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Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:

Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:

Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll:

Looks like could kill you and could actually kill you:

Sinnamon roll:

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charmed appreciation week | day 2 ⇒ favourite relationship: phoebe & prue halliwell

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Hard Headed

Prompt: Imagine overworking your powers because you’re afraid of disappointing Charles, bu because of that, you collapse when working with him

Pairing: Charles x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, probably

Notes: Thank you to @marvel-imagines-marvel-fandoms for inspiring me and letting me use these! And not beta’d so if it sucks, that’s why. Thank you for reading!


Laying in the warm sun on an open patch of the garden, with your eyes closed, you let your mind drift. You didn’t think about all the assignments due by the end of the week, how you missed your family, how your powers were enough to make you a freak but not enough to do anything. Every other student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters was amazing. Everyone had a special power or mutation that made them helpful, powerful…meaningful. And here you were, a simple telepath with weak electricity manipulation. You could barely guess the number someone was thinking when they asked you to nor could you barely get a spark going. Your powers were found out when a guy pushed you in a pool a year ago in your second year of college and the thrill jolted your powers, causing everyone in the pool to be electrocuted. They were okay but you weren’t–you’d never be the same after that moment. The juice wasn’t strong enough to hurt anyone badly, just enough to jounce them.

Being that you were a telepath, the head professor, Charles Xavier, took to training you. It was the most daunting task you’d ever faced. He was handsome, clever, incredibly gifted and intelligent, and you were somehow supposed to focus on your weak powers around him. Charles had discovered that your telepath powers came at a much younger age but you didn’t realize it. All this time you thought knowing the things you did were commonplace. You always knew what you were getting for Christmas or for your birthday or what really happened to that pet goldfish of yours. You thought you just had an uncanny ability to tell when people were lying, but the actuality of it was you could some how feel the truth in their thoughts.

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au  where  everything’s  the  same  ,  but  at  the  beginning  of  batb  ,  instead  of  garderobe  singing  ‘  aria  ’  ,  it’s  adam  singing  ‘  i  feel  pretty  ’  .

Dive (Part One) - Derek Hale Imagine

A/N: my first Derek Hale Imagine ahh xD my favorite sour-wolf! 

Anonymous said: Hi love! How are you? I was wondering if you could do a Teen Wolf imagine? The reader is Alpha of her own pack who came to Beacon Hills and she is well respected among everyone for her strength, bravery, skills, wisdom etc. She meets Derek and Scott (and everyone else) and helps them with the Alpha Pack. Along the way she and Derek fall in love and she becomes great friends with the others. Thank you so much, have a great day!❤😘

Disclaimer: I don’t own Teen Wolf :D

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[Part 2]

“I don’t trust her!”

“Derek! She wants to help us! She knows about the Alpha pack-“

“Scott, you can’t just pick up any stray Omegas you find and expect-“

“Whoa, excuse me?” (Y/N) argued from where Deaton was patching her stomach up. “Did you just say stray Omega?” she asked getting upset.

“Yes” Derek said firmly.

“Oh, how charming” she said rolling her eyes. “An Alpha, I’m assuming?”

“Yes” Derek said stepping closer. “How did you know?”

“Takes one to know one, handsome” she said flashing her red eyes at him.

“Ha! Bet you didn’t see that one coming sour-wolf” Stiles said laughing but stopped when Derek glared at him.

“You’re an Alpha?”

“Yes” she said as Deaton finished.

“It should be gone in no time” he said with a kind smile.

“Thanks” she said rolling her shirt down. “I’m (Y/N)” she said extending her hand for him to take. Derek looked at it and hesitated but shook it anyways.


“Hale, I know” she said grabbing her jacket from the chair and putting it on. “I know all about the Hale family and I know all about Scott McCall” she said looking back at Scott. “The True Alpha” she said emphasizing it only to annoy Derek a little. She succeeded.

“And you want to help us?” Derek asked still upset.  

“Well, yes. You’re crazy if you think you can take an Alpha pack by yourselves” she told them.

“And you know how?”


“Uh-huh and we should trust you why?” Derek said with a sarcastic laugh.

“Because my last name is Lupin” she said defiantly and erasing Derek’s smirk off his face.

“You’re (Y/N) Lupin?” he said shocked.

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i’ve never really come across a character in mass effect that’s made me go “wow i wish you were romancable”

tonight, god help me, it hit me


anonymous asked:

jacob seeing reader hitting it off with another man and the guy is obviously flirting with reader so jacob gets super jealous and insecure reader is cheating on him ? :3 (lol why am i asking for an angst fest) ((ily u and ily ur work))

{I’ll see what I can manage, dear~. Thank you for the ask and the lovely words~! Much love to you!}

He was kind—attentive. Every word you spoke seemed to hold some significance, and through the night it seemed as though the gentleman you had stumbled upon in your outing that evening was willing to stick around and get to know you better no matter the hour.

It was so foreign to you…Normally, whenever Jacob was around, the conversations would be delightful but in a matter of seconds, he would down the last of his beer and run quickly off just saying ‘he had to go’.

No other word…no kiss to say ‘goodbye’, and all you were left with were the worries of where he ran off to and how he was doing for days and nights on end till he felt the need to get in contact with you again.

Was he cheating on you…? Was he actually seeing another woman behind your back to the point he didn’t even dare play it off subtly?

You tried not to doubt him, but when he’d come home all out of breath and as though he had run miles with odd trinkets on him, you couldn’t help but wonder, and it was there in that cold embrace of night you were done wondering and merely set off to get company no matter who it was.

“Will you really be able to get home as this?” Michael had asked as he removed his coat from about his shoulders to place upon yours to keep you warm. “You know I am fine to escort you home what with the Blighters and Rooks everywhere.” He didn’t quite care for either side, as he had said earlier. Brutes were all the same no matter the side or color choice, but you could only respect his decision in the matter even if you came to see the Rooks as family no thanks to Jacob.

Moving a stray hair from your face, the area upon the corners of your lips tugged into a smile, a bashful and flirtatious one as you bowed your head, tightening his coat about you. “No, no…I’ll be fine,” you insisted tenderly only to find yourself to stiffen as you felt him bend over to kiss you upon your cheek.

The kiss was welcomed, warming you from the inside out. It felt as though it had been months since someone did that, and your cheeks rose in color when you both caught yourselves looking at another eye-to-eye.

“And what’s all this?” came a rather angry voice from the right of you, causing your head to turn quickly at the all too familiar tone that beckoned down the darkened alleyway.

“Jacob,” you gasped in a bit of fear, not expecting him to find you nor suddenly be about as he was. He had his hood up and the darkness shrouding his face, only lay emphasis on his frown, making him appear rather mincing. “What are you doing here!”

Jacob didn’t answer. Instead, his vengeful stare turned to Michael and then back to you where he gestured to the stranger. “Who is this bloke?” he asked, disappointment lingering on every word.


“Who am I?” Michael quoted back. “Who are you, sir?”

You could tell Jacob had been watching for awhile given how much anger was boiling in his stance and how his hands turned to fists in an instant at the comment. Quickly, you reacted—grabbing at his nearby wrist to quell the beast. “His name is Michael, and we were just chatting, Jacob!” you intervened, hoping to play it calmly for now.

“Oh, how charming! So just a chat resorts to him kissing your cheek and offering his coat, does it?” Jacob asked angrily, his teeth bared (as they usually were when angry). Not being able to hold back his anger any longer, he turned around to Michael, nose wrinkled in disgust at the situation. “And to answer your question, my name is Jacob Frye—the chap who is dating her!”

“Jacob!” you scolded, hating he just went right for it without any thought in the matter. Michael was dumbfounded. You could see in his horrified stare that he wasn’t happy with this sort of news; especially when he went back to you, hoping for reassurance that this wasn’t so. Grabbing at Jacob’s upper arms, you urged the man just down the street in worry a fight would break out. “Excuse us for now, Michael—I apologize for this! Thank you for the lovely evening!” Soon, you were shouting your words, glad to be far enough away to where Jacob couldn’t lash out.

“‘Lovely evening’!” Jacob growled, quoting your words as he was dragged away (you having him by the trench coat at this point with your heels digging into the street). “What exactly was going on back there; I demand to know, (Y/N)!”

You had enough by this point, jerking your hands down from his clothing in resentment, sucking in your lower lip as you tried to prevent yourself from being vile. “Yes, Jacob—a lovely evening, because that’s what it was!” You pointed your finger at him heatedly. “You’re never around when I need you, and when you are, you just run away as soon as possible!” The thought tugged at your heart. The horrible images and thoughts that he had found someone better plagued your mind. Should you ask…? Was it better to know or not know?

Jacob had at least calmed down a moment to listen to you. He was standing still, arms idly swaying as he chewed on his inner cheek, but there was still a fire in his eyes that you could witness.

“Just tell me…” you began dejectedly, the pain in your chest becoming too much to bear, “who is she…?”

“Who is who?” Jacob asked in confusion, jerking his head back at your words.

“Come off it!” you begged, tears blurring your vision. “Jacob, you go out and leave for crazy hours at a time, and I saw some woman’s brooch in your coat that looked like a umm…” You struggled to remember exactly what it was for a second given how upset you were, prompting your arms to wave a bit to make the imagery come to you. “…Some damn, decorative red cross!”

You saw his face light up as if knowing what you were referencing it, and the horror in his eyes seemed to say everything to you.

So he was cheating on you…It was there you lost all will to want to look at him, hand to your forehead, eyes closed and head bowed as you turned away from him in dismay. Least now you could feel less guilty for this act of vengeance.

“Why were you rifling through my bloody things?” Jacob asked, sounding disappointed in you. When you didn’t respond and wished to be left alone in your misery, he grabbed at your arms to keep you still. “Why! Do you honestly not trust me!”

“Of course I did, but now I don’t!” you retaliated angrily, jerking your arms free of him to try and find it within you to hide your tears and pain evident in the wake of his actions. “Just go…leave…!”

Jacob hesitated, mouth agape as he struggled to think of a good response. “(Y/N), that brooch is not what you think it is! It’s—!”

JUST GO!” you demanded, tightening Michael’s coat around you further, hating that the night had to end as this, but you were done listening to his excuses, and you were done being miserable and in pain all the time without Jacob there to aid you through it.

Why couldn’t he have just been honest with you from the start…?

Dive - Derek Hale Imagine [PREVIEW]

A/N: my first Derek Hale Imagine ahh xD my favorite sour-wolf! ok, so as I was writing this, I realize that there’s a chance that this might not be a one-shot! no promises though! hahaha if that were to happen this might become the prologue! so let me know what you think and if you think it should be a multi-shot cause I actually like the request! I just don’t want to dive (hah, see what I did there? dive haha) into another multi-shot story before finishing BR and All of the Stars! so it might take me a while and if it was, it might be about five chapter tops! so please feedback on this one sii?? :D thanks dearies!

Anonymous said:Hi love! How are you? I was wondering if you could do a Teen Wolf imagine? The reader is Alpha of her own pack who came to Beacon Hills and she is well respected among everyone for her strength, bravery, skills, wisdom etc. She meets Derek and Scott (and everyone else) and helps them with the Alpha Pack. Along the way she and Derek fall in love and she becomes great friends with the others. Thank you so much, have a great day!❤😘

Disclaimer: I don’t own Teen Wolf :D


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Courage and Kindness: Part 2

PAIRING: au reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS: none! 

PART 2 yay!!! I’m so happy that so many of you are enjoying this very impromptu idea! I was so nervous posting Part 1, I have no idea why *shrugs* but any who, I’ve spent all day writing on this because my brain was very hyper active and I just couldn’t stop and I’m working tomorrow so I doubt I’ll be posting another part tomorrow SO TWO IN ONE DAY WILL HAVE TO COMPROMISE!!! 

Part 1   

Originally posted by place-of-torment

Time passed and pain turned to memory. In her heart, (Y/N) stayed the same. For she remembered her promise to her mother. Have courage, and be kind.

(Y/N) had grown into a beautiful woman, her radiances shone through not just in looks but in personality too. Her father loved her dearly as did the household staff; the death of her mother at such a young age made other wonder how it would effect the young girl. But you proved that light could prevail even in the darkest days. Natasha and Clint grew up by your side as well, Clint proved to be an exceptional hunter. Expertly skilled with a bow Clint had made a name for himself in the village as one of the best hunters the Kingdom had scene, although you didn’t approve much of the hunting of animals.

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Everyone has such beautiful headcanons or AUs for people like “I bet Akaashi plays the violin” and “Suga would totally be loving and gentle with children.”

But all my headcanons are along the lines of, “Hinata smells like straight up nasty sweat 24/7” and “Suga CANNOT handle children whatsoever,” and of course “Akaashi is a total glutton who eats with HORRIBLE etiquette.”

I just really enjoy making these boys more awkward than they already are I guess…


… But better luck for us, as Charlie is the Noel Cowardesque Blake Ritson, the finest of period drama actors, fondly remembered for his most excellent turn as the Duke of Kent in Upstairs Downstairs. He plays the sneeringly polite upper-class bully with finesse. “Drink up, old girl.”

- The Guardian