oh hey totally forgot i made this

Oh hey, so I went on a backstage tour of Shakespeare’s Globe...

…and I totally forgot to upload the photos til now.

Let’s start in the ‘heavens’ right up top, where the cast pour libations for Dionysus before each run:

There’s also a bell made by the same company that made the original Globe’s bell, and a trap that goes right down to the stage. Someone fell down there during the opening season and broke their leg, and there followed a spate of leg/foot-related injuries until Mark Rylance called in a shaman, made a little paper replica of the Globe (complete with teeny paper players) and performed a secret ceremony before hiding the whole thing in the rafters. It’s still there, apparently, but no one knows where it is. 

(Spot the gold confetti leftover from Charles Edward’s Richard II… It’s EVERYWHERE.)

View from the musician’s balcony. In the original theatre, wealthy playgoers could sit up here to show off their outfits to the audience. Ditto in the pretty painted boxes to the immediate left and right of the balcony:

Next: backstage. Are you ready? 

(There are grease-stains above those little square windows because actors lean their foreheads against them to peek out at the stage, listening for their cue…)

View from the stage. Imagine the yard filled with groundlings…

The fucking detail…

I wanted to stroke the walls. And hump a pillar. And lie on the stage and cry. But I restrained myself. I am a professional. 

Then we went down into ‘hell’, under the stage, where no one has swept since forever and there is still SO MUCH RICHARD II GLITTER. 

(The tour guide told a great story about logistics of rigging up plastic drainpipes that stretched to each of the four corners of the stage so that Hamlet’s ghost could be lowered down into the trap and deliver his “SWEAR!” lines from different locations without having to scurry about under the stage. It is TIGHT under there.)

Finally: props department. I tried to hide behind a stack of shoes so that I’d get left behind and could live out my days as a little Globe hermit but they found me.

 We got to feel up some of the costumes though - all made by hand with authentic materials and techniques of Shakespeare’s time - aaand none of them can be washed (vodka and febreeze ftw). Each principle actor gets a handmade, tailored outfit of their very own to the cost of about £3,000 each. Rylance’s Prospero robes cost EIGHTEEN FUCKING GRAND. 

Oh look, fancy gloves:

I fucking love the Globe. 

good company, 6.5k

My tumblr mom @scones-and-texting-and-murder had a big important birthday this week! So she gets a big important fic in response! YAY!!! (I hope you had a fantastic day and I love you lots. Thank you for all that you do.)


Dean wanders back upstairs around 2pm, wiping the grease off his hands with a rag as he follows the sound of voices floating gently down the corridor. The Impala is in near tip-top shape again after their daring rescue mission - Dean’s ironed out all of the kinks and replaced the parts that he couldn’t salvage on his own. Now, officially, every member of the Winchester family is safe and sound at home.

Sam’s yammering with Jody about a possible case on a Skype call that’s mostly dissolved into a playful battle of wits, Mom is doodling in the margins of a blank journal at the other end of the table…

And Castiel is right where he said he’d be when Dean went to bed last night: reclined in an arm chair, clicking away on his tablet.

Something that had been coiled tight and anxious in the pit of him unravels, and he nearly breathes a sigh of relief. He saunters over and twists the rag around tight in his hands.

“Hey,” he says, totally casual. “Whatcha doin’?”

Castiel looks up at him and smiles a little. He’s got the same light in his eyes now that he had when he first found Dean alive at the bottom of the stairs. “I’m playing Claire in Words with Friends. She’s ahead by 53 points.”

Dean beams. “Atta girl. You been playing all day? Did you guys eat?”

Castiel shakes his head. “I helped Sam change his bandages this morning while you were in the garage.” Dean is about to ask, but Castiel beats him to it with, “Everything looks fine. He’s almost completely healed.”

Dean nods. “Thanks, man. I know you’re still kind of hurting, so I appreciate you using what little grace you’ve got to spare on Sam.”

With a shrug, Castiel readjusts his position in the chair. He winces when he twinges his neck right at the place where Ms. Watt knocked him with her brass knuckles. “Sam’s injuries were severe. I was happy to do it,” he dismisses.

Dean nods again. “Great. Well. No news is good news, right?”

He reaches forward to clap Cas on the shoulder and walk away, but Castiel tilts his head before he can get there. “Actually, there was something in my email this morning.”

Dean reels. “Since when do you have email?” he demands. “What is it, hotwings@gmail.com?”

Cas ignores him. “We’ve been invited to a wedding.”

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crably replied to your post: HEY has any1 else watched powerpuff girls z

i havent but if you do end up watching it tell me how it goes! i loved ppg but i remember a while back everyone saying the reboot was bad

oh i already watched it! it was good from what i remember but like i totally forgot it existed bc i was like 10 when i did watch it. its like an anime version of ppg n its rly coo!l

Used To Be

Originally posted by teenagedfricks

Summary: Calum and you were Fuck buddies turned friends, it was all behind you as you started dating Michael but graphic my pictures get leaked 

A/N: tbh I only see this taking one turn- sad.

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Drama Queen

Everyone warned him this would happen. Everyone. And Cas thought they were judgemental, that they didn’t know Dean like he did, that they had something special nobody else understood.

Apparently not.

Half an hour ago, he was a happy man with his life in order, one month away from marrying the love of his life.

Now he’s sitting on a bench in the park a few blocks away from their apartment, the phone call he overheard playing again and again in his head, no matter how hard he tries to suppress it.

He manages to leave work earlier than he had in the previous days. He’s happy to spend some quality time with his fiancé; between their jobs and the wedding to plan, they haven’t really had much of that lately.

Of course it’s their own fault for not simply getting married quietly and telling everyone later; no, they had to let everyone know they were exchanged, and naturally every member of their big extended family wants to help making it the biggest wedding ever, so they’ve been planning the day for months now.

Still, he can’t help but feel blessed every time he looks at the ring Dean had custom made for him. He’s going to marry Dean. He’s going to marry the love of his life.

At least that’s what he thinks until he overhears Dean’s conversation with Sam.

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His fingers move rapidly, automatically tying and unraveling various knots as he gazes about. Probably part of his therapy. I cross to him and say, “Hey, Finnick.” He doesn’t seem to notice, so I nudge him to get his attention. “Finnick! How are you doing?”

“Katniss,” he says, gripping my hand. Relieved to see a familiar face, I think. “Why are we meeting here?”

“I told Coin I’d be her Mockingjay. But I made her promise to give the other tributes immunity if the rebels won,” I tell him. “In public, so there are plenty of witnesses.”

“Oh. Good. Because I worry about that with Annie. That she’ll say something that could be construed as traitorous without knowing it,” says Finnick.

Annie. Uh-oh. Totally forgot her.

“Don’t worry, I took care of it.” I give Finnick’s hand a squeeze and head straight for the podium at the front of the room. Coin, who is glancing over her statement, raises her eyebrows at me.

“I need you to add Annie Cresta to the immunity list,” I tell her.

The president frowns slightly. “Who’s that?”

“She’s Finnick Odair’s—” What? I don’t really know what to call her. “She’s Finnick’s friend. From District Four. Another victor. She was arrested and taken to the Capitol when the arena blew up.”

“Oh, the mad girl. That’s not really necessary,” she says. “We don’t make a habit of punishing anyone that frail.”

Nate Maloley - Nosey boyfriend

Request:  Hey, can you do a nate maloley (boyfriend) imagine where he is mad at you bc you forgot his birthday but you didnt forget you’re just organizing a suprise party for him. Thanks so much and hope you understood ^^ btw i really love your blog xo


I swear to God, my boyfriend is the most mosey fucker I’ve ever met. Planning out a surprise party to him was the hardest thing ever, since he wanted to know about everything all the time and immediately felt when he was left out of something. But I was determined to organize this party for him, because he deserved it.

I started in time, talked all to his friends about the date and a lot of them offered me to help with anything, which made it a bit easier. Sam helped the most, he could take care of things when Nate decided he would up in my ass all damn day. I swear it was like he could feel that I was hiding something. He always asked me what I was up to and I was getting tired of making him believe he was just paranoid.

Then the day had come and I felt bad, but I made him believe that I forgot about his birthday.

“Hey baby,” he greeted me in the morning when he came into the kitchen with a cheesy grin on his face.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked kissing his lips quickly.

“Not much. I was thinking that maybe we could go to Nobu tonight for a dinner.”

I knew how much he hated to eat at places like that but he made an exception on his birthday.

“Oh, I would love to, but I promised my mom I would go over tonight,” I hissed pretending like I was total bummed.

“Do you have to go today? Can’t you see her tomorrow?” he whined like a little boy.

“No, she needs my help. But we can go out tomorrow, it’s going to be just the same,” I said so he thought I forgot about the specialty of the day. I could see the disappointment in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything. Later he just left to the studio, looking like he wasn’t in the mood for anything. It was so hurtful to see him like that, but I had to make this surprise the best I could.

I rented a nice place out and almost everyone told me that they could come. Nate was in the studio all day, I spoke to his manager to keep him there until it was time, so I could take care of everything. By eight everyone arrived, the drinks were waiting for the party to begin and Nate was on his way. I had been texting him all day and I knew he was sad because he thought I forgot his big day. My poor baby wasn’t aware of what was going on.

I told him to meet me at the location of the party because I took my mom out but forgot my wallet at home so I needed some cash.

“Okay, he is going to be here any minute!” I shouted and we quickly shut the lights down and waited in the dark for Nate to come in.

In about two minutes the door opened and I could see his silhouette at the doorframe.

“Hello?” he said unsteadily. Then the lights went on and everyone shouted “surprise!” at the same time. I could see how surprised he was, his eyes went wide and his mouth dropped.

I made my way towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Happy birthday baby,” I murmured into his ears as he hugged my waist.

“What the Hell? How did you do this?” he asked still not being able to believe that I did this.

“I’m a pro,” I said grinning at him, letting him go.

He started to greet everyone one by one, the DJ put on some music and the party was finally on. It was such a relief that I could surprise him. It took some time when he could finally return to me.

“You are the best, baby,” he murmured locking me into his arms.

“Were you surprised?” I asked smirking at him.

“Absolutely. I was ready to flip when I get home that you forgot my birthday, but this is amazing,” he smiled at me. His eyes slid down to my lips and without a second thought I pressed my lips to his.

We had been together for more than two years but he had the same effect on me every time we kissed. We had that connection that tales tell about. Our relationship didn’t start off very well, since I had a boyfriend when we first met and Nate didn’t handle well the fact that I was not available for him. It took us a few months to realize things and then we could get together. But since then we were the happiest and we were talking about moving together sometime soon.

“I have the most amazing girlfriend,” he said giving me a smirk, still holding me close.

“Really? Introduce me to her, I want to meet her.”

“She is here somewhere, come on, let’s find her,” he laughed and lacing our fingers together he pulled me to the dance floor.


When I arrived at the hospital I headed to the nurses station to ask for Lorrie, a couple of seconds later she was making her way down the hallway.

Lorrie what room is she in?

Thirteen, come on.

When we got to her room it seemed like neither one of us wanted to open the door.

I took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. 

I was not prepared like I thought I was to see her like this. Everything was to much for me. Her head was so swollen it was the size of a melon. I was scared to touch her because she looked like she was in so much pain.

I turned to Lorrie and noticed we both had tears running down our faces. We embraced in a hug and I broke down even more.

 After a few more moments I was able to calm down and pull myself together.

Lyyn she needs surgery.

Okay. Why haven’t they started already? 

The kind of surgery she has to have is very expensive. It’s very risky because she’s in a coma and no insurance company will pay for the full cost of it. I told the doctors that I would pay for it so they could have started on her sooner but they told me that if I wasn’t a direct family member I couldn’t sign the papers for it.

Okay, where’s her doctor? Can you please go get him.

 Yah, i’ll be right back.

Five minutes later Lorrie came back with a tall white man with gray hair who seemed to be in his fifties.

Hi i’m Dr.Babkin and you are?

Brooklyyn Santiago, i’m Nina’s sister.

Well there’s no need to ask for proof, you two look alike. Twins?


Okay, Mrs.Santiago your sister needs surgery to stop the internal bleeding and to remove the fluids off of her brain so her brain will stop swelling. Problem is insurance will not cover the full bill because of how expensive it is due to the state she’s in. So the difference will have to come out of pocket.

Okay that’s fine. Where are the papers I have to sign?

Are you sure you can afford this? The left over cost is 9,000 dollars.

I literally had to bite my tongue and take a deep breath because I could feel myself getting ready to snap on this man.

Yes I am sure I can afford it.

Once again are you sure? Do you need to go over payment plans?

Before I could stop myself I snapped.

Did I ask your ass for a payment plan? I just said I can afford it so can you take your ass and get the papers I have to sign because you are taking up time that my sister might not have.

He looked at me with a shocked expression.

Ummm right away. 

He walked off.

He gets on my last damn nerves.

Lorrie he really trying me. His ass better not say shit else out of pocket to me today.

Dr.Babkin walked back in a couple of minutes later. 

Here you go.

I took the papers from him and started to read over them.

When I was finished I signed everything that needed a signature and handed him the papers along with my bank card.

I will be right back.

I didn’t say anything. Five minutes later in walked a nurse.

Hi i’m nurse Jewel and i’m here to get your sister so we can prep her for surgery.


I headed out to go sit in the waiting room.

Lyyn it’s time for me to make another round. I will come down to the waiting room when i’m finished.

Okay, thanks Lorrie.

Girl no thanks needed.

I took a seat in the waiting room and tried to get my mind together to call my mother. I hadn’t seen or heard from her since I stopped by her house a month ago. I loved my mother but she drove me crazy. 

I pressed her contact in my phone and waited for her to pick up.

Yes Brooklyyn?

I took a deep breath in then let it out, this was the shit I was talking about. I didn’t understand what I did to my mother that made her so damn mean towards me. It was like I was the grinch that stole her niceness. 

Ma why you gotta sound like that? 

Sound like what Brooklyyn?

Like you didn’t want to answer the phone? Why are you always so mean towards me? 

There was a short pause between us. 

You know what forget it, where are you? 

I’m at the airport waiting to pick up your brother, why?

 What she said definitely caught me by surprise. I hadn’t seen my brother in seven years. When my dad went away to jail Tyrell took it really hard. He was away at college out in California, once he found out he became distance. He started not coming home as frequently then all of a sudden it was like he dropped off the face of the earth. The only person who he keep in contact with from time to time was my mother.

Brooklyyn are you still there?

Yah I’m here, what brings Tyrell out of hiding?

You’re not funny Brooklyyn.

What? I’m just saying, me and Nina haven’t seen or heard from him in seven years. 

All I’m going to say is, your brother has been through a lot of things. 

Umm okay. 

There again was a short pause.

Brooklyyn I know you’re not calling me just to talk so what is it? I might not know everything about you but I definitely know when you’re beating around the bush.

I sighed.

Nina is in the hospital again, Troy beat her so bad this time she’s in a coma. Her head is the size of a melon Ma, everything is touch and go at this point. She has to have surgery to stop the internal bleeding and to remove the fluids off of her brain.

You could hear my mother gasp at what I just told her. 

Jesus Nina……..your brothers plane just landed, I should be there in fifteen minutes. 


All right.

As soon as I hung up Jayhirad was calling me.

Hey baby. 

Don’t hey baby me, you’re late. 

He said playfully. 

Oh shit! I’m sorry I totally forgot! 

We had made plans to catch a movie this evening.

Where are you?

At the hospital.

The hospital? What’s wrong Bee? Are you okay?

His voice went from playful to concerned. 

I’m fine Jay, it’s Nina. 

Don’t tell me Troy’s bitch ass put his hands on her again?

She’s in a coma. 

He sighed. 

I’m on my way.


I disconnected the call then headed to my car. 

I knew I was going to be here for awhile so I decided to change into what I was going to wear to the movies. I was more than ready to get out of this damn skirt. I grabbed the Bloomingdale’s bag out of my trunk then headed back inside to the restroom. 

I hurried up and changed then put the clothes I had on in my car. I headed back to the waiting room to wait for my mother and Jay.

                                                                                        *Five hours later*

It seemed like time was at a standstill. My nerves were all over the damn place, I didn’t know what I’d do if Nina didn’t pull through this. Memories had been flowing through my mind for the past two hours. Coming up it was always just me and Nina, if you saw one of use then you knew the other wasn’t too far behind. We even made sure to get accepted to the same college. I laughed a little as I thought about us telling my mother that if we couldn’t go to school together then we wasn’t going. My mother would always say, together or not you two are getting out of here and taking your asses to school. When I meet NaNa in college we became the three musketeers. We were thick as thieves until Nina met Troy. He was cool in the beginning but then he started to act possessive. Nina would just blow it off whenever I’d say something about it. A year after they got married is when Troy lost his damn mind. I remember the first time he hit her, Nina tried to hide it by saying she fell. After awhile the excuses got old and she couldn’t hide it anymore. The beatings got worst and worst after they moved to New York four years ago. I was brought out of my thoughts when Jay came and sat next to me. I laid my head on his shoulder.

My head is killing me. 

You want me to go get you something for it?

Yes please if you don’t mind. 

You know I don’t mind Bee. 

He kissed me on my forehead.  

I’ll be right back.


While Jay went to get me something for my headache, I told my mother I was going to the restroom and that I would be right back. 

As I made my way down the hall I saw Troy making his way to the waiting room. I took a deep breath and rolled my eyes.

Wassup Lyyn?

Nigga don’t speak to me.

Oh it’s like that? 

Troy your ass is mad funny. If I could breathe fire I would burn your ass to ashes right now then spit on your shit so what the fuck does that tell you?

He mean mugged me and I mean mugged his ass right back.

You or Nina could never control y'all smart ass mouths.

And your coward ass could never control your fucking hands. 

He laughed a little angrily.  

Look I ain’t even come here to argue with your ass, I just came to drop this shit off to Nina

I looked at the bags in his hands and shook my head.

Your ass shouldn’t have came in the first place. Do you know what the fuck you did to my sister?! She has to two broken ribs, a fracture to her back, two black eyes, a broken nose, heavy bruising to her face, internal bleeding with fluids on her brain and she’s in fucking a coma! Do you not understand that my sister could fucking die because of the shit you did to her and you bring your bitch ass up here with some dumb ass roses and some shitty ass gifts from Chanel and Hermès! Yo get the fuck up out my face!

When I went to walk by him I felt a powerful blow to the back of my head that would have sent me flying to the floor if I wasn’t able to catch my balance.

I know this motherfucker did not just hit me! Before I knew it I reflexed and hit him dead in the face.

Bitch is you fucking crazy! Don’t you ever in your fucking measly ass life put your fucking hands on me! 

He drew his fist back to hit me again but before he could Jay delivered a powerful blow to his body which made him fall back into the wall.

The next thing I knew Jayhirad had him pinned up by his throat and was strangling  the life out of him while he banged his head into the wall.  

You bitch ass motherfucker i'mma kill you! You don’t touch my wife. What you and your wife do is y'all business but don’t you ever in your fucking life touch mines. 

I knew Jayhirad was dead ass serious, everything he said was through clenched teeth which meant he was fucking furious. I knew I had to get him to let him go before he indeed killed him.

Jay, baby let him go!

He continued to strangle him

Jayhirad! Let him go he’s not worth it!

I could tell Jayhirad was starting to loosen his grip around his neck. 

Yah that’s right listen to your bitch you fuckboy.

 Once Troy said that all hell broke loose. There was no doubt in my mind that Jayhirad was going to kill him or come damn near close to it.


Sweet 16

Request: Hi! My name is Sam (Samantha) and I’m turning 16 on January, 22 and I’m asking if you can write a one shot on Y/N turning 16 and Dean gets you a car(Preferably vintage) and Sam convinces Dean that we get a dog (Large white mutt because that’s what my dog is :) ) Thanks!!! I absolutely LOVE your blog and I re-read everything at least 10 times and I’m just in love with your writing. :) <3

Word Count: 4601 (notevensorry)

Theme Song: Pumpin Blood by NONONO

WARNINGS: Swearing, Family!FluffyFluff

*Not my Gifs*
Author’s Note: Happy Sweet 16th Birthday! I hope it was as good as mine! I hope you enjoy this, I had a fun time writing it, and wanted it to make you smile! Additionally, I don’t know how everyone else’s winter is at this moment, but mind is VERY mild. We only have frost and rain at the moment.. Also, I made the date personal to the request, but a little imagination goes a long way (:

There you were.. Sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee, all alone. On your 16th Birthday. Sam and Dean were still snoozing into the morning light, along with Kevin. He laid passed out on the couch in the war room; bottle in one hand – angel tablet in the other.

Turning 16 was a big thing for you. Finally being able to drive – Legally.. Of course you would need a car first.. Which you don’t have. The bunker’s garage was filled with them, but they were broken down or manual drive only. Still, the fact the Sam and Dean – Mainly Sam – forgot, was agitating. An unknown rage increased as you sat there, mucking in a party of one.

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anonymous asked:

Don't shame people for what they like, what they wear, or who they choose to date. It's against the whole movement of equality. Enough is enough. Go to college, learn some things.

Graduate college, get a degree, make intelligent arguments, if you wish too. One that’s not filled and fueled by hatred, but one that’s intelligent. We don’t need to see this, I don’t need this negativity. Leave Danielle Campbell, as well as the other girlfriends to both Louis and Harry (ex or current) alone.

Oh hey it’s the Hitler anon again. I know for a fact from your diction and writing style that you are in fact the same person because I studied paleography and codicology at the best university in the world and if I can pinpoint similar writing styles in scripture that is two thousand years old I can certainly spot your idiotic writing style in my inbox.

It’s embarrassing how aggressively moronic you are. Thankfully dying of second-hand embarrassment isn’t a thing. 

“Go to college, learn some things.”

I totally forgot I was answering this. I got up and made tea and then went on Twitter and then sent some messages on Whatsapp, and then I stared into space for a bit and literally all of those things were more satisfying than answering this. 

How can I wrap this up? 

You’re a moron, Danielle is a bitch, you two deserve each other. 

There. Done. 

I bid you adieu. 


Uhhhh yeah participating in closeting, a homophobic and archaic practise, is perhaps one of the biggest steps backwards in terms of equality. 

Equality for who exactly? Because until two guys can openly and freely say that they love each other without all this nonsense then I don’t see this as a very equal situation for anyone. 

“Who they choose to date.” 

You’re right though. Enough IS enough. 

It’s 2016 and I, a pansexual half-Mexican woman, still have to sit here and be compared to Donald fucking Trump because I pointed out that two dudes are in love. I don’t need this negativity either. But as long as I have to see Louis William Tomlinson having to endure the company of awful women for the sake of his career I’m going to say something about it because I believe in actual equality. 

I don’t know how to say this in a way that your idiot brain won’t misconstrue, but being a card-holding member of the XX chromosome club doesn’t mean that you have to stand up for every woman just because they’re a woman. That’s not what equality is. Equality is treating everyone the same regardless of gender and sexuality and I can objectively say that if you’re being paid to participate in something that contributes to homophobia then you are a shit person regardless of your gender. 

I didn’t learn that in university (it shocks literally no one that you don’t know the difference between college and university) by the way. It’s just something I inherently believe because I’m not an ignorant and hateful person like yourself. 

Oh and one last thing because it really has been bothering me since I read your message:

“Graduate college, get a degree, make intelligent arguments, if you wish too.”

It’s “if you wish TO.” T-O. NOT TOO. AS IN, “OH GOD NOT THIS TOO. Ignorant and bad at grammar? How much more must I endure?” 

I would turn this around on you and say that you should go to college yourself, but even if you became twice as smart as you are now you’d still have the intelligence of a sponge so maybe just don’t bother.