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There's something not right about Arima's art for vol 11. Have u seen his left bloodied eye? only Mtsuki and and Arima has blood on their art. And coincidentally the blood is on both of their left eyes. Now we know that Mtsuki has some job to do (taking Kaneki back). His art can mean he'll get hurt or killed but Arima is already dead so what is his art implying? The whole jp fandom is going crazy over this! I'm surprised that u guys r still not talking about it (sorry for my bad English!😅)

Oh oh yes I’ve seen the art! 

(rip I just realised you can’t even really see the red smear across Arima’s eyes here) 

I didn’t realise there were theories about a possible connection between the 2 though!

With Arima’s art, I think it’s a pretty clear throwback to his volume cover in TG

and how that eye was always shaded differently- both representing his failing eyesight and symbolizing his role as the OEK.

With Mutsuki’s cover, I had assumed that the one eye being obscured and the wing over one shoulder was a reference to Touka and what happened in the volume- Mutsuki’s jealousy and the plan to take her out. Almost like Mucchan was emulating Touka, as he wants to be the one receiving Sasaki’s attentions.

I’m dying to hear what the JP fandom thinks though! I’m intrigued now :’D

Creepy Letters from Lil' Gideon 2

Gideon: That Pines boy is right crazy…thinks Bill is still alive–thinks they’re datin’…I can’t help if he has a fetish for a dead triangle but I sure hope that weirdness don’t breed into me and Mabel’s kids–


Gideon: WHAT THE?!?!


Mabel: Is that Gideon running away screaming?

Dipper: I told you Bill would chase him off.

Not His Time
  • Nico: *gets seriously injured*
  • Will: *uses all his powers to heal Nico*
  • Will: *ends up overloading himself and dying*
  • Will: *somehow finds himself at Hades' palace*
  • Will: *stands just inside the doorway for the longest time*
  • Hades: *passes by, completely oblivious at first*
  • Hades: *doubles back, eyes wide*
  • Will: Oh, hi, dad-in-law!
  • Will: *winks and does finger-guns at Hades*
  • Hades: ...
  • Will: ...
  • Hades: Holy shit, no wonder Nico's upset.
  • Hades: You shouldn't be here.
  • Will: But I'm dead.
  • Hades: Yeah... NO. Over MY dead body.
  • Will: But you're immortal.
  • Hades: Exactly.
  • Hades: *walks up to Will and literally PUNTS him back up to the world of the living*

If it were possible, you screamed even louder as the door to your room burst open. Sam looked around quickly for any sign of an intruder, of danger, of anything but your tv on and bright before you. He watched it a moment before turning to you, face flat.

“Were you watching The Walking Dead without me?” he asked, lowering his gun. You looked at him, breathing hard, heart pounding.

“I thought you were still on your hunt! You scared the crap out of me!”

“Sorry,” he said, laughing a bit and stowing his gun on your desk. “We just got back an hour ago, I didn’t want to wake you up. I didn’t realize you were in here being scared by literally one of the only monsters that doesn’t exist.”

“You’re not allowed to judge me for this,” you said, pointing a finger at him. He held his hands up, smiling.

“No judgement here,” he said, walking and lowering himself onto the bed beside you. He wrapped an arm around you, comfortable and easy. “In fact, I’ll protect you from the imaginary zombies.”

“I’m going to let that tone you just used slide,” you said. “And we can start the episode over so you know what’s happening and so you can be scared with me.”

Sam leaned in, giving you a quick kiss, his smile still over his lips, before pressing play and pulling you in closer.


See the other time Sam thought you were in danger but weren’t here.

Starter Sentences || Skype Chat Editon
  • "I will be his goat mom."
  • "I'll squeeze his fucking nose and cuddle him into submission."
  • "He's a lil fucked up unicorn."
  • "You have a robot fucking problem."
  • "Don't kinkshame me."
  • "If you can date a dragon, can I date a robot?"
  • "Please date a robot. DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS STAY DREAMS."
  • "You're a ghost smooching robot fucker!"
  • "If you turn me into a robot fucker is2g."
  • "We could never hate you, and we're not angry with you. . . Just very disappointed."
  • "I'm in love with another character. Surprisingly he isn't a robot."
  • "Satan offered to give him the sex talk."
  • "He needs to listen to FYI I Wanna F Your A."
  • "He refuses to calm his party tits."
  • "No. I NEED Updog."
  • "You don't deserve this."
  • "I deserve Updog."
  • "You'll have to pry her from his cold, dead, nubby hands."
  • "I can't do that. I have the weird desire to destroy."
  • "Apparently my b to blow skills mean nothing unless Patrick Stump is playing in the background."
  • "Pokemon is fucking intense."
  • "I showed him who's the Alpha! . . . Sapphire."
  • "Why would I do this? Oh right because I'm the psychopath."
  • "Does she need a thirst aid kit?"
  • "Does he need a thirst aid kit?"
  • "I mean, if anything is a dildo if you're brave enough, the same should apply to lube."
  • "I'll climb that motherfucker."
  • "Is there glass in his head?"
  • "Get your ass over here so I can kick it."
  • "He's like Santa Clause but for Sinning. Sinta Clause if you will. He knows when you're Sinning and he knows when you're cinning. You're on the Naughty List."
  • "He can be Satan's demonic cat."
  • "Yay, squishy Satan!"
  • "I will sit on you mother."

“i’m glad you’re here”




how can he love Bilbo SO MUCH that even with all the tragedy he’s just been through, and despite the fact that he’s dying, Thorin is genuinely happy to see him. this messes me up so bad.

Episode 72: everything that isn’t the Double Duel Date Disaster

Let’s check in on … Jounouchi’s Disaster! 

AKA a tragic waste of what could have been a very hot interrogation scene if anyone ever shipped Rishid/Jounouchi which seems unlikely. Bet it has a silly name, though.

It’s standshipping. Because they had to stand up at the end of their duel to win omfg.

Anyway Rishid’s doing a credible intimidation job and Jounouchi has sort of let his defiance run away with him a bit. You see, he assumes (correctly) that he’s been kidnapped so the Ghouls can get their hands on Yugi’s cards, and he says…

“No REAL card game player would hesitate in the face of their best friend being kidnapped and threatened! Yugi’d kill me himself for the sake of a card.”


This is supposed to be the “friendship is the most important thing” anime, come on, Jou, get the fuck on message!

So Malik and Rishid have this very well planned; Rishid holds out his hand and stares and….


But he’s very pretty. Look at that pouty lip. And that peek of collarbone. If only he’d become a model instead of frittering his youth away on overly dramatic murder attempts.

Meanwhile, in Anzu’s Disaster:

… I mean, I’m impressed. Just how long has the card game been going on for, that they had time to build this?!

… Also are the boxes empty, in which case, how are they supporting their weight, or are they full of something sturdy, in which case, how are they building this at all?! They must be filled with something light but very sturdy, like maybe criss-crossed titanium cubic frames.

They reach the skylight and Anzu encourages Mokuba to climb out but she for some reason can’t. Mokuba is worried…

#toogoodforthisworld #toopure

She tells him to just go and get help, she’ll be fine, and he grabs the windowledge just in time because…

The weight of the Ghouls destabilises the box tower, sending Anzu plummeting to what would be her death in real life but this is a cartoon and hundreds of - it turns out empty - boxes and several human men break her fall, so she’s totally fine.

And Mokuba escapes, promising to come back and save her asap!

Meanwhile, in Honda’s Disaster, he’s forcing a BLIND GIRL to run to catch the fucking train because in Honda’s disaster, Honda is the disaster. 

I know you can’t tell from the screencap but the doors are making the beeping sound and they close and the train begins to move literally immediately after they get aboard.

I guess we could give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it wasn’t his fault that they almost missed it but he is the one in charge of bringing her safely to the city and people who are not usually blind but are currently blind should not be running on train platforms!

Once they’re on the train, the conversation turns naturally enough to Jounouchi.

“So important, he makes my nose blush.”

Honda makes a REALLY WEIRD KEENING NOISE in response and I thought things were about to get weird but luckily he kept things completely normal.


I wonder what his relationship with his sister is like.

Back at the joint kidnapping Disaster, shit gets pretty harrowing. Because Anzu’s been strapped to a chair in a dark room, and the door opens and she sees…

And she’s so happy to see him and so glad that he’s okay and so relieved that he’s here to rescue her…

But he just stares at her…

And she starts to get freaked out…

And then Rishid walks in behind him as Jounouchi raises his head and she can see his cold, dead eyes…


… So is Rishid standing on a box or is he really 7 feet tall holy shit?!

Anyway, Anzu’s in a terrible situation but at least there are no BONDAGE JELLYBABIES so things could always be worse.

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First time Klavier sees Apollo with his hair down, it takes him way too long to recognize the other. Because 1. he's wearing casual clothes and 2. Where's the Forehead™️? They meet each other in the supermarket or something and Klav doesn't realize it's Polly until Apollo is like "oh hey prosecutor Gavin!" But he loves it so much tho. Soft fluffy Apollo. What more could he ask for? I just love Apollo with his hair down.... ❤️

i know this is a little different and i’m sorry but please for the love of all that is holy imagine one of the first mornings klapollo have together as a couple and klavier spots apollo shuffling out of their room, yawning with fluffy hair and just in his comfy boxers and he’s !!!! where’s forehead!!!! what have you done with forehead! 

and he takes apollo’s face in his hands and kisses all over his cheeks and his mouth and his chin, kissing everywhere he can reach until he pretends to finally manage to find apollo’s forehead, brushing his hair free and kissing the centre and just being like oh! here he is! i missed you! and apollo’s bright red but smiling so wide


Your head was throbbing and you groaned softly as you attempted to open your eyes. God it seemed like you had been out forever, basically dead to the world. You could remember the last thing you saw, that brute of a mans fist coming at your face in slow motion. And then nothing.

Your eyes felt like they were glued closed, and you fought to blink them open, not expecting the excruciatingly fluorescent lights that greeted you when you finally did. Everything was white, and you squeezed your lids closed tight thinking you might still be in an unconscious dream. 

A shadow passed over you and suddenly a man was standing there, over you, his bright green eyes staring at you like you were something out of a horror movie. You saw his eyebrows knit as he leaned in closer and you tried to shrink away, opening your mouth to tell him to get out of your space but what came out of your mouth was a dry and shriveled “help”.