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Look to the Stars

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Request: “ You don’t have to write this now, but whenever you are ready, can I please request a oneshot where the reader comforts Kylo Ren about the passing of his mother. I am devastated and sobbing as much as the rest of us and I totally understand that you don’t want to do this for a while, but when you can, I’d greatly appreciate it because I think Kylo would need a hug. May the Force be with you and with us all ❤”

Summary: The First Order ramps up its efforts to take out the Resistance, despite their failed attempts to find the base. Though in one successful feat, they impose sanction like tyranny over the system, bringing them news they rejoice over. All members celebrate this newfound victory, except one.

A/N: Ok technical stuff first, I figured we could consider this a sort of sequel to “You Really Got A Hold On Me” and a stand alone, cause it just worked. Also song rec (in case you enjoy crying hah) “Princess Leia’s Theme”. I hope you all enjoy it, and now to the more emotional note:

Let me tell you guys, I got so many feels just beginning to write this. I’m sure that just like me, many of you felt as though Carrie Fisher was a part of your life, your idol. She was definitely mine growing up. I’m sure my words would sound redundant at this point, but she really was my icon and hero growing up, and it hurts to see her go, but at the same time, I’m glad she gets to go home. So here’s to you Carrie, Princess Leia, General Organa. Thank you for inspiring people throughout your years, and may all those who felt your inspiration carry it into the future. You will not be forgotten, and I doubt Episode 8 will be watched with dry eyes. May you rest easy in paradise space mom, we love you.

“But I don’t want to go.”

Sighing heavily Leia shook her head as she crouched down to the ten year old’s smaller stature. Despite not being all that tall herself, her son hadn’t sprouted much in height either. At least for one instance in her household she could feel as though she were towering over. Endearingly she smiled faintly at him, placing a hand gently on his shoulder.

“Sweetie I know you’re not excited about this, but it’ll be good for you.”

“Being home with you and dad would be good too.”

“Ben, you know being home isn’t going to help.”

“Mom you haven’t even tried training me at home!”

She sighed, “Ben…you know I would love nothing more than to have you stay home with us, but…I’m not capable of training you.”

“How do you know?”

“You need a teacher that’s stronger in the force, because you’re strong in the force.”

Solemnly Ben hung his head as Leia smiled glumly at him, hating to see the way his brown eyes lost their glisten. Despite putting her duties as a senator and general as high priorities, she could never imagine her son as anything less than the first. Gently she placed her hand on his cheek, tilting her head faintly.

“I’m not sending you to Luke because I don’t want to have you around…I’m doing it because there’s a great power in you…one you need to learn to use.”

Ben slightly looked up from under his strands of ebony hair, the resemblance to a begging puppy not missing Leia for a second.

“…So…this isn’t punishment for the accident?”

Leia shook her head with a faint smile, “Of course not dear. This is not to punish you. I just want to do what’s best for you.”

Carefully taking her finger under his chin, she pushed it gently, bringing his eyes to hers. 

“You know I love you right?”

Ben nodded, still not budging from his glum expression. 

“And you know nothing could change that right?”

Ben’s brows rose just slightly, “Nothing?”

Leia smiled as she gave him a slow nod, “Nothing in the galaxy could stop me from loving you.”

Ben’s lips faintly curled as Leia gently ran her thumb over his cheek.

“And as your loving mother, I want you to train with your uncle and become as powerful as I know you can be.”

Ben’s head lifted slightly, lips curling a little more despite the sinking feeling within his gut.

“…What if I don’t?”

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We’ll get through it together.

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Idol: Simon D

Word Count: 1,059

Genre: Fluffy/Angst

Request:  scenario about simond stands by his girlfriend when she discovers she’s pregnant thank u

A/N: I think i got too carried away, so i’m sorry if its not what you wanted.

4 months. I was four months pregnant and it was all going smoothly, till the baby bump was starting to get noticeable. I started wearing baggy clothes to see if it could hide it maybe a little, and it worked, but Simon started getting suspicious about it. Asking questions that I didn’t know how to answer. But other then that I was fine, kind of. Kiseok and I have been dating for over 2 years now, everything was amazing. He was sweet, caring, and ridiculously handsome. Everything a girl could ask for. And lately we’ve been talking about marriage, until one day he finally proposed and the thought of marrying the man of my dreams made me incredibly happy and grateful that I had met someone like him.

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OT4 Nonsense Pt. 3

This is the last one I have planned because I have run out of my original plot for this silliness. I have had fun doing these drabbles though, so if people want more just give me some prompts for what you want to see and I will continue. 

Meanwhile here is part 3: 

For @hchano whose fault this is and who owns the “Bro-kiss 5″ 

and for @thelastpilot who made me love Nino even more than the show already did. 

“I can’t believe you tried to scare Mari away from Adrien.” Alya cackled as they all walked to their favorite gelato shop for a well-earned post study treat.

“Will you let it go? And I wasn’t trying to scare her away, I was just trying to make sure she didn’t get hurt.” Nino grumbled.

“I thought it was sweet.”

“Thank you Marinette.”

“Perhaps a little presumptive, but still.”

Nino glared affectionately at her and she giggled.

“He was just being a jealous boyfriend. Careful Mari you are a threat now,” Alya said coming forward and looping her arms through theirs.

“I was not jealous,” Nino stated, “and I would be completely fine with Adrien and Marinette hooking up.” He raised his eyebrows at Alya as if daring her to disagree. She just rolled her eyes and smiled.

“Adrien doesn’t think of me that way.” Marinette sighed, her gaze dropping dejectedly to the ground.

“Hey. He’ll come around.” Nino said, halting their steps so he could turn to look at his friend. “He’s just socially awkward and pretty oblivious.”

“Yeah, speaking of which- when are you going tell Adrien that you two are dating?” Alya ask.

“Wait, you mean he doesn’t know?” Nino cried incredulously.

“Of course not, it’s Adrien.”

“But that’s… ok that’s actually a totally fair point. But, if neither of us knew than how are we dating? Have I seriously been stressing out over nothing?”

“Oh no you are definitely dating.” Alya said with a nod.

“Yeah there’s no getting around that.” Marinette added.

“You too Mari?”

“You two pretty much lost the right to call yourselves completely platonic when you started doing the ‘bro kiss five’,” Marinette said flatly.

“I will have you know that was entirely his idea.”

“No one is questioning that,” Alya said.

“Yeah, only Adrien could come up with something that adorably pathetic,” Marinette added with a smile.

“True. It is super cute though, right?” Nino cast her a sidelong glance.

“Yes!” Marinette grinned. “And he gets so serious about stuff like that! Like everyone has to have their own special thing.”

“So if you two are done gushing, we have important matters to discuss,” Alya said.

“Such as?” Marinette replied.

“Such as the fact that Adrien still has no clue that either of you are crushing on him.”

“And now my head hurts again,” Nino sighed.

“Its ok honey, you already got past the hard part which is your own denial about the obvious.” Alya patted him on the shoulder.

“I still don’t understand how you are so calm about all of this. Should I be concerned that my supposedly loving girlfriend seems more invested in my dating someone else than I am?”

“Oh it’s entirely self-serving. See if you have Adrien too then I don’t have to feel guilty going after Mari. Or Ladybug if I ever get the opportunity.”

Nino opened his mouth to argue then thought for a moment.

“You know, I am fully ok with that plan.” He said at last grinning.

“Do I get a say in this?” Marinette grumbled.

“Nope, you know you love me,” Alya smirked, leaning over the sorter girl and rubbing her nose against her cheek.

“Maybe I don’t want to be dragged into your debauchery.” Marinette teased, raising her nose in the air snobbishly. “Maybe I will steal Adrien away for a life of blissful monogamy far away from the both of you.”

“Oh please, as if anyone could come between that bromance.”

“It’s ok Alya, if Marinette thinks she and Adrien are better off alone I can back down.” Nino said with a playful glint in his eye.

“Thank you.”

“Enjoy your weekly game marathons.”

“I love gaming.”

“And binge watching Anime when he gets sick.”

“Some of it is quite entertaining.”

“And helping him come up with new puns twice a week.”

“On second thought I think the idea of having secondary relationships has some real merit.”

“Awesome! I’ll start putting together a date night schedule,” Alya said happily, pulling out her phone and typing furiously.

“Aren’t we forgetting something?” Marinette asked.


“Um, shouldn’t someone tell Adrien?”

“Eh, he’ll figure it out eventually.”

Read part 1 here: http://baneismydragon.tumblr.com/post/153805587621/ot4-nonsense

And part 2 here: http://baneismydragon.tumblr.com/post/153908854681/ot4-nonsense-pt-2


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“Cross my heart and hope to die”

JurassicBarnes’ 500 followers celebration!

Taking requests, so shoot me an ask!

A/N: I hope this is okay :/

#29: “Well, what do you want to do?”

#63: “Cross my heart and hope to die”

#89: “I noticed”

Requested by: @callamint

Word Count: 594

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warning: None

look at this gif (not mine), he’s so fucking cute*

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Pairing: Jennie x Reader

Genre: Fluff

REQUEST: Jennie + ACCENTS for anonie 

*gif not mine unless stated*

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“I can´t believe you´re starting it again.” Jennie said in disbelief as you both set the bags full of groceries on the kitchen isle. For the past sixteen minutes the two of you were walking from the grocery store, constantly bickering about one and the same thing. Who was better at a british accent.

“I am not starting anything. I´m simply continuing from where we left of last time.” This wasn´t unusual at all. Jennie and you both enjoyed talking to each other in different accents and trying to see who could do it better, most of the time immediatly agreeing on a winner. This time, though. Not so easy. When you dared your girlfriend to try a british accent, she hesitantly agreed. The whole thing somehow resulted in a fight and you giving her a cold shoulder. Stupid reason, truly.

“Technically, you are starting. I don´t want to fight again, Y/N.” Jennie said, placing the thing you bought into their rightful places. 

“Are you scared?” You coaxed her, trying to get her to admit it. Most of the time it was her who won in your little competitions.

“Of you? Don´t be ridiculous.”

“You are. Admit it. You don´t want to do it because I would win. Your ego wouldn´t survive the fact that I am for once better at something.” To be honest, you couldn´t care less about who was better at the damn accent. Infact, you had already almost forgotten about it. What mattered to you at the moment was, that you had found Jennie´s weak spot and you wouldn´t simply ignore it. Opportunity like this doesn´t get left behind, does it?

“Oh honey, I could literally destroy you. I´m doing this for your own good.” Bickering about the lamest of the things was your speciality. You enjoyed provoking Jennie and she loved proving you wrong. It seemed stupid, but it worked for you.

“Really? I don´t remember you having this much mercy on me.” You leaned against the kitchen counter, smirking. Jennie went quiet and so did you. You kept on smirking while Jennie´s face showed no emotion, something she was really good at. She was re-evaluating every single choice she had. If she backed down she would unintentionally show you she wasn´t good at the british accent. But if she did accept it, she would propably make a fool out of herself.

“Well?” You broke the silence, getting slightly impatient. 

“Bring it on.” Those three words started it all. Rules were simple, really. Only talk to each other in said accent. Even in front of friends. You thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jennie so determined to yet again prove you wrong. You had to admit, her technique was flawless, almost. She tried to talk to you only when necessary, responding with the shortest of phrases and if possible, only one word. That, of course, didn´t go unnoticed by you and fueled you and your ego even more.

“You know, an hour and a half already passed. You can always give up before two hours are up.” You spoke in an almost perfect british accent. Jennie shot you a dirty look and then once again redirected her gaze towards the TV.

“Or are you going to be a wuss and not talk to me at all?” Nothing. “Okay then, loser.”

“Alright fine! I give up; happy now?” She shouted, throwing her hands in the air. You couldn´t help but do a little victory dance, relishing in the fact that you had for once won. Jennie crossed her arms on her chest and pouted, annoyed that you made her give up. 

“Y/N, I have to ask you something…” She trailed off after a while, a frown on her face. 


“How come you´re so good at it?” Oh is that a smoke I can smell? Let´s say you cheated a little and didn´t tell her you lived there for a while, hence, your accent being almost perfect. When you didn´t say anything, it was as ifrealisation hit Jennie in the face. Her mouth was now agap and her finger pointed at you.

“You cheated!” The screech that left her mouth was enough to make you eardrums explode if you didn´t cover your ears with your hands.

“Sorry?” It was more of a question rather than a statement. You were starting to retreat, not wanting to face an angry girlfriend. She was far more competitive than you were, so the fact that you cheated didn´t exactly make her the happiest person on earth.

“Just wait until I catch you.” 

A/n: Here you go anonie. Hope you liked it. I didn´t really know what to write about so I decided to include a little game me and my friend like to play. Lots of love – G

Title: I want you
Prompt: Raw (Day 17)
Theme: Interlude (adolescence / young adulthood)
Warning: smut ;)



“I want you.”

She looks at you as if she used to be blind till now – as if, suddenly, she can see again, and you are the first thing she sees in years.

“I want you,” you repeat, even though, in the stillness and quiet of the night, she definitely heard you.

She lowers her eyelids. The green of her irises darkens. She speaks softly against your lips, her hot breath filtering through your mouth and filling your lungs with sweetness. “How do you want me?” she asks.

“With all my being,” you reply, your fingers fluttering against her hip bone.

“No,” she says. “I mean, exactly how do you want me, Sasuke-kun? On my back, like this?” Slowly, she runs a hand over your bare chest and her leg folds, brushing up against your side. “On my knees? Or… on your lap?”

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Imagine Castiel zapping you and him to the place you most want to go in the world just so he can watch your face light up.

“Oh, Cas, honey. You didn’t have to do this for me…but wow!”


Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.12: Downtime

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge here aka Crewefox with another chapter of Take a Stand. Big thank you to @helthehatter for suggesting the song for the end of the chapter and thank you to @reddoshirousagi06 for the artwork for this chapter. And thanks to all the amazing folks who liked, reblogged, faved, followed and reviewed the last chapter. PLEASE REVIEW! So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link : https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/12/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 12- Downtime

Nick, Bogo and Nala were at the foot of the autopsy table looking at the body parts put laid out on the cold metal reconstructed like some gruesome jigsaw with Dr. David Dawson at the head of the table with a Red Panda junior mortician by his side. The victim was a very muscle bound tiger with a old burn across the left side of his face, the mammal was cleanly cut at the neck, torso, higher arm, forearm, thighs and knees. “Looks like the Hood’s intel was good.” Nala commented.

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Moving On (Stiles Stilinski)

Imagine that you were dating Stiles, but he broke up with you for an unknown reason, and you ‘move on’ and start dating another guy, and you show up with him at a party, and Stiles gets jealous.

A/N: Of course me being me, they end up back together ;)

It’s been about two months since Stiles broke up with you, and you have no idea why. During that time you managed to “move on”, and now you have a new boyfriend. His name is Tyler, and he seems to like you a lot, but you feel kind of guilty, because you know deep down you are still madly in love with Stiles. But what can you do? You needed to distract yourself from the pain,, and that’s exactly what you did. Your friend Lydia helped by introducing you to Tyler.

You combed through your hair, and you looked into the mirror, making sure you looked okay. Tonight Tyler is going to be taking you to a party, and Lydia told you that Stiles would be there, so you knew you had to look happy, so he wouldn’t know how much he hurt you.

“(Y/N), you’re trying too hard. You don’t want Tyler to catch on.” Lydia, your best friend said. “Am I using him?” you asked worried. “Do you really need me to answer that?” she said as she inspected her nails. “I feel so bad now.” You muttered. “Honey, you loved Stiles, and he broke your heart. You’re not going to get over him in two months. Tyler is you distraction. Sometimes you can gain feelings for him. He doesn’t need to know the truth.” Lydia said. “I still feel bad! What if I was only Stiles’ distraction?” you asked. ‘Oh come on!’ you thought to yourself. ‘He broke up with you, move on already!’, but deep down you knew you couldn’t. You knew the more you pushed away those feelings, the stronger they will come back.

“For God’s sake (Y/N)! Stiles broke up with you to protect you! Can’t you see that? I can! Everyday he asks if you are okay.” Lydia said standing up. “What so you tell him?” you asked smally. “I tell him that you are okay physically.” Lydia said. You didn’t know what to say, partially because you found out he broke up with you for protection, not because he didn’t love you anymore. Now you really didn’t want to go to the party. “Oh, no, I know that look, you are going to this party, there’s no getting out of it.”  Lydia scolded, shaking her head at you. You sighed, and you put the last touches on your outfit, and then you heard on a knock on the door downstairs.

You ran down quickly, and opened the door to see Tyler. “Ready to go?” he asked you. You forced a smile, and nodded your head, even though that is the last you wanted. He grabbed your hand, and led you to his car, and you saw Lydia follow after. The way to the party was awkward, and you were sure he could tell. You were about to put your phone in your bag, but you got a reminder saying that tonight is the full moon.

You quickly shut your phone off, and put it in your bad, and hoped for the best. This town has a tough time with full moons. Even the most controlled werewolves almost break. You were sure you were hallucinating, but you swear you saw Tyler’s eyes glint gold in the oncoming headlights. You pushed that thought aside, and figured that it was just your paranoia of something bad always happening.

Ten minutes later, the car reached the party, and he parked his car along the street. You guys all got out, and you fought the urge to run and hide. Tyler grabbed your hand, and led you inside. Everyone was already drunk or almost there. “I’m going to get us a drink!” he shouted over the music. “I’m fine!” you yelled back, wanting to be in the most controlled state of mind as you could, because something bad always happens on the full moon. He wandered off, and you felt someone grab your arm. You turned your head, and you saw Stiles there, and he looked mad, but it made him look severely more attractive. “What are you doing here with Tyler?” he asked angrily, and you were shocked. You thought Stiles had seen you at school with Tyler before.

“Why do you care Stiles? You were the one who broke up with me, remember? Not the other way around.” You said bitterly. “I know, and I’m sorry. I did it to protect you.” Stiles said. “I can protect myself, okay? I don’t need a white knight in shining armor.” You said harshly.

“It sure looks like you do.” You heard Tyler growl out. He gripped your arm tightly, and you winced in pain, because you felt his nails, no, claws dig into your skin, and you felt blood trickle down your arm. “Tyler, let go of her! You’re hurting (Y/N)!” he said, obviously not knowing what to do, but you didn’t blame him, since you didn’t know either. “Why do you care what happens to her, huh?” Tyler boomed. “Tyler, let me go, now! You’re hurting me, and I want you to let me go, or we’re done.” You said in an eerie calm voice, it was the only thing you could do to keep from causing a scene. How had no one noticed that you were bleeding?

Tyler’s grip tightened, and you felt your bone threaten to snap, and you let out a wail of pain. Stiles didn’t know what to do, so he just acted. He balled up a fist, and decked him in the face. Tyler let go of you, and you stumbled forwards, and Stiles wrapped a protective arm around you, and you hid your face in his neck. He pulled you through the crowd, and you saw Isaac and Scott take care of Tyler, to keep him from coming after you.

“Take me home please.” You whimpered. He kissed your forehead, and brought you to his car, and helped you in, because you were shaking so bad. You struggled to contain your tears that threatened to spill. Your arm was hurting, and you were completely terrified. “Don’t cry, please. If you cry, I’ll cry.” Stiles begged as he drove. You whimpered, and you were mad at yourself for feeling so weak. Stiles reached over, grabbed your hand tight, and you felt comfort in that simple gesture. Stiles knew exactly that, but when Tyler held your hand, you didn’t feel comfort, you felt cold.

Stiles pulled into your driveway, and led you to the door of your empty dark house. He was about to turn away, but you grabbed his hand to keep him in place. “Please stay. I can’t be alone right now.” You said in a broken whisper. He looked extremely upset that you were so scared. He nodded his head, and you led him to the living room, and he sat you down. “You’re first aid kit is in the bathroom right?” he asked for clarification. “Yeah.” You said, nodding your head. He kissed your head, and walked away, and came back a few minutes later. You felt nervous to be alone with Stiles, but not afraid. Nervous, because you knew you and him had to talk everything over.

Stiles carefully grabbed your arm, and he began cleaning the wounds. You looked down, and saw a dark bruise on your arm, and Stiles looked like he was ready to punch something. “I’m going to kill that bastard. He hurt you, he hurt my (Y/N).” he said the last part under his breath, but you still managed to hear it. With those words your heart swelled, and you felt a lump form in your throat, that you couldn’t choke down. He took off his hoodie, and he wrapped it around your shaking form. You hadn’t even realized that you were cold.

“Sh, (Y/N), what’s wrong?” Stiles asked softly. “You just care for me so much. It hurts, Stiles.” You sobbed. He hugged you close, and he let out a choked sound, and you realized that he began crying, too. “I was trying to protect you. I know it was stupid.” He whispered. “I can’t breathe.” You said gasping for breath. He pulled back quickly, and placed his hands on either side of your face, and he looked worried, but he realized you were having a panic attack. He took a deep breath, and his lips crashed against yours.

At first you didn’t know what to do, but you soon wrapped your arms tight around his neck, and kissed back with everything you had. He laid you back on the couch, and climbed on top of you, and a few minutes later, he pulled back slightly, and rested his forehead against yours, and you both were breathless. You also realized you weren’t having a panic attack anymore.

“Take me back. I need you. I thought I could stay away from you to keep you out of harm’s way, but I love you too much, and if that makes me selfish, I don’t care. I need you.” He whispered. “I love you, too, and of course I will take you back. I always will. Tyler was only a distraction.” You whispered. He smiled, and he lowered himself, and covered your body in his, and you felt safer than ever.

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  • “Are you sure about this?”
  • “Come on, you know I hate surprises…”
  • “Did anyone see you come in?”
  • “Did you mean what you said earlier?”
  • “Hey! What’d you do that for?”
  • “Honey, I’m home!”
  • “I am going to kill you!”
  • “I can tell you’re lying.”
  • “I don’t want to leave.”
  • “I don’t want you to leave.”
  • “I had a weird dream about you.”
  • “I love you but absolutely not!”
  • “I need you to come pick me up…”
  • “I swear!”
  • “Is there something you need to tell me?”
  • “Is this for me?”
  • “Just say you love me too.”
  • “My parents want to meet you.”
  • “Oh get over it already!”
  • “Oh my God, no way!”
  • “Oh, just let me see it!”
  • “Please come back.”
  • “Promise me you’ll never leave…”
  • “Save water, shower with me!”
  • “That turned out better than I expected!”
  • “There’s something I need to tell you…”
  • “This is difficult for me to say…”
  • “This is for you.”
  • “Well that was unexpected…”
  • “What are you looking at?”
  • “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  • “Why are you such a bitch?”
  • “Why are you such an asshole?”
  • “You are not meeting my parents!”
  • “You’re not going in that are you?”
The Poem By YessyLove (BVB Imagine)

(Check this out you guys! :) ♡ Enjoy!)


Andy-*waves at you*Hey there whats up? Im Andy Biersack, but I bet you already knew that.

Ashley-Oh close your butthole! *sees you* oh hey!! Nice to see you again! Im Ashley Purdy.

CC-And I am the man of your dreams, CC!!

Jake-More like the man of her nightmares -____- oh hey!! Remember me? Jake pitts?

Jinxx-Hi honey! Its Jinxx, very nice to see your pretty face again.

Andy-Together! We are Black Veil brides. And we have a new message for you. Shall we? Gentlemen?

All 5-*clear their throats*

Jinxx-Roses are red.

Andy-my eyes are blue.

Ashley-Im very sexy

Jake-but so are you!

CC-You love me the most!

Ashley-no she does not -.-

CC-Im just saying the truth!

Ashley-but shes so very hot!

Andy-stop being so rude!

Jinxx-guys please do not start

Jake-not in front of her.

CC-I really need to fart.

Andy-Guys be polite

Jinxx-And be very nice

Jake-what is that smell?

Ashley-CC farted twice..

Andy-well you messed up the poem!

Jake-now what do we do?

CC-lets eat mexican food!

Ashley-Hell no not with you!

Andy-*sigh* the point of this poem

Jake-is so that we can tell you!

All 5-That you love all of us! And We love you all too!!

(Well its very weird poem but at least it rhymed right? Lol spread the love :D Love you guys!)
-YessyLove ♡