm. I passed James and Remus on the way.

“Y/N what’s wrong?” Remus asked.

“Why don’t you ask Sirius?” I mumbled before walking away.

I was a mess. An awful mess. Sirius and I had the same Patronus so we knew we were soulmates. But soulmates can change. And apparently ours had. “You look like crap.” Came a voice from beside me.

“Flattering, Potter.” I retorted.

“Sirius hasn’t come out of the dorm in three days go and talk to him.” James demanded.

“Did he tell you what he said to me?” I asked, lowly.

“No, of course not.” James said, like I was stupid.

“He told me that he now wishes that I said no to him when he asked me out. He wishes I wasn’t his soulmate James.” I said tears filling my eyes.

“Oh.” James said, shocked. “You know how Sirius is though Y/N.”

“I do. But this was a new low.” I said, the tears were now dripping down my face.

“I know. I do understand that. I do.” James said pulling me close in to his side.

“He tried to justify his bullying.” I said softly.

“What?” James asked.

“He tried to say that there was a reason he did it before.” I said.

“He’s an asshole.” James said. “He’s an asshole that you are eventually going to have to talk to. You know he does care, he is still in the dorm.”

“Should I go now?” I asked.

“Yes.” James said without hesitation.

“Okay.” I climbed the staircase in threes to get to the dorms. I knocked on the door.

“Go away James!” Sirius screamed.

“Sirius Black, always so dramatic.” I called through the door shyly.

“Y/N?!” He called back hopefully. I opened the door and saw tissues littered all over Sirius’ bed.

“Sirius what are all these?” I asked holding up a tissue. I could see from his red nose and cheeks that it was because he was crying. I just wanted to hear him say it.

“My tissues stained with my tears, snot and dying soul.” He said dramatically.

“Of course, of course.” I said.

“I’m sorry Y/N everything I said was not true. I swear I just was being stupid.” He said.

“I’m sorry too. It’s your business.” I said.

“No Y/N you don’t have to be sorry. I’ve stopped smoking. I love you.” He said, cupping my cheeks.

“I love you too, Black.” I said, as he leant down to kiss me. Everything was right again.

“I have a lot of homework to do. I have no motivation.” He complained.

“Yeah well you’ve been holed up in here for the past three days but I’ll tell you what, if you do all your homework, I’ll have sex with you.” I said cheekily.



I’m gonna try to post more illustrations and comics guys, I promise, just stop sending messages complaining about it. It’s rude, selfish and inconsiderate for so many reasons.

Sehun: I bought these shoes for you
Kai: You know how I feel about shoes, all they do is suffocate my feet
Sehun: Oh okay, I guess I’ll just return them then-
Kai: No! They’re mine you can’t just give me something and then take it back!

you did (pt.3)

pairing: hoseok x reader

genre: angst, bestfriend!AU, (fuckboy!AUish)

part: 3/? (part: 1 | 2)

word count: 2.6k

summary: You and Jung Hoseok has been friends for almost half of your lives. And you let him control you in so many ways.

a/n: i’m even shook to what’s happening. lmao. btw, thank u for the support and love. the end is near maybe 1-2 chapters more? 

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

The moment your eyes open from sleep, the first thing that came into mind was Hoseok. You perfectly remembered his voice that night, and even though you didn’t see him, you have imagined a vivid image of him while he’s in his room–doing it with So-hye.

Your ruined emotions that seemed to have healed temporarily during your sleep, came breaking down again. And along with it were flowing hot tears and a stifled scream.

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Multiple Make-Ups

Summary: Dan often has to make up for his actions concerning Phil. Pure shameless Phan fluff, sweet enough to rot your teeth

The Cactus Drawing Incident

Dan and Phil had only just gotten home after doing their latest radio show. Dan was a little confused at his boyfriend’s behavior towards the end of the show, especially over the whole ‘cactus thing’. If people began to put two and two together then it could be bad.

“Phil, you do realize you asked Mollie that cactus question live for the world to hear, right?”

“Well I needed advice,” Phil replied with a pout, shuffling over to the couch.

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Imagine Chanyeol hearing news about an EXO subunit to debut not too long from now. Their managers inform them that the subunit is still being chosen and to just focus on working hard to show their best as the company makes their decision. Chanyeol isn’t quite sure who will decide, but his heart is set on a Chansoo subunit; he buys a boxed lunch and a juice box for each employee every day, compliments each person he comes across in the hallway, and even offers to shine the shoes of one particularly well-dressed individual.

“Um, Chanyeol, that’s ok, I already got them shined this morning,” Junmyeon says with a laugh.

He blinks as he recognizes his fellow band member. “Oh. In that case,” Chanyeol promptly pulls Junmyeon’s shoes off and starts heading down the hall, “I know who’d like these shoes: the keepers of my destiny.” He keeps walking as Junmyeon hobbles behind him, stammering that the shoes were a gift from his grandparents.

“The Romans” Chapter 8 (Unexpected Guest )

Hey Guy, Here is Chapter 8 and I really enjoyed writing this chapter. I Hope You Guys Enjoy Reading!!!!

After the night with their family Ahsha and Derek laid in bed, both sides of the bed in different places. Derek was now sleeping on cloud nine as he was very happy about the dinner with he and Ahsha’s family. Everyone hit it off great and they had all vowed that they would have more time spent together at the mansion and outings like a real family. Ahsha on the other hand was very much uneasy. She couldn’t help but think about her bracelet being outside of her jewelry box. She tried her best to think all of her thoughts away. She wanted to believe that she had been mistaken and didn’t put it away but she knew all too well that that just wasn’t like her at all. She decided not to go further into the conversation about why she was so concerned about her bracelet being out of the box being important when Derek asked. Derek knew she wasn’t the materialist type of women but Ahsha did hold this bracelet to a great value, so great it was priceless. She didn’t want to put a damper on their night
by assuming the worst but that defiantly was in her mind. She hated to judge Derek’s family but there was a reason Derek tried staying away from them. Truth is they were drama. Ahsha knew every family had their fair share of drama and her family was defiantly no different. She thought back to the night were Ziggy was in their room invading their space and she felt sick to her stomach. Ahsha argued inside her head that he didn’t really believe that Derek was married so maybe Ziggy would roam freely in the house before they were married, but Ahsha just had a bad feeling. Derek’s mother was a user, his cousin Ziggy use to supply him with drugs and she felt that Gigi, Cyrus and Jade were lovely but she didn’t know what secrets they held. All she knew is that she was about to get to the bottom of this now. Ahsha slipped out of bed and went into their homes office to pull up footage from inside of their home. No one knew that Derek and Ahsha had camera’s inside of their bedroom accept them; not ever security. They had cameras set up around the property that security kept eyes on all day and night but it was their own person choice to
have the access to every room in their house. Being that they were celebrities they set the recording to be self-deleted every twenty four hours just incase
someone found out there wouldn’t be mouths worth of sexcaped footage of them on camera. Only Ahsha and Derek knew the access passwords on their security footage. Ahsha pulled up the view of the cameras and clicked on the screen that showed into their bedroom. Ahsha or Derek never had any reason to watch back any footage from the inside of the house because aside from them having Pete, Sloane, Kyle, Terrence or members from the Devil girl or the team it was always the two of them. Plus they’re staff of two, Elanor and Jeeve. The only reason they ever looked back at footage was to play back sex between them to see how they actually looked during. Freaks they were as that was Derek’s idea to have a look. As Ahsha pulled up the screen it felt so awkward looking right at her husband sleep but it was for their own security. Ahsha now clicked on the closet screen and played the footage back from the top of the day. As she stared intensely into the screen she fast forward from that morning until she reached a time of about 7:03 when she entered the closet to get dress for dinner that night. She watched herself get dress and go through her
jewelry box. Ahsha watched as she admired her bracelet that her husband gave her and this was the defining moment. Next she watched herself place her bracelet back into the box and she grabbed her earrings. She began feeling anxious now as she knew that she could no longer feel her own head with doubt. She had indeed placed her bracelet back into her jewelry box which means someone had removed it back again. She continued watching as she bent down to search under the counter for her earring that she had dropped. All of a sudden she watched her husband enter into the closet and Derek was literally checking her ass out. Ahsah scoffed “How the hell did I not hear him walk in” she thought to herself. She stood up and got startled by her husband and they shared a few words and kisses as they were reunited. Derek is last seen
grabbing her hand and they exit the closet. Ahsha needed to know the truth. She sped the video footage up to get closer and closer to her answer. Ahsha heart was now beating out of her chest. The footage was a little over three hours later and the time on the recording was now at 10:05 pm. Still looking for her answer Ahsha sees someone walking into their closet. Ahsha was shocked at who it was. It was Sloane. She watched as her mother looked around. Sloane walked up to Ahsha wall of shoes. She stopped an examined the wall and all of a sudden she got a sudden spark on her face as if she had found something. She did. She took some shoes off the wall and Ahsha immediately recognized that they were Sloane’s shoes that she had borrowed without her knowing. She sometimes barrowed her mother’s shows and returned them
without her knowing but Ahsha was busted caught red handed.  Ahsha  bust out laughing as she saw her mother’s face . Ahsha had everything she needed but she always felt like a little girl sometimes wanting to wear her mother’s high heels. “Mom is gonna kill me about those shoes" she giggle to herself.
She continued watching as Sloane stopped in front of the counter. Sloane opened her jewelry box and she finally saw Sloane take out her bracelet and placed it on the counter and she also found a necklace that she had given Ahsha with ballerina slippers around it. She had given the necklace to Ahsha when she was 15 years old and that was another piece that Ahsha had cherished forever. Sloane took the necklace kissed it
after which she placed it back into the box. However she forgot Ahsha’s bracelet. Ahsha leaned back into her chair and let out a breath of relief. She was greatly thankful that all of her assumption her wrong so her husband could stay on his high.
The next day Derek and Ahsha both had practice. The devil girls were dancing at the charity event this week hosted by the Devils organization so they had to make sure that the dance was perfected. The devils girls had practice earlier then the team so Ahsha drove to the arena alone. On her drive she decided to call her mother.
Siri Call Devil Girl Sloane” Ahsha spoke. Ahsha had her Bluetooth setup to her car so they never had to hold their phone during a conversation.
She often joked that if they did Derek would run off the road.
“Hey Little Girl” Sloane answered her phone.
Hey Gorgeous, how are you today?” Ahsha beamed.
“Well, I’m still a little mortified that I almost caught you and your husband doing very grown up things in your laundry room last night, ughh Ahsha I wasn’t ready for that”. Sloane said in a traumatized voice. Ahsha laughed.
“Well I guess you better knock next time” Ahsha said matter of fact.
On the laundry room door Ahsha really, no how about next time you guy should do it after company leaves. Sloane shot back.
Oh mom really I know you aren’t going there. How many times have I walked in on you and Pete? What about my interrupted poor soul? Now you know how I feel?“ Ahsha said giggling.
Yea, whatever. Oh and another thing Mrs. Roman on my quest to find the bathroom I decided to just use the one in you guys room and I ended up in your closet. Do you know what I found missy"? Sloane questioned. Ahsha knew what she was about to say but she played it cool.
“Well I hope you found a good time”. Ahsah said jokingly.
Yea you think you’re funny but I found my Valentino heels young lady. Ahsha what did I tell you about taking my shoes? I’m sure you can afford whatever you want and on top of that you were blessed with a very generous husband. Don’t take things from little ol me”.
Ahsah laughed. “But mom your things just feel so right” Ahsha said in a girlish voice.
“Ahsha” Sloane spot back
“Okay Okay I won’t take anything else I promise”. Ahsha was now pulling into the arena parking lot. “Okay mom I’m going into the arena I’ll call you later but I love you”
“I love you too honey” Sloane said i her motherly voice.
Ahsha walked into the studio and she kicked the Devil girl’s asses that practice because she was for damn sure the dance that night would be everything for the event.


All of Devils nation came out to the charity event to spend money and donate to a good cause. The event was catering to sick children fighting with cancer and Derek was the host. They had many of these events every season but this year was actually different for Derek. Being that he had recently found out that Jade had cancer it touched him deeply. He decided he would donate whatever he could to help doctors research to finding a cure. He had invited Cyrus and Jade out to the event tonight and they were so excited to come but earlier that morning Cyrus warned Derek that Jade was not feeling to well. Derek felt really bad but he would make sure to check in with them later. He was dressed in his black suite with black accents. Black on black was his signature look and Derek Roman was looking good tonight as any. The event was an hour in and the devil girls were in place to dance as they were dressed in all white. The teamed danced to I’d Never Dreamed You Leave In Summer
by Stevie Wonder. The dance was dedicated to Dillan Franks and nine year old boy that had lost his battle to cancer. Dillan’s parents were there and the team was donating money as well to the family that night. As the dancer danced there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. The dance was simply elegant and beautiful, Ahsah really did a number on this dance as all the dancers moved from their souls. The organization was really please with Ahsha as this was her first year as caption. They felt she brought diversity to the Devil girls. For so long the team was only looked at as sexy. And sexy was always being bought as it went along with the entire “Devils” image so they had no problem with that but Ahsha expanded the viewers thoughts about the team and now they were seen as just performers that could performed at any event. After the dance, the dancers got dressed into their elegant attire and returned to the event. Ahsha searched the room for her husband as she knew he was hosting the event so she
wanted to get a quick moment with him before his night of working got hectic. She peered her eyes all over the room and she could not spot him anywhere.
All of a sudden a hand grazed the nape of her back.
“Some Dance” Derek spoke in his deep voice his cologne now invading Ahsha’s nostrils. Ahsha turned around to face her husband.
Oh you liked it did you?” Ahsha spoke in a charming voice
Yes babe it was beautiful, every time I watch you dance it makes me happy”. I just wished Ma and Pops could have made it, she’s been saying she wants to see you dance.
Soon we’ll dance together my love, just for you” Ahsha said grazing her hand over Derek’s cheek and he kissed it as it ran past his lips.
“I called the Luke Grant cancer center in Bel Air they’re supposed to be the best in California baby. I set up an appointment for Mom for when I get back from the game in Dallas. I wanted to ask you, baby would you come with us”? Ahsha looked softly into her husband’s eyes and smiled flattered that he would want her there.
Derek of course I’ll come, I’ll do anything you want me to do” Ahsha said sincerely.
Derek smiled back at his wife. “Yea I know I just want you to go for support”.
“Of course babe I’ll do anything to support Jade in her process”.

“Ahs I was talking about me” Derek chuckled. He never was the man to need anyone to hold his hand for anything. Derek was truly fearless so Ahsha didn’t even consider the fact that he may have been referring to himself.
“Aww you big baby, you don’t need me there” Ahsha slapped his chest.
I know baby but I want you there, it’ll only feel right if you are there with me”. Derek concluded
Well you know I will be”. Ahsha confirmed. They held each other in their arms and pecked lips a couple of times with kisses.
Okay baby I gotta go back and host I’ll come and check on you in a few”. Derek smiled
Okay handsome” Ahsha said rubbing the lipstick off of her husband’s lips. As Derek walked away Ahsha got light headed as the same overwhelming feeling came back to her stomach. She didn’t feel sick she just got butterflies. Lately her husband had given her that feeling when they shared loving moments. She didn’t understand what he was doing to her. She held on to her mid-section as Kyle walked up next to her.
“What’s wrong Carebear?” Kyle asked seeing Ahsah hold her sides. Ahsha looked up startled and started to fix her dress as she rubbed her hand down the side.
Oh, Nothing Kyle my dress is just a little tight around my waist that’s all. I really need to start working out more”.
What Ahsha you look amazing, I was just about to tell you you’re glowing. D Ro must be givin it good”. The two ladies were walking to the front of the stage and as soon as Ahsah heard those words leave Kyle’s mouth it was like something slapped her dead in the face. “Wait a minute” Ahsha thought to herself. All of a sudden the feeling no longer resembled butterflies it was always a fluttering in her stomach now that she thought about it. In that instant she got a huge lump in her throat as if she would cry a happy tear but she didn’t want to alert her friend.
Ahsha” Kyle snapped her finger “Girl are you tired or something? I’ve been here talking to you and you weren’t answering”.
Before Ahsha could respond back her thought were interrupted by Derek’s voice on the microphone. Ahsha wiped her eye on the slide.
“And Next we will announce the winner for the bidding to dance with The Devil’s very own Devil Girl Kyle Heart. Now a couple of years ago the roles were reverse. Kyle was the host and I shared my first dance with my beautiful wife Ms. Ahsha Hayes, now Mrs. Ahsah Roman.
Derek lifted his glass and winked at his wife and the crowd started to cheer for the couple.
“Now of course ever since then she’s been dancing with me ever since and none of you men will ever have a chance but hey what can I say”. Derek through his hands up in a shrug motion. “You snooze you lose”. Derek said looking at Ahsha as if he could eat her up.
“So the winner for the bid is Dr. Bryan Peters”. Kyle’s eyes shot open as she heard the words “doctor”.
Kyle and Ahsha eyed each other. “Omg girl a doctor. Jackpot”. She squealed at Ahsha and Ahsha couldn’t help but laugh at her friend. Kyle headed up the stair to the stage as she passed Derek.
“Move Derek get off my stage you got your wife, I’ve got a dance with a hot doctor”. Kyle’s smiled super hard.
He grabbed her arm as if he was helping her up the stage and whispered to her quietly while keeping a discrete smile on his face.
“Actually the winner was “Sweaty Hands Gilbert” from the team so you owe be big time for looking out” Derek added
Kyle’s eyes shot open in shock “Omg No” She whispered. Derek shook hands with the doctor as he was now approaching the stage and Kyle mouthed to him “Thank You”
All Derek could do was laugh and Gilbert was now looking disappointed in the corner of the room. Derek stood behind Ahsha and wrapped his hands around her waist. They both enjoyed the dance as this one symbolized the start of their very own
After a long night out at the charity event the Romans were spent. All Ahsha wanted to do was get home take her shoes off, undress hop in the shower and curl up in bed under her husband and after Derek would take his shower that’s exactly what they did. The whole night they slept in heavenly peace. It was now 7:28 am and the sun was beading through their balcony window into their room causing Derek to wake up out of his slumber. He yawned out and stretched his arms as Ahsha was no longer laying on his chest. She was now lying with her back towards him. She must have turned over during the night he thought to himself. Still laying on his back Derek notice that the covers in front of him were headed through the roof because of his morning wood. Derek reached under the covers with one hand and gently rubbed his penis as it felt sore because it needed a release. Derek’s wife was still sound asleep and all of a sudden he got a wicked idea to himself and a smirk played on his face. He turned over towards a sleeping Ahsha and wrapped his arm around her waist like he would normally do if they were still sleeping and he felt her leave his chest. Ahsha was so sleepy from the previous night before she didn’t even notice her husband’s dick poking her, but all that was about to change. Derek rubbed his hand gently
down her hip and grabbed her ass cheek to spread it open so he could find his pot of gold. Derek knew his wife was going to wake up and try to kill him but the sweet agony he was about to reward her with was so damn worth it. Derek rubbed the head of his dick at the center of her wetness and quickly rammed his
entire dick inside of his wife. Ahsha eyes shot open and the cutest shriek left her little body.
“Eeekkk” Ahsha screamed as she grabbed a fist full of the covers tightly. Derek couldn’t help but laugh at his startled wife.
“Good Morning Mrs. Roman” Derek cooed deeply into the back of her neck. He slid his arm under Ahsha and wrapped it around both her breast then started grinding intensely into her wetness.
Argh Derek what are you doing?” Ahsha whined as she pushed her hand back into his midsection because of how deep her husband was.
Derek was so deep he loved the feeling of having Ahsha naked ass in his lap. The feeling of the crack of her ass rubbing against his lower abdomen
was erotic.
“Ugh DEREK”! Ahsha cried out again this time because his pleasure was now waking her up completely.
“What, Baby you want me to stop? Derek cooed kissing the back of her shoulder knowing even if she did he wouldn’t.
NOOO!“ Ahsha purred back while now grinding her ass back on her husband. If she wasn’t ready for what her husband was about to put on her she would for damn sure get ready. Derek loved the slow wine she was giving his dick. He began placing tender kissed on her neck and biting her ear as his back and hips swerved in an grinding motion to help throw his dick back at Ahsha the way he knew she liked it. Ahsha reached her arm back to grab onto Derek’s back pulling him into her so that he could be as deep as possible.
Derek took his free hand and placed it on Ahsha waist so he could pull her back and forth on his dick with as much force as she would allow. This morning they weren’t having wild sex like animals they were sexing like a married couple sharing their love; both of their bodies knowing what the other needed. Derek slammed Ahsha back on dick with a force that hurt her so good and he moved his hips in a circular motion creating a friction for the both of them. Derek’s dick was so thick she felt it all
UGGHH” they both moan out in unison as this love making was too deep and erotic. Ahsha lifted her leg up and bent it to the side of her body as Derek held it up so she could open herself up more to him. When she did this, a rush of her juices started to flow down on Derek’s penis and this only made his stroking feel even more pleasurable. Derek’s dick was so hard and it touched ever capacity within her. They both were in heaven. Ahsha took her free hand and reached down to rub her wet clit as she felt Derek’s dick hitting every spot she liked; her body was on fire. Ahsha was now gyrating hard at a steady pace. As she moved her hips in a circular motion she rubbed her pussy faster and faster from top to bottom occasionally rubbing against Derek’s dick as it continues to make her quiver. Ahsha loved  watching his dick disappear inside her. Every so often she grabbed it an guided it in and out of her tight pussy cat fucking herself .Derek squeezed her breast tightly
“Fuck, I love it when you do that” Derek groaned. Ahsha’s head fell back into his chest. His balls were hitting her vagina and her juice dripped over them.
“Shit Derek, Oh My Gahh baby! Ahsha couldn’t control her multiple orgasms his dick was giving her. With all of the pleasure Ahsha’s vagina started to squirt all over him.
“ARGGHHHHH Yes, You feel sooo damn good daddy” Ahsha said while shaking her orgasm. Her fingers were now burning from gripping the sheets so tight and her husband was making her toes curl.
Derek was going to cum soon and he knew it. With Ahsha cumming on his dick and how wet she was he knew she was gonna end him soon. Derek pulled out of her quickly.
“Turn Over baby, face me” Derek demanded. Ahsha did as she was told and turned to face her husband. They’re bodies were so close. Ahsha breast was pressed against his chest ad she wrapped her arms around his neck. Derek grabbed her leg and placed it on top of his hip and they continue to lay on their sides and slide his dick back in. He began moving slowly as his pleasure trip had come down so that he could hold on a little more. He gripped Ahsha’s ass in his hand and started to glide in and out of her again. He and Ahsha looked each other in the eyes and they couldn’t help but grin at each other for being so freaky. Ahsha was his soulmate and Derek was hers. They enjoyed making love to each other passionately. Ahsha head fell back and she squeezed her vagina muscles around her husband’s thick length. Derek leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her neck as only his lips could.
“I love you” Ahsha stated holding onto her husband tightly.
“I Love you too” Derek assured while caressing her ass dragging his fingers tips over her plump flesh. Derek now grabbed her neck bringing her face towards him and he leaned in to kiss Ahsha’s lips and their lips intertwine in an erotic dance while keeping his rhythm.
“Ummmmm Ummmmm baby you’re gonna make me cum again” Ahsha said between his lips. Derek grinned against hers. Derek was ready to give her all he had, by the time he was done with his wife her kitty would be sore for two days. Derek began to dick her down harder and Ahsha was losing her damn mind.
“Yes Right There Baby” Ahsha screamed as her husband was hitting her gspot and the closeness between them was causing friction on her clit at the same time. Derek was done playing games with his wife. He was about to end the both of them. He grabbed Ahsha and swiftly shifted her body to lay horizontal across the bed. Her head was swaying over the edge of the bed and her long hair was now sweeping the ground. Derek laid on top of her now having complete control. She wrapped her legs around her husband’s back as her erect nipples were staring him in the face. Derek pinched both of her nipples and rubbed them between his fingers. He gazed down into her eyes and she looked back into his and they shared one last loving kiss. He then plunged his dick for the last time into Ahsha and started to suck on her breast swirling his tongue.
“Fuck” Derek curse through clinged teeth
Derek grabbed her legs and pushed the further and Ahsha wrapped them behind his neck. Ahsha was now completely open and Derek’s entire dick was stuffed inside of her. The room was now filled with Ahsha screaming his name as her pussy contracted around his dick tightly. Ahsha felt like she would explode. And they both did. Derek’s filled her with so much of his love it came oozing out of her opening. Derek fell to her chest and Ahsha rubbed his back as both of them caught their breath.
“Well, Good Morning to you too” Ahsha laughed while lowering her legs. Derek kissed the top of her stomach and laughed tiredly he has just put in work.
After regaining their strength they both would take a shower as Derek needed to pack his bags for the away game and Ahsha needed to get ready to take him to the airport. Now Derek was sitting on the edge of the bed. They both were still naked. Ahsha propped herself up on her knees and she came upon Derek from behind. She wrapped her arms around his neck and grazed her hand down his torso. Derek grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. He then turned his head to her and they shared another passionate kiss. As they’re lips touched Derek penis jumped from feeling Ahsha erect nipples on his back.
“Mrs. Roman don’t start me up again you know I gotta get ready to go to the airport. Derek said cockily. Ahsha kissed his neck with her plump lips.
“Ummm, I hate that you’re leaving me for these two day”. Ahsha stated.
“I know baby but I’ll be back in no time annoying you as always” Derek smirked.
“Yea I bet” Ahsha concluded.
Ahs I’m gonna let you take your shower first while I get something ready”. Derek got up to walk to the closet.
Alone” She shot back as she pouted her lips”
“Yes Alone, I’m letting you go first because you take the longest to get ready.
“Okay I agree with that but why alone” Ahsha questioned.
Because Ahsha I wanna actually make my flight, and you know you can’t keep your hands off me. Women who do you think you fooling”. Derek laughed.Ahsha mouth flew open. “You are so full of yourself, shut up Derek.” Ahsha rolled her eyes and went into the bathroom.
All of a sudden Ahsha got that tingling feeling from deep within. It was the same feeling she got a couple of nights ago and also last night.
It was like her body was giving her a message and she understood exactly what it was. Maybe it was her women’s intuition. The same wave of emotion came over her as it did when her husband was holding her. She notice that she only got this feeling after Derek was loving on her or holding her, and or when she was having a moment of peace.
“Ahsha, What are you doing in there? Hurry up baby”. Derek yelled from the walk in closet still preparing his away luggage.
Ahsha shook her feeling away and she continued to get showered and ready. Ahsha and Derek then locked up their home and got into their black truck.
Derek are you sure you have everything?” Ahsha asked.
“Uhhh yes I have everything, I know how to pack my things, Ive been doing this since before we got married thank you” Derek teased.
Ahsha began backing out of the driveway and suddenly.
Ahs Hold Up” Derek quickly urged. He hopped out of the car and ran into the house soon to return. He got back into the passenger seat with a silly smile.
Derek started to chuckle. “I almost forgot my phone on the counter. Don’t you say a word”. Derek hated when she was right.
Wasn’t gonna” Ahsha replied back laughing. “Mr. I’ve been packing since the day I was born” Ahsha added. Derek shook his head; he knew he was full of it.
As the Romans were headed to the airport Derek noticed that his wife was deep in thought. At first he tried to ignore it as he started to check emails on his phone
but he couldn’t ignore her silence for too long. Usually on days where he left for away games Ahsha was whining up a storm and he couldn’t get her to shut up about him leaving. Call it crazy but Derek loved when his women showed him her affection before he left. He didn’t need it to stroke his ego but he just loved sometimes when his wife would get all clingy. It made him feel loved.
“Hey, Is something bothering you? You’ve been really quiet ever since we left the house.” Derek stated as he grabbed Ahsha’s hand while her other was on the stirring wheel.
Huhhhhhh, No everything is perfect I just have things on my mind.” Ahsha answered. Derek could since something off in her tone.
“Well what is baby” Derek asked plainly. He was testing her out to see how important she felt about whatever she was hiding inside her head.
No, we can talk about it some other time, I’m not sure it’s the right time to tell you”. Ahsha’s  voice trembling while biting her lip nervously. Ahsha knew she had just gotten herself cornered. She knew Derek didn’t play the game of guessing when he could obviously tell something was up. Derek now knew it was something important because if it wasn’t Ahsha would just come out and say it. But the fact that she was holding onto this made Derek aware of the situation. Derek was no longer taking no for and answer.
“Ahsha , You Might As Well Spit it Out Now. You know I’m not getting on that plane until you let me know what’s bothering you”. He said as a matter of fact as he folded his arms. Derek was possessive in that way and he always felt the need to know whatever was bothering his wife. He never liked to leave anything undone. He wouldn’t, and it was actually pissing him off the way she was dancing around not telling him.
Ahs look, whatever it is, you need to tell me. Whatever you feel is not the right time to let me know, I say it is. I’m not gonna
wait until I get back for you to tell me what you can tell me right now. My mind doesn’t need to be clouded. So again, what’s bothering you”.
Derek said the last part slowly. Only Ahsah didn’t answer him which only made things worst
“Oh so now you don’t hear me?” Derek raised his brow. Ahsha could since her husband tone of voice and  even though he was annoying her by not dropping it she knew she better answer him with something.
“Derek nothing’s bothering me” Ahsha argued back
“Then what the hell has you all quite? Ahsha don’t play with me and try to take me in circles. What’s Wrong”. Derek said sternly now getting frustrated that his wife was now really hiding something. Ahsha was now pulling into the parking deck into the airport. She parked the car and turned it off never taking her hands off the wheel. Ahsha placed her head on the stirring wheel taking a deep breath as she closed her eyes. This caused Derek’s heart to beat fast.
“Ahsha I’m waiting” Derek said now losing his patience, his brow furrowed. This was driving him crazy on the inside. He didn’t know what to expect. They vow to never hide things from each other.
“Ahsha” Derek barked sharply.
“Ughhhhhaaaaa Derek your so damn demanding”!! Ahsha said raising her voice in an annoyed tone still keeping her head down.
“What the fuck else is new” Ahsha open your damn mouth“. Derek said back now his tone was harsh. He looked over at his wife now confused and frustrated. She was now shutting down and if he wanted to get on this plane today he knew he couldn’t allow that.
“The Fuck”.  Derek curse as he opened up his door and hopped out slamming the door. Ahsha’s face was now soaked with her own tears and she began to talk in her own head. “Ahsha Just tell him he’s your husband”. What the hell are you doing open your mouth”. “No but he’ll thing I’m crazy”. He’s your husband he loves you just tell him”.Derek had walked around the car to her side. How did they end up here, everything was just fine. What happened from the house to now? Derek questioned. Did I miss something he thought to himself? Derek knew he had to calm himself a bit to get resolve in the situation. He needed to have a leveled head. Derek now opened Ahsha door.
“Ahsha baby, please looked at me” Derek asked. Ahsha took another breath and she slowly lifted her head. Derek was now staring into her tear stained face.
Seeing the tears on Ahsha face made him even more concerned. Derek grabbed her chin.
“Ahs, you know you can always tell me anything, whatever it is baby please I’m here. Please let me in.” Derek cooed wiping her tears. His brow was tense.
“Mrs. Roman tell me what it is”. Derek stated one final time his heart beating out of his chest. Ahsha licked her lips before she spoke. Her hands were now shaking
“Derek, IM…I’m pregnant! Ahsha said in a whisper with so much conviction. She looked deeply into his eyes. Derek’s eyes shot open at her revelation and tried to process what she was saying.
“Wait a minute, you took a pregnancy test? Derek’s heart began to sink thinking he would want to be there for that.
“No” Ahsha said sniffling. Derek eyes now were turning softer and he grabbed both her hands massaging her knuckles.
“Okay, so how do you know you’re pregnant Ahsha” Derek was asking in a confused tone and look on his face.
Because Derek I don’t need a pregnancy test to understand what my body is telling me”. Whenever you hold me or make love to me I keep getting these overwhelming feeling in my belly and it makes me scared and then I don’t know; It just makes me want to cry”. It’s like god has opened up a sacred door within me and I can’t close it.
Ahsha said in an airy voice.
“Ahsha you’ve never been pregnant before so how would you know what to expect”? Derek asked sincerely trying to understand his wife.
“Derek I just……..know” she confirmed balling tears. It was hard for Ahsha to understand as well but she had never had a feeling so strong in her life.
“Hey, hey baby I got you”. Derek said in a soothing voice now comforting his wife, kissing the top of her head. Ahsha now leaned her head into her chest.
“Baby we’ve been wanting this for a while now and it could defiantly be possible”. Derek looked into Ahsha wet eyes. “Everything in our life is great Ahsha, maybe our stars are aligning. It could be time” Derek stated feeling his heart overflowing with love in his chest.
“I know but it just feels……Surreal” Ahsha spoke taking another deep breath.
Shhhhh I know Ahs”. Baby why were you afraid to tell me?“ Derek questioned her. He really needed to know why.
“I dont know, I mean I know I haven’t taken an official test yet so I thought maybe I’d sound silly. I’m still trying to process what I’m feeling inside Derek”.
Derek shook his head to her letting her know that he understood. He grabbed both side of Ahsha’s waist.
Well if you’re really carrying my child right now, that’s gonna make me the happiest man alive. Ahsha I love you, never doubt that”.
Derek but what if I’m wrong?” Ahsha questioned.
“Then we’ll keep trying Ahsha, and you know I love trying”. Derek joked. He earned a weak smile from his wife. He wiped the rest of Ahsha tears away.
“I like trying with you too” Ahsha said sniffling while wrapping her arms around Derek’s neck. Derek kissed her on her forehead, the point of her nose and finally at her chin.
“Ahs, I have a couple of minutes before I need to get my things together to go, you wanna find a gift shop and see if we can find a test so we’ll know for sure”.
Ummmmm, No Derek we’ll wait until you get back to find out. I don’t wanna find out in an airport bathroom that’s not special. I want us to be in the comfort of our own home not rushing”.
But Ahs I wanna know now” Derek whined like a baby.
“Uhh Am I having one baby or two? Ahsha asked smirking while standing up now in front of Derek still on the inside of her car door. Derek wrapped his arm around her shoulder and brought her into him closer.
Okay, I guess I’ve “DEMANDED” enough of you today“ Derek said in air quotes. “Just know if we lose it’s all your fault cause I’m probably gonna be thinking about rushing back home to you the whole game”.
Ahsha rolled her eyes. “Derek why must you be so dramatic”?
“Because you love me” Derek shot back. As soon as those words left Derek’s mouth Ahsha began to feel a little tingle in her belly at that exact moment but she decided not to keep stressing what she already knew.
Yes We Do” Ahsha confirmed kissing her husband’s lips. Derek caught on immediately.
“Now C'mon let’s get you inside. Ahsha stated.
Look at you so quick to get rid of me” Derek said back smirking”
Yea yea yea the faster you go the faster you come back” She said while she lightly tapped his firm buns.
Well I guess I should’ve been gone yesterday huh”? Derek grabbed the handle to his suitcase and swung his other bag over his shoulder and he grabbed Ahsha hand with his free hand. As they tried entering LAX airport the paparazzi swarmed the couple as this was the first time Ahsha had been seen together in public since the infamous bar fight. The paparazzi began to banter and troll over The Romans.
AHSHA AHSHA you look gorgeous”
Everybody Look Ahsha let Derek out the dog house they’re holding hands.”
All the paparazzi laughed and so did Derek and Ahsha. They had bigger things to worry about and now they could look pass the small things that occurred to cause chaos in their lives. Derek placed his hand on the nape of Ahsha back and lead her in front of him as they entered.
After Ahsha said her goodbyes to her husband she was so emotional she thought “all I have to do is make it pass the paparazzi.” As soon as she got into her car she drove away and she wept like a baby. Her emotions had gotten the best of her and her comfort had just hopped on a plane to Dallas
Derek boarded the plane and all he could do was stare out the window. He was shocked, never did he think twice that he would wake up and be expecting a blessing this big. He thought to himself “Damn, I could really be a father right now”. Derek felt a since of internal peace and calmness. “I hope Ahs will be okay for these two days while I’m away” Derek thought to himself as his brow furrowed. All of a sudden he heard someone voice snapping him back to reality.
“Yo D, you good bro” Terrence asked. Derek was now back from his thought.
Yea T, I’m cool” Derek simple stated as the two men dapped hands. These would be the longest two day for both Derek and Ahsha.
The next two days were super tough for Ahsha. She couldn’t sleep and barley could she eat. Her first night she hated being in her big house alone and
she hated not having Derek there to hold her. She could keep herself busy that day with practice with the girls for the next home game but night was torture.
That night she thought about it all. Eventually night turned into days. She wanted so badly to call Sloane to come over but she decided that she and Derek would
figure out their next moves together. Last night was the night of the game and she watched the devils in Dallas and her husband did well as usual but Terrence was on fire. She was really happy for the two best friends as they won the game together and the more she thought about their friendship flourishing better than ever she adored them. After seeing her husband on television she felt a little bit better and she finally fell asleep at about 2:50 that night. Of course Jeeve bugged the hell out of her making her eat his famous soup for lunch. She didn’t know Derek had sent him a email telling his to make Ahsha eat as he knew when she was worried she often didn’t, but he figured if she was pregnant she defiantly needed to.
“Mrs. Roman!“ Jeeves chimed “Mr. Roman will be home today. Up up up get excited my dear” Jeeves encourages
I know I know Jeeves” Ahsha beamed “Finally!”
Jeeves laughed lightly in his chest as he walked out of the kitchen “Ahhh newlyweds, I love it”.
Ahsha smiled to herself, she took Jeeves advice and decided she would do just that. She decided that even though the last two days were tough for her she would get herself together and wait for her husband to get home. She had a few hours before 6 o’ clock for her husband to arrive.
Ahsha ran upstairs and ran a hot bubble bath for herself; she relaxed for what seemed to be an eternity. After he bath Ahsah slipped on her bra and underwear but she didnt feel like putting on the rest of her clothes yet so she lotion her body and threw on her short deep red silk robe which accented her skin lovely.
Ahsha took an hour and a half to curl her hair tightly. She then brushed them out and it gave her a deep romantic wave that was really sexy. She eyes her appearance in the mirror and closed her eyes. “Ahsha Roman you might be mommy, are you ready for this?” She took a deep breath and smiled to herself. “Yes, yes you are” she encouraged. She opened her eyes again and she reached her hand into the vanity drawer and pulled out the pregnancy test that she had bought two days ago. Ahsha knew her life could possibly be ready to change, but if so it was a great blessing. She was a little nervous though to find out the result as the last two days she began to
doubt herself. She hadn’t felt the fluttering in her stomach and she wonder why not. Maybe it was because of Derek’s absence, she didn’t know but she had already told him her feelings so it was no turning back now. She started to apply her makeup. She was fifteen minutes into her beat and Ahsha was now
adding light blush to her cheeks. Suddenly she heard the front door opening and he could hear her husband’s voice. Inside Ahsha was frantic but she knew as soon as Derek came walking in that door all of those fears went away.
Ahsha ” Derek yelled as he was walking into the bedroom.
Yes Derek I’m in the bathroom” Ahsha responded. Derek dropped his bag on the bed and walked into the bathroom.
Ahsah continued to add blush and as she eyed herself in the mirror he could see her husband entering.
“Hey You” Ahsha beamed excited as she hopped up and ran into Derek’s arms.
Derek leaned down and kisses her lips hitting her butt softly. “Hey Mrs. Roman, I’ve been waiting to get home to you all day”. Derek smiled.
“I Know, I don’t know how I let you go for two days” Ahsha pouted back. For a moment they shared a tight hug and Ahsha leaned her head onto his chest and Ahsah could hear his calm heartbeat. Derek kissed the top of her head.
“So baby you look beautiful, but how are you feeling”? Derek asked while rubbing her sides.
I’m feeling fine Derek and I’m even better that your home” Ahsha added.
Have You had any more of those feeling while I was gone baby”? Derek inquired.
“Ummmm No” Ahsha said as her eye dropped to the floor. Derek grabbed her chin.
Look baby I know this has stressed you out and I’m not trying to bombard you with everything as soon as I get home but we need to take the pregnancy test.”
Derek rushed out.
Okay Derek” Ahsaha said simply. Derek was shocked. He could have sworn his wife would make him wait awhile just to torture him. She answered so quickly that he was a little nervous.
“Or Ahs we could wait awhile if you want, it’s all up to you”. Derek suggested over.
No, I know you’re anxious and I’m anxious so why continue to wait baby?” Ahsha asked.
Derek smiled at his wife’s inner strength. “Okay then Mrs. Roman let’s do this”. Derek walked out of the room to go get something out of his bags. He soon returned.
Okay I got five tests; just in case baby we gotta be sure”. Derek came in with five different boxes in his arms. Ahsha’s eyes shot open and she burst out laughing at her husband.
“Derek, what the hell?” No” I’ll take two tests and that’s it. We will use the one I bought and one of the ones you have just to make sure so choose one from your archive crazy.“ Ahsha rolled her eyes at her husband.
Okay then we can do this one and yours”. Derek said holding one of the test up that was in his hand. “If anything differs between these two we’ll just set up an appointment with your gynecologist to be accurate but if they’re both the same then we have our answer”. Derek concluded.
“Okay” Ahsha answered.
Ahsha stood up to go to the restroom and Derek followed behind.
“Baby you sure you have to go right now” Derek asked.
“Derek I’ve been peeing nervously about this all day I’m pretty sure my bladder will let it go for these two test”
“Ewww girl just come on and pee on the stick” Derek shooed her into the bathroom. Derek leaned against the counter as Ahsah sat on the toilet to open both of the boxes. He watched intensely as she began to pee on both of the best. After Ahsha finished both test she placed them both on the counter.
Okay now we wait one minute” Derek said. Ahsah wiped herself and put the toilet top down and sat on top of the seat. She placed both hand over her eyes and leaned forward.
Omg I can’t believe we just took a pregnancy test” Ahsha began to shake panicking.
Derek kneeled down in front of her and rubbed her back. “Hey Mrs., Roman whatever those results say we’ll be okay baby I promise. Weather we find out today or five years from now I know you’re gonna be the perfect mother to my child. If I’m certain about anything it’s that. Ahsha I love you! Derek said as he pulled her hands from in front of her eyes. Ahsha looked into his and he kissed her forehead.
You want me to go look” Derek asked. He was the alpha of their relationship and whenever his wife felt uneasy about anything he knew he had to take over to make sure she was comforted. Ahsha took a deep breath.
“No we can look together she said with a brave look on her face. They had placed the test upside down on purpose so that it would be a surprise. Derek grabbed both test and handed one to Ahsha as he kneeled back in front of his wife.
“Ahsha whatever this test said…….. I love you. Derek assured her.
“I love you to Derek” she whispered.
Okay on the count of three”
“ONE……, TWO…….., THREE!!!!!! On three they both turned over their pregnancy test and what they both saw was no mistake. Both tests were in fact positive. Ahsha mouth flew open and Derek heart jumped inside his chest. They looked up into each other’s eyes and their bodies crashed together in a soul shaking hug. They came together like two magnets. In this moment they were overjoyed.
“Wow, Mrs. Roman are you really about to have my baby? Derek squeezed onto Ahsha tight and couldn’t let her go. Excitement took over them both.
He grabbed her face between his hands and kisses her lips tenderly. Ahsha tears began to flow from her eyes. She laughed at her husband in between his kisses.
“Yes, Derek I am! Ahsha held onto him for dear life, she couldn’t believe they were having their first child. Derek lifted Ahsah up into his arms and they kissed a million times over their new bundle of joy.
Ahsha Roman you complete my life” A single tear feel from his eyes and he smiled at his wife.
“And you complete mine. Ahsha smiled back wiping Derek’s tear.
Derek and Ahsha were so excited about their news they decided on an impulse that they would go out to celebrate. Ahsha wore her Taupe cocktail dress with her red heels as her melanin was on full glow. She figured she was about to blow up soon so she’d better wear it now. Derek was casual as always but sexy. The Roman’s decided to have dinner at Mastro’s a popular exclusive restaurant for private dining in the 90210 Beverly Hills area.
“Ah Mr. and Mrs. Roman how may I assist you tonight”?
“Yes give us the luxury dining area with the private view please”. Derek answered
Okay right this way, and will anyone else be joining you tonight”? The host asked.
“No its just a table for three” Derek smiled down at Ahsha and she smiled back at him.
The host turn back to The Roman’s with a confused look on his face.
After dinner Derek and Ahsha were floating from their night of romance and happiness. Everything was great in their lives. They were both having major success in their careers, their marriage was strong and unbreakable, they had finally got their family on track and were moving forward in a positive direction, and last but not least they were expecting their first child. The Romans couldn’t ask for anything more. God had blessed them with it all. The couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other while at dinner and it continued while on the ride home and it didn’t end when they got home. Derek walked behind Ahsha with his arm wrapped tightly around her waist kissing her neck. She reached her hand back and grazed his neck. They fumbled for the keys to enter the door to their home. Finally pushing the door open they both entered never letting each other go.
“How about I get you undressed and run you a hot bath so I cater to you baby?” Derek cooed
Unnn Uhnnnn Derek that’s just your way of getting my clothes off so we can do some other things, that’s how I got pregnant in the first place”. Ahsha giggled. Derek picked Ahsha up and she wrapped her legs around his waist carrying her up the stairs to their bedroom. He placed his hands comfortably underneath her ass.
Mrs. Roman we better make all the crazy love we can before you start complaining talking about “Put me down Derek, Don’t drop me Derek, ouch that’s too rough Derek, my leg doesn’t bend that far back anymore baby.” Derek chuckled mocking Ahsha’s voice.
Oh well excuse me you know they say that when a women gets pregnant her sex drive increase. Ahsha said chuckling
"Hummm Is That So?” Derek raised a brow giving Ahsha his best the smokey bedroom eye. Ahsha pulled Derek’s head into her breast and leaned her head back as she shook them in his face.
“Yes, it is so. So you better keep up with me” Ahsha purred.
“Oh you know I will” Derek cooed back placing soft kisses on her breast as they reached the room. Derek placed her down onto the bed and kneeled down in front of her.
Ummm you know I couldn’t believe I would ever be more happier than the day we said our I dos, but finding out you’re also gonna be the mother of my child,
damn you make me feel lucky”
. He said while looking her in her eyes smiling.
"I know baby I can’t believe it’s finally happening, are you nervous”. Ahsha asked with a curious eye.
Derek began to unstrap her heels and take them off of her feet.
“ No, not really baby, we’ve talked about it in the past so much that I just got use to the idea”. Derek stated plainly.
Oh really Derek Roman not even a little”. Ahsha asked skeptically.
You know I’ve thought so many times how I might react once I found out. I thought I’d be…… happy, excited, anxious, but never really nervous. Ahsha looked at him intensely. I mean yes, we’ve never been parents before and the fact that I’ve never had a father aside from Cy I really don’t want to mess this up but I’m more confident that where we both lack we’ll both pick up each other’s slack.” Derek said kissing her knuckles.
Plus women I’m Derek Roman; Derek Roman who can do "ANYTHING HE PUTS HIS MIND TO”. They both said in unison as Ahsha remember the night they first went public to the media when he said he would always look out for her.
“Yea, that’s right Ahs and you’re my wife so I know you can do anything too; including being a good mother to my child. I would never doubt that.”
Ahsha listened to her husband’s confidence but she didn’t speak a word. She just closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Derek didn’t like that she was quiet.
He rubbed up and down her side “Are you nervous baby?”
“Well, I honestly can’t say right now Derek. Right now Im really excited about our new blessing but I just have this feeling I’m going to wake up tomorrow and be afraid out of my mind.
Ahsha lowered her head ashamed to admit it out loud. I mean I’m about to be…………… a mommy”. She said covering her mouth. She lifted her head up and a single tear rolled down her face. Derek leaned closer in and kissed that tear away.
Ahsha were gonna be just fine I promise.” Derek smiled because he believed in Ahsha more then he believed in himself
“How are you always so sure Derek” Ahsha asked in a whisper. Derek kissed her hands.
“Remember when we did our interview on the real and they asked me what qualities I loved about you the most?”
Ahsha nodded her head yes.
“I told them that I loved the fact that you had the ability to love and care for anyone. Baby that’s why I know you’re gonna be the best mother our child could ever have. Don’t ever doubt yourself baby. If anything ever goes wrong with our child all he or she has to do is look into those beautiful eyes of your and everything in their world will feel all right, much like It does for me when I look into them every day”.
Ahsha looked softly into Derek’s eyes and just like that her husband could wash all of her fears away just like Sloane said he would at their surprise
“Derek Roman you amaze me, who knew you would do such a great job at being my husband”. She said hugging him and placing her chin on top of his head. Derek smiled to himself with an inner peace that no one could take from him in this moment.
Well I’m glad I make you happy Mrs. Roman, now all I have to focus on is being a good daddy”. Derek added.
Ummmm you’re already a good daddy to me” Ahsha purred into his ear.
Derek giggled at his wife. “Geesh babe if pregnancy is gonna increase your sex drive this is gonna be a long 9 mouths”.
Ahsha slapped his shoulder. “Ugh Derek shut up!! She exclamied.
Derek rose to his feet and grabbed Ahsha by her hands as they both stood in front of each other. For an instant they looked each other deeply in the eyes. Their souls were connected and the fact that they were now with child boosted that bond even further. Derek took the back of his hand and caressed Ahsha cheek. He then grabbed both sides of her face into the palms of his hand and kissed her deeply. Ahsha wrapped her arms around his torso. They pulled away from their kiss and both smiled internally.
Ummm let me be a good daddy to you right now.“ Derek said in an animalistic voice. He slide Ahsha’s dress over her head and grabbed her waist leaning his head into her neck kissing it. Ahsha head fell back as she enjoyed Derek’s intense kisses. She lifted his shirt over his head and started to unbuckle his belt and pull down his zipper. Ahsha reached inside of his pants and started to massage his juicy pole.
Ummmmmmmm” Derek cooed ino Ahsha neck which sent chills up her spine because of the vibration. Derek unhooked her bra and tweaked her nipples into his fingers as he started to place kisses on her jawline moving up her chin ending at her plump lips. Derek pulled Ahsha panties down and he traced kissed down her body as her panties puddle on the carpet underneath her. Derek grabbed her waist and kissed her stomach a million times. A smile played upon Ahsha face as she placed her hand on top of Derek’s head. She was so overjoyed that they were about to bring a beautiful baby into the world. Derek stood back to his feet and swiftly pulled his pants and underwear off. He pulled Ahsha into him by the nape of her back and their bodies pressed against each other. Ahsha caressed Derek’s back as she leaned in for
another kiss. Derek slipped his tongue into her mouth and their tongue swirled together in passion. Derek swiftly picked Ahsa up and she wrapped her legs around his waist again. They began to caress and kiss hungrily as Derek walked them over to the balcony doors and opened them up. The night air massaged their skin as he walked them out. Derek stopped at the balcony railing and placed his hands on either side of Ahsha while she held onto his neck.
“I love you” Derek said looking into her eyes.
Ahsha grabbed his penis from underneath her and slide down his pole”.
“Ummmmmhh” Derek groaned from her tightness.
“I love you too Ahsha said while matching his gaze. She began moving her vagina up and down on his dick as she held unto him hugging his neck.
Derek took one hand off the balcony railing and rubbed her back to feel her silky skin. He began to thrust his hips into her and the both of them were in pure bliss.
Ughhhhh Baby“ Ahsha moaned. She began to kiss on Derek’s ear and that drove him crazy. He took both hands off the railing and held onto Ahsha thighs that were still tightly wrapped around his waist. Derek wanted Ahsha deeper on his dick and he need to feel all of her now. Derek bent down as if her were doing squats and Ahsha slid deeper on his dick. It sent tingles into Ahsha’s vagina. Derek swiftly stood back up and did the same motion again and the further he squat down the deeper he went inside of her wetness. Derek was putting down that “Melvin from baby boy”. Ahsha slapped Derek chest.
Derek are you trying to get your workout in while we have sex?” Ahsha chuckled.
Derek smirked at his wife. “Women please sex with you is a workout you freak”. Derek smiled seductively smacking her ass lightly. Derek squat again this time even deeper causing Ahsha to squeeze her butt cheeks together and clinge her pussy onto his dick.
“Whewwww shit I felt that, gimme some more mama” Derek grinned starting his shit talking. Derek went lower on purpose and Ahsha shrieked erotically into the night air.
“Derek your dick is so deep it feels so good”. Ahsha held onto his tighter.
“Derek kissed her chin “Ummmm You like that” Derek asked. Ahsha shook her head yes with her eyes shut tightly. Derek just chuckled at his wife and kissed her lips
“I like it too” He said. Good thing Derek had strong legs because as soon as he was about to stand back up from his squat Ahsha began to swing her hips back and forth in a circular motion. Being that Derek was still in a squat position his dick was still deep inside if Ahsha’s pussy cat. Ahsha bounced up and down on his dick and she enjoyed it now because in a couple of mouths this positon would be impossible for them to do.
"That’s right, go baby work my dick” Derek demanded. Ahsha began to slam herself so hard on her husband’s dick her vagina started dripping making her riding electric.
Yes, Yes, Yes, Daddy Fuuuuuuccccckkk” Ahsha howled at the moon as if she was a wolf.
Derek loved that his wife was taking advantage of him for her own pleasure. He wanted nothing but to pleasure his wife and at the present moment she was
pleasuring the both of them. Derek stood up and placed her down onto her toes. He squeezed her ass and kiss her lips wildly. He walked her backwards until her back was pressed against the balcony railing again.
He spoke between her lips “Ummmmmm, you havin my baby?”.
“Yes daddy I’m having your baby Ahsha kissed back passionately”
He bent down in front of her and he took one legs and placed it on top of his shoulder exposing her already wet and plump pussy.
He kissed her pussy lips and then began teasing her clit with the tip of his tongue like a snake.
Huhhhhhhh” Ahsha moaned. Derek was enjoying watching Ahsha sex faces as he teased her clit. Her knees began to shake and Derek stopped his teasing on her and stood up to face her.
“Look who’s about to cum” Derek grinned. Derek turned Ahsha’s body around so that her back was placed on his chest. He caressed his hands up her sided and cupped her breast into his large hands. He then slid his dick back into his wife’s vagina from the back. Derek held one of Ahsha breast and placed the other one on top of her stomach. He began to pump and grind his hips and Ahsha loved it. Her body pressed against his body felt amazing. She could understand why she was pregnant with their first baby. Her husband knew exactly how to please her and for sure she was on the verge of cumming. He grinded into her so passionately and bit the side of her
“Fuck this pussy is good”. Derek groaned. He bent her over and Ahsha held onto her ankles. Derek began to pump inside of his wife with so much force. Pulling it almost completely out and slamming it all the way it. Ahsha began to move her ass back and forth and this sent them both into a frenzy as they matched stroked.
Derek that’s my spot baby” Ahsha yelled. Her vagina started to drip and juices were running down Derek’s balls and he could no longer take it. He slapped Ahsha ass hard and her vagina squeezed him tight and Ahsha started to cum. Derek continued to pump until his dick explode.
Fuck” he roared out as his penis was being sucked dry.
After they both caught their breath Derek scooped his wife into his arms and carried them both to a car sitting on the balcony. He grabbed the throw cover that was already laying over on the over chair and threw it on top of them both. Ahsha laid her head on Derek chest and closed her eyes. They sat in silence for a while as they were just so satisfied from their lovemaking session.
Derek leaned his head back and spoke.
Ahsha I never got to tell you thank you” Ahsha didn’t move when she spoke.
“Thanks for what babe”
She said in a low voice.
Thank you for giving me the courage to be a better man for you, thank you for believing in me to take my hand as your husband and thanks you for trusting me to be the father of our child. Derek ended by kissing the back of her hand. Ahsha now looked into Derek’s eyes with so much admiration.
"Derek before you there never was, and after you there will never be. I wouldn’t have it any other way”. Derek and Ahsah kissed one last time for the night.


Confess (F - Namjoon)

*Featuring Best Friends Jikook, I want them to be my friends too* 

 Word Count:1824 words 

“Oh, come on.”

“Jimin. I am not going with you.”

“My parents will let go if they know you’re going.”

“Yeah, Y/N, the same for me.”

“What am I, the trick card you use when you want to do something bad?”

“Yeah, my parents let me go to dirt biking because I said that you were doing it with me.”

“Oh my god. And you’re still cleaning dirt for your shoes even since.”

“It was awesome, okay. It’s worth the dirt in my shoes.”

“Why can’t you just do that this time?”

“They want to hear your voice when they call me every hour.”

“Every hour…”

“Plus that guy you like, Namjoon is hosting it.” They both knew that you had a big crush on Namjoon. He was smart, attractive and way out of your league. It didn’t stop you from dreaming about him though, gushing about your feelings for him to them.

“How do I know you’re not lying? You told me you and Jimin were brothers once!”

“And I still can’t believe you fell for that, how do I look anything like this garden gnome?”


“I didn’t think you were twins, obviously but it’s possible.”

“He wishes that he was that close to me.”

“I’m going to kill you in your sleep one day, Kookie.

“If you aren’t too scared to climb down for the top bunk and not knock over the vase in the living room again, I’ll accept my death by your hands.”

“You two are so weird. No wonder I thought you two were brothers, you act like it.”


“I’m leaving.” Jungkook grabbed your hand, forcing you into his lap and Jimin pulled out his phone. Jungkook wrapped his arms around you as you squirm in his lap and Jimin texted someone.

“Are you going to wait for your proof or keep squirming in Kookie’s lap? He looks like he likes the way you squirm.”

“Shut up, gnome.” You say next to Jungkook, waiting for their so-called proof.

“You have no respect, ungrateful brat.”

“Maybe my respect for you is only as much as your height and you don’t look very tall, Jiminie.” You stifled a giggle and Jimin pouted, he was usually the but of your jokes in this small circle.

“Hey, Mini.”

“Why does everyone call me short?”

“Well, you’re not looking tall today.”

“I didn’t call you to come and roast me, Namjoon.”

“Y/N wants an invite to your party tonight.”


“Is that so?”


“Then, I’ll be seeing you tonight. Later.” He left and you could feel your heart beating out of your chest.

“Was that enough proof for you?”

“Now, you have to come.”

“Your secret crush is expecting you now.”

“What do you say?”

“I fucking hate you both.”


You went home, asking your parents if you could go to the party and they were overjoyed.

“A party? Tonight? Finally!”


“You’re such a sensible girl, it’s about time that you go out and have fun.”

“Okay, thanks mom?” You were confused but nonetheless, you were allowed to go. You rummaged through your clothes, looking for something that doesn’t say ‘This is my first party’.


“Yes, mom.”

“Jimin and Jungkook are here!” You went downstairs to see those two idiots sitting in your living room.

“What are you two doing here?”

“Well, Jimin knows you can’t dress for shit.”

“How supportive.”

“But we’re here to fix that, you’re trying to impress your man.”

“Namjoon is not my man.”

“Not yet, he is.”

“I’d love to throw you both out.”

“But you need us, come on.”

“Jungkook, she’s not going to come with us willingly. It’s time for Plan B.”

“My favourite.” Jungkook scooped you up, throwing you over his shoulder and you began hitting his back.

“We’re going to borrow your daughter, ma’am.”

“Just bring her back by 12.”


“Fine, 12:30.”


“You’re a terrible negotiator, Y/N.” Jimin said as Jungkook sat you in the car, he sat with you as if he thought you would hop out the speeding car. You always thought Jimin drove like a maniac, speeding and enjoying the wind blowing his hair back.

“This is kidnapping.”

“Your mom let us, we’re keeping you until 12:30.”

“You make you sound like a pet.”

“You would be cute on a leash.”


“Chill, I’m not into you like that. You’re like my little sister.”

“We’re the same age.”

“Older by a day.”

“It’s only 20 hours!”

“Doesn’t matter, don’t talk to your oppa like that.”

“The only guy I can call oppa is Jimin and he blushes like a beet when I do.”

“I-I do not!”

“Jimin, your cheeks are redder than the red dot on Japan’s flag.”

“Shut up, Y/N.”

“Okay, oppa~”

“Tell me why we’re helping her again.”

“She can’t dress herself.”


“That is true..”


“Come on, pet.”

“Sometimes, I want to murder you both.”

“You love us too much to kill us.”

“Plus we’re your only friends.”

“Don’t forget us when Namjoon comes into your life.”

“And you better not mess around with him, missy.”

“When did I get two fathers?”

“Well, your mom is-”

“Jungkook, finish that sentence and I’ll burn your Iron Man collection.”

“You monster.” You smiled sweetly at him and walked through the mall with them. They dragged you into a small boutique and you browsed through the racks. When you saw the prices, you almost dropped dead, why were they so expensive?

“Find anything you like?”

“I can’t even afford a hanger here.”

“Cheer up, buttercup. We’re buying.”

“You know, that’s the funniest thing you’ve said to me, Jimin.”

“You’ve so cute and naïve.” He pinched your cheek and smiled at you. They pulled out the store, claiming the clothes won’t do you any good.

“Oh what about Old Navy?”

“Sweetie, what is that?”

“Fucking pretentious rich boys.”

“I’m not that rich.”

“You drove us here in your Range and come to school in with Corvette.”

“Look, don’t talk about Melissa and Janette like that.”

“This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Say that again, punk.” You giggled as the two bickered and you pulled them along. They pulled you into another store, tossing clothes at you and pushing you into the dressing room.

“Do you two have to guard the door?”

“So nobody gets the wrong idea.”

“Don’t try and open the door, I’m talking about you Jungkook.

“Jimin dared me to!”

“Did not.”


“Not my fault, stupid. You know Y/N took kickboxing.”

“I’m done.” You opened the door and they pulled you out. The dress was a sultry raven, lace on the bodice with a flowing skirt and there was a gold band around the waist.

“Damn, girl.”

“So, there is a figure under there.” You hit Jungkook’s head and tried on other dresses but you had your heart set on the first one.

“Now, you just have to fix your hair and… that. And you’ll be ready.”

“I seriously want to backhand you into next year.”

“Yeah, love you too.” They took you back to the car and drove you over to Jungkook’s house. His parents were kind people, always letting you stay over and never asked why there was a grape strain on his ceiling.

“My sister is the best at shit like this.”

“Na Jeong!”

“What are you yelling about now, brat?”

“Oh, hey Y/N and Jimin~”

“Why are you so mean to me, Noona?”

“Because you’re a little brat.”

“At least change it up once in a while.”

“Mom’s too lenient with you.”

“Noona, can you help her? She’s confessing to Namjoon, tonight.”

“When did I say that?”

“Finally, I’ve been rooting for you two for so long.”

“You knew?”

“Who doesn’t know? Girl, it’s obvious, you become a rock when he enters the room and can barely speak above a whisper.”

“Is it really that obvious?”

“Like a zit on a prom queen’s forehead.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll help you sweetheart and Kookie, you owe me one.” She said with a wink and kicked out the boys.

“You’re already a natural beauty, so you don’t need much Y/N.”

“That’s not true..”

“You’re cute, alright. If you weren’t friends with my brother and his little garden gnome, they would be all over you.”

“I doubt that.”

“You have a thick skull like my brother, just trust me Y/N.”

“I trust you.”

“Take a shower and get dressed, I’ll fix your hair after.” You did as she said, taking a shower and letting your contemplate over how you were supposedly going to confess.

You’ve liked him for two years now, he hasn’t noticed you at all. You doubt he would even give you a glance or remember who you were.

“You’ve got a good head of hair, Y/N.” She brushed it for you and played with it a little bit. You watched her fix your bangs and let your hair just flow. She simply put lip gloss on your face and took a seat on her bedroom.

“Wait, this is it?”

“Y/N, I thought I told you to trust me.”


“Y/N, are you done in there?”

“Noona, you fixed her right?”

“You insensitive child, how are you going to find a girl that will put up with you?” She opened the door and grabbed Jungkook’s ears. He whined in pain before she let go.

“Come on, let’s go.” Jungkook drove this time, arriving at Namjoon’s house and the house was already full.

“We were just fashionably late.”

“Go get him.”

“If this ends bad, I’m beating you up with each other.”

“That’s our girl.” You walked through the crowd, eyes watching you and you caught someone winking at you

Did you just wink at me?


“O-oh, Namjoon..”

“You look amazing.”

“Thank you..” You two just stood in front of each other, neither of you knowing what to say but not leaving each other either.

“Let’s go somewhere quiet.” He took your hand, your face burning up at his sudden skinship and you followed him.

“You look like you have something on your mind..”

“No, it’s just.. I wasn’t expecting you to just let me into this party.”

“Why not, you’re friends with Jimin and Jungkook, right?”


“It helps that you’re with them.”

“So, it’s because of them.”

“Y/N, I didn’t-”

“But you said it, Namjoon.”

“I keep forgetting that you’re not like other girls.”

“What, I’m the only girl that needs her popular friends to-” He leaned in, pressing his lips against you to silence you. You didn’t react at first and he pulled away.

“I don’t like other girls because I like you.”

“Y-Y-Y-You like me?”

“Yes, I like you, Y/N. Not Y/N whose friends with Jimin and Jungkook, the cute shy girl named Y/N.”

“I like you too.”

“Let’s try that again.” He leaned in, the fresh burst of giddiness bubbling in your stomach as you share a chaste kiss with Namjoon.

 ~Admin Blake

Not sure where this came from, but oh well 

“Marry Me.”

“Raincheck on that?” You laughed, tossing your head back with a loud laugh. “I just met you, how do I know that you don’t sleep with socks on?”

“That’s a sin.” Michael gasped, pressing his fingers to his chest as you smiled. “That’s so wrong on so many levels, it’s like suffocating your poor feet after they’ve been trapped inside shoes all day.”

“How do you feel about coffee?” You asked, the hustle and bustle of the dressing room lulling down for just a moment as you moved a few steps closer to Michael to hear him better, a bottle of water in your hand.

“Not my favorite.” He scrunched up his nose. “I don’t even like the smell of it.”

“Oh thank god!” You sighed, brushing your hand over his bicep. “Wow, I just pulled quite possibly one of the dumbest tricks in the book. Sorry, I’m going to refrain from touching you like a school girl and flipping my hair from now on, I promise.”

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anonymous prompted: Could you maybe write sugar daddy Kurt who has an amazing successful job and young innocent Blaine? Like maybe Kurt works in a very high position in Vogue and Blaine is a fresh faced just out of high school intern. Would love Kurt pampering Blaine and maybe Blaine calling Kurt daddy. Ohh and office fucking in Kurt’s office perhaps. Also available to read on AO3.

There’s a knock on the door, and Kurt mindlessly calls out “Come in!” without looking up.

“Your coffee, Mr. Hummel?”

Kurt looks up to find a boyishly sweet guy peeking his head in and holding a cardboard coffee tray. His hair is matted to his head with gel, and Kurt notices a few stray curls that have escaped the hold at the base of his neck. His face is young, eyes wide and perky and eager.

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the signs as clueless quotes
  • aries: she's my friend because we both know what it's like to have people be jealous of us.
  • taurus: i had 2 bowls of special k, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter m&m's and like 3 pieces of licorice.
  • gemini: and in conclusion, may i please remind you that it does not say "r.s.v.p" on the statue of liberty.
  • cancer: anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.
  • leo: ugh, as if!
  • virgo: you see how picky i am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet.
  • libra: rollin' with the homies!
  • scorpio: why should i listen to you? you're a virgin who can't drive.
  • sagittarius: oh my god, i am totally bugging.
  • capricorn: my foot hurts, can i go to the nurse?
  • aquarius: well, i thought they declared peace in the middle east.
  • pisces: and my buns, they don't feel nothin' like steel.

anonymous asked:

Blind!laura and Carmilla right before their first time. It being clumsy and Laura apologizing and Carmilla like no baby it's ok.

Combining this with another anon who’s prompt was:  the first time having sex and carmilla being nervous.

Also, hilarious coincidence: as I’m writing this, ‘As Long As You’re Mine’ from Wicked plays on the Pandora Radio I have open in another tab. XD

You have a weird thing about thunderstorms. Maybe it’s because your ears are extra sensitive or something. You don’t know. Either way, you have a girlfriend now, and one of the bonuses was having someone who could come over at nine o’clock during a storm for cuddles and not have it be weird. 

There’s a knock at the door. You open it and immediately your arms encircle the person in front of you; your hands feel the familiar leather of her jacket. 

“…Wow, I was just here to ask for a cup of sugar. I don’t even know you.” 


Kidding, Laura. Although I still don’t know how you can tell it’s me immediately.” 

“Everyone knocks differently,” you answer, shrugging. “I’ve learned to notice that kind of stuff. And…you know, you always wear this really nice perfume.” 


“Well…yeah.” You find Carmilla’s hand, taking it and leading her to the couch. 

“So, what is the occasion that made you beg me to come over at nine o’clock at night?”   

“I kind of…don’t like thunderstorms.” 

Carmilla laughs. “Oh, that is adorable. Well, you’re lucky you have your girlfriend here to protect you from that scary, scary lightning.” 

“Hey, we haven’t been dating that long. I’m not too invested to break up with you if you give me a hard time about this.” 

Carmilla brings your hand to her lips. “You feel my bottom lip sticking out? I’m pouting. Don’t tell me that’s true.” 

No, it’s not. At all. “…How about a movie?” 

Carmilla flops down on the couch and you follow. “I’m feeling kind of lazy, Carm, do you mind…?” 

“I thought I was a guest.” 

You are unbel–” 

“Kidding!” You hear her shoes against the carpet. “So, what do we got here…a lot of Disney movies?” 

“I like musicals.” 

“Probably don’t need to ask why…okay, here. You own Begin Again? I fucking love that movie.” 

“So do I! I love Higher Place. And Lost Stars. Or, you know, pretty much every song.” 

Carmilla laughs. “Begin Again it is, then.” 

She pops it into your DVD player and sits down next to you. There’s another clap of thunder, which makes you tense, and Carmilla slides an arm around you, pulling you in close. She shifts you that your head lays against her chest. 

“I’m here, alright?” She whispers, kissing the top of your head. You smile and listen to the movie. You’ve watched it so many times that you can recite it from memory. 

“…I have had such a crush on Keira Knightley because of this movie.” 

“Really? I’ve been told I look exactly like her.” 

“Ha-ha. I doubt it.” 

She kisses the top of your head and you spend another fifteen minutes in companionable silence until the power goes out. 

“Wait, why did the TV turn off?” 

“Power outage,” Carmilla answers, frowning. “Hey, Laura, do you have a flashlight? Or candles, or something?” 

“…Carmilla, think about that question.”

Carmilla doesn’t answer for a few moments. “Right. Sorry.” 

“It’s fine. So, it’s pitch black?” 

“No, it’s a full moon. I can see you, at least. So all we have to worry about are werewolves.” 

“Don’t even joke about that.” 


“There’s no proof they don’t exist.” 

“You are adorable.” There’s another flash of lightning. You flinch again. Carmilla pulls you down on top of her as she lays on her back on the couch. 

“Babe,” Carmilla whispers, “You know, it isn’t safe for me to be driving in this weather, is it?” 

“I guess not…” 

“So I should probably stay until the rain clears up. Until morning. And since we have nothing to do until the power comes back on…” 

You smile; your chin is resting on her chest, and you scooch up. Your hand brushes across her face, and you kiss her. “…I think that sounds nice.” 

You can feel her return the smile as you both kiss, languid and gentle for a few minutes. But then Carmilla puts her hand on the back of your head, pushing you even firmer against her mouth, and both your hands take her cheeks. 

There’s a sudden movement and you feel Carmilla get out from under you, pulling away from the kiss. “What…what’s wrong?” You ask, breathless. 

“Nothing, Cupcake. It’s just that it’s getting rather…well, hot in here. And a leather jacket isn’t making me comfortable. 

You hear the muffled noise of the jacket hitting the floor after Carmilla throws it. Then she grabs you by the hips, shifting again so that you’re straddling her lap. There’s no more time for words; your kisses have never been so…non PG-13 before, and you want more of them now. This time you’re the one that deepens the kiss. And, because you’re feeling all kinds of bold now, your tongue darts out and quickly swipes along Carmilla’s bottom lip. 

Mmmm...God, Laura, you are driving me crazy.” 

You smile. “Having fun?” 

“Laura,” Carmilla gasps, “I…fuck, I don’t even know how to ask this, I know we haven’t known each other that long, but…I want…” Carmilla can’t bear to stop kissing you, attaching herself to your lips again and lifting your shirt to spread her fingers across your stomach. 

So that’s totally not PG-13. Your breath hitches. “Carm…let me.” 

“Are you sure?” 

“Yes. I’m definitely sure.” You start unbuttoning the sweater you’re wearing. Years and years of practice are thrown out the window, lust clouding your thoughts and making your fingers clumsy and slow. 

“Wrong button…wait…ugh…” Eventually you can’t take it anymore, just lifting the sweater over your head and getting stuck on the way up. 

“…Sure you don’t need help, baby?” Carmilla asks, amusement in her voice. 

“No, I…okay, I do. I’m so sorry, I’m making this so unsexy–” 

“Baby, it’s okay.” Carmilla answers, so gentle and sincere that you relax. She helps you tug off the sweater, laying kisses to your neck and top of your chest. 

“Now you’re the one driving me crazy.” 

She kisses you again. “You feel this smile? This isn’t just a smile. This is a wicked grin.” 

“At least this part is easier.” You say, tugging off your undershirt and bra in one quick motion. Carmilla doesn’t speak. 

You feel so exposed, shivering slightly, topless in front of your girlfriend who’s reaction you can’t really gauge. “Carm? Um…nothing is…surprising you, is it?” You ask, laughing nervously. 

“Oh, I’m surprised, alright,” Carmilla answers. 

“Well, I don’t know what I look like, so I would appreciate–” 

“Do you want to know what you look like?” Carmilla asks. “You…God, Laura, you are gorgeous.” She runs her arms down your shoulders. “Everything about you is perfect. Everything. I could get lost in you for hours–” She stops. “Er, I mean…” 

You kiss her again. “Carm, don’t tell me you’re nervous? I can’t be the first…you know…” 

“You’re the only one that matters.”  

There’s a pause again. You try and keep the silence from being awkward by reaching out and lightly skimming your fingers across the top of her jeans, grabbing the bottom of her own shirt. 

“…Can I?” 

“Maybe I should, babe. I can’t wait.” 

You grin as you hear the fabric hit her leather jacket, once, then a second time. Her bra, you guess.

Oh, God. 

“Carmilla…sit still.” You put your arms on her sides and run them down her arms, then hit her sides.  You run them up again; her arms are gone, you guess she put them behind her head or something. Your breathing quickly as you feel every beautiful curve of her body. 

“…Oh my God, I am freaking out.” 

“Cupcake, wait, if you want to stop–” 

“No, no! It’s just–oh my God, my entire life girls always felt sorry for me and I never thought that anyone would look at me and, you know, want this–” 

“I would say that anyone who doesn’t want you must be blind, but that is probably kind of tactless.” 

“Shut up and kiss me again.” 

She does, then pulls away. 

“Carmilla, what’s wrong?” You feel her tapping a rhythm on your side. “Oh my God, I was kidding before, but you really are nervous, aren’t you?” 

You feel the back of her hand against your cheek, then playing with your hair. “A little, yeah.” 


I’m just afraid I’ll surprise you and do something you weren’t ready for. You’ll let me know if I’m going too far, right?” 

That is adorable. “Carmilla, whatever you do…I trust you. For one night can we just pretend that I can see everything?”  

“Okay, how many fingers am I holding up, then?” 

Oh my God.” 

She laughs, kissing you again, hungrier than before, pushing you on your back. 

In the back of your mind you hear more thunder, but you don’t care anymore. You’re too wrapped up in Carmilla, in the smell of woodsmoke and violet perfume and wet night air. 

Big Brothers Help Part 6/Turning To Calum

too-con-fused requested - HOLY FUCKING SHIT sport about my sailor mouth but can you please do another chapter of big brother ASHTON because this is my life it gives me HOPE ;) also yeah can you add a bit of cal into it? X

frumoasafata requested - Hi, could you possibly do a spinoff of Big Brother’s Help? I noticed that y/n and Calum have something going on and I couldn’t help but drift off and think about what happens between the two.


This is a little bit of BBH and a spinoff. I didn’t want to go straight into a full storyline without a link in  and people wanted both so here ya go :)

You can find the other parts here 1 2 3 4 5

Sorry, it’s a bit long 

I have a leash in my left hand and a bottle of water in my right. To be honest, I have no idea where I am going but I figured that running would put a burn in my lungs. That burn will have to do since I could no longer physically scar myself in my usual places. Hope was running along beside me and I felt a twinge of guilt when I realized what I was doing. I bent down and cupped my hand, pouring water into it for her to drink. She lapped it up happily before my phone began to ring. I took a couple of calming breaths before answering it.

“Hello” I said. I moved the phone from my mouth and took a few more breaths. 

“Where the heck did you go?” Calum asked on the other line. I went to your room to see if you wanted to come to the mall with me and Ashton said you left. 

“I went for a run” I told him. 

“You went without me?” he had a little sadness hidden in his voice.

“I didn’t think you would want to come with me. I left pretty early and I figured you guys could use the sleep more then the run.”

“I don’t think Mark would agree with that. I’m surprised he hasn’t written you a routine yet” he jokes. I know he didn’t mean it to sound bad but I took it that way. I didn’t respond and Calum continued. “Okay fine, no mall. Where are you running? I’ll meet you there.” I look up for any signs of location. 

“Um” I answer.

“You don’t know where you are?”

“Well I left and turned right then I ran for probably like a mile or something and found this park. We are still in the park because it has a little running track” I tell him. 

“Okay, stay in that park. I’m coming over there” he answers. I decide that I don’t want to put Hope through the running again so I make a suggestion. 

“Can you have someone drive you so that they can take Hope home? She is just a puppy and I feel like I ran her a little too much, she is exhausted.” I look down and giggle. “She fell asleep during this conversation." 

"Yeah, be there in a bit.” I pick up Hope and carry her to a nearby bench where I sit down and place her in my lap. She starts to do little circles on my lap to try and get comfortable and that is when I feel the cuts. They are mostly healed so I don’t actually feel them but I imagine it. I feel tears start in my eyes but wipe them away fast when I hear a car door close and someone shout my name. I take a deep breath and paint on a smile walking towards Ashton and Calum. 

“Hey” I say as I hand Hope to Ashton. “She is completely tuckered out and I just wouldn’t feel right if I made her run again” I force a laugh. Both boys look at me with skeptical looks but I act as if I don’t notice. “Anyway, are you ready Calum?” He bends down to retie his shoe.

“Yeah, one sec” he answers. Ashton leans in for a hug and he is being over gentle.

“You okay Firefly?” he asks. I don’t want to tell him that I’ve been spending the day thinking about cutting and how I figured out I could do it and still hide it. Right under where my underwear  sits, he wouldn’t look there. I feel my shoulder shake. “Hellooooo?” I come back to reality with a fast shake of my head.

“Oh, yeah. I’m fine Ash, just distracted” I answer and I notice him and Calum share a look. “Stop it! You are doing it again. I’m fine” I say with a little bit of annoyance. I know that Ashton has every right to not believe me but I’m frustrated that I can’t trick him as easily as I did everyone else. “Bye Ash.” I jog towards the track and hear Calum behind me.

“Hey! Wait!” he shouts. I slow my pace and wait for him to catch up to me. “He is just trying to watch out for you” Calum tells me.

“I know that Calum but it’s just a little much sometimes. I feel like I’m constantly under a microscope and that’s not fair” I say between heavy breaths. 

“Can you blame him?” he asks and I stop running. He jogs a few more feet before he stops too. “What?”

“It feels more like you guys are attacking me then trying to help me” I spit at him. Calum opens his mouth to speak but I continue before he can say anything. “I get it, what I did was stupid in your mind but to me it wasn’t and I struggle every goddamn day with it. Then he went and got Hope and that’s fine for everyone but that’s just one more thing in my life that I will disappoint.” I feel the tears welling up in my eyes and I don’t have time to think before they are streaming down my face. “I did it Calum. I cut again and to be honest, it felt horrible. It hurt more then normal and I let it. I poured things in it to make it hurt more because I couldn’t kill myself. I would be found before I bled out and Ashton took my pills” I keep rambling and I don’t realize what I have just told him until it’s too late. “No, no, no, no , no” I say as I start to run again but this time at full speed. I hear Calum behind me shouting and I hear his feet pounding against the track. I’m not sure what I trip on but the next thing I know, I’m on the ground with severe pain in my wrist and burning in my knees.

“Fuck, oh shit. Fuck, fuck, fuck” Calum catches up to me and rolls me to my side. He looks me up and down noticing the blood from my knees. “Are you okay? Shit, no. I have to call Ashton” he says as he reaches for his phone. I feel myself start to panic because I know Ashton is going to ask why I started running away from Calum and I can’t let him find out. 

“Don’t tell him why” I say quickly. Calum looks at me with pleading eyes.

“He is my best friend, Y/N” he says.

“Please Calum. Just tell him that we were fooling around and I tripped” I beg. Calum sighs deeply and when Ashton picks up on the other end I hear him loud and clear through the phone. 

“What do you mean she needs to go to the hospital. What the fuck happened? I just left you guys 15 minutes ago” Ashton yells and Calum closes his eyes, clearly struggling with what to do.

“We were just fooling around dude and she tripped and fell. She hurt her wrist and got a little cut up but I think just x-rays on the wrist” he says. I’m grateful that Calum decided to play along. He hangs up the phone and slides it back into his shorts pocket. “I may not have told him but if you think I’m not going to be looking everyday then you are wrong” he tells me.


“No, I don’t care how uncomfortable you are, I’m going to look everywhere and I’m going to make this stop. Why can’t you just see how important you are to us, how beautiful you are, what an amazing girl you are?”

“Because I’m not important, or beautiful or amazing” I start. “I’m just me and I’m just Ashton’s sister who somehow weaseled her way onto their tour and is using them.”

“You know it’s not true” he says as he helps me stand. “If you weren’t important to us, we would have let you stay home. If you weren’t amazing then we couldn’t have asked you to work for us so that you can stay all tour, and I wish you could see how beautiful you are. Even all sweaty from a run and with no makeup, I wish you could see yourself how I see you.” He smiles down towards his feet and opens his mouth to say something else when we hear a horn honk. I look up to see Ashton and Liz getting out of the car.

“Great” I mumble. Ashton comes rushing over and places his hands on my shoulders, pressing in various spots to check for other injuries. 

“It’s just my wrist Ash, I probably just sprained it but Calum seems to think it’s broken.” Calum picks me up bridal style which makes me squeak and he carries me to the car. “I think I’m capable of walking” I tell him. He looks me in the eye with a look that says ‘this conversation isn’t over’ and puts me down right next to the car. 

“I’m sure you are, but I wanted to carry you” he tells me and Ashton squints  while shifting his eyes back and forth between us. I feel my face burn red and hide it by getting in the car. I can feel my wrist throbbing but I allow the pain to continue. When no one is looking, I try to move my wrist to make more pain and I succeed. Tears well up in my eyes again because the pain this time was more intense then I had originally assumed. When Calum got in the back seat with me after a minute, he puts his hand up to wipe a tear. 

“I think you’re right, I think it’s broken” I tell him. 

“You know dear, this doesn’t get you out of school” Liz smiles. I smile back but gasp quietly when I hit my wrist while attempting to put my seatbelt on. 

“Okay, lets go. Ashton says as he buckles in. He drives, with Liz’s direction, to the nearest hospital.


"We are just waiting for the x-rays to develop and the doctor will look at them” the nurse tells me. 

“Thank you ma'am” I respond.

“I told ya sweetheart, call me Lauren” she smiles and I smile too. 

“That’s my sister’s name” I tell her as she prepares a pill for me take.

“You from Australia?” She asks. “Not a common accent around here, I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“Not rude” I smile. “Yeah, my brother is…” I pause for a moment and decide not to say exactly what my brother does. “My brother is here for work and he brought me along for a little bit.”

“Well isn’t that nice of him” she hands me the pill and I swallow it. A man walks in with a floppy black and white film and places it up on a lighted board. 

“It appears Miss Irwin that you did indeed fracture your wrist” he turns around with a grim look. “Our x-ray tech also expressed some concerns with the appearance of scarring on the same wrist” he says. Liz, who is in the room with me, stands. 

“I accept your concern doctor, but it is an issue that we are dealing with privately and as you can see, they are healed scars.” My heart swells a small amount thinking how Liz was quick to defend me. Maybe Calum was right, maybe there are people who care. I smile at Liz and look back to the doctor. 

“So what does this mean?” I ask.

“You will have to wear a cast for a few weeks in order to heal the current fracture and also prevent any further damage.”

“Okay” I sigh. When I was younger, I broke my other wrist and I remember how hard it was to do a lot of the things I wanted to. The doctor calls Lauren back in and she sets up the things needed for the cast. I hear my phone ding and look down to see that Ashton had mentioned me in a tweet.


I let this goon go running with my sister and now we are in the hospital.

There was a picture with that tweet of Ashton and Calum making grumpy faces. I laughed and showed Liz. She smiled as well. I decided to comment back to it.

@ callmefireflyirwin

In @Calum5SOS ’s defense, I fell without him being near me

The doctor came in and started to wrap my wrist in the cast.


“Liz gave me the pain pills that she had filled for you but I have to give them to you as prescribed” Ashton says to me before bed.

“I’m not addicted to drugs Ashton” I rebuttal. 

“I’m just trying to do the best I can” he sighs.

“I know Ashton. Hey, what did you say to Calum before you got in the car today?” I asked curiously.

“I see the way he looks at you” Ashton answers.

“And” I reply.

“I wanted him to know that I’m watching him. I’m cool with you guys hanging out or whatever but I don’t want any unexpected surprises” he says with a look of a father. 

“You don’t want me to get pregnant?” I ask deadpan and I see his face scrunch. 

“Oh come on Y/N, that’s creepy.” I laugh and look at Ashton.

“Don’t worry about it. He hasn’t even asked me out or anything. I don’t know if he is even going to. He just makes me feel a little more…. I don’t know. He has this way with words sometimes and I just…” I could not express clearly to Ashton what I was thinking.

“I think you and I both know that one day you guys will end up together. I’ve known it for a long time and although you may have just noticed it, I have always seen the fond way he looks at you. As your big brother, it’s my responsibility to make sure that he does right by you.”

“Again Ash, he and I are not an item” I feel my own heart crack but my facade does not falter.

“In time Firefly, in time.”


yellowfeather84  asked:

Jamie and Claire go furniture shopping. While the sales lady is showing them around Jamie can't resist whispering into Claire's ear the dirty things he'll do to her on their new couch, new kitchen table, new mattress...

I’ve seriously been dying ALL DAY to write this!!! I’m not totally sure which AU it’s in, but oh well. :)

“Are ye sure, Sassenach?”

“Yes. We’re getting married and moving into a new flat. We should have new furniture.”

“Alright. Then lets go.”

We drove down to the furniture shop and were greeted by a friendly saleswoman.

“Hello, dears!” She said cheerily. “What is it that I can do for you?”

Jamie smiled at her and shook her hand.

“I’m Jamie, this is my fiancé Claire. We’re to be married next week and have decided to look for new furniture.”

“Oh! My congratulations to ye both! Lets have a look then!”

They moved to the mattresses first, Jamie and Claire laying down on a few. The saleswoman bustled off to find some information booklets for them to read.

“I like this one,” he said, moving so they both bounced a little.

“We don’t have to sell mine. The one in your flat is barely big enough to fit you, let alone me. But mine is big enough.”

“Aye, but I dinna like yours.”

“You don’t?”

He shook his head.

“It’s too firm. Makes me sore most mornings.”

“Why haven’t you said anything?”

He sat up a little. 

“Och. Ye look so bonny when I see ye, I didna want to tell ye. But this one…”

She nodded, waiting for him to continue.

“This one… I could hold ye down, wi’ yer arms above yer head. Yer breasts offered up to me. I could ride ye until ye screamed for me.”

She gasped as he moved away from her ear, taking the papers from the nice woman.

“Weel, we’ve a few options for ye, ye ken.”

“This one,” Claire blurted. “We want this one.”

Jamie smiled as the woman made note of the mattress they wanted. 

Next was living room furniture. They sat on a few couches until they found one that was comfortable for both of them.

“And wi’ this one… I’d sit here and watch ye for a moment as ye touch yourself. Then I’d put ye on my lap and hold yer hips. I’d control ye, the movements ye made, until ye begged me to take ye,” he growled low, licking the bottom of her ear. “And then, I’d flip ye on yer back and put ye on that wee table. I could serve ye properly then, wi’ ye all sprawled out afore me.”

“J-Jamie,” she breathed. “She’s watching us.”

“I am no’ doing any o’ that now, am I?”

She looked at him, eyes glowing with lust.

“No, you’re not. I’d rather it if you were.”

“How does that one suit ye both?”

“Verra well, mistress,” Jamie said. “I think we’d like this.”

“Verra good! I’ll just go and make sure we have the one ye like in the back. If ye like kitchen tables, follow the path to that corner back there.”

They got off the couch, Jamie smiling as Claire stumbled a little.

The kitchen tables weren’t overly exciting, but he was drawn to one in particular. It reminded him of the one at Lallybroch, the one he’d grown up with.  Without thinking, he began to run his hands over it, feeling how smooth the wood felt.

“Do you like that one?”

“Aye. It reminds me of Lallybroch.”

“Yes,” she smiled. “It does. It’s rather beautiful.”

Looking at her, he noted absently that it came about to her hips. She wasn’t wearing tall shoes, either.

“There’s another reason this is a good table, Sassenach,” he said softly.

“Oh no. Not this one too.”

“I’d bend ye over, ken? Press ye hard to the surface an’ take ye from behind. I could hold yer sweet round bum in my hands as I took ye. I’d take ye hard, my Sassenach, until ye melted into me.”

“Oh God…” she moaned, her eyes closed. “Oh Jamie… Please…”

He wasn’t even touching her. He’d aroused her and he hadn’t touched her, save that lick on her ear.

“Aye? What is it?”

“Take me somewhere. Please.”

“I canna. We must speak wi’ the woman about the furniture we want.”

Her eyes burned up at him with frustration and lust. The saleswoman came back then, brimming with excitement.

“Weel ye are both in luck! It looks as though everything ye’ve wanted is in stock!”

“I’m sorry,” Claire said sweetly. “Would you excuse us for a few minutes? We have a few things we need to discuss before we make our final decision.”

The woman’s face fell.

“Och. I’ve no’ been to pushy, have I?”

“No,” Claire smiled. “Not at all. Jamie and I just need to talk a bit. We’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“I’ll go and put the pages together for ye, then?”

“Aye,” Jamie said. “That would be verra kind.”

Claire took his hand and yanked him out of the shop. She pulled him around the side and to the back of the building, where no people frequented. Panting heavily, she put both her palms on the wall and speed her legs about shoulder-width apart.

“Take me,” she said.

“Here? Right now?!”

“Yes,” she reached. “Please, Jamie. I need you badly.”

Jamie glanced around quickly. No one was here and he wouldn’t take long.

Pushing her skirt up, he moved her panties out of the way and rammed her hard.


“Hush woman!”

He couldn’t stop himself. It was almost a habit by now. He reached forward and gripped one of her swinging breasts, pinching her nipple until she squeaked. She was crying out, her hands curling into fists as he continued. Then her body began to shake and he felt her body grip his.

“Oh Jamie!”

“Aye! Cry for me, Claire!”

He’d reached his own conclusion by then, shuddering and muttering in Gaelic. Spinning her around, he kissed her hard and stole her breath. When he pulled back, she smiled.

“Come on, my lad,” she said, after a deeply contented sigh. “I’m sure that nice woman is wondering were we’ve got off to.”

Pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket, he offered it to her. She cleaned herself off a little and he got himself tucked back into his jeans.

“Aye. Lets go get the new things for our new life, Mrs. Fraser.”

“Not yet, Mr. Fraser. But soon.”

“Growth” - InuKag Week Day 1

A/N: I def got carried away this one and I spent most of the day taking things out so that it would be more of a quick read. 2k words. 

The nerve of this girl to shatter the jewel.

What’s worse is that I’ve somehow been cursed to travel around with her yapping mouth to put it back together.

To top it off, she reeks, she’s ugly, and above all things, ridiculously stupid.

Keep reading