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flower cloak.

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Hyun Ryu, aka Zen, deserves so much better? A lot of people talk about how good looking he is or that he’s a narcissist, but they forget that it’s a crucial point in his route is how self conscious he really is? And don’t even get me started on how people ignore that his mother emotionally abused him during his childhood. Who the hell calls their child ugly? To protect them? Instead of just teaching them that people might take advantage of them because of how they look so they should keep their guard up? Suuure. I, for one, am proud that he still manages to be so confident after all that. And he’s still going after his dreams despite the fact that he was told he wasn’t going to make it anywhere. He joined a gang and got out of it to make his life better. And he’s doing it on his own, too, wow. People also give him crap for hating on Jumin, which is understandable, but making up with Jumin is also a crucial part of his route. He lets go of projecting his the image of his brother on Jumin and they actually become friends who just have banter? There is no reason to hate this boy? He’s such a sweetheart that gives really useful advice when it comes to handling life and tough situations. He’s very comforting and willing to go above and beyond for the people close to him. He’s willing to drop everything to run over to MC or take in Yoosung. He cares about Jaehee’s health and really just wants her to take a break? He a Mom Friend and a big brother but he’s also such a cute dork? Especially when it comes to things like technology and romantic gestures? The boy even wants to let MC meet his parents before they get married and they won’t let him in the door? And the fandom portrays him as this salty, kind of violent, self-absorbed, character? And don’t even get me started on The Beast™ because? He doesn’t even bring it up that often? And when he does bring it up, it’s after he meets MC in person and even then, it’s only briefly before he changes the subject. Cause this boy would literally wait as long as MC wants him to. I could literally go on, but the main point is that Zen deserves so much better and I will love him enough for the whole fandom if I have to.


woojin + face touches

Komaeda/Hinata scenes in NDRV3: Talent Development Mode

If anyone is interested, I’m posting the transcripts of all the Komahina interactions I’ve come across in this mode so far! It’s basically a Non-Despair AU where everyone (from every game) goes to Hope’s Peak. Since I’m playing on a PS4 I couldn’t take screencaps/video, so I just typed everything they said.

To access these you need to beat NDRV3, have at least 4 V3 characters graduate through the Talent Development Plan, use those characters to obtain currency in Monokuma Dungeon mode, and then use that currency to purchase new characters from DR1/SDR2 at random. Whew! I’ve only managed to unlock Komaeda so far so if there are any more scenes I come across I’ll update this post. 

Anyway, transcripts are below the cut! These are from the official English localization so everyone is referred to by their first names.

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favorite pictures of the Turn cast

part 2/? : Seth Numrich ( Benjamin Tallmadge )


Thank you so much anon, but pretty much, yeah! i’ve made a step-by-step of my shading process if anyone wants to see:

1.determine the light source
2.Shade and put the layer on multiply
4.Lower the shading’s opacity to around 70%-90%
5.Repeat 2-4 on another layer and lower opacity to around 30%-50% for areas with lighter shading like his right cheek, top of hat
6.Fill the colors in. Done!

Add another shading layer if ya want for darker areas, however I didn’t for this.

Tip:Don’t blur ALL the shading-leave some spots unshaded particularly where the form/object is closer to the light source/touches another form and blur it out bit by bit as the shadow goes further away as seen in pic 2


Dear my precious “Minnie” Kim Minseok,

You are so cute. Thank you for bringing some life and silliness into EXO. I know you were always the quiet one, but I feel like you truly bloomed in the time I’ve been able to get to know you. There is just something so genuinely compassionate and caring about who you are that it completely astounds me. You are a soft light that is starting to shine much brighter and warmer. I’m so excited to see how else you’ll grow. 

Yeah so after drawing this atrocity I decided that maybe, just maybe, Thrawn deserved better than that.


  • pa oh: and now, king jiheung would like to present his first speech as the new crowned king of silla. following the tradition of many kings before him, he shall be speaking in the chinese royal dialect. princess sook myung will translate.
  • ji dwi: *clears throat*
  • ji dwi: por muchos años, he amado mis pollos. tengo muchos.
  • sook myung: ... I AM KING JIHEUNG OF SILLA.
  • ji dwi: uno blano, uno marrón,y uno al que le falta una pierna.
  • ji dwi: pero, yo los quiero mucho. son como... mis hijas...
  • sook myung: AND I WILL... PUNCH SOMEONE...
  • audience: *gasp*
  • ji dwi: pero, mi pollo favorito de todos...
  • sook myung: BUT I'M ALSO VERY PROUD...
  • ji dwi: ... era mi querida carmen- la tuve cuando tan sólo tenía doce años.
  • audience: *sighs in relief*
  • ji dwi: también, yo era muy pequeño cuando tenía doce años. no tenias idea.
  • audience: *cheers*

the only downside to this apple doc is that there’s SO MUCH ground to cover in less than an hour. like, niall’s done so much..the ‘this town’ promo tour, the jingle ball tour last winter, all that time spent writing in the studio last year and then changing a bunch of stuff up at the start of this year, the summertime radio shows, one love manchester, the flicker sessions…if it were only approx. 600 hours longer on the record would be perfect 

Hi everyone! I don’t know why I never posted it here, but last summer I encoded Nicanor Tiongson’s Four Values in Filipino Drama and Filman essay which challenges not only filmmakers and scriptwriters, but each and every Filipino to boot, to break stereotypes and revolutionize Filipino culture through arts.

This is highly recommended reading, please check it out!  ✨✨

Why I just squealed so loud I mighta woken the neighbors:
  • Baby: Awake at 10pm because I forgot her reflux meds. Oops.
  • Baby: New diaper, medicated, saying goodnight to my wife.
  • Wife: "Good night, fat baby, I love you."
  • Baby: "kisss, kissssss, kissssss"
  • Baby: Leans and flutters eyelids a bit
  • Me: ...
  • Me: "...did she just...?"
  • Wife: "Oh yeah, if you say 'I love you, fat baby' she knows it means kisses"
  • Me: groan and squeal, repeat.
  • Baby: Innocently puts paci in and sucks it like she's not the best thing on earth.

I can’t believe it’s been one year since I was introduced to the new love of my life:

The Hell Charger is just such a gorgeous car! 😍Thank you AoS for bringing this car into my life!

(Also Robbie Reyes was pretty cool, too, I guess)

Elias aka bone dad

The entire fandom: [insert character name] is Keith’s mom!!!!!! U can see the resemblance!!!

Me: *squinting at anime style* ….if u say so