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Can you please write a Namjoon smut about you and him are dating and you're at a BTS concert? Then you and him have sex backstage (like in a dressing room or somewhere? Thank you!

Here you both are~! ^^ I combined your requests bc they’re pretty much identical lol. Hope you enjoy! <3

The rule about concerts is that family members and friends aren’t allowed to visit until after. The boys need to focus beforehand on warming up and last minute prep, so everyone is politely asked to stay out of the backstage area and simply enjoy the concert when it starts.

And you’re never an exception to that rule…which is why you find it strange when you get a text from Namjoon, asking you to come backstage. The large arena is already starting to flood with people—the doors having recently opened—and yet you push your way upstream through the crowd, trying to make it to where Namjoon is. You’re not sure why exactly he needs you at this very moment, but it seems that security knows you’re coming too, because when they see you they immediately let you pass, and a coordi noona you bump into points you in the direction of the boy’s changing room without question.

As you approach the room the door opens, and the boys step out. Yoongi blinks in surprise when he spots you standing there, but quickly tries to hide his growing smirk when a look of understanding passes over his features.

“You’ve got 20 minutes until we’re supposed to be on,” he says, patting your shoulder friendlily as they all pass. “Namjoon’s inside—go on in.”

Watching them leave, utter confusion written across your features, you finally enter the room. Almost immediately a hand flies past your head and slams the door shut, the lock clicking as your eyes shoot to your boyfriend, whose eyes are as dark as the night sky. You can see the hunger and dominance present in his features and open you mouth to question what’s gotten him so riled up, but the only sound that passes your lips is a startled gasp—Namjoon’s large hand cupping your womanhood.

“Thank god you wore skirt today,” he moans happily, hot breath fanning out against the skin of your neck, and goosebumps rise immediately. Biting your lips, your thighs tighten around his hand as you push your palms against his chest.

“N-Namjoon? What’s up with you?”

“I thought about things I shouldn’t have and maybe saw an erotic image or two on my SNS feed, so please let me fuck you, holy shit.”

Oh my god,” you blush, attempting to cover your tomato colored face as Namjoon’s hands roam your sides, attempting to wrestle you out of your clothes. In the back of your head time is ticking—because you know that when Namjoon gets horny, he forgets about everything else he needs to be doing—so you’re likely the only one at the moment who remembers he’s got a concert to perform in less than 20 minutes.

“Ok, ok,” you hurriedly say between his heated kisses, his tongue invading your mouth and causing you to slur your words a bit. “Do you want me to suck your dick? You gotta go soon and—”

“No, babe, I have to feel you,” he grunts, tearing your shirt over your head. He doesn’t bother unclipping your bra, and simply slips the straps off your shoulder, folding the cups down so he can flick his tongue over your hardening nipples. You let out a shaky breath at the feeling, one hand holding onto the back of his neck for support as you lean back against the door, knees feeling week.  

Curse Kim Namjoon for always managing to turn you on in a heartbeat.

Smirking against your flushed skin, Namjoon kisses his way down your breasts, his hands sliding up your thighs and pushing your skirt up to your waist. However, you don’t bother fighting it, the wetness between your legs growing with every passing second.

“God I fucking love you” he laughs when he sees the dark spot on your panties, and you roll your eyes, tangling your hand is his hair as he pushes the crotch of the garment aside, no time to do this properly. You’ve only got about 13 minutes left, and you’re sure the coordi noonas won’t want Namjoon running on stage looking like a recently fucked out 22 year old.

Hoisting your legs up to tangle around his waist, Namjoon hurriedly carries you to a nearby table and sets you down, hands fumbling for the zipper of his jeans. You watch him with anticipation, hand migrating to your breast as he pumps his throbbing cock a few times, digging in his pocket for a condom.

After getting the protection on, Namjoon leans forward and towers over you. Licking your lips, you grab the back of his head and drag him into a passionate kiss, his fingertips pressing bruising marks into your sides.

Pulling back for breath a minute later, Namjoon smooths his blond hair backwards and grabs his cock, rubbing it between your dripping folds. You pant harshly when he pushes in, fingernails digging into his shoulder blades, and he’s careful to be slow despite the anticipation and wantonness flowing through you both.

“I’m good,” you eventually whisper, looking him in the eye reassuringly, and with your approval Namjoon goes to town. He starts off fast and rough—and it’s what you’re used to when Namjoon is overly needy. So, you wrap your arms around him and hold on for dear life, unable to help the moans and gasps that escape you. You can hear the fans starting to chant and sing along with the pre-concert music playing, so hopefully that’s managing to muffle the sounds Namjoon and you are making quite a bit.

“God you’re so tight today,” he grunts, hands braced on the table beside your head, and you can do nothing but gasp desperately in response. Your mind is muddled by the pleasure assaulting your body, and no coherent words are available for you to speak. But Namjoon doesn’t seem to mind—more than happy to lean down and kiss you silly as he continues thrusting into you, your walls beginning to tighten around him.

“Just another minute, babe,” he whispers against you, head dropping into the crook of your neck. “I’m almost there.”

Biting your bottom lip, you attempt to relax yourself, trying to wait for him, but the feeling of Namjoon’s length filling you so perfectly—his body pressed against your and every touch electrifying—makes holding off your orgasm somewhat impossible to do.

“N-Namjo-oon, I—!” you stutter, back arching, and Namjoon curses as you tighten around him, walls pulsing as your orgasm overtakes you. However, Namjoon continues to ride you through it, chasing his own orgasm—and the blissful look on your face combined with the magical feeling of your wet heat around his cock grants him his release as well.

Breathing heavily, Namjoon gently collapses on top of you and you hold him tight. The two of you remain like that for a minute before the chanting in the distance catches your attention again, and you nudge Namjoon up.

“You gotta go. ARMY is waiting.”

“Yeah,” he agrees, straightening up and disposing of the used condom. He attempts to clean himself up a little before he quickly makes for the door. You watch him go with a fond eye roll, blinking in surprise when he suddenly turns on his heel and makes his way back to you. Cupping your cheeks, he kisses you lovingly, saying, “Thank you for that.”

“Anytime,” you respond with a laugh. “Now go and slay everyone! I’ll catch up with you later!”

“Will do!” he calls back with a smile, and in the end you sadly miss the opening act, but that’s ok. Your opening act with Namjoon was way better. At least in your opinion~

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