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Hey,I just wanted to pass by and say that I really admire your willingness to share less popular opinions in the DA fandom,opinions that I myself share. I feel like this fandom is so toxic sometimes,and I'm sick to death of the mentality of templars are evil,mages are saints.I think Bioware put in effort to make it more complicated than that,and it shows. Oh,and Anders is probably the most despicable fucking fictional character I've ever stumbled upon in all my years on this planet. Cheers

Thank you, anon! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this message.

This fandom is toxic AF. There are some really nasty fandoms out there, but everything seems to pale in comparison to the DA fandom. Hell, even SuperWhoLock at its worst was healthier than DA. And it’s really depressing sometimes, to feel like hardly anyone else is willing to speak out. I know I come off as aggressive sometimes, but that’s because I’m screaming to make my voice heard over the nonstop circle jerk wank of “Anders was right” and “Mage Rights Or Mage Fights.”

Dragon Age is amazing. Not perfect, by any means, no, but the series has built this complex immersive world with so many facets and nuances and so many options to explore, and yet this fandom reduces it down to only a few “real” and “acceptable” choices, so much of which involves altering or falsifying things, while everything they don’t like is dismissed as “bad writing” or “OOC.”

The Templar and mage conflict is not black and white at all. There are some black and white elements to it, like the fact that bombing a place of worship full of non-combatants is wrong and immoral and terrorism no matter what, but neither side The One And Only Good side nor The Ultimate Evil. There are victims on both sides and people who take advantage of their power to abuse others on both sides.

There are truly very good people among the Templars, like Ser Bryant, who does everything he can to help refugees fleeing the Blight and offers the Warden what help he can. There are Templars who try hard who do the right thing and fall short sometimes, like Thrask and Cullen. There are Templars like Meredith who take their efforts to extremes in an attempt to overcorrect past mistakes, and then there are Templars like Karras, Alrik, and Mettin who are in it for sadistic kicks (and they are the only three named Templars in the games we see who abuse mages for sadistic purposes outright, unless I’m missing anyone named in DAI, but I don’t think I am). They are a very nuanced group with high and noble ideals, not all good, not all evil, and the fact of the matter is that their efforts are necessary for the good of Thedas, the good of mages, and the good of non-mages.

And the mages are NOT all the poor innocent tortured imprisoned victims the fandom makes them out to be. There is a MUCH higher number of mage antagonists throughout the games than there are Templar antagonists, particularly in the second game. And people try to justify maleficarum using very destructive and harmful magic killing so many innocent people by saying they have no choice but to defend themselves when they’re backed into a corner, but how were mages like Tarohne and Idunna and Quentin and Uldred defending themselves by kidnapping people, torturing them, killing them, and using necromancy/forcing demons into them for possession in any way defending themselves?

There are good mages out there, like Bethany, who’s one of the most truly good characters in the game. Circle mages and apostates alike, there are good people and terrible people and people who are very in between among them.

They are not black and white sides, and to try forcing them into this mold tramples all over the storytelling and efforts of the developers, not to mention the characterizations of so many people on both sides and in between the conflict. But such a huge part of this fandom tries to force their One True Narrative, and I hate it and refuse to accept it. I hate being told things like “Templars only want to kill all mages” and that I’m “a little bitch who hates oppressed people.”

The characters and stories of Dragon Age are so much more than what most of this fandom tries to make them out to be.

And how horrible is it for new people to enter this fandom and instantly be force-fed the toxic bullshit constantly propagated? It was for me. I wish when I entered the fandom last year that I’d found someone with the unpopular opinions I have now. I wish I wasn’t made to feel scared and guilty. I wish I hadn’t felt obligated to tiptoe around the feelings of abusive, toxic people. But my true feelings and opinions are out there now, and I won’t hesitate to stand by them.

So thank you for sending me this message, because sometimes I hate feeling almost alone in all this, and it’s really comforting to me to know that I’m not.

And yeah, Anders is the worst. The absolute fucking worst. There is nothing to excuse his words and actions, and the fact that people bend over backwards to justify and glorify what he says and does makes me physically nauseous. He is completely despicable.

all you gotta do is bite

No but what about newly-made popstar Eren? I mean, so pop your teeth hurt, so pop he sparkles under the lights in the grocery store? No, not alternative, not indie, he’s pop. Synth and catchy beats, and colourful music videos with him dancing, singing intensely while he drags hands all over his face and makes gestures at a wildly panning camera, in an abandoned warehouse– that kind of pop star. Strobe lights. A lot of them.

Levi kind of thinks he’s pop trash, and sticks to his own indie brand of angsty guitar solos and angsty singing at a wildly panning camera while dragging only one hand down his face in an abandoned air strip. The songs are catchy, though, so Levi listens to them, all the while considering himself above the genre. He doesn’t care for the theatrics, is all it is. The makeup, the lights, the sexed up image, the way Eren’s hips seem to move in every. Single. Video. Not that Levi has seen every one of Eren’s videos since his debut. The boy is cute, he admits, kind of buzzed one night after a concert, and Hanji is pressing him about why he knows the lyrics to Touch my Wings when it comes up on the radio.

“You should… hit on him,” Hanji slurs, draping on him and laughing uncontrollably at the thought of the Ice Queen Levi Ackerman, lead guitar and vocalist of Bloody Handprint looking at the shiny new guy on the charts. Levi snorts, and makes a comment about how Eren Jeager is pretty much the symbol of Heterosexuality and the Mainstream, both of which were things Levi was… decidedly not, really.

Hanji drops the subject, but mainly because they fell asleep against Levi’s shoulder.

One day Eren does a music video in a miniskirt, all hip sway and hands running down tanned thighs. 

Take Down My Walls goes to a billion views on YouTube in record time, partly because it’s a damn good song, and partly because of Eren dancing in a 50s pinup style video.

A lot of people say he’s going to hell, and refuse to keep supporting him. 

Most of his fans, however, came to the ultimate conclusion that Eren Jeager looked damn fine no matter what he wore. 

Levi hits replay the moment the video stops, and doesn’t really know what to think. (He agrees, though. Eren does look damn fine.) 


Levi is really… not trawling the internet for Eren Jeager. 

He’s found Eren’s blog, though. The kid has a Tumblr, of all things. The only things he has learnt is that Eren likes cat videos, but writes the most in the tags at pictures of puppies. The kid takes selfies often, which is how Levi finds out that Eren is a fan. A selfie, Eren all tousled and grinning, a band Tshirt – Levi’s band T-shirt, with a bloody handprint in red on dark grey. He scrolls quickly to the tags. 

#selfie #favshirt ngl #BloodyHandprint #faeijvwhyamIawakeee #6amdancepracticeCRUELTY

Levi laughs, despite himself. Eren was a fan, how about that.

The first time he meets Eren, it’s at the recording studio. Eren is apparently visiting his friend, who works with Levi’s label. The guy really is that gorgeous, it’s kind of ridiculous. He nods at Mikasa, their label’s most popular act. (Picked up at 14 when she was found on YouTube under the handle RedScarfMikasa for her distinctive vocal quality) 

“Eren, this is Levi. Levi, Eren.” she says, curt in her usual manner. Levi nods, and extends a hand. Eren makes a strangled sound, and shakes his hand firmly, green eyes flicking up to meet Levi’s gaze for a moment, before stepping away. 

God, the kid was cute. Levi curses inwardly.

“I’m a huge fan, though I guess you hear this a lot,” Eren says, shy but grinning. 

Levi can’t help it. He smiles. “I saw a photo of you in our band shirt. You were at the 2013 tour?” 

“In Toronto!” Eren answers. Mikasa leaves after one of her sound engineers drag her attention away to work, and she tells Eren to stay put. 

“Levi, I’ll leave him here, if you’re free?” she asks. Levi nods. He likes Mikasa, and they have a good relationship based on mutual rivalry and respect. 

Eren sits down, all long limbs and easy grins, and Levi hands him a guitar. Eren takes it instinctively, fingers settling on the neck before he realises what’s in his hands.

Levi takes another guitar, and strums a few chords absently. 

“Mikasa’s going to take a while; Jean always takes forever when he’s going over the mixing,” he says, settling on a chord and playing it. “Wanna play?” 

Eren grins, and settles in his chair, fingers digging into the back pocket of his jeans for a pick.

They end up hanging out, after that first meeting. Mikasa and Hanji have some mutual friends, and his agent keeps telling Levi that he needs to ‘get out more’. They go for drinks, they go for coffee. They meet up at the studio and work on songs that never see the light of day. Levi makes fun of Eren’s pop aesthetic and strobe light MV’s, and Eren huffs and kicks Levi’s shins and says that at least he isn’t in the same abandoned warehouse head banging every other music video. Levi really does have to admit that Eren has a point. 

The next music video they do, they do it in the woods, and Eren laughs and laughs when he sees it. I like the change of scenery! ;) the text from him reads, and Levi stares at it for far too long before he realises he’s grinning as well. 

Eren goes for the grunge aesthetic in his next video, and Levi will swear to every god ever that he was not expecting the sight of Eren clad in leather (those thighs, oh god) clutching at a microphone would ever do things to him. There are gratuitous close-ups of his lips, painted black, painted red mouthing the song, almost touching the microphone, and Levi is most definitely not thirsty as all hell. 

‘Nice pants’ he sends to Eren, and the reply is a simple ‘;)’. 

The next time Eren comes over, he’s wearing those pants. Levi has no idea why the studio let him keep them, because they were patently illegal. Whatever sarcastic greeting he had get stuck in his throat as he looks at Eren’s legs. 

“Hey, eyes up here!” Eren is laughing. “Also, good, I just wanted to confirm that you really have been staring at my butt,” he says as he shoulders past Levi to deposit their takeout lunch on Levi’s coffee table. 

Levi stares at Eren mutely, trying frantically to come up with a denial but failing. 

“I-shit. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, Eren,” he begins, stomach lurching as he tries not to freak out. 

Eren’s eyes widen, and he puts his hands up placatingly. 

“Nonono. I uh,” he scratches the back of his neck, tugging at his ear in a nervous gesture that Levi has already begun to find utterly endearing, “I like that you are staring at my butt? Wow this is terrible. I’ve had a music-crush on you for a long time but uh. I really like you? In the I-want-to-make-out-with-you way, if that’s okay.” 

Silence. Eren is beginning to look panicked, as though he’d completely misjudged. Levi has to say something. 

“That’s uh. Very okay. Shit.” 

To be fair, Levi’s levels of articulation were low because of those pants. And Eren confessing. Eren blinks, and laughs breathlessly, and Levi can’t help but chuckle at how terrible they are at all this.

“You do realise you’re a national sex symbol, right?” he teases, as Eren makes his way across his living room to stand in front of him.

“You do realise you’re the same, right? You’ve been making love to microphones with black nail polish since I was 16, Levi,” Eren murmurs back, eyes lowered. 

Levi reaches a hand out. His fingernails are painted black, and he snorts. He reaches out, pressing a palm around the curve of Eren’s waist. It fits there easily, and he thinks he can get used to it; the same way he got used to the heft of a guitar, the surprising weight of a microphone in his hands.

When Eren kisses him, Levi leans back and parts his mouth easily, tasting soda and mint. The soft, wet heat of him is addictive, and his hands are palming all over Eren’s long, smooth body-

“You really like the pants, huh?” Eren laughs breathlessly. 

“They looked good in the music video,” Levi says by way of answer, heat curling in his gut as Eren presses closer. 

Eren pulls back, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “I kept the miniskirt from the other MV, too, you know.” 

Levi didn’t really know what he did to deserve this, but he regrets ever thinking of Eren as pop trash. 

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Hi, my friend thinks Y//o//I is positive representation, whereas I feel it's nothing more than fetishization. I've tried to drop the topic because I'd rather conserve our friendship, but she keeps telling me to provide evidence and won't back down. It's fine if you don't, but I've seen this blog backup their points with sources, and I'm wondering if you have a compilation of your more thorough analyses on why Y//o//I is fanservice. Thanks for all you do.

Hello, I am that one gay man who works here, love when girls decide what is good representation for me.  First off we have our obvious links to another gay man’s review.  Important things for you to have are uncensored kisses and censorship in Japan.  Regardless they’re gonna bring up these points, crush them.
Other Links;
It’s Up To Interpretation
An Adventure Into The Unknown
The Choreography of the Butt

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To Seize the Moment, Part 5

Summary: Due to a cultural miscommunication,  Shepard and Garrus wind up proposing to one another. To their surprise, neither of them wants to take it back.  (Shakarian, PG-13)

Part 1: Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5 : Part 6 : Part 7 : Part 8: Part 9 : Part 10 : Part 11

As he led her through the crowds, Shepard stayed close to his side, savoring the close contact. In his civies, she could feel the heat pouring out of his body.

Garrus, for his part, seemed entirely focused on their destination.

“I’m surprised you can remember where this place is,” Shepard said, as he made another turn.

He laughed. “I don’t think I could forget it. I got called out here at least once a week.” He squeezed her waist. “You humans seem to have trouble holding your liquor.”

“Hey!” She raised an eyebrow. “Remember the after-party when we beat Saren? I wasn’t the one singing “To Die for the Cause” three ryncol shots in.”

“No,” he smiled. “But you did join in, despite not speaking turian, having a second voice box, or being familiar with the melody. Admit it Shepard, that was a wash.”

She just smiled and squeezed his waist tightly instead, knowing it would distract him from the argument.

He groaned. “Shepard, stop that.”

She smirked and pressed in again, this time sliding her hand from the dip of his waist to the top of his hips.

Lightning fast, he wrapped his arms around her. “Bad girl.” He murmured, voice low.

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Chad Michael Murray was actually the worst friend a person could have.

It all started on what began as a normal Friday. Jared woke up, knocked loudly on Chad’s door, took Harley and Sadie for a run, came back to shower, knocked loudly on Chad’s door again, and started breakfast. He hummed a happy tune quietly with a smile in place as he grabbed food from the refrigerator and cabinets.  Eventually Chad stumbled in, more squinty-eyed than usual, and running his hands through his spiky-blond, unruly bed hair.

“Morning, Sunshine,” Jared grinned, breaking the eggs into the sizzling pan.

“Fuck you, asswipe,” Chad spat.  Pulling on a chair at the breakfast bar so rough it screeched across the linoleum floor, he hauled himself up in it and glared at the back of Jared’s cheery head.

“You’re in a worse mood than usual,” Jared snorted, knowing that no matter how bad of a mood Chad was in, it was just an inherent part of his personality - nothing personal.

“Yeah, I am,” Chad groaned, nearly slamming his forehead into the counter top as he let it plop down.  “I was having a great night – made out with Sophia for, like, three hours straight, ate pizza, jacked off –“

“Really, dude?” Jared interrupted.

“– listened to some music, and then fell asleep, but not before fucking remembering that your gay boyfriend was coming over today,” he finished as though Jared never spoke.  

“Did you just call my boyfriend gay?” Jared asked incredulously.

“Uh, yeah.  Because he is.”  There was a pause.  

“Yep, that is true,” came with the shake of a head.  “But what’s the big deal?  Jensen comes over almost every weekend.”

“I know, but, like,” Chad groaned and slammed his head back against the counter top, “when he’s over you’re all mushy and gross and I can only handle so much gay in my life, okay?  And when he’s here, it’s double the gay.  It’s gay multiplied.  Gay squared.  That’s too much gay.”  Jared rolled his eyes and tossed the English muffins in the toaster.  

“Why don’t you go stay with Sophia or one of your other friends?” Jared suggested.

“Sophia is having a girl’s night or something tonight, I don’t really know.  She said, ‘Me and the girls want a wine and pedicure night,’ and I was like, ‘Fine, I’m gonna have a beer and video game night’ – which isn’t different than every other night, but, y’know.  And I have no other friends, Jared, why else do you think I’m living with your gay ass? That and you have the best gaming system so it was kind of a no-brainer.”

“Feelin’ the love, Chad.”

“Don’t feel the love from me, your boyfriend’ll be here in a few hours.”  

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So I've gone through a bunch of your tags and you're really awesome! I especially like when you pointed out that piper isn't perfect; she has some ugly flaws that people will hate. You also talked about that a little with Annabeth. This is a weird ask but like, could you talk about the 7 and their ugly flaws that people hate/ignore? Idk, you've really made appreciate Annabeth and piper more since you talked about it with them!

i’m so here for realistically flawed characters !!! i love it when characters get screwed over by their own imperfections because that’s literally life, it doesn’t get any more relatable than fucking yourself over until you learn from your mistakes, and the consequences are ugly in real life and they should be ugly in fiction too !!

and hey, some flaws are more/less annoying to some people than to others, that’s why everyone doesn’t get along with everyone and there’s levels of relationship intimacy. and why certain people aren’t going to like certain characters. but, yeah, they’re definitely flawed.

additionally, very important to note that there are reasons for these flaws that make them totally justifiable and this is not remotely written to convert anyone to dislike them lol. it’s just.

if you met them irl, these are the things that would probably annoy you about them:

percy’s temper, man. i am so not here for this like “percy’s just so loyal that he suffers !” like man that’s not a character flaw that makes him a literal angel saint ! his character flaw is that he’s angry. percy spends a lot of time pissed tf off, which makes sense given his situation yeah for sure but that doesn’t mean it’s not annoying to put up with sometimes. like, the kind of temper that causes you to yell “shut up” in a museum on a school field trip? i know some irl people with tempers like that and god like when they really lose it, it’s fucking annoying and gets old really quickly. he’s also super pessimistic most of the time and never lets things go, which like i said is totally understandable but that kind of personality in day to day life is just tiring after awhile, plenty of people get sick of listening to complaints. being a pessimistic person who can’t let things go definitely does not make you popular Trust Me. percy and annabeth even have a fight about this in tlo: annabeth is like, can you just chill out with the Doom and Gloom for like one conversation oh my god i’m trying not to think about how you’re going to die on your fucking birthday and you keep BRINGING IT UP AND I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT, I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY FOR LIKE, TEN FUCKING SECONDS, OKAY????!! and it happens in a much more civil way in tartarus when he’s like “tartarus sucks bet monsters can’t even be killed down here we’re fuckin doomed” and she’s like “bruh. chill.” but like literally ENOUGH with the doomsday talk sometime i mean DUDE we all know you’re fucking better than the rest of us have you looked in the mirror you’re a goddamn champion so maybe you could stop complaining about how you’re a loser all the time because you’re CLEARLY NOT.

annabeth is fucking high strung and putting up with that every day gets fucking tiring after awhile can you imagine??? have you ever been friends with someone who consistently insists on running themselves into the damn ground and then starts snapping at everyone and biting their heads off? it’s annoying. she can’t relax and she’s bossy and uptight. and is one of those people that yells at everyone else for breaking the rules but literally doesn’t listen to anything anyone else says ever. and also she probably takes pride in being intimidating and that’s so fucking annoying irl oh my godddddd people who think they’re the shit are so FUCKING ANNOYING. also like obnoxiously good at everything so you just wanna punch her in the face for no apparent reason most of the time bc she makes you feel inadequate so it’s the kind of thing where it’s like every time she does anything you just wanna roll your eyes so hard that they get stuck that way because WE GET IT ALREADY WE KNOW YOU’RE GOOD AT EVERYTHING. she’s also probably that fuckin kid who obsessively talks about her stupid fucking calculus test and it makes you wanna scream I HAVE A FUCKING 38 IN CALCULUS EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU KNOWS THAT YOU’RE GOING TO ACE THE TEST BECAUSE YOU’RE FUCKING PERFECT SO COULD YOU DO US ALL A FUCKING FAVOR AND SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH

piper’s a spoiled fucking brat. rich kids who shoplift are the epitome of spoiled fucking brats. i get that it’s for attention but like literally pull your head out of your own ass and stop dragging poor unassuming retail workers into your family rifts, maybe?? she’s also rather whiny and complains a lot without actually doing much to fix her problem. she can dish out advice but she can’t take it, and she’s quite selfish and doesn’t seem to know how to get what she wants without demanding it like a petulant fucking two year old.

jason is fucking bland as hell he’s like annoyingly unexpressive like do you have a goddamn brain in your head do you know what your own opinion is like GOD fucking SAY SOMETHING ALREADY, DO YOU HAVE EMOTIONS???? make a fucking choice bro like GOOOOODODD who do you wanna be with? where do you wanna live? CAN YOU FUCKING MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY WE’RE ALL WAITING, ANY DAY NOW. and just like, obnoxiously perfect n understanding and it’s like literally fuck you why do you have to be so goddamn cool and collected all the time can’t you have the decency to be a hot mess like the rest of us i mean honestly.

hazel. (i’m having a really hard time with this one loll). umm… stubborn as fuck, i guess? or runs from her problems? oooooh, how about she’s that fuckin kid who everyone thinks is so nice and wonderful and she is really nice and wonderful except you’re not friends with her so you get irrationally annoyed for absolutely no justifiable reason. you wanna be friends with her because she’s so fucking nice but she’s just so polite to everyone but she holds you at arms length and you get insecure because you wanna be friends with her so bad but she has way too many friends so you’re just like well fuck her i don’t need her in my life anyway. and then you get pissed off every time she’s nice to someone else and you start thinking she’s a fake because no one can be that fucking nice it’s so annoying. (this is so weak. idk.)

frank (ditto, who doesn’t like frank??????). um. runs from his problems and is really good at this one thing and you keep encouraging him to do it but he’s like no i suck at everything and you’re like. literally. you’re fucking better at this than i’ve ever been at anything in my entire life and you’re saying your bad at it. WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS FUCKING TALENT AND YOU DON’T EVEN USE IT. stop talking bad about yourself you keep complaining how you’re not good at anything and you !!!! don’t listen !!! when i tell you that you’re really good at something !! walks around in this cloud of self hatred and YOU’RE FUCKING BETTER AT THIS THAN ANYONE ON EARTH EVER SO STO P W H I NIN G. he’s that kid who everyone expects to major in one thing and then announces their college major and you’re like you know what stfu frank could you quit it with the bad life decisions i’m tired of trying to explain your own life to you i told you to fucking do this and what do you do? something else, that’s what. fuck you.

leo is annoyoooyingg he’s so annoying. aggressive humor grates on the nerves like nothing else my god. we all know you’re trying to compensate for how small your dick is but it’s not working so could you PUT A FUCKING SOCK IN IT NOBODY WANTS TO LISTEN TO THE NINE HUNDREDTH BAD JOKE OF THE DAY. YOU’RE NOT FUNNY LET IT GO. also like that obnoxious kid who like pretends that they understand what you’re going through all the time and is like “i’ve been through Hard Times” but you’re like, you don’t fucking know me could you just like ???? shut up about how much your life sucks???

Preference #116 You're in a secret relationship and it's hard to handle:

“Hey!” You greeted Harry as you let him into your flat as quickly as possible. After the door was shut and Harry was safe from any fans or paparazzi that would have been able to spot him, he started to take off his hat, sunglasses, and coat. You giggled at how silly he looked in this disguise considering it was too hot for a coat but to dark for sunglasses. He rolled his eyes as you laughed. “Are you gonna laugh at me every time?” He wondered. “Yes” you replied. Once he had rid of his disguise he gave you a warm hug and a sweet kiss. “Hi” he whispered. You smiled “Hello, you smell like a cinnamon candle” you giggled. “Yeah there’s a few of those at my flat” he explained. “Oh okay, nice.” You said giggling again at his familiar and slightly feminine scent. “Are you gonna laugh at that every time too?” He wondered jokingly. Every time…you thought, the two words spinning around in your head for a bit. “Wait…every time… what do you mean by every time, I mean were gonna tell people soon right? I thought this crazy privacy thing was just temporary.” You say; your smile quickly fading. “Um- well I mean it won’t be forever…just-” “I understand you don’t wanna have your personal life out there for everyone to see, but that fact that I can’t even call you my friend…it sucks Haz. I know you’re used to keeping secrets but I’m not…” you paused “and maybe I don’t wanna just be one of your little secrets” you said, not even thinking before you let the words leave your mouth. Harry looked so shocked, but it was too late to take back what you said. “Are you saying you wanna break up?” he questioned. “I don’t want to but-” “Are you unhappy?” He interrupted. “No Harry! You make me happier than anyone else, but it’s hard, I’ve never been in this kind of relationship and you have to understand that.” You told him. “I do (Y/N) I’m sorry, I shouldn’t expect this to be easy for you…but (Y/N) it won’t be forever, and whether it’s private or public, it won’t change how much I love you” he told you using “the L word” for the first time. “You love me?” You say, a smile creeping on your face. “Yes, (Y/N) I do, and I’m not just saying that to get you to stay. I mean it.” He said pulling you into his arms. You sighed, “Okay, I love you too I’m sorry, I just get a little overwhelmed sometimes” you explain. “It’s okay sweetheart” he said as he pressed a kiss to your head.
‘Vinicosta’s? This place is hella expensive!’ you thought to yourself as you pulled up to the restaurant your date had requested. You and Niall had met last week when you accidentally fell into his arms after tripping in a crowded shop. You had never felt better than the way you felt when he was holding you, and he seemed to somehow feel the same way because he had nervously asked you out; an offer you could never decline. “Hey! Its nice to see you again” you smiled as Niall found you waiting in front of the expensive restaurant, he went to hug you then kissed your cheek. “You too (Y/N), you look beautiful” he said, with a bright smile. “Thank you, you look nice too” you told him. With that he took your hand and led you into the restaurant. The restaurant was dimly lit and though you were wearing one of your more formal dresses, the minute you walked into the room you felt underdressed. “I have a reservation under Niall Horan” Niall said. The hostess nodded then led us to a big room that was private from the rest. The menus were electronic, on iPads, and your waitress looked like she was a part time model. “Niall this may be the most fancy restaurant I’ve ever been to. Are you sure we’re gonna be able to afford this, I’m totally cool with pizza” you said half joking half not. “You’re sweet. But don’t worry, I can cover it, love.” He said. 'Love, he called me love’ you thought, your heart doing flips. He’d called you that over text, but the word sounded so perfect as it came from his lips. “You’re not some kind of secret movie star are you?” You laughed jokingly, but Niall’s face remained rather serious. “Look (Y/N), there’s something I should tell you. I wish I didn’t have to tell you, because I know it’s only gonna make things more complicated. But I really like you and I don’t wanna start this relationship with a lie…” He rambled on. “What is it Niall? You’re scaring me…just tell me” you said placing a reassuring hand on top of his. “I-I’m in a band, a boy-band called One Direction. It’s pretty popular so…” “So… You’re um famous” you said in shock. He nodded. You looked around at the separated room you were sitting in away from the guest. “So it’s- I mean you- th- that’s how you can afford to eat here…and that’s why we’re in this separate room? So people don’t see you?” you wondered, it all making sense to you now. “Yeah…does that freak you out, because if we’re going to be in a relationship, there may be a lot of secret meetings and private dates between us, but I don’t want you to see me as a famous celebrity I’m still-” “You’re still the sweetheart that caught me when I fell and last week” you finished his sentence. He smiled “Right, So are you okay with this?”. It made you happy that Niall even envisioned you two moving forward passed a first date to have secret meetings and private dates. You thought hard before responding. “I really appreciate you telling me this…It does kinda freak me out, but I really like you too, and I think its worth a shot”
“Okay Li, I think I should head home before I fall asleep.” You told him as you were ready to leave his flat. “Okay baby, drive safe” he said as he hugged you, kissed the top of your head, then your lips. “You have to leave through the back door” He reminded you, but you already knew that, you knew it all too well. “I know” you said smiling slightly. Leaving through the back door lead straight to your car, rather than through the front door which lead to the main street where paparazzi and fans could see you leaving Liam’s flat and start to wonder. “I love you” he said with a smile as he started to open the door for you. “Yeah you too” you sighed quietly. “(Y/N)?” “Yes Liam?” you wondered. “What’s wrong? And don’t even think about saying nothing, because I know somethings wrong.”. You sighed again. “You know Liam, you’re right something is wrong. What’s wrong is the fact that it’s almost our 6 month anniversary and I still have to sneak through the back door just to watch Netflix with you. I do love you, a lot , but it’s really hard having to keep so much inside of me. I can’t even tell my best friend that I have a boyfriend and that sucks” “I understand and I’m sorry…” He trailed off, having nothing left to say. “But you can’t just say that every time Liam. I don’t know if I can…if I can do this” you said, your voice now a hushed whisper. “(Y/N) no, please don’t end it like this, you know it’s not my decision, management doesn’t want me to-” he said as he held your hands in his. “I know” you interrupted, “but…” “(Y/N) please just let me talk to Paul, tomorrow I’ll talk to him. Please just don’t leave me, I love you” he said, his voice shaking. Tears started to slip down your face. He should have talked to Paul ages ago; it was only when you threatened to leave that he was actually gaining the confidence to do it. “Let’s just take a break, and when you sort things out with management, call me” you said. You placed a kiss on his cheek and left before he could convince you to stay.
“Louis, what would happen if people found out about us?” you wondered out loud. He looked at you, confused, considering you were talking about gummy bears previously. “Well that was random” Louis said, chucking slightly. “Don’t avoid my question Louis” you warned. “I’m not- just what exactly made you think of that?” he wondered. He definitely was avoiding the question. “Well I mean, we’re cuddling in your bed, and it made me think of how much I love you, and that made me think of the other people I love, like my family and my friends from home. I have these thoughts a lot and it makes me sad that you can’t go to my family reunions and meet my crazy uncle, or my sweet grandma who I know would love you and offer to make you cookies, or my older guy cousins who you would really get along with, or my little niece who’s only 3 years o-” “(Y/N),” Louis interrupted, a shameful look on his face.You sat up on the bed, so Louis did too. “No Louis let me finish. My best friend, you’ve never met her either she’s like a sister to me. My best friends boyfriend you haven’t met him, so you don’t know how cute they are together. Or how they can make anyone feel like a third wheel. You’ve never met my friends, you’ve never seen me with them, or how I act when I’m around them. You’ve never seen where I grew up or the people I’ve grown up with, these people that I love so much…and you don’t even know their names” you said, tears now spilling from your eyes. “I don’t mean to make you feel guilty, but it just makes me really sad that you haven’t met such great people and that I don’t even know if you ever will.” you cried out. “Hey hey, (Y/N) Shhh, I will baby” Louis said, holding you closer and trying to calm you down. “When?! When!? At our wedding? Meeting my Dad for the first time as he lets go of my arm after he walks me down the isle? yeah that would be great Louis?” you said sarcastically. You knew you were exaggerating but all that you were saying had to be said. “(Y/N) you know that I’ve been trying to meet your parents! You know how busy my schedule is, I barely have time!” he tells you. “Yeah well maybe you don’t have enough time for me” you said starting to pull away from his embrace. “Wait (Y/N) Please I didn’t mean it like that…I’m sorry. Please come here.” You were reluctant but you never could say no to his hugs so you again wrapped yourself around him. “I’m sorry (Y/N) I know this is hard, you don’t deserve this. You deserve more than me. You deserve someone who can meet your friends and family; your loved ones. I don’t want us to break up b-but If you want to find that someone and leave me, I-I understand.” he said. You couldn’t believe the words he was saying. “But Louis there is no one else I’d want my family an friends to meet” you admitted. “Theres no one else who would like my crazy uncle, no one else my grandma would bake cookies for, no one else my cousins would get along with like they would with you because I love you, louis.” you told him, tears still falling from your eyes and his too. He kissed you. He kissed you with more passion and meaning than ever before. “I love you (Y/N), I’m not sure about a family reunion yet, but I can start with your parents; baby steps.” he said. “Baby steps.” you agreed, before kissing him once more.
You were and Zayn were in a relationship but you were not together. You were in the same country, the same city, the same coffee shop, on the same day, at the same time…but you were not together. You sat near the window while he sat near the back of the cafe. 'You look beautiful today.’ Zayn texted you. You looked over to him and smiled. 'Thank you xx -How are you?’ You answered, now waiting for his response. This was as close as you ever got to going on a date, in public. Sure he’d been to your place a few times, but it was only at night when it was dark and fans and paparazzi were unlike likely to spot him. Sure he had ordered flowers and had them sent to you, but he never got a chance to see your face light up when you got them. And sure, you were in the same place having coffee, but you weren’t together; not really. 'Idk I’m okay I guess’ you replied. 'Just okay? What would make it better?’ 'Honestly? If we didn’t have to this’ 'Do what?’ He wondered but he already knew. 'Text each other from across the same room on our “date”’ 'I’m sorry, you understand why though right? If the fans found out they would tear you apart. We can’t be public’ You sighed and put you head in your hands, tears threatening to slip from your eyes. 'Please don’t be mad’ he texted you, though you hadn’t responded to the previous one yet. 'Im not mad I’m just…it’s really hard, not even being able to tell my family about you.’ You knew he was just trying to protect you but you were strong, you could handle the hate. And even if you weren’t strong enough you had your friends, family and Zayn to support you right? 'Im sorry sweetheart I wish it wasn’t like this’ 'It doesn’t have to be Zayn!’ You wanted to yell. 'Im sorry’ he said again. 'The more you say that, the less meaningful it becomes’ and with that you left the cafe, unsure if you wanted him to chase after you or not.

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