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Vader: [walking into a room in his lava castle, clutching his chest as he turns on the light] Kriff! [collecting himself] Ugh, Kenobi. You startled me. If I still had a regular heart it would have had an attack. 
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: [smirking] My apologies, Anakin.
Vader: I don’t have the energy for riddles and…evil-shaming and all of that. Be gone from my sight. 
Obi-Wan: By all means, rest! Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here, reading.
Vader: Obi-Wan, I order you to leave. 
Obi-Wan: Or you’ll what? Kill me? [raises an eyebrow] Hmm? No, I think I’ll just be settling in. I’m quite comfortable here, actually. The decor is a bit…intense here, but that’s fine. 
Vader: [clenching his fist] Look old man, I told you last time you showed up here that unless you’re going to tell me how you’re pulling off this…parlor trick of yours, or give me information about the boy – 
Obi-Wan: Oh yes! The boy. He’s such a good kid, Anakin; I should be stopping by to see him again soon. You know: teaching him the ways of the light side of the Force and all…
Vader: That’s it, Master, I don’t have to stand here in my own home and listen to –
Obi-Wan: [brightly] Oh ho! What was that, Anakin?
Vader: [angrily] I was saying I don’t have to stand here and listen to you talk about my son like this! 
Obi-Wan: No no, Anakin, not that part. Who don’t you have to stand here and listen to? [places a finger to his mouth with a smirk] Why, if I’m not mistaken my dear Anakin, I do believe you did just call me “Master”. What ever would the Emperor say?
Vader: I said no such thing.  
Obi-Wan: Oh, but you did. 
Vader: No I didn’t. 
Obi-Wan: [smiles] Right. I must just be getting hard of hearing despite being an all-powerful being from beyond the living world. 
Vader: Evidently. 
Obi-Wan: Anyways, as I said, I think I’ll just be taking a seat over here. 
Vader: [standing there helplessly] W-well, I suppose I could allow you to…be over there. If you stay in that corner, like last time.
[pause] [Vader continues to stare at him, shuffling back and forth on his feet]
Obi-Wan: [looking up from his book] Anything else I can help you with, Anakin?
Vader: I shall also require you t-to…you know. 
Obi-Wan: [sighs, looking over his reading glasses] You want me to make you pancakes?
Vader: [nods slightly] And..the other thing. 
Obi-Wan: Ah. Right. [shifts into Clone Wars-era Kenobi] Better?
Vader: It is…not terrible. I suppose. 

Super Junior Reaction

Anon asked: Just wanna ask, can you do a super junior reaction to seeing heechul go quiet and shy after seeing a hot girl pass by? I think I would start laughing at him cuz he’s usually the most talkative and savage of them all.

Sure ! ^-^

Heechul shuts up when a girl passes by


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*quietly snickering*

I think Leeteuk, being the ‘mature’ leader he is, would just laugh or snicker under his breath. He would probably tease Heechul a little, but would probably be the one that’ll stop others before jokes went too far.


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Yesung would straight up laugh, thinking how funny this moment is. Even when the girl passes, you would be able to hear his giggles.


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“Oh my god…”

I think Kangin would lowkey watching the girl too while watching Heechul from the corner of his eyes. The ‘oh my god’ comment would be for both the girl and Heechul’s reaction.


(why can’t I find any gif of him for this ???!!?)

Shindong would probably be somewhat like Kangin and Yesung. He would most likely laugh at Heechul and would be pointing at the girl, in a shocked manner (until Leeteuk hits him for being rude, because it’s rude to point).


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(he looks adorable UwU)

“What happened to– Oh…” *laughs*

Sungmin is really sweet, so I don’t think he would really tease Heechul. But, he would pat him reassuringly on the back, understanding. He would still laugh, only for a few seconds though.


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“O ho ho, what do we have here? A shy Heechul?”

Teasing. He will not live it down. Poor Heechul would be teased for a while by him.


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(tbh a lot of their reaction’s would be similar lol)

“Hold on, you–” *laughs loudly*

Another one that would laugh. Let’s face it: everyone else would too.


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“Ah, I’ve never thought this day would come, haha.”

This one would most definitely tease Heechul, laughing while doing so.


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“Oh-ho, look what have we here. The most savage person in the world turns into the shyest one just because of a girl?”

*looks over to the girl*  *laughs*

“I now see why.”

Siwon would be either teasing him or just simply enjoy the show, on the side. Or both.


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“H-hold on” *trying to stifle his laughter* “Heechul is being s-shy?”

Ryeowook is also rather nice, especially when it comes to one of his hyungs, but not even he would be able to stop his laughter when seeing Heechul’s shy behavior.


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*laughs loudly, almost dropping to his knees*

I have only two words for him: evil maknae. (I still love him tho)


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(such a meme)

“Seriously, hyung?”

I think that Henry would put on a disgusted face just to annoy Heechul. On the inside, he’s roaring with laughter like everyone else.

And finally, the man himself, Heechul

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“No, guys, stop, you’re embarrassing me!”

“Wait, no, I d-didn’t mean that!”

*puts his face into his hands* “Kill me..”

(pray for him guys)

Art Student AU

Oh ho! What is this? A sketchbook doing with only one person as the subject?

 (Part One-ish)

“Ace! You never draw people.”

“Yeah so?”

“You spent all of the run up to your life drawing bitching about it.”


“And why do you have a sketchbook full of life drawing?”

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To Fall

|To Be Afraid| |To Find| |To Be In| |To Rediscover| |To Yearn|

Member: Yoongi 

Genre: Fluff/Angst 

Word Count: 1036

Summary: Love. It’s a strange thing. It can either make you the happiest person in the world or the most miserable. You don’t know when it comes or when it goes. Sometimes it’s not returned and sometimes it is. We don’t know how to deal with it, but we still yearn for it. 

A/N: Hi everyone! So like I said before, I’ll be writing these little drabble like things every once in a while throughout the course of this month. (Oh ho ho February, what a coincidence!) Some of them might not make sense because I’m really just writing on a whim and trying to get more ideas for stories going, but I still hope you enjoy them! Xx 

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You don’t now when it happened or how it did. It wasn’t something you were prepared for, but it also wasn’t something that surprised you. It was like floating and drifting away slowly in the water. You didn’t expect much nor did you expect anything in return. Your feelings are yours and his are his own.

Yoongi isn’t the cold person like everyone perceives him to be. Closed off? Yes, there is that quality to him, but there’s also the side of him that he doesn’t show very often. He’s a youth, he likes to live in the moment. He doesn’t hesitate to speak what’s on his mind, but he also makes sure that what he says doesn’t harm others in ways they’re not supposed to.

That’s what you admire about him.

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Any Fafiya HeadCanons?

Oh ho ho, what do my elf eyes hear? Did you say… HEADCANONS? You asked, I shall deliver~ And here I was already wondering when to share them… X’D Here goes!

  • Basically, the first time Takiya hugs Fafnir, the latter is super confused. As in, totally caught off guard. He just goes all stiff and asks, “Why are you caging me with your body?” and Takiya laughs and replies, “It’s a hug, Faf-kun! It’s a human way of showing affection.” “Hmph, don’t lump me in with you lowly humans.” “I can stop if you don’t–” “…I never said that.” So from then on Takiya will just sometimes hug Fafnir and Fafnir never reciprocates but never complains either, until one day Takiya comes home from a really bad day at work and looks really down and Fafnir just goes up to him and awkwardly wraps his arms around him and Takiya gets so happy he basically tackles him on the spot.
  • Takiya is often tired when he comes home from work, so every once in a while he’ll fall asleep while gaming on the couch with Fafnir. Fafnir is completely put off, especially when Takiya falls asleep leaning against him, and at first he always wakes him up on the spot (earning himself a laugh and an apology, with the remark that he should probably go to bed) but eventually he just starts picking up his sleeping roommate and tucking him into bed and grumbling about foolish humans needing so much sleep and how inefficient that is. And then, finally, he starts leaving Takiya where he is because it’s nice and warm and kind of comfortable to have him snoring there while he continues gaming… and don’t tell Takiya, but sometimes Fafnir even puts down the console and closes his eyes too, just for a few minutes.
  • Takiya has the secret mission of finding out what can make Fafnir smile. He hasn’t told his dragon, but he’d really like to see him smiling or even laughing for once because he’s sure it’d make a wonderful sight, and it leads to him trying out all kinds of tricks that would normally make people smile and see if they work. Neither gifts nor food nor compliments, displays of affection or lame jokes have had any effects so far, and the one time Takiya tried to tickle Fafnir he nearly got launched across the room (although the various other cute faces Fafnir made at all these attempts were definitely still worth it), but he still won’t give up. What he doesn’t know is that when he’s not looking, Fafnir will sometimes look at him with the tiniest little fond smile on his face.

Have these three for now! I still got more up my sleeve of course, but I’ll wait with these… First time writing (imagining?) these cuties, hope I did them justice!

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Do you have any stories/quotes about John and Paul when they were teenagers in Liverpool?

“I used to go round to Aunt Mimi’s house and John would be at the typewriter, which was fairly unusual in Liverpool. None of my mates even knew what a typewriter was. Well they knew what it was but they didn’t hae one. Nobody had one.” Paul

‘John had a chocolate bar, and he shared it with me. And he didn’t give me some of his chocolate bar. He didn’t give me a square of his chocolate bar. He didn’t give me a quarter of his chocolate bar. He gave me half of his chocolate bar. And that’s why the Beatles started right there.’ Isn’t that fantastic? It’s the most important story about the Beatles, and it’s in none of the books!’ Paul

“John and I grew up like twins although he was a year and a half older than me. We grew up literally in the same bed because when we were on holiday, hitchhiking or whatever, we would share a bed. Or when we were writing songs as kids he’d be in my bedroom or I’d be in his. Or he’d be in my front parlour or I’d be in his, although his Aunt Mimi sometimes kicked us out into the vestibule!” Paul

Paul used to come to my front door. He’d lean his bike against the fence and look over at me with his sheep eyes and say ‘Hello, Mimi. Can I come in?’ ‘No, you certainly cannot,’ I’d say.  Mimi

“It was the Easter school holidays and John and I had hitchhiked down from Liverpool to help out in the pub. We generally dossed around for a week and worked behind the bar. Then Mike said that me and John should play there on the Saturday night. So we made our own posters and put them up in the pub: “Saturday Night – Live Appearance – The Nerk Twins.” Paul

When I caught sight of him, when John brought him home for the first time, I thought “Oh-ho, look what the cat’s dragged in.” He seemed so much younger than John–and John was always picking up waifs and strays. I thought “Here we go again, John Lennon… another Shotton.” […] He was well-mannered–too well-mannered. He was what we call in Liverpool “talking posh” and I thought he was taking the mickey out of me, John’s little friend, Mr Charming.I used to tease John by saying “chalk and cheese”, meaning how different they were, and John would start hurling himself around the room like a wild dervish shouting “Chalkandcheese! Chalkandcheese!” with this stupid grin on his face” - Mimi

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had a old man come in my lane, dump his ENTIRE CHANGE PURSE onto my STILL MOVING belt, forced me to count out the entire amount (and a majority of it was in fucking nickles and pennies, oh ho what fun!) and then, AND THEN, He still ended up paying with a hundred dollar bill, wanted me to use the change as well (this was a $5 order btw) and then proceeded to stick around for another 10 minutes after he got his receipt to "make sure everything went ok". i about wanted to throttle this moron so bad

Ice Kissed, Frost Bitten | A Meihem Oneshot

Summary:  When Mei returns to Ecopoint: Antarctica to retrieve old data and face her demons, she brings Junkrat and Roadhog along for a secret mission

Thanks @rinshi-chan​ for the eyes!


Talon’s hacking of the Ecopoint: Iceland digital archives is the excuse Mei is waiting for.

It doesn’t take much convincing to get Winston to approve her mission request. Morrison doesn’t argue either when Mei commissions a hovercraft and requisite supplies for the journey. He knows what it’s like to be weighed down by the past, so he won’t get in her way.

The only person who might object to Mei’s mission is Junkrat. And she can’t go–won’t go–without him.

She finds Junkrat in his workshop, tediously trying to construct a pyramid from grenades. Hopefully, they’re duds. Mei supposes she’ll find out. Roadhog is leaning against the wall, breathing steadily. She can’t tell if he’s watching his partner work or if he’s asleep.

“I’m going back,” Mei declares. Roadhog stirs, cocking his head in Mei’s direction with a silent question. Junkrat’s hand, holding a grenade between two long fingers, pauses in the air.

“Goin’ back? Back where?” he says over his shoulder. “You’ve been all over.” Brow furrowed, he places the grenade at the pinnacle of the pyramid. It’s a rare thing for Junkrat to become fixated on something that requires so much patience. Mei swallows. If he’s so focused, maybe what she’s about to tell him won’t be such a big deal.

“Back to my old ecopoint.”

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Life’s Candy and the Sun’s a Ball of Butter [Illya Kuryakin x Reader]

Author’s Note: Oh ho ho, what do we have here? ;) So happy to have finally written something for Illya. This was the inspiration. Listening to that while reading would be a good idea haha. Also the ending was like, I don’t know, just… there. xD Does that even make sense? Ah whatevs, hopefully it’s okay. ^^ Btw, I think yagodka is a Russian term of endearment/pet name? I think. I hope.

Word Count: 1,308

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