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idk if someone’s written on this thing before but im p sure someone has bc GODDAMN WHO WOULDNT

I just?? I love the context of the necktie-pull. I love that it’s because Viktor’s attention was caught by the audience and Yuuri wanted to remind him that “hey, you’re here to watch me, remember?” When he says that the performance has begun (and oh boy, look at those bedroom eyes lmfao), it adds emphasis to the fact that for every performance, ever since the first time he skated for Viktor, Yuuri wants Viktor’s eyes to be on him and only him.

ep 3:

[additional thing: someone made translation notes on this, saying that the actual translation is closer to “Please keep your eyes on me and only me.”]

ep 6: 


I love the consistency of it? I love how it evolved- from a hug to clasped hands + forehead-to-forehead contact, to necktie-pulling….god only knows what we’re getting next. Yuuri went from half-shy, still somewhat embarrassed “Watch me, okay?” to 98% confident & sure “Hey, keep your eyes on me, Viktor.” It’s not just an evolution of their relationship- it’s an evolution of Yuuri himself, as he’s getting more and more comfortable in his skin, enough to be able to tell Viktor that hey, you’re my coach and you’re here for me.

i’m just. so damn proud of my boys. SO DAMN PROUD.


Ghostbusters! (x)

The RFA+V & Saeran on FaceTime/Skype

Zen: Oh hey babe~! Ah shit *’Accidentally’ drops his phone down his shirt* -Other times he’ll show you around the studio he’s working at and the set of his current show-

Jumin: How does one even work this thing *Keeps flipping camera around, its funny because sometimes it’ll freeze on his face*

Yoosung: Hey! Look at this cool avatar I made for LoLoL! How was your day? *Shows you things on LoLoL and around his apartment, always smiling and the occasional blushes*

707: *Majority of the time his phone will be balancing something but it’s facing him as he’s working and trying to keep somewhat of a conversation of you or his hands are dirty from the Honey Buddha chips* So there was these new Christmas sweaters that had a Alien and space ship on it-

Jaehee: I really don’t see why we can’t talk over the phone or meet face to face? You’re like in the next room over???

V: *has the camera on the prettiest things he sees like flowers or landscapes* I wish you were here so I could take a picture of you in front of this weeping willow tree.

Saeran: *Has the camera either facing the ceiling or just has the camera turned off*

RFA’s Snow Day (Pt. 4)


  • “Jumin! It’s snowing outside! Let’s go out and play~”
  • he didn’t like the cold, but he wanted you to be happy so he agreed nonetheless
  • he was literally the lamest snow partner ever
  • first of all, he didn’t understand why you thought frozen water was so fun to play with, much less the idea of building a “snow fort” whatever that meant
  • you told him that snow was the most romantic thing ever but he strongly disagreed and proceeded to list a million things he thought were more romantic and beautiful (i.e. Elizabeth 3rd)
  • you gave up and flopped onto the snow covered floor and absentmindedly started to make a snow angel
  • “MC, what are you doing?” he stifled a laugh
  • “what? oh, I guess I made a snow angel”
  • surprisingly, he laid down next to you and stiffly mimicked your movements
  • he looked SO awkward omg
  • “Hey MC, would you like to know one more thing that’s more romantic than snow?”
  • you sighed and rolled your eyes “and what would that be Mr. Han?”
  • “this." 
  • with one swift movement, he rolled over and gave you a smooch
  • you couldn’t help but blush "Ju-jumin!”
  • with that, snow day was over, and it was time to go back inside because Jumin had wanted to warm up ;)

(Stay tuned for 707′s Snow Day :))

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Jesus Christ that’s the smile that nightmares are made of.

Also she seems to live in a…. medieval sort of world? 

Oh… well this is already explaining a few things.

So Star’s…. parents? Seem to be royalty which would explain her princess status, and for some reason they send her through a portal to what I imagine is our world.

Hey Marco!

You seem to like karate? That’s a pretty cool ccharacter detail.



I guess.

That skater looks pretty fucking cool.

I hope we see them in the future.

Marco’s face says “Oh shit I can’t punch this.”


Uh… I’m guessing this screenshot kind of shows how these characters interact? Demon guy clearly has a crush on Star, which she does not reciprocate and Marco is either scared of him or his interest in Star.

Please no love triangles.

And a bunch of pretty normal looking mosters because of course.

Okay I’ll admit this looks pretty fucking cool.

And our character cast, everyone!

I can see a few character clichès in there and I really hope this show is subversive.

Well that was a…. weird opening.

It might grow on me in the future.

He Saves You From...

Masterlist : x

A/N: Oh hey, I’m alive. This is a preference I’ve had going for a while that I’ve FINALLY finished. If you have anything you want me to write you can request it here :)

(also any medical terms or diseases mentioned are not necessarily accurate) 


Your past

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No matter where you went, no matter how many times you moved your past always seemed to catch up with you. You had done things, terrible things that made you deem yourself unlovable or not worth loving. Things that made other people look at you like a monster, but not Scott. He got to know the real you, and became persistent in his endeavour to make you believe things could change, that you didn’t have to live alone and broken forever. There were so many parts of yourself that screamed to push him away, but you’d been hurting for far too long. That much guilt and regret suffocated a person, and you were running out of air. Day by day the barrier inside you shattered, unveiling the most vulnerable parts of you. Scott accepted it all, and together you conquered your darkest memories, finally putting your mistakes to rest. You forgave your past, allowing you and Scott to move onto the future.



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You and Stiles had know each other forever. Ever since you moved in next door to the dorky boy you two had been somewhat inseparable, that was, until high school. He never understood it; one day you two were planning your next Star Wars marathon, the next day it’s like he never existed. He’d see you sometimes at school, but you’d always ignore him and move on to your boyfriend. Today was different. Stiles was running late for class when he passed the storage room and heard muffled sobs reverberating from the walls, followed by a male voice. You worthless bitch, it’s what you get for being so pathetic. Now shut up and clean yourself up before someone hears you. Stiles froze; he recognised that voice. Before he knew what he was doing he flung open the door, and the scene in front of him caused his blood to boil. There you were, arms cradling your body as blood gushed from your nose, and next to you that bastard stood, towering over you like an animal. What the hell are you doing? before your boyfriend could answer Stiles punched him in the face, once, twice, three times. It suddenly all made sense to him, why you had disconnected from him ever since your boyfriend came into your life, why you dressed and acted so differently. Stiles couldn’t stop punching and punching him until delicate fingers begged him to pull away Stiles stop he halted him movements, tears pooling his eyes as he looked up at you. You were so broken, had been through torment and Stiles was so angry at himself for not realising sooner. He stood up, ignoring the groaning boy behind him and pulled you into his chest. The familiar scent engulfed you, and more a moment it felt like as if nothing had changed. I’m so sorry Stiles hushed you and you both turned to face the aching boy sprawled across the floor. Stiles’ hand subconsciously intertwines in your hair    I promise I’ll never let anyone hurt you again.



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You were sick, well, at least that was one term for it. You were dying, to be quite blunt. You had been diagnosed with late Sepsis, this basically meant your body was shutting down vital organ by vital organ. You had tried to be strong in front of your family, but inside you were broken, how could you not be? Your life was over, and you had barely started living. What’s wrong with me? You would yell into your hospital pillow at night, drowning your sobs inside the sheets. Derek was the only one that saw you break; he watched you force smile after smile, then watched how you crumbled behind closed doors. You were one of the most strong, selfless people he’d ever seen and, for the first time in a long time, Derek felt himself start to care for someone. When Derek became an alpha his first thought was of you. He knew he had to save you, that someone as precious as you needed to experience all there was in this world. That night, Derek snuck into your hospital room. You were unconscious, kept alive only by machine. Without a second thought, Derek bit you. He knew it was reckless, that there was no way he’d be able to explain your miraculous recovery, but he didn’t care. The moment your glowing Amber eyes fluttered open and met his, he made a silent vow; he would protect you for the rest of his life.



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You just wanted it to end. Sitting in the bath as blood cascaded from your wrists into the water. You were worthless, or so you thought, weak until the very end. Liam had just arrived to his house when he found your letter on his bed. He panicked and rushed over to your house begging and praying that this wasn’t real, that this was just some sick nightmare. He burst through your front door, screaming your name. Your vision was becoming blurry as you felt yourself being lifted up Y/N, Y/N can you hear me?! Dear God please no, this can’t be happening. Stay with me. Liam cradled you in his arms, black veins almost bursting from under his skin as he took away the pain. You were regaining consciousness and began sobbing Let go of me, please he pressed kisses to the back of you neck, his own tears disappearing into the water below Never. 



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I can’t be with you those five words caused your heart to shatter. Why? What’s happened? What changed? Theo can’t meet your gaze I’m not good for you Y/N, I’m a bad person his jaw clenches, and he turns his back on you so you can’t see the tears that pool down his cheeks. You can change god he wished that was true, that he could change and be the hero you deserved, but he couldn’t. He never would be, and you’d never forgive him if you’d known what he’d really done. Sobs begin to rack your body, you didn’t understand. Why would he leave you? What had you done? He hesitates as he hears your cries, every sob tore through his chest like a stab to the heart and he had never felt so much pain in his life. But he couldn’t be selfish any longer, he didn’t deserve you. I love you he finally says before walking away from the one person that made him happy But if you loved me, why did you leave me? Theo never answered as he disappeared from sight.



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Isaac had finally found you, but it was too late. Silver was dripping out of your mouth and you could barely move from the pain. You were just another one of the dread doctor’s failed experiments, and you had exceeded your use. Y/N please come back with me. I’ll take you home okay? Isaac kisses your cheek and winces as you whimper in pain I can’t, it’s over Isaac tears cascade down his face Don’t say that his voice breaks and you scream as another jolt of pain tears through your body. Silver starts leaking from your eyes and you look at Isaac pleadingly Please make it stop. It hurts. Isaac shakes his head, unable to bare the thought Please he looks down at you through his tears, he knows that it’s over. He can’t stand to see you suffering any longer. I love you his claws enter your chest and his sobs vibrate around the whole room. You exhale, finally feeling yourself slip away Thank you. Isaac roars and rocks your limp body back and forth I love you, I love you he mumbles into your hair before he finally lets you go.

Oh hey look Jen finally made another one of these things. But I’m so glad I did because oh god if I don’t adore drawing Lapis. Her hair is so floof and I’m so pleased with all of these outfits. But anyway, as per usual, here’s this: 

1. Normal UF Lapis
2. Slave Lapis (Reverse/Diamond)
3. Momswap Lapis (Gravity Rises/Momswap)
4. Permafusion Lapis (Anti-Gravity/Permafusion)
5. Kid Lapis (Relativity/Gem Kids)
6. Swap Lapis (Swap AU)

So yeah I’m pretty proud of all of these, like I said. I especially love the design I came up with for Momswap Lapis. She looks so cute and happy and free! Permafusion Lapis is also pretty chill, seeing as her and Peridot have both been living on the earth for a few years, so she decided to let her hair down finally. Of course, I went with the golden freckles on Kid Lapis, but you might not be able to see them that well (But they’re there!) and Swap Lapis is pretty cool what with her channeling both Peridot (since she takes up Peridot’s role in that AU) and something of a fucking 1970′s look. But anyway, enjoy!

so yeah, there was a lot of missing parts in that third event. thank @qualia-solveig​ for translating again and let’s take a look at them boys one more time

the situation: komaeda’s coming out of the school and hinata stops him, because he needs to ask some things™

hinata: hey, komaeda. your class’ homeroom’s over?

komaeda: yes, it’s over but… hinata-kun, what are you doing here, near the main course building?

hinata: i came to return mioda some cds i borrowed.

hinata: i mean, that mountain of cds she made me borrow when we met last time.

komaeda: oh… so that’s how it is.

komaeda: even though you don’t have any talent, you get along so well with people from the main course. but me? i’m in the same class with them, and they say that i praise them so much, it makes them uncomfortable. (t/n: literal translation: they feel ashamed/embarrassed)

hinata: it’s not like that… i’m the one who chooses who i hang out with.

komaeda: well, i just feel that we are similar somehow. both of us admire hope’s peak and talented people, that shining, beautiful hope they have… that’s how i feel at least.

hinata: say, komaeda… are you like this with other people too?

komaeda: well, that’s right… why?

hinata: it’s just… it makes me kinda tired just listening to you. honestly, i have no idea what are you talking about…

komaeda: aha, then even hinata-kun gets tired of me! i know you were the one who called me, but don’t worry. feel free to leave me alone.

hinata: you… if you don’t like me THAT much, why don’t you leave me alone?

komaeda: it’s not that i don’t like you… i really feel like we are similar.

komaeda: …i think you’re the one who’s strange, hinata-kun. i mean, you even talk to me. will you really settle for anyone, even for me, as long as they’re from main course?

hinata: hey… stop talking like that, like i have some hidden motives. i talk to you for a completely different reason. i talk to you because you’re saying nonsense, just like now.

hinata: honestly, i can’t figure you out. and like they say, if you don’t understand something, you won’t rest until you do, right?

komaeda: i see. that’s a really brave way of thinking…

komaeda: though i’d say that when a talentless man is that brave it’s simply reckless!

hinata: none of your business. and stop exaggerating, it’s just a saying.

komaeda: oh, by the way… if you’re waiting for mioda-san, she left right after the homeroom started? (t/n: she left, shuffling her feet… what’s wrong ibuki??)

hinata: wha– you should’ve told me sooner!

The Ninja in a Group Project
  • Zane - The one that you would fail if he wasn't in your group: Okay so to begin I think we should-
  • Cole - The one all ways drawing never listening: Wait, where's Kai?
  • Kai - The one that disappears but sneaks his name onto the paper at the last second: Oh, I'll a... be there in a minute! *Never arrives*
  • Jay - The one that tries to get everyone off task: Hey guys look at this. *Doing whatever the stupid thing he's doing*
  • Nya - The one that tries to get everyone on task: Jay! Stop! Cole put that down and pay attention! Kai get over here!
  • Lloyd - The quiet one that actually is really smart and has good ideas: Uh, we could-
  • Jay: Hey look over there *points to nothing* Haha made you look.
  • Zane: *Powering down*

Some kid and his drunk grandpa flew into my room just in time for the Christmas season.

I am never going to make anything out of clay ever again oh my gosh

I just wanna say that this took SOOOOO long to make and it doesn’t look exact but hey I think it looks pretty dang good seeing as I have only ever made those little pots out of clay when I was in Elementary school. This whole thing started with me looking at our Hallmark Jetson’s (1996) Christmas ornament and thinking of how cool it would be to have a Rick and Morty version of it. And then BOOM I made a Christmas (or really any time) decoration.


Dumb and Dumber

Partial context: For both of these statements please note we were all very sleep deprived whilst playing
Cleric: Hey kid, you have parents right?
NPC Kid: Yes…?
Cleric: Oh, your not the kid im looking for.
Warlock: I can change that if you want?
OOC Cleric: I wasnt even going to sleep with him! So technically its deception.
This is my friend talking about a roll he made after trying to seduce a 14 year old Acolyte

This is a theory, but I think I know why Marinette can’t see that Chat Noir is Adrien.

This scene kinda hinted at it. Alya herself was like “Hey, Adrien kinda looks like that Chat Noir guy if you dress him up like that”

Alya, a person who hasn’t spent enough time around Chat (but she keeps a blog on track though on observing ladybug/chat noir though) as much as Marinette as Ladybug somehow takes in this thought.

And though yes, this could of made Marinette think “Oh yeah, he DOES look like that”

Marinette isn’t basing on looks, but actions. The thing is, she barely hangs around Adrien to know a lot about him. Sure she does in a few episodes, but not enough to think of him as this person who might have flaws in acting certain ways around the person they love. Basically what I’m saying is, she sees him through rose tinted glasses.

So really, the problem is here is that Marinette could take in thought that Adrien is Chat Noir, but she chooses not to. She’s in denial. 

However, I do not know for Adrien.

In often a lot of cases, I feel a weird feeling he is trying to look who ladybug is, and feels this vibe off of Marinette in the process. 

Even though he was sent to protect her, I don’t see him calling Chloe these names while he is taking watch over her. Maybe it’s because he dislikes Chloe and wants to be neutral towards her, but nicer with others.

But what also gets me is that Chloe has to be saved so many times, but when he was protecting Marinette, he wants her opinion on him at the end of the episode.

This is probably me getting off track here. I just assume he has a lowkey feeling she is ladybug or a certain vibe. Or just because she seems nice and has quite a lot of admirers. I just feel like he has this vibe coming off of her, but isn’t fully assured with hard facts. 

Normally in most cartoons, characters are often blind to someone’s looks, but in the valentines day episode, he describes her hair and eyes. So matching that to Marinette would be childs play if their personalities seemed similar.

Don’t get me wrong, Marinette and Ladybug both want to help people as much as they can, but when you see Adrien and Marinette turn into their superhero forms, they feel more confident in being the selves they want to show if there were less consequences. Since they hide behind a mask, their personalities seem more confident but maybe cocky or big headed even. Marinette is usually clumsy or flustered a lot while Ladybug seems chill af in many situations. Because of  these differing personalities, that’s partially why they can’t notice who the real person is behind these masks.

I’m hoping in the middle of the series, they reveal themselves to each other instead of saving it in the end. That’d be make a shitty ending to not see their longtime reactions after the revelation. I can assume Marinette’s reactions will be priceless.

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oh shit lol hey anonny! thank you!

oddly enough i think that’s my favorite thing i’ve written to date! it different in every regard for me, and i think they made a good valentine’s day fic couple :) glad you liked it!

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I want to express my happiness with my favorite artist’s work!

#The Presents from Master Splinter

※Warning for OOC!

Not serious, nonchalantly Manga-style illustrations.


(Please read from right to left.)

*chirp chirp*


MS: Mmm…Perfect.

MS: My sons, I know you’re there.


R: Hey, he noticed already.

D: Sensei, what were you doing?

MS: Well…For you, I made something till very late at night.

MS: Especially, “the thing” for Raphael is very well done.

MS: Over the reality! *smirk*

R: I feel only bad!

MS: So, my sons, Let you show your true power!

Everyone(except R): Hai,Sensei!


Ohhh, Sensei, you’re awesome!!

D: April,Wooooooow♡♡♡♡
A: Oh!? What,hey!

L: You looks so nice! Well, imagine training, PLEASE STEP ME ON!

K: Gross

M *biting*

R: ……

MS: What’s wrong? You can’t say anything because the clothes are so beautiful?

R: Nah, nothing,Sensei!

K: Say bow-wow!

L: Bow-wow! (happily)

R: Guys, you are gone too far! No way!

D: *Now, I’m very very happy……♡ Later, I’ll make desktop wallpaper with this.*

A: Hey!

M: *munch munch*

*The End*

How was that?

I really love Mr.Onousuke’s works!!

I want to introduce more later!

if you want to see more his beautiful arts, go pixiv!


# Please don’t make copy without his permission.(if you need help,ask me!)

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Hey I saw you were looking for a source on the fact that Newsies is going to Netflix and iTunes and I figured I'd give you some. My friend went to the live filming and the director told her himself, as well as Michael Dameski, who was in the movie, on his post about the movie put #itunes #netflix

oh awesome! ya the person who made the post said the same thing so p reliable lol

Jimin x reader When you two get couple shoes

Summary: You two went to get some couple shoes.


You were scrolling Instagram and saw a lot of couple showing off their love by having matching clothes and necklaces. You really wanted to have couple things with Jimin too but you thought matching clothes were too lame and matching accessories were too common.

You shoved your phone into Jimin’s face. “Look. They all have couple items. Should we get one?” You pouted.

He pinched your cheeks. “You’re the one that said it was lame.”

“We can buy other things.” You thought really hard. “Phone cases? Oh, maybe earphones.” You were unsure of your own suggestions.

He made a face at you. “That’s even lame. Let’s get sneakers. Matching sneakers.” He suggested.

You nodded your head. “That’s a great idea. You are finally putting your brain in use.” You tapped his forehead.

“Hey. I’m older than you. You’re lucky you are cute.”

The both you went to the shop and looked around. A pair of black sneakers caught your eyes. It was black all over with white paint splattered at the bottom. It was a pair of unisex shoes, it was perfect. 

The two tried on and thought it was pretty good. The two of you bought it and wore it immediately.  

Your best friend texted you earlier that she would like a double date with you. You promised her as you were in the same mall.

“Hi,_____.” Noel hugged you. Her eyes scanned you from head to toe. “Girl. Nice shoes.”

You smiled to yourself. “It matches Jimin’s. Couple shoes.” You looked at Jimin’s feet and felt warm inside. It was all gooey in your heart.

Noel hit her boyfriend’s arm. “See how cute this is. You always say it is lame.” She pouted. Her boyfriend stood there and scratched his neck.

You and Jimin looked at each other and smiled. He kissed the tip of your nose softly.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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You're Beautiful

“May I request some Sammy fluff? Like you are very insecure and he tries to prove to you how beautiful you are? This could be a smut, but only if you are okay with that.”

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: flufffffff, smut (yesss, finally some Sammy smut), low self-esteem on the reader’s part

A/N: “This could be a smut, but only if you are okay with that.” Oh, anon… *laughs and raises a wine glass full of whiskey* it’s kinda short tho whoops.

You hear a knock at the door. “Hey, Y/N! You finished putting on your new dress?”

You looked in the mirror again, trying to adjust the dress. You were on the verge of tears now. The stupid thing clung around your thighs and stomach and made you feel even worse about how your body looked than you already did.

“Um, Sam? I think I’m just gonna wear some pants instead.”

“Why? Let me see the dress.”


“Why not?”

“I just… I don’t like the way I look in it.” Your voice cracked half-way through the sentence, and you hoped Sam didn’t notice.

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