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I woulda given you the news but, y’know, you kinda made it clear you didn’t want to hear from me, so . . . 

You feel wrapped up, stolen away; can you still be spoils when you’ve stopped the war?

A Spark A Flame A fire by @callmearcturus is so fucking good??? You should all read it, goD


Five times Jakes was wrong, and one time he wasn’t.

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S6, Vol. 5

Hello hello Tarra Treks is BACK! Read ‘em and weep, I sure did by the end.

6x20 ‘His Way’
- Netflix: “Bashir shows off his new holosuite character, a 1960s Las Vegas singer who performs in a lounge full of martini-swilling customers.”
  me out loud: “Why are you like this.”
- what is this boozy Mad Men fantasy
- it’s actually SO STRANGE to see them all in here in their uniforms!
- “pretty sweet pipes for a lightbulb” oh I like this, I like that he knows?? weird, weird and fun!

Julian is criminally pleased with himself and his preternaturally astute holographic lounge singer

- wait are Kira and Shakaar an on-again-off-again? since when?
- Julian: “He knows about love, life, women!”
  Miles: “Three things you know nothing about.”
  Julian: “Now that’s a little unfair.”
  hey if you knew about life you wouldn’t have walked right into that one
- hold up, I just realized I’m watching Quark give Odo relationship advice. QUARK AND ODO. TALKING ABOUT ♡
- Odo: “Who asked for your opinion?”
  Quark: “You did. I came here to talk about a missing shipment of groat clusters.”
- please tell me what is in a Warp Core Breach

this is incredible

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You'll Be In My Heart

This is my contribution to Choicescreates this week, round 14 "Any Disney Song" (you can probably guess which Disney song I chose lol. Tarzan has always been one of my fave Disney movies and “You’ll Be In My Heart” is a gorgeous song and instantly inspired me. This is a JakexMC fic that takes place at some point after book 1. It’s kinda short but I wanted to leave it like this. Sorry for the sadness lol.  

Thanks to @mermaidwarriorqueen and @hollyashton for hosting this week! Loved the prompt!! :)


 Jake vaguely registers MC’s voice yell out as the Watcher stabs a spear straight into his chest and he crumpled to the ground. 

 Small hands grab his shoulders and keep him upright on his knees. She cups his face and he tries to focus his on the blueness of her eyes. 

“No,no,no,no, not again” she mutters, pushing his hair out of his eyes, breathing hard. 

"Heya Princess,” he slurs out, a numbing pain taking over his torso. 

“Oh Jake, no” her voice breaks, eyes glistening with tears. 

 Sean and Craig are tackling the Watcher behind them and Grace and Michelle are yelling about some sort of healing plant but Jake’s eyes are locked on MC’s blue ones as he slips in and out of consciousness. He feels a wetness on his neck and realizes that MC’s tears have spilled over. With all the strength he can muster he brings his hand to her face and cups it. 

“Don’t cry Princess,” he wipes away the tears and tries to manage a smile. He looks down at his shirt which is now almost completely soaked in his blood and despite what he knows is inevitable looks back up with a grin, “It’s not that bad, nothing I can’t handle." 

 MC let’s out a watery laugh

"Shut up, stop being such a tough guy for once in your life Jake. You can’t leave me. Not now." 

She grabs his hand where it’s cupping her face and closes her eyes briefly. In that moment, as her eyelashes cast a spidery shadow onto her face and a tear slides down her cheek Jake realizes he loves her. Lying on the floor in the jungle of La Huerta, close to death, he realizes he loves this girl. He loves her with a force he had promised himself he would never love again. Not after what had happened with Mike. Surprisingly he’s okay with that. He takes her hand and and holds it in his own. 

 "Shhh, listen to me, I’m not leaving you,” He presses their hands to her heart and holds them there, “I will always be right here. Always.”

He looks into her eyes one last time and tries to memorize the way the specks of gold are woven into the blue before he lets go of the last bit of fight that had been keeping him going and slumps into MC’s arms, eyes closing peacefully. 

As the darkness starts to fill his vision he rocks slightly in her arms, thinking if he had to break his promise over someone he’s glad he chose her.


“It was tough, you know […] but we had each other, and that is how you got through.”

Together (Jake x MC)

Summery: MC is working through her emotions and thoughts after a hectic night. She is interupted by Jake who helps her and solidifies their relarionship.

I sat in bed writing. I had taken up writing my thoughts as a way to cope with all the craziness that La Huerta was. So far I had been writing for 20 minutes, although not long it has helped me work through the events over the past 24 hours. We were stuck in a hotel with blue skinned people tying to kill us. I slept with a pilot who drinks way too much if he is planning on making it to 40 without liver damage. I lost my best friend Diego, who sacrificed himself to save me. Also we travelled six months into the future. After all the craziness I went back to my room to find it a complete mess. Glass covered the ground, clothes and other items littered the floor. I had a shower and got changed into clean clothes before heading to Diego’s room. His belongings coat the rooms floor and funiture. After cleaning up as much as I could until I was to tired to stand I crashed on the bed.

Now I sit thinking what else could I write about. As I go over everything in my mind,  I start to become overwhelmed.

*knock, knock, knock*

“Hey Princess, you in there?”

I close my notebook and sit up in bed.

“The doors unlocked.”

Jake steps through the door closing it behind him.

“How’d you sleep?”

“Fine. Yourself?”

“Too be honest, would’ve been nicer if you were there.” He had a mischievous smirk on his face.

“Yeah.” I looked back down at my book. I felt the bed sink next to me but didn’t bother looking up.

“We’re gonna get him back.”

“No we’re not. He’s most likely dead as well as Grace and Raj. I made the call to leave them and Diego let go of me. Their bloods on my hands.”

Jake grabs my hand and as much as I want to pull away, I don’t.

“I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, a lot of good people dieing because of bad decisions other people made. This wasn’t one of those occasions. You saved all of us and Diego choose to save you.”

I look away from Jake as my eyes begin to tear.

“Oh hey.” Jake wraps his arms around me and holds me close as I let my go of my fear of crying in front of people. I rest my head on Jakes chest and cry. I cry for as long as the tears will come, and he just holds me. After I got everything out of my system I move away from him sitting upright in the bed again.

“I’m so sorry for that, you didn’t need to see that.”

“What, you crying? I’ve seen you naked and told you about why I really live in Costa Rica. I think it was only fair for you to be the vulnerable one this round.”

“I suppose that’s true. Thanks Top Gun.”

I rest my hand on his, and he laces his fingers with mine. I look at our hands, study how they look and how his feel. When I look back up at Jake, he’s looking at me. His blue eyes staring at me, he moves in closer until our lips meet. I’m met with a small, intimate and loving kiss.

“What was that for?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Your just so beautiful.”

“Thanks…Can I ask you something?”


“Do you think that if we had met off La Huerta we would be this close? A part of me thinks it’s only because of the adrenaline and all the near death situations that brought us together.”

“I think that all the chemisty we have on the island would’ve existed off here. Just think about it, when we were in the cockpit of my plane we bantered just like we always do.  We weren’t in a near death situation then. Or when we went on that hike together. I enjoyed just being with you.”

“I suppose your right. I just can’t shake this feeling.”

“Look we can’t think about what could’ve been. We are here, right now in the present, together.” He moves me so I’m straddling him, his hands resting on my hips, mine on his chest. “We are together under these circumstances, we can’t think about  whether or not we would under a different series of events.”

“Your right, you are. I think it’s just after everything that’s happened. All the craziness. I wasn’t sure if we would work in normal, everyday surroundings.”

“Okay well speak for yourself, everyday is different for me.”

“Correction, every bottle is different.”

“True. My point is we can still have adventures when we get away from here. Obviously less life threatening ones, but ones to keep things exciting. Do you believe in soulmates?”


“Neither do I, but I do believe that two people can be together for the majority of their lives, and I want to spend the rest of mine with yours.”

“Jake, your not propos-”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself Princess. It’s just that ever since I lost Mike I haven’t been able to let anyone in, but I let you. You are smart and beautiful, you can keep up with all my jokes and your able to take care of yourself. There’s not many people like that, so I’ve never been too attached in relationships. But you are someone I know I want in my life, that’s if you’ll have me?”

“So this isn’t a proposal?”

“No, just wanting you to know where I stand.”

“Well my answer to your question is yes. So what does that mean? We aren’t dating, that would require doing on actual dates. We aren’t boyfriend or girlfriend. Are we just…together?”

“You make that sound like a bad thing.”

“No I’m just trying to make sure I have this all right.”

“Maybe I can help with that.”

All of a sudden, Jake flips us over so he’s lying on top of me. Before I can even say anything his lips are on mine. His kisses are full and deep. I have to say though, this was making things clearer.