oh hi photoshop


Prince Oh showing you the world; shining, shimmering, splendid  ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。


hockey tough is just regular stupid

in which a steeler doesn’t understand why bones is walking on his peg leg

(ps if someone else could please gif this like the struggle was real since i have no idea what i was doing or if this will work)

Deadpool, Please!

Okay, I may have watched the Deadpool trailer one too many times and now that results in this nonsense. I’d apologize, but… *sigh*  I’ll only strike again.

For @devereauxsdisease who encourages this sort of behavior.

anonymous asked:

do me a favor and don't imagine Mark being from the Land of Giants and being the shortest there. Don't imagine him giving varying heights whenever someone asks b/c he gets different results every time he runs the numbers when he tries to calculate how tall he is in human measurements.


More Crocodile wallpapers! (1440x2560) Also a little something that had me laughing for quite a while! Enjoy!


The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith + Goodbyes

“I would’ve followed you to the end. Hell, I fucking have!”


Asoiaf Old Hollywood fancast
↝ Ray Milland as Stannis Baratheon

“There is no creature on earth half so terrifying as a truly just man.”