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Im Into You

Anon asked : So I know this is cliche, but I want to see a Draeden fic with a jealous Derek. :-)

Pairing: Braeden/Derek

Request: Yes

Rating: PG-13

Word count : 813


Braeden’s head rested on Derek’s chest, while her leg covered his stomach as they slept in his bed. The bed smelled like fresh sex, outdoors and perfume.

She stirred hearing the first knock on the door, switching positions in bed, ignoring the sound. She tried to go back to sleep, but hearing the second knock, she sat up.

“Maybe if we’re really quiet they’ll go away.” He suggested.

“God you are so lazy.” She laughed.

“Noooooooo. Don’t leave.” He groaned like a child pulling her back to him.

“What if it’s important?” She said getting back up, putting on boy shorts and one of Derek’s shirts.

She walked into the main room, making her way to the door. She looked through the peep hole to see Isaac standing there. Barely.

She opened the door and Isaac almost fell on her.

“Oh hey Braeden. Nice legs.” He winked, stumbling in.

“Hey Isaac … Are you drunk?” She asked.

“Maybe a little.” He giggled.

“My tummy’s upset.” He hissed, holding his abdomen.

“Gun up. You’re a wolf remember.” She told him, setting him down on the couch.

“I’m gonna vomit.” He smiled.

“Deep breaths okay?” She said before getting him a bucket.

Derek listened to the whole thing but finally got out of bed when he heard Isaac barf. Derek leaned against his bedroom door watching his girlfriend take care of Isaac.

Braeden gave him water, gateorade, some medicine for his stomach and for the vomitting, along with a little food.

“Here you go saving my life again.” Isaac gave Braeden a half-smile.

“Don’t worry about it Isaac. Now get some rest.” She told him patting his leg.

“Thanks for everything Braeden.” Pulling her into a giant hug.

Derek cleared his throat, making Isaac quickly release Braeden from his grip.

“Derek I didn’t know you were here.” Isaac giggled.

“Oh yeah, I wouldn’t be in my own damn house.” He said, with a hint of anger in his voice.

“Babe, can I have a minute alone with Isaac?” Derek asked Braeden.

“Of course, goodnight Isaac.” She told him.

She heard Derek yelling at him and felt bad. Isaac couldnt help his statements. He was wasted and he didnt need to be getting screamed at, he needed rest.

Braeden heard foot steps coming towards the bedroom and she jumped back into bed, hoping Derek didn’t realize she had been listening.

“Hey babe.” He grinned, crawling back into bed. He tried to give her a goodnight kiss but she turned her head.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

She didn’t crack a smile and looked upset.

“What did I do?” Derek asked.

“You didnt have to yell at him. He’s drunk.” She said.

“Nice legs? Oh and that hug? Thanking you over and over? God, you would’ve thought he’d just got done sleeping with you. Drunk or not, he was wrong for making statements like that.” Derek said, getting mad all over again.

“You’re acting like an ass right now. A jelous ass.” She said.

“I am not jelous.” He said, crossing his arms.

“Whatever you say.” Braeden said.

“He crossed several lines and you know as well as I do that drunk words are sober thoughts. He shouldnt have sa-”

“Let me ask you this. Do I cook for Isaac? Do I wake up next to Isaac every morning? Do I take off my clothes for Isaac? Do I love Isaac?” She questioned.

She got teary eyed yet refusing to cry. She was hurt Derek would even think that little of her to assume she would actually flirt with someone else.

“If you can honestly answer yes to any of the questions you let me know.” She said starting the shower, shutting the bathroom door and removing her clothes.

“Babe. I-I’m sorry. I was acting like an ass. I was jelous but that’s only because I’m really into you and I dont ever want to lose you to someone else.” Derek said against the door, realizing how ridiculous he was being.

“Can I come in?” He asked.

He took her silence as a yes and came in, stripping his clothes as well.

“I’m really sorry Brae.” He said getting in the shower with her, standing behind her.

“Can you talk to me? Please.” He said, holding her hips.

“Derek if we’re going to do this relationship thing you have to trust me.” She said.

“I know and I’m sorry, it wont happen again.” He kissed her shoulder.

A few seconds went by with no conversation then he had a funny thought.

“So you love me huh?” He smirked, realizing that was the first time either of them even said the word love to each other. He couldnt help but to get happy.

“Shut up.” She finally smiled.

“There you go, there’s that smile I love.” He smiled back at her.

“I love you too.” He kissed her forehead.


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