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Trashy child, trashy mom, trashy yard!

Okay so buckle up as I unwind a marvelous tale of revenge, lust, betrayal and MURDER! Okay, maybe just some petty revenge. On mobile.

Now look here. I live in a nice residential neighborhood. We are the only college students in a sea of families. Because of this I make a point to be respectful to these families. No raging parties, just the occasional bonfire. Not midnight screaming match with the boyf. No loud sex noises. All in all, best college neighbors ever.

However, there is the one woman who is always just a jerk. About once a calender season, her and her boyfriend have screaming matches in the street between 2-4am. And I don’t mean they fight for 2 hours straight and I could walk out and yell at them. I am the kind of person who would do that. Instead they fight, usually about her cheating??? Then walk a few blocks down, I fall asleep then they come back just as I drift off. But you know what, I don’t know her life. I let it slide.

But this dickfuzz of a woman also has a child. She yells at him a lot but never at night. Again not my problem. Until yesterday. Little heathen is prancing around my yard picking dandelions. Cool little man, do you. But no, I forgot this SOB is a the hell spawn that even Satan didn’t want to own up to making. Out of nowhere kicks the full trash can awaiting pick up into my yard.

This is not a bump oh noooo situation. Little beast flat round house kicked it sent everything flying. I was in clear view on the porch at this point enjoying an after dinner coffee and I rightfully contain any swearing. Instead I say, “what are you doing? Pick that up!”

Not even a sorry as the kid dashes away to his house. I get up to cross the street to knock on his door and Noone answers. I know his mother is home, her car is there and TV was on. But hey, maybe not. I’m not breaking down the door to find out. I pick up my trash and toss it back into the can and continue on with my night.

Little did I know, the boyf threw out the cat food my cat didn’t like. I was unaware it still had food in it, which then scattered into my yard. Cue me waking up the next morning getting ready to rush to class when BAM trash EVERYWHERE!!! Just as the garbage men drive by with a apologetic look.

As I look sadly at the scattered dreams,  a neighbor sitting on her porch calls out. Said she thought she had heard raccoons last night then a bang. This is very likely since there was a trail of cat food leading up to a treasure trove of raccoon snacks. Well, time to skip class to clean up since I’m being watched.

Now my boy and I cook a lot. We always throw out our left overs from the week on garbage night. Last night when I cleaned it up it was still a bit cold. But now, it has been baking in the unseasonably warm can and has festered. Nasty gross uck. Plus it has to go back behind my house until next week. Suddenly the kids mother appears and starts outright whining about how college kids are so inconsiderate, never take care of their yards, litter, ect.

Okay. Losing patience, but maybe she didn’t know. I calmly explain what happened yesterday and how it most likely factored into the events of the morning. (Never had raccoon problems ever) I didn’t even solely blame her kid, even though it only happened because of Deathwing  Jr.

She just goes on a tiraide about how it couldn’t be her flame imp of a child. How my yard always looked like this and I was just trying to blame it on her kid. (Like really? I’ve always had bacon fat crusted boxes hanging out in my yard?) And how she’s glad someone finally made me pick it up but if I don’t stop involving her child she would report me to the HOA. (Uh, we don’t have one? ) She proceeded to complain as crossed the street while unfortunately not being hit by a car.

Alright. Long fuse, big bomb. I silently pick up the rest of the crap and ignore the neighbors comments about what a horrid woman she was. Instead I begin plotting.

You see the trench swan has a baby. And I see her take out the trash at least once a night, with what I am assume are stink bombs of diapers. As soon as night falls I enact my plan. I grab a handful of cat TREATS! Racoon go bonkers for them. And make a small invisible trail to her trash can in the alley. I even prop open the lid with a stick. I’m barely out of sight when I see the first set of reflective eyes.

This morning I was woken up much happier at 7am to her screaming about all raccoons needing to be shot. (Hey now, they’re just trying to eat.) Take a peak and they had not only thrown the dirty diapers and other trash all over the alley but also dragged it all over the right side of her front yard. Took her 2 hours to clean up after the hour of complaining while standing in dirty diaper scent range hoping a neighbor would help her. Eventually made the kid come out to help, (why is he not in school, like it’s a freaking Thursday) now he knew, but there isnt a damn thing he can do about it. Just gave me the evil eye while i sat on the porch. That was a good cup of coffee.

I will continue to do this every few nights until the next trash day. So maybe a solid more times. Plus, raccoons get a nice snack. I just hope I remember to bring snacks next time.

TLDR; Brat knocked over my trash can, I cleaned up but raccoons knocked it over again due to his roundhouse kick. Mom then complained about the trash in my yard as I was cleaning it up. Baited their diaper filled trash for prime racoon attack. It worked. Diapers everywhere. Got to watch them clean up.

Note: if they put out traps I will cancel the plan and disable the traps. No need for our furry scavengers to get hurt.

UPDATE TIME: Tried to do it again last night. Wanted to scope out the area. Diner squall is sitting on the porch in the dark muttering in the dark to her boyfriend? I haven’t seen them throw out any trash yet. No sign of raccoons either. Will update when I see them throw out something and reenact the plan.

LAST UPDATE: So I’m too busy to maintain this thread or my revenge. My petty fire has died. Saw her throw out a diaper genie bag last night. (Ew) called on the coons one last time. Was messy as hell when I went to bed at 1 last night. Cleaned up the morning. For good measure when I saw her come home today after my classes she looked dead tired. I am amused. Goodbye!

Work It Out

In which Eric Bittle officially comes out to his Mama. 

Read on Ao3

It was only hours into Christmas vacation and the Bittle Family’s quaint, sunshine yellow kitchen was already overflowing with every kind of pie-like confection imaginable. Apple. Cherry. Rhubarb. You name it, and it was probably perched on one of the many crowded windowsills.

This increased state of pie productivity was due in part to the fact that the elder Bittle had missed her son/best friend/partner in sugary crime something fierce while he was away at college, but it was mostly just because Eric himself was more nervous than he’d ever been in his whole life.

Today was the day. Today was the day he would tell her about Jack.

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Day 4 - Goodbyes Vs Lips/Kiss

“Guys,” Beast Boy said, addressing the entire team as they sat in the common room. “I gotta go back home for a bit. Mento says they need me.”

The others glanced about among themselves.

“How long is a bit?"Robin asked. Beast Boy shrugged.

"Honestly, I don’t know. Mento said it could be a week, could be a month, could be more. I’m already packed and set to go tomorrow,” he said.

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Harry had been home for about a week and in those few days we made sure to spend each day together. We’d been a couple for almost half a year and so far everything’s been great. A few petty fights here and there but we never let each other sleep without making up.

Harry. Oh how sweet that boy is. He’d call every night to ask me how my day was whenever he was on tour, he’d send me chocolates or flowers whenever I’m feeling sad and all sorts of things I didn’t ask of him. I tried telling him to stop but he just waves me off and tells me he likes to spoil me. ’It’s the least I could do when I’m far away from you.’ He’d say. He is always there to support me and lately he’s been extra clingy because of his nearing flight back to L.A.

I was sprawled on my side of the bed as I waited for him to return from the bathroom. Out of nowhere, I felt an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach and it’s not because of his departure tomorrow but of something else. Recently, a thought occurred to me while I was scrolling through twitter. I was recounting all of Harry and I’s escapades in the course of our relationship when this certain thought came into mind. I knew Harry noticed my odd behavior but he didn’t ask about it. He knew better than to pry. Ever since that certain thought appeared on my mind, I couldn’t shake it off. It made me restless and moody that sometimes I didn’t felt up to par to join Harry whenever he suggests going out. We always remained inside the house either watching a movie or doing our own things. And in those days, I missed him. He tried cheering me up. Sometimes it worked, other times not so much. But nonetheless, he made the effort and I appreciated it. Somehow, I grew a little bit distant from him.

Harry emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist as he shook his hair out of his face. His curls had gotten long that it touched his shoulders and he still managed to look good. Hot even. Only Harry. I thought to myself. I couldn’t help but stare at his glistening body as he pulled on a pair of boxers and hung his towel on the back the chair before walking towards the bed. “Hey,” he smiled at me, crawling on the bed and shuffling towards me until he was close enough to pull me into his arms. He plants his face on the crook of my neck and places a kiss there as I run my fingers through his damp hair. “How was your day?”

“Good. How about yours?”

“Same as usual.” He yawned and rubbed his eyes before continuing to tell me what his day consisted of. I liked listening to him ramble endlessly about work because you could hear the passion leaking in every word he said, his eyes light up and over all, his face just glows. He truly loved his work along with the boys who share the same passion as him.

Not long after, Harry fell asleep mid-story due to the evident exhaustion in his eyes. I smiled at his peaceful features before detaching myself from him, feeling a bit hot. As I rolled on to my side, that unsettling feeling appeared again. I sighed. I am starting to hate this feeling because my anxiety levels are rising and it’s not helping me fall asleep. I tossed and turned trying to find a good spot for me to sleep in but I couldn’t find one. Frustrated, I reached for my phone and decided to do a bit of reading but was greeted with a ton of notifications on twitter. Basically, it’s just fans tagging me pictures of Harry and I or just Harry. I clicked on one video that showed a brief timeline of our relationship. It seems so long ago when I first met Harry and right now everything feels natural. In some way, that thought didn’t sit well with me and caused me to overthink things. Again. (Unfortunately, I was a pro at overthinking.)

I felt restless. I faced Harry and started drinking in his features. All those slopes and dents, those eyebrows pulled low on his forehead revealing a little crease in between. How did I get so lucky? I sighed. I hadn’t realized how much of a ruckus I was making until Harry shifted and stretched his arms out, reaching for me. “Baby,” he wiggled his fingers. “C'mere.”

I scooted closer to him and he immediately enveloped me into his warm embrace. Even though his arms were comfortable, it didn’t solve the battle happening inside of me. I couldn’t enjoy nor relax and it’s driving me crazy.

Sensing my discomfort, he asked “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. Go back to sleep.”

A frown etched upon his face when I looked up at him. “What’s bothering you?”

“It’s really nothing, Haz.” I tried to convince him. “You have an early flight tomorrow, you need to get some rest.”

His brows were pulled even lower on his forehead as he studied my face. “It’s because I’m leaving, isn’t it? I told you-”

“No!” I interrupted, causing him to widen his eyes in confusion. “It’s fine. Really. It’s not like I won’t be seeing you in a few days. You have to go to work and I just have to finish up here before flying to you.” I said more calmly.

“I know. But it feels like you’re hiding something from me.”

“It really is nothing, H.” I smiled. Hoping that he’d finally give up and drop the subject. “Don’t worry about it.”

“If you say so…” he sighed. “Turn around.” I did as told and he pulled my body close to him, spooning me. His familiar arms sent a wave of warmth through my body that somehow eased my mind. I missed his snuggles in bed whenever he’s away. I tend to grab a shirt he had worn and spread it on the empty space beside me. Of course, it doesn’t compare to the real thing.

“I wish we could stay like this forever.” I couldn’t help but sigh.

“What, cuddling? You know you could just ask for some and I’d be happy to give you a lot.”

“Yes and no,” I giggled. I am very much aware of his love for cuddles. But our light mood suddenly died down when my mouth started talking on its own. “I meant this phase that we’re in.”

“I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about.” He gave a nervous laugh and tightened his hold on my body, placing a lingering kiss on my bare shoulder. It only made me feel worse.

“This ‘new-in-the-relationship-phase’ where everything is sweet and perfect. Where we’d go the extra miles for each other just to make one of us happy.” A lot of things were swirling through my head, I’m not even sure if I’m making sense.

“Is that what you think this is? That all of this is just in the beginning and that somewhere down the road I wouldn’t go the 'extra mile’ to make you happy?” His voice was full of confusion and hurt. Suddenly, he retracted his arm making me turn on my side and face him. “I don’t know where all of this is coming from but you are wrong.” He pursed his lips and exhaled through his nose as he tried to reign in his anger.

“It’s not like that,” I started. “But I can’t help but think something is bound to go wrong. There’s always a glitch in the system, Harry. But I know I’d always go that extra mile for you.”

“And you think I won’t?”

I didn’t know what to say. All of these thoughts are messing with my head and it’s clouding my judgement. All of my pent up emotions that I’ve been feeling ever since Harry’s arrival came crashing down on me. The frustration, anger, sadness and doubt fought its way to my system demanding to be felt. On top of that, I made Harry angry and he’s leaving soon adding to the stress I’m feeling right now. I burst into tears.

Harry’s eyes widen at the sight in front of him. He immediately pulled me up into a sitting position and started rubbing my arms and back, trying to calm me. “I’m s-sorry!” I blurted out. “I shouldn’t have doubted you. It’s just that I’m afraid that far into this relationship you’d get too comfortable. A-and when that happens it’ll be just like a routine and it’ll feel like it’s out of obligation t-to do things for each other. It always turns out like that, Harry. It’s always like that.” I was a blubbering mess. My arm flailed around while my hands kept making wild gestures that I’m sure did not made any sense.

“Hey, hey” he smooths my hair and wipes my tear streaked face. “Calm down, love. Don’t cry.” His expression was pained at seeing me in this state and he didn’t know what to do. “What are you talking about?”

I tried to calm down my breathing before I voice out my thoughts to him. “6 months, 7, 8, a year into the relationship, you both get too comfortable around each other that the other just doesn’t feel the need to win you over anymore. Because they got what they wanted. They got me so they don’t feel the need to impress me, show me they’re worth my attention because they have met their goal. I don’t know if I’m making sense but in the long run everything just starts to die down instead of growing into something more.”

A flash of pain flickered behind his eyes. Suddenly, his jaws clenched and his features hardened. His angry glare made a shiver run down my spine. “You are being afraid of nothing. I won’t turn into those douche bags you’re talking about. I will always love you. And I will do everything just to make you happy because seeing you happy makes me happy. If you’re afraid that I won’t make an effort-”

“No, you don’t understand, Har-”

“Then explain it to me!” He yelled. My eyes widen at him. I had never seen him this frustrated before. The veins on his forehead and neck started popping out at how much he’s trying to control his temper. “Because I haven’t got a clue on what you are talking about!”

“It’s not something you could easily promise, Harry! You don’t know what will happen! You won’t know when you’ll eventually be tired of me and-”

And it dawned on him. His features visibly changed, immediately understanding everything. “Tired of you? Is this what all of this is about? Me getting tired of you?”

“I’m a nobody, Harry.” I averted my gaze to the floor to avoid his intense stare. I was surprised at how long I was holding his gaze throughout this argument we’re having.

“You’re reading those damn articles again, aren’t you?” He accused, voice full of disappointment. “How many times do I have to tell yo-”

“I know, I know.” I exhaled. The anger was gone from me now. All I felt was hopelessness. “But I can’t help it. I’m a girl. I will always have insecurities.”

He ran his fingers through his hair and grunted lowly. “But that doesn’t give you the right to doubt my love for you.” He mumbled. I didn’t say anything in return because I know he is right. I hate this. I shouldn’t have let my insecurities eat me up. But can you really blame me? He’s a freaking popstar for god’s sake! He could have any girl in the world and why he chose a common girl was beyond me. “Is that why you’ve been avoiding me for days?”

“I’m not really avoiding you. Just minimizing our contact so you won’t get tired of seeing my face.”

“That’s enough!” He yelled and grabbed my face into his hands making me look at him. “Listen to me okay? You are an amazing girl. Saying you’re beautiful won’t do you justice because you are more than that. You exceed the limitations of being beautiful inside and out. You are funny, talented, generous, kind and most of all, you are the best. You give so much love to people who do not deserve it. You are selfless. And that’s not even half the reasons why I love you. I could go on and on but that would take us forever. I won’t get tired of you, of us. I will always love sleeping next to you, waking up next to you, going on in a day with and coming home to you. You are one of a kind and I’d be damned if I let someone like you go.”

His words stirred my heart and made me feel more horrible for doubting him. My tears started flowing down my face again as I let what he told me sink in. “I’m sorry…” I whispered.

“Stop thinking like that, okay? Give yourself some credit. Your parents love you, the lads adore you, your friends care for you. And most of all, I love you with all my heart.” He smiled, finally being able to fix me again. He slid his hands around my waist and brought me closer to him, engulfing me in a heart felt hug.

I circled my arms around his shoulders and buried my face into his neck. “I don’t know what to say, Harry. That’s the sweetest thing someone has said to me. Thank you.”

He pulled away to look at me. He brought his hand to my face and ran his thumb over my cheek. “You deserve it, baby. And I’m not saying all those things to make you feel better. I want you to realize all of that.”

I nodded. “I’m sorry for doubting you. I should never have. I should have known you’d always be there for me.”

“I will.” He promised. “And please stop reading those tabloids, yeah? You don’t need them.” I nodded again and smiled. Happy that once again, he reassured me that everything will be fine as long as we have each other. “There’s my girl.”

I gazed into his eyes and saw how it lit up when I said, “I love you.”

A wide grin spread across his beautiful face, making his dimple pop out. “I love you more, baby.”

We stared at each other until I closed my eyes when I felt him lean in. Our lips brush, nose bumping and finally, he kissed me. Pouring every emotion into the kiss, filling all the words that were never said but most importantly, expressing our love that only he and I could feel.

It was overwhelming, the kiss and all the words Harry told me. He knew what to say and how to make me feel better again. I know that we could both do this. This would work out if we have each other. And I know that this part of our relationship isn’t just a phase but an obstacle we were to overcome. I’m happy to say that I think, we just did.

Fancy Meeting You Here

Part 2

Imagine y/n was a part of Rick’s group, but  she’s been kicked out by Rick, cause Daryl & her were always fighting (mostly cause Daryl had a lil crush)

After being alone for few weeks, the reader stumbles upon Negan’s men. They bring her back. Negan tried several time to get her as his wife but she always refuses.
When the line up comes y/n is here, hidden. She grabs Negan’s arm when he’s about to kill Glenn & just say Yes, so he knows she’ll become his new wife and doesn’t kill Glenn. All Rick’s group is surprised to see her” - Thank you for the prompt! @perseusandmedusa C:

Ships: Negan x Reader

Words: 2,007

Warnings: Curse words, mentions of smut, violence.

“Well you know what, Daryl?! Fuck you! Go to hell!”

You were having another one of your frequent arguments with Daryl. He was insisting that you shouldn’t go out on a run when you were perfectly able to go and help the group. You didn’t know if it was because he though you incapable or because he just didn’t like you getting some of the limelight for a change, but he would argue with you every. Damn. Time.

You had stood up and went outside for some air, making sure to slam the door loudly so that it woke up everyone in a kilometres radius of you. You put your hands on your head and took in large lungful’s of cold air. You stood there for about ten minutes, calming yourself down until you felt someone poke you from behind.

“Hey! Watch it- Oh. Sorry, Carl. It’s been a rough night, you know?” You said apologetically to the boy before you. He didn’t reply and he was determinately not looking at you in the eye. “Carl?”

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Family Gatherings

Imagine: Your parents are muggles and you bring Newt home for the first time to meet them.

Originally posted by elvenbarnes

Author’s Note: Newt is one nervous cinnamon roll in this!! Also thank you so much for 40 followers ?? And almost 100 notes on my first AU ??? You guys rule :~) Also send me some feedback on what you liked/disliked!! Enjoy muffins x *gif isnt mine*

Word Count: 2143

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anonymous asked:

Reader and Erwin where she's a cadet in the 104 but she's a couple years older than Erwin and all of them. The had a relationship during the time they met and they get married she pregnant and he gives her and the child a bunch of diaries or journals that tell his life and but during the battle with the beast he dies so the child grows up without a father but wants to be exactly like him

The story ur writing a role to take with the reader x Erwin I made a typo she’s not older than Erwin but she’s older than the cadets she’s 20

“A Role to Take” PART 1

Pairing: Erwin X Reader

Genre: Angst

Warning: Violence; mentions of death; long read

Words: 2270

Part 2

[A/N: So, this was a tough one to write. I didn’t want it to feel rushed so I decided to cut it into two to three parts. Will update the next parts probably this weekend :D - mod max]

[EDIT: Made Reader younger :D]

Originally posted by aurieackerman

           Another wedding, hmm? I sighed as I walked home. Everyone my age is getting married – people I used to play with when we were little. It’s not like we’re beyond marrying age – we’re just in our twenties. In fact, I just turned twenty. Still young, but not quite. The tragedy of two years ago made everyone realize how we could just die anytime. Most decided it was now or never, and eloped with their sweethearts.

           What about me? It isn’t like love never presented itself. It’s just that I have a different priority. That is looking after my ill mother. People ask me if I’m happy like this, and I always answered yes. I do get lonely, sometimes. But I love how rewarding it is to feel useful, and to be able to help my mother.  

           Still, being my mother’s caretaker came to an end. And even though I’ve been expecting this to happen eventually, I was devastated. I have no one. And honestly, my life lost its direction. I don’t know what to do.

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If You Want Me

Anon: Could you do like punk!kookie and nerdy!jimin where jungkook has piercings and tattoos and he likes a piercing that jimin has. Mostly fluffy. Little to no smut? (That’s for another request ;) ) Tysm author-nim!

This was so fun to write anon baby~


“Omg omg look. It’s him”

Jimin reached over and tightly gripped the arm of his best friend, Taehyung. They were on the roof of the school, feasting on homemade sandwiches and drinking from the six juice packets they had split between the both of them. Normally they would be in one of the classrooms, stealing kimchi and rice from Hoseok. But, Jimin as always wanted to do something different, and now they sat on the roof like a pair of outcasts. 

Just as Taehyung’s eyes averted to the entrance to the roof, a kid with dark red hair and heavy eyeliner walked out, earphones in. As the boy reached up to adjust them, the sleeve of his black hoodie slid down and revealed what looked to be the start of a tattoo on his arm. Taehyung had never seen him before, but he could only guess who he was. 

“Is that,” he smirked, turning back to Jimin who was blushing madly. “Jeon Jungkook?

At the utterance of the name, Jimin turned a shade of pink that went very well with his orange hair. For weeks now, Jimin had been talking about the new kid at school who was kind of dark but “so fucking cute.” Quite honestly, the kid had earned a name for himself around the school, already getting into two fights and always in detention. But, because Taehyung and Jimin were a grade or two above him, their paths never crossed. However, Jimin had managed to see him several times since he arrived, and the boy had developed little crush on him. And, based on his reputation, Taehyung had been wanting to see the kid for awhile now.

Fuck he’s so hot.” Jimin nearly moaned.

Okay maybe “a little crush” was an understatement. 

“Why don’t I just call him over here?” Taehyung’s lips lifted into a mischievous version of his box smile and Jimin shook his head violently, nearly knocking off his glasses. 

“No! Don’t do that.”

Jimin pouted, widening his eyes behind the glasses and Taehyung huffed. “Fine, but you’ll never be able to fuck him if you don’t talk to him.” Before Jimin could come up with a good response, there was the sound of boots moving against the cement of the roof and then the orange-haired male’s eyes had widened to the size of planets. When Taehyung turned, he was met with the image of leather hugging small calves and when he lifted his eyes up, there were two dark orbs staring back down at him. 

“Are you guys the only ones up here normally?” The voice was low and husky, and lacked a bit of emotion. His headphones were now out of his ear and the loud sounds of electric guitars and drums blared through the small buds. 

“Yeah. At least in the last couple weeks no one has been up here. Why, want some lunch buddies?” Taehyung was as brave and friendly as ever. Jimin wished he could be that confident. Instead he pushed up his glasses and tilted his head down to stare at the scattered remains of their lunch. 

“Nah. Just wanted to make sure I’d have some peace.” The younger boy reached up and ran his fingers through his hair, red strands lifting and revealing the spikes of an eyebrow piercing. From behind him, Taehyung could hear Jimin’s breath hitch. There were a lot of other piercings but all on the ear, three on the left and two on the right. The spikes of his eyebrow piercing reminded Taehyung of the industrial piercing that he had forced Jimin to get a few months prior. 

“Well, we can be a little rowdy some times.” Taehyung insisted. 

“Sure you can.” Jungkook mocked, mouth lifted in the semblance of a smile, and Taehyung could now see how attractive he really was. “I guess I’ll go sit over there now,” he used his thumb to point at the other side of the roof that was a bit more shaded. There were tall gates around the perimeter of the roof so someone couldn’t accidentally fall off.  "Oh hey, carrot top, I like the industrial.“

By the time Jimin’s head snapped up, Jungkook was already turned around and slowly walking towards the other side of the roof. Flustered, Jimin reached down and grabbed one of the juice pouch that hadn’t been touched. “Hey, Jungkook. Here.” The boy turned around just in time to catch the flying pouch. This time, there was a complete smile, and then he was turned back around, pouch stuffed into his hoodie pocket.

When he was far enough away, Taehyung turned around and nudged Jimin hard enough to knock his glasses onto the ground. “You guys totally had a moment there.”

“Easy for you to say. You two were basically eye fucking each other.“ 

"The guy’s attractive what can I say. That eyebrow piercing is pretty sexy too.”

Jimin groaned, pout once again lifting on his lips. “Oh hyung, you know I’m only kidding with you. Besides Yoongi would rip me a new one if he knew I said that about some other guy.” He waved his hands absentmindedly. But I don’t care what you say ‘cos you guys totally had a moment. Told you that piercing was a good thing.“

"It was painful.”

“A little pain always comes with a little pleasure,” he said while wiggling his eyebrows. 

Jimin rolled his eyes, looking past the younger male to eye the kid. He had his earphones on again, and he was idly sucking on the straw of the juice pouch, the other hand holding an unlit cigarette. Just as the boy put down the juice pouch and pulled out a lighter, the school bell rung from inside. 

“Shit I still have to get to my locker before Ms. A’s class and she’s all the way on the first floor.” Taehyung groaned and stuffed all of the remains of their lunch in a bag, grabbed Jimin’s wrist, and tugged him roughly towards the roof entrance. He didn’t even have to look back to know that Jungkook was watching them go with that uninterested stare that Taehyung had stared up at for longer than a few seconds. “Fuck we’re going to be late.”

After Ms. A’s class, both boys separated to different classes, Jimin being in more advanced courses than Taehyung due to the younger boy’s lack of focus and tendency to pull pranks that went so far they almost always ended up with him in detention. This year, Taehyung had been good, but much at the expense of not having many classes with his best friend. 

Having a free period before his last class, Jimin aimlessly walked through the hallways, hands tucked in the pockets of his uniform trousers. He just needed to grab a couple books from his locker and put back his ballet shoes. It didn’t require much thought so, when he opened the locker door,he hadn’t really noticed or paid attention to the shoes scuffling against the floor in his direction. 

At least until his head was grabbed and banged directly against the cold metal.

“Hey ginger. Where’s ya glasses?” When Jimin’s head was yanked back by the orange strands, and through his eyes which were squinted from pain, he could see the group of other boys who had surrounded him. They were the same five that always managed to find him and rough him up so bad he often went home with countless bruises. Speaking of which, he still had a few on his back and abdomen from a few days prior. 

And he hadn’t even noticed he was missing his glasses until they mentioned it. 

“Come on guys. I’m still all fucked up from last time.” He knew it wouldn’t help saying so, but what else could he say. Maybe one of them would show his body a little mercy.

“What?” One of the boys chuckles, using Jimin’s hair to turn him around so his back was against one of the other lockers. “Can’t take a hit anymore, pussy?”


“You know, you’re kinda pretty for a guy.” Another boy, who had dark hair and a hand full of metal rings, leaned against his shoulder. “I bet you would look real nice bent over for me. You would like that, wouldn’t you ginger?”

Jimin stuttered, still trying to plead for a little mercy. But he was trapped between them and the locker. Nowhere for him to run to and no Taehyung to defend him. Of course the younger boy always saved his ass, but it was his boyfriend, a senior with mint green hair and a bad attitude, that normally scared the bullies half to death. But neither was with him now, and he just braced himself for the ass whooping his knew he was going to get soon. 

A knee lifted and hit him directly in the stomach, and as he keeled over he was pushed sideways. Weak from the impact, he stumbled and fell directly on the floor. The wind was knocked out of him and as he struggled for air, there was an army of fists raining down on him and he curled into a ball. They must’ve been particularly excited today. Normally, only one of them went at a time. At the most two. But now he was facing the fury of all five of them and he wasn’t sure how long his body would be able to take the pain.

For the last few years he’d been frequently visiting the gym, and he’d built a nice amount of muscle, but not enough confidence. He had the strength to defend himself, but he lacked the balls. 

He really was a pussy.

The tile floor of the hallway began to blur as splotches of black appeared in his visions. He might’ve screamed at some point. Maybe he yelled for help. They were far away from any of the classes that were being taught and all the other teachers were likely in the conference room or already gone for the day. No one was there to save him. All he could do was keep his arms firmly in front of his face to protect from any indicative marks on his cheeks that might alarm Taehyung, Yoongi, or worse, his parents. 

As he closed his eyes, it seemed like all the punches had stopped. He couldn’t feel them anymore and guessed that he was finally numbing and passing out. At least until he heard shoes scuffling against the tile. They were still there, just taking a break maybe. Maybe they had worn themselves out and were now taking a breather before they continued their beating. There was still half an hour left in that period. Hoping that maybe he’d be able to sit up, he opened his eyes, but not before seeing another pair of boots settle in front of his face. The beating was about to start again.

Except the punches never came. 

When Jimin opened his eyes again, there were dark brown eyes, surrounded in eyeliner, looking back down at him. There was a smile on his lips, one that made him look angelically beautiful. Despite the fact that the bruises and blood on his fingers, coupled with the piercings and highly detailed tattoo made him look a bit like a devil. Jeon Jungkook sat there, squatted down and staring directly at him with the brightest smile he had ever seen. 

“W-wha…?” Jimin lifted his head slowly, still a bit disoriented from the intense amount of pain he had just been experiencing. As his eyes came into focus, he saw the other boys laid around on the floor, groaning and holding various parts of themselves as if they were all in pain. It only took Jimin a few moments to put everything together. “Did…did you do this Jungkook?”

The boy raised an eyebrow, that same one with the beautiful spiked eyebrow piercing. “Sure did.” He tilted his head childishly, smile resembling that of a bunny. “Why don’t think I could take all of them?”

“No no it’s not that.” After he fully righted himself, he shook his head, still trying to push out the dizziness and confusion. “Just,” he waved his hand in the air, struggling to find the right thing to say. Jungkook tilted his head the other way, obviously interested in what Jimin had to say. “Why?” he finally managed to ask. 

Jungkook lifted from his position, stretching his shoulders that were still covered by the black hoodie. He was probably the only kid in school who kept their hoodie on over their uniform, and Jimin was sure this didn’t go without a little backlash. But the boy had been in the school for a few months now, and the hoodie was still there, meaning whatever reprocusions he’d received didn’t bother him. 

“Why?” The boy reached out his hand and Jimin grabbed it. “Well, you gave me that juice pouch earlier. I owed you one.” He pulled Jimin to his feet and, once the orange-haired boy was up, he stretched again and folded his hands behind his head. “Besides, anyone with an industrial like that is cool in my book.” Jimin was once again reminded of the barbell that was in the top of his ear with two spikes on each end. He had to remember thank Taehyung for making him go through with it. “Come on, carrot top, let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” There was still twenty minutes left in the period. And then another period before the end of the day. Where could they be going? Jungkook shrugged. “And it’s Jimin, Park Jimin.”

“Jimin huh?” The younger boy chuckled and turned, now backwards so they could look at each other. Jimin tilted his head curiously, asking what he was giggling about. “It’s funny.” Jungkook began to laugh a bit, and the sound made Jimin’s heart flutter. “Here I never asked what your name was and you knew mine before I even told you. Tell me, hyung, were you stalking me or something? Or am I just that notorious?” At first Jimin darted his eyes to the floor, blushing madly but unsure what the say. But, another round of chuckles escaped the boy’s mouth, showing that he was obviously joking. Well, Park Jimin hyung, school’s a drag,“ he began to make his way down the hallway, towards the front entrance. Jimin followed behind reluctantly. "I want to go do more interesting things. Do something fun.”

“Like what?”

They’d reached the front door and Jungkook turned to look at him, familiar smirk on his face. But this time, his eyes seemed to be lit with excitement, not disinterest like before. “Come on and find out carrot top.” When Jimin pouted in response, Jungkook rolled his eyes, not annoyed but instead finding Jimin’s pout very cute. “By the way,” he reached in his hoodie pocket and then extended his hand in Jimin’s direction. “You need these?”

Jimin looked down at the boy’s large outstretched hand. In it were his glasses, in perfect condition and gleaming as if they’d been cleaned. Jimin looked back up after taking them and stuffing them in his pocket. “Hey did you clea-”

Jungkook reached out and grabbed the boy’s wrist, tugging him out the front door and jogging across the front courtyard to the school’s entrance. When they got there, there was a black car already waiting and loud hip hop music echoed behind the windows. The front tinted window lowered to reveal an older male with a mix of light pink and blonde hair. He smiled first at Jungkook and then his eyes landed on Jimin.

“Jungkook-ah, who’s this?" 

"This is Jimin hyung. New friend. Mind if he comes over Namjoon hyung?" 

The other male looked between them momentarily before shrugging, turning for a second only to change the song to one with a harder bass. "You know I don’t care. Seokjin was cooking when I left, he’d love to have a guest, especially if that guest is a friend. And you know he really wants you to have friends.”

“Hyung,” Jungkook whined, seemingly embarrassed. 

“Alright, alright hop in.” Jungkook opened the door and stood, waiting for Jimin to slide in. “Nice to meet you, Park Jimin.” The guy named Namjoon looked at him through the rearview mirror. Jungkook slid in a shut the door and the car was then moving across the street, extremely fast. Namjoon turned up the music and the sounds of hardcore rapping thumped like a heartbeat around them, so loud Jimin could barely hear himself think. 

“Nice to meet you too hyung!” he yelled over the music. 

The car ride had been quick, mostly due to Namjoon’s habit of speeding through lights and running stop signs when no one was around. They ended up in another district, one Jimin had never been in. There were small houses and apartment buildings everywhere and they stopped in front of a dark house that looked to have two floors. When they got inside, Jimin could see it was very spacious. There was a kitchen, living room, and dining on the first floor and he was sure the bedrooms were upstairs. In the kitchen, there was door that let down into a basement. The furniture was a mix between rundown and modern, and gave the place a mixed bag of aesthetics. Still, Jimin thought he quite locked the modern art on the rustic old coffee table and the modern bookcase scattered with old and worn books. 

In the kitchen there had been a male who had excitedly hugged him, kissing his cheeks and thanking him for befriending their “baby Kookie”. Jungkook had groaned and whined until the particularly broad-shouldered male released him and said they were free to go hang out in Jungkook’s room, which he had been told was in the basement. 

Sure, he knew Jungkook was a little punk, but his room was a bit unexpected. The walls were wood, but most of the planks were covered in sheet music, posters of idols, and tons of cartoony drawings. Against one wall was a queen-sized bed and on the other wall there was a tv, stereo, and speakers. Then, in the farthest corner their was a desk with a computer. Everything was rather modern, black or red in color, and meticulously placed. And for a punk, he was rather neat. 

“You’re pretty cool, Jiminie hyung.” They’d been on his bed, talking, for the last hour, and Jungkook had begun to favor calling him Jiminie as opposed to carrot top, much to Jimin’s pleasure. The younger admitted that he had intended to go out and tag some wall, while pointing to the bag full of spray paints under his desk, but talking to Jimin had gotten a lot of his attention. 

“You’re pretty cool too Kookie” Jimin smiled, eyes curling into crescents, and he heard Jungkook’s breath hitch. He opened his eyes, wondering if he had said something to make the younger boy uncomfortable. For the last hour he had been particularly gentle and nice, much in contrast with the way he looked around school. Maybe he was trying to make a good impression so Jimin didn’t run for the hills screaming. However, there was no way Jimin was going to go anywhere. 

“Do that again.” Jungkook poked the glass of Jimin’s glasses, which the older male had put on when he had tried to read one of his text messages and failed at doing so because of his poor sight. 

“Do what?”

“Smile again." 

Jimin, finding this very comical, lifted his lips into an even wider smile than before, eyes curling once again into crescents. Right as he began to open his eyes again, he felt soft lips pressed firmly against his. Then there were hands on his waist. At first he stiffened, unsure of what to do, but then he was letting the other boy guide him into his lap while wrapping his arms around the boy’s neck. When they finally pulled away, Jimin was breathing heavily, eyes barely open. 


“I heard you talking about me on the roof.” Jungkook breathed, not in a mocking tone but more as a statement. 

“Oh,” Jimin blushed, looking down at his waist that was now wrapped around Jungkook’s hips. “Didn’t you have earphones in?”

“Just because I have earphones in does not mean I can’t hear you.” Jungkook was smiling now, tongue running against his lower lip. “And I’ve seen you around school sometimes. You’re pretty cute Park Jimin. Now tell me,” he ran his hand down Jimin’s sides, fingers digging into the bruises that were there from the older beating, causing the older boy to moan. He leaned forward, lips only inches away from the other’s ear. “What do you want?”

“I w-want,” Jungkook leaned down farther, gripping the tan skin of Jimin’s neck between his teeth. The orange-haired boy groaned, moving his hips at the new sensation. Jungkook groaned from the friction. “I want you.”

Jungkook gripped him hard again, pulling back from his neck so that he could crash their lips together roughly. His hands traveled up Jimin’s body, gripping and pulling them as close together as possible. The bruises caused the older a bit of pain, but as Jungkook kissed him, it made his cock twitch beneath his trousers. The younger boy gripped his waist one more time before flipping them so he had his back pressed against the bed. Kisses were placed all around his neck and, after his shirt was lifted above his head, down into the dips of his abs. Jimin moaned repeatedly, fingers tangled in the younger’s hair. 

Suddenly, Jungkook was back up face to face with him, and Jimin could see how beautiful the fire in his eyes really was. “If you want me,” his free hand reached and grabbed him between his legs, causing him to moan once again. “You can have me.”

They spent the rest of the evening, bodies melded together in a mixture of making love and simple rough fucking. And then, when it had become too late, he’d just laid against Jungkook and told himself that he’d explain what happened to his parents the next morning. 

In school the next day, Jimin leaned against his locker waiting as Taehyung tore through the mess of his own, looking for the homework he needed for his first class. 

“Really, Taehyung-ah. You should clean your locker.”

“Yoongi hyung says he likes it when I’m messy.”

“I really didn’t want to hear that.”

Taehyung turned to look at the other boy, giving him a mischievous smile. He was about to retort when his eyes narrowed on something. Jimin tilted his head as the younger reached up and tugged at his collar. What was he doing?

“What the actual fuck Jimin, did those boys beat you up again?” There was concern in his voice. He was obviously upset. 

“N-no Tae, I-" 

"Don’t you try to make any excuses Park Jimin,” the older boy would’ve normally scolded him for the major lack of honorifics when calling his whole name, but at the moment he let it slide. “Me and Yoongi will…”

“Goodmorning hyung,” Jimin felt a pair of hands slink around his hips and Taehyung stood in shock as Jungkook pulled Jimin close and kissed right below one of the many passion marks on his neck. When he looked up, he saw Taehyung gaping at him and his lips lifted in an amused grin. “What? Can’t say goodmorning to my new boyfriend?”


Based off this prompt from Phanfic (Dan and Phil jokingly nominate each other for homecoming King and the entire school ships it)

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: None, just lots of fluff

Dan shrugged his backpack carelessly onto his shoulder, eager to escape the classroom and go eat lunch with his friends.  Navigating his way down the crowded halls, while trying to bump into as little people as possible, Dan made it outside.  Walking towards his friends and the picnic tables they sat at beneath the trees he smiled slightly.  This year he had a crap schedule and he never got to see them in class.  Just knowing he would now have forty five minutes to relax and laugh with them brightened his miserable mood. 

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Ecstasy (X Men x reader) Part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

SERIES WARNINGS: Strip club, language, sexual assault, angst, mentions of abuse, eventual fluff, eventual smut, underage drinking, underage sex, possible trigger warnings.

THIS PART WARNINGS: Mentions of strip clubs I guess, IDK this part is pretty tame, Peter being cliché and cheeky, if you find any more, please tell me!

Pairings: Peter Maximoff x reader, Charles Xavier x reader, slight Jean x reader, Jubilee x reader, Scott Summers x reader and Erik x reader.

A.N: Got this idea from a post by @goawayimreadingbeach you can find the post here. Please tell me what you think! This is my first series so don’t be afraid to be too critical!

Words: 1555

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Sing Me to Sleep (Dean x Reader)

Character: Dean x Reader (Neutral) with Sam and Cas

Word Count: 2,726

Warnings: toddler!Dean?

Request: Can you do a one shot where Dean gets turned into a toddler by a witch and he becomes really attached to the reader and she sings hey Jude to him like his mom would and when he’s back to normal he realizes he wants her to be his

AN: Hey, guys! I hope y’all enjoy! I love you all :) Feel free to leave a request, ask a question, or just stop by to say hello! I’d love to talk with y’all some more. 

- Megan :)


*Disclaimer* I do not own The Beatles or any of the lyrics used within the following writing. 

The Beatles - ‘Hey Jude’ 


“Are you sure that you’re alright, Dean? I mean… it’s not really common for a witch to make a mistake.”

Watching as Dean Winchester rolled his sparkling, green eyes, you climbed into the backseat of the Impala.You had just completed a witch-hunt with the Winchester brothers; and though, everything went according to plan, the witch still had managed to mumble a spell in Dean’s direction. 

To say that you were concerned for the man’s well-being, would have been a vast understatement. 

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Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1757

Warnings: kind of angsty

A/N: This is kind of based on my own prom (and how I wish it turned out). Long story short: I’ve liked a guy for four and a half years. He ended up taking another girl to prom. I had to sit next to this girl in AP Stat class for half a semester the year before and listen to her talk about how much she liked him every day. 

PS Thank you to @chibiakuma for suggesting I write about a masquerade prom (which is what my prom was)

You looked in the mirror as you sighed in awe. Your hair was absolutely perfect, and your makeup made you look like a movie star. The most amazing part of your ensemble was the long, gorgeous, white formal gown. It had a slightly poofy skirt, gold accents on the top, and four small slits along the waist.

“Oh my goodness! You look like an angel,” Wanda smiled from behind, pulling you out of your trance.

Giggling, you replied, “Yeah, for once I look like a proper, pretty girl.”

“No,” the woman shook her head. “You are always gorgeous, but right now you have confidence.”

“If that were true, then Nick would have noticed me by now…”

“[Y/N], you have had feelings for him for—what?—four years now? If he has not asked you out, he is an idiot. And you always say that he does not notice anything that is not some sort of weapon—the guy is freakily obsessed with those. You deserve someone who appreciates you and actually treats you like a lady.”

“He’s not an idiot…he’s actually really smart. He uses all of his brains to focus just on killing machines…” you pleaded.

“[Y/N], he is taking another girl to this promenade. Read my lips. He. Is. An. Idiot.” She rolled her eyes in response.

“You know what?” you said to your reflection. “I’m going to walk in there like a freaking goddess and make him regret not having asked me.”

As you stepped out of the limo that Tony had insisted you ride, you looked around you in amazement. The entire tower was lit up with colorful lights and flowers, and various heroes and agents milled about outside the doors in their formal ware.

Several weeks ago, while the Avengers were lounging around the TV, the topic of prom came up when Tony was recalling one of his many “exploits” with the cheer captain. Out of nowhere, everyone had begun to discuss their own experiences, or, for most of them, lack of experiences.

Natasha and Wanda grew up in foreign countries while Thor had been born on a completely separate planet, so they never had the opportunity. Steve admitted that his high school had one, but due to the Great Depression, it was not extravagant (or enjoyable since he did not have a date). Clint and Bruce never felt the need to attend.

You had the worst encounter of all, though: When you were a junior, one of the cute seniors in your Lit class had asked you. After your initial surprised reaction, you had readily agreed. On the day of the event, everything began as normal. He gave you a corsage, you took pictures together, and the two of you had a wonderful dinner. The problems began when you arrived at the prom itself which was located in the ballroom of a fancy hotel. Not ten minutes after you got there, your date had excused himself, saying that he was going to get a drink, but he never came back. When you looked around for him after thirty minutes of waiting, you found him running down the hall with another girl towards the hotel rooms.

You refused to attend your own senior prom after that.

Once you had finished your story, Tony had jumped up from his seat and declared that they were going to have a “Do-Over-Prom with a theme and everything” and that everyone had to attend or else not be allowed to watch movies in the common room for a month.

So there you were on that fateful night, shaking slightly from the nerves that raked your body. You were certainly excited that you could finally move past the embarrassment from your high school prom with this, but it was still slightly terrifying—especially when you thought about what tactics you would use to make Nick finally notice you.

Before you stepped foot through the doors, you tied your gorgeous golden metal mask around your head (Tony thought that a masquerade would be much more exciting than a simple ball setting).

“Do not be nervous. Just take a deep breath,” Wanda whispered from behind you.

With a nod, you entered the tower.

Even though you knew it was absolutely cheesy, you honestly felt like you were having your princess moment as you descended the grand staircase. You felt as if everyone’s eyes were on you in admiration, although they probably were not. You felt like this was the one moment that was the highlight of your life thus far.

Without meaning to, your eyes wander across the crowd, hoping to spot Nick. He was standing with his beautiful date who was being completely unfair and not wearing a mask. They were speaking to Tony, and you suddenly had a brilliant idea. You slowly sauntered over to the group, exaggeratedly swishing your hips.

“Tony!” you called out in a sing-song voice. “This party is absolutely amazing!”

The three people turned around to look at you. On the inside, you wanted to curl up into a little ball, but on the outside, you continued to show your confident face—or what could be seen of it behind the mask.

“Thanks, beautiful,” he smirked.

You threw a glance and small smirk towards Nick, who appeared to be trying to figure out who you were, before spinning around and sashaying away. You were hoping that he had noticed you and started to realize his mistake for not having asked you out before. It was a little seductive scheme you had seen in a movie once, so you hoped it would work.

Throughout the rest of the night, you could have sworn that the man kept looking over at you, which made you feel really great for some reason. At the same time, though, it was aggravating that you were spending your special night worrying over a stupid guy. Needing to talk it out with a sane person, you walked over to the bar next to Natasha, who you are only able to recognize by her gorgeous red hair.

“Hey, Nat,” you sighed as you sat up on the barstool next to her.

“[Y/N]. How are you?” she replied nonchalantly.

“Hold on,” you said in shock. “You recognize me?”

“Super spy,” she pointed at herself. “Plus, you showed me a picture of what you’d be wearing beforehand.”

You giggled when you remembered that you had.

“Anyways, what’s wrong with you?” she asked.

Resting your head on your hands you grumbled, “Boys are stupid.”

“That they are,” she smirked in understanding. “Is it Nick again?”

You only nodded, and she continued, “[Y/N], I totally get that sometimes you have feelings for someone that you wish you didn’t. It happens. Love sucks. But you deserve a man, not a boy like Nick.”

“Oh, and who would you suggest is a man?” you asked while raising an eyebrow.

“Well,” Natasha slowly replied, “I’ve always kind of shipped you and Steve.”

“No way! He does not like me like that!” you said in shock.

There was an unreadable flicker in your friend’s eyes before she got up, and she told you that she was going to the restroom.

As you watched your friend walk away, your eyes fell on the most heart-breaking scene: Nick’s gorgeous date was pulling him by the arm towards a secluded broom closet while they both giggled.

It’s junior year all over again, you thought in dismay.

Not wanting anyone to see you cry, you immediately got up and looked for a place to hide. The balcony appeared to be unoccupied, so you decided that it was probably the best place to clear your head. Unfortunately, before long, you heard the door to the building open and shut, signaling an unwanted guest.

“[Y/N]?” a soft voice called.

In response, you turned to face the person while your form began to shiver. You were surprised by what you saw: it was Steve (you could clearly tell by his broad shoulders and beautiful blue eyes).

“How did you know it was me?” you shakily asked.

As he approached you, he sheepishly replied, “How could I not? You’re always the light of any room you enter. Anyways, why are you shivering? Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I’m just cold out here,” you lied.

He immediately took off his jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders. Because of his close proximity to you, he immediately saw the tears that were welling up in your eyes. Without saying a word, his hands reached behind your head and untied the ribbons of the mask on your face. When the metal piece was off, the super soldier’s eyes widened slightly at seeing your face.

You timidly asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Um, nothing. Anyway, how has your prom been?” he quickly changed the subject.

“Not really the best,” you mumbled.

“Same here,” he replied. “Hey, if you want, we can go inside, and…uh…. dance….I mean, if you don’t want to, I understand. I just thought we could maybe make this a little more bearable…”

“You know what? That actually sounds great.”

Steve quickly walked ahead of you and held the door open as you went inside.

“Thank you. You’re such a gentleman,” you giggled.

On your way to the dance floor, though, you heard a familiar voice call out to you.

“[Y/N]! Hey! You look really great tonight. I did not recognize you with that mask on earlier,” Nick said.

You did not see his date anywhere nearby.

“Anyway,” he continued, “I was wondering if you wanted to go get a drink or something from the bar. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

You looked over at Steve who gave you a small, encouraging smile, though you could see the clouds behind his eyes.

In a split second, you said something you never thought you would:

And with that, you grabbed the captain’s hand and continued to walk to the dance floor.

After dancing the rest of the night with Steve, you finally realized that the two of you were the only ones left.

“So,” he whispered, “was this prom better than the one from junior year?”

Before you could stop yourself, you reached up and pressed your lips to his. The kiss was soft and slow, and it felt like your lips were made for each other. When you finally pulled apart, you noticed Wanda and Natasha smirking at you out of the corner of your eye.

“This was so much better,” you finally answered him.

Unscripted - Part 2 (Kai)

Back after a really long time, I’m sorry ;; But good news, I’ve ultimately decided on five parts instead of the initial three I had in mind. 

(You’re improvising at this point but hey, so is he.)

Chanyeol’s studio is a complete luxury. Not only does it include total sound proof walls and up-to-date recording equipment, but also extra open space with vertical mirrors and polished floors for dance practices. You never understood why Sehun always went through great lengths—such as buying Starbucks every weekend for the other boy—to get some time in the studio.

The room is massive. He can do his theatrical sessions without any interruption. Everything’s clean and bright, neatly tucked away, sunlight spilling through the blinds in patches.

You’re in the middle of wondering why you’ve only visited this gorgeous room now when there’s a series of short knocks at the door.

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Nothing can break us

Scenario about Kai and y/n having matching couple necklaces and he loses it during a game show or something like that and he’s really upset but then he finds it and just lots of fluff??? :) -anon

To the anon who requested this, I’m extremely sorry this took for-freaking-ever, school has been taking over my life lately :( I do hope you like this, thank you for requesting, love!!   -admin oreo

Kai one shot

Genre: fluff (but not as much as I would’ve liked)

“Oh my god, where the hell is it? I’m sure I left it here.” Kai frowned, searching his locker furiously. 

“What’s wrong? Did you lose something?” Kyungsoo questioned, taking off his shirt and changing into the tracksuits they were assigned to wear. 

All of exo was invited to appear in Running Man, and since they had the name tag ripping game. Kai had taken off his necklace, not wanting fans to find it and go ballistic over it. The last thing he needed were people fans founding about the relationship and harassing you over it. He was positive he placed it in the butt pocket of his jeans, but it seemed to have grown a pair of legs and walked away from his grip, for it was nowhere to be found. 

“I can’t find the necklace y/n and I got last time at Santa Monica pier! She treasures it so much, shit, hyung what do I do?” Kai put his head in his hands and tried to re-wind the stuff he did that day.

“I’m sure y/n won’t mind. She’s very understanding that way, you should know that better than anyone. All you need to do is explain to her what happened and make it up to her by making her food. She won’t be mad at you after that.” Kyungsoo assured Kai, patting his back. 

“Ah, their first fight is approaching! I knew this would happen someday!” The groups sassy maknae laughed. Kyungsoo shut him up with a deathly glare, but Kai was already pacing around. 

“Sehun, what do you mean? Do you think we would really fight because of this?” Kai asked him, his worried only increasing. 

“Well, a lot of girls get pissed when their boyfriend loses their first matching accessory. I mean, they would assume you don’t care about the relationship as much as they do.” Sehun crossed his arms. 

“Hey, we’re going to start shooting in 10 minutes, cmon out!” Chanyeol yelled from the door. Kyungsoo held Kai’s arm and led him out of the locker, telling him not to worry. 

During the whole game, Kai was worried sick, and was out within a matter of minutes, when he would usually be the last one standing. When filming was over, Kai bid his goodbyes and quickly drove to your apartment. 

He finally got to your house to you humming in the kitchen. 

She must be cooking dinner…… He thought to himself, wondering if that may be the last time he would ever be able to taste your food. His feet scuffled in an attempt to get his sneakers off, and you then noticed him. 

“Jongin!!! You’re finally home, oh my god, you’re sweating so much, did something happen? It’s not even that hot outside….” You mumbled, not noticing how scared the poor boy looked. In truth, he was sweating because he was paranoid over what would happen when you found out he lost the precious bracelet. Would you really break up with him, like Sehun said? 

“Everythings fine, the game was just a bit crazy. I’m going to go take a shower.” You happily nodded at him and got back to making his dinner, humming along to ‘My answer’ 

He took his time showering, wanting to spend as much time in your house as possible. He knew you were too forgiving to do such a thing, but Sehun had planted a seed of doubt in his head, one so big he couldn’t get rid of.

 He HAD been kind of neglecting you lately. Due to his ever so busy schedule, he came home late to you dozing off on the couch and cold food on the table that you prepared for him.

Maybe it IS better if she breaks up with me and meets a better guy….. Noticing his wrinkled fingers, he saw how long he took in the shower. When he was all dressed in a white cotton shirt that smelled heavily of you due to you wearing it all the time and gray sweatpants. 

“Thank goodness, Oppa, don’t take such long showers, the foods gonna get all cold, sit down.” You passed him his utensils and the bowl of rice. He looked at it with a hint of sadness in his eyes. 

“Jongin, are you sure nothing happened? Did Jondae bother you again today? You’ve been looking a bit off today.” You remarked, glancing at him, to see his eyes wide open, looking very much like a boy who got caught doing something bad. 

“Listen y/n, do you love me?” He asked nervously, hands clasped together. 

“Of course, I do, what kind of question is that?” Why would he ask such a thing? You loved him more that anyone and was the reason you woke up every morning. 

“I might have lost the necklace we got in Santa Monica the last time we went to L.A……but I really didn’t mean to, I looked for it everywhere and I can’t seem to find it!” He ranted on and on about how much he loves you. “Y/n, please don’t break up with me, I can’t live without you, I need you!” He looked at you desperately. 

You looked at him dumbfounded. “Jongin, what are you talking about? Your necklace was in your jacket, it fell out of the pocket when you hung it on the hanger.” You let out a giggle after seeing his face, mouth slightly open, eyebrows scrunched together, cheeks flushed red in embarrassment. 

“Aw Jongin, you think I would break up with you for such a thing? What made you think such a thing? Oh my god, you’re so cute, come here.” You gushed and hugged him, showering him with kisses, occasionally pinching his cheeks. 

“I’m going to kill you Oh Sehun, watch out” He thought to himself before he fell asleep next to you, where he belonged.

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“Done Sneaking Around.” - Luke Fluffy Smut

My back was thrown against the gym lockers, my hands pushing his varsity jacket off as his hips pinned me up. We made out roughly, the quick kiss turning into something much hotter. He had pulled me into the locker room moments before as i walked past, sneaking something from me. Of course for him it was lust driven but for me…it was love. It became the only reason i allowed the sneaking around to continue for so long, a few months back we were strangers. It was the stereotypical, quiet girl meets popular jock, i fell into the trap from the first time he kissed me. The hope of something more causing me to hd onto what now seemed more and more like nothing.

His kiss trailed down my neck, fingers pulling my top up over my head before reattaching them to my skin. Kneading over my ribs, giving me goosebumps. I pulled at his hair, using my want for him to cover up my true feelings. Every time we touched i had to hold in the urge to gasp out the words i longed to hear from his lips. I just wanted the last few months to mean more to him, but i knew i was asking way to much. He had his reputation, and i would ruin it.

“Fuck, you have no idea what you do to me..” Whispering into my ear, i closed my eyes throwing my head back. I could feel him undo my skinny jeans letting me down to pull them and my underwear off. I kicked my shoes off along with him as his own cloths were removed. We were
soon tangled in a hot make out, his hands kneading at my breast letting moans pool from my mouth. He hand me up against the cool wall again, the feel of our bodies touching causing a strangled moan to come from my lips. His length pushing into me; deep, hard thrusts sending me into euphoria. The room became steamy and sticky and we were animalistic, trying to hurry our actions before we got caught.

“God Luke..”

“Fuck, Y/N, mm does that feel good huh babe?” His body moved back before he pushed me back against the lockers again, the deep thrust making me gasp. I could see him bitting his lip as he looked at me, his eyes closing as he let his head fall back.

“God…im gonna cum babe!”

“Kiss me..” I breathed out pulling him into me again. We were close, and i couldn’t help wrap my arms around him along with my legs, holding him against me or more clinging myself to him in the subconscious hope he wouldn’t let me go.

“Fuck!” He groaned loudly and I felt him release, his abdominal muscles contracting against my skin, i clawed at his back gently feeling rub his thumb against me. His arms were strong holding me to the metal surface, the slight sweat on the back of his neck running down.

“C'mon baby, cum for me…” I didn’t want to let the moment end but i was uncontrollably thrown over the edge. My breath rugged, my head falling into the crook of his neck as a rush ran through my veins causing my body to shake.

I didn’t speak, only breathing heavy as we stayed in that position. I now felt vulnerable, he had gotten what he came for, well what he summoned me here for, and now he was done and i was no longer important. As he dressed i slid down onto the benches, wrapping a towel around my bared flesh as i watched him fumble with his cloths. Glancing up at me a few times, i felt numb and paralysed in front of him, my heart aching for the moment he would walk out the locker room doors.

“If i ask you something, will you tell me the truth?” The truth he wouldn’t be able to handle, but i’d give his question a go.

“Sure.” I whispered.

“Why do you let this carry on?” With that i had gotten up from the floor, pulling on my cloths whist i contemplated just how to answer him. What was i supposed to say, that i was deadly i love with him? That i wanted more than this? That i longed for him to love me back?

“I don’t know, why have you?” We both paused still to look at one another, our eyes meeting for a split second before i leaned down to pick up my backpack. I felt tiny now, i wasn’t his prey anymore but just the shy girl from his year group. He was superior to me again, our social statuses now back intact. Taking a step towards me my heart halted, his lips fingers lifting my face up as his lips pressed against my cheek.

“I don’t know.”

Sneaking out of the door he was gone, and i was very much alone. Dropping my bag to the floor my body followed and i finally let out the quiet tears, just as i always did when he left. Letting the salty liquid run down my cheeks i scalded myself for being weak and letting Luke Hemmings break my heart.


The week continued as normal, his small smirks leaving me nervous and shaky at the knees whenever he was around. The quiet mentions of his name making my heart jump. But just as all good things do, i was starting to feel our secret affair was coming to an end. Word had it he was now loosely dating one of the cheer squad which made sense with him being a jock but winded me when i first heard the rumour. I had no right, no right over him but i couldn’t shake the agonising feeling in my heart, it was him. He was tearing it apart.

“Hey Y/N.” Shutting my locker door i came face to face with one of his crowd. A tall, dark haired boy with more smugness than brains. I looked at him, although my head was sassy my outer body was nervous in his presence.

“So uh, i was wondering if maybe you would wanna go to prom with me?” My eyes widened but i caught onto the joke he was playing.

“Prom is like six months away, isn’t it?” Questioning him i raised an eyebrow.

“Not like anybody else is gonna ask you so?” It hurt, my heart plummeting into my stomach just as my jaw almost hit the floor, he was right.

“No thanks.” I whispered walking past him, i heard a small group of girls start to giggle along with some deeper chuckles.

“Dude, you couldn’t even get her to go with you, i thought you said you could get any girl you wanted. How is that gonna happen if you cant even get the desperate ones?” I heard them all erupt into laughter as my heart smashed against my ribs, pounding as my hope of happiness became lost. I knew my place and it wasn’t beside someone like Luke Hemmings, it was nowhere near. I was just one big joke.

“What the fuck man?!” I heard the banging of locker doors causing a slight fright to rush through me. Turning around it was only Luke holding the jock up against the metallic doors, his face stern.

“You think thats fucking funny huh? How the hell do you think she feels, your nothing but an asshole!” He shouted.

“Luke…its only Y/N..” With a swing of his fist i cringed hearing it connect with the jocks jaw. Falling to the side he clutched his mouth and Luke turned on his spot noticing me. I felt my body go tense just did his, both of us watching the other for one tiny movement.

“Shes not only Y/N, shes so much more than that..and she deserves to be respected and loved..” Taking the first few steps he drew closer towards me, my feet cautiously taking a few as well. Before we knew it we were standing inches apart, i could smell the intoxicating sent of him, almost feel the warmth coming from his body.

“I asked you to tell me the truth…” He leaned forwards cupping my cheeks in his hands.

“The truth would ruin everything.” I almost whispered, his eyebrows furrowing.

“I think it already has, because if its anything like the truth i know, sneaking around is getting old and deep down all i want is you, all of you….and i don’t care who knows it.”

“Luke.” I warned.

“Luke! Oh my god are you crazy?!” There was a scream of female voices and i took a sigh shaking my head as i waited for him to change his mind or begin to laugh if it was all a joke.

“Ugh shut up..” He groaned under his breath, before i could speak he had my hand in his and we were rushing towards an empty class room. Once inside i wandered to an empty desk and sat on it swinging my legs and playing with my hands nervously.

“Just let me explain.” He came towards me, his expression soft. Tucking a piece of hair behind my ear he cupped my cheek wiping away a small tear i was unaware had fell, we were so close and i could feel my heart swelling. I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around him and hold on.

“I don’t want to keep us a secret anymore, i want to be able to hold your hand in public and take you out and spend time with you, because deep down I’ve fallen for you.”

“But, I’m me. Im not them.” Motioning at the door he took my hands in his.

“Exactly, your perfect just the way you are…i don’t want them i want you.” His face came closer and our lips touched, i wrapped my arms around him and his hands kneaded my hair softly. It was passionate and desperate, like the both of us had been holding back this kiss for so long.

“I love you.” I gasped out finally allowing myself to say it.

“I love you Y/N.” He smiled attaching his lips back to mine. We giggled into the kiss a shiver coming over my arms due to the way he made me feel. Slipping off his letterman jacket he wrapped it around my arms.

“Your cold.”

“It was you making me shiver.” I winked shyly being pulled into an embrace.

“You have the same effect on me you know, c'mon…” He took my hand and i jumped off the desk.

“Fancy skipping out coming back to mine?..and maybe we can watch a movie or something?” He seemed nervous, and i knew this side to him was genuine.

“Sounds good.” I smiled and he kissed my cheek, wrapping and arm around my shoulder.

Coming out of the classroom we were met by a crowd of people, some disgusted faces of many girls but what came next shocked me.

“Finally mate? Good on you Luke.” Knuckle bumping three boys whom i was surprised to see at this side of the school, he smiled down at me proudly. We walked out the doors, him leaning down to take me on his back before he ran us both to the gates and round the corner safe from getting caught.

“Its not just me that is a secret then?” I mumbled in his ear, resting my chin on his shoulder.

“No babe, I’m not proud of it but theres a lot of things i have to hide. But you want to know something? No more, starting with the most important; my girlfriend of course..” He brought his hand up and booped my nose making my winkle it up and blush, snuggling into the side of his neck. Luke Hemmings was now making my wildest dreams come true, he was mine and all his secrets.

“…I’m done sneaking around.”

Winter Meets Cupid

This is a birthday gift for the wonderful kiome-yasha it’s a short oneshot on her Cupid!AU for jarida, I may or may not continue doing stuff with this, but I hope you all like and especially kiome-yasha. Happy Birthday! Your art is amazing

It was winter and Jack was having the time of his life… Well, technically lack of life. He had made a huge snowstorm coating everything in snow, but now the sun was out and everyone was touched by the spirit of fun. Currently having the biggest snowball fight her ever seen. So many kids and adults all on the snow covered streets pelting each with snowballs.

Right as Jack was about to throw one himself two snowballs flew through the sky with precision hitting a young brunette girl and a blonde boy right in their heads. When the two looked up their eyes met and they were in a trance.

Jack didn’t notice he was too preoccupied with trying to find the source of those snowballs. “Who threw those?!” He said with a grin on his face. It fell away when he spotted her, standing there. Her wild curls moved slightly in the breeze, she was clad in a short white dress with a gold belt around her waist. Her shoes were sandals that had gold strings lacing around her calf. Her blue eyes bore into him and all of a sudden he realized she had a bow in her hand.

Before Jack could approach her she flew of with the white wings thay seemed to appear out of nowhere. He was left staring after her with a strange heat in his cheeks.

Jack found himself rushing off to the North Pole where he knew there’d be answers on this mystery girl.

He found Tooth and Bunny first surprisingly.

“Hey guys, I saw someone today, another spirit. She was…” He trailed off and he had a suspicion his cheeks were pink. Jack didn’t dare finish his sentence because he knew Bunny would laugh at him.

“Aw sounds like you have a crush.” Tooth said pointing to the blush on his cheeks with a small smile which Jack thought looked too much like a smirk.

“So the ice has finally thawed, huh?” Bunny said jokingly, Jack glared at him as he continued. “And whose the spirit who caught your attention?”

“Well, I-I dont know… She had the biggest amount of fire red curls I’ve ever seen and these blue eyes that…” He trailed off once again looking at his feet.

“Oh my.” Tooth said and that made him look up and see Aster’s amusement had turned to anger and Tooth was shocked to say the least. “Jack that was cupid.” She said and Jack almost laughed.

Cupid? But this spirit was gorgeous and obviously around his age, not a baby in a diaper.

“Yeah, and she is not someone for you to like.” Aster said with venom in his voice. Jack recoiled, just a moment ago Aster was teasing him, now this?

“Ignore him, cupid is like a little sister to him. But you should know she doesn’t exactly mingle with people. Aster is the only one.” Jack hear what she was saying but he was determined to meet this girl he’d known since the second he’d seen her.

Jack left the North Pole and immediately set out on his quest to find her. It took days before he saw her again this time it was in front of a cafe where two people had just been hit by scattered pieces of paper. Once again their eyes met and they were dazed.

Jack knew what it was this time and he saw her again this time just across the street from him. She jumped into the air but he was quick to follow.

“Hey, princess, mind slowing down so we can talk?” He said trying to sound more confident than he actually was. She stopped immediately turning to look at him with annoyance in her eyes.

“Dont ever call me that again.” She said and Jack didn’t know what he was expecting her to sound like but a thick Scottish accent was not it.

“Woah.” He sounded like an idiot he knew it, “You’re Scottish?” Yup total idiot.

“What you were expecting Greek?” She was annoyed so annoyed, her hair almost look like flames due to her annoyance.

“I just wasn’t expecting anything, I guess.” Jack said trying hard not to sound stupid and failing miserably. “Man, I’m really stupid. Look I’m Jack. I just wanted to say hi to you.” He was certain she’d leave him there in his embarrassment but she stayed.

“You are stupid.” Ouch, that hurt. “But it was fun to watch, I’m Merida.”

Merida. It was perfect, just like her. Jack could feel that weird heat creeping up his neck again. He realized too late that he’d been just staring at her.

“Um… I-uh.” Jack couldn’t believe how lost for words he was. He was supposed to be sarcastic and snarky, what was wrong with him?

“How about instead of stressing your brain for words, why dont we move to a cloud. There we can talk.” She gave him this smile that he was sure was trying to be warm and comforting but it just looked like she was smirking at him. He didn’t know what was more disturbing, the fact that she was trying to comfort him with a smirk or that he loved it.

If Jeongcheol were your best friends...

If Jeongcheol were your best friends…

  • It would be a chain of who takes care of who
  • Seuncheol would take care of you, while you take care of Jeonghan, and Jeonghan would somewhat not really help Seungcheol and watch him suffer
  • “Jeonghannnn, Jeonghan, JeonghanJeonghanJeonghanJeonghanJeonghanJeonghanJeonghanJeonghanJeonghanJeonghanJeonghanJeonghanJeonghan”
  • “What do you want”
  •  “Help me move this desk” “No” then seungcheol cries bc of his heartless angel
  • Sometimes you would just stare at Jeonghan in awe while he’s literally doing nothing
  • But when he catches you, he teases you TOO MUCH.
  • “Finally falling for me, huh y/n?” he’d say with a wink and a stupid little smirk. You’d just roll your eyes and reply trying to save yourself “Jesus Christ Jeonghan, I was ju-” But papa Coups comes in out of nowhere and screams “JEONGHAN, DON’T CORRUPT MY DAUGHTER” while holding you and caressing your head.
  • Jeonghan would always be fascinated by the way you do your make up, and attempt to bud in and do it for you
  •  Whenever you’re out on a date, they’ll ‘pretend’ to run into the two of you, and start bombarding your date with questions
  • One time the date even ran away and the two boys felt SO proud of themselves that they bought a whole feast.
  •  At random times you would get a call or text from Seungcheol asking for more toiletries, and it came to the point where you knew exactly when they would run out
  •  Jeonghan always lets you touch/play with his hair, but when Seungcheol sees, he gets jealous and wants you to touch HIS hair
  •  “Coups… uh…”
  •  “Just touch my hair like you touch Jeonghan’s hair.”
  • “You have, like, zero hair.” Then Seungcheol would sulk in the corner while both you and Jeonghan laugh at him
  •  Whenever you’re mad/angry, at first they would try to help you, but it would just get you even more angry, causing them to run away from fear
  •  So they’d slide notes under your door saying “Sorry we made it worse” or “Please don’t hurt us we love you” and when you see those notes, you finally feel better
  • You keep some of the notes just in case they aren’t there to calm you down
  • However, when you’re sad or upset, they do their best to help you. They would listen to what happened and just sit there hugging you, saying it would be alright.
  • Then they would put up your favourite movies, cook actually, order  your favourite food, and just help you feel better
  •  BUT if you ever cried over a guy, they go insane. They would do some type of Kingsman stuff and hunt down that boy. Once they find them it’s basically good cop (Jeonghan) bad cop (Seungcheol)
  • They’d approach the guy from behind and Jeonghan would say “So you think you could hurt y/n’s heart huh?” Then Seungcheol would stand beside him with the most angered look and clenched fists. Seungcheol would be SO ready to attack, but Jeonghan would hold him back giving him the ‘not yet’ look.
  • Once the boy is scared as hell, and Jeonghan made sure Seungcheol only gave a few shoves, they would say things like “Don’t you DARE ever get close to y/n ever again, or else we’ll come back even worse than we did now.” Then walk away thinking ‘mission complete’
  • Seungcheol keeps a lot of your baby photos in his phone (Jeonghan always calls him creepy for that). Once he even made it his lock screen but you made him switch it right away because it was literally you in the baTHTUB
  •  Whenever you’re tired, Seungcheol would give you a piggy back, and carry you back to your bed. He would tuck you in and attempt to sing you a lullaby, but you just push his face away laughing at him.
  • Your parents are very fond of Jeonghan and Seungcheol, always inviting them over.
  • There would be days when you’d wake up to the two idiots bothering you or ransacking your room
  • Your mother keeps bothering you to date them, but she doesn’t understand they’re only your best friendS
  • But sometimes she always compares you with them because they kiss up help your parents all the time
  • Seungcheol created a group chat with you and Jeonghan, but it’s always just Seungcheol trying to start the conversation with no one replying on purpose oops
  • “Hey guys!”
  • “what do you want coups”
  • “I just wanted to talk to my favourite people! You and y/n♥♥”
  • “bye”
  • “you’re always so cold to me ):”
  • They hardly let you go anywhere alone, due to all the people that hit on you. But when they see that you’re in trouble they help right away.
  • Once this group of boys came and cornered you around the condiments table, then suddenly Seungcheol came in pretending to be your boyfriend and scared the livING HELL out of those boys.
  • Seungcheol always works out, and enjoys it when you join in. When he’s in his workout mode, he keeps going and going, not even realizing you’re close to death until someone comes and saves you.
  • “Ok y/n, 100 sit ups!”
  • “Uh Coups… Look at y/n… I think they need a break.”
  • “Coups, I’m just tired. Your workout was too intense for me, calm down.”
  • You love going shopping with them, they’re always helping you plan outfits, and whenever you try things on, they’ll literally freak out and everyone would be staring.
  • “Guys… you’re so embarrassing please stop.
  • Groups of girls always glare at you for being with two good looking guys, but Jeonghan and Seungcheol always find a way to make you feel better and completely forget those girls.
  • They tend to pick you up from school and some people would recognize them, asking for photos or autographs. You’re happy they’re getting more and more successful, but they end up making you stay at school for hours and hours waiting for them.
  • Despite how dumb they could be, they’re your best friends and you all love each other very much 

collab w/ mingyudearest (meanie)

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