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 Arrow AU - Abby’s First Gala

(An Abigail Moira-Shado Queen ‘Verse fanfiction) PART 1

“Miss Queen! Miss Queen! Any comment for the Daily Star?”


“Well done, honeybug. Daddy’s proud.”

Felicity’s concerned that a charity gala will be too much for four-year-old Abby who has never faced the press before, but her father’s a little more confident. And as always, the Queens turn up in style.

For @yespleasehawkeye and @dust2dust34. Both you write amazing Olicity and Olicity kid fics. You never fail to inspire so many people, every day, with your words and writing. Oh and hey, Happy Olicity Ficversary, Bre! And Happy New Year too!

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i really resonated with the awkwardness of the dan and phil nerdy nummies video