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Replace Plus Extra Chapter 14: Christmas Miracles

What if the Generation of Miracles were Santa?
Kagami: *snore*

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Peaceful mornings at the Skywalker residence. Sorry I was too lazy to google a more legit prosthetic.  EDIT: This is way too late and probably futile, but for the record, this comic takes place in a domestic Earth AU.

stherix  asked:

I'm very interest in the gifs you're reblogging, what's the name of the show?

Hello, friend, you are just the sort of person I want to hear from right now.
The show is called Timeless, and here is the trailer:

There is also this other cool promo. You don’t have to watch it. I just think it’s really fun with all the effects and transitions:

I watched the trailer and sort of fell in love instantly……… with the villain antagonist character and his potential interactions and relationship with the heroine. (WHICH have not let me down, btw. They have, in fact, lifted me up and added five years to my life span.)

Timeless is airing now on NBC. There have been 11 episodes so far with 5 more left in the season. And the reason that inquiring people like you are a such a beautiful gem is because the show is a little on the fence right now. We’re really hoping for a second season and need as many people as possible on board to boost ratings. It’s a great show with amazing acting, sets, and writing that just gets better as it goes. Please don’t let a possible threat of cancellation deter you. It is my opinion, where Timeless in concerned, that it is truly better to have loved and lost.

The premise is super fun as they go to many different periods in time ranging (so far) from 1754 to an upcoming episode taking place in the 1980s. All of the actors and people involved go on about how much they love it because each episode is almost like its own movie with different events and environments. And it really is. You’ve got the Hindenburg, the Lincoln assassination, the Alamo, Watergate, the American Revolution. Not to mention historical figures like Bonnie and Clyde, Katherine Johnson, Houdini, Benedict Arnold, etc. Every episode it’s new and beautiful sets. It’s gorgeous, period costumes so the time traveling characters fit in. And it’s a little mystery trying to figure out what in the world they are doing there. lol. Plus, if you like three-dimensional villains, the villain antagonist from Timeless is the embodiment of the saying, “Every villain is the hero in his own mind.” He has such understandable motives and is not 100% bad. Always a plus to me.

But also the series is not afraid to address “unpleasant” issues. As shown in the trailer, one of the time traveling characters is black. Another is a woman. And quite often they do not have an easy time because of it. So it’s really great that Timeless not only has a diverse team but also takes the time to present a realistic image of what their experience would be like. And it’s also nice to look back and see how far we’ve come. A+

So! If you are interested, all episodes are on Hulu right now. And NBC’s website. (Some episodes on their site need a cable subscription to watch, BUT the first three episodes are FREE!) 

Anyone willing to give Timeless a try and help ratings will have my express gratitude and love. ♥

EXCLUSIVES + PLOTTING CALL !!  i’ve been wanting to make an exclusive/mains page for a while. that’s for both this and my other blog ( @equanimitiesx

i’ve just never been going at knowing how to go about it. so if you would like to either A) be an exclusive or main. B) would like to plot something out with me - which will possibly lead to you being an exclusive/main OR C) just straight up both of them. please like this.  ( this is for BOTH blogs. so you can pick muses from either. or just say which blog you want me to use for you. )

  • this means i’ll most likely throw random stuff at you at random times if i feel like i have any good ideas.
  •  we can work on our muses relationship/s and character development and such. 
  • this also means i can send you an endless supply of memes. cause i have a knack for doing that anyway and i’m always afraid i’m annoying people so yeah.

@ everyone who is “so done with tøp” because tyler uses the word psycho/psychotic/psychopath occasionally, consider this:

w h a t i f h e i s p s y c h o t i c ?

i see so many people boycotting tøp because of this, and it’s so stupid because it is very likely that tyler is not neurotypical (have you HEARD some of their music like seriously) and does have some form of psychosis, which can be inferred from lyrics and other things he’s said.

as someone with schizophrenia, i feel like being offended by someone talking about issues that seem similar to ones that I have because of my disorder would be denying representation.

i will continue listening to twenty one pilots because tyler joseph using the words psycho/psychotic/psychopath is very likely him reclaiming a slur and it is perfectly fine, and his choice to do so.

meeting bmth
  • *Expectations*
  • me: *loud af* OLIVER
  • me: runs to oliver and the rest of the boys
  • bmth: holds me in their arms
  • me: lives happily ever after with them having 91839320388 children
  • *Reality*
  • me: *quieter than ever* oh. hullo there
  • bmth: hey.
  • me:
  • bmth:
  • me: thats the spirit.

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