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Crazy (About You) (Part 1)

Request: Hey could you do a one shot where Steve and the reader have to go as a couple for a mission but they hate each other but they almost die and realize they care about each other and then at the end it’s all fluffy? Btw love your blog❤️❤️

Can I request a Steve/Captain America x Reader imagine where you guys are best friends and the reader starts having feelings for him but thinks he doesn’t feel the same so they distance themselves from him and Steve gets confused and after talking with the rest of the avengers about it he decides to confront the reader and then like the reader confesses their feelings and then like something cute can happen :))

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A/N: I decided to pair these two together because they seemed to be nice together, despite the differences in relationship. I had to change it up just a bit, though. [S/T] means sports team, so any team you prefer. Kudos if you can figure out the hotel they stay in. :) Part one of two.

Warnings: None.

Word Count Total: 1329

Short Imagine #75

Title: Crazy (About You) (Part 1)

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Zodiac Dialog #1 - Breaking The Law

Leo: “This is an outrage! You can’t hold me in here! I demand to call my–don’t touch me. I said don’t touch me, you son of a bitch!”

Pisces: *hiccup* “Ooh. You said a bad word.”

Leo: “Shut up, Pisces. This is all your fault…can’t handle your liquor. Wait, what the hell? Sagittarius?!”

Sagittarius: “Yo.”


Sagittarius: No, I’m half-naked. I’m clearly wearing a shirt.”

Leo: “Oh lord. My eyes.”

Police Officer: “Alright, get in there you two.”

Pisces: “Okie-dokie, officer!”

Leo: “Fuck you, officer.”

Sagittarius: “Can you give me some pants already?”


Police Officer: “Sir, for the last time, I’m gonna have to ask you to come with me.”

Aries: “Officer, for the last time, I did not went over the speed limit! You clearly made a mistake here.”

Police Officer: “Get out of the car, sir.”


Leo: “You mooned a bunch school children? Ha. I wished I could’ve seen that.”

Sagittarius: “You probably will. Those kids had camera phones.”





Leo: “I took him out to the club since he said he’s never been there before, and I wanted to do shots so I convinced him to have a couple–I didn’t know, okay?! How should I know Pisces is such a lightweight?”


Scorpio: “I just wanted one date! One.

Victim: *gagged and bound* “Mmmphhh!!!!”


Sagittarius: “I don’t know why I did it. I guess I dared myself. It was a moment of stupidity.”


Gemini: “And, it’s done.”

Capricorn: “Thank you, Gemini. As promised, we’ll split it fifty-fifty. Five million for each of us.”

Gemini: “Excellent.”


Leo: “And then he started causing a scene–”

Sagittarius: “What kind of scene?”

Leo: “Not public nudity.”

Sagittarius: “…ouch.”


Libra: “I-I don’t know w-why I did it! It was just r-right t-t-there…It was a moment of weakness!”


Leo: “Some idiot called the cops and they asked us to come in for ’drunk and disorderly conduct’, whatever that means, and of course I didn’t want to go to jail! I’m too young and brilliant and handsome–”

Sagittarius: “–so you bribed the cops?”

Leo: “No. I threatened them…and then I tried to bribed them.”

Sagittarius: “…”

Leo: “…okay. I’m an idiot.”


Bystander: “…what the hell is that guy doing?”

Aquarius: “HEY! YOU! Yeah, YOU. Are you interested in saving the blahblahblah and the blahblahblah for the good of this earth?!”

Bystander: “…um.”

Aquarius: “Then sign my petition!”

Bystander turned Victim: “Actually–”

Aquarius: “SIGN. IT.”


Scorpio: “You wouldn’t give me a chance, even though I was sincere in my feelings for you! You are so selfish, but you have made me love you, and so you gave me no choice! Now you will be mine for–”

*siren noise*

Scorpio: “Shit.”


Gemini: “So, what’s the deal? What did this company ever did to you?”

Capricorn: “Eh. Nothing really. But I’ve just been feeling that all my hard work and contributions aren’t being properly appreciated and utilized by this company. So, here is an opportunity to scam them for ten million dollars. I took it.”

Gemini: “Good choice. The security they had set up was a joke. Hacking into them was child’s play.”

Capricorn: “And you’re certain no one will trace it back to us?”

Gemini: “A hundred percent certain!”

*door bangs open*


Gemini: “…ten percent certain.”


Leo: “Virgo? Virgo! I need you to bail us out of jail–what? Oh, uh…I just had a minor disagreement with the law…it’s not important. Just come bail us out! Yeah, Pisces and Sagittarius are here too.”

Aries: “HEY! BE CAREFUL WITH MY CAR. If I see so much as a scratch on it–”

Leo: “…no, wait. Aries is here too…..Why are you asking me? I don’t know how you’re gonna post the bail money. Aren’t you a lawyer?”


Police Officer: “Why did you do it, sir? Do you have no morals?”

Libra: “No! I have good morals, okay.”

Police Officer: “Are you experiencing financial difficulties?”

Libra: “Not really…”

Police Officer: “Then why did you try to steal that watch?!”





Taurus: “Asshole tried to cheat in my poker game. He deserved that beating.”

Sagittarius: “I feel your pain, man. Ew. Gross. Pisces, stop drooling on me.”



Police Officer: “We’re here. Come on. Get out of the car.”

Gemini: “How rude. Oh hey, Aquarius! Why are you here?”

Aquarius: “The corrupted justice system is why I’m here.”

Capricorn: “…you did another one of your insane ‘Save The World’ campaigns, didn’t you?”

Aquarius: “They call it ’disturbing the peace’ which is ridiculous, because Iam trying to bring peace into this retched world. What about you?”

Gemini: “Tried to hack into Capricorn’s company and transfer ten million dollars to our bank accounts. No biggie.”

Scorpio: “I kidnapped the woman I love and tried to force her to stay by my side for all eternity ala Phantom of the Opera.”

Aquarius: “…”

Capricorn: “…”

Gemini: “Okay you win.”


Leo: “Virgo, you’re gonna need more cash.”


Virgo: “Our friends are in jail.”

Cancer: “WHAT!?”

Virgo: “Yeah. I think I’m just gonna leave 'em there.”


Aries: “You think he’ll just ditch us here?”

Taurus: “Probably.”


Cancer: “LET’S GO!”

Virgo: “…go where?”



Libra: “All that and I never even got to keep the watch.”

Scorpio: “That’s rough.”

Aries: “Are you an idiot? You tried to steal it. They’re not gonna let you keep it.”

Libra: “Hey! You get to keep your car!”



Sagittarius: “…the hell?”


Virgo: “What are we doing at a bank? Are you–OH MY SWEET HOLY HELL IS THAT GUN–”





Leo: “So, we’re not getting out of here anytime soon.”

Gemini: “What?! Why?!”

Cancer: “Hey guys.”


Aquarius: “Why does Virgo look like he’s about to shit himself?”

Virgo: “…”

Playing With Fire - Part 2


a/n: support for this fanfiction/imagine series has been out of this world. all parts so far can be found in above link love you all! happy reading x 

Pairing: Cameron Dallas x Reader x Nate Maloley

Summary: Shortly after moving in with Cameron, Y/N and the boys have a pretty eventful night at the studio. 

Word Count: 2,400+

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Welcome to my Life Part 3

Your P.O.V

You finally let out a shaky breath and reached in your pocket to grab your phone. This was the one call you had been dreading the most. Before you knew it, you dialed the number and pressed send. While waiting for an answer, you silently prayed that they wouldn’t answer. To your disappointment they did answer.

“Hello?” Was all the voice said.

Even with that one simple word it gave you the butterflies you always got whenever you heard him speak.

“Hello?” They said again.

You took another deep breath to try and calm yourself down.There was no turning back now.

“Hey it’s Y/N..” You say in a shaky voice. This was the first time you had talked to him in a couple of months, and it wasn’t your normal conversation either.

“Oh hi. What’s up?” He asked, you could here the uncertainty in his voice.

“Look I know I called out of no where, but we need to talk it’s important.” You tell him, scared of what his reaction might be.

“Okay… Shoot.” He says, waiting for you to go  on.

“This isn’t really a conversation that we should have over the phone.” You say quietly. You knew the right thing would be to talk to him in person, you just weren’t sure if you could handle that..

“I honestly don’t see what could of happened in the last couple of months that would make you call me. You’ve got me a little scared.” He said before letting out a nervous laugh.

“Believe me your not the only one. Anyways is there a place that we can meet?” You asked nervously. While you waiting his answer you felt the butterflies in your stomach and your heart racing. The idea of seeing him again was scary but also somewhat exciting.

“Actually I was on my way for a jog in the park. Would you wanna meet there in about 15?” He quickly says.

“Yeah that sounds fine. I’m leaving now. See you in a few.” You tell him before hanging up the phone.

You got up and walked over to where Matt was still guarding the door. He just gave you a confused look, but didn’t say anything and moved away from the door. You thanked him for making you do that then left his house and headed on over the park. Once you made it to the park, you settle yourself down on a park bench. While you waited for him to show up, you decided to think about what had led you here today.

~ Flashback ~ 

You were sitting on your couch watching TV, just like you always did when you were home alone. You were actually just trying to pass the time by until Jack came over. This was going to be the last day you saw him for a couple of weeks. He was leaving late tonight for a Magcon event. You suddenly heard a knock on the door, so you got up and went to answer it. When you opened the door you were surprised to see Jack Gilinsky standing there.

“Oh hey Jack. What are you doing here?” You asked, trying not to sound rude. See you always tried to keep your distance from Jack G. Whenever Jack J wasn’t around he would always start flirting with you and get all touchy feely. You’ve tried telling Jack J about this several times, but he would never believe his best friend would do that. This wasn’t the only reason you tried to keep your distance. You had a small attraction for Jack G, come on who wouldn’t. 

“I’ve actually been looking for Jack. See it turns out we have an earlier flight then planned. So I was hoping he would be here.” He says, giving you one of his breath taking smiles.

“No he’s not here right this moment, but should be here soon.” You tell him, suddenly hoping that Jack J would show up earlier than planned.

“Oh well do you mind if I wait here with you then?” He asked, before walking past you and into your house.

“Jack I really don’t think that’s a good idea. Why don’t I just have Jack call you when he gets here.” You say a little nervous.

“Oh come on Y/N nothings going to happen. Besides I don’t feel like going all the way home and back.” He says while making himself comfy on the couch.

You sigh, and shut your door then go over and sit on the opposite side of the couch.

“I don’t have cooties Y/N, there’s no reason you have to be all the way over there.” He says, patting the spot next to him.

“I’d rather just keep my distance if you don’t mind.” You tell his your voice shaking a little.

“Well I do mind.” He says, before moving closer to you.

“Jack don’t do this. Jack J will be here soon.” You tell him as you notice he keeps moving  closer to you.

“But he’s not here now is he?” He asks you looking around the empty house.

“Well no, but we still shouldn’t do this.” You say, becoming all to aware of Jack’s  closeness to you. The problem was, it should bother  you that he was this close, but in this moment it didn’t. You wanted him closer.

“Come off it Y/N. You know I like you, and I know you like me to.” He tells you, leaning in towards  your face.

“No I..” You start to say, but just then Jack’s lips are crushing yours. After a couple of minutes you pull away.

“Jack we can’t do this. I won’t do this to Jack  J” You say getting off the couch and walking away.

“He won’t have to know.” He says, getting up to follow you.

Before you know it your back it push against the wall and Jack’s lips are once again crushing yours. You knew you needed to stop it, but you didn’t want to. Your hands were now tangled in his hair, his lips were at your throat making you moan in pleasure. You pushed yourself into him, wanting to close all space between the two of you. Jack whispers in your ear to jump, and you do as told. Next thing you know he’s carrying you upstairs to your bedroom. After about and hour you come rushing down stairs to answer the door. Before you open the door you quickly straighten your clothes and fix your hair. Jack G runs down stairs and goes to sit on the couch pretending that nothing just happened. You finally open the door see it’s Jack J.

“Hey babe.” He greets you, giving you a kiss.

“Hey.” You say trying to sound as normal as possible.

“Hey Jack bout time you showed up.” Jack G called from the couch.

“What are you doing here?” Jack J asks Jack G, while walking inside.

“Well it turns out we have an earlier flight then planned. So you better go get your stuff so we can go.” Jack tells him.

Before to long the boys were heading out the door to the airport. Somehow you had managed not telling Jack what had happened. You still couldn’t believe that you had slept with his best  friend.

~ End Flashback ~

So here were are today. That’s why you knew it you told Jack J you were  pregnant he would leave you. You and Jack J had never slept together so he would know the baby wasn’t his. It wasn’t like you didn’t  get what you deserved though. Suddenly you were interrupted by someone. You looked up and saw that it was Jack G.

“Hey” He says, coming over to take a seat by you.

“Oh hey.” You say, blushing a little.

“So what was so important that couldn’t be said over the phone.” He  asks looking over at you for your answer.

“Well remember that day you came over to my house to wait for Jack..” You started off saying.

“Oh yeah how is Jack by the way.” He asked completely changing the subject.

“Actually I wouldn’t know. We broke up a couple weeks ago.” You say quietly.

“Really? Why?” He asked intrigued now.

“Cause I caught him cheating on me. Anyways the reason I asked you here..” You started again, but was interrupted again.

“You broke up with him because he cheated? Don’t you remember that you did to?” He asked completely surprised.

“Yeah I know. There is more to it then just that tho. I knew he would of broken up with me anyways.” You say, avoiding eye contact.

“What reason would he have for doing that.” Jack asked confused.

“Well if you would be quiet for a couple of minutes I will tell you.” You tell him letting out a nervous laugh.

You now looked over at him and he pretended to lock his lips ans throw away the key. You laughed a little at this, before taking a deep breath and continuing.

“See the reason I brought up the day you came over and how I knew Jack would of broken up with me is because.. well.. you see I’m…pregnant.” You were finally able to spit out.

He sat there in complete shock for a few minutes before saying anything. “Your what exactly?” He asked, not fully comprehending what you just told him.

“I’m pregnant and your the father.” You tell him quietly.

“I’m the.. the.. the father..” He stutters out, talking mostly to himself.

You both just sit there for a few minutes absorbing the news. You  couldn’t help but wonder what this would mean for you and Jack G. Would he even want to be involved in the baby’s life? This could be the chance to finally get  the support you wanted. Or you just ruined another person’s life..

cloverjean  asked:

You are amazing ! Thank you so much for doing this, I can't wait to read them all!! Could you please write a Super cute Daddy!Bellamy fic of Bellamy & Clarke taking Octavia & Lincoln's baby/toddler(s) to meet Santa or to a Christmas fair thing (I don't really know what it's called in the US, we call it a Yuletide grotto where I'm from but most people don't have a clue what I'm talking about when I say that) thank you! ❤️

Clarke really, really should have known better.

It had seemed like such an innocent question. Bellamy had been so casual about it. He just stuck his head into her room and said, “Hey, are you busy?”

“Not really.”

“Awesome. Do you want to come visit Santa with me?”

“Bellamy, you’re thirty-one. It’s creepy for you to go see Santa.”

He rolled his eyes. “I agreed to take my sister’s kids. I’m not going to sit on his lap personally. He should be so lucky.”

That had been what got her. They’ve been roommates for a year and were kind of friends for a year before that, but his sister and her family only moved to town last month, and she hasn’t really gotten to meet them yet, with all the travel and overtime associated with the holidays. She knows the family consists of a sister and a brother-in-law, a niece who’s three, and a nephew who’s almost a year old. They managed to grab dinner with his sister, once, but Clarke still hasn’t met the kids, and she wants to.

“You can’t handle two kids alone and need my help,” she said, nodding with mock gravity. “I see how it is. Fine. I guess I could come along.”

The thing she hadn’t reckoned with was Bellamy with kids.

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