oh hey thats pretty cool i made this

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Hey Yuri how do you REALLY feel about JJ? Like no "oh i hate him I'd hit him with a truck and laugh" kind of thing. Like what's your actual opinion of him? He made it to the podium after having a panic attack. That's gotta win at least some respect in your eyes, right?

Yes, it’s extremely respectable and impressive. He’s not all too bad of a guy, really, he’s just a douche 90% of the time. If he’s not being a douche, he’s actually pretty cool - let’s not forget he’s talented on the ice. 

Wow I actually said nice things about J.J. I think I had too much to drink

  • how people think i got into johnlock: you just got corrupted by tumblr and they made you think johnlock is real
  • how i actually got into johnlock: hey i think i'll watch sherlock, i heard it's a good show. *starts watching* oh it's in modern times and stuff, that's cool...is it just me or does john seem to be pretty into sherlock? ...oh dang he's definitely into him...HAHA sherlock is like oh shit i found my soulmate! *finishes first episode* i wonder if anyone else thinks they'd be a cute couple? no i'm probably crazy... *googles john/sherlock* *IS BURIED BY THE JOHNLOCK*

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My first kiss was with my a friend who I thought was super cool and pretty. They asked me if I wanted to practice kissing and I was like "but we're both girls?" and she said "well that's why we gotta practice! So when we get boyfriends we won't suck at kissing" and I was like oh hey that's really smart then we literally just laid in her bed and made out for an hour or something it was so embarrassing when my parents picked me up because my lips were red and swollen and I was blushing like crazy

this is my favorite story *screaming at top of building* girls kissing girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1