oh hey no piers this time

regional differences

“oh hey,” she said, “it’s a really touristy area, but since you’re gonna be passing through anyway, you might as well stop by pier 29, see the dragons. also, there’s a—”

“hold on,” i said. “i knew your city had mountains, but. dragons? uh, actual living dragons?”

“dude, it’s not a big deal. they’re there all the time. of course they’re majestic and everything, but they’re loud and cranky and mostly they lie around eating garbage. now and then the city council will talk about trying to make them roost somewhere else, but—”

“dragons,” i repeated. i knew it was making me sound like a rube, but it was a lot to take in. “you live in a city that has dragons.”

“no, it’s cool, we used to go see them when i was a little kid. it’s worth doing. but that whole area is mostly dragon-themed gift shops, and the commercialization is kind of a bummer. also, sometimes a dragon will melt somebody’s car and it’s a whole problem.”

"fairytale-style, giant scaly fire-breathing dragons.”

“honestly, i forget other cities don’t have them?” she said. "there’s a few other sites on the west coast where they gather. portland calls them wyverns, but that’s a portland thing.”

"chicago’s got, like, bunnies and songbirds,” i told her, “but otherwise it’s just your typical vermin. pigeons, rats, sphinxes—”

“sphinxes? what the hell.

“oh, yeah, they nest in the el tunnels. sometimes a fucking sphinx will flap down out of nowhere, bring the whole train to a halt until the front car answers a riddle.”

“that sounds exciting,” she said.

“it’s the worst. your train winds up being twenty minutes late, and you just have to hang out hoping somebody up there read their mythology. there’s supposed to be a program where the conductors get trained in riddling, but i don’t know. rahm emmanuel keeps saying it’s not a budget priority.”

“huh,” she said. “guess the grass is always greener and all that. but on some level, it’s nice to remember that even with all these big box stores, the country still has some variety left in it.”

“yeah, did you know that in rhode island they call water fountains ‘bubblers’?” i said.

“whoa, seriously?”

“i read it somewhere. crazy, right?”


prompt: “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”

for @marvelfangirl354 - thank you so much for all your support! and I’m so sorry about how ridiculously late this prompt is omfg it’s been weeks if not months D:

Ryan’s stomach churned nervously as he and Gavin walked down towards the beach. Out here away from the city, the night sky was filled with brilliant stars that lit their surroundings with a bluish glow, and the sea air was fresh and salty, sending an exhilarating thrill through him with every breath he took.

Beside him, Gavin stumbled. He’d tripped on a piece of driftwood as they stepped from the rocky stairs onto the sand. Ryan grabbed his arm and steadied him.

“Don’t wear sunglasses at night,” he chided. “You can’t see where you’re going.”

“But Ryan, lovely Ryan, we’re going to make a shady deal and these provide maximum shadiness,” Gavin chirped. He’d grabbed Ryan’s arm and was clinging to it. “Shit, sand’s hard to walk on.”

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When I See Her...

Well this took me longer than I wanted to put out, but this is an idea that came to me one morning while I was trying to sleep! It is my first ever writing that isn’t a paper for college and history! It’s short, but I didn’t want to put the whole idea into the first post! I hope you enjoy. It definitely needs a second part so let me know if you all are interested and I will work on it. :) A HUGE thank you to the beautiful @harry-writings for proof-reading and helping me get through the nervousness of posting this!

I was fresh off the last string of interviews and staying in LA for a bit. Gemma flew in to spend the week with me since we hadn’t seen each other in months. We created a tradition of going to a coffee shop when I finished up a crazy schedule of interviews and television appearances unless we were in London and we would go get our favorite cups of tea. I was meeting Gemma at my favorite shop in Marina del Rey just west of LA since she decided to run off early this morning to do some sight seeing.

I turned the corner to the shop and saw woman, maybe 23-24 and a little girl who looked like she could be three years old or so with her hair in pig tails. The woman looked stressed, a little weathered maybe. She was staring off into the distance while the little girl, who I’m assuming at this point is her daughter was eating a Happy Meal beside her. I couldn’t help but to just watch and wonder what was on this woman’s mind.

“Harry!” I heard Gemma yell from just down the road and it knocked me out of my trance. “Come on, a table just freed up” she said while standing in the doorway of the shop.

I was intrigued, wanting to go up and ask this woman if she was ok. She looked so lost and tired with large, dark bags under her eyes.

“M’comin Gem.” Harry walked into the coffee shop still with that woman and little girl on his mind.

“Harry, have you been to the Santa Monica pier yet?” Gemma asked a distracted looking Harry with a wide grin on her face. Silence. “Harry?”

“Oh, uh yah, I went with the guys the first time we came to LA.”

“What’s wrong with you Harry? You look like you just saw a ghost or something”, Gemma says as you brings her head down to look at Harry’s eyes that are currently staring into his coffee. “M’fine Gem, maybe just a little tired.”

“Hey Guys”, Niall walks into the shop. “Gemma, I didn’t know you were coming to LA!”

“Well of course I came to LA, I couldn’t break a tradition with my little brother” she says as she stands up to hug Niall, and excuse herself to go and use the restroom.

“Harry, are you ok, you seem kinda out of it”, Niall exclaims looking at his friend.

“Yah m’fine, I wish everyone would stop asking me that”, Harry says with a sigh. “Niall, did you see a woman outside with a little girl?” Niall looks confused. “Wha’ ?” Harry turns and proceeds to tell him that there was a woman and a little girl sitting on the bench right outside the door. “Oh, yah they were still there when I came in, do you know them or something?” Harry pursed his lips together and let out a barely audible “no”.

The next thirty minutes or so Niall and Gemma were catching up, both looking occasionally at the way too silent Harry. Gemma knew something was wrong but for whatever reason couldn’t get Harry to say anything.

I’ve seen people. Lot’s of people. I don’t know why I couldn’t get the sight of this woman out of my head. I knew Gemma and Niall would be leaving soon so I pulled out my laptop and pretended to work, letting them know I would catch up later.

Here was my chance. I could now get up to go and talk to her, but my feet wouldn’t move. Just go, I kept saying to myself, what is wrong with you.

Harry finally got up and walked outside. The woman now sitting there with tear stained cheeks and the little girl playing with a doll behind the bench. Harry slowly walked up to her and let out a soft “hello’.

The woman didn’t even look up though she recognized the voice. Who wouldn’t recognize that voice. Holding back a slight sob, and in a raspy voice she said a simple “hi” back. Why on this day would she run into the Harry Styles. This day of all days. She wasn’t wearing any make up, and probably looked a hot mess. Oh my god, Harry Styles is standing in front of. Do I say something else, was he just trying to be nice? Lost in her thoughts she didn’t realize he hadn’t walked away.

“M’Harry”, she looked up with wide eyes being pulled out of her trance. “I know”, she said as she looked into his green eyes. Those green eyes she had seen many times before but only in pictures. “I’m y/n, and this is Grace” pointing to the little girl who was now pretending her doll was flying. Grace looked up and smiled, her blue eyes beaming into the sun. “Hi! I’m Grace!” she said with one of the cutest little giggles.

“Hello Grace!” Harry said with one of those crooked grins, “Do you mind if I sit with you a while”? She shook her head and went back to playing. Y/n was just sitting there staring. What is he doing? Why does he want to sit with us?


It was rather odd. I have never done anything like this, but I needed to hear her story. It was like she was a magnet that was pulling me in and no matter how hard I tried to resist, it didn’t work. She had grey eyes that sparkled almost silver when the light hit them the right way and god they were beautiful. Y/n and I talked for a while. She had hit some hard times, and by hard times, I mean, I can’t imagine what she’s going through. She lost her job, and is on the verge of being evicted. I wanted to know more, no I needed to know more.


“Y/n, would you like to have dinner with me tonight”?

What? Harry wants to have dinner with me? What would I wear, how would I do my hair? Is this really happening? Than a realization crossed y/n’s mind…Grace. I don’t have anyone to watch Grace.

“I’m sorry Harry but I can’t”. She slouched over and just stared at the ground.

“Wha’, why not?” Harry was confused. He started thinking back and realized he had never really been turned down when he asked someone to dinner or well out in general.

“It’s Grace, I don’t have anyone to watch her and”, Harry stopped her and shook his head. “You can bring her y’ know”, he was now tickling Grace as she sat on his lap poking the tattoos on his arms and giggling.

“Well, ok. Grace do you want to have dinner with Harry?”

The little girl stopped poking the tattoos and looked up at Harry and then at y/n.

“Yes! P’ease momma can we” at this point she was basically squealing.

“Well tha’ settles it then. I will pick you two up at eight!”

anonymous asked:

This is kinda random and I have no idea how these work and if you're still taking requests for these but like Hot summer day with the rfa maybe please??? (W/ V and Saeran???)

how bout a hot winter day for us floridians amiright ladies


  • “Yoosung lets do something fun today”
  • “its too hot to go outside”
  • complains about how hot it is every 6 seconds even though he refuses to even leave the house
  • strips down to his underwear and lays on the ground
  • “Yoosung lets-”
  • “uuuuuuggggghhhnnnnngggggg its to hhhooooottttt”
  • tries to fit himself in the refrigerator
  • but besides that mostly immobile
  • doesnt even wanna play games
  • just wants to lay on the ground in his underwear and die
  • MC probably just joins him because there is no moving that boy today
  • calls every single person in the rfa to see if they’ll bring him a popsicle
  • “Yoosung, youre an idiot”
  • “please dont hang up no-”
  • “so, is Zen bringing us popsicles?”
  • “no….” :(


  • spontaneous beach day!!
  • he wakes up and steps outside to go on a morning run and decides instead that its the perfect day to go to the beach!!
  • he walks back in
  • “oh, Zen, that was a short run”
  • he runs over and scoops MC up in a hug
  • “hey, what do you think about going to the beach today?”
  • “i think thats a great idea!”
  • they quickly throw on cute beach clothes, grab some towels, and head out!
  • listen to music during the hour-ish drive
  • slpashy playing in the water :3
  • Zen gets freckles after being in the sun all day!
  • long walks on the beach, partially giving MC a piggy back ride and running around
  • seafood lunch on the pier 
  • frozen lemonades!!
  • stay until night time so they can both lay on the beach under the stars


  • doesnt want to go outside but still wants to Beat The Heat™
  • her and MC make frozen treats together!!!
  • they compile a list of sweets they want to make then run out and get the ingredients!
  • they try to make real fruit popsicles and fail miserably the first time
  • but they second time they come out super cute and delicious!
  • eat copious amounts of watermelon
  • put on music while they play around in the kitchen, its probably the sound track of a musical
  • picture Jaehee and MC listening to hamilton while they munch on watermelon, oh, those cuties
  • Jaehee makes a kick ass banana smoothie
  • they attempt an ice cream cake
  • its a flop but still tastes good!!


  • if you thought for a second that Jumin doesnt have a pool or at least access to a pool, you thought wrong
  • theres probably a bar near the pool that serves drinks
  • poolside Piña coladas with Jumin Han
  •  when MC gets in the pool he joins and he’s like yay so cool and peaceful
  • and then MC splashes him
  • and he really thinks its the most adorable, most sweetest thing that has ever happened
  • he splashes back!!
  • he is so happy to be splashing around in the pool!
  • and all the nearby employees are like ??? IS THIS EVEN JUMIN??


  • but little does MC know, Seven was waiting for them to come home
  • he’s wearing a bandanna tied around his head
  • he SRINGS OUT of his hiding place and sprays MC with water while they hurry to grab some balloons and pelt him
  • its like a two hour war
  • MC calls Yoosung in to help them ambush Seven
  • Seven tries Zen, who surprisingly agrees and comes over with his own water gun
  • are these four adults or four middle schoolers?
  • yes


  • turns his thermostat to like 40 degrees F
  • fans all on full blast
  • the only time he ever walks around in his underwear
  • he has so many errands to run…
  • but its so hot…
  • orders take out because he refuses to turn on the oven/stove to cook
  • usually all of his curtains are open to let in as much sunlight as possible
  • close everything up and keep the sun the heck away from him
  • probably sits on the floor with MC and plays board games to pass the time
  • really embarrassed by his lack of clothing
  • adorable


  • ice CREAM
  • he doesnt like going out because he wants to wear a long sleeve shirt to cover up his tattoo
  • so he makes Seven go to his favorite ice cream shop 6 times in one day
  • “oh, and get some for MC, too! whatever they want!”
  • changes his order each time 
  • grumpy until he gets ice cream
  • sets up like 10 fans around the house and just sits in front of them
  • stands in front of the fridge while its open for an elongated period of time
  • doesnt move unless its to let Seven back in
  • doesnt let Seven back in unless he has ice cream


  • ben winston: hey about this you and i video
  • ben winston: why not let the boys individually walk down a pier
  • ben winston: in slow motion bc dramatic
  • ben winston: oh and it should be like, really pissy weather
  • ben winston: and then let the boys morph into each other as the solos switch because it might look kinda cool
  • ben winston: finally they should all walk down the pier together and do some freaky time shit that makes no sense
  • ben winston: that's it
  • ben winston: that's the video
  • everyone: ...
  • ben winston: gENIOUS *high fives self*